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Blackmailing a hot teenager
My first post, its a bit long and may be a bit wordy. Writing is not my strong suite, English is not even my 1st language. So constructive criticism welcome. Any suggestions welcome, I'm working towards at least 2 more parts.

Matt was standing behind the counter as usual checking out customers on the register when he heard the back entrance open and in came a young girl of about 14 or 16. She was very hot, full in the right places and blond. She was wearing short teasing shorts and a tight tank top showed a decent amount of cleavage. As soon as she entered their eyes locked for a second and then she moved over to the shelves and started looking at items.
Mat was not sure what to think, she was definitely jailbait. But she was very hot, even though her clothes were normal for that age, her body was so delicious looking. She had nice set of breasts from what he could tell and her ass was full and ready to be played with.

He shook his head and continued checking out customers. It was a small general store, and he was the only one working in it most of the time. He was in college and had many online classes so that he could work and support himself. The owner of the store didn't mind letting him stay in the shop most of the time, he was a hard worker and he was honest, almost nothing went missing when Matt was working.
The owner was an elderly woman, she was very kind, and she didn't like to spend as much time in the shop, so she let Matt do most of the work and was happy to pay him for it.

it was close to closing time and Matt checked out the last customer at the register and started looking around, he saw that the hot young girl was still there. She was between isles looking at condoms and lubricants. As soon as she realized that he was getting closer, she moved quickly to the toothpastes next to the condoms and bent over pretending to read their deion. Matt didn't want to disturb her, so he turned and went back to the register and waited.

A few minutes later, she came over, with a few everyday items. And set them on the belt. "Find everything alright?" "yes" she said in a bored voice. She looked like she didn't care much about people around her. Her tone and her expression pissed Matt off and he wanted to disarm her or surprise her. "No condoms today?" her face wiped around to look at him. "What makes u think that I buy condoms?" she said, part angry part fearful.
"Just that you were looking at them intently as well as the ky" he said while he was scanning items.
"But it’s ok; there is no law that says you can't look at condoms or lubricants. And I won't tell"
She looked at him suspiciously, she wasn't sure if she could trust him, but he didn't know anything about her, or so she hoped. So he can't really cause her any problems.
"I appreciate that" she said, not sounding appreciative at all.
"How r you parents by the way? I haven't seen them in a week or so." he said casually, she was shocked; she thought he didn't know her, she never went shopping with her parents and they almost never went shopping. But he was right, they were both gone for the last week and will be gone for another month because each had something important with their work out of state.
She realized that she hasn't answered yet and quickly said "oh they're fine, just busy with work" hoping that he didn't know they were gone for a while.
"r they back yet, I know your dad had a series of conferences and your mom was teaching a group of new hires or something like that" he said also casually but his insides were laughing hard from the looks on her face.
"n- no" she stuttered "they're not back yet"
"i c"
With the look on her face, he made a decision quickly, after glancing down quickly at those beautiful breasts.
"u know, I had a project for college it had to do with cameras, I learned how to make a camera and set it up with wireless. And my project was to make my own. And the owner was happy with the idea of extra cameras in the store without too much expense. It helps keep costs down when we know who is stealing and what they are stealing" he said conversationally noticing her face going white.
He was committed now and decided to continue
"Last week, I noticed that we were missing a few items so i went back and checked the videos and found the culprits, and every time the thieves walk in, I watched them live to see if they're taking anything.” He pointed at a small monitor mounted in a concealed way by the register that would give him quick view while working the register. “O sorry I’m rambling and i didn't even ask you your name" he looked at her expectantly, noticing how pale she was and worried her face was. "um it Emily", " hello Emily, I’m Matt" he said pointing at his name tag with the left hand and extending the right one to shake hers. Reluctantly she extended her right hand and shook his which he didn't let go of.
"Is that it for today?" he asked, holding her hand firmly and pointing at the items he ran through. She stood there not knowing what to do. She felt his thumb slowly caressing the back of her hand and tried to pull free but couldn't.
"Is there a problem?" he asked with a polite smile.
He knows, she thought and her mind was racing. "Um no, I have one more item" she replied shakily and weakly almost a whisper by the end.
She stuck her left hand in the front of her pants and dug inside and pulled out a small k y bottle. She placed it on the belt with shaking hand. He picked it up sniffed it and ran it through.
"What about the stuff from last week, and the week before that and before that? I counted the stuff you and your friend took and their price comes to at least $500 and who knows how much before I put up the cameras" he said with a straight face, there was no anger, just a matter of fact question.
"I’ll get you the money when my parents get back" she replied weakly trying to pull her hand out of his.
"I don't think so" he moved from behind the register still holding her hand and pulled her behind him. He went and closed both doors and flipped the signs to “closed” and pulled her back to the back room into an office. He locked the door behind them and sat on the desk next to a camera.

