My first story so give me some advice on it good or bad.
I could feel the pressure building so I started to lock everything down in my cave (I just made a front wall for it). Just as I shut the door something caught my eye. Its a sailboat about to crash into the reef a off the shore a little ways. Without even thanking I took off and dove straight into the water as I was coming up to the boat I almost forgot that the reef extended out this way. I hurried and swam around, just then the sailboat smashed into the reef and the ship almost split right in half. I took off even faster as I swam out to see if I could save anyone or if the died. I got closer and saw a girl trying to stay above the water but couldn't. Wen I got to her I dove down and saw she was tangled up in some rope so I took my knife out an cut the rope away. By this time she had sunk under the water but was still thrashing around as I tried to pull her to shore as I got to sure carried her up to the cave I was and sat her on my bed. Then shut the door and secured it behind me. That's when it hit me I was exhausted and fell straight to the floor right then.
The next morning I woke up to see the storm was gone and I was laying right next to the door. Then I remember the reck and rushed out to see if their was any other survivors. There were none. I buried the two other girls and the only guy I found. Then i went back to my cave and woke the women I rescued.
As I walk in the cabin she was just waking I asked her what her name was and
she said "Summer"
"My name is Wyatt Wayne Waltham and your currently on my island"
She looked at me like I was crazy then it hit her she ask "Where are my friends"
I told her about finding them and burying them. Thenn she ask if I could take her to them.
I told her "we need to eat first then we can go see the graves".
As we sat there eating I took the time to look at her. She was about 5ft 7in and had breast that made her bikini look way to small. She had a flat stomach and a ass to die for.
As we ate I tried to make small talk and found out she was from Florida and was sailing for her vacation and her 18 birthday. When we finished I took her up to the graves and she cried on my shoulder for her friends. As I let her cry on me I realized what she had lost and pity for her. She cried for over and hour there and then ask if we could go back to the cave I told her yes. As we walked back I checked some fish traps and snares there was only to fish and nothing in the snares.
When we made it back she said she was tired so I took her to my bed and went to leave then the last thing I expected happened. She asked me if I ant to sleep with herbal she would feel safer. I agreed and slid next to her under the blanket. As we slept I felt her move closer and closer with her butt rubbing up and done my now fully hard 8in cock she then did the unexpected. She slowly slid my trunks of and pulled her bikine to the side and put my cock to the entrance to her pussy. As she slowly pushed me father and farther into her I could feel her walls tight grip on me. She started rubbing herself while slowly moving back and forth. After about ten minutes I couldn't take it any longer. Pushed her onto her belly and started fucking her from behind. During this she never stopped rubbing herself. I was getting close to blowing that when she came I shoved as deep as I could and went straight into her womb and came hard. I filled her pussy up with so much cumulative that it was peeling all over her thighs and the bed.
She then rolled over and said "Thank you for saving me"
I looked into her eyes and said "Thank you for being my first"
"That was your first ?"
"Ya I've been out her for over a year and before unwashed always traveling with my father."
She stared at me for a while then Lerner up and kissed me. It was no ordinary kiss this kiss could set a room on fire. When we quite kissing.we drifted off to each others arms perfectly content.
As morning came we awoke to the sound of a helicopter. We rushed out side to see that there was a rescue crew looking for her.
I asked her his they fond her so quickley she said the must of got the mayday they were screaming through the radio and then picked up the distress signal that she sent off with the GPS system in the boat. They took us the the nearest occupied island and separated us.
That was the last I saw of summer a few weeks went by. I found out that my father died of alcohol poisoning, no surprise he was a drunk a rich drunk but a drunk. All his money was left in a will to me. I moved back our ranch in Oklahoma.
I was there for about three month's when it happens. I was checking out my reptiles. Yes I said it was a ranch but I didn't want to raise cattle so I sold the cattle and built barns for my dream of breeding genetically engineered reptiles. I got the call from my partner that I had company so I but done the newly hatched green anaconda that was crossed with a African rock python. It was the first of its kind. As I walked into the house I saw summer and then her parents. I then noticed summer was pregnant. She saw me looking and said its yours I looked at her and said really. Then she told me about trying to find me and how hard it was. After we talked and ate dinner. Her father asked me if I was financially able to take care of her and a bay I told him it would be easier then rescuing her. I then went on and told him that I make about fifty thousand every three months. He asked
"It will be easier to just show you all at the same time"
As I led them done the hall way I let them look through the class windows into the rooms that heals the tortoises and iguanas that aren't like most. When we got to the end of that hall way I enter the code for the security doors the first thing you see when you walk in is my animals I'm going to sell they look at all of them. I see summer looking at my highest security cage it is made into the ground and made of solid titanium and steel with a marshy environment enside. The room is the size of a decent size house. She ask what's in there I say "Wat I've been working on for a month and a half"
"What is it?"
"Its a twelve foot long green anaconda that is only a month old she was born at five feet long she is worth about 190 million to the government.
After looking at all the animals summer wasn't feeling very good so I took her to my room and put her to bed then I showed her parents the guest room and told them goodnight. I went back to my room cuddled up future wife summer.


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Sorry. Even if this was an original story, the spelling and punctuation is so bad, it is hard to read. Try again and check your work. This was bad.

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You are not only a fucking thief, but a shitty thief. Nice try, asshole. Remember this the next time you plagiarize; YOU WILL GET CAUGHT.

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