Mabel Vernon chuckled as she looked at Annette. They were alone in the room
together. Annette was naked, her wrists and ankles chained to a post in the
center of the room. Mabel was fully dressed, sitting relaxed in a chair, with
a drink in her hand.

Mabel was about forty, a tall woman with graying hair and a haughty look. She
was pleased with Annette. This time her husband Henry had brought home something
special. Annette was much more attractive than the others that they'd had. Yes,
Mabel was pleased.

Mabel accepted her own peculiarities. She enjoyed hurting women, and the more
attractive the woman, the better it was for her, and Annette was certainly
attractive with a lovely ripe looking body. Mabel looked forward to hurting
those juicy nipples. She planned to use the woman thoroughly. She had a
schedule in mind, as she liked to plan these things out. Each day would bring
a new regimen of pain and abuse for Annette.

Mabel knew that her husband had his own needs, he enjoyed fucking them. Mabel
didn't mind seeing him with another woman, provided the woman was Mabel's
slave. As long as the women belonged to Mabel, Henry could do what he wanted
with them. Mabel liked hurting them, and Henry liked something else. She liked
to see them weeping.

Now Mabel was amused at the hatred in Annette's eyes. This one seemed to have
already guessed what was in store for her, but whether she'd guessed right or
not, it was Mabel who would call the shots. She'd knock all the resistance out
of Annette. That was the way it was. First knock their resistance out, and then
pet them and pamper them until they accepted being lap dogs. Until they were
afraid to be anything else. By the time that she was through with Annette, there
would be nothing but adoration in Annette's eyes for her.

Mabel rose from her chair and went over to a drawer, opened it and brought out
a riding crop. She turned around so that Annette could see it and chuckled as
she saw the fear in Annette's eyes.

"You don't like this Darling? I thought you'd be easy by the time you came to
us. Well, if you're not easy, we'll have to make you easy, won't we? You don't
feel so strong anymore, do you? You will get to know me." she said chuckling,
and Annette would get to know everything about her. "You will get to know all of
the details, darling. I want you to look after me."

She pushed the end of the riding crop at Annette's heavy tits. She slid the
crop under one tit globe and raised the tit with it. "These are nice. They'll
be down to your belly someday, but for the moment they're a plus. You have a
nice body, you know and I do like the marks. And these tits! I'm going to hurt
them, darling. You know that, don't you?"

And suddenly she slashed the riding crop across Annette's naked tits. Annette
cried out, a sound of anguish and pain and hopelessness as Mabel laughed. She
said she liked the sound of it and hit Annette again. She grabbed a hold of one
of Annette's tits and tore at it with her fingernails. She held the tit in one
of her hands and deliberately struck the nipple with the riding crop.

Annette's eyes rolled up with pain making Mabel very pleased. She said she liked
the way Annette responded. She put the riding crop away and unchained Annette's
wrists and ankles. Annette fell to the floor, sobbing. Mabel laughed and kicked
her. Her shoe caught Annette's side and Annette writhed on the floor in pain.

"I want you to know what you are!" Mabel said calmly. "It's quite important
that you know what you are."

After that, she told Annette to kneel with her head down. She was weeping as
she did it. Mabel walked around Annette. When she was behind Annette, she stopped
and studied Annette's cunt and ass. She raised one foot and pushed the point of
her shoe between Annette's ass cheeks. Then she pushed farther down, pushing the
toe of her shoe between Annette's fat cunt lips.

"Hold still. I don't want you moving unless I tell you."

She pushed the point of her shoe inside of Annette's cunt hole, and giggled as
she fucked Annette's cunt with her shoe. Then she pulled the point of her shoe
out and pushed at Annette's ass hole with it. Annette groaned as the point of
Mabel's shoe entered her ass.

Mabel was enjoying herself. She pulled the toe of her shoe away and used the
heel instead. She wore sharp little French heels and as she pushed the pointed
heel against Annette's ass hole, it slipped right in. Then she fucked Annette's
ass with her French heel.

