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Looking down her blouse was the start of the biggest event in my life.
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I Looked Down Her Blouse

I hated changing schools yet again. This was my sixth high school in the last two years. My father changes locations like most men change their underwear. I get to stay in one place for maybe four months if I’m lucky. I have extra copies of my school reports, my medical records, and all of my other important papers. I have hard copies as well as having them on disc and a flash drive.

The best part, if there was one, was that we lived in fancy hotels all of the time, lived out of our suitcases, and ate out most of the time because room service usually sucked.

Since I never had time to get to know a girl the old fashion way, I had to be aggressive. That alone turned a lot of really nice girls off. However, at fifteen years old and in the tenth grade my hormones were raging. I didn’t have a choice.

I had developed a sense of what type of girl to look for. I was still a virgin but I could get most of the girls that I picked out to let me fondle their breasts and finger their pussies within a week or two.

The girl would be pretty much the girl next door type. They would be cute, have nice bodies, but they wouldn’t flaunt their assets. They would be good students but not overly popular.

Casey was that kind of girl. I spotted her in my homeroom class on the second day. It took that long because as a new student I knew the first day would be half shot before I even got to any of my classes.

Casey dropped her pen on the floor and we both went down for it. As she reached for her pen I looked down her blouse.

Before she stood up she looked at my face and it was quite obvious that I had looking down her blouse.

Casey asked, “Did you like what you saw?”

Now she said that in a very sarcastic way but I just smiled and said, “You have lovely breasts. I would appreciate seeing them again. Can I invite you to swim in my big indoor pool or soak in my large Jacuzzi? Maybe before we have a nice steak and lobster dinner.”

That caused Casey to smile and ask, “Does that include a shrimp cocktail and a bottle of Champaign?”

I looked down her blouse again because she leaned in closer when she asked that question.

Then I answered, “You can have two shrimp cocktails and a cherry cheesecake for desert but I can’t get you Champaign. I’m too young to buy it. Will you settle for a bottle of sparkling grape juice?”

Casey stood up and I did too, then she said, “Okay. Have your limousine pick us up after school.” As she started to walk away she said, “You better not be lying to me.”

I called the hotel and asked them to send a curtsey car to pick my date and me up. I also made reservations for two in the hotel restaurant later.

After our last class I rushed to her locker. She was standing there with two of her girlfriends. They were giggling but Casey was smiling as I approached. She bent over like the Japanese do but it was just to let me see that she had removed her sexy bra. That made me smile.

I offered her my arm and she took it. Her friends followed us out. I apologized about the stretch limousine and said the best I could do was the hotel curtsey car. She thought that I had a big fancy house somewhere. So on the way to the hotel I explained about my father, my high school transfers, and offered to put a new bikini on our room bill. I also told her about our dinner reservations.

Casey was impressed. She picked out a very nice bikini and then I took her to our suite of rooms to change. Casey was impressed.

When she emerged from my room I was already in my swim suite but she amazed me. That sweet innocent girl next door had just escalated up the ladder to gorgeous, glamorous, and a perfect ten. She had the best body of any girl I had seen. I had seen at least a dozen girl’s breasts.

I let out a soft wolf whistle and said, “Looking down your blouse never prepared me for your charms.”

Then I scanned down lower. The tiny bottoms cradled her pussy perfectly.

Casey blushed and said, “I used your scissors and razor. I haven’t trimmed down there since sunbathing weather ended.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll cherish you pubic hairs.”

Casey giggled and said, “They are wrapped in a tissue next to my panties on your pillow. Oh by the way I ate your pillow mint.”

Then she kissed me. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and I tasted the chocolate mint on her tongue.

When we broke the kiss she giggled over my erection. Then she said, “I’ll let you take care of that after our swim and dinner. Then I’ll be your desert.”

I had to ask, “Are you a virgin? I am.”

She looked shocked and said, “You’re kidding! A smooth talker like you and you’re a virgin too.”

I kissed her and said, “Yes, I’m telling you the truth. I’ve never seen a girl completely nude either. Oh, I’ve seen breasts and I’ve seen pussies but never everything all at once.”

Casey said, “Then you are in for a real treat.”

We headed out to the elevators and down to the pool area. There were only a few people in there but the men stared at Casey and their wives stared at my crotch, after all I was rock solid down there.

The cool water helped my cock go down but it made Casey’s nipples get hard. I liked that. We swam for a while then sat in the hot water for awhile. Finally, we dried off and headed up to my room to change for dinner.

She put her blouse and skirt back on with shoes and no bra or panties. Her bra was in her locker at school and her panties were on my pillow.

I looked over and saw that her wet bikini was lying on the tiled bathroom floor.

Dinner was everything that I had promised her. We took our deserts and her leftovers up to my room. Dad called to tell me that he would be out until midnight. That gave us a few hours to ourselves.

Casey called Billie, one of her girlfriends and asked if she could use her for an alibi. Then she called her mother and told her that she was spending the night with Billie. I just smiled knowing that she was spending the night with me.

My door got locked, we stripped out of our clothes, and then we stood there inspecting one another. My very first fully naked girl looked fantastic. She seemed pleased with her very first naked guy too.

The gap between us closed, we embraced, and we kissed passionately. My cock poked at her pussy and she giggle before saying, “I think he likes me.”

She took my hand and led me to the bed. She told me to get on my back in the center and then took control.

Casey said, “I’m fifteen, I started having periods when I was ten, and I’ve waited for this moment for five years.”

Then Casey slipped her pussy lips over my cock and gently forced it up into her in short strokes. She was very gentle for the next minute and then she started to pick up speed. She rubbed her clit up against my hard cock as she fucked herself on it. I had never thought that sex would feel that good. She had two orgasms before I had my climax. It was great.

We cuddled, we kissed, and we made love two more times that night. We made love once in the morning before room service brought our breakfast.

Casey and I spent every waking hour thinking about one another, being with one another, or with me inside her.

Four months later Dad dragged me off to another city where I had to start all over again.

I hated to leave her, however Casey sure had her choice of boys to pick from after me. I was surprised when she picked her Math teacher.

The End
I Looked Down Her Blouse
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