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I kept thinking of my Uncle and what it would be like to fuck him. I reached down inside my shorts and panties and started to finger my pussy. I had to stop as my pussy was still so swollen from letting all those dogs fuck me the day before and was painful to the touch. I decided to take the day off and made sure I didn’t let my self get into a position that would allow the dogs to try and fuck or lick me as I fed them.

I went to feed my Uncles riding horse before I let him out to pasture with the other horses. As I entered the stall my eyes got real big as I looked at that horse’s dick, it was hanging out half way to the ground. I pulled some hay down from the loft for him to eat but could not take my eyes off that enormous cock. It had to be sixteen or seventeen inches and as big around as my forearm. I reached under his belly and took hold of that huge cock. The horse shimmered as I began to stroke it. I got real excited as I stroked his dick in long easy manner. My pussy began to leak in spite of its swollen condition. I began to stroke him faster and faster as his dick got harder and harder. Suddenly that dammed horse shot his spunk all over me. It was a hot and rather thick and milky in color. I couldn’t help myself, I bent down and took that huge dick into my mouth and sucked the rest of his cum, swallowing all of what was left. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I had only sucked one cock in my life and that was Taylor’s my first lover. How odd, I had only fucked one person in my life but had fucked five dogs and was now sucking off a horse. What a pervert I must be.

I put the horse out in the pasture and leaned up against the fence as he trotted off and I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a horse. You have to be crazy I said to myself. That horse would kill you, or at the very least split you open and ruin you for life.
Never the less the thought had my pussy oozing. Pete came up to me and stuck his nose into my crotch because he could smell my juices and my crotch was sopping wet. He began to tongue my crotch. I said not today Pete I’m too sore to let you fuck me. He slid his tongue up between my leg and my shorts and ran his tongue along the edge of my panties. I thought what the hell he has such a nice tongue and maybe it wouldn’t be to bad to let him lick my swollen cunt. I squatted down and pulled my shorts and panty aside and let him lick my pussy. Pete didn’t have to be asked twice. He ran his tongue up into my pussy and even as swollen as I was he was able to insert his tongue a good three inches into me. Each time his tongue came out it would run across my clit and I would cum. I must have let him lick me for over a half hour when my legs gave out and I just sat down on the ground. Pete kept licking my pussy and I kept cumming. Finally I couldn’t handle it any more and pushed Pete away and staggered to the house. Pet kept trying to mount me and almost succeeded when he knocked me down and jumped on my back skinning one of my knees. Lucky I still had my shorts on and he couldn’t penetrate me. I succeeded in pushing him off and went into the house locking the door. I was so weak I could hardly make it to my room. I had cum so many time that I was completely drained of energy. After a short nap I went in and took a shower. I put on my nigh tie and my robe. I had decided I would surprise my Uncle with dinner and a cake. So

for the next two hours I baked him a double layered chocolate cake, and put a roast in the oven. My Uncle came home from visiting my Aunt about 5:30 and showed his surprise and delight at what I had fixed. “I didn’t know you could cook” he said. I said dinner would be ready in about an hour. My Uncle said I think I’ll go take a nice hot shower while you finish dinner. I said OK. As soon as I heard the shower running I took the small kitchen step ladder and snuck out the door and went around to the side of the house where the bathroom was. I climbed up and peeked thru the window. My Uncle had just come out of the shower and I almost fell off the ladder when I saw the size of his cock. It dangled in between his legs and almost reached his knees. It had to be eight or nine inches soft, and a good three or four inches across. I just stood there and stared. I thought, god would I love to have that inside me. My pussy began to secrete and I reached down and rubbed my pussy. I would have finger fucked myself right there but I realized he was thru toweling himself so I started down the ladder.

I almost jumped out of my skin because as my feet hit the ground Pete stuck his nose up my crotch and started licking my pussy. I had not put on any panties and Pete’s tongue went straight in to me about three inches. I was so horny from seeing my Uncle that I just half squatted and let him lick me. I came in seconds making Pete lick harder and faster. I couldn’t stop my self I fell to the ground and lifted my robe and nigh tie and let Pete mount me. He shoved his wonderful cock into my wet pussy and began to pump me like a jack hammer. I started cumming like a stream when I came to my senses. I couldn’t let Pete’s knot get into me or I would be hung up for a good fifteen Minuets, and I sure as hell didn’t want my Uncle to catch me with Pete. I reached around and put two of my fingers around his cock between his rising knot and my pussy. When it got so big it couldn’t enter my pussy I let go and felt him pump his cum into my hot pussy. We were cumming both at the same time.