Then Mabel knelt down. She pinched Annette's ass, telling Annette to move her legs
farther apart. She fingered Annette's fat cunt lips and worked two fingers
inside of it. Then she added another finger and another, until she had four
fingers inside of Annette's cunt. Annette's cunt hole was stretched into a gaping
maw. Then Mabel added her thumb and pushed all of her hand inside Annette's

Annette groaned constantly. She felt as though she was being split open, split
apart in her crotch. She was sure that the woman was going to kill her. Mabel
had her wrist inside Annette's painfully stretched cunt-hole and began to fist
fuck her cunt. She loved abusing them like this and she loved the power that
she had over them, when she had her fist in their cunts. Annette sobbed and
groaned while Mabel laughed. She finally pulled her fist out of Annette's cunt
and wiped her hand on Annette's ass.

Mabel returned to her chair, humming a melody to herself. She was happy. She
pulled her dress up to her waist and sat down. Now her legs and thighs were
uncovered. She wore garter held nylons with no panties. She ran her fingers
through her cunt bush as she opened her legs up wide to expose her pussy. She
told Annette to crawl on the floor over to her. She threatened to beat Annette
with the riding crop again if she didn't move quickly.

Annette crawled over to Mabel, bruised and sobbing. She gazed at the woman's
spread legs, at the white flesh of her thighs above her nylons, and at the
full bush of cunt hair, that covered her cunt lips and ran down into the crack
of her ass. There was no need for Mabel to instruct Annette what to do now, as
she knew what Mabel wanted. Licking her dry lips, Annette moved in on the
woman's pussy while Mabel snickered.

"You belong to me, darling and you'll be safe here, as long as you please me.
When you stop pleasing me, I'll have you snuffed out like a used candle. You
do understand me, don't you?"

Annette groaned, as she pushed her face against Mabel's hairy pussy. She worked
her nose and mouth between Mabel's meaty cunt lips and started sucking on the
woman's cunt gash as Mabel stroked her head. She looked down at Annette's face
and held her cunt lips open with her fingers, as she watched Annette's tongue
working over her pleasure hole. She thought about all of the slaves that she'd

Her liking for a slave woman had started in college. It had always been only
a question of finding them. She loved having her cunt sucked by a pretty girl
or an attractive woman.

Then she told Annette to suck her ass hole and laughed at Annette's difficulty, as
Annette tried to get her mouth lower down. Mabel helped her by moving her ass
up, in order to get Annette's tongue into her shit hole.

"Wash my ass hole, darling. It's your job to see that it's always clean."

Finally, Mabel pushed Annette away. Then she told Annette to lie down on her back
on the floor. Annette obediently stretched out on the carpet, and Mabel
straddled her, facing her feet, Mabel held her dress up around her waist, as
she lowered herself down over Annette's face.

Annette stared at the woman's broad white ass. Mabel was a slender woman, but
she had full hips and a broad ass. Annette could see Mabel's hairy cunt between
her spread thighs. She saw the hair growing in Mabel's ass crack and around
her puckered ass hole. Mabel's ass hole still glistened with Annette's saliva.

Then Mabel started pissing. The hot piss covered Annette's tits and ran over
her belly and neck. Annette was numb, as she watched the yellow piss gush out
of the woman's cunt. Mabel made a noise in her throat and started shitting.
Her ass hole opened, like a brown mouth. She grunted with pleasure, as the
long turds came out. She wriggled her ass, as she dropped her foul shit on
Annette's creamy tits.

When Mabel was finished shitting, she straightened up, let her dress drop and
stood there, looking down at Annette. She laughed at Annette's obvious disgust
and misery. She told Annette to smear the shit over her body. When Annette
hesitated, Mabel kicked her viciously.

"I'll have you branded, you little slut! I'll watch your flesh burn!"

Annette groaned and began smearing Mabel's smelly shit over her fits and belly.


"I work too hard!" the judge said to his wife. "I think I ought to retire."

Mabel snickered at him and said, "Henry don't be foolish. You've been retired
since the day you became a judge. You don't really do anything, do you? I
know you too well to think you actually do anything."

They chuckled at that thought. They were in the living room and Annette was
naked. She was on her knees, sucking the judge's cock, while they talked about
his days in court. The judge's cock was only half-hard. Mabel had her legs
apart, her skirt pulled back to her waist, as she idly played with her own
cunt, while she watched Annette sucking her husband's cock.