"Now, if I let u go, I don't have any guarantee that you'll come back or that you will pay anything. So, I will not allow you leave without holding something else over you that you cannot afford to leave with me, now strip" the last was a command with normal tone and his face was again plain no anger or happiness just a matter of fact as if they were still conducting business.

But she wasn't defeated yet. "What do you mean strip? I’m not doing anything for you; u just kidnapped a 15 year old minor and ordered her to remove her clothes. You’ll be arrested and sent away for a long time."
He picked up a remote from behind him and pointed at the mounted tv and turned it on. then he pressed a couple of buttons and to her horror, it started playing a recording from the floor of what just happened, he pressed something else and the isle where she was came in view and it showed her taking 3 bottles from the shelf and stuffing one in her pants and one under each breast in her bra.

"What the police will see is the video of you stealing the products, stuff you shouldn't even be looking at, plus all the stuff from before, I have them here on disks. So what will they believe? A bunch of videos showing you and your friend stealing, or your word saying that i kidnapped you and told you to strip?"
Her face was so white and fearful, he thought he pushed her too much, he expected her to pass out right there and then.

Then he noticed something new, a tear forming in her eye and flowing down her full cheek. It may have started with one, but it was a flood after that. She was fully crying now with tears flowing without check. Slowly she looked at him employing "please, I promise I’ll get you the money" she said slowly and weakly again.
"I know you will, and this will be my insurance."
He stood up and approached her. He held a breath, afraid of what he might do to her. He slowly moved one hand and placed it on her right shoulder and slowly slid it down. He moved it to her breast and inserted his hand between them. She could feel his fingers all over them and almost screamed. But within seconds, his hand was back out; in it was another ky bottle. He held it in front of her face then backed up looking at her.

She knew how much damage those videos would cause, but she didn't want to give him anything else to blackmail her with. He sensed a change in her demeanor and moved suddenly behind her and pulled down a green cloth that was hanging on the wall held by tape and staples. It covered most of the wall behind her. Then he moved behind the desk and pulled a digital video camera and a tripod and set them up to look at her and pulled the regular camera, which looked like a high quality one, digital, and pointed it at her and took a picture. She also noticed that the red light on the camcorder was on meaning that it was recording everything she was doing.

"Slowly take off your shirt" he said softly but still a command. And she didn't see a way out of it but first ”don’t you ever touch me again” she said braver than she felt. She slowly pulled up her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. Junior was already stirring in his pants. This may yet work out. He tried not to show excitement so his plan won’t be ruined. Her bra was red and it was full of the delicious looking breasts. He almost ran there and ripped it off and..... “Control yourself” he thought.

He took a few pictures moving around to take multiple pictures from different angles, then he handed her a tissue "dry your eyes" she did
"Now look at me and smile" it took her a little bit to get herself to follow that command. But she finally did.
"Put your hands around your breasts and squeeze them together while bending over a little bit" he said.

She didn't know why he wanted that, but she followed the instructions and he took a bunch of pictures while struggling to keep junior down.
"Take off your shoes. And then turn around and bend over while dropping your shorts slowly" she moved shakily, took her shoes off and turned around looking at the green background and unbuttoned her shorts. Slowly she bent a little and started to push them down. She heard the camera shutter again and again while she was doing that. She had a red thong on that didn’t cover her ass at all with just a small string between her cheeks. Now junior was fully awake and sniffing the air for a new catch.

When she stood up, she turned around; she took a step back when she realized that he was immediately behind her. He took another step closer and bent down, he put one hand behind her neck and pulled her head towards his and kissed her on the lips ignoring her discomfort and weak protests.

Then he stepped back smiling and she looked at him with anger and hurt and tears started to well up in her eyes. He quickly took a few pictures of that expression then handed her another tissue. "Smile, put your hands behind u and unclasp that bra and slowly let it fall down" he continued in the commanding tone.
That was the last thing she wanted to do, but she thought that she's almost there, so might as well get it over with. With trembling hands behind her she followed his instructions. Slowly those beautifully shaped pearls started to show and he was taking picture after picture. Junior was struggling to free itself from its restraints like a wild monster.