I managed to get up and brush my self off and grabbed Pete by the Collar and took him to the barn and shut the door. I went back and grabbed the ladder and start to take it back into the kitchen when I heard my Uncle come into the kitchen. Dam, I said, what am I going to do? So I leaned the ladder against the house by the back door and then walked back into the yard a few steps and said very loudly, oh shit. I walked into the kitchen and my Uncle asked, what happened? I said Pete was being a pain so I took him out the barn and on the way back to the house I tripped and fell. I said why don’t you go into the living room and fix yourself a drink while I finish dinner and clean my robe off. Sounds like a good idea, he said. I put on some hot water to steam some asparagus on and quickly went into the bath room and gave myself a quick douche with the shower head. I brushed off my robe with a damp cloth and went into my bedroom and sprayed my pussy lightly with a jasmine scent.

I got back to the kitchen just as the water started to boil and put the tray in the bottom of the pan and placed the asparagus in to let it steam. I took the roast out of the oven and covered it with aluminum foil. I had already set the table and called my Uncle into dinner. I told him to open a bottle of wine from his wine cellar and slice the roast. We had a wonderful dinner. My uncle had several glasses of wine and I had milk. When we finished and all the wine was gone I told him to go relax in the living room while I clean up. He was a little unstable from all that wine when he got up and went into the living room. I yelled fix yourself a hi-ball and I’ll be in a minute. I put the dishes in the dish washer and wrapped the left over roast and put it into the refrigerator.

When I walked into the living room I could see my Uncle was feeling no pain. He had put on a record and was dancing by himself. I thought, now was my opportunity. My Mom had taught me to dance when I was about nine. I walked over and said, you can’t dance by yourself and I reached up and put my arms around his neck and slid easily into his arms. As we danced I let the robe fall apart and pulled myself close to him pushing my lower body into his. He was over six feet five and I felt like a dwarf along side him. I looked up and he had his eyes closed and seemed to be in a dream world. I felt his cock begin to rise and I began to rub my crotch up and down the length of it. He began to dry fuck me as he reached down and put both hands on my ass and drew me to him.

Suddenly he pushed me away and said, god honey, I’m so sorry and stumbled out the back door. My pussy was on fire and my juices were flowing. Shit I blew it, I said. I waited about ten minuets and walked out side. I saw my Uncle heading for the Kennel and I new he was going to fuck the bitch. I ran to him and grabbed his arm and said. You don’t have to fuck that bitch, fuck me instead and I reached down and rubbed his swollen cock. He said what did you say? Why would you think I was going to fuck the bitch? Because, ever since I saw you fucking it the other night I have wanted you to fuck me. Your crazy he said. You’re my niece. I know but I still want you, and I unbuttoned his jeans and that huge cock came springing out (he didn’t have any underwear on). I dropped to my knees and took that huge cock into my mouth. I could hardly get my lips around it. I couldn’t help but think, that it reminded me of his horse. I began to suck and take as much of him as I could into my mouth. I couldn’t help it; he was so big that it made me gag and I new there was no way I could get it into my throat.

He reached down and picked me up in his huge arms and carried me into the house and straight into his bedroom. He laid me down with my legs dangling over the edge. He lifted my night gown over my head and slid between my legs. His massive shoulders forced my knees wide apart. I gasped as he ran the widest tongue I had ever felt across my pussy. I swear it went from one side of my leg to the other and covered my whole pussy area. When he forced his tongue between my lips it felt like a large narrow cock was entering my love hole. He began to fuck me with his tongue. He buried his face between the folds of my vagina and his tongue went in a full three inches. In and out, in and out it went. I felt that marvelous tongue massaging the inside of my pussy and I let lose a massive orgasm. I felt his huge hands begin to massage my breasts. His hands were ruff from working the fields and they felt wonderful. His hands were so big and each one covered the whole breast. He massaged my nipples between his fingers as his tongue fucked me. My nipples became hard and stood out further than I had ever seen them. I was so hot from his eating my pussy and roughly massaging my tits that I came again. As he scooped up my juices and ran that huge tongue over my clitoris I shoved my ass and pussy into his face and came again.

