Emma vowed not to lose her virginity yet, but that doesn't stop her sucking cock.
Even though she’d vowed not to lose her virginity until she was fifteen, in the year before, Emma was perfectly ok with sucking cock. Dressed in a tight, white, vest top, perfect for showing off her firm, big tits, a black skirt, that ended just below her round, ample ass, and a pair of black heels, Emma walked to her usual spot at the park. Without a bra, her hard nipples poked through her top, and her tiny, black thong didn’t offer much warmth.

Sat shivering on the park bench, she looked over to the pub. Every night, drunk, horny guys would swarm out. Some guys had walked past her tonight, and even though she’d heard them making comments about her, they weren’t bold enough to try anything.

As she played on her phone, Emma could hear the conversation of three guys walking along the path that ran behind her.

“Look at the tits on that slut!”
“They are huge.”
“Young lookin’ slag though.”
“Who cares, she’s gaggin’ for it.”

Pretending not to hear, Emma kept looking at her phone, until she glanced up and saw them walking towards her.

“Hello sexy, why’s a young thing like you out so late?”
“Nothing to do, got bored”, replied Emma.
“You must be cold hun, you’ve barely got anything on!”
“She’s definitely cold, look at her little, pointy nipples!”

The three guys laughed. They were all middle aged and one of them was holding a nearly full vodka bottle. Emma blushed as they laughed, but only a little, she was used to it.

“Where’s your bra anyway hun?”
“I like not wearing one.”
“Those tits are fuckin’ huge though, what size are they?”
“Thirty four double D.”
“They’re massive. I bet you ain’t wearing anythin’ under that skirt either.”
“I am, actually.”
“’I am, actually’”, all three of the guys laughed at the imitation, “well, then, you’re gonna have to prove that. Up you get.”

Emma was quickly pulled to her feet by two of them, while the third bent her over and lifted her skirt up.

“Well, she wasn’t lying. It’s the tiniest black thong I’ve ever seen though.”

The guy behind spanked her hard on each ass cheek, which instinctively made Emma moan in pain.

“That’s for being a little slut and not wearing a bra!”

The guys laughed as Emma rubbed her cheeks, then sat down with her skirt still pulled up her back.

“You look warmer now. You still cold though?”
“Yeah, a little.”
“We’ve got something that can help with that. Here, give me that vodka. You ever had a drink before?”
“Yeah, of course”, said Emma. She hadn’t, but didn’t want to seem as young as she was.
“Good. Now open your mouth and we’ll give you some of this.”

Emma did as she was told, and the guy took the top off the vodka bottle. Holding the bottle loosely in his hand, he dropped a couple of drips in her mouth, then turned it upside down and dumped nearly the whole bottle over her top, completely soaking it and leaving it see through, with her tits fully visible.

“You did that on purpose!”
“Sorry hun, I’m drunk and I get a bit clumsy when I’m drunk. Accidents happen.”
“Well, this top’s ruined now!”
“No it’s not, we’ll just have to get it washed quickly before the vodka stains it.”

Two of the guys smirked as this was said, but not knowing anything about alcohol, Emma assumed it was the truth.

“We’ll have to go to the public toilets and get it washed up.”
“I thought that was abandoned?”
“I’ve got a key to get in. It’s a little messy in there, but the water works and electricity still goes to it, so it’s fine. You coming?”

Emma hesitated, then nodded and stood up. She noticed that all three of them were openly staring at her soaking wet top, now that they were able to see her tits through it. Even when she glanced at them they didn’t stop looking, and she also noticed the large bulges in each of their jeans. After it was clear they weren’t going to stop looking, she crossed her arms, which snapped them all out of it. Reaching the toilets, the door was unlocked and they all went in. The toilets weren’t particularly dirty, but the floor was damp with a mixture of liquids.

“Come on, get that top off, we need to get it washed.”

With her arms still crossed, Emma didn’t do anything.

“Fine, we’ll take it off for you.”

Two of the guys walked over to her. One of them lifted her arms above her head and the other pulled her top off, his hands blatantly groping and squeezing her tits as he did so. With her top half now completely exposed, Emma became aware that all three of them had become silent again and were staring at her breasts. She moved to cross her arms, but the guy to her left stopped her, getting a good feel of her nipples as he did so.

“You’re going to have to take the rest off too, it all got stained.”
“No, I don’t think…”
“Yes, it did, look,” the guy grabbed her skirt, “stained, and these”, he pulled at her thong, “it’s all got to come off.”

One of the guys pulled down her skirt and thong in one quick motion, then lifted her out of them, leaving Emma stood there completely naked apart from her heels. She covered her pussy with her hands, but one of the guys gave her a look that said that wasn’t acceptable, so she moved her arms back to her side and looked at the ground, blushing as the guys ogled her body.

“Washing these clothes can wait. Bend over that sink, we’re not going to have to do it for you again are we?”

Emma shook her head and walked to the sink, bending over it and arching her back so her ass was up and her pussy was clearly visible from the back.

“Your mother wouldn’t be happy with your stained clothes, would she?”
“Has she spanked you before?”
“Yeah, but not for a few years.”
“If this happened a few years ago, would you have been spanked?”
“I don’t know, maybe…probably.”
“I thought so. You’re going to stay bent over and take a spanking from us, got it?”
“But why? It wasn’t even my fault that my clothes got stained, it was yours!”
“You’re still bent over and the wetness from your pussy is running down so your thighs, so don’t pretend you’re going to argue about this.”

Emma didn’t have a reply to that, so she stayed silent. Each of the guys took it in turns to spank her, leaving pink hand prints on her round, firm cheeks. In between spanks they all groped and fingered her bare, pink pussy, a few times even slapping and spanking it, which sent a shudder through her. She looked behind her and saw the huge bulges each of them were sporting, but when they noticed her looking, she quickly averted her gaze.

