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This one starts a little slow, as I needed to lay some foundation. There will be more chapters coming. I hope you like it. If you don't, tell me how to improve.
I lead a nice boring life. That’s the way I like it. I don’t need any big highs, and I hope that is balanced out by not having the big lows either. I have a decent job; I’m Assistant Coroner at the county morgue. It’s far from glamorous, but it pays the bills. I drive a decent car, and I can travel a little each year.

Not that I have anyone to travel with. I’m recently divorced. We just signed the papers last month. God, was that bitter. Rachel and I had been married for five years; no kids, thank God. But, it got ugly over the assets. It wasn’t like there were a lot of those. We had almost no equity in our house, thanks to the burst housing bubble; two nearly paid for cars; and we each had a retirement account.

I’m just glad I was in charge of our money. I’d had kept Rachel on a budget, vetoed the idea of getting a huge house, an adjustable interest rate mortgage, and I had not allowed credit card debt. Rachel fucking hated that. She came from a family that spent money, regardless of possessing it or not. Their credit cards were always maxed out; they changed cars every other year, and lived in a house they couldn’t afford. She thought we should live the same way.

I guess some of that was my fault. I always treated her like a queen, giving her presents, taking her out as often as I could, and spending any extra money I had on her. You couldn’t blame me, though. Rachel is a fucking knockout. She’s the hot blonde right out of Central Casting. Five-five, tight figure, perfect c-cup boobs, a really nice backside, and the face of an angel. She really looked like she belonged in the movies.

I had no idea what she saw in me. I’m good looking enough; above average if I wanted to risk being called stuck up. But, Rachel is at least a step or two above me. When we were dating I was in heaven with her on my arm. The guys would stare at her and then look at me. When they stared at me, I knew what they were thinking. ‘Him? What’s she see in him?’

Yeah, that was nice. But, I had to work to finally get to enjoy that body of hers. She always said she was saving herself for marriage. I eventually wore her down, and the last few months before the wedding we had sex a few times. At the time I thought it was great. I came to realize she was never saving herself for the honeymoon bed; she hated sex.

The fighting began on our honeymoon. She claimed she was tired and didn’t want to have sex. Are you kidding me? This was supposed to be one of the most special nights of our lives and she was going to watch TV? She eventually relented, but she did little more than lay there until I was done.

It didn’t get a lot better. I’m a red blooded male and I expect sex from my wife. It was a constant struggle to get it once a week. It was frustrating especially when I would spend the week ogling her luscious body, seeing her naked in the shower, or just getting dressed. She would drive me wild just vacuuming the room wearing jeans. Oh, sure, If she wanted something; like an expensive dress, she would turn on the charm, seduce me, and usually get what she wanted. That sex always put me on cloud nine and those times became the highlights of my life.

They were also few and far between. I’m not a miser. Not even close. I do my part to help the American economy, but I just refuse to over-extend myself. My parents did that. Well, Dad mostly. Mom was the responsible one. Dad would bring home useless gadgets, like an automatic potato peeler, all the time. They eventually had to declare bankruptcy, back when I was still in high school. I was embarrassed for them, and even though they tried to hide it, I knew they were both, especially Dad, ashamed over it.

Not long after, we found Dad dead, in his bed. The autopsy said accidental death by pills and booze. I always wondered. Dad drank, and he took painkillers for an old injury from his Army days. But, he knew the dangers. He lectured me once when the dentist gave me a preion for Vicoden, after having a wisdom tooth pulled.

“Now don’t you go out drinking, while you’re taking those pills. That’s a sure way to get dead.” He told me.

Yeah, I always wondered if it was really an accident. Maybe we all did, but no one said a word.

You can see why I watch my money. Rachel didn’t get it. We fought constantly over the money. She would see a few dollars in our savings account and would want to blow it. My protests of needing it in case something happening were always answered with.

“You worry too much. We’re young; we need to have fun.”

It never mattered that I was right. She wrecked her car, and that wiped out our savings with the medical deductable and getting her car fixed. She healed up fine. She hated that I was right about the money, and sex was out of the question while she convalesced.

It wasn’t long after that we called it quits. It was her idea. She got a lawyer, paid for with our money. I had to get one, too. We went back and forth for months. She demanded alimony, even though we both worked and she had a good job. She wanted a piece of my small 401(k). She wanted me to pay off her personal credit cards. Finally, I gave in and signed over all interest in our house; the only asset we had of value and she signed the papers.

I was free. I have seen her just once since then; hanging on the arm of some lawyer-type. I almost felt sorry for him.

Tonight, I have a little excitement planned. Today is Kimmy’s 21st birthday. Kimmy is Rachel’s little sister; the ‘homely sister’ as she calls herself. Rachel has Playboy looks. Her sister, Kimmy, is the girl next door. Her body is on par with her sister’s; maybe a little smaller in the chest and slightly flatter hips, but still very pretty. It was just hard to stand up to Rachel, and Kimmy hated living in her sister’s shadow.

I walked into Club Regina, where Kimmy and a few friends were gathering. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this; as I only knew Kimmy’s friends on a “Hi, How are ya” basis. And, I figured Rachel would be there. That could get awkward. But, I really liked Kimmy. She is fun, smart, and loved life.

It was dark in the club so it took me quite awhile to find the Kimmy. She saw me first and started waving frantically. I walked over and found her 6-top table filled with her, three other girls, and Rachel. I gave a perfunctory nod to Rachel, who did the same, as Kimmy threw her arms around me and gave me a very aggressive kiss. It took me a second to recapture my wits as I returned her wet, lusty, kiss.

When we broke apart, her girlfriends were grinning; Rachel was glaring.

“What was that for?” I asked surprised.

