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This is a real story, and this did happen to me
Im sorry I goofed, I posted the unedited version. I wrote the final story when I found my journal that had the day in detail. This is the real story

Before I tell you about my fantastic experience, let me tell you how I was able to pull off this feat. I am rather buff, 6"5', 190 pounds... and an enormous dick. I am talking about 9 inches long soft, and 12.5in long and 8in around when I am hard. I could also fill a coffee cup full of cum.

Getting back to the story now:

One day when I was on my way home from school, Amanda and April, the Twins on my buss rout decided that they needed to talk to me

“Hi” Amanda said with a cheery tone. I turned to see her luscious brunet hair flowing in the wind. Her dress, just long enough to cover her crotch, was very thin.

“Thin enough dress? You know I can see your bra and under wa… which you’re not wearing” I said in shock, not seeing her try to cover herself. April had the same dress on and no panties. It seems like they’re the stereotypical twins. Now Amanda is an average girl, so is April. They’re both around 5”3’.They are average weight, but they had perfect and perky 36CC breasts.

“Took you long enough to notice” I could feel my dick growing in my pant leg. “And I see the little guy likes it too” oh fuck, they could see my dick! My heart started to beat rapidly. I stopped to act like I thought this wasn’t okay. It was in my book though. They both started to walk towards me. Would they yell at my monster, would they ask me to come over? I don’t know, but what I did know is that each of them took one of my hands and shoved each one of my middle fingers into their pussies.

As anyone would do I tried to find their G-spots with my inquisitive rubs. The moans of pleasure seeped out of the twins mouths. I began to feel their juices flow when my brain kicked in “Wait, we can’t do this” I said as my body was screaming at me to let it happen. “Even though you girls are beautiful, inside and out. We can’t do this, here anyway.” I say as I continue to finger them.

“Your cock says otherwise” I looked down to notice my dick, rock hard and pushing against my pants. “If you want to finish this, you know where to find us” Amanda said as she was rubbing her pussy. Days went on when I thought of taking them up on their offer. I wasn’t sure if it would come and bite me in the ass later, but fuck it, my cock was itching for sex, and I needed it.
Jumping ahead of my nervous thoughts and failed attempts to go for it:

I was finally going to tell the twins that I wanted to go for it. Just before school, I wrote my parents a letter saying that I would be staying the night with a friend. They didn’t really care what I did so I knew I could pull this off. When we got off the bus, I faced Amanda and April and asked “You said to tell you if I wanted to continue” I told the girls as we were going home from school. Each one of them grabbed my arms and leaded me into their house. As I stood by one of the girls’ beds, Amanda was the one to jump first. She pushed me down on the bed, lifted her shirt up, unhooked her bra, and set her beautiful beasts free. She kneeled over me, and bent down to kiss me. I immediately got hard. Amanda felt this and began to rub her pussy on my expanding rod. After what seemed like five hours of Amanda and me kissing our faces off, she reached her hand down to fish out my tent pole.

“Having problems?” I asked as I felt her practically snapping it to two. After I helped her freeing the beast, she was in awe at the size of it.

“Will it fit?” April said in fear for her sister. Amanda didn’t care; all she was concerned about was how our kid would look like. She hopped up on me and hesitated for a second before slipping the head of my prick into her snach. I forced my cock past her hymen, which I burst by the way, and bottomed out just before her uterus. Amanda let out the loudest scream, and then looked down to me to thank me. We both began to pump each other. The rhythmic and constant pounding of my prick against her wall sent her over the edge. I lost track of how many times she had an orgasm around 16. I think it was around the 18th when we came together. With one powerful push I burst through her uterine wall and shot the load of a life time filling her pussy to the brim, and then some. We both lay there panting, and in each other’s arms. When my cock finally flopped out of her, at least a half cup of cum came oozing out of her pussy.

“I love you, never leave my side” she whispered into my ear, as we stared into each other’s eyes. Our night didn’t end there. We continued to be one with each other, swapping hole from hole. After the fifth or sixth time I blasted her pussy with my jizz, we finally collapsed together and passed from fucking each other’s brains out. I awoke with my cock still inside Amanda, and her still on top of me. She must have felt me wake, because she reared up, rubbed her eyes and began to swap spit.

Oh fuck, I forgot about April, I came into my mind as she said “You quite done yet, Amanda is not the only one here.” April said in an angry tone, while she was completely naked. She must have been masturbating wile Amanda and did it.

“I am so sorry April, Amanda and I, we just….” April interrupted me my mimicking what her sister had done last night. I embraced her as we began to fuck. April had been watching Amanda and me because she knew how to make me cum, and fast too. After two minutes of sex, I blasted my largest load of the day.

“Well, that was fast” she chuckled as she slid off of me. There the twins were in front of me, cupping their red pussies, trying to hold my cum in as long as possible. After that day, the three of us were lovers.
Two weeks pass after that faithful night, when I received I letter from Amanda and April. The letter said ‘thank you for that wonderful night and morning. We both are thankful for what you gave us…’ the letter reads on. When I flip over the note to see what is on the back, I notice a picture. A picture of two positive pregnancy tests! I quickly throw the letter in my bed; cover it and sprit over to their house.

“So you got our letter” they both said. They walk over to me, and the twins and I spent the day together in each other’s arms. Nine months later, both April and Amanda gave birth to beautiful and healthy boys. My parents found out of course and forced me to marry both of them when we all turned 18. We can all say that we are in a healthy relationship, to this day.

And I repeat this did happen. I hope you all liked my life story.

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2015-06-24 06:40:07
Right after reading the deion I came here to look at comments, I won't even bother reading the story, wtf are you an animal? I already know this story is total bullshit

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2013-01-16 07:50:34
All the pics are precious. But we ralley like the first 2 and the one where Richard is holding our little Jackson. But than again we ralley like the pic with the firefighter jacket. I don't think you can pick a single one as the favorite.

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2012-12-31 01:38:26
Oh I see it logged me out. But my loggin is Myhotass. If your wondering. I hate being anonymous. I still say great story. If I get to fuck my old college boyfriend, I wont turn him down, this time.

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2012-12-31 01:33:03
You people kill me, you get pissed off and start calling people lairs because your own lives are so sad. Or because u have short limp dicks, or mere jealousy cause your not the lucky bastard that did it. Actually there are men with exceptionally large dicks. I dated one in college, but unfortunately for me, I was to afraid to let him fuck me. I had not too long lost my virginity and I didnt know that my pussy could probably stretch that far. But he let me give him a hand job and when I realised how big he was, I said hell no. he was all of 11 or 12 inches, but the thinkness of it is what scared me. I couldnt get both jands around it. So, just because ur dick is just 5 inches . Dont be a hater, be a congradulater!!! Great story!

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2012-06-15 03:28:48
Your unbelievable receipt ion of your junk convinced that your story is total bullshit. Didn't read anything else.

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