Part 4 of the series, new characters introduced, new secrets made, old secrets revealed, new twists, and new sex. So yeah enjoy!
Nick and Allie 4 - Love and Lust

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Love and Lust

It has been a week since Brittany’s pool party and Nick was sitting on the couch, beside his sister Allie. Nick is a 17 year old teenager, and his life was pretty average just at the start of March Break. Allie is Nick’s 15 year old little sister. Her life was almost the average teenage life. It was normal besides her getting knocked up by her boyfriend at the time. She was now 5 months pregnant. The lives of these two siblings changed dramatically that one day in March. It started out innocent, just like every other day, when Allie barged through the door, crying. She started telling Nick the story of how she caught her boyfriend cheating. As they watched a movie on the very same couch they were sitting on right now, Nick started peeking down Allie’s shirt. The next few days led them to incestuous sex. It was now mid April and since crossing that line; Nick and Allie were taken over by lust.

The two horny teenagers were sitting on the couch where all of this started, watching the morning news. It was 7:15 am and they were both up for school. Both of them had just woken up, coming down to eat breakfast before their showers, or maybe it would take them just one shower. Nick was just in his boxers and an old t-shirt, while Allie was in her usual, baggy t-shirt and panties underneath sleeping attire. This gave Nick the chance to stare at his sisters bare legs as much as he wanted to, when their parents weren’t around of course.

“Okay kids, I’m leaving now! Make sure you get to school on time! Bye!” Holly was going through the door, hurrying to her job. Nick and Allie both said bye to their mom unenthusiastically. But when she left, they both turned their heads to each other and Allie gave one of her naughty smiles to Nick. Nick’s dick twitched a little in his boxers, knowing exactly what his slutty sister was thinking.

“So Nick, do you feel like making your little sister cum? It would really wake me up for school.” Nick was amazed at how easily Allie could turn him on. He didn’t know what it was about her that made his dick rock hard. Was it that she’s my sister and it’s so taboo or is it the fact that she is so fucking sexy, Nick thought.

Nick didn’t even have to say anything, he just leaned back on the couch and Allie leaned over, reaching into his boxers, and pulled out his almost completely hard cock. She looked up at her brother innocently before licking the tip of his dick teasingly. Nick’s dick twitched a little in his sister’s hand when she did that. Soon she had the whole head inside her mouth, circling it with her tongue ever so perfectly. Nick tried to focus on the boring news in front of him so that he didn’t get too close to orgasm before she even got started.

Nick brushed his sister’s wavy long hair over her ear so that it wouldn’t get in her way, and so that he could get a better view of the action. Allie was switching between using her tongue on his cock-head and doing her best to create suction around his dick. She would suck so hard, that her cheeks would create indents in the centre.

After a bit, she made sure to get as much of his seven inches into her mouth as she could in order to get his dick wet and ready for her already soaking pussy. When she put her mind to it, she could usually get all seven inches down her throat, causing her to inhale the smell of Nick’s pubes as her nose was pressed right into them. The little hairs would actually tickle at her nostrils sometimes making her giggle a little, which just increased pleasure for Nick.

Allie sat up quickly, coughing a little from the lack of air entering her windpipe. But there was no doubt that she was enjoying herself anyways, as she was smiling through her coughs. Nick’s dick was bouncing back and forth, drenched in Allie’s spit. It was covered from the tip to where the shaft ends, with spit making its way into his pubes as well. There was a little line of spit coming from Nick’s dick to Allie’s chin, which had spit on it.

“Mmm, my cunt is sooo wet Nick. I want your entire dick inside it, right now!” She stood up as she said that and stood in front of Nick, with her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Nick started stroking his hard dick slowly waiting for his sister to get naked. Allie then, pulled down her panties, and let them fall to her feet. She pulled off the shirt which was still covering her pussy and stood completely nude. Her nipples were hard and her tits looked as beautiful as ever.

Nick could now see his sister’s pussy and even though he was a few feet away from her, he could still see how wet it was. Allie lowered her right hand to her cunt, not taking her eyes off Nick, and dipped two fingers in slowly before bringing up those two fingers to her mouth and sucking them dry. Nick had enough; he needed to feel the tight walls of Allie’s pussy squeezing around his shaft.

He reached his arm out and took her hand, leading her towards his pulsating shaft. Allie put a knee on either side of Nick’s lap and guided the cock into her pussy with her hand. As soon as the tip was inside, she lowered herself down farther, letting the cock disappear inside her. Her pussy stretched around it as inch by inch went in and Allie couldn’t help but squeeze her tits and moan. Nick examined every inch of Allie’s body, starting from her pussy, then going to her growing pregnant belly, then at her hands squeezing her breasts, and finally at her face. She was biting her bottom lip and made eye contact with Nick when he looked at her. Her facial expression was one that was asking for more, for his dick to go deeper, to go faster.

Nick placed his hands on his sister’s thighs and pushed his hips up from the couch. Allie moaned and moved her hand from her boob and down to her clit, rubbing it fast. Allie’s pussy felt amazing around his cock and he couldn’t focus on anything besides how good Allie’s pussy walls felt when they squeezed around his shaft.

After a while, their pace slowed down, and Allie leaned over closer to Nick’s body. Nick sat up a little and hugged his sister as she grinded on his cock, still deep inside her cunt. Nick could feel his sister’s boobs pressing against his chest. Soon after, Allie had her first orgasm. She hugged Nick tightly and moaned as loud as ever. Nick could feel Allie’s pussy squeezing his dick rhythmically as her orgasm passed through her body.

“Ohh fucckkkk! Cum in me! I want to feel it inside me Nick!” Allie was still bouncing on his dick, doing her best to get Nick to orgasm as well. Nick was always extra horny in the mornings so he had to try harder not to cum just yet. He wanted to preserve this feeling as long as possible. This got harder when Allie shoved her boobs in his face and Nick had no choice but to kiss, lick, and suck on them while fucking her.

After a while, Allie had another orgasm and this time, the extra squeezing caused by her cunt was too much. Nick leaned back, his hands holding Allie by the hips, he pushed his hips up trying to get his dick as far in as possible before he exploded. The orgasm was so good that he felt it start at his toes and go up to his dick. His cum must’ve shot out at a hundred miles an hour, as he felt his dick pulsing inside his sister’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh yess! Mmmm fuck!!” Allie was moaning loudly, her second orgasm dying down, while her brother’s cum filled her wet pussy. She loved the feeling of cum inside her, especially when it’s such taboo cum filling her.

Nick’s hips jerked a few last times as his dick started softening inside his sister’s slippery cunt. After a few moments, it flopped out onto his stomach, his cum automatically making a trail down Allie’s thigh as it poured out. Allie got off his lap and plopped her naked ass on the couch beside Nick, cum making a small puddle underneath her.

“Now that was a good fuck. I bet if I wasn’t already knocked up, that would have done the job. It’s sad that you won’t be able to cum in my pussy after I give birth.” Allie was genuinely upset as she talked, and Nick’s dick twitched back to life for a second at how his sister would miss him filling her up when she gives birth.

“But I’d rather not have another kid just yet. So we probably shouldn’t risk it.” Nick nodded in agreement with his sister, especially since they are related.

“Not to mention, you’re my sister. Our baby would end up all fucked up.” Nick waited for Allie to answer and saw a little smirk across her face.
“Well I’m pretty sure no matter who the daddy is, my babies are gonna be fucked up like their mommy.” Nick knew that Allie was into incest when it came to him and it seemed like even their mom turned her on, but he never thought of the possibility of Allie doing stuff with her own children. It was more than possible, Nick thought to himself.

“Allie can I ask you a question? It’s a bit personal though so don’t freak out okay?” Allie looked over at him and smiled nodding.

“Like what we do isn’t more personal. I won’t freak out.” Nick hesitated for a second and then spoke.

“Would you ever… do stuff with your kids? Like incest stuff…” Nick got worried when Allie’s smile disappeared but she didn’t seem offended or mad or anything like that, which was a good sign.

