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I was still horny and needed Tim's mouth just one more time...LOL
Tim definitely had a look on his face that told me he enjoyed being my little cock whore! My mind was swirling with ideas. That 10 minute suck that Tim performed on me had taught me a lot about where he was coming from. He had definitely drifted into his own world when he was down on his knees between my legs looking up at me, my stiff pole waving in his face, my testicles hanging only inches from his mouth.

Surely, he saw the look on my face, demanding to be pleasured…with his mouth…LOL! I know my eyes glazed over when he got down there and I know I got exceptionally hot seeing the submissive look on his face…and, with all that, he WANTED to obey!

How on earth could he actually take my lusting cock into his mouth? After he got on his knees under the dash board, I had turned arrogant and demanding but he still went through with it. Wait a minute! He enjoyed my arrogance. He enjoyed my forcefulness, my cocksure attitude that he was going to suck my cock…or else!

How could he enjoy my holding his head with both hands and guiding his every move so it brought me maximum pleasure? How could he allow himself to be used as my fuck toy, anyway I wanted even up to forcing him to eat my spurting orgasm. He actually told me “it was “fantastic”! Shit, there really must be a God! A God who takes care of all of us…me the lusting barbarian and he, the little cock loving wimp who needed a guy to fuck him. I’ll bet Lynn would have laughed at him if she could have seen what he just did for me!

I stared at him while stopped at the red light. His face was slightly flushed. He looked healthy and happy. The light turned green and I continued on down Short street. “How did it taste”?, I asked. “It is really weird stuff”, he replied. “It’s thick and really warm. It surprised me how warm it is and how creamy”. My dick began to swell. “I think I can feel the sperm swimming up my nose”, he said. “It feels funny”. I laughed and explained there are millions of live sperm in his mouth so I wouldn’t be surprised if they swam up his nose. I said, “thank God those sperm aren’t in Lynn”s cunt, I’d be a father in a few months”. “Shit”, he said, “you used my mouth like Lynn’s cunt. Did it feel the same”? “No, your mouth feels a lot different than a girl’s box…your mouth and tongue are much better…I loved the licking when I came. Your mouth kept going while I was shootin off. A girl’s cunt doesn’t do that. I got a lot more cum out in your mouth”, I explained. I thought to myself that it had something to do with the added pleasure of his tongue intensifying my orgasm by licking the shaft and head and his hand massaging my testicles, all at the same time.

By now, my dick was stiff. The tent was back up between my legs. I knew I had to ejaculate at least one more time before I let my little cock whore go home. I said, “look at this…I’m ready to go again”. He looked at my crotch and I could see the look of desire in his eyes. He knew he was again the object of my lust and he immediately became totally submissive. Why didn’t Lynn do that? Why didn’t she melt when she knew I wanted to have my cock sucked?

He maintained his distance from me as I had instructed but he reached out and gently felt the head of my stiff dick through the sweat pant material. He gently rubbed the head. I wanted to cum. I wanted his mouth down on it right now! The problem was I was still driving. Now what the hell was I going to do…I needed to get sucked right now!

My heart was pounding in anticipation and my vision was getting blurry. I told him to lay down with his head in my lap and get out of sight of the other drivers. My car was big and he was pretty small so I figured he could hide right there and go down on me while I drove.

He laid down as I told him to do and flattened himself on the seat. The problem was I couldn’t drive while I was about to get a blow job. I could feel the loss of concentration on driving and the immediate loss of control of the car. I hit the curb while I was looking down at his face, lips already searching out my cock. He wanted to suck! Fuck! How could he do that….LOL!

I turned right on Walnut. Thank God, there were no houses for the first half of the block. There were a lot of trees on the empty lots so there was shade. I pulled over and stopped. I told him to sit up so I could lift up my ass and free my dick for his lips to suckle. I was creaming, my dick was hard and I was ready to fuck! I was going to fuck his throat again and he was going to take it.

I sat in the drivers seat and pushed the seat back from the steering wheel. I roughly grabbed his hair and forced his mouth down on my dick. Shit, I needed this right now! It had only been 15 minutes since my last orgasm in his mouth but our conversation and my imagination had raised my level of lust to “unbearable”.