“This pussy’s so fuckin’ tight, but you must have been fucked before, right, slut?”
“No, I’m waiting until I’m…older.”
“So what do you do to get off? There’s no way you’re a good little girl.”
“Tell us, and we’ll stop the spanking.”
“I suck cocks.”
“Think you can take three at once?”
“Such a stupid question, I don’t know why I even asked it. Get on your knees and take your heels off.”

Before she could react, Emma was pushed to her knees on to the wet floor, and her heels were taken off, leaving her completely naked. One of the guys was stood in front of her, unbuttoning his jeans, while another was behind, roughly rubbing and fingering her pussy. The third was to the side, reaching down to slap and fondle her tits. With his jeans unbuttoned and his boxers down, the guy in front opened Emma’s mouth and shoved his cock inside, making her gag. Grabbing a hold of her head he thrust in and out of her mouth, giving her time to gag as the spit and drool dripped down on to her tits.

“She’s a good little suck slut, this one.”
“Let’s have a go then.”

They switched positions and the cock that was now in front of her was even bigger than the one before. She stared wide eyed at it until the guy seized her by her blonde hair and slowly eased it down her throat. Pushing in and out of her mouth Emma sucked and gulped at the cock, but couldn’t keep herself from gagging and drooling. Her chin and chest were covered in her own spit, and as the guy pulled out his cock and wiped it all over her, so was her face.

“You’re a right mess, you filthy little bitch.”
“Yeah,” replied Emma, as she caught her breath.
“And you don’t fuck?”
“No, not until I’m…”
“Older. Yeah, yeah. You’d better keep that mouth working then.”

The third guy, who’d been behind her groping her pussy and spanking her ass, moved in front of her. Yanking her hair backwards, so Emma’s head was horizontal, he stood over her and pushed her mouth towards his balls. She opened wide, licking and sucking as he roughly grasped her by the throat.

“She is loving this, have you seen how wet that cunt is?”
“Rub that pussy while you suck us, you little slut.”

Emma did as she was told, rubbing her clit with the spit that was by now dripping down her stomach on to her pussy. She licked at the guy’s balls until he pulled them out and presented his cock to her, which she greedily took in her mouth. As she sucked, she forgot about rubbing her pussy, but two hard spanks to her ass reminded her. The guy pulled his cock out of Emma’s mouth, and squatted down, pushing it between her tits as she squeezed them together. Sliding up and down her wet chest, Emma felt her hands pulled from her young breasts towards the cocks of the other two guys. Jerking the other two cocks at the same time, Emma took the third into her mouth. Eager to please, she struggled to get into a rhythm at first, which made the guys laugh. Bouncing her head up and down on the cock, she heard the guy start to moan.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum, you little fuckin’ whore!”

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, the guy shot his cum all over her face. Spurt after spurt followed, leaving Emma a cum covered mess. She wiped it out of her eyes and was about to wipe the rest off her face.

“Don’t you dare wipe that off. Now lay on your back.”
“But it’s a mess on that floor, look at it, there’s…”
“We don’t care. Get on your back, slut.”

Emma laid down as two of the guys knelt either side of her face. Pulling her head up to their cocks, they switched her back and forth between them, as the cum slid down her face and chin on to her neck and chest. The third guy, who’d covered her face, lifted her legs and clenched her feet around his dick, sliding them up and down his shaft. The guys either side of her were grabbing her hair and roughly using her, pinching her nipples and slapping her tits, leaving pink marks. They abruptly stopped fucking her face, and she was left only jerking the third guy with her feet.

“Get on all fours.”

Emma lowered her legs and promptly got on her hands and knees.

“Now we’re going to stand in the corners of this room, and you’re going to crawl over and service us, got it, whore?”
“No, not um…you say yes. Actually, say yes sir,” and the three of them laughed.

Emma obediently waited, then crawled over to the first guy. Taking his cock in her mouth, she sucked him deep, gagging and drooling, until he pushed her head away, slapped her ass and pointed to one of the other guys. Emma turned and crawled over to him, her tits hanging down and her thick, round ass bouncing as she did so. Upon reaching the second guy, she was treated to a rough face fucking. He slapped her with his cock, purposely gagged her and pulled her hair. She could taste his precum dribbling into her mouth, and just as she did, he slapped her ass and told her to crawl to the third guy. Crawling over to him, he was hard again after he’d covered her face in his cum once before already. She sucked and licked at his cock and balls, still able to taste the cum on the end of his dick.

“Now crawl to the middle of the room and get on your knees. What do you say, you filthy slut?”
“Yes sir.”

Emma did as she was told and the guys crowded around her with their cocks in her face. She was passed between each cock, deep throated, gagged and made to lick their balls. She did it well, so it wasn’t a surprise when one of the guys started to moan.

“Ah, put your head back, slut.”

With her head tilted back, Emma closed her eyes as streams of cum covered her face. Before she could react she was forced on to another cock. The guy thrust in and out of her mouth, until he pulled out and sprayed another load of cum on her face. Wiping her eyes, she felt her tits being fondled as the third guy moaned and unleashed another load on her face. She sat on her knees, the cum dripping down her face and body, as the guy’s recovered.

“You’re a good little whore, you know that?”
“Thankyou,” she replied, as the guys laughed.
“You do this a lot?”
“Well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again. Sorry about the clothes,” said one of the guys, as he pointed at her vodka soaked vest top, her discarded skirt and thong, that were lying on the wet floor, and her heels.

As the guys left, Emma wiped the cum from her face, laid back in the mess and wondered if she had the self-control to last a whole year without fucking.

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Cock loving, cum craving whore.!!! Can't change now .!

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