“Whoa Nick, I haven’t even had the baby yet. Why? What did you have in mind you sick pervert? Are you gonna get a hard-on for my kid?” Nick was getting a little uneasy but he sensed that Allie was teasing more than anything so he smiled and replied.

“Um no. I’m not even gonna think about doing something like that, I’m just worried you might. Like you said, you are pretty fucked up.” Allie laughed and got up, and started collecting her clothes.

“You’re already worried? Nick, be worried when you have a reason to be worried. And you are just as fucked up as me, you want mom’s pussy so bad, and don’t you dare deny it! I remember the closet.” Nick blushed a little and got up as well, picking up his clothes and headed to the bathroom shaking his head. Allie followed him into the same bathroom. They quickly showered together, and got dressed for school in front of each other. Since they dressed together, Nick saw the panties Allie was wearing and his mouth dropped open when he saw which ones they were.

“Oh my god, those are mom’s panties! If she catches you wearing her panties, she will really get suspicious, I don’t think it’s such a good idea for you to wear them.” Nick’s opinions did no good, as Allie just shrugged her shoulders and said she felt kinky wearing them and continued getting dressed.


About half an hour later, Nick and Allie were walking through the halls of their school. Allie was wearing a skirt, so the horny freshmen were checking her out as she walked by. Even though she was pregnant, there were a lot of guys in school that would give their left nut to be in the position Nick was in. Eventually, Nick and Allie split up and headed to their classes. Nick met up with some friends until the bell rung and he went into his class.

“Hey Nick! How are you today?” Nick sat beside a girl named Anna. Anna was cute, and Nick always noticed that she would flirt with him during the class. Anna had long blonde hair that went past her shoulders. Her skin was a little pale, but Nick still thought she was beautiful. He wasn’t so sure how he really felt about her, but he figured she must have a crush on him. He sat beside her and answered.

“Hey Anna, I’m pretty good. You?” He smiled at her and couldn’t help but notice her blush just a little as he did. She smiled back at him and said she was great. The teacher came in and the class started. After a few minutes, the teacher announced a group assignment that they were gonna do in class today. Nick noticed Anna get excited as she looked over at him when the teacher said it would be partners.

The class went on and Nick and Anna spent most of it laughing and talking. Anybody watching would surely see that they were flirting. By the end of the class, their chairs had moved several inches closer to each other. Nick usually didn’t get crushes on too many girls, but there was something different about Anna. He wasn’t head over heels for her or anything, but he did enjoy her company. She didn’t seem like the slutty type that just wants to get it in, and Nick liked that. He already had one whore at his disposal.

The rest of the day went by pretty slow. Nick mostly just sat at the back of classrooms with his friends, joking around. At one point, during the second last class of the day, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled his phone out under the desk, making sure the teacher didn’t see and checked the message. It was a picture message, and it was from Allie. Nick got nervous about opening it and looking at the picture, knowing it was probably something dirty, but also felt his dick move in excitement knowing it was probably something dirty.

He made sure to shield the screen from his friend on his left, and opened the picture. It was definitely dirty. It was a picture of Allie’s bare ass. It was taken in a bathroom, her back was turned to the mirror and her head was turned to the side, with her phone over her shoulder. Her skirt wasn’t in the picture, but Nick could see his mom’s panties, pulled down around Allie’s knees. His phone vibrated again, and it was another message from Allie. Nick quickly opened it.

“Did you like the picture?” “And which picture would this be?” Nick quickly put his phone away; his friend was leaning over and had read the message. To Nick’s relief, his friend didn’t see who the message was from.

“Can you not read my messages? And it’s just a picture.” Nick looked over at his friend and saw him smiling, like he already knew that it was a dirty picture from a girl.

“You’re retarded, it’s nothing like that.” Nick went back to taking notes and his friend seemed to buy it. Nick sighed in relief under his breath and felt his dick semi-hard. Now Nick couldn’t focus anymore, he just wanted to get home and fuck Allie. Hell, he would even fuck her in his car; he just needed to fill her pussy with his cum.


Allie was still in the bathroom. She had just sent the picture of her exposed body to her brother. She pulled up her panties (her mom’s panties) and picked up her skirt off the counter, putting it on. As she walked to the bathroom door and unlocked it, she heard her friend from inside one of the stalls.

“You bitch; you’re taking pictures without me? Wait for me to finish pissing first.” It was Allie’s friend Naomi talking from the stall. She was down in the last stall, well away from where Allie was taking the picture so she didn’t see Allie take off her skirt and panties. Naomi also didn’t hear the door getting locked, as far as she knew; Allie was just taking random pictures to post on Facebook.

“Well you’re not supposed to be in the picture, so stop your whining. We should get out of here soon though, class is almost over and we’ve been gone for twenty minutes.” Allie started checking her make-up and hair in the mirror. She knew Naomi could care less about math class. But not for the reasons people would think. She’s just very smart and had almost all straight A’s in her classes. Naomi cares more about make-up, boys, and lame reality TV shows. You could say Naomi is the less sex-obsessed version of Allie. Naomi isn’t a virgin either though.

Naomi and Allie were a lot alike. They became friends at the start of high school, the first class of the first day. Allie was still a little nerdy back then, but she was definitely starting to become hot. Naomi on the other hand, was already stunning. She wore expensive clothes and made friends easily. I guess Naomi saw that Allie wasn’t such a nerdy girl once you got to talk to her. They both realized they were a lot alike, had the same interests, liked the same type of boys, and most of all, both had a past of bullying.

Even though Naomi was the popular type, she had just as many haters as she did friends. You see, Naomi is Asian. So she was the victim of some racism growing up. And Allie was the victim of general bullying. This is what really linked them together at first. Soon they became best friends. Of course, like all pairs of “bffs” they shared private parts of their lives. Allie eventually worked up the courage to tell Naomi about her masturbating obsession. Naomi didn’t really react. She didn’t make any faces suggesting she was grossed out, or smiled, or anything like that. It wasn’t a big deal to her at all. Naomi masturbated as well, but not as often as Allie. Allie was still a virgin, but Naomi was recently deflowered. It happened during one of the last weeks of summer before high school.

It happened just shortly after Naomi’s 14th birthday. She did it with a boy who was a virgin himself, so neither of them had any idea what they were doing. Now at 15, almost 16, Naomi hadn’t had much sex since. She liked sex, but she also had self respect. She didn’t want to grow a belly like Allie. And besides all that, she liked being the tease of her grade. Knowing boys were thinking about her, but not letting them get anything more.

It was easy for her to be a tease because she was so pretty. She had a beautiful innocent looking face that made her appear like an angel to her parents. But that same face could also turn into the most seductive one in school if she wanted it to. Her eyes were brown, and she always had just a touch of black eyeliner around her eyes, making her eyes stand out beautifully. Her dark hair fell past her shoulders and went down her back. If she was naked, it would land just above her nipples on her small boobs. Yes, her boobs were smaller than Allie’s but they weren’t miniature. You could still get a handful if you were lucky enough to get a chance. Her skin was darker, much darker than Allie’s and gave her the sexy exotic look. Her nipples were also nice and dark and were the perfect size.

After that day when Allie told Naomi about her frequent masturbation, Naomi got an idea. It was only a few weeks before Allie’s 14th birthday and Naomi had the perfect birthday present in mind. The birthday came and Allie went over to Naomi’s house for a sleepover with another few girls. After a crazy night filled with all the junk food they can get their hands on, and a little bit of alcohol Naomi managed to sneak from her dad, the other girls passed out in their sleeping bags. It was really late, and it was just Allie and Naomi left up.

“I have a birthday present for you. I think you’re gonna love it.” Allie was sleepy and was barely awake when she heard Naomi’s whisper.

“I thought the party was my gift. Go to sleep.” Naomi smiled at how tired Allie was and unlike the rest of the girls, she was wide awake. She shook Allie on the shoulder and made her sit up while she dug around her closet. Allie had no idea what the present was going to be but it was obviously something the other girls weren’t supposed to know about.

