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an innocent girl finds herself in the middle of one of the best experiences while riding on a train
this was one of the many roleplays that I've done with one of my many online daddies hope you all enjoy this one as much as i enjoyed playing it. Online name removed to keep privacy for my daddy.

Emily:i get on the train car and head back to my private room in the living section as you see my short little skirt and tanktop as i walk past you

al:As i enjoy the view of your passing, An thinks to myself.. What a cute lil girl, Would love to get into her lil panties.. makes me wonder if u even have any on, As i think.. Decides to follow you an see which room you enter

Emily :you stop as you see me drop my bag and my stuff fall out and you can tell from it that im fertile and can get pregnant as you wait for me to gather my stuff up and wait for the door to close

al:As i then follow you an knock on the door, As i find something you have dropped that you missed.. An waits for you to open it.. As you do an i tell you, that you dropped this pregnancy test pen.. As i smile an then walks into the room with u an closes an locks it

Emily:"wh...who are you and what do you want?" i back up falling onto my large king bed as you see my pink little panties on under my short skirt

al:Well lil missy, Im sure you know what a guy like me wants.. An your just the lil girl to give it to me.. As i tell you i saw ur pregnancy test pen an i noticed ur a fertile lil thing.. An i've been wanting to sink my thick 9 inch black cock into a hot lil 11 yr old girl.. An such the perfect time now.. As i see ur hot lil pink panties..

Emily:but.....bu....but mommy said i should only let a guy i love do that to me, i whimper moving back little by little as you get closer and get onto the bed with me until i feel you grab me and press ur hand hard against my covered pussy making me gasp

al:Well your mommy im sure is a naughty slut i say, An doesn't want you to become like her, But it's too late for that now my lil new friend.. Cause im gonna make you my lil slut today, An give you something to really whimper about, As i grind an massage on your covered little pussy thru your panties.. Feeling you get moist an kisses on your neck up to your lips

Emily :i gasp feeling you pressing harder and harder against my little pussy and my eyes widen when i feel you kiss me and i yelp when i fel you undo my skirt and pull it off with my panties and unzip your pants pulling them off and shoving your hand under my shirt feeling my flat little chest

al:Stroking your flat little chest a rubbing your cute little nipples under your shirt. As i pinch an twist each one firmly.. An has your skirt off as i push my other hand into your pink panties.. An grabs your hot lil bare young pussy An rubs it up an down,, Searching for your little clit an strokes it side to side.. As my big black cock pops free from my boxers

Emily :i whimper feeling you rub my little pussy as you find my clit and when you rub it it makes me gasp hard as i look and see your large fat cock and my eyes widen as i feel you pull my panties off now and you lick your lips

al:mmm am gonna enjoy breaking this lil pussy in with my fat monster cock.. As i spread ur legs open an then pulls my pants an boxers off an throws them on the floor, Taking your shirt off too an having you completely naked for me, As i lean down an suck on your little nipples an softly bites each one.. As i lick them.. Stroking your little bare cunt with the tip of my cock

Emily please stop i cant take it im to small, i whine feeling you pleasure my nipples and yelp when i feel your fat cock head on my little pussy lips making me wetter and wetter soaking your cock so it will be easier toslide into me

al:Well your gonna find out today my naughty little friend.. As im gonna turn into my hot little white cum dumpster.. An personal slut.. As i slowly push the head of my thick monster cock into the little opening of your now moist an wet pussy.. So tiny an tight.. As i suck an lick on your cute little nipples more.. Making your wetter by the second.. As i kiss your lips next..

Emily :i scream a bit feeling you pressing into me my little pussy stretching my pussy out, aaaaaahhhhhhh ow ow ow ow ow take it out take it..... my pleas are silenced as i feel you kiss me pushing more of your cock into me

al:Holding you down firmly.. As i kiss an suck on your little tongue and lips.. Pushing my thick meaty cock deep into your hot little tight pussy.. Feeling you stretch more an further open for me.. As i get about 5 inches in so far an slowly starts to fuck you with what i have buried inside your juicy little inviting cunt cutie..

Emily :i whimper and whine feeling your thick cock inside me as it starts to move making the pain start to slowly desolve and be replaced by pleasure as i feel you going into me deeper with each thrust till you feel your cock hit my little cervix with only 6in inside me as you try to enter my fertile little womb

al:As i can feel your hot little pussy becoming wetter with my thick hard cock deep inside you now.. Hitting against your cervix as i then try to push the remaining 3 inches deeper into your little fertile womb, An manages to finally get into your little belly.. As i fucking grind my thick dick in an out of you as i hold you by your little hips An starts to fuck you in an out with deep an slow strokes..