“It’s my birthday. All birthday girls get kissed” she replied, but that answer seemed well short of the intensity of that kiss.

This could be an interesting night I thought, and accepted Kimmy’s invitation to take the remaining seat. Kim re-introduced me to her three girl friends, all of which I had met. First there were the twin sisters, Karen and Sharon. They weren’t identical, and I could never see any family resemblance. Karen was blond with blue eyes. Sharon had brown hair and dark eyes. The other lady was Tasha, a pretty red-head, and Kimmy’s best friend.

The waitress came by for my drink order. I was going to have beer. The rest looked like they might be close, so I offered to buy a round.

“Ladies, do you all need another. This is a party” I said.

Kimmy was most eager. Her girlfriends agreed. Rachel glared.

“Another white zin, Rach?” I asked politely.

“I’m fine.” She replied rather coldly. Her tone did not go unnoticed by everyone else. But I did not push it. We were here to celebrate and I was going to do my best not to ruin it for Kimmy.

A song from Whitesnake came on and Kimmy grabbed me by the hand and started to drag me out to the dance floor.

“Wait! Wait!” I complained “I need to pay for the drinks.”

I quickly dug into my wallet found $50 and handed it to Tasha.

“Tasha, Can you please take care of them for me?” I asked “Tip her a few bucks, too.”

“Ok, but you owe me a dance.” Tasha replied.

My arm was nearly pulled out of it’s socket, as Kimmy led me to the dance floor.

“What is it, 80’s night or something?” motioning up toward the music

“I guess!” Kimmy shouted “I like it though”

We gyrated and danced to the song. I could not help notice how good Kimmy looked. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off the curves of her body. She was being a good girl and had on a bra, but that did not prevent her breasts from bouncing, heaving and capturing my attention. When I looked up from checking her out she was looking at me, smiling, as if to say ‘Gotcha’. I felt my face go hot.

The song ended and Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses came on. This song was less energetic and we spent way too much time looking into each other’s eyes. When it ended she eased into my arms and gave me another deep kiss, which I eagerly returned. I was still confused, but I couldn’t help kiss her back. Her kiss was hot, driving, and was meant to pound home a point beyond ‘Thanks for the dance.” Part of me understood that point, and I felt an erection start to grow. I broke off the kiss.

“Kimmy, people are going to stare” I said smiling, but not taking my arms from around her.

“Yes, I know. It isn’t often they see a woman as strikingly handsome as I am.” She said with a grin.

I rolled my eyes and lead her back to the table. The drinks had arrived and I nearly drained mine with the first long pull. I noticed Rachel had not warmed up to me at all, and was staring daggers at me. We talked for a few songs, telling stories, and Kim flirting with me seemingly non-stop.

The music era changed as Lady Gaga’s Poker Face came on. Tasha got up, grabbed my hand and said.

“Time to pay up. This is my favorite song”

I had no intention of saying no, either to paying my debt or to ogle Tasha as she moved on the floor. Tasha was small, about 5’ 2”. Maybe a smidgeon heavy, but that only made her ass look really nice. I already mentioned her flowing red mane, which hung down to her shoulders, and accented her sparkling green eyes. She probably had C-cup breasts, but they looked larger on her small frame. Tasha is very pretty and I could tell from the table chit-chat, that she was easy to talk to. That was hard on the dance floor, but I tried anyway.

Tasha moved with a dancer’s grace and I complimented her one it. She said that she taken some dance classes, but she has a bad knee and had to give it up. We danced a little more, and Tasha leaned in.

“You know, Kimmy really likes you.”

I wasn’t sure how to take that, and Tasha picked up on my confusion and went on.

“I think she has a thing for you. Ya know, now that you are divorced and everything”

“Ya, divorced from her sister” I added

Tasha just raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

“So, why are you telling me this?” I said

“I really like Kimmy. She’s a good friend.” And then she added “And you’re kinda dense.”

I laughed out loud at this as the dance ended. I opened my arms and gave Tasha a hug.

“Thanks for the dance……and the heads up” I said

We walked back and sat down. I finished my beer and miracle of miracles the waitress appeared.

“Anyone else need another?” I offered

Kimmy and the twins decided they were dry, Tasha was nursing her’s, and Rachel gave me the look I used to get when I she wasn’t getting her way.

“C’mon, Ron! Dance with us” the twins said in unison.

‘Fuck’ I thought. I was getting tired. But, when pretty woman want your attention…..

“Tasha?” I sang out her name and gave her some cash. She just smiled as the girls lead me out by each hand.

We danced an energetic version of Nazareth’s Hair of the Dog, but Karen and Sharon seemed much more interested in each other than me. I kind of felt like a prop, but whatever. It was fun. We all sang along to the chorus over and over again.

‘Now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch’

When the song was done they both gave me a big hug, and Karen added a peck on the cheek.

The three of us sat down. I wiped my brow, and exhaled. The new round of drinks appeared about the time my heart rate dropped to 100, and I took another long pull.

“You think you’re the shit.” Rachel hissed at me.

Before I could even compose an answer much less say anything, Rachel got up and stormed off.

“What’d I do?” I looked around dumbstruck.

“You married her, you divorced her, and then you fucked her little sister” Kimmy said with a mischievous grin.

“What are you talking about? We’ve never had sex” and then looking at the other ladies, I repeated, more earnestly

“We’ve never had sex!”

They all had the same smirk on their face, like the joke was on me. Kimmy and I have flirted shamelessly for the last five years. She was a gangly fifteen year old when I started dating her sister. There was sexual tension between us for years, especially when it was evident that things weren’t working out between Rachel and me. But, we had never even kissed.

