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Here's part 2 I suggest you read part one first enjoy
Woke up scared and in pain I wish none of this had happend
About 10min has gone by since I woke up and my dad walkes in I quickly shut my eyes and pretend I'm asleep he dose the same as he must of done last night I feel my legs parted and a dick go into my pussy "fuck yea I'm having. Sex with you wail your sleeping mmmmm that's right daddy's fucking your dirty pussy oh yea" I quickly open my eyes and he soon sees I did he forces me by my neck to stand up "GET ON THE BED LIL WHORE" "daddy please don't I'm sorry please just stop doing this""YOU ETHER ENJOY THE SEX OR IL MAKE IT AS PAINFUL AS EVER" I should just do as he says I clime onto the bed and he lays on "RIDE ME BITCH" iv learnt in sex ed all this stuff so I just do as I'm told at least I can enjoy it a little if I'm doing it "FUCK DADDY FASTER YOU AIN'T DOING IT RIGHT.........THAT'S IT IV HAD IT" he grabs my shoulder and shoves me out my door and into the bath room gets a pair of clippers "please daddy don't cut my hair please" "SHUT IT BITCH" he starts to cut my hair shoulder length badly I feel horrible now who I'm I as I'm standing forced into a sink I look at the mirror there's a big cut on the side of my face and cut on my lip and a black eye and now short hair who is this girl I see "NOW YOUR GOING TO FUCK ME RIGHT OR YOU WILL HAVE THE REST CHOPPED OFF " he dragges me by the neck back to my room and cos I do not want the rest my hair gone I do as he says "mmmm that's right fuck me faster slut" I just bite my lip even tho I like the feel if he knows that he will just carrie on"IM CUMMING DADDY....MMMM IS CUMMING" as soon after that I feel tingly and start to fuck faster I start to moan and as soon as he cums so do I few min after that "Looks like my sex toy enjoyed that" he pushes me off and I hit the floor after that the pain goes away agein
"Katie Katie wake up please" I open my eyes and I'm in a white room "Katie I'm sorry I hit you so hard you passed out I got you hear as soon as I seen you on your floor I'm so sorry"
"wear am I" "your in hospital you have a broken wrist and fracture to your head I'm so sorry and why the heck did you do that to your hair I found hair all in the bathroom why would you cut your hair so short"
"you cut my hair I I begged you not to but you did I hate you" he ran out the room crying so fast I hardly seen it
In the 4 days I was in hospital I hardly seen my dad he come in the room placed new clothes on the chair and went home
I was finally realised and sent home in a taxi when I got home I opened the door and my dad was up stairs smashing some think I put my bag down and ran up stairs he was in my room as I got in there my mattress was on the floor and all my pictures was smashed up so was my window
"DAD WHAT R YOU DOING" I go over to him to try stop him but he pushes me on the mattress and starts to rape me "DADDY PLEASE STOP PLEASE YOU GOTTA STOP" SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LIL BITCH YOUR SO SELFISH MMMMM....I HAVE TO RAPE YOU FOR YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH ME" "daddy please stop" by now once again he's raping me hard and fast as he could.
This carried on for 5more weeks untill he stopped the drinking every time my hair was trying to grow back he cut it short I had more marks on me then a bashed in Barbie doll
I woke up on my mattress and my dad walked in probaly sober now I kept my eyes shut just incase I felt his finger poking at my legs wear his marks were at my rib cage were there was more marks,he touched my hair and then the black eye my cut lip I felt him bend over me and kiss me head I decided to pretend to wake up
"good morning Katie" i decided to give im a morning in a firm nasty tone "morning" "I know your mad just please forgive me here lay back"I was not going to fight any more I would only get hurt worse so I layed back,unlike every other time he started to lick my pussy "mmmm daddy" he licked round my soure hole then back to the lips and back to the hole "mmmm daddy faster"I pushed his head agents my pussy he licked round my clit "mmmm daddy....I'm I'm comming" I feel all warlm and amazing this is the best thing ever I tout I peed my self in daddy's face "sorry I peed on your face daddy" he started laughing "Katie that was not pee that was cum you squirt only amazing girls can do that and your amazing I love you please let me make it up to you""ok daddy" he came up to me and for the first time ever gave me a lovers kiss so much care and love in it felt like heaven,he started kissing down my neck then he got to my boobs he creased one at a time then started licking round my nipple and sucked "mmmm I love you daddy" "love you too princess" he licked slowly down my body and then my inner thighs he sat up and got between my legs and slowly this time pushed his cock in me,he started to go in and out first slow and soft be he picked up the pace a little at a time "mmmmm daddy fuck me harder mmm yea faster " I can tell he's enjoying it too he has his eyes closed and his breath is spreading up so is he"mmmmm daddy I'm cummmmmiiiinnnggg".....(sorry you did not like part 1 iv tried a little harder now I did say it was my first story hopefully they will get a lot better)

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2016-01-06 19:01:35
Fucking pathetic

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2013-11-24 20:09:39
I think your story is great just the grammar and misspellings are the problem. I dont want to be mean like all the jerks but this needs some editing. I think since you are 22 you can work on it. Like misspellings and the grammar and when you use dialogue you should press enter to go down and write who said it like my brother said. One time I thought it was the broter speaking, speaking of brothers the brothers have never done a thing. She and the father screamed a lot and it never said the door closed so maybe you should squeeze in the brothers. I hope that this will help. Again I am not trying to be mean.

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2012-09-08 03:33:41
Made me cum so hard All over my laptop and on my bed you are the best author ever keep writing more

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2012-08-22 09:14:30
I have read part 1 and now part 2...***AND IT ALL SUCKS***give this shit up ***AND DO IT NOW NOT LATER***...

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2012-04-04 18:38:33
Is this hw u write stories,go n learn mre.

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