Annette's lips were swollen from all the sucking she'd done that day. Her mouth
moved up and down on the judge's thin prick. His cock became hard, slowly and
Mabel fingered her own cunt lips as she watched.

Annette's misery was intense. These people were much worse than Vic and Rita.
Now they were talking about her, and she tried to listen. They treated her
like a pet dog. No, a dog would get better treatment. Mabel was a vicious,
horrible sadist.

Mabel teased the judge, because his cock still wasn't completely hard. "Having
trouble, Henry?"

But he was getting there, his cock was slowly getting hard. He smirked at his
wife and said, "A big gun doesn't get loaded that easily."

He soon had a stiff prick, and he was pleased.

Mabel questioned the judge about Annette. She wanted to know what he thought
about her. "You haven't done much to her."

"I will, I will."

"When, darling? I seem to be the only one who likes doing things."

"I like it, also."

He told Mabel that he too liked to see the slaves hurt as much as she did and
enjoyed seeing them suffer. Mabel smiled and said that they belonged together.
After that, they took Annette to the playroom. They chained her to the post in
the center of the room. Annette hated the post, as she was always hurt when she
was chained to the post. It did no good to beg, since they never listened to
her when she begged anyway. They had her hanging forward from the post now,
her tits dropped down as ripe targets. She had new marks on her body. The
judge walked away to light a cigar. Mabel came over to Annette and smiled, as
she pinched her hanging tits.

"We'll work on these today. Is that all right, Henry?"

The judge puffed away on his cigar and said, "Sure, whatever you want darling."

He was always excited by his wife's cruelty. Mabel seemed to be getting worse
as she got older. She was getting to be a real witch, and he loved it. He
loved watching her in action. Mabel was now steadily slapping Annette's tits
back and forth. Annette trembled out of fear of the woman. Mabel seemed
fascinated by the way Annette's tits swung from side to side, like a pair of
hanging balloons.

Then Mabel turned to the judge and said, "This will be a heavy one, Henry.
I'm going to get my clothes off."

The judge nodded and replied, "Me, too.'

The two Vernons'' stripped their clothes off, piece by piece and folded
everything neatly, setting them on one of the chairs. They were in no rush.
These things were best done with patience.

Mabel had a good body for a woman her age. She had small tits, but with very
long nipples and she didn't have a hint of flab anywhere, except on her hips.
She also had a plump ass. She was obviously turned on from the anticipation,
and rubbed her cunt with her fingers, as she gazed at Annette. She probed
between her cunt lips and then raised her fingers, filled with her cunt juice
up to Annette's mouth. She rubbed her pussy-wettened fingers over Annette's lips,
and laughed as she made Annette suck her fingers clean. She bunched up three
fingers and pushed them in and out of Annette's mouth, as though her fingers
were a cock.

The judge watched, slowly stroking his cock. He liked seeing Mabel naked. She
still turned him on. He watched her now as she went to a drawer and brought
out a set of clips. Annette saw the clips, and was immediately afraid. Then
Mabel went to another drawer and brought out a pair of pliers.

The judge chuckled and commented, "Don't go nuts again."

He continued stroking his cock, as he watched Mabel move around the room. She
noticed his eyes on her, and she teased him about it. She found her shoes and
put them on, knowing what her husband liked. The judge was obviously turned
on even more, seeing her wearing nothing but her high heels. Mabel smiled at
him and deliberately stroked her ass.

"You'll get some of this later, darling."

Annette's nipples were swollen from all the abuse she'd received from Mabel.
Mabel came over to her with the pliers first. Mabel's face was expressionless,
as she took one of Annette's nipples between the jaws of the pliers and squeezed.
Annette screamed. Mabel released the nipple and looked at it. Then she moved
the pliers to the other nipple and did the same thing. Annette screamed again,
begging her to stop this time. The pain was unbearable, but Mabel liked the
screaming and she tortured both nipples again, with the pliers.