I would be lying if I told you I never thought of Kimmy, sexually. She is a beauty herself. Late in our marriage if I needed a fantasy to help relief myself when Rachel wouldn’t; Kimmy’s face and body would stand in. She was an easy person to like. She is personable and sweet, with just a touch of bitch thrown in. She is smart and has a great sense of humor.

Her wit is something to behold. I once watched in awe as she called another girl a

‘Trouser hounding gutter-snipe, with the morals of an alley cat, a syphilitic crotch, all tied together by delusions of adequacy.”

The girl had made a pass at her then boyfriend, and left in tears. I laughed at her later about it, and almost got my own earful, before she realized I was not mocking her.

Now, though? I had not thought about women in general for several months, least of all Kimmy. I damn near forgot about her birthday, I was so focused on getting out of my marriage. What was she up to? I thought I was about to find out when she almost shouted

“It’s about time.”

As the piano intro for All my Life by K-Ci and JoJo came over the sound system, Kimmy took me by the hand and led me out to the dance floor and poured herself into my arms. Kimmy is much shorter than my 6 foot height; maybe coming in at 5’4”. ‘Dynamite in small packages” was the phase that often sprang to mind.

I took in her smells, as she rested her head on my shoulder; her rose floral shampoo, and the undertones of her subtle perfume. I could feel her breasts crush against my chest and that thought started to get me aroused, again.

Needing a distraction I tried to talk’

Kimmy..” I started, but she interrupted without moving her head from it’s rest spot.

“Call me Kim. Kimmy is a little girl’s name.’ and then she pulled back a full step.

“Do I look like a little girl to you?” she said more serious than I thought she ever would ask that question.

“Noooo.” I said drawing that out, and looking her from head to toe.

She was wearing a simple, practical outfit of jeans and a sweater. Both were tighter than they needed to be, showing off the alluring swells of her breasts and the shapeliness of her hips and legs. She came back to me satisfied.

“What was that about us sleeping together?” I asked very interested in the answer

“I told Rachel that I was going to have you tonight.” she purred as she nuzzled back into my chest.

I pushed her back, shocked.

“You said what?” I exclaimed much too loudly.

I don’t know what I expected her reaction to be to that, but tears and a retreat to the door was definitely not it. I chased right behind her, caught her by the arm, and she wrenched away.

“Kimmy!” Then catching myself and starting over more in control. “Kim, please talk to me.”

She stopped, turned, looked down still crying, but holding her ground.

“I’m sorry. You just caught me by surprise. No wonder Rachel was so pissy towards me”

“sniff…Why do you give a fuck what my precious big sister thinks, anyway?” Kim snapped at me angrily.

A thousand reasons seem to flood into my mind. But logic defeated them all in seconds. I smiled at her and said.

“I guess I don’t”

“Then am I not good enough; not pretty enough for you?” she snapped again.

“C’mon Kim, you know you are pretty. Why would you even think that?” I answered

A shrug of the shoulders as she looked at her shoes was the only answer I got.

“You just caught me by surprise. That’s all. I think you are very pretty and I really enjoy being with you.” I said sincerely

Kim looked up, but did not look totally convinced.

“Really, you’re fun to be around. You just caught me by surprise. You know what a bitch Rachel can be. I guess I’m still on guard.” I continued.

“Can we go finish our dance? I’d really like that.” I said and then added with a little mirth “I didn’t get a chance to grab your ass.”

That got a grin from her. Kim had actually done that to me at my wedding reception. We were in the middle of a slow dance, and she dropped one hand and filled it with my butt. She giggled when I about came out of my skin.

But, then the thought of the wedding reception reminded me of something else

“How are you and Rachel doing after……” I let the question stall out.

Kim and Rachel’s parents had been killed six months ago, in a traffic accident. Kim still lived in the family home. Rachel had moved back in after the divorce. They both needed someone to lean on, plus the bills had to be paid. I led her back to the dance floor. She answered me as we walked back.

“OK, I guess. The big pain and shock is passed. Now we are just dealing with the bills. We will likely have to sell the house.” She said with an air of resignation.

Kim pulled me in tight and I did not resist. The dance was nearly over so we just swayed slowly holding each other; feeling each other’s warmth and the emotion of the dance. The song ended and we held each for an extra second and then she pulled back, taking my hand with her.

“You forgot to grab my ass.” She said with a smirk.

“I’ll grab it later. I’m going to let the anticipation kill you.” I smirked back.

We were back to the table in moments. Then I heard Tasha say.

“Welllll, I’ve got be going. Look how late it is.” she smiled and glanced at her phone “It’s almost 9:30” and then she gave an exaggerated yawn.

Karen and Sharon did the same thing, grinning at me, as they gathered their things.

“Very late.” said Sharon.

“Nearly morning.” echoed Karen

Tasha might think I’m dense but even pig iron isn’t as dense as I’d have to be to not pick up on what was going on.

“And I supposed you’re not tired in the least, Kimmy” giving her a little verbal tweak by using her juvenile name.

She ignored that, but said

“Nope, I’m drunk. You have to drive me home.”

I rolled my eyes and then hugged each of the departing ladies good-bye. With that Kim and I walked out to my car.

“That was so totally lame.” I said

“It worked” she said smugly

“I’m really driving, though. No need to tempt fate.”

Two beers on my 210 pound frame was not going to impair me near as much as whatever Kim had tried to ward off with her 105 lbs. She did not argue. We rode to her house in silence, marked only by her insisting (I did not mind) to hold my right hand as we traveled. My bucket seats, much to her annoyance did not allow her to sit close.

I had knew what was going to happen when I got Kim home. She wasn’t exactly being subtle. But, it was happening so fast. Should I sleep with her? I mean she’s a little drunk; I don’t want to take advantage of her. It’s not like I don’t want to; Kim is very pretty and I haven’t had sex in months. Would I be leading her on, if I do? Hell, would I be leading her on period? Do I love her? Did I love her sister? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would? Fuck, I don’t know.