Allie’s mouth dropped open when she finally saw her present. It was a big green dildo. It must have been at least nine inches long and several inches wide. Naomi giggled and handed Allie the dildo. Allie wanted to try it out right away but obviously she couldn’t with everyone there. Naomi pulled out an identical dildo in shape, but instead of being green, it was red. Naomi called them dildo sisters. She hugged Naomi and put her dildo in her backpack before they both passed out.

Allie heard the toilet flush and saw the stall door open in the mirror, with Naomi stepping out. She was wearing a pair of those black yoga pants that girls wear. This outlined her ass in a sexy way. Allie was actually a little jealous these days of Naomi’s small stomach and body. She couldn’t wait to get this kid out of her vagina. The bell rang to end the class and Allie and Naomi said in unison “shit!” They had spent the last twenty minutes skipping class and were probably gonna get bitched out by their teachers tomorrow. They left the bathroom and said bye before leaving in opposite directions. Their high school was big and Allie’s next class was a little further away. She had to go outside through the courtyard to reach the other side.

She walked outside, enjoying the breeze hitting her face. To her right was where all the smokers would hang out. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone jog over to her. She turned her head, rolling her eyes right away. It was Josh, her ex-boyfriend that knocked her up and then cheated on her.

“Allie! Wait up!” Allie stopped and turned to her right, watching Josh jog towards her thinking, what the hell did he want. He looked almost the same as before, wearing his old clothes and skinny as ever.

“What do you want Josh? I’m in a hurry.” Allie didn’t want to talk to him but since she once cared for him, and was carrying his baby, she figured she might as well listen to what he has to say.

“How have you been?” Josh genuinely cared about Allie, even if Allie didn’t feel the same way.

“Um, good. You hooking up with some new skank?” Josh smirked and shook his head.

“No, I’m trying to lay low. Ever since all this shit with us happened, I haven’t been in the mood for some skank that means nothing.” Allie didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, but deep down hoped he was.

“Well just so you know, I’ve been seeing someone lately. And the only reason I’m telling you this is because he will probably be around the baby a lot so you deserve to know. But you don’t even care about this child so maybe I’m stupid for telling.” Josh’s expression changed. He was more serious looking now.

“That makes me feel great. I mean, thanks for telling me, but I don’t even know this new guy and I already hate him.” Allie was conflicted. On one hand, she loved that Josh appeared to be hurt by her fucking someone new, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to hurt him. After all, she was, at one point, in love with him.

“Well I’m guessing there’s a reason you ran over? I kinda need to get to class.” Josh nodded his head and looked down for a second before starting to speak.

“Look, I know we didn’t end on the best of terms. I know that you hate me for what I did, for… cheating on you. And worst of all, I know that I told you I didn’t want to be a part of this kid’s life but… I think I was wrong, no I know I was wrong. I don’t expect you to forgive me, or for us to even be friends at all, I just want to be a father for my kid.” Allie was shocked. But she has heard this before, so she didn’t know if he was been honest or if he was gonna change his mind tomorrow.

“I’m sick of this. You change your mind too much. Remember when I first told you I was pregnant? How you declared your love for me and said you would never leave my side? I want you to be a part of the kid’s life too, but can I really trust you Josh?” They were looking at each other’s eyes, Allie trying to read his face for clues he was lying, Josh trying to figure out the perfect thing to say.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Allie. I hurt you and I hate it… I wish I could take it back, but I can’t. I know I have lied about a lot of things, especially about the baby, but I didn’t lie about one thing. I was in love with you. I didn’t realize it right away, but when we broke up and you told me on the phone that you were… with someone else, I broke down. It took me a while to figure it out, but now I know that I did… that I do… I love you. I love you Allie, and… I’m not lying about the baby this time. That’s all I wanted to say.” He looked at Allie for a second before getting out his phone and reading the message he just received. Allie was looking at him, trying to hide her emotions. She looked like she didn’t care, like she was almost bored by his words, but in reality, she was holding back tears.

His phone rang and he answered it. He said he had to take the call and said bye to Allie before walking off. Allie turned on the spot and walked towards the bathroom again, sending a text to Naomi telling her she needed to talk.


“He said what?!” Naomi had basically yelled that, making her words echo throughout the bathroom. Allie had just told her about the incident in the courtyard.

“Yeah, I don’t know where it even came from. Should I trust him Naomi? I hate him so much but… he was my first boyfriend. I’m never going to be able to hate him completely.” Naomi was frowning, lost deep in thought, trying to figure out what to say to Allie. Before she could say anything though, Allie spoke again, “Hey do you think I can come over to your house after school? I really don’t want to be alone today.” Allie waited for an answer and noticed Naomi hesitate for a second before saying yes.

They both turned to the mirror and checked out their hair. Allie glanced over at Naomi and noticed that Naomi seemed a little upset that Allie had asked to come over. She almost seemed nervous. When Naomi noticed Allie looking at her, she spoke.

“Oh I just had plans with Megan today but don’t worry I’ll tell her something came up.” Allie smiled and thanked Naomi and they both went to their last classes of the day.

After School (3:10 pm)

Nick was sitting in his car, waiting for Allie to come out. He wanted to go home and tear her ass apart before their parents came home. His dreams were crushed though, when he got a text from Allie. The text said she was gonna be going to Naomi’s house tonight. Nick almost got a little mad. First she sends that picture and now she’s not even going to get him off? Nick leaned his head against the seat and closed his eyes. Knock knock knock!

Nick opened his eyes to find Anna standing there holding her books, smiling at him. He rolled down the window and smiled at her asking what’s up.

“Um, well I don’t know if that assignment is gonna turn into a big project or anything that we’re gonna have to do at home, so I figured I’d give you my number just in case.” Anna held out her hand holding a piece of paper. Nick smiled and took it and found a number with a smiley face beside it.

“You couldn’t just give me this in class tomorrow?” Nick laughed a little and Anna’s face turned a deep red. Nick, realizing he had embarrassed her quickly added, “But thanks, now I can call you when I try to do my homework and fail.” Anna smiled and said she had to catch her bus. Nick felt a little better about getting ditched by Allie, he was positive that Anna had a crush on him. The hard part was figuring out how he felt about it all. Even though the sex between him and his sister is purely lust driven, he still somehow would feel guilty if he was to do anything with Anna. He started up his car and got another text from Allie. “Can you please pick me up around 6 tonight? I’ll make it up to you I promise…” Nick couldn’t say no.

Earlier That Day (7:00 am)

Holly had her face buried in her pillow. Buried almost as deep as the dick inside her mature pussy. She had her blouse on, covering her tits, but below her waist, she was exposed. Her somewhat hairy cunt was being stretched around her husband’s long dick. It was almost time to go to work, the kids were already up and Holly was savoring this moment. It was the first time she has felt John’s cock in weeks.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum soon.” John was behind Holly, his hands on top of his wife’s ass squeezing it. They were in the doggy style position, John’s pants were just barely pulled down.

“No! Please don’ t yet John, I’m just getting started!” Holly reached her hand down in between her legs and started rubbing her clit, trying to get as much pleasure as possible. She knew John couldn’t go for long without cumming and the passion they had when the kids were young was long gone. Holly hadn’t been able to cum during sex in months.

“Fuck, I can’t, you’re pussy is too good.” John had picked up his pace, feeling his orgasm building up. He was bottoming out in Holly’s pussy, but it would take much more than that to get Holly to cum. “Ohhh fuck!” Before Holly was even properly wet, John had pulled out and was shooting his cum all over Holly’s ass. Not much came out, but it was enough. A few drops landed on Holly’s new blouse.

Holly was frustrated. She fell down on to the bed as John zipped up his pants and ran out the door. He was running a few minutes late. Holly reached around and felt the cum on her ass. She got up and went to the bathroom, wiping the cum off her ass. She felt her pussy burning and knew it was going to be a long day at work.


When she got to her office after a long drive, she found her superior waiting there. He was looking at some files in a folder and jumped up snapping it shut when Holly walked in.

