Chapter Six Kristi followed her father to the spare bedroom, padding on bare feet and feeling like she was trapped in a dream. Alone with her father, she became very aware of her nakedness. Embarrassment and shame returned and she put a hand between her legs as her father turned to face her. "Honey, you know that I hate what's happening. You know that I don't want to do these things to you. You know that, don't you?" Her father said. Kristi wanted to believe him, and she knew that he was at least partially sincere. However, his eyes kept glancing to her body, trying to see her breasts behind her arms. "Y-Yes Daddy. I-I guess you're right." she whispered. Smiling, he said "Come here, honey. It will be OK." He opened his arms, stepping towards her. Kristi allowed herself to be enfolded in his arms. She was feeling all kinds of emotions. She knew her Daddy loved her, but she also knew that he had also become aroused being forced to sexually dominate the women in his family. As he held her, she began to relax. And to her shame, she was also feeling the beginnings of arousal stirring between her legs. "Kristi, maybe it would be easier to do this if you were to pretend that I was someone else. Maybe someone like a boyfriend. Or you could pretend I'm your husband." His hands, which had been stroking up and down her back, gradually moved lower until on his downward stroke, he was caressing the flesh at the top of her bottom. "Uhh.OK Daddy. If you want!" Kristi softly said. "I'm just wanting it to be easier for you, Sweetheart." he said. "Now, lets pretend I'm your lover. Kristi, kiss me!. Kiss me and then.undress me. Take off my clothes and make me naked." Kristi looked into his eyes and saw the arousal there, the strength of his will. And with shame she felt herself respond to him. "Y-Yes sir." she said quietly. Her Father loved the feeling of domination as Kristi responded submissively to him. She lifted her face towards his, her beautiful brown eyes closing and the full lips of her sensuous mouth parting, well and inviting his kiss. Roger groaned as he crushed his mouth to hers. As his tongue entered her mouth, his hands moved down over the full rounded moons of her ass. He felt her asscheeks flexing as he squeezed her. He could hardly wait to split those wonderful cheeks and fuck his prick deep up her asshole! Kristi squirmed in her Daddy's arms as she kissed him deeply, pressing her naked breasts into his chest. Breaking the kiss, Roger looked at her with wild eyes. "Take my shirt off. Do it NOW!" he said almost savagely. Kristi felt a thrill of wickedness as she reached for her fathers chest with trembling hands. She didn't understand that her naturally submissive nature was reveling in being ordered by the one man who had the greatest authority over her life. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off her shoulders. She stood before him instinctively waiting for him to tell her what to do next. She gasped when her father reached out and hefted her breasts in his hands, looking down at the hardened nipples. "You have beautiful breasts, Kristi." her father said, making the young girl rub her thighs together as she tried to satisfy the incredible need of her pussy to be touched. "You know, Kristi, we're going to survive this weekend. And afterwards." He paused as he took her nipples in his hands, softly rolling them and softly pinching them, making the girl moan. Almost whispering, Roger said ".I don't know if things can go back to the way that they were. Now that I've." He looked at her naked body and then again into her eyes. ".now that I know how beautiful and sexy you are, I don't' know how I'm going to keep myself from.from wanting you." Kristi's body was on fire. Her tits felt like they were HUGE as her father played with them. She felt like a complete slut because all she wanted to do was to lay back on the bed and let her Daddy fuck her silly. Her voice trembling, Kristi whispered back, "I-I guess we'll just.figure out what to do then." Looking at her for a long minute, her father finally smiled. With complete assurance in his voice, he said "Right.Now kneel before me, take off my jeans and then I want to feel your sweet lips wrapped around my prick." Kristi couldn't stop the smile as her father talked to her in such a lewd manner. Her mouth was already salivating as she knelt. She quickly unsnapped his jeans, pulling them down his legs, exposing her father's completely erect and throbbing prick. She leaned forward, grabbed the hot flesh of his shaft and opened her mouth, closing it around the head. Sucking, she took several inches inside her mouth as she wildly licked her father's cock. Roger groaned, his hands grabbing Kristi's hair and beginning to pull her head back and forth as his daughter sucked his cock. Her tongue was going wild lashing his shaft, and he quickly built towards a mind-numbing orgasm. Pulling his cock from her mouth, he gruffly said "Up on the bed. Kneel on the bed, I'm going to fuck you from behind!" Kristi almost squealed in anticipation. Quickly turning, the pretty girl climbed on the bed, her tits hanging down and dragging across the bed as she lifted her hips up as high as possible, offering her father her body, knowing that he wanted to bury his huge boner up her tender teenage cunt. Indeed, Roger felt like a stallion in heat. His eyes feasted on the sight of his gorgeous naked daughter kneeling on the bed. His eyes caressed the swollen, puffy lips of her exposed pussy. Her knees were wide spread, and he could see the raised pucker of her dark anus as well. He knew that before the night was out, he would be fucking Kristi in that impossibly small hole. But for the moment, he wanted to split the ripe