We pulled in the driveway, and I still had no idea what to say or not to say, or anything. But, I followed dutifully and walked in behind Kim. The door closed and we sat down on the couch. Kim leaned over, put her arms around me, and pulled me in for a kiss. She pulled back a few inches, and said

“So, are you going to give me any trouble?”

I just stared stupidly at her, not knowing how I was going to answer. She added more soft kisses and then continued

“I think I’ve made it clear what I want, so am I gonna get lucky?’ she said in a tone that was both soft and insistent at the same time.

“Kim, I had no idea you even thought of me this way.” I blurted out.

“Tasha’s right, you are dense.” said Kim with an exasperated sigh as she pulled back

“Well, I mean I knew…figured out…thought you were acting…tonight” I fumbled.

“I have been flirting with you and trying to get you to notice me for nearly six years” she said with a hint of fire.

“I noticed you.” I said softly and truthfully. “I noticed you.”

“Yeah, right. With my model-hot sister shining like the sun, you couldn’t even see me, let alone notice me.”

“I used to think of you when I would fantasize” I said without thinking

“Fantasize?” she said perking up with a very impish grin.

She knew what I meant, and was daring me to say it. I could feel myself blush.

“Are you telling me, that you had my movie star sister in the house and when you would jerk off, you thought of me?” she said amused.

I blushed deeper, but could not bring myself to even nod my head.

“What a waste. You could have been living those fantasies” she said lustily and looking me dead in the eye.

Those ten words hung for just a second and then we both moved towards each other. Kim’s kiss came to me almost as an attack. I met her with equal passion. There had been enough foreplay in the last half decade. She knew what she wanted, and so I was going to give it to her.

My hands went for her sweater, but she beat me by half a beat, and pulled it over her head. The extra few seconds to wait for Kim to remove her bra were too many. I needed to see her tits. I hungered to taste her fruit. I longed to feel her nipple harden in my mouth. I reached under her breasts, yanked her bra over them and took her nub into my mouth. Kim’s breast was firm, inviting, and I mauled her other melon as I teased her nipple into a tight cherry.

Kim jumped at my aggressive action, recovered, released her now useless bra, and unfastened her jeans. I grudging released her breast, so I could disrobe. My clothes were gone in an instant, and I pulled Kim to me and kissed her passionately, our tongues dancing, and each of us moaning our lust as we pawed at each other.

I kissed Kim into the couch, and I worked my body between her willingly parted legs. I was so close to taking her. My lips moved from hers to her cheek, and then her neck. I nibbled, sucked, and kissed.

“Ohhh, God.” Kim moaned out as I kissed my way down to her breasts, which pouted gently, and begged for my attention.

I took one hand and moved it above her head, earning a puzzled look. The second hand followed.

“You are not allowed to move those hands.” I told her with a wry grin, and I kissed my way down her taut middle to her soft pubic mound.

Kim parted her legs wider, giving my unfettered access to her neatly trimmed pussy. I was greeted by the musk of her arousal and the glistening of her swollen vulva.

“Mmmmmmmm” Kim moaned in anticipation.

Rachel had never been this willing in her life, and I dove in. I started at the bottom of her dripping nook and dragging my tongue from the top of her little rosebud, through her wet lips and ending as my tongue slathered over her clit.

“Ohhhhhhh” Kim moaned softly.

I traced her labia back down one side, and gave her another slow lick up, once again caressing her love pea with my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh” Kim moaned a little louder.

Kim started to shift as I licked again, tracked back down, and licked again.

After several laps around her pussy, Kim began to tense with anticipation, as I approached her clit, so I gave it my undivided attention. I licked around it, swirling my tongue, and then using my lips to push up the little hood to subject her love button to my oral assault.

“Ohh! Ohhh! Kim groaned out

I took her little love button between my lips and massaged it with my lips imagining I was chewing it. I got the reaction I was hoping for as Kim took in a quick breath and let it out in ragged breaths. I released it, licked all around it, and then took it back in between my lips and began to hum with it there.

“Fffffffuck!” she cried out as her hands came down and mashed my face into her quaking pussy, and I felt her legs tense.

I did my best to lick, hum, and suck as she climaxed once, maybe twice, and then she relaxed and let me breathe.

“Happy Birthday” I said as I came up for air.

“Shut up and fuck me.” Kim said lustily.

Kim joined me on floor and got on all fours

“Do me from behind! Fuck me hard!”

The sight of Kim on her hands and knees, vulnerable, offering herself to me, made me remember all of the times I took her in my dreams; all the times I buried myself deep into her love tunnel, and the exhilaration I felt when I climaxed by my own hand. I was about to live that and my cock was so hard it hurt.

I moved in behind her, but could not resist feeling her ass. It was like the rest of her young body; firm, enticing, arousing. I moved my hands all over it, kneading the globes and caressing her hips. My hands followed them to her waist, getting a surge of adrenaline as I thought how it would feel to use her hips as a lever to drive myself deep into her pussy. I could not believe this was happening. I wanted it to go on forever. I wanted it to end now. I wanted to be free of the tension that was building.

My hands left Kim’s waist and they reached underneath to find her free breasts. I kneaded them slowly, feeling how heavy they were; how firm, and how tight the nipples had constricted. I ground my hips into hers, trying to erase just a little of my frustration, but there was only one way out.

“Please, Ron.” Kim begged hotly.

She needed me, too. Kim was breathing deeply and pushing back to me; offering herself; begging for me to penetrate her pussy, and bring her another climax.