“Oh morning Harold, something new?” Harold smiled at her in that way he always does. He was a bit younger than John and his short black hair just had the right amount of white hairs visible, giving him the matured handsome look. For years, Holly has always found him attractive, and she knows he is single. She loves John though, so she has never acted on her feelings.

“Oh no don’t worry, you are safe. I just wanted to come in and say hi.” Holly did her best to smile but it’s hard when your panties are basically soaked and you are standing in front a guy you want to jump on.

“Okay I got scared there for a second. How was your night last night?” Holly had now made her way to her desk and was sitting down, her hand resting on her crotch.

“It was good, it was good. I just sat around my couch all night so how good can it really be right?” He laughed and when he made eye contact with Holly, she felt her pussy get a bit wetter.

Holly didn’t know why she was always so attracted to this man. Maybe he reminded her of her old high school boyfriend she thought she would be together forever with. Holly’s a good person and even though cheating on her husband with Harold has crossed her mind, she has never acted on it.

“How are things with John? How are the kids? Allie is having her baby in a few months right?” Holly didn’t know what to say. It’s like Harold sensed that she was being unsatisfied by John. She didn’t actually tell people at her office about Allie’s pregnancy but a lot of the people she works with have kids that go to school with Allie, and that’s how word got out. Harold was one of the only people not to give Holly the “how could you let your daughter get pregnant” looks. That was just another quality Harold had about him, he never judged people, not even if they hurt him. Holly could never understand why his wife left him all those years ago.

“Things are… good with John. You know how it is with marriage though, not every day is a day in paradise. And yeah Allie is around 5 months now. I think she is still sneaking around with boys though and it… it drives me crazy. I know I can’t really be mad at her because she has already gotten pregnant, there’s nothing worse really but… I don’t like the path she’s going down on.” Holly felt safe when she talked to Harold. She could talk to him about things that she couldn’t with John.

“Yeah… That’s exactly what my wife told me when we stopped having sex. That I was supposed to make her happy in all aspects. She would pause when someone asked her about how things were with me and that was around the time when she left. I’m not saying you two aren’t happy, I’m just saying I have been in a similar position.” Harold was looking at Holly’s desk now, and Holly could see there was pain behind his gorgeous green eyes. She wanted to hug him and take his pain but she knew that was a line she couldn’t cross because if she did, she didn’t know if she could control herself. “And don’t worry about Allie, she’s a sweet girl, its just a rebellion phase she is in right now.” Harold now gave a light smile when he added the last part. Holly smiled back at him and for some reason, just because Harold said Allie was gonna be fine, it somehow made it seem like she would.

Harold stood up and told Holly he had to go back to his office. Holly watched as he turned around and left the room, feeling kind of dumb that she didn’t say anything in response to what he said about his wife. Holly was still really turned on, and she knew this was going to be a problem as she had 8 more hours before going home and masturbating.

Lunch Time, A Few Hours Later (12:30 pm)

Holly was walking to the break room after a stressful morning of dealing with bitchy clients and trying to forget about her wet pussy. When she got closer, she heard voices, two to be exact. She was gonna just keep walking until she noticed one was Harold’s. But when she heard him say her name, she stopped dead in her tracks, and listened.

“I mean, if it would be anyone, it would probably be her. But that’s just a pipe dream.” Harold was talking and Holly had all her attention focused towards the break room.

“Yeah that Holly is one sexy woman. I don’t blame you Harold.” Holly recognized this voice as one of the douche bags from the office, Kevin. She never liked him.

“No its not even that. She just… understands me, you know? She knows how it feels to be almost ignored by your spouse. We just connect.” Holly felt warmth in her chest at his words. His tone was almost one of pain, which made it even sweeter.

“I bet you would make her ride you like a bull you sick pervert. You can tell the dumb girls here about that connection crap, but I know why you really want her. I remember that weekend in Vegas.” This is exactly why Holly despised Kevin.

“She’s not just a piece of meat. Of course I would have sex with her if she wanted, but not to get my dick wet. I’d do it because Holly is as close to perfection on the inside as much as the outside as I’d ever seen. The rare times me and my wife would attempt to make love, I found myself thinking about her.” Yup, Holly’s panties needed changing now for sure. They were basically soaked with her juices. She never even thought that Harold would feel anything like that towards her. She actually had butterflies in her stomach now, her heart beating fast, in excitement that was fuelled by nervousness.

“Man you are so gay. I can’t listen to this love crap anymore, I’m gonna go try and get a blowjob from the secretary.” And with that, Kevin walked towards the door. Holly panicked a little and tried gathering herself enough to look like she was just on her way from her office. She walked past Kevin and noticed him check her out, but she didn’t even care. She took a few steps into the break room and just stood there. Harold didn’t hear her come in, he was still at the counter pouring his coffee.

Holly wasn’t thinking anymore. Even if she was, she wasn’t listening. She was listening to her beating heart and the butterflies in her stomach, telling her it was okay. She took a few more steps towards Harold. He finally turned around and smiled when he saw her, but his smile quickly vanished when he saw the way Holly was looking at him. Holly didn’t stop, step after step, her heart seemed to speed up faster and faster. She knew she had crossed that line in her mind.

She reached out her hands, placing them on Harold’s cheeks and paused for a second before leaning in slowly and giving him a long deep kiss. He tasted so good, so sweet. Her pussy had tingles shooting all through her, and she was lost.

But then, just as fast as she made up her mind about kissing him, she remembered John. She broke the kiss and backed up like Harold was some kind of poisonous plant in the woods.

“Holly I--” But before Harold could finish what he was going to say, Holly had ran out of the break room and down to her office. She slammed the door and leaned against it, breathing heavily. What did I just do? she thought. Did I just cheat on my husband?

Knock knock knock. Holly knew who it was going to be. She didn’t want to see him. She couldn’t face him, she was too embarrassed.

“Holly? Can you please let me in?” His voice sounded so amazing again. Holly moved away from the door and opened it, letting Harold in.

“Harold, I’m so sorry, that was not supposed to happen. Let’s forget about it okay? Oh god what have I done?” Holly was pacing her office, biting her nails, trying to figure out a way to deal with what just happened.

“Forget about it? I can’t forget about it Holly. You… You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Holly looked up at Harold. His eyes were not blinking. Holly knew she was in a bad spot.

“Harold please, I’m married, that can’t happen again--”

“The hell it can’t. You said yourself, not every day is paradise. I’m guessing a lot of those aren’t. I think you want me as much as I want you.” Harold moved a step closer to Holly, she moved a step back.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s wrong! I love my husband, with all my heart--” But once again, Harold cut her off.

“If you loved him with all your heart, you wouldn’t have kissed me back there.” Holly was now starting to get a little angry at him. He took another step forward and she took another back, until she hit the wall with her back.

“Harold no, we can’t do this. Please you have to leave.” Harold took the last few steps towards Holly until he was right in front of her. Holly put her hands in front of her, trying to hold him back.

“Holly, I love you, and I think you love me too. No one will ever find out.” Harold took Holly by her wrists and pinned her against the wall. He was leaning in for another kiss but Holly turned her head to the side. She kept thinking about John and how much she would hurt him if he knew. She did love her husband with all her heart, even if he never gave her orgasms. But Harold was stronger than her.

He started kissing her neck, and her collar bone. Holly was struggling a little but not enough. He pressed himself into Holly. She was stuck between her love for John and her need for affection. She wasn’t exactly letting him kiss her, but she wasn’t fighting him off either.

Harold started kissing the top of Holly’s cleavage, and Holly couldn’t help but relax a little more. She wanted this to stop but she didn’t know if she had enough power to stop it herself. Harold unbuttoned the top few buttons of Holly’s blouse, revealing her black bra. He was kissing and licking all over the top of her tits and Holly had her eyes closed, shaking her head a little from side to side.

“No, we can’t”

Holly started up her protests again knowing it couldn’t go any further than this or she would never forgive herself for it. Harold wasn’t listening, he finally had Holly and wasn’t gonna stop.

