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I put the Maristranos bags on the counter in the kitchen and before I could open the cupboard to get out the plates, I was joined by my house girl, Angela, and her younger sister Theresa. Both girls were dressed in similar clothes, white t-shirts and simple white bras, royal blue athletic shorts and bare feet. Their hair was wet. They both had washed the ocean and the sand and the remnants of our recent shared fantasy interlude from their bodies. The smelled fresh and clean.
“Would you like to find out how you did on your exams?” I asked Theresa. She had spent the entire morning taking placement tests at the new school we had enrolled her in.
“It’s late,” she replied, seeming disappointed. “It can wait until tomorrow.”
“Or we can get them now…. Oh Mrs. Honeycutt…..” I said it out loud even though I was going to contact her across the neural net.
“Yes Professor?” she answered immediately.
“Is there any word on Theresa’s test scores?”
“Accessing….. Why yes, yes there is.” I could tell she was pleased with what she was reading.
“And….?” I allowed her to draw this out.
“I’d better tell you in person. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”
“Just in time to join us for dinner. Good!” She wouldn’t dare turn me down. My invitations are seldom optional, but she was more than an employee, she was my closest confidant.
“I am famished. I had an appointment earlier that wore me out and then he didn’t have the decency to feed me,” she replied with a chuckle.
“Hey! I resemble that!” I did after all, just finishing fucking her furiously in the hotel adjacent to Maristranos while I was there to pick up my food.
“Mrs. Honeycutt will be here in ten minutes to join us for supper. Let’s have it out on the pool deck.”
“Cool!” They exclaimed in unison. They gathered up the supper bags and the dinner plates and flatware while I grabbed a couple bottles of wine and a couple bottles of water and joined them. We had the table all set when Mrs. Honeycutt appeared at the glass doorway leading from the kitchen to the pool deck. She had a file folder with her. She looked so damn hot in the white sheath dress without panties or bra. She was gorgeous and she was deadly and she was carrying enough firepower to overthrow a Caribbean government, but you couldn’t see a bulge anywhere on her revealing its location.
“God I pray I look that pretty some day!” thought Theresa.
“You already do,” I reassured her. She knew I could read her thoughts. At thirteen, Theresa was olive skinned, dark haired, and had such a gorgeous body that I had already broken rules to allow her to live in my house and work for me in a domestic capacity, though I hadn’t yet assigned her any domestic duties. Even in her simple shorts and tee, she looked gorgeous. She would only get prettier for the next 20 years.
“You just want to fuck me,” she thought matter-of-factly.
“That’s not true,” I replied in kind. “I want to do so much more to you than simply fuck you.” She didn’t reply, but my input from her neural network was reading off the scale arousal. I peeked into her inner thoughts and she was having a daydream right then of she and I intertwined in the throes of passion. I pushed a new daydream into her consciousness. She found it to be much more stimulating.
As Mrs. Honeycutt approached, I offered her a seat, pulling it out for her convenience. I then did the same for Angela. And finally I pulled back the seat for Theresa. As she adjusted her chair, I reached over and adjusted a strand of hair that had fallen along the side of her face and impaired my view of her exquisite features. My fingertips grazed her cheek. Theresa’s body reacted like a Fourth of July firework. She exploded with arousal and sexual energy. She turned her face into my hand, hungry for more contact. I was so surprised by the sudden explosion of passion; I gave in to her hunger for more. To feed her lust, I slowly stroked her face with the backs of two fingers. She began to orgasm from the sensory overload. I could sense that Angela and Mrs. Honeycutt were watching and though they could understand what was happening, they were jealous they weren’t taking part. I passed a neural invitation to both of them and immediately they were tuned into Theresa’s body and mind. The three women shared the orgasm while it coursed through Theresa’s young teen body. Theresa grabbed the arms of her patio chair and tensed. She was at the edge of her ability to cope. I retracted one finger and she calmed slightly. I removed the other and she slowly calmed until her breath was nearly normal.
Theresa turned to look at me, much like a lioness viewing a wounded gazelle. She didn’t pounce, but she did lay her delicate fingers on my arm, and I was incapacitated. I could feel my own body responding as blood engorged my cock and my breathing became rapid and shallow. She lazily scratched just my forearm and I could feel a huge rush as an orgasm was building in my ball sack. Even though I was nearly incapacitated by her sudden control of my desire, there was a part of me untouched and unfazed. My intellect was mulling over the connection between Theresa and I. She had shared my straw from a milkshake just a few nights before, unintentionally ingesting a few thousand nanobots that circulate throughout my body and allow me to have these wonderful powers and nearly limitless control over the people I come in contact with. Other people carried my nanobots. Though they resided away from me, those nanobots did only my bidding. Why did Theresa’s infection respond to her desires and instructions and not to me alone?