Emily :i shriek feeling my cervix open up and you plunge into my little womb making a bulge appear in my belly from how deep and thick your cock is now as imoan feeling you start to move in and out of me deeply

al:Fucking you good an slow an deep As i enjoy your hot little womb an pussy making my thick monster cock feel at home, As i kiss you an suck on your tongue.. MMMmm yes you like that my naughty little slut.. Love taking my big black cock in your hot lil tight wet pussy.. As i fuck you deeper an harder now.. Making you moan out.. Whose your big black daddy my little slut..

Emily :i whine and whimper feeling you fucking me so slow and deep and sigh when you kiss me finally breaking me, ooohhhhhhhh god you're my big black daddy ooohhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy oohhhh god yes fuck me good and hard, i moan feeling you fuck harder and deeper now

al:MMm that's my good my hot little slut.. As i fuck your pussy harder an deeper with every thick stroke i take sexy.. Making your pussy an womb an you submit to your new big black daddy, As i fuck my naughty little hot girl.. Taking what rightfully belongs to me now..

Emily:i moan and whimper as my cheeks start to get a deep red as i feel your cock fucking me good and deep as you see the bulge on my tummy from your cock move each time you move your cock inside me as i feel you press your hand on my tummy hitting a sesative spot on me making me scream and cream your cock bt not stopping you

al:mMM yes cream good my naught hot lil slut.. As i fucking hammer into my juicy little pussy.. Going harder an deeper an faster sexy.. As i fuck you with every thick hard single inch of my big cock.. Moving it in an out of your pussy an tummy.. An stretching your womb.. As i feel your creamy juices coat daddys cock

Emily :oooohhhhhhh god yes fuck me fuck me fuck me aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh deeper oohhhhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeesssssss, i scream feeling you just hammer my little pussy over and over as i shriek when i feel your arms under my back as you stand up holding me to you letting my feet hang down my head resting on your chest im so shorter than u

al:Grabbing your cute little ass an squeezing it hard an firmly as i just fucking rape my hot little pussy harder an deeper.. Letting you lay against my chest an feel daddys thick monster cock fucking your pussy with every hard ramming thrust i take.. MMmmm yes my naughty little slut loves daddy's thick black cock doesn't she... As i just hammer my little cute cunt.. As i suck on your neck

Emily :aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck i love your monster black cock inside me aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, i scream feeling you drop me over and over onto your fat cock my tummy pressing against your waist with each thrust making me whine in pleasure

al:oOoh yes that's my good little slut,, Daddy little white daughter taking my hot throbbing monster black cock.. As i fucking pound an slam every inch of my cock up your womb an stretching an filling you like never before.. Fucking your faster an faster an harder an harder.. As i bounce you on this thick dick baby

Emily :i suddenly start to cry and you think you hurt me but you notice that im not asking you to stop and you smile knowing that im crying in pure ecstasy, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes yes yesoooooooooohhhhhhh ffffffuuuuuucccckkkkk mmmmmmmeeeeee, i scream feeling you going faster and faster

al:MMm yes i told you that you would enjoy my big thick cock baby.. As i fucking hammer you harder an deeper an faster.. Seeing your tears of pleasure an exstacy flow from your cheeks.. As i squeeze your ass cheeks an slap them good an hard.. MMmm yes take daddy's monster cock my new little slut an daughter.. As i fucking rape you good an deep an hard.. Bouncing you up and down on my thick throbbing cock

Emily :i cant stop screaming from the fucking that im getting from you as i shriek when i feel you push me up against the wall pulling my feet up and pressing them onto your chest not able to reach your shoulders allowing you to drive in even deeper into me making the bulge in my belly bigger

al:Fucking you harder an deeper an faster now.. Giving you the deepest an hardest fucking of your 11 yr old life baby, making you my personal little daughter an slut an black craving cum whore.. As i have a full thick cock ready to release an spray my sperm deep into your womb

Emily :i whimper and cry feeling so much pleasure running through my little body as i hear you tell me your gonna fill me with sperm, ooohhhhhhhhhhhh yes fuck me ooohhhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeessssss filll me with sperm make me your little sperm dumpster, i scream feeling your cock going into me deeper and deeper

al:MMMm yes i will definitely make you my little sperm dumpster, An sperm slut... Filling you with so much sperm it flows out of your little slutty pussy everytime i fuck you my naughty little sperm whore.. As i fucking hammer your pussy harder an deeper an faster an faster an faster an harder than ever..