“No, Harold”

Harold tugged on Holly’s bra letting her right boob fall out. The new breeze hitting her tit sent more pleasure through her body. Harold’s left hand now had both of Holly’s wrists in it, and he was pinning them above Holly’s head. He took her nipple into his mouth, first licking it with his tongue, then slowly and rhythmically sucking at it like a toddler looking for breast milk.

“Oh fuck Harold… please… stop… stop…”

Once again Holly tried protesting but her voice was so quiet and relaxed that it didn’t have any effect. Harold’s right hand now went down to her long work skirt. He pulled it up enough to get his hand on her crotch, on her wet burning crotch. He still had her nipple in his mouth, covering it with his spit.

“No, please, Harold”

Harold pushed her went thong aside and got a finger in her cunt twisting and whirling it around inside her. Holly held back a little moan. She was still struggling with two different emotions. Her will power to stop this was getting weaker by the touch. But every time she was about to let go, about to let Harold have his way with her, about to spread her legs even more so he could get better access, John crossed her mind. This time though, when she thought of him, she didn’t feel happy like other days, she felt mad for doing this to him.

“Harold, no!”

Holly was now louder; her hands were trying to push Harold off of her again. Harold’s face was buried in her boobs though and he didn’t stop. His finger was going in and out of her wanting pussy but it didn’t feel the way it did when she fucked John. Not when they fucked for two seconds, but when they actually made love. It didn’t feel as good.

“I said STOP!” Holly had almost shouted it now, pushing her hardest. Harold pushed back, pinning her against the wall. Holly was mad now. She wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Harold wasn’t the sweet guy from the break room anymore, he was some crazy rapist. If she was gonna cheat on John, she didn’t want to do it this way. Her hand went down in between her legs and she pulled his hand away, closing her legs. Harold wasn’t stopping though, he continued sucking on her boobs.

Holly then, used all her strength to push him off. She dug her nails into his neck and ended up scratching him badly as she pushed him off of her. Holly started crying, and Harold lifted his hand to the cut left by her fingers. He looked like he was gonna die right there. He saw her sobbing lightly and he covered his mouth with his other hand for a second before opening the door and leaving.

Holly sunk to the ground, her face in her hands, trying not to puke with disgust at herself. She managed to pull herself together and pushed her wet boob back in her bra. She started buttoning her blouse back up, and got up adjusting her thong and skirt before locking the door to her office.

At Naomi’s House (3:25 pm)

Allie was sitting on Naomi’s bed, her legs extended in front of her. On the other side of the bed sat Naomi, nail polish in her hand, doing Allie’s toenails. Allie was wearing her skirt and the way she was sitting on the bed, gave Naomi a clear view of her panties. Of course, since they were such close friends, neither of them cared. Naomi was sitting cross legged, in her yoga pants. Allie was busy texting and Naomi was singing along to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

“Oh my god Allie! I just had a great idea!” Allie looked up at Naomi who seemed really excited.

“What’s up?”

“Why don’t we have a sleepover sometime soon? Just like old times? Just us girls, forget about all this boy bullshit.” Allie thought the idea over and nodded smiling.

“That sounds like it could be fun. Who else would we invite though?”

“What about Megan? She’s not that bad Allie.” Allie rolled her eyes at her name.

“She is so… desperate for attention though.” Allie had nothing against Naomi’s friend but she just thought it was pathetic to what extent she would go to, to please a guy.

Allie’s phone went off and Allie knew who it was. It was Nick, replying to her dirty text. When they didn’t get to fuck after school, they would usually text one another, usually sexting. The text read: “My dick is so hard, I can’t stop thinking about you in that skirt. Maybe you should sleep in my bed tonight, mom never checks up on us in the morning unless we are late getting up, I think we would be fine.”

Allie read the text over, subtly closing her thighs a little, trying to get rid of the little tickles she felt in her pussy. She didn’t want Naomi knowing she was getting turned on.

“Yeah I know she is. But she can be pretty fun. She actually found my dildo once and started like freaking out saying how gross masturbating is.” Naomi giggled and continued doing Allie’s toenails. Allie was barely listening though; she was too busy texting Nick. Her text said, “I have an idea. I want to try something new tonight. I think you will love it, big brother.”

Allie’s bladder spoke up and Allie quickly put her hand on her crotch, squeezing her legs around it. Naomi knew Allie needed to piss. She moved her head back not to get kicked by Allie as Allie swung her legs over the bed and made her way to the bathroom. Naomi continued singing along, now to now a new song while closing the nail polish bottle. She got up and went over to her mirror, doing random poses. She took out her phone and started taking pictures while making silly faces. After a few pictures, Naomi sat back down on the bed. She then noticed Allie’s phone sitting across from her and an idea came to mind.

She wanted to see the pictures Allie took in the bathroom at school today, so she picked up the phone and went to the photo album. Allie had a lot of pictures, so Naomi started scrolling through them until she reached the last one, the one that was taken last. Naomi’s mouth dropped open when she saw the picture.

It was Allie, her panties around her knees, exposing her ass and pussy to the camera while she looked over her shoulder with a naughty smile. Naomi gave a similar naughty smile; she knew Allie must have taken this picture to send to someone. Naomi looked up at the door and hoped Allie would take a little longer. She then started going through Allie’s phone until she found her sent folder. With Allie’s phone, the message wasn’t displayed until you click on it, so all Naomi saw was a bunch of messages sent to Nick. What Naomi found odd though, was that Nick had a little heart beside his name. As far as Naomi knew, Nick and Allie weren’t that close. “We’re just related, what’s the big deal? I don’t have to be best friends with him.” That was what Allie would always say when Naomi brought up Nick.

Naomi knew what kind of conversations Allie had with her brother and figured it wasn’t worth reading. Naomi figured the picture was going to be sent later. She only had a little time left anyways before Allie would come back. Naomi went back to Allie’s photo album and looked at the picture she took. Naomi had no idea Allie was so brave to take a nude picture at school. She wanted to know who was gonna be lucky enough to get the picture.

Just then, Allie’s phone vibrated and Nick’s name popped up on the screen. She actually got startled by the vibration. She stared at the name for a second, trying to decide if she should open it. The heart beside his name was what really made her interested. Her curiosity beat her and Naomi’s finger went towards the “read message” button on the screen. Just as she was about to open it though, she heard a loud knock on her window behind her. Naomi jumped and dropped the phone on the bed in front of her. The message from Nick was displayed on the screen.

Naomi ran over to her window and opened it as quickly and quietly as she could. If there wasn’t a screen, she would have slapped the hell out of the person stupid enough to sneak around her house like that.

“What the hell are you doing here?! I told you not to come today!” Naomi kept looking back at her bedroom door nervously, while screaming at the person on the other side of the window in a whisper.

“I know I’m sorry, I just got so bored. There’s nothing good on TV.” Naomi was now basically staring at her bedroom door, sweat forming on her forehead.

“Well go away! What part of keeping this a secret from my parents do you not understand?! I’m not even supposed to be dating, what would they do if they found out it was you of all people?”

“Didn’t they let you date back when we first dated? They definitely knew because I remember how happy they were when we broke up. Why can’t you date now?” Naomi rolled her eyes. She had already explained this before.

“I already told you, since then my dad became all fucking religious and now they believe the best way to keep me from having sex till marriage is to not let me date anyone until I’m older.” Naomi heard voices in the hallway and knew Allie was gonna be on her way back. “Ugh look, maybe you can sneak in a little later. I’ll text you and tell you when to come to the backyard. Now go before my dad see’s you!” Naomi slammed the window shut and ran back to the bed, remembering that she was going through Allie’s phone.

Without reading the message displayed on the screen, Naomi hit the back button and the picture of Allie’s ass and pussy appeared again. She decided to leave the picture up so that she could tease Allie with it. She knew Allie wouldn’t care because Allie would probably do the same thing to her. The door knob opened and Naomi tossed the phone with the picture up across the bed and sat innocently on her bed cross legged smiling at the door.