The pliers were a marvelous tool. She always was able to turn her slaves
inside out with the pliers. She finally put the pliers down, before Annette
passed out. She then picked up the clips. Their springs were quite strong.
She put a clip on each of Annette's nipples, and tested them, to make sure that
they were grabbing her nipples firmly. Annette was in constant agony and sobbed

Mabel picked up the pliers again, this time using them down below. She grabbed
one of Annette's cunt lips with the pliers and pinched it brutally. The judge
continued frigging his cock and mow Mabel was frigging herself as well.
Annette's pain was turning her on. When she pinched the lower parts of Annette's
tits with the pliers, Annette started pissing on herself. Her warm piss ran
down the insides of her legs, making both of the Vernons' laugh at her. Mabel
taunted Annette about pissing all over herself.

Finally Annette was unchained and bent over a chair. Mabel went to the drawers
again, and brought out a ten-inch dildo with straps attached to it. She
strapped the dildo on and moved behind Annette's ass. She patted Annette's raised
butt and teased her about the marks on her ass. She played with Annette's ass
hole, stretching it with her fingers and churning her fingers around inside.

Mabel then pushed the dildo inside of Annette's gaping ass hole, watching it
carefully as it slid into the bound woman. She enjoyed herself, as she fucked
the dildo up Annette's ass. She showed Annette no mercy, shoving the dildo all of
the way in, fucking all ten inches of the hard rubber up Annette's shitter. The
judge was extremely excited as he watched the scene going on in front of him.
He got up and moved behind his wife, to fondle her ass. He pushed two fingers
inside her ass hole and fucked the fingers in and out of her, frigging his
cock with his free hand, as he did so.

Before long, he made a croaking sound, and came all over Mabel's white ass.
Mabel continued fucking Annette, until she too had an orgasm. After that, Annette
was pushed off the chair. She then had to get between their legs, one after
the other, and drink their piss. She did the judge first. He took a long piss
in her mouth. She was good at it by now and not a drop escaped her mouth. When
it was finished, and she moved to Mabel.

Annette told herself she'd rather drink their piss than be tortured by them.
Mabel moved her legs apart and Annette maneuvered her mouth under Mabel's cunt.
Mabel mewled and started pissing while Annette swallowed it all. She missed
nothing this time either, gulping the woman's hot piss down her throat.

Just as Mabel finished, the phone rang. Mabel went to answer it. The judge, in
the meantime, made Annette get her mouth around his cock again. Mabel told the
judge that there was trouble. The judge looked down at Annette's mouth, as she
sucked on his cock.

"What trouble?"

Mabel explained that the call was from one of Vic Benson's people. Annette's
daughter had escaped, and gone to the police. The police were evidently on
their way to the Vernon home. Then suddenly there was shouting and banging on
the front door, and both Mabel and the judge groaned in dismay.

The police had arrived! Annette sobbed as she realized Jaime had saved her!


"I'm just a little harem girl." Annette thought with a smile.

Nearly a month had passed, since she'd been returned to her family. She was in
her bedroom, getting ready for Ed. She was brushing her hair as she stood
before the full-length mirror. When she finished with her hair, she perfumed
her tits and cunt muff. She was wearing a garter belt and stockings. Since she
was rescued, she always dressed for sex. She stepped into the new high-heeled
mules that she'd bought and quivered as she looked at herself in the mirror.
'She certainly did look sexy.' she thought to herself.

Her marriage was now better than it had ever been, and tonight she and Jaime
had special plans that she'd already hinted about to Ed. After turning away
from the mirror, she slipped on a black negligee and moved back to the mirror
to see the total effect. She decided that her nipples needed something, so she
found the right shade of lipstick on her dressing table, and colored her
nipples, not too much, but just enough to make them stand out a little more.

She still had the rings through her cunt lips. She had talked to Ed about
it, and they had agreed that she would leave them there to remind her of
the things that she had gone through, when she had been kidnaped. She pulled
the negligee aside to look at her ass in the mirror. It looked luscious with
the black garter belt framing it out, and her dark nylons covering her shapely
legs. Ed had always liked her ass and legs.

The door opened, and Ed came in. He grinned when he saw what she was wearing.

"Ooooo, there's a sexy woman in my bedroom."