My Uncle slid up my body and I felt his huge cock at the entrance of my pussy. I gulped and said to myself, this is what you wanted; accept the pain when it comes. He bent down and kissed me and I let his tongue enter my mouth, filling it like a cock it was so big. I could taste my own pussy juice as he explored the inside of my mouth. I could hardly breathe in anticipation of his entering me. I then felt the first assault as he shoved the head of his dick into my sopping wet pussy. I held my breath as he slowly pushed another three inches into me. My pussy was being stretched beyond the size of any of the dog knots I had experienced. He paused and I let the air rush out of my mouth. I lifted my legs so that he would have an easier entrance, and he shoved another five inches into me, hitting bottom. I have never felt my pussy so full as of that moment. There was some pain, but not as bad as I thought it might be. He began to move in and out of me very slowly and the feeling of having that long pole of his slide almost out of me and then reenter my womb was breathtaking. As he moved in me my pussy became inflamed with sensation and I could feel my orgasm building. He increased his pace and I began to cum. All of a sudden I couldn’t get enough of him. I grabbed his ass and shoved my pussy up as his cock plunged deep within my pussy. I became frantic and my juices were flowing and I came again. He started fucking me more rapidly and I screamed, god Uncle Charley you feel so good. Ohhhhh yes, fuck me; fuck me faster I cried as I felt another orgasm rack my body. He really started ramming me and I started cumming one orgasm after the other. I was becoming in a frenzied state just like when the dogs had fucked me. I couldn’t get enough of his cock and kept trying to drive it deeper into my pussy. Finally I let loose a massive orgasm and collapsed just as he drove his cock deep into my pussy and it felt like he had shoved my cervix up into my uterus. His hot cum hit the back of my womb like a hot fire hose and I could feel some of that warm liquid enter my cervix. I rolled over and got on top of Uncle Charley hugging and kissing him deeply. We fell asleep like that with his cock still fully inside my pussy. Even when he was soft my pussy was filled with about seven inches of cock.

I woke up about 5:30 in the morning with him still inside me. I started moving my ass up and down letting his cock slide in and out of my still wet pussy. After about five minuets his cock began to swell and filled my pussy to the brim. I continued to ride that pole and I didn’t take long before I came. Uncle Charley opened his eyes and smiled at me and began to push his cock deep up my love hole. He rolled me over and pulled my knees up to the side of my head and drove his hard wonderful cock into me. He fucked me like that for almost and hour. He grabbed my ass and pulled it up in the air and plunged his rod deep into my pussy burrowing the head of his cock so deep that again I felt him move my cervix back up into my uterus and his hot cum shot directly into that tiny hole. Had I not been on the pill I would have definitely become pregnant with both his loads shooting directly up my cervix like that. We fell asleep and again that wonderful feeling of having my pussy filled even when Uncle Charley had gone soft was a marvelous feeling.

I woke up about 11:30 and had to pee really badly. I realized I had not gone to the bathroom for more than twelve hours. As I slid off My Uncles cock and enormous amount of cum came pouring out of my cunt all over the sheet. The feeling almost made me pee all over the bed and Uncle Charley. I ran into the bathroom and the relieving of my bladder was almost orgasmic. I must have peed a full five minuets. I hurried back to Uncles bed and tried to reinsert his cock into my pussy. He woke up and laughed at my efforts. He said hold on there girl your old Uncle needs to pee. I soon heard the shower and decided to fix us some breakfast. By the time Uncle Charley came in I had made him Sausages, six eggs, toast and coffee. He said, my are we energetic this morning. As soon as I finish my coffee we better get out and feed the animals. I can here them letting us know we are neglecting them. I was bent over the dish washer putting the dishes in when he came up behind me and said, god you are a sexy one and slipped his huge dick up my pussy still wet and juicy from his morning fucking. I leaned forward and let that wonderful cock go into my love hole. He fucked me doggy fashion as he whispered, I can’t seem to get enough of you. He plunged that long dick in and out of me and it was no time before I started cumming again. He became more frantic and started ramming me as hard as he could. I felt him hitting the back of my vagina wall and it hurt, but I was cumming so fast that I ignored it. I realized that when he was completely in me there was still about two inches of him still out side me. I thought, oh how I wish I could take it all. Finally after about twenty minuets he pulled me tight against him and I felt his hot cum explode inside me and I came again. I turned around and gave him a french kiss and told him what a great lover he was.