I rubbed my cock inside her, testing, teasing, and then I pushed it in firmly, feeling her tight pussy grudgingly part to accept me. I took in a deep breath as my full measure was lost inside her and then shivered in modest relief and a deepening hunger

“Ohhhhhh. Yeah.” Kim added as I began to slowly fuck her tight pussy.

I moved in and out slowly, savoring the way her pussy milked my cock. This added more water to the tide building behind me, forcing me to move faster. I was rapidly losing control. My lust and hunger were taking control.

My pace quickened and it fed on itself. Each thrust in sent a jolt of pleasure that would dissipated and demand another. The faster I went; the louder my lust yelled for more. Then I realized it wasn’t all lust that I was hearing.

“Yes, Ron! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!’

The girl in my fantasies was begging to be pounded harder, driving my sexual tension to new heights. I was getting close and I was no longer in control. I could not stop now. I used Kim’s hips to drive her back into me as I stabbed deeper and harder. The collision was violent. I might be hurting her, I could not tell, but I could not stop. I had to cum. I had to have relief

Cracks formed in the wall resisting my climax, and Kim’s final yell of pleasure shattered it and I began to explode inside her.


I yelled above Kim’s own shouts, as my hips locked into hers and I poured my love juice into her constricting pussy. I felt myself spurt once, twice, and then a third time, surely sending a gallon of liquid in to her tiny hole. I viciously pulled Kim’s hips into mine and felt the flood of pleasure wash over me, take me, and drive all other thought away. I shivered, convulsed, and saw little black spots, as I was drowned in the sensation.

Sanity oozed it’s way back and I felt myself breathe again. I relaxed and as my vitals began to settle back into normal range, I became aware again. Kim was breathing deeply, trying to regain her own composure. Her face was turned sideways, eyes closed, and her cheek on the carpet. She looked content and happy.

I looked around for something to clean ourselves, as Kim opened her eyes, met mine, and smiled happily, maybe with a touch of embarrassment. I saw a Kleenex box on a nearby stand. My softened organ melted out of Kim. I got up and retrieved the tissue so we could minimize the staining of the carpet.

Kim got up too and I heard her say

“Owwwwww! That hurt’s”

Oh, Fuck. I thought. I hurt her! God, I’m such a fucking idiot! I pounded and pounded, without thinking. I was so selfish and she’s hurt! I tore her! Fuck! She’ll hate me! Now we are going to have to go to the emergency room, and Kim will have to explain what happened and how it happened, and who did it to her! It will probably be in the papers! and Shit, what will Rachel say?

“What’s wrong?!” I asked excitedly

“I got rug burn on my knees.” She said examining the red marks.

“Totally worth it.” Kim said as she pulled me into her and gave me a long, passionate kiss.

“I..I didn’t hurt you? I thought I got, you know, a little carried away.” I said relieved.

Kim chuckled and said.

“I’m not made of glass! You were great!”

I let out a sigh of relief and pulled her in for a hug, feeling her firm breasts crush against me.

“Shower?” Kim offered

“Oh, Yeah” I said grinning

We look a long hot shower, where we had sex again and I enjoyed soaping her ripe body. I made sure that her breasts got very clean, soaping them several times and licking soap from her nipples making both them and my own cock hard. The water eventually turned cold and chased us into her bed for the night.

The next morning we were awakened by the sound of Kim’s bedroom door being slammed. We woke with a start, looked up, and saw Rachel standing there looking pissed.

“Aren’t you done violating my sister, yet? Rachel spat angrily.

“Rachel, Get out of my room!’ yelled Kim

I got out of bed and looked for my underwear to pull on. I’m not shy and it’s not like Rachel had never seen me naked.

“I just needed to see if you went through with it.” Rachel said bitterly, and walked out

God, I knew that was coming. I had hoped to put it off awhile. Rachel was always jealous. God knows why. She attracts male attention like flowers attract bees. It was part of the marriage I never got used to. Guys would flirt constantly with her; and it didn’t matter if I was there or not. I trusted Rachel, so I tried to blow it off. But, God forbid another woman looks crossways at me. She had snapped at Kim countless times for being suggestive. Her own sister! Whatever.

Kim and I threw on our clothes. I didn’t like that. Kim looked very good naked and I had enjoyed seeing every curve of her body. Her upturned, pouting breasts; her perfect legs; the delicate lines of her bare shoulders, the gentle flair of her hips, and the pronounced swell of her shapely bottom. I was actually getting aroused as she moved around getting dressed. Kim noticed me watching her and said


“You’re beautiful.” I said like it had just dawned on me.

She rolled her eyes

“Took you long enough.” She said with a smile and buttoned her jeans.

Rachel was downstairs in the living room, sitting in a chair when we came down. We plopped down on the couch.

“Why are you doing this to me?’ Rachel said, to me, with much less anger than before.

I took in a breath about to launch into a long explanation as to why I enjoyed being with Kim, explaining that she was fun and how our personalities meshed well, when Kim beat me to the punch.

“Rachel, what the fuck are you talking about? First, I practically raped Ron last night. I went after him.”

I was going to object to the rape part. As I recall, I was pretty willing. But, Kim did not look like she was in the mood for humor.

“Second, YOU divorced him. YOU got a lawyer. YOU filed the papers. YOU decided you and Ron did not work. YOU! Rachel. So where the fuck do you get off claiming to be some god damn victim?”

This was a shot across Rachel’s bow. Rachel had fallen prey to Kim’s tongue on more than one occasion. She was not Kim’s equal when it came to brains and wit. Rachel was no dummy, but she knew where her limits were. Kim had fired the first verbal salvo, and if Rachel decided to fire back, it would not be pretty. I swallowed and sank back a bit.