hanging fruit of Kristi's pussy, spread her pussy lips apart and drive his cock deep inside her body, knowing he would soon be buried inside an incredibly wet, clasping passage. Snorting like a bull in heat, he stepped over to the bed. He put his hands on Kristi's ass, firmly holding her hips. He lined his cock up and rested the large head against her quivering cuntal lips. And then he stopped. Feeling nasty, he said "Tell me Kristi.Tell me what you want me to do. I-I want to hear you say it!" He paused for a moment. And then, his prick lurched as he heard his sweet little girl say "Oh Daddy, FUCK ME. Please, fuck me with your big Daddy Prick." Her voice had risen and she shouted "FUCK ME!" not caring that everyone else in the house probably could hear her. Roger slammed forward as hard as possible, pulling Kristi's hips back as his prick forced its way deep inside Kristi's pussy. Kristi began to scream and then was cut off, only able to moan as the quick slam of the huge prick inside her took her breath. "Shiiiiit1 Sweet, sweet pussy!" Her father said as he held his cock deep inside her, flexing as her body tried to adjust to the incredible impalement. He began fucking the girl, making her mewl with pleasure as they found a rhythm to their fuck, his balls slapping against her clit as he looked down and watched his wet cock slip in and out of her. Thinking that he might as well get started on his project for the night, Roger slipped a finger in beside his prick, then wiped his wet finger round and round his daughters anus. As he fucked her, he continued to wipe her juices on the swollen pucker of her asshole, gently pushing and probing as he went. Kristi's mind was in a fuck haze, focused on riding the big, long prick that was so delightfully causing her pussy to spasm and clench. She was aware that her Daddy was also playing with her asshole. It was a nasty, wicked and dirty thing to do to her, but its very wickedness made her want him to do it. When the tip of him finger popped inside her sphincter, she groaned. It didn't hurt, but it DID feel like it was huge. Over and over he pushed and prodded her rubbery flesh. Kristi didn't really care anymoe, for she was on the verge of cumming. When Roger felt his daughter's cunt grip the length of his thrusting cock he kept a steady pressure on his finger, feeling it slowly worm along the hot, dry ass canal of the cumming girl as she wailed and shuddered through her orgasm. Kristi slowly regained awareness and realized that her father's finger was now deeply embedded in her rectum. There was a bit of discomfort, but it still didn't hurt. His prick continued to churn her pussy, stirring her guts and making her anticipate another cum. After another few minutes, Kristi groaned from the sensation of having her Daddy's finger pulled from her asshole. She flushed, knowing that he was looking at her and could see the gaping hole of her anus which was slowly beginning to close. Roger quickly got more pussy juice and began pushing it inside his daughters ass. After another few minutes he could feel her asshole becoming moist. He wasn't going to be able to keep this up a whole lot longer. He started sawing his finger in and out of her rectum as he fucked her gloriously wet pussy. He didn't say a word to her as he pulled his prick, wet and slick from her pussy juices, slowly out of the long length of her pussy tunnel. Pulling his finger from her rectum, he immediately guided the head of his cock to her anus, and pushed his hardened shaft forward. Kristi was caught between the joy of her still grasping pussy and the impossible stretching of her asshole. The head of her father's prick popped inside and she instinctively squeezed making him moan. Though it ached, Kristi shuddered at the sound of her father, knowing that she was pleasing him. She tentatively pushed back and her father very slowly pushed his cock inside the virgin territory of Kristi's tight rectum. The pretty young cheerleader knelt submissively moaning at the unnatural invasion of her body. Opening her bleary eyes Kristi could see their reflection in the mirror on her dresser. She looked like the vilest whore, kneeling with her ass cocked up high in the air, and her sweet Daddy looking down at her bottom where he was Dicking her as deeply as possible. There was a dull painful ache when her father pulled his cock from her heated depths. He began to slowly fuck her ass. Kristi reached between her legs, rubbing her clit. She wanted to be distracted, and within a few seconds, she was working her wet clit as Daddy continued to increase the depth and pace of his fucking. "Ohhhhhhh Daddy!" she cried out. Roger only snorted and began fucking her harder. He took her hips in his hands and began slamming his cock inside her rectum. Kristi was shocked at the violence of his fucking, but she quickly responded, sobbing out as her Daddy filled her over and over. "Gonna Cum.GONNA CUN IN YOU, KRISTI! I'm gonna CUM UP YOUR SWEET ASS!" Roger loudly bellowed as he felt his balls begin to contract. Kristi was sobbing, saying "Yes Daddy. Yes, do it to me. Oh Fuck me Daddy. Fuck my ass!" as she shook her hips, driving them back to get her Father's prick deep up inside her. "SHIT! HERE IT CUMMMMMMMMS" He cried. Kristi could actually feel the wetness of his cum beginning to hose the interior of her rectum. it was warm, and it set off an orgasm in her pussy as she quickly began plucking her clit while moaning her cum. Joined together, father and daughter began flexing and clenching their internal muscles as his white hot sperm flooded the greedily sucking flesh of her pussy, pumping his little girl full of his man cum.

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