When he finished taking pictures, he stepped up close and she held her ground this time. He brought his head down slowly and stuck his tongue out and began to lick those pink nipples. She was shocked at the action, but even more by her own traitorous body's reaction, she was enjoying it, getting excited by it. Even when he started to lightly nibble on it, it sent waves of pleasure to the rest of her body. He was using both hands now massaging each one and sucking and playing with a nipple with his mouth.
She started to shake from anger and pleasure, anger at him and herself, the tears started again, but a moan escaped her lips every now and then, at which time he would look up and smile an evil smile.

When he stepped back, he took a few more pictures, focusing on her facial expression. "Turn around and slowly push your thong down with both hands and stay bent over"

Let me interrupt a little here, yes I know I’m getting to the good part, but a bit a background about Emily may help a little at this point. As stated earlier, Emily is 15 y.o., she had plenty of ‘boyfriends’ the poor bastards. She always teased them to the breaking point, and they left them with hard-ons in the most embarrassing situations. She played with herself a few times, but could never achieve a good release. She had only one orgasm that was very small and didn’t last that long. So she always took her frustrations out on any male she can. She knew she was hot, and she used her body every time she could. Now this situation was totally overwhelming in so many ways that slowly her brain was shutting down and her animal instincts were taking over. She didn’t watch that much porn either; actually it was about 1 and half videos and she was interrupted in the middle and had a hard time finding a private chance to watch them again.
Back to the important part.

She followed orders and ended up with her ass in the air split open showing both of her holes. He had been clicking faster than ever. Taking picture after picture from all angles, he came up so close that the camera almost touched her pussy. "Stand up and turn around"
She did, and he took even more pictures. Then he set the camera down and came close again and kissed her, this time she didn't resist. She felt drunk and unreal, hoping this was a dream/nightmare she'll wake up from any second. He slid slowly down to his knees touching every part of her on his way down until he ended up with his face in front of her bald pussy.
He sniffed experimentally and liked it. He brought his tongue to her clit and started licking. It was a better than she ever dreamed, she had played with herself many times, but this was different. Moan after moan escaped her lips, she even put a hand on his head holding him there trying to get as much pleasure as she can.

She had played with herself a few times, but never achieved something that great. And she never let any male come near her like that. She just teased all the boys and enjoyed watching them suffer.

She was almost at climax when he stepped back and stood watching her. She was shocked. "Why did you stop!" she asked pleading. Then realizing what she just did, she gasped and put a hand on her mouth looking bewildered/astonished at herself.
"I thought u didn’t want me to touch you" he said smiling and looking at her taking a few casual pictures. "So do you want me to continue?" he asked with a smile. She stood there completely confused, she didn't want anyone touching her, but he was making her feel so good she still feels him down there.

Slowly after what seemed like an eternity, she nodded her head. his smile widened and he stepped closer, first putting a hand on her back and kissing her and this time she returned it; she even wrapped her arms around him and started using her tongue.

He slowly drew back and started sliding down again, her anticipation of the pleasure was so great, that her pussy was drooling pretty hard and at his lightest touch, waves of pleasure were sent through her whole body. It wasn't long before her back arched and she had a very strong orgasm while still holding his head with both hands to her pussy.

Her orgasm was so strong she almost passed out. He stood holding her in one arm and when she stabilized a little he stood back and took more pictures of the new expression of ecstasy.
He stepped closer and turned her 90 degrees and he faced her; he put one hand down and unzipped his pants and looked at her. It took her a second to understand and she slowly went down to her knees and put her hand through his zipper and fished out his 7" dick more commonly known as junior.

She had never been this close to one and never touched one before. It looked strange, and the colors didn't help, but she was too excited and she knew this guy can make her feel even better if he wanted. So she decided to put him in a good mood if she can. Not that she was rationalizing anything, it was all instinct; she wanted to feel good, and regardless of what the brain was telling her about being raped, she was just an animal in heat at the moment.