I would have to discover that later. I was about to blow a huge load in my board shorts without ever touching myself or allowing someone else to touch me. I stood up and put my crotch in Mrs. Honeycutt’s face. She responded by hurriedly lowering my shorts, freeing my cock to the warm California twilight and then immediately taking the length down her throat. Blessed release. I shot load after load into her stomach. I didn’t care that these two young teenage girls were watching from two feet away. When my orgasm finally subsided, I withdrew my still hard cock, glistening with both cum and saliva from Mrs. Honeycutt’s warm and inviting mouth. Angela and Theresa stared, both hungry to taste it themselves. Not yet. Not yet.
“How about some dinner?” I asked my lovely guests, ignoring what had just happened. “I’m famished.”
“Me too!” exclaimed Mrs. Honeycutt.
“Me too!” chirped Angela.
“Me too!” chimed Theresa with a giggle.
We ate our wonderful Italian food and share wine and laughter. Mrs. Honeycutt and I had our wine full strength. Angela had her glass about ¼ wine, ¾ water. Theresa’s glass showed only a slight tinge of wine because of her young age. I am no hypocrite about children not being able to imbibe. If they want to drink, I will allow it in a responsible manner. Neither got the equivalent of a shot of cough syrup. When dinner was over, I asked about the results of Theresa’s test scores.
“There were a couple of surprises,” admitted Mrs. Honeycutt, not revealing if they were good or bad. “Take a look.” She handed me the folder.
“Interesting. Very interesting. Did we check the validity of both the source and the answer key?” I asked this of Mrs. Honeycutt.
“Yes Professor. Both were verified and the results were fed through the Monte Carlo generator. They are accurate and predictive to 10 decimal places. They are as real and as certain as they can be.”
“I can’t say I am not pleasantly surprised. But then again, after this evening, I shouldn’t be all that surprised.” I turned to Theresa and her sister, both leaning forward on the edge of their seats. “There is something very special about these two young ladies. Something very special.” Mrs. Honeycutt caught the other meaning of my phrase and perked up immediately. Their sex appeal and raw magnetism aside, the results of Theresa’s testing revealed several interesting things that all boiled down to one conclusion: Theresa Vasquez was one of the most intelligent humans alive. She was, at thirteen, more intelligent than I was at forty-six. Her potential was limitless. She had an opportunity to take everything I had created and make it so much better. I suddenly felt as if I were Henry Ford, so proud of my Model A, being transported to present day to see what automobiles had become. Theresa was modern and I was definitely old fashioned.
High school would be too simple for Theresa Vasquez. But it was the right place for her. It would take a lot to keep her engaged in school. I would speak to her instructors and make sure that she worked on special projects in each of their classes. At home, I would personally see to her tutelage. My loins stirred at the thought.
“Theresa,” I said after due consideration. “Your tests show you are remarkably intelligent. So intelligent that high school might be a waste of your time. But I think it’s important that you spend time each day in the company of other young men and women your age. Consider my proposition carefully before you decide. My proposition is this: Attend school each day. Make friends. Take on a few special assignments that I will speak to your instructors about. Go out for sports. Sing. Play in the marching band. Act in the high school plays. In other words, do those things that make high school so unique in each person’s life. If you do this, at the end of each semester, I will ask you if you want to continue or enroll in college. Deal?”
She thought carefully. I monitored the cross chatter between the two of them over the neural network. Finally big sister Angela put her foot down. I could sense that Theresa was relieved. High school was a big step for her, college simply terrified her.
“That sounds fair. It’s a deal!” She stuck out her hand for me to shake and I did.
With dinner over and the night air carrying a chill, we all gathered our dishes and headed into the house. After cleaning up, Mrs. Honeycutt made her good-byes, kissing each of the girls on the forehead, arousing an involuntary response from each. Interesting. I bid the girls good night and retired to my wing of the house.
After a shower to remove the salty grime from my skin, lay on my bed wearing only a towel and powered up the media screens throughout the room. I was catching up on email, sports scores, market movements, and foreign news bureaus all at the same time, while part of my mental resources was focused on my two young employees. They were quickly becoming less like employees and more like my wards. A soft knock on the door followed by a turning of the knob interrupted my reverie.
“I asked the house if you had retired for the evening and she said not yet. I thought I should probably get started on some of the duties you hired me for. I was going to start the laundry,” Angela said as she entered the room. She collected the items from the hamper in my dressing area and then walked over to the side of the bed. “Towel too.” She held out her hand under the pile of clothing in her arms.