Emily :i scream louder and louder feeling you hammer my little pussy over and over my little body on fire as i suddenly have a mind blowing orgasm my little body convulsing and shivering as i cream you harder than ever my juices spraying out around your fat black cock

al:As i feel your hot little pussy convulse an squeeze my fat black cock coating me with your hot little wet cream an lil girl sperm.. As i then hold you tight an then moans out as i flood an spray all my thick heavy black daddy sperm deep into your pussy sperming you full of my cream.. Giving you all that i got.. as i spray your insides with daddys hot thick creamy sperm

Emily :i shriek feeling your sperm flooding into my little womb knowing that you've filled my womb up in every spot knowing that there's no way i cant get pregnant but you sitll want to keep fucking me and give me another load, oohhhhhhhhhhhh god yyyyyeeeeeeessssssss i...i...i feel it shooting inside me

al:OOoh yes take it all my naughty little slut as i give you my first hot load.. An kisses you passionately.. As i slowly fuck your pussy now.. Still shooting my hot sperm inside you til the last drop.. As i lightly an slowly play with your tight little asshole with my pinky finger.. As i whisper to you.. my next load of daddy's sperm is going to go right inside this little tight virgin asshole of mine

Emily :i gasp and pant my little chest heaving as i rest against your chest loving the warm feeling inside my tummy as my eyes widen hearing you tell me where your gonna fuck me next, are you sure i barely got you in my pussy i dont know if you can fit in my little ass

al:Well your gonna love it an your gonna take it my little naughty girl.. Cause if my cock can stretch an fit in your little cunt.. Then it sure will fit deep inside your little tight virgin ass.. besides.. Daddy broke your cherry with my black cock, an i plan on breaking your anal one too, So you can completely an fully be daddys little sperm slut and dumpster

Emily :i whine feeling you start to pull out of me and whimper when you pop out as you stick your fingers in and feel that im just as tight as i was when you started and i whine feeling your cock rubbing up and down my little asshole after you roll me onto my tummy

al:mmmm as i get your little asshole nice an moist an lubed up with your flowing pussy cream.. An sticks my pinky into your virgin asshole.. an fingers it a little bit to loosen it up some.. As i tell you to hold onto the bed or something.. Cause this is gonna hurt.. As i then push the tip of my stil hard throbbing cock against the opening of your cute little puckered asshole

Emily :i grip the bed tightly and whine feeling you pushing the tip of your cock into me pushing in more and more till you have 4 inches inside me but worry that if you go any further you might hurt me my face grimicing in pain

al:Going slowly as i can as i push about on more inch into your tight little ass, An slowly starts to fuck your cute little virgin ass.. As i break ur anal cherry with 5 inches of my thick cock.. An just fucks you with slow strokes.. Til you get use to my thick moster cock in your ass

Emily :i scream feeling you break me and start to get the pleasure of your cock now moving in and out of my little ass as i start to moan and you notice my grip loosening on the bed with each stroke of you fat monster black daddy cock, ooohhhhhhhh god it feels better now ooohhhhhhh

al:Thats y good little naughty girl... Your big black daddy knows how to please an fuck you doesn't he my naughty little daughter.. As i start to fuck my little tight ass good an hard an deep now.. Stretching an filling you up with your daddys big black cock.. fucking you deeper an slapping your cute little ass... MMMm an who doe you belong to now my slutty little sperm whore

Emily :i scream feeling your cock going into me deeper and deeper fucking me harder and harder making me love it even more and more, ooooohhhhhhhhh god i'm your little girl now oooooooohhhhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me, i scream

al:grabbing your little cute hips, An starts hammering an fucking my hot little ass deeper an grinding my thick cock harder into my little tight sexy ass.. As i fuck my naughty little sperm loving daughter, telling you i have some big black friends who would love to fuck your little holes good.. As more of my thick monster cock invades an stretches your little ass as i have all 9 thick inches buried deep

Emily :ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck yes i want to be filled more ooohhhhh let them fuck my little pussy ooohhhhhh god yesssssss, i scream loving your fat cock burried inside my little ass loving the idea of having two black cocks fucking me at the same time

al:As i call up my friends as there in another cabin.. As they hear me fucking your ass good an deep an they say they will be right over.. as i tell them the cabin number an they hang out.. As i tell you we will have company soon.. As i keep fucking hammering an stuffing your little tight ass good an deep with my black monster fat daddy cock an fucks you senseless an deeper an harder an faster with every stroke

Emily :i scream louder and louder loving the fucking that your giving me as your friends hear me and come in alreadynaked their big fat black cocks ready to stick inside me as one asks you if he can have my pussy as you hold me down on you cock spreading my legs wide and hear you say have at her

al:As he enters ur hot pussy a then the other friend comes over an shoves his big black cock into your mouth as the other one locks the door.. An pulls out a video camera from his bag.. An records it.. As he strokes his cock watching your holes being fucked an stretched an raped an hammered into by 3 big black cocks.. one in your pussy, mine in your ass.. An one in your mouth