Allie squeezed her legs around her hand that was on her crotch as she felt the pressure of piss. Naomi was sitting at her feet still putting nail polish on her toenails and Allie quickly swung her feet off the bed and sped towards the door. She was out in no time and made her way down the hall. She almost hit that ugly plant that was in the hallway and cursed under her breath at it. Right across from Naomi’s door was a short hallway that stopped at a wall and turned right. At the end of that hallway was the family room, which you had to pass to get to the front door.

Right before you reach the family room, you pass a bathroom on your left. That was Allie’s destination. Her hand was up her skirt, cupping her crotch, like she was trying not to piss herself. Fear went through Allie when she reached the bathroom door and found it to be locked.

“Are you gonna take long in there?!” Allie was knocking on the door, hopping in place, hoping whoever was in there would be out soon.

“Sorry Allie, I just came in.” Allie recognized the squeaky young voice as the one that belonged to Naomi’s little sister. Once again, Allie cursed under her breath and leaned against the wall. She couldn’t wait much longer but this was the only bathroom in the house. It seemed like hours were passing when it was only a minute or so. Allie couldn’t take it anymore and started panicking, feeling a few drops of pee leave her hole.



Naomi’s sister had heard Allie swear now but Allie was long gone by the time the little girl replied. Allie started thinking about places she could piss. Only one thing came to mind; Naomi’s bedroom window. She knew she could do it because the last time Allie slept over at Naomi’s house, they played truth or dare and Allie got dared to pee out the window. Allie reached the end of the hallway and turned left and once again hit the branches of that ugly plant.

After kicking the pot it was in, she suddenly got an idea. The idea also sort of turned her on so she quickly discarded the thought of pissing out the window and pulled down her panties, which were now a little wet with piss. She awkwardly crouched over the pot which housed the ugly plant and almost instantly, a huge jet of piss hit the black dirt. Allie sighed in relief.

As she continued pissing, she could swear she heard voices coming from Naomi’s room. But she thought it was probably the music and went back to enjoying her release. That little time of relaxation was gone when Allie heard footsteps making their way down the hall. She quickly cut off her jet of piss and pulled up her panties. When she looked down at the dirt in the pot, she saw it was swimming in her piss.

“Oh hey Allie, what are you doing out here?” An older Asian woman was speaking. Allie noticed that she was really fat. What was even worse was that she was wearing a shirt showing off a lot of cleavage. This was Naomi’s mom.

“Oh, um, I just… came from the bathroom.” Allie smiled as innocently as she possibly could and Naomi’s mom smiled back at her and said “aright.” Allie was standing in front of the plant, making sure to cover it from view. She could smell the piss a little but hoped her perfume was stronger so Naomi’s mom wouldn’t smell it. Naomi’s mom then went over into another room and Allie heard a slam come from Naomi’s room. She pulled down her panties again, this time taking them off completely, and wiped her hand on them, before turning around and heading towards Naomi’s room.

Allie opened the door and saw Naomi sitting in basically the same spot, smiling at her. Her eyes then lowered to the panties in Allie’s hand and she raised one eyebrow in question.

“Why are you carrying your panties? I already told you I’m not into group masturbation.” Naomi giggled and Allie threw the panties on the floor.

“Ha ha you are so funny. Your little sister was in the bathroom so I couldn’t take a piss properly and some leaked out. Happy now?” Naomi made a face but Allie knew she was kidding more than anything.

“So where did you piss then? Wait I don’t want to know.” Allie laughed and went to Naomi’s closet, looking for panties.

“Why did you slam the window shut earlier? I heard it from the hall.” Allie wasn’t looking at Naomi and this was probably lucky for Naomi as you could see fear on her face.

“Oh, I opened it and then it got stuck so I pulled down hard and well it slammed shut.” Naomi was looking at Allie’s back waiting to see if her story was gonna pass as real. Allie just said okay and Naomi sighed a little. Allie was now on her hands and knees, and her skirt was just barely covering her ass. Naomi could definitely see the bottom of her pussy. Naomi was a little surprised at how Allie was so comfortable around her. Her pussy reminded her of the picture.

“Who was that picture meant for?” Allie froze and felt her heart speed up. Did Naomi see her messages, was the first thought that went through her mind.

“Oh my god, you went through my phone?”

“I just wanted to see what pictures you were taking without me today and well… now I know why I wasn’t included.” Naomi giggled.

“You should have just asked me to show you, not gone through my phone.” Allie was actually a little mad. She grabbed a pair of panties and walked over to the bed.

“I didn’t even go through it, I just looked at your pictures. I’m letting you wear my panties and you are freaking out about your phone.” Allie sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up her phone, seeing the picture.

“I’m not freaking out, I just don’t want you reading my private conversations. I know I sound like a bitch but I’m still pissed off about the whole Josh thing today.”

“I didn’t read any of your messages! Holy shit. And the only messages you have are from your brother, how private could they really be?” Naomi was now a little mad herself. “And I know, I’m sorry I even went through your phone, I know you had a hard day.” Allie saw that Naomi looked sorry and Allie apologized too. She slid on the pair of panties she grabbed and sat back down on the bed. When she went to her inbox, she saw a message from Nick that was already opened.

“There’s a message that was opened. You didn’t read it?” Allie was scared, if Naomi did read the message, she would know that she was fucking her brother. What would happen if someone found out, she thought. I would have to move away and lose all my friends.

“Yeah when I was looking at the picture, you got a message and I accidentally opened it but I didn’t read it, I just exited out of it. I pinky promise Allie.” Allie scanned Naomi’s face for signs that she knew about her incestuous side but Naomi looked like she was being honest. Allie read the message: “Allie, my dick is so hard right now. I might have to go and blow a load in your panties soon.”


Nick had just sent his message to Allie. He grabbed his dick through his jeans and felt it rock hard. The front door opened and Nick’s mom Holly stepped inside. Nick quickly let go of his dick and tried to cover up his obvious boner. To his relief, his mom didn’t come in or say anything; she just went up the stairs. Nick remembered the last time she did that. He was in the closet with Allie and got quite a show. His dick pulsed at the memory.

Holly went up the stairs and headed to her room. She quickly went to the bathroom and cleaned up her make-up. She had fixed it up after crying earlier but she didn’t do the best job. She took off her skirt, followed by her thong. She threw them into the laundry basket, disgusted with herself. Holly pulled off her blouse, leaving her in that bra. She took off the bra as well, leaving her completely nude. She still hadn’t cum that day and even after all that happened, she felt that urge again. She put on her robe and went into the bedroom.

By her bed, she spotted a bin of clean laundry, and near the top, she saw the pair of Allie’s panties that she had found in the basement covered in cum. She quickly took them and headed out the door towards her daughter’s room.

When she got inside, she went to her dressed and started looking for the rest of Allie’s panties. When she finally found it, she quickly opened it and threw in the panties. As she opened the drawer, she noticed something in the back. It seemed to be bulging under the panties. Holly moved the panties covering it and found a big huge dildo. Holly was mad at first but suddenly, her pussy spoke up. It looked quite big and would probably be just the right size to make her cum. Holly looked at the door and took out the big dildo, and hid it in her robe. After closing the drawer she headed to the door. She walked fast down the hall to her room and closed the door behind her when she got inside.

She pulled out the dildo and admired it. It was a lot bigger than John’s dick. It was probably even bigger than Harold’s. Not that Holly knew the size of Harold’s dick, but she assumed he must be at least average sized.

Her cunt was becoming wet fast. Holly wasted no more time in taking off her robe. She was already naked underneath, so she laid down on her bed and spread her legs. She sucked on her fingers to get them wet and then shoved them into her pussy. Her pussy was already a little wet, but she just wanted to make sure it was ready for this dildo. She then took the tip of the dildo into her mouth and closed her eyes while sucking it. Thoughts of her husband’s cock came into mind. She remembered the times when he would make her give him a blowjob in the kitchen or living room after the kids had gone to bed.