OK, he said it’s time to feed the animals. I’ll do the dogs and you do the chickens and hogs. Give my horse some hay and I’ll take a bail out to the pasture to the other horses.
And let Pete out of the barn he is howling like a banshee. I quickly sloped the hogs and through grain to the chickens. I opened the barn door and Pete jumped up on me and knocked me down. I said oh shit as he immediately went for my crotch sticking his tongue into my pussy and began licking Uncle Charley’s cum out of my love hole. I couldn’t help it, it felt so good I just sat there with my knees open and let him lick. Finally I pushed him away as I heard my Uncle approaching the barn and I quickly climbed the ladder and began to pitch hay down to my Uncles horse. My Uncle picked up a bail of hay as if it was nothing and threw it onto the back of the tractor and drove out of the barn.

I went into the stall and arranged the hay for the horse. As I patted him on his behind he arched forward and spread his hind leg in anticipation. I said, I guess I can’t disappoint you can I. I reached under him as his dick slid out of its sheath and began to jack him off. He got very hard and I squatted down in front of that enormous cock and took it into my mouth and began sucking and jacking him at the same time. He suddenly threw his hind quarters forward and jammed his cock into my mouth and opened up my throat and impaled about four inches of that big cock down my throat. I couldn’t breath and for a moment couldn’t move. Then I felt this enormous amount of his spunk pore down my throat and into my stomach. I chocked and pulled his dick out of my mouth and his cum continued to spurt all over the front of me. My night gown was a mess. My throat hurt and all I could say was shit. I staggered out of the stall stumbling over Pete who was laying in front of it. As I fell to my knees Pete didn’t hesitate for a moment. He mounted me and I felt his dick enter my pussy. I was on my hands and knees chocking and spitting up some of the horse cum, to weak to stop him. He began fucking me and I felt his knot begin to rise. In spite of every thing I felt my self cumming again. I raised my ass up and let that big knot enter and stay and it slid up and down my vagina. I hated to admit it but I loved Pete’s cock in me almost as much as my Uncles. I came again as I felt his hot liquid shoot up into me. After about fifteen minuets and a great amount of Pete’s cum in me his knot popped out of me and his cum ran out of my pussy and down my Leg. I staggered to the house and took my night gown off and threw it into the washer. I took the sheets off the bed and started the washer. I went into the bathroom and took a long shower using the shower head to clean out my pussy. I sat down on the shower floor and examined my pussy. It was swollen like the day I let those five dogs fuck me one after the other. My hole was wide open like I still had a dick in me. I sat there letting the water run over me until the water started getting cold. I stood up and turned the hot water handle off and took the shower head and let the cold water shoot up my pussy for about five minuets.

About an hour latter Uncle Charles came in and I was hoping he wasn’t horny because I wasn’t sure I was up to another go around. He said lets go into town and take in a picture show. All the chores are done and I need to get a few things in town anyway. We can visit with your Aunt and maybe even have dinner in town. I said great I’ll go put on something nice for town. I had a great time but it was a little depressing seeing my Aunt who couldn’t talk or move. We got home about ten that evening and we were both pretty tired so we went to bed, not to sleep because my Uncle wanted to eat my pussy. He said I had the sweetest pussy he had ever eaten. I wondered how many women he had eaten their pussy's. Once again his big fat tongue did wonders to my pussy. To be eaten and fucked at the same time by the same insurment was awsome. I came four times and then he fucked me for over an hour. In spite of every thing that had happened he made me cum many time. As I lay there looking at my sleeping Uncle I couldn't help wondered if my Dad was as big as him. I remember the many nights I heard Mom moaning while she was being fucked by him. Some time two or three times in a night. I felt ashamed because I felt my pussy begin to secrete as I thought about my Dad.
(continued) all rights reserved to the author

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2012-01-10 08:41:15
Very poorly written, lots of misspelled words, no quotes around what a person is saying. Since the author doesn't know these things, he should let someone with some literary ability edit it for him before submitting it. Overall it was unbelieveable and childish and obviously fiction, true only in the writer's dreams.


2010-03-23 03:08:41
great story! I got to it when it was all written so I spent a day reading it like a novel. I didnt stop till the end!

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2009-12-01 17:36:53
this is very weird in a way but got me hot i went up and fingered myself and after i cam all over my couch i went up and had sex with my lover and i felt the load inside me and then we came down to the computer and we had sex for ever it seemed like all over a story


2008-02-01 23:21:33
That was hot, The person who gave it a 3 was an idiot and probably gay. I let my three dogs fuck me one after the other because I can cum alot more. 9/10


2007-10-01 01:30:25
Keep fucking baby, that was so hot!

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