Emily :my screams are muffled by the cock in my mouth but you grin knowing im loving every bit of the fuckiing that im getting now the fat cock in my pussy now deep inside my sperm filled womb fucking me hard and deep making me claw at you it feels so good

al:MMMm yes i know what my little naughty daughter loves as i continue to fuck your hot ass deeper an faster an harder... As my friend hammers away at your sperm filled womb an pussy with deeper an harder strokes as well as my other friend throat fucks u an rams his meaty thick cock deep down your throat an stretching ur mouth

Emily :i moan and groan feeling stuffed as the guy in my mouth pulls out and presseshis cock into my pussy only getting just the tip in makingmme scream as he starts to shoot me full of sperm filling me up as the guy in my pussy continues to fuck me pushing the sperm deeper and deeper into my womb

al:Wrecking an fucking an raping your holes an making you our personal little sperm whore an slut.. As we write in big black letters on your tummy with a marker.. Daddy's little sperm slut. As we fuckign pound an slam your pussy an ass harder an deeper an fster with every inch of thick meaty cocks going harder an harder an deeper

Emily :aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me oooooohhhhhhhhh shit yes i scream as the guy recording the show does the same thing as the guy that was in my mouth just did shooting me full of hot black baby batter filling me up even more

al:mMmmm yes as we all fill an flood you with all our hot baby making batter an sperm.. Cumming in your ass an pussy an mouth flooding your holes with every ounce of your hot creamy sperm.. Unloading load after heavy hot load of our sperm deep inside ur pussy an ass.
Emily Hazer:i moan feeling you and the other guys shooting load after load of sperm into my little body filling all of my holes as i drink down every drop in my mouth, ooooooohhhhhh god fuck me in my pussy put more sperm inside me i want to be overflowing with sperm...i moan looking at you

al:As i look at my naughty little sperm slut an keeps fucking pumping an pounding your hot lil pussy harder an deeper an faster as i make you take every inch of daddys big black cock.. Hammering you in your juicy overflowing cunt.. while the other guys flood your ass an mouth an throat full of sperm..

Emily :i groan and whine taking more and more sperm into my little body drinking up all the sperm that's being put into my throat as i feel you lay me back on the bed on my side lifting my little leg up to your chest as i feel you destroying my little pussy as the guys watch and jerk off while one continues to record

al:As i fucking destroy an fuck an make this lil pussy daddys black cock holder.. And fucking hammers you harder an deeper an faster my naugthy girl.. Getting it all on cam while we all flood an destroy your holes good.. giving you lots of sperm for such a lil horny an now sluttly lil 11 yr old girl

Emily :oooooooohhhhhhhhh god yes fuck me fuck my little pussy ooooooohhhhhhhh sssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttt yyyyyyyeeeeessssssss... i scream feeling your monster black cock driving in and out of my fertile little womb sending wave after wave of pleasure through my little body

al:Hammering an fucking into your hot little womb an making this pussy personally daddys.. as i fucking rape you good my little hot slut... Filling your hot loving pussy with daddys hot seed an sperm.. as i give you all of daddy baby making sperm

Emily :i scream feeling myself getting filled over and over with your hot baby batter sperm soaking my little womb and pussy as we hear the announcment that the next stop will be coming up as i feel you pull out making me gasp and smile at me knowing that i will get pregnant as you and the guys start to get dressed

al:As i then get your information an tell you call me if you want to live with daddy an enjoy more delicious hot an naughty sex with your big balck daddy.. As we finish getting dressed an then kisses you deeply as we get ready to leave the cabin

Emily :you get calls from me for a few months but then they stop and then i call u one day and as you enter my cabin you see me sitting on my bed with a big 6 month big belly as i rub it over and over, does daddy want me and baby to come home with him?... i smile at you

al:MMmm thats my good little girl i say, As i smile an walk over to you, An rub your belly.. Im glad daddy could put my baby making sperm inside you, As if it's a girl.. Daddy will enjoy giving you an his lil girl lots of daddy loving an baby batter sperm

Emily :mmmmmmmmm i would really love that daddy so can we come home with you mommy doesn't know that's what im doing as i point to my bag of clothes

al:Well thats my good little daddys slut an girl.. your mine now my sweet little girl.. An daddy will give you all you need as i kiss you passionately an sucks on your tongue.. rubbing your tummy an making it feel good


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Very nice baby girl.....

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Needs some work but overall pretty hot.

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It reminded me of fucking my black friends 8 yr old black baby girl and I am white Omg her baby black pussy was soo tight she screamed fuck me Daddy that little girl fucked me for 2 hrs straight after I got it deep in get Virgin black pussy. Now he's pissed cause I got. To fuck his Virgin real daughter. First! Omg. Forgot she only fucks me only now and still! Thanks for this story. It made me force myself to fuck my first pretern little girl!

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