Now a new thought hit her as she sucked on the dildo. It was of Harold. She pictured giving him a blowjob in the break room or her office. She opened her eyes and stopped sucking. She hated that she was so attracted to Harold. The job was done though; the dildo was nice and wet. She spread her thighs a bit more and slowly pushed the dildo at the entrance of her pussy. The head of it slipped inside sending a moan throughout the room. She pulled it back until it was almost out, and then pushed it in again. After a few more thrusts, Holly managed to get a few inches into her pussy. The dildo was stretching her pussy and she loved it.

Her hand went to her boobs as she started twisting and playing with her hard nipples. Her mind was alternating thoughts between Harold and John. She would picture getting fucked by John, and then it would turn into Harold. She pictured riding Harold on her desk, followed by getting it doggy style on the floor of her office by John. Soon, she was getting at least three quarters of the dildo inside her pussy.

After a few more minutes, Holly was bouncing on the bed, the dildo going seven or eight inches into her cunt, and then coming out until there was half an inch left inside. This combined with the thoughts of getting gangbanged by her husband and Harold at the same time, sent her flying over the edge.

“Ohh FUCKKK!” She said it so loud that it made Nick turn his head towards the stairs from the living room downstairs. Holly had the dildo inside her cunt and felt the pressure of her cum on it. She quickly pulled out the dildo as her pussy juice squirted out going past the end of the bed and landing on the floor. Most of it landed on the sheets below her though. She gave the dildo a little kiss and then went to the bathroom to clean it up.


Nick smiled to himself when he heard the loud scream coming from upstairs. He knew his mom was probably masturbating again and that was her squirting. This just added to his hard-on. His phone went off and he picked it up seeing a message from Allie.

The message read: Can you come pick me up in half an hour? I’m not staying till 6, this is pretty boring and I want your cock. Nick smiled and looked at the clock. It was only 4:30. Nick sat on the couch for a few minutes, knowing his mom was probably cleaning up and getting dressed and he wanted to give her privacy, unlike last time.

At around 4:40, Nick went up the stairs to get his wallet and tell his mom he was going to pick up Allie. He went to his room and grabbed everything and headed back into the hall. When he opened the door, he saw his mom, dressed holding Allie’s dildo. She was about halfway in between her room and Allie’s and was just frozen there as Nick made eye contact with her. As soon as he had opened the door, he saw that she tried to hide the dildo behind her back, but wasn’t quick enough.

“I’m going to pick up Allie now. We won’t be back for at least half an hour so… yeah.” She nodded her head smiling, her face still a little red. Nick added, “Um, I won’t… I won’t tell.” Holly’s smile disappeared for a second but then she spoke.

“Thank you, Nick.” Nick nodded his head and moved past his mom, his dick growing as he turned back to check out her ass, knowing that Allie’s dildo was in her pussy just minutes ago.

Nick pulled up to Naomi’s house and parked on the street. He sent a text to Allie telling her he was waiting for her out front. She replied saying she would be out in a little bit. Nick turned off his car and leaned back. A few minutes past when Nick saw a familiar car pull up and park a bit up the street, on the other side. For a second he couldn’t figure out where he knew that car from but then it struck him like a house of bricks.

That was the car Allie would always get into when Josh picked her up for their dates. He watched as Josh got out and ran across the street. When he got to Naomi’s house, he didn’t go to the door, instead opened the door to the backyard and snuck in. Nick knew Naomi’s parents would never let a random guy inside the house to be alone with Naomi. Nick was mad. Did Allie go to Naomi’s house to secretly meet up with this douche bag, Nick thought. His suspicions grew stronger when it was another 15 minutes before Allie finally stepped out the front door.

Nick was madder at himself. He was mad because he was so stupid. He was feeling guilty for liking Anna thinking Allie would feel the same about another guy, while she was sneaking off to friends’ houses to bang her ex-boyfriend the entire time.

Allie got into the car, plopping herself down in the passenger seat, sending her skirt sliding up her thigh. Nick looked down at his sisters sexy legs, but he was too mad to be horny right now. He didn’t want to say anything about Josh to Allie though; he wanted to see if she would lie.

“So how was your day?” Nick knew he must’ve sounded a little mad as he said that but hoped he had hid it well enough.

“It was good. I almost pissed myself though; I had to borrow a pair of Naomi’s panties. Mom’s are pretty dirty.” She pulled out the panties from her bag and showed them to Nick. He could smell piss coming from them and it was becoming harder to be mad at Allie. “I picked these out, do you like them?” Allie lifted the front of her skirt, revealing Naomi’s panties she was wearing.

Nick stared at his sister’s pussy for a bit and then pulled his gaze away. He spotted Josh’s car again and got mad. He threw the dirty panties back at Allie and she brought them up to her face for a small sniff before putting them in her bag again. Nick started the car and they left the front of Naomi’s house.

“So it was just you and Naomi hanging out?” This was it, the test. If Allie said yes, she would be lying. Nick didn’t really know which answer he wanted to hear more. If she lied, did that mean she didn’t want to hurt him? But if she told the truth did that mean she didn’t want to keep secrets from him?

“Yeah just me and Naomi, who else would we invite? Naomi was talking about inviting Megan to come over later but I didn’t want her to. That was kind of why I wanted to leave earlier too.”

Nick had his answer. Allie had decided to lie to him. He wanted to explode and call her out on it but he couldn’t. Besides, he liked that Allie didn’t know he knew about Josh. He could use it to his advantage.

“But maybe we should stop texting dirty things. Naomi almost caught us. She went through my phone to look at the picture I took in the bathroom today and you sent me a text while she had my phone. The message was open but she swore she didn’t read it. I don’t think she read it but still, that’s way too close.” Nick saw this as an opportunity to take his anger out at Allie without her knowing the actual reason. Even though Allie sounded completely calm, Nick yelled.

“Oh my god Allie, how could you let her do something so fucking stupid?!” Allie took a moment to respond, as she was shocked at his sudden outburst.

“Excuse me? Don’t fucking yell at me Nick. I needed to go to the bathroom, like I already told you, I was gonna piss myself. I’m sorry if she’s nosy and took my phone when I wasn’t there.”

“You should have never left it with her! We can’t let anyone find out Allie!”

“I know Nick! It wasn’t my fault! She didn’t read anything anyways, calm the fuck down!”

This had developed into a full on fight. Both of them continued to yell at one another. Allie had crossed her legs now, covering up the view she was giving Nick. She was pissed off now.

“You obviously don’t know! Do you realize that if Naomi found out, she would probably freak out and tell someone else and eventually our parents would find out that they weren’t just raising a whore, they were raising incest loving freaks?!” Nick sensed he had gone too far.

“You think I’m a whore? And freaks? Really Nick? Fuck you! You’re such an asshole.” After a few moments, Nick’s anger passed a little. He wasn’t completely innocent either. He was flirting with Anna and his friend actually read one of his messages along with almost seeing the picture.

“I didn’t--”

“I don’t want to hear it Nick. Just get me home.”

Nick looked over at his sister and saw her eyes were filled with tears. He hated seeing any girl cry, especially when it was his little sister. Nick felt like shit.

A Few Hours Later

Allie was sitting on the couch, watching TV. She looked over at the spot where just that morning, she rode her brother Nick. Her eyes were a little red from crying earlier, after the fight with Nick. Nick wasn’t home. He decided to go out with some friends. Holly didn’t know the real reason he wasn’t home but Allie did. It was so he could get away from Allie.

John was still not home, as he usually gets home around 6 and it was only 5:45. Holly was upstairs again; Allie had no idea what she was up to. The phone rang and Allie decided to answer.


“Oh Holly thank god you answered. Please don’t hang up, just listen to me, I want to explain myself.”

Allie smiled and paused, not saying anything because she knew if she spoke again, whoever was talking would recognize that it wasn’t her mom.

“Thank you. First of all, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me today, and I feel like shit about it. There’s no excuse for my actions. But when you kissed me in the break room, I was so happy and… well I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t want to lose that feeling.”

Allie’s fun came to an end when she heard her mom coming down the stairs. She knew she would have to reveal herself now.

