Hey xnxx. This is my first time writing anything like this so bear with me.
Gene was enjoying his beer at a table with his friends at the bar he usually frequents. He was in his normal routine that he has when he’s there on a Friday night. Drink a few beers, joke with the friends, shoot some pool, and flirt with the girls. At a little under 6 ft and about 165 lbs, Gene was definantly the lady’s man. Though his light brown hair and brown eyes made him look like the average Joe. He wasn’t the gym going type, so he’s not built like a bodybuilder. But his light exercising has been enough to keep his body toned enough to be considered fit.
It was getting late in the night when Gene spots this young girl sitting by herself in the shadows. He thought he’d be bold and see if he can’t get a conversation going with her. Now his taste in women is very broad. He’ll flirt with just about any woman that doesn’t have a man already attached to her arm. But the ones he really loves are the slightly plump girls. And this one was just that. He guessed she was around 5’ 8” and possibly weighed around 200 to 215 lbs. She had short, dirty blonde/brownish hair. And he couldn’t be sure from the lighting of the bar, but he guessed hazel eyes as well.
“Hey there, can I get you a drink?” Gene says walking up to the girl’s table.
“Sure. How about a double shot of mind your own business with a twist of lime.” She responds. Shot down cold. But he couldn’t help smile at her witty comeback. He leaves, but returns about five minutes later.
“Sorry, the bartender said he doesn’t know how to make that drink.”
The woman looks up at him as though he has the nerve to return. “Look, I’m really not in any mood to have company right now, could you please bug some other girl?”
“All right, I can take a hint. I figured you’d like someone to talk to that’s all.” And he gets up and returns to his little group on the other side of the bar.
The bartender announced last call and after everyone finished off their last bottle or glass they began migrating to the exits. Gene bid his friends good night and walked half-staggered to his car. As he was unlocking his car, he heard a woman scream.
“Oh, come on babe, just a little kiss.” Apparently, somebody else is trying to pick up the girl from the table as she was getting to her car. He’s tried a couple times already to slip his hand up her shirt or in her pants.
“Hey, you heard the lady, leave her alone.” Gene interrupts.
“Why don’t you mind your own fucking business punk?” Said the woman’s aggressor.
“Seems like I just don’t know how tonight.” Gene smirks.
“How about I show you then boy?” The drunk charges at Gene and tries to tackle him to the ground but only manages to trip in a puddle on the way to him. Embarrassed, the drunk runs off to his car and drives off.
Gene knows a little martial arts and was prepared to use it if needed but was glad that he didn’t have to. The last thing he wanted right now is to get arrested for fighting outside the bar.
“Thanks.” The girl sighs as she looks at Gene. “Sorry I was so rude to you before. I’m Michelle.”
“Gene. Pleased to meet you. I don’t suppose you’d like to follow me to my house for a couple drinks?”
“I suppose it’s the least I can do to repay you from that jerk.”

At Gene’s house Michelle is finding that she’s actually enjoying his company and has even caught herself flirting with him as he flirts with her. Then she catches Gene completely off guard when she asks him “Truth or dare?”
Gene chokes down his drink. “Wha…?”
“Truth or dare?” Michelle asks him again this time intentionally slower and with a smirk on her face.
“Um, okay, truth.”
“Do you find me attractive Gene?”
Gene was stunned at the question, but quickly composes himself. “Of course.” Michelle smiled and took another sip of her drink as he asked her whether she wants to choose truth or dare.
“Truth.” She replies with a giggle.
With a devilish grin Gene asks “what are your sexual desires?”
Michelle just looked at him. “Seriously?!”
“Well” she begins to blush afraid he’ll find her fantasy silly. “I enjoy being submissive.” She finally said, in almost a whisper.
“Mmhmm. Anyways, it’s my turn. Truth or dare?”
The questions and dares went on for a while, getting more erotic by the turn. Finally, after a six pack of beer and some wine coolers, Michelle chooses dare, not that she wasn’t earlier.
“I dare you to be my slave for the rest of the night. I can do whatever I want to you and you will have to do everything and anything I tell you to do.”
Michelle was at a loss for words. “You want me to….”
Gene cuts her off saying “I want you to call me master for that is what I will be to you for the rest of the night. Understood?”
Michelle nervously replies “yes m-master.”
“Much better. Now, remove your clothes, except your panties. I’ll allow you to keep those for now.”
She did as she was told, removing her socks, shirt, pants and bra. She felt so vulnerable now and she was both afraid and turned on from this.
Gene looked her over. Her beautiful full breasts were easily a size DD and he figured she was probably about 38 to 42 inches around. Her waists had those love handles he loves so very much and her stomach showed a small pooch, as he likes to call it. Another thing he loves on a woman. Her hips were full, birthing hips. And he could tell by her translucent panties that she shaved before going out tonight. Talk about the idol of perfection in his eyes.
“Stay here.” Gene ordered and she did so obediently as he walks out of the room. He returns a few minutes later and tosses her a studded collar, one you might see on a rottweiler. “Put this on.” He commanded.
She looked at the collar and slowly put it on. It didn’t feel as uncomfortable as she thought it would and she found she was becoming really horny with it on. Gene attached a chain on the collar and without saying anything, yanked on it and began walking down the hall with her in tow.
He stopped in front of a door that leads to the basement and opened it, walking down the stairs. Michelle, not having much of a choice, followed him down. When they reached the bottom Michelle’s eyes went wide. There was a queen sized bed with an ornate metal frame at the center of the room and against the wall. On the wall opposite were a cabinet and a dresser. Beside the bed was a bed stand and on it was a set of hand cuffs. On the far wall she saw what could only be described as a hook imbedded into the wall. And at the foot of the bed was a chest with a lock on it.
Michelle was beginning to get wet at the possibilities that he might do to her in this room.
“Welcome to the Chamber slave.”


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fucking great story

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