She started stroking his dick slowly with one hand, not really sure what she is doing, he had his camera in his hand again and was taking a bunch of pictures.
"Put it on your cheek" he said softly as if stealing himself. He was very excited already and was happy that this bitch had lost it and was following all his commands. She did as she was told and put it on her cheek, he took a few pictures; she started moving it all over her face, pausing for him to take pictures until it rested on her lips.
Slowly she stuck her tongue out and started running it along the shaft. It didn't cause as much pleasure as the fact that itself. He had this stuck up bitch running a tongue on his dick he was getting close and wanted to get more. He set the camera down. "Open your mouth and make sure you use your lips not your teeth" he said. And he pushed his dick in her mouth slowly. It was wet and warm and her beautiful lips were on his dick. He kept on sliding until he reached her throat and not wanting to break the spell, he didn't push too hard or too far. He started sliding in and out while holding her head with both hands. She was slowly getting the idea.
He pulled out, "lick it like an ice-cream cone." and she started licking it like he said, he was feeling better and better. He stopped her, lay on the ground, and had her lay on top of him in a ‘69’ position. She was kind of reluctant at first but then her instinct kicked in again and she put her mouth on his dick and started playing with it.
She gasped when she felt his tongue on her pussy; it was somehow better than last time. He was pushing his tongue in and playing with her pussy lips. Every now and then, he would play with her clit with his lips tongue and teeth. She almost flew when he licked her other hole.
That was a new experience and somehow it felt really good. He was at it for about 5 minutes when she came with his dick in her mouth. She felt really good about it that it made an unconscious mental image in her mind "blow job = pleasure" every time from there on, she would get very wet giving blow-jobs. It wasn’t long after that that he came in her mouth giving her a new shock. He was still playing with her other lips when he came and she didn’t want to move so she kept his dick in her mouth and took it all. “Don’t swallow yet, keep it in your mouth” she heard him say. She did like he said and reluctantly got off of him. He stood up with junior in a semi-awake state. Her eyes never left it until he was back with the camera standing in front of her. “Open your mouth and show me the cum on your tongue”. She wasn’t sure about why he wanted to take a picture of that, but she obeyed. She noticed that junior was already fully awake and moving around excitedly.

He took a bunch of pictures then he had her lick her own juices off his face; that was also a new experience for her, she never tasted herself before and for some reason she liked her own taste, not so much his.
When she finished, he had her lay on the desk. "this is going to hurt at first, but i promise you that you'll forget that pain later on, do you understand?" he said and the doubt was back in her mind again, this time she woke up and understood what was going to happened, she was going to lose her virginity and all the guy teasing she had done was about to back fire on her.
She was scared especially since it wasn't on her terms. Before she could think for too long, he had the camcorder pointed at her pussy from the side so he could capture it all on video, and he had another one on her face to capture her expression. He didn't hold any camera in his hand; he wanted to enjoy this without any distractions.

She was on the desk with her ass at the edge. Her knees pulled back. She was already fully wet and he set his dick on her pussy, "please don't" was the last of her reserve. Which he ignored, he slowly pushed his dick inside holding both thighs with both hands, he encountered resistance and looking in her eyes, he smiled and evil smile that was quickly replaced by a regular smile. She thought she imagined it. She didn't have time to think about it though, even though he was only an inch or two in, she had started feeling the pain little though it may be. Then there was a sudden movement followed by a lot of pain. He had used the thighs he was holding and pulled her towards him while pushing himself in. her scream was deafening; it was one giant ball of red angry pain for her and she felt as she was about to die. Then the pain dropped as soon as it had started. He wasn't moving either she realized, he was waiting for her to recover. When she stopped sobbing, slowly he started to move, watching her eyes and face to measure her reaction. Problem was, he was close to cumming and was worried he won't have time to break her in properly so that she would be a willing slave.

But his worries weren't founded. Her pain slowly turned to pleasure and the remaining pain added to the pleasure. He was moving constantly in a slow rhythm going deep every time, her face which was contorted with pain at the beginning was slowly turning to that of ecstasy.
He moved one hand and wiped off the remaining tears off of her face and cupped her face with that hand until she slowly smiled. He slid the thumb in her mouth and she started licking and playing with it with her tongue.
He was getting very close now and didn't want to go inside her just yet, that required preparation. So, he slowly pulled out, pulled her towards him gently and took her off the desk and sat her in a chair, used a paper towel to clean the blood and other juices off his dick and put it next to her lips, at which point she took it in her mouth right away and started sucking it hard, since he was close already, it didn't take a few moment and he was spaying in her mouth. She gagged a bit but she looked up at his face and swallowed. He had her use mouth wash after that to get the taste out and she was grateful for it.
He put her on the floor this time and lay on top of her and went inside again, this time, his hands were holding hers.