“Um, this is Allie. I was getting my mom, I have no idea what you are talking about but anyways my mom is coming down now.” Allie smirked to herself and had to hold back a laugh when the person started panicking.

“Oh… I… well… um… oh hi Allie.”

Holly saw Allie smirking and asked her who was on the phone. Allie shrugged her shoulders and said it was for her, handing her the phone.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“Holly, hi. It’s Harold. Can we please talk for a second?”

“How dare you call my house?! Are you insane?!” Holly was screaming at Harold in a whisper so that Allie wouldn’t hear. Allie had gone into the other room, but instead of sitting down on the couch, she leaned against the wall and listened to the conversation.

“No I don’t care Harold. That kiss, it meant nothing! It was a stupid decision made impulsively. You had no right forcing me like that afterwards.” Allie kept listening, interested in the new revelation.

“No! I told you to stop and you didn’t! I’m a married woman and I’m not sorry for scratching you.”

Allie was putting the pieces together. It seemed like her mom had kissed this man and then changed her mind about it, but it was too late because the man started forcing himself on her.

“I really don’t know where we stand. I don’t know if I can forgive you for that Harold. I need to go, my husband will be home any second. Bye.” Allie heard her mom put down the phone and she sat down on the couch, pretending not to have heard anything.

“Who was that? Someone from work?” Allie did her best to act like she really didn’t know.

“Yeah it was just my boss, not important. I’ve been meaning to talk to you though.” Holly sat down beside Allie and Allie couldn’t help but notice that she was sitting on the cushion where she rode Nick.

“Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“I found a pair of your panties last week. They were stained with god knows what and I want an explanation.” Allie didn’t know what to say. She was a little mad at the way her mom was looking at her, and also was surprised at the question. She didn’t expect anything close to that.

“Oh... well, I don’t know what you think they were stained with, but I don’t have anything to explain.”

“Don’t lie to me Allie. I know it was cum. I know that you have been fucking.”

“Oh wow good job solving the case. Yeah, I’m only pregnant, no shit I’ve been fucking. I fucked five months ago; I figured you put two and two together a long time ago.” Holly got madder at the way her daughter was back talking to her.

“I’m not stupid; I know you have been fucking guys recently. Don’t try and lie to me, I know what you are.” Allie was furious now; she could feel her face getting hot with anger and tears.

“And what exactly am I, mother? Because I’m pretty sure whatever it is, you aren’t far from it!” Allie had gotten up from the couch and walked to the other side of the room, wiping away her tears. Holly got up after her.

“What did you say to me you slut?!” Allie turned around, tears going down her cheeks and smiled at her mother.

“I heard the phone call. I picked up the phone and your lover Harold thought I was you so he said how you kissed him and how he tried fucking you. You’re just as big of a slut as me! I can’t believe you cheated on dad. So go ahead mother, tell daddy that his daughter got cum on her panties, I’ll just tell him how his wife wanted to suck another guy’s dick!” Allie felt good. She was almost shaking, but she felt good. She saw that she had said exactly the right thing. Her mother looked like she was going to explode.

SMACK! Allie’s head turned to the side. Holly had just slapped her across the cheek. There was a big red mark where the hand met the skin and Allie went to her knees, looking up at her mom with hatred.

“Don’t you ever dare talk to me like that. I did NOT cheat on him.” She paused for a second after saying not to give more emphasis. Holly turned around, leaving Allie on the ground. She went into the kitchen and Allie got up, wiping more tears from her eyes. The front door opened and in came John, Allie’s dad.

“Hey, I’m home! Anyone here—Oh hi Allie, sorry for yelling I didn’t know anyone was downstairs. Oh for god sakes, can you go change out of that skirt, its barely over your thighs.” John felt bad when he saw Allie wiping away tears. “What’s wrong sweetheart? I didn’t mean to sound so harsh about the skirt, but I just don’t like seeing you in that.” Allie shook her head and said it wasn’t about the skirt.

“I’m just having the worst day daddy. I’m sorry about the skirt though… I’ll go change now.” Allie went on her tippy toes and kissed John on the cheek, before heading up stairs. John was a little confused at how Allie didn’t argue about the skirt and went into the kitchen.

“Hey honey how was your day I missed--” He was cut off as Holly ran over to him and kissed him passionately. The kiss went on for a long time before Holly finally pulled away from him.

“I love you John. I hope you know that. I will never stop loving you.” Once again, John was confused. Holly looked dead serious.

“Of course I know that, I love you too honey. I missed you today. I felt so terrible about just leaving you like that this morning.” Holly smiled and John kissed her.

“It’s okay babe.”


While all the craziness was going on at home, Nick was parking his car in front of a house. He got out and started walking towards the house. When he reached the front door, he stopped. His phone went off and he checked it. It was from one of his friends: “Hey man, wanna come chill?” Nick hit the reply button and simply typed: “Can’t.”

He then extended his finger towards the door bell and rung it. After a few moments, the door opened and revealed Anna. She looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was done up, she had her make-up done beautifully, and was wearing a pair of jeans and a cute top. She was blushing a little and Nick smiled at her. She smiled back happily.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go. I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while.”

“Yeah I think it’s going to be pretty good, a few of my friends saw it and said it was amazing.”

They walked side by side down the driveway, towards Nick’s car. Allie thought Nick had fooled their mom, but really, it was Allie who got fooled. Nick had called Anna as soon as they got home from Naomi’s and asked her out to a movie. She said yes right away. Nick then told Holly that he was going on a date, but not to tell anyone. Nick knew his mom wouldn’t tell because she owed him for the dildo. He then announced that he was going out with friends in front of Allie and Holly just so that it didn’t seem suspicious to Allie.

He didn’t like lying to Allie, but she did the same thing to him. They both knew that their “relationship” was purely lust driven but Nick still cared about Allie. Maybe it was just family love, but maybe it was something more. How long can two people fuck before developing feelings? They aren’t necessarily feelings of love, they may just be feelings of jealousy, or perhaps they are nothing more than the person being selfish. Whatever they are, Nick knew he felt them about Allie. The fact that she didn’t seem to feel that way about him made him mad, cold towards her even. They both knew this couldn’t go on forever, and maybe it was time for it to stop now.

After The Movie

Nick was sitting in the driver’s seat, with Anna in the passenger seat. He was driving her back home, their date was over. Nick was pretty happy, the movie was the first time he spent time alone with Anna. He quickly went over the night in his head and came to a conclusion that it was a successful one. He noticed Anna was looking at him and he turned his head towards her and saw her smiling. He smiled back and she turned her gaze towards the window, the smile not leaving her face. He looked down and noticed she had her hand on the arm rest. Nick put his hand over top of hers and she looked down at their hands.

She looked up at Nick and blushed a little before closing her hand around his. Even though they didn’t say much during that car ride, it was one of the most enjoyable car rides Nick has ever had. By the way Anna was acting; he figured she didn’t feel much different.

Nick pulled into the driveway of Anna’s house and they got out. When they got to the door, Anna turned to Nick.

“I had a great time Nick. I hope we can do it again sometime.” Anna smiled at him.

“Yeah, I had a great time too. I think next time though; I will ask you more in advance. The movie was good for our first date, but I think I want to do something better for our second.”

“Oh you thought this was a date? Ummm…” Nick got scared.

“Oh I’m sorry, but yeah I kinda thought we were—Oh you suck.” Anna started laughing and Nick realized she was messing with him.

“Of course I knew it was a date silly. I agree, I think you need to ask me sooner than the night of the date.” She laughed a little, making Nick smile at how cute she was. “Well, I’m worn out, I think it’s time to call it a night.” There was an awkward moment for a second, neither of them knowing if they should kiss. Nick saved them both from that embarrassing silence, and leaned in, kissing her on the cheek. He thought that was the more gentleman thing to do.

“I’ll see at school tomorrow Anna. Good night.” Anna was blushing again but smiled at him and Nick watched her go inside. She said bye to him before closing the door and Nick knew that this girl was going to make a home in his heart.

To Be Continued…

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