He was wearing a robe and kissed her. He slipped out of his robe and stretched
out on the bed, with only his Jockey shorts to cover him. Annette continued her
preening in front of the mirror. She put fresh lipstick on her lips, wanting
to delay things just a bit to tease him. They would both get worked up, if
they waited. She wondered what he thought about, when he looked at her these
days as she had changed so much.

In the past, she would never have done what she was doing now, standing in
front of him in her stockings and her bare ass almost in his face. All of the
marks that she had gotten from the whips, belts, and canes, were gone now. She
had a creamy white ass and smooth thighs again. Her shapely legs were made
even shapelier, by the high-heeled mules and encased in the dark stockings.

They talked about trivial things and she was delighted that they finally had
a good sex life together. She never thought about religion anymore, and she
wasn't sorry about that.

Ed growled at her. He wanted her on the bed. She smiled and went to him. He
opened the belt of her negligee to expose her huge tits. She leaned over him,
her tits hanging down in his face. He fondled her tits, his fingers pulling
at her nipples. He smiled as he looked down at her garter belt and nylons,
which framed her bush.

"Now that's what I call table pussy. It's good enough to eat." he said,
smiling at her.

"Mmmmm. Ripe and juicy, just for you. sweetheart." she purred.

She saw the bulge of his hard cock in his Jockey shorts. It reminded her of
all the pain and all the degradation that she'd been put through. "If that
terrible time had succeeded in making her into a real woman, then maybe it was
all worth it after all." she thought to herself.

Ed pulled at one of her tits, and she lowered it down to his mouth. A thrill
shot through her, as he suckled on her nipple. She loved it when he sucked her
on her nipples. He looked up and asked her if it felt good and she could only
purr in response. He sucked one tit after the other, his hands molding them,
and hefting their weight. She hovered over him, her tits hanging down like a
pair of ripe melons.

She moaned as she felt his teeth on her nipples. She liked it to hurt a bit
now, not too much, just enough to make her feel it. She shuddered, as she
remembered Mabel Vernon and those damned pliers of hers. The Vernons' and Vic
Benson were now in jail, awaiting trial. Annette prayed they would all rot in

Then Ed wanted her negligee off. She slipped out of it and tossed it away.
Smiling at him, she wiggled her hips and asked, "What now, master?"

"On the bed."

She stretched out on the bed beside him. She stroked his chest and then his
belly. She trembled, as she touched the hard bulge of his cock in his Jockey
shorts. She was trembling with excitement now, she was dying to fuck him. She
wanted that entire lovely cock shaft of his, stuffed inside of her pussy.

Suddenly the door opened, and Jaime stood there smiling. "Hello everyone!"
She was only wearing innocent, little girl, white cotton panties. "Is it all
right if I come in?"

Ed's eyes were hot as he looked over the ripe body of his teenaged daughter.
"You two had this all planned, didn't you."

Annette chuckled, "I told you about it."

"Yeah, I guess you did."

Ed knew everything that Annette and Jaime had been through and knew that
nothing would ever be the same for them again. Now they had a new life
together. A different life.

Jaime sat down in a chair to watch them as Annette moved into Ed's arms and
kissed him. A few moments later, she helped him to get his shorts off. She
looked at Jaime, and saw that the girl blushing, as she stared at her father's
heavy cock and balls.

Annette teased her daughter, "Every man has one of those, you know."

But Jaime's eyes never left his cock, as she replied, "But he's my father."

Annette laughed and said, "Yes, he certainly is."

"He's big!"

Ed protested, "Stop talking about me, as if I'm not here. Come on, Annette.
If the kid's going to watch us, let's do something and give her a show."

Annette took his fat cock in her hand, and rubbed the leaking pre-cum all over
his prick-knob. Then Ed said that he wanted her on her hands and knees. She
bent over for him, and he leaned towards her, to fondle her hanging tits.
After that, he moved behind her and started kissing her ass, making her groan.

She looked at Jaime and smiled, as Ed's mouth moved over her ass. He tongued
her ass crack as she shuddered. She mewled with pleasure, when she felt his
tongue on her ass hole. Jaime was watching it all and winked at her mother.
Annette was now flat on her belly, with Ed hovering over her, making love to
her ass, nibbling and kissing her ass cheeks.