He was young enough and fit enough to continue right away, as soon as his dick touched her pussy, it was standing at attention and ready for a third round. This time she matched his rhythm and was experiencing pleasure once more but it was different, it was a greater pleasure than ever before, the deeper he got the more she loved it. He started to pick up speed and she stopped moving afraid of ruining his rhythm. He was at it for 5 minutes straight when she had the strongest orgasm she had ever had. He stopped when he felt her convulsing, but then continued moving slowly, using one finger to play with her clit at the same time to drive her orgasm even further. She almost passed out from it, she was totally weak and spent from how violent it was.

As soon as she finished, he let her catch a quick breath and was at it again, this time changing his rhythm, moving in a bit of circular motion, speeding up and slowing down and so on, he was trying to reach and rub every single part of that pussy as if marking it for himself. Then he pulled out, put her on all four and went at her doggy style. Again he didn't stick with one rhythm, but he did focus on driving his dick in as far as he can and that position gave him that opportunity. It wasn't long before she had another orgasm, not as violent as the previous one, but close, and it was the same amount of pleasure. Again he waited for her, and then continued as a piston. This time, he was doing it for himself. She had her turn he thought. He was grinding and going at it very fast, she came again pushing him to the limit, he pulled out at the last second and sprayed all over her back and ass.

the mental strain was a bit much at this point, and he still had other things he needed to do, so he moved a finger teasingly around her asshole slowly moving it around in circles and pushed it in till the first knuckle, at which point her head came up and she turned around looking afraid. "Not today, but next time, I’ll play with it" he promised.
"Next time?" she asked, "what, u don't want to do this again?" he replied. She stood up started to clean herself with difficulty since the sticky stuff was on her back. "Well I didn't like it that much" she said in a small voice with her head looking back away from him. "Say that again, with a straight face while looking in my eye" he said calmly. She hesitated, turned and looked him in the eye and she couldn't speak. What could she say, she had just been raped, but it was the most pleasure she had. Still, he humiliated her, took pictures and videos of that humiliation and he is standing there taunting her. She wanted to scream. She loved it and hated it.
“It was ok I guess.” She answered finally.

“Ok? I remember how many times you had an orgasm, and we have a video of the fact.” He was enjoying this too much he thought. She was struggling; she couldn’t admit that she liked the rape. But she did like it.

“So, Friday night, I’ll come to your place and we’ll get to finish what we started”
“Friday?” she said sounding disappointed it will be that far away. Then she realized again what she said and did so changing tact at top speed “what do u mean come to my house and finish what we started. You started this and you said it’s only so that I would pay you back, I’m not doing this again”
“Oh but you will; and you will beg me to do it. You will bend over, naked, stick your ass towards me and beg me to fuck it hard”
“Never” she replied, again braver than she felt. In her mind, she was hoping that he would just put her on the floor and do it all over again right here and now; “that orgasm felt so good” she thought. But she couldn’t let him hold something like that over her; she wanted him to beg her.
She was fully dressed by now, her hair disheveled.
He stepped up close and bent down with his mouth and inch from hers. She was waiting for him to kiss her, with her eyes automatically closed and her lips pouting slightly to meet his and almost standing on tip toes. But to her disappointment, she didn’t meet his lips and to her horror she heard the camera shutter.
She opened her eyes immediately. And there he was putting the camera down and laughing very hard.
He even doubled over holding his sides with his dick still standing at attention, somehow pulling her towards him.
She struggled a lot hoping he would stop laughing. It would’ve been better if he did rape her in her ass right now than all this laughing.
“So, Friday it is and next time after that, I’ll probably have you bring your friend with you, u know, the other hot girl that was stealing with u”


Thanks for reading, let me know if its good or not, what i should emphasize/ focus on. I'm just starting on 2nd part and a few more stories.

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2017-01-22 12:40:15
It's a good one, a really erotic story make the age 16 at least next time. BEAUTIFUL


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Good reading except for the uses of "u" and "c", please don't use them in story writing

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Did you write this from your phone. Don't be such a dumbass and stop using text code.

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He was spaying in her mouth? What, does she have a dog in her mouth and he wants to fish out it's uterus and ovaries? Please pay attention to spelling and punctuation. And PLEASE don't use "u" "c" or such.

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Change the age to 16 before they take it down.

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