“I’m not wearing anything underneath,” I smiled. “If you want it, you are just going to have to take it.”
She turned and walked out the door. I heard a muffled whump! as the laundry fell to the floor in the hallway. Angela returned to my rooms and shut the door behind her.
“Then I guess I’ll just take it.” She crossed the room and tried to remove the towel from my waist. She only succeeded in exposing my groin to her gaze. I put my hands behind my head, daring her to continue. She grabbed the towel with both hands and yanked, gaining an inch of headway and causing my cock to rock from one leg to the other. I accessed her mind and listened to her internal dialogue.
“It’s so big! Look at it! Pull the towel again, I think it’s growing! I want to touch it. It’s making me so horny! I want to feel that in my hand. I want to lick and taste it. Oh my God, if David knew what I was thinking he’d send us packing. I can’t help myself; I am going to touch it.” She kept tugging at the towel, but she was no longer trying to get it out from under my body. Now she was doing it to rock my cock from side to side, like she was hypnotizing herself. She succeeded in causing me to grow serious wood. She marveled as it rose up, engorging with blood, changing its attitude from looking at my feet to pointing to my chin.
“Look at it grow! That’s so cool!” Angela was thinking. “I’ve got to touch it.”
“Angela,” I said internally, not speaking aloud. “Do you remember our agreement? Do you remember I get to touch you whenever and wherever I please?”
“Yes,” she answered, also using her internal voice. Her eyes suddenly found something very interesting on the floor to keep them busy.
“I want you to stand closer to my hand. Come closer.” She did as I asked. “I am going to touch you now. You have my permission to touch me as well, however you would like.” I slipped my hand under the back of her white blouse, lightly running my fingertips up and down her spine from her waistband to her bra strap. Her skin was so soft and inviting. I could smell her, a mixture of soap and sexual arousal. Her senses went on high alert. She reached out and placed her hand on my chest, feeling the curly gray hair against her fingertips; pulling and tugging the longer curls. Her eyes moved from my chest to where my tan ended at my waist. I transformed from California Sun Brown to white. My cock was fully engorged and the tip glistened with precum. “It’s ok. You can touch it.” She turned her body, pushing her ass toward the elbow I had behind her back so she could bend over. Her dark hair brushed against my stomach as she bent closer to my cock. I could feel her breath on the back of my glans. I slowly let my hand drop down her back, cup the cheek of her tight teenage ass, then drop lower down her leg to her calf. I slowly caressed the inside of her leg, tracing the outline from about mid-calf to the top of the inside of her thigh, where the tiniest amount of baby fat still lingered, right below her pussy. I kept my pressure light and my focus on her curiosity. She still hadn’t touched my cock, though her mind was racing with anticipation.
I had a dilemma: Insert a sub neural suggestion or allow nature to take its course. If I allowed nature to take its course, we would form a deep and lasting friendship that would never fail. If I used the less elegant method of making it my will instead of hers, I would be depriving myself of the opportunity to know if the loyalty and lust were real or not. I decided to wait on nature.
I didn’t wait long.
Her breath was warming the top third of my glans and I was enjoying the sensation. I felt the softest pressure of her hand on the base of my cock as it grasped my shaft. Her fingers had to squeeze to close around the girth. She released the pressure and slowly traced all the veins and ridges on my cock, watching it twitch in anticipation. She took notice of the precum and asked, without turning her head, “What is that. It’s dripping and shiny. Did you pee?”
“No,” I said aloud. “That’s a natural lubricant that men secrete when aroused. It makes it easier for a man to insert his penis into a woman’s vagina. Some women like the taste. I think it has no taste myself.”
She turned her head and faced me over my own erection. “You’ve tasted it?”
“Of course I have. As you already know, I am a man of great sexual appetite. It’s only natural that I am curious about what happens to both men and women during arousal and intercourse. You will find out a great deal more about these both in your classes and here, in your home.” Her neural response was a combination of joy and excitement. I let my hand rise up her leg and go past the boundary I had already set. While her eyes were locked on mine, I pressed my fingers into the crevice of her sex. It was the first time anyone had touched her there. She tensed. I joined her thoughts and felt the rush of excitement and trepidation. Anticipation and fear. She clearly loved the feelings she was awash in, but she feared what she might have to do next.
“You are very beautiful Angela. One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I hope you will allow me to show you how a beautiful woman should be treasured. How her passion should be nurtured and allowed to grow. How her body can be released to give her immense pleasure while at the same time bestowing great pleasure on others.” I didn’t move my hand, I just continued my upward pressure against her fabric clad sex.