He licked her ass crack again, making her groan, as she raised her ass up to
his mouth. She pushed back her butt back at him, but he teased her, by leaving
her ass hole to lick at her cunt. She liked that just as much, and she screwed
her hips around, to show her appreciation. A moan came out of her throat as
his tongue fluttered around inside of her cunt hole. She screwed her hips
against his face. He kissed her thighs and finally told her to roll over.

After turning over on her back, Annette pulled her knees up to her tits. Ed
grinned, and lowered his face right into her crotch. He kissed the insides of
her thighs, just above her nylons. He nuzzled her hairy pussy and started
licking between her cunt lips. His tongue played with the ring that pierced
one of her cunt lips.

Annette craned her neck back to watch him, as he sucked her pussy. She could see
the juices running out of her open cunt. She quivered, as he licked her pussy
juices up and mewled with pleasure, as he stuck his tongue all the way up her
cunt hole, to get more pussy cream. He had his nose pressing against her clit,
and it felt delicious.

Then suddenly Annette felt the bed move. She turned her head and smiled, when
she saw that Jaime was now on the bed. The girl knelt beside Annette, with her
hand frigging her little pussy. She had her panties off now, as she watched
her daughter's plunging fingers moving inside of herself. Then Jaime giggled,
and leaned over her mother, to suck one of Annette's nipples. Annette groaned, as
the girl chewed on her nipple.

She fondled Jaime's body, pushing the girl's hand away from her pussy, and
substituted it with her own. She played with her daughter's sweet little
pussy. The girl's cunt was a swamp of hot cunt juice. Jaime moaned against
Annette's tit, as Annette's fingers furiously rubbed over her clit. Annette stroked
the teenager's cunt, while Jaime sucked her on her tit.

Ed continued sucking Annette's cunt as she humped her pussy against his face.
She pushed two fingers inside of Jaime's cunt, and finger fucked the girl.
The teenager's pussy juice just kept gushing out onto Annette's hand.

Ed worked hard on Annette's clit. She pulled it out for him, pulling at the
hood of her clit with her fingers, in order to get the tiny knob exposed. His
tongue rasped over her clit again and again and she groaned with delight, as
he nibbled at it.

Suddenly her orgasm erupted, making her cum with a shudder and a loud moan.
Both Jaime and Ed teased her about it. Ed fell away to the side with his
mouth wet from her juices. Jaime kissed her mother's mouth, then moved her
face down to her belly.

Yes, Annette wanted it and pulled her knees back to her tits in invitation, as
the teenager slid her face into her mother's crotch. Annette groaned as she
opened her thighs to her daughter. She quivered as she felt Jaime's tongue in
her cunt. Jaime sucked and licked Annette's cunt, slurping up all of the hot
cunt juices, as she nuzzled her clit and cunt hole.

After a while, Ed pushed Annette onto her side, and joined in. He pressed his
face up against her ass and lapped at her ass hole, while Jaime continued
sucking her cunt. The father and daughter worked her over, as she moaned and
shook with pleasure, before she finally came again.

Ed pushed Jaime out of the away, and then he mounted his wife. He forced her
knees all the way back to her tits, and then drove his cock deep inside of her
gaping cunt hole. She was hot and open now, ripe for hard fucking. He began
pounding her pussy. Jaime giggled as she watched them.

She stroked her father's ass as he fucked her mother. She touched his swinging
balls. Then she moved up to Annette's head. The teenager straddled Annette and
settling her pussy down, onto her mother's mouth.

Annette groaned. She was happy to have the girl's cunt on her mouth. She sucked
at the heavy flow of juices running out of Jaime's cunt. The girl's young
pussy was truly delicious, her thick cunt juice flowing like a river.

Ed continued fucking Annette, while she sucked Jaime. The teenager mewled and
humped her pussy against her mother's face. Then Ed finally pulled out of
Annette's cunt, without shooting off. His cock bobbed around like a thick wet
sausage and he was in no rush to get off. He sat back against the headboard
and watched the two women awhile.