“Screw it” Rachel said, but did not get up “I hope you two are happy as hell.”

She did not sound like she was happy for us.

“Besides, I didn’t really wake you for this. You two are going to help me.” Rachel said very matter of factly; like it had been decreed by God himself.

I could feel my temper start to simmer. Nothing pisses me off quicker than being told what to do. Even in a work environment. I always chafed under a boss who said “Do this...Do that.” My current boss, the coroner, Dr. Syygo, asked for anything that needed done. It was like I had a choice. Even though we both knew I didn’t. It was just more polite, more civilized. Rachel knew this and was pushing my buttons. I found my voice before Kim, this time.

“Rachel, you don’t tell me what to do, anymore. I’m not your husband and I don’t have to even listen to what you want, let alone do it.” I growled at her.

Kim just nodded curtly at her as if to say ‘What he said.”

“Petrov and I…” Rachel started but was cut short by Kim

“Boris?! You want us to help him? What does he need, a green card?” snapped Kim

“His name is Petrov” said Kim snootily, “And, yes, he is part of this. Actually he is most of this” she said, again in that tone of pronouncement, turning up the fire heating my temper.

“What exactly are we supposed to help you with?” ask Kim, annoyance mixed with curiosity.

“You are going to help Petrov and I move” Said Rachel using the same tone, and further pissing me off. She seemed to be enjoying this; watching me turn red.

“Move? Where? Why?” Kim asked very much startled and confused.

“He’s asked me to marry him and I’ve accepted. We are going to live in LA”

“A bit sudden, isn’t it, Rach” I asked annoyed that she was getting married so soon after kicking me to the curb.

“That’s none of your business.” She said very condescendingly, and I felt my anger grow a bit more.

“Well, I’m willing to help pack if you can work around my schedule, but I’m not going to California” I stated flatly, trying to control my anger for Kim’s sake.

“You two will do it. You’ll do it when I want and you’ll even drive the fucking Ryder truck if I tell you. You’ll do it or..”

My temper kicked up two more notches at her tone and at her choice of words. She was telling me what to do again, and now she was involving Kim, too.

“ or I’ll show everyone the video and tell them that is the reason Ron and I divorced.” she said in the same god-damned tone. She was doing this on purpose.

I was confused. What video? I looked at Kim. She seemed bewildered and then a light went on.

“You fucking bitch.” Kim snarled at Rachel

“What?” I said looking at her confused.

Kim turned to me to explain, and did so with obvious annoyance and anger.

“A year or so ago, Dad got a wild hair about home security and had a home system installed. Part of that involved a surveillance system, INSIDE the house. The thought was if burglars got in, they could be identified. Mom hated it. She said it felt like it was spying on her. She always sat on that chair, to avoid the camera in this room.”

Kim said that pointing first at the chair Rachel sat in, and then up above it to a small black box looking right at us.

That was enough for me to connect the dots. Rachel had checked out the video from the camera covering the living room, doubtless hoping to find exactly what she did. Now we would do her bidding or she was going to show it to everyone and claim that last night’s sex took place before the divorce.

Snap! My temper boiled over. You can only kick a dog so many times before he bites.

“You fucking bitch”

I echoed Kim, but unlike her, I got up off the couch, walked over to Rachel. Her eyes got wide, she was certain I was going to belt her one. I was, but at the last second, the word ‘belt’ triggered a better idea and I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the chair and drug her across the room, over to the dining room.

“Let me go, dammit! I’ll show everyone the video if you don’t!” Rachel yelled with panic as she stumbled behind me.

“Kim, don’t interfere! She has had this coming for a long time.” I scolded Kim, who was shocked into silence; something rare for her.

I pulled out a dining room chair, spun it around, sat, and pulled Rachel across my lap.

“Let me go! Dammit! I said let me go”

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

I delivered the first blows of the spanking Rachel had earned over the last half decade. I had been pushed past rationality; past even thinking.

“Owwwwwww!” Rachel screamed

“I -have –put- up -with –your- shit- for- long- enough” I said.

Each word was punctuated with another blow to her jean covered bottom. But, even through my anger it still struck me how perfect Rachel’s ass was; perfectly rounded hips, tapering down forming a nice heart shape. Her bottom itself; round, full, and firm.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

“Owwwwww! Kimmy! Are you just going to stand there? Do something!!” yelled Rachel

“Can I help?” said Kim coolly.

Whack! Whack! I continued as Kim’s word’s filtered in. I had always loved Rachel’s ass. And with each swat, my anger was dissipating, and my arousal was growing. I could feel myself growing hard with Rachel’s body on top of me, both trying to smother my growing erection and egging it on. I stopped spanking Rachel.

“Yeah, help me get her jeans off. They are too hard on my hand.” I said

“Don’t you dare!” scolded Rachel

Whack! Whack! Whack!

I reigned down three more swats, trying to adjust her attitude a bit. It wasn’t working. Rachel was trying to kick Kim as she got near. I reached underneath and grabbed Rachel’s hanging tit, feeling it’s firmness through her blouse and bra.

“Get your hands off me!” Rachel squealed in surprise

I did, but only long enough to pull her blouse and bra up, exposing her breast. I grabbed the bare melon and squeezed it firmly for effect, and then took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm pinch.

“Owwwwww! Don’t!”

“Hold still! Those pants are coming off, and if you don’t hold still I’m going to see if this nipple twists off, too”

She kept struggling so, I began to twist it.

“Owwwwwwwwwwww!! Stop!” she screamed

“Hold still and I will”

She complied, and Kim reached underneath and undid her pants, and zipper. I let go of Rachel’s nipple and instead busied myself with releasing her other breast. Rachel did not object. I quickly had both breasts free. I could feel their weight as they hung free, and I busied one hand with fondling them. Kim was working both the jeans and panties down her hips when Rachel spoke again.