“Why doesn’t he press HARDER!” she was asking herself. In frustration she clamped her hand around my cock and squeezed. Now that I knew what she wanted, I didn’t give it to her. I was going to wait and see what she would do. She bent her knees and lowered her ass to force more pressure on her cunt. It was the only encouragement I required. I pressed my hand against the fabric covering her pussy and enjoyed the flow of heat and moisture it created. I slowly rubbed between her legs, feeling the fabric disappear into her pussy folds.
Angela grasped my cock and pulled her head down to it. Without any hesitation, she attempted to shove the entire length down her throat. She only succeeded in getting the top third into the back of her throat before the narrow passage stopped her. She tried again, forcing an inch down her throat. She only relinquished her attempt when she was nearly passed out. She quickly caught her breath and tried again, getting another inch. That was all she was willing to try. She changed her tactic to fucking my cock with her mouth, licking the bells and slathering her spit down the top third. She had tried to emulate Mrs. Honeycutt, who had given me an awesome blow job just an hour before, right in front of Angela and her sister. She took her free hand and cupped my ball sack, feeling the contents shift with her manipulation.
I pulled my hand from Angela’s crotch and rolled over to reach her with both hands. I quickly pulled her shorts and cotton panties down the floor. She cooperated by stepping out. I tugged at the bottom hem of her t-shirt and she slipped it off over her head, and released her bra without being asked. She stood up straight and faced me. Her breasts were not large but they were well formed and crowned with small brown nipples that jutted out like gumdrops, waiting to be sucked. Below her breasts, her stomach as flat and ridged with sexy feminine musculature. Her hips were perfectly shaped with the hip bone barely visible and the athletic ass was narrow and not sloppy. Her thighs were shapely and well defined. She had classic proportions. Even her neatly trimmed mound accented her look. Shaped into a triangle, there was no hair at all on her cunt proper. It was hairless and already aroused. I had seen her bare pussy spread wide earlier in the day as I had driven her to school and to the beach. A Castilian Princess stood before me. Absolutely beautiful and innocent.
I removed the towel from under my ass and tossed it toward the bedroom door. She responded by climbing onto my stomach, straddling me. I rested my hands on the outsides of her thighs. She leaned forward and we kissed. Her hair surrounded our faces and our lips touched. Slowly and sensuously we explored the first real kiss of her life and the first kiss we would ever have. After a long slow kiss, I began to stroke her thighs. She pressed her hips into my groin, sliding my erection into the crevice of her sex. I brought my hands up her body and cupped her breasts and encircled her nipples with my forefingers and thumbs, adding a little pressure to increase the flow of her cunt juices. She rode my pole, sliding it up and down her slickened pussy. Both of us were getting more and more excited. Her kisses became more insistent, more demanding. She twisted her pelvis and suddenly my cockhead was gone. It disappeared into her cunt and stopped only at her hymen. She pressed her hands on my chest and sat up, forcing my cock past her maidenhead and into her vagina. She wiggled her hips and it slid in further. She twisted and bucked and more and more disappeared until I could feel her cervix stopping my progress.
Then she began to buck and jump. She was going crazy with her lust. This wasn’t going to last long. She gasped and panted. I began thrusting upward to meet her downward bucking.

“I feel something happening. I think I am going to explode!” she exclaimed. “It feels so incredible. I don’t want to stop. I don’t EVER want to stop. “
I felt my orgasm rising from my balls. My body fluids are filled with nanobots of my own creation. They share my DNA and do my bidding. I instructed them to destroy any sperm that made it into her cunt and then to take up residence in the new host. They were willing to comply. I shot a nice load deep into her no longer virgin cunt. She responded with a life altering orgasm. I kept thrusting upward as her climax sapped her will to continue. She finally collapsed on my chest, her pussy continuing to spasm on my cock. Still inside, I pressed her thighs downward past my hips so that she was laying on top of me, chest to chest, stomach to stomach, legs to legs. I rolled over carefully until I was on top of her, still buried in her depths. I was contemplating a new fuck when I heard a voice from the doorway.
“Can I be next?” Theresa Vasquez stood in the doorway, naked as the day she was born, her hand furiously rubbing her own cunt.
Interesting. How did she get so close without me knowing? It was just another question surrounding this beautiful waif. Just another question that would have to wait. Tomorrow would be soon enough. Tonight was for firsts. I patted the bed next to her sister and I, encouraging her to join us.
“No matter what tonight brings,” I thought to myself. “Tomorrow I would have to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Theresa.

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