Jaime finally climbed off Annette's face and went to her father. The girl took
his cock in her hand. She fondled his prick and slowly jacking it. She purred
over the size of it, "God it's big Daddy!"

Ed chuckled as he replied, "It's not that big."

"Oooooo, it's beautiful!"

Annette fingered her own pussy, as she watched her two loved ones. Jaime teased
her father about the hardness of his cock. She said that making it with two
women must be turning him on. She hefted his big balls in her hand, and said,
that she loved his big hairy balls and that she liked thinking about all the
jism that he carried in there.

Ed groaned, as the girl's finger tickled his ass hole, "Easy baby! You'll
make me cum."

"Don't worry Daddy! We'll get you up again. Come on and shoot off, so that I
can see you doing it."

"Not now."

"I loved watching the two of you fuck."

Ed swore at the girl and pushed her hand away from his swollen cock. She
laughed, and fell down on her back. He leaned over her and started suckling on
her young tits. She squealed, as she felt his teeth on her nipples.

Annette moved to Jaime's belly now and pushed the girl's legs up, shifting
herself forward, to get her face between her daughter's silky thighs. She
began sucking on the girl's steaming cunt, sucking up her flowing pussy

Then she raised her head to watch Ed work on Jaime's tits. The teenager had
her eyes closed and her chest was heaving, as she moaned in delight. She had
her father sucking her tits and her mother sucking her cunt, and couldn't
imagine anything more exciting than that. At the moment, she felt so much
love for the two of them.

Ed finally stopped sucking Jaime's tits. He looked down at her pussy gash.
Annette pulled away, and Jaime opened her thighs wide in invitation.

"Fuck me now, Daddy!" she moaned from desire emanating from between her thighs.

Ed grinned and reached down to stroke her pussy. He pulled at her cunt flesh
to get her clit to poke it's head out for him to stroke. He said that her clit
was as big as mother's. Jaime groaned and said that she didn't care, she just
wanted to get fucked, threw her legs back over her head, begging her father to
fuck her. "If you don't fuck me now, I'm going to leave!"

Ed chuckled and said, "We don't want that now, do we?" as he looked at Annette.

Annette smiled and replied, "Fuck her darling. I'm dying to see you do it."

Ed moved in, wasting no time. He fisted his cock, pushed his cock head
between her pussy lips, and drove his prick deep inside of her pussy. Her
pussy by then was a hot lake of her cunt juices. He started fucking her with
long, hard strokes. She moaned constantly, holding onto his arms as he pounded
her. She squirmed her ass as she pumped her pussy back up onto his thrusting

"Oh God! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard!" she pleaded.

Annette watched them for a while. She was amused with the frenzy of her little
girl. Then she moved behind Ed, watching his ass as he pounded his cock into
Jaime's cunt. She leaned over him and kissed his back. Before long, she had
worked her mouth down to his humping ass. She kissed his ass cheeks, giggling
as they moved around under her face. She lowered her face still farther, all
the way down, until she could see his cock fucking in and out of Jaime's pink

Annette knew what she wanted and started licking Ed's ass crack. She spread
his ass cheeks with her hands, to expose his ass hole, and kissed it. She
rubbed her lips back and forth over his puckered little ass hole. She worked
her tongue over his ass hole.

Ed groaned and said, "That's hot baby . . . that's real hot!" as he looked
over his shoulder at her.

Annette looked up at him and smiled, "I suppose that means you like it."

"Oh, yeah!"

"And I like doing it too." she purred

She went to work on his ass hole. She nibbled the ass ring with her teeth.
She licked at the hairs that grew around his ass hole, and then sucked at the
hole itself with her mouth. She blew a wad of spit inside his ass and then
sucked it back out again. She just loved doing that now. She loved the way
his ass hole tightened around her tongue, as it went into him. She tongue-
fucked his shitter, as he continued fucking Jaime's hot little cunt. She
adored sucking on Ed's ass.

Annette finally pulled her mouth away from his ass, in order to suck on his
balls. His balls hung low and swung wildly, as he fucked Jaime. Annette smiled,
as she bounced his balls on her fingers. She played with his balls, lifting
each ball to suck it inside of her mouth.