“Please don’t do this!”

“Hush!” I ordered “You’ve had this coming for a long time!’

The jeans and panties cleared Rachel’s hips and then slid down easily, giving me my first view of her bottom. It was red, like she just gotten out of a hot shower. Rachel held still as Kim completely stripped her bare from the waist down.

“What do think Kim, should we finish the job and strip her naked?” I said motioning to her top.

“Yes. The embarrassment will do her good” replied Kim

“Fuck you!” Rachel snapped

“Slap! Slap! Slap! I unloaded three harsh swats to her defenseless ass.

“Owwwwwwww! Stop!”

The sound was so much different. More liquid. It sounded like it hurt. It felt amazing from my end; as her bottom gave into the blows, but instantly bounced back as if to ask for more.

“Owwwwww!” That fucking hurts” Rachel screamed.

Slap! Slap! Slap! I continued and then added.

“Apologize to your sister and then ask her to take off your clothes”

“Owwwww! Fuck you both!” Rachel screamed.

So I spanked her harder and faster.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap Slap! Slap!

“Noooooooo! Stop! OKayyyyy! Okayyy! Stop! I’m Sorry” I’m Sorry”

I stopped and asked

“What are you sorry for?”

“I’m sorry for yelling at Kim!” she cried out, still feeling the burning on her ass

“And…” I prompted

She was silent, knowing her mouth was going to her in trouble, but unable to ask Kim to finish stripping her.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! I began spanking her again

“Owwwwwww! Rachel yelled “Kimmy, take off my clothes, please! Stop! It hurts!”

I paused and Kim went to work. She pulled the blouse up and over Rachel’s head, undid her bra and pulled it off. It was done. Rachel was completely naked. I reached under and fondled her firm breast as I viewed Rachel’s bare ass.

The color had improved to a deeper red overall. I put my hand on her ass and felt that it had warmed, but it was not hot. That fact begged me to begin again and I did.

“This is for trying to blackmail us!”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“This is for trying to order us to help you!”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“No! Stop it! Stop it! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

“This is for being a bitch at Kim’s birthday party”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Please! No more!”

“This is for that god damn condescending tone of yours!”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Owwwwwww! Stop! Please! No More! I’m sorry!”

“Here.” Kim said interrupting my rhythm and handing me a flat hair brush

“Give her some for me. She was always flirting with boyfriends. Some of them would come around just to see Rachel.” Kim continued

“No! I didn’t! I’m sorry!”

Thap! Thap! Thap! Sounded the hairbrush on Rachel’s now very red and complaining ass. The pain was obviously much more intense as Rachel erupted into new, intense struggles and worked furiously to block the assault.

Yowwwwwww! No! Stop it! Owwwwww! Please! I’m sorry! Stop!

“This for all of Kim’s boyfriends”

“Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap!

“S..stop! P..please!” Rachel cried.

Rachel was in tears now, and my anger was starting to melt under them, but I remembered one more thing, which spurred me on.

“And this is for making me beg for sex for all those years”

Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap! Thap!

“Owwwwwwwwww! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please! Stop! Don’t!”

My arm was tired. My anger nearly gone. But I was now hard as a rock. Rachel was sobbing softly and Kim was looking at me expectantly. Rachel’ass was an angry red from her waist all the way past were it melted seductively into her thigh. I took my hand and rubbed her red ass. Rachel jumped, probably thinking she was to be abused more. But, I was done inflicting pain. My thoughts were on pleasure; mine.

I squeezed her red ass, feeling how hot her skin was, and firm her butt was. And then I gently spread her ass cheeks, revealing her little rosebud. This got a reaction.

“sniff…sniff….We are not…sniff… married anymore! You’re not allowed to touch me like that!” she said angrily, but with restraint. She knew how vulnerable she still was.

“You should fuck her in her ass” said Kim “She did it to you for all those years.”

“No! No! You can’t” Rachel started”

Thap! I delivered a half-hearted slap to her ass.

“Quiet!” I ordered

Rachel hated anal sex. She would never let me anywhere near her butthole. I had longed to fuck her there.

“Please don’t.” Rachel begged and her choice of words; going from ‘You can’t” to “Please don’t” told me she was beaten. She would allow me to take her ass, but I didn’t hate her that much. I had loved Rachel at one time, and my anger was gone.

“Tell you what, Rachel. I will give you a chance to apologize for all the mean thing you have done to me and I won’t fuck you in your, oh so, shapely ass. Are you really sorry, Rachel?”

“Yes!” she said quickly “I’m sorry”

“You’re reaaaaallly sorry, and not just saying that?” I asked again.

“Yes! I’m really sorry.” said Rachel, starting to gather herself together.

“OK then. You can give me the best blowjob you have ever given and I will accept your apology.”

“What!” she exclaimed.

“This way, I know you are sincere and not just lying to me to avoid having your ass fucked”

Rachel sat for a moment, thinking, and then sighed.

“Are you going to cum in my mouth?” Rachel asked weakly

“Don’t you think I should?” I answered with my own condescending tone.

“Do I have to swallow?” she asked knowing that if I said yes, she would do it.

“No, I guess you don’t have to swallow.” I said as I allowed her to get off my lap.

She stood up and I got to see the breasts that I had been fondling. They were like her sister’s, pouty, upturned, and firm looking. One nipple, the one I had twisted, looked a little swollen. My cock reminded me how horny I was.

“Rachel, would you mind terribly if I sucked on your tits for awhile?” I asked like I was suggesting she go get me a cup of coffee.