I pushed his head up and down on my dick. I didn’t care if he choked or not. I thrust my hips upward driving my meat piston even harder into his mouth. He gagged opening his mouth wide. He tried not to vomit so I pulled his head up. “Sorry Tim…I couldn’t help myself”.

I pushed his head back down not allowing him to speak. This time, I allowed him to go at his own pace accustoming him mouth to my swollen prick. I was oozing cum which lubricated his mouth even more. He was sticking to his job and didn’t complain at all.

He pulled his head back lifting it almost to my chest and took the head of my cock in his mouth. I could feel him suckle, tongue swirling around the piss hole. He explored the deep circumcision ring under the head. He was driving me crazy licking. I grabbed his head and pushed it down while thrusting upwards with his hips. He actually laughed while choking on my sausage. He had discovered how he could get an intense response out of me and he liked it…just lick my piss hole!

He was beginning to enjoy being used like a rag doll. Every time he licked my piss hole, I erupted with a strong reaction usually forcing him down further on my fuck pole. He liked that!

It didn’t take long before I was cumming. I felt the pressure from my anus to the head of my dick. I was determined to make this fuck session last as long as possible. I wanted to make my cum spurt forcefully so I held it back letting the pressure build even further. The pressure was excruciatingly pleasurable but now the time had cum to feed my little cock whore. My heart was pounding, my eyes were blurry. I kept watching his head bob up and down in my lap. Worst of all, I could hear him slurping on every thrust. His mouth suctioning as my penis withdrew and a mouth fart as I pistoned back in again for another surge of pleasure.

My dick spit forcefully into his mouth. I yanked his head up so he could taste my syrupy pleasure. He swallowed the first spurt of my nasty issue. I forced his head back down so the second spurt shot down his throat causing him to choke. I pulled his head back up and shot off again on his tongue. I pushed his head sideways so I could see the reaction on his face. His eyes were glazed and cum was already being forced out of his mouth and was causing quite a mess on his lips and face. He was half swallowing and choking while sperm was squeezing from the sides of his mouth…LOL!

I thrust into his head towards his brain and released yet another thick spurt of warm liquid into his mouth. My balls felt like they were going to be pulled into my abdomen as they wrung every last angry sperm into the launching tube. He handled himself much better than the first time. For some reason, this second orgasm was much more intense than the first but he kept up very well.

I let him up so I could see his face. I wanted to see my vile semen on his lips and face. He looked pretty good for just having been seriously fucked my a lust crazed high school boy. I still him by the hair so I could get the right angle to fully appreciate what his puffy lips and slender tongue had handled my sexual assault on his mouth.

He was swallowing my sperm without complaint or any serious threat of vomiting. His stomach did heave a couple of times as he gurgled on the thick, spermy liquid. I loved it! J

I marveled at how well our team was going to play. I wanted to fuck his mouth and he wanted to be my submissive little cock whore. I couldn’t even imagine how that could happen, an eager cocksucker for my demanding dick!

He dropped his head back to my lap resting his face on my naked dick. I opened my leg and closed it over his forehead so I could pin him there immobile. My mind was racing! He was willing to do anything I wanted. What other nasty sex act could I make him perform for me? My thoughts were becoming more perverse as the minutes (literally) raced by. I couldn’t believe some of the disgusting acts I was conjuring up for him to do for me. I knew now that I was really going to enjoy learning how to handle him. He was the perfect student to teach exactly how I wanted to be orally pleasured.


2008-02-23 04:32:22
Much better then your first one, but drop the LOL's, they ruin the flow of the story. On the brighter side, I am now extremely horny!


2006-03-11 05:34:18


2006-01-02 16:57:59
Again, more!!!!!! 9/10


2005-04-22 20:24:46
you need to drop the (LOL) in the story. it just dont fit, otherwise, it is a hot, horny story, 9/10


2005-04-07 09:50:51
great story. and tinker9095, you can do me anytime baby.

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