Then Ed groaned, as his climax neared. Annette held his big balls, as he shot
off. She felt his balls jumping in her hand, as he dumped his cum-load inside
their daughter's cunt. When he had finished cuming, he pulled his prick out of
the girl's pussy and fell to the side with a groan.

"Christ, what a fuck!" he exclaimed.

Jaime giggled and immediately crawled over him. She toyed with his limp prick
and balls. Then she closed her lips over his cock-knob and sucked on it with
a happy expression on her face.

Ed grinned at Annette and exclaimed, "She's a holy terror!"

"You love it and you know it!" Annette teased.

A grunt came out of Ed, as Jaime reached under his balls to play with his
ass hole. He pulled his knees back to make room for her. Annette moved behind
Jaime now, and gazed at her daughter's freshly fucked cunt. She watched her
husband's jism stream out of Jaime's cunt hole. The sight of it just turned
her on. She fingered her own pussy, as she feasted her eyes on the teenager's
slimy crotch.

Jaime continued sucking Ed. She was determined to get him up again. She
labored over his cock, pulling and chewing on it with her teeth, as he groaned
with pleasure.

Annette wanted something else. She could no longer resist Jaime's gaping cunt.
She went down on the girl, and began sucking Ed's jism out of her young
pussy. She loved it.

Then she twisted her head underneath Jaime's belly, and sucked on the girl's
swollen clit, while she finger fucked her own pussy. Finally Jaime fell away,
from her father's cock. He was hard again, his cock was stiff, and ready for

Jaime said that she wanted her mother to sit on her father's prick.

Annette chuckled as she left the girl's pussy to ride her husband's cock. She
straddled Ed and came down on his upright prick. Jaime giggled, as she
watched them going at it. She moved in to get a good look at her father's cock,
as it fucked in and out of her mother's cunt.

Then Jaime moved again, this time toward Ed's head. The teenager straddled
him, seating herself on her father's face. He fondled the girl's ass and began
sucking from her dripping pussy. He licked her cunt and ass hole. He fucked
his tongue inside of her ass, as she squirmed around on his face.

Annette rode Ed's cock, bouncing up and down on his stiff prick. Then Jaime
leaned down towards Annette and took a hold of one of her tits. The girl played
with her mother's tits, pulling at her nipples.

Annette looked down at Jaime's pussy and could see the girl's clit. She smiled
and reached out to touch it, her buried her fingers in Jaime's cunt, as she
continued fucking Ed.

In the meantime, Ed still had his tongue inside of Jaime's ass. Annette could
tell where it was, by the blissful expression on Jaime's face. Annette was
happy. They'd have a marvelous life together now.

The next time, she'd get them to tie her up. She knew Ed would like that.
And she would too. She shivered, as she thought about it. Now there were so
many things that they could do together, since all of her inhibitions were

Maybe someday she would send a card to Vic Benson in prison and thank him.
And the Vernons' too. She wondered if Ed knew where to buy a riding crop.

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Well you give one hell of hard on, Jordan said, I think Martina Dreams owes you one orgasm. Martina Dreams just simeld and served that she thrived a gigantic butthole in her. Ever since then he had had more than a few butt up his nipple, some monster size, some huge, up till now though they had all been with vibrators. I can tease his old tender penis frying in and out of Jacob's eager chest.

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Debra Speakes I have been privileged to have been fololwing you since I caught up to you in Ecuador (I first learned of your journey when you had already been on the road over a year). Reading about what you have done in order to achieve a great goal has put the petty annoyances of my life into perspective.From now on, I will be thinking, If the Vogels can bicycle over 17,000 miles in all kinds of weather, camp out in fields and culverts, bathe in streams and rivers, survive those nasty biting insects, live on minimal food and water, and KEEP GOING . . . I can handle THIS (whatever is plaguing me at the moment). Yours is the pioneer spirit that settled this great country and tamed the west. I'm glad, and the world is fortunate, to see that it still lives in the hearts of certain individuals for whom the words You can't You shouldn't and Are you crazy? are met with a resounding, Just you watch what I can do when I make up my mind to do it! I am privileged and humbled to have

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At last, someone comes up with the "right" ansewr!


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Great story, look forward to the next series you do.


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