I knew she sure as hell minded, but she did not want to make my angry and I knew it. She took a step towards me, and I took one nipple into my mouth and sucked on it greedily. My hand went up and began to squeeze her other tit. I felt her sensitive nipple begin to tighten, and I teased it with my tongue. Rachel squirmed slightly and I used my free hand to draw her in tightly. She winced as I handled her sore ass, but did not pull away. I switched sides and worked on her other breast, sucking like I was drawing pleasure directly from her soul.

I pulled back, grabbed both breasts and kneaded them feeling them give to my will and spring back. I was so ready for her mouth. I stood up, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat back in the chair. One look from me and Rachel was on her knees.

She took me hesitantly into her mouth and began to circle the head of my cock with her tongue, delaying the slide into her depths, but also ramping up my anticipation and frustration. I let out a groan as my cock finally slid into her mouth and went to the back of her throat. Rachel then started a slow back and forth, rhythmic motion. Sliding me in, while pressing her tongue on the underside, and adding a little more suction on the way out. It felt soooo good.

I opened my eyes and saw Kim, looking at us, longingly. I motioned her over, and pulled her in for a deep, wet kiss. My hands found Kim’s breasts and I massaged them through her shirt. She had not put on a bra for our rendezvous with Rachel, and I could feel her erect nub easily through her shirt. Kim pulled back, and took her shirt off letting me feast, first with my eyes, and quickly with my mouth on her perfect breasts.

Rachel began to pick up the pace, and my anxiety was transferred to Kim’s breasts as I sucked more deeply, kneaded her breast with one hand, and her ass with my other.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I moaned into Kim’s breast as Rachel continued to move back and forth, driving me mad. I began to rock my hips trying to get her to go faster, and was squeezing Kim’s body more aggressively as my heat built.

“Faster, Rach!” Kim encouraged, sensing what I needed.

Rachel did begin to move faster. I felt a shiver run down my spine as her tongue slid faster under my throbbing organ. She went faster still. I took my mouth from Kim’s luscious nipple.

“Oh, God, Rachel! Fuck, that feels good! Almost there! Almost…”

And then the trigger flipped and I began to spurt hot cum into Rachel’s mouth. Rachel felt the first rope, and to my surprised she swallowed and kept milking me. It was like it was her own life’s blood. I squeezed Kim’s breast and at my first burst I greedily took in her nipple and began to pull it deep into my mouth.

I felt my second spurt and then my third. Rachel was taking it all and Kim was pulling me tight into her firm breast making breathing impossible. But, I did not care. Breathing was not important at the moment. Filling Rachel’s mouth with cum and my own mouth with tight, erect nipple overwhelmed me, and pushed everything else out.

I backed away from Kim’s chest and pulled her in for another deep kiss, as my orgasm peaked and began to retreat. Rachel finished and withdrew, but slowly jacked me off, as if not wanting to be finished. Kim and I kissed, moving the needle down from red hot passion to relaxed lover.

“Wow! Fuck, Rachel! Where was that when we were married?’

Rachel had rarely given me head and never let me cum in her mouth. The thought of her swallowing was as far fetched as time travel. I kissed Kim again and whispered.

“Thank you. That was the greatest experience of my life.”

I meant it. I pulled her into a tight hug and whispered again

“I think I love you”

I meant that too.

“Me, too” she whispered back.

Rachel got up, and without a word gathered up her clothes and went upstairs. We heard the bathroom door close, and soon the shower was running. Kim and I cuddled together on the couch, saying nothing for a long time.

“Kim?” I asked “Why did you do that?”

‘Do what?” came the obligatory answer, even though she knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Help me spank, and then encourage me to have sex, hell to practically rape, your sister?”

“Sisters talk.” Kim started. “Rachel would confess to using sex to get what she wanted and rationing it out, like it was gold. I just thought that you deserved to take a little……..and I wanted to see how you would react if you could have me or Rachel.

“What?” I looked at her with wide eyes. “That was a test?”

“Sorta. Rachel is smoking hot and I am just cute. I wanted to see if you would even think of me when you were given the opportunity. You did.” Kim responded with a worried smile.

“I’m not sure I like that.” I said, and then added with a smirk “Maybe you need a spanking.”

Kim cuddled back into me. I looked around for the remote, found it and clicked on the TV.

“I want to see how the Rockies did last night”

“So, it starts” Kim said with a smile and a light tone “I’m soon to become a sports widow.”

The TV linked up with the satellites and soon the black window was replaced by a scene featuring a smoldering car with emergency equipment all around. The announcer was in mid-sentence.

‘on the condition of anonymity told this reporter that police are treating this as a homicide, and that explosives were likely involved. The identity of the man killed in the explosion has not been released, but my source tells me that he is a Russian national, here on a work visa. His name is Boris Leniovich. My source tells me that Petrov is suspected of having ties to the Russian mob, who may be trying to gain a foot hold in the Denver area. “

“Wow” I said “It sounds like his mob buddies blew him up. I wonder what he did?’

“I don’t know. Maybe he was doing the boss’s wife.” Kim answered

“A one tract-mind. My kind of lady.” I tossed back to her.

“Hungry?” Kim queried

“Yeah. I could eat a horse.” I said realizing how hungry I was.

Kim was about to say something when Rachel’s stressed and emotional voice carried down to us from upstairs

“Why, Petrov? Why, what is wrong?.......................I don’t understand? Why?”

There was a long pause and Rachel’s voice changed to surprise and then shock.

“What!........But, Petrov!.......Why?!........Petrov, they’ll kill me!”

Kim and I looked at each other, each of eyeing the same unspoken question. Rachel was almost in tears now.

“Please, Petrov! Don’t…………please!..............Nooooooooooooo!

And then all we heard was Rachel sobbing.

To be continued……..

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