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Fucking my friends mom after the game!
Today marked the final game of my high school career, and considering I was the only person on my team who scored was just as good as if we would have won. Especially since the score was 22-12. After the game we all got together at my best friend Nate’s house for a pool party.
“I can’t believe my mom is wearing that.” said Nate pointing to his mom wearing a skimpy two piece.
“At least she let us all come over and use the pool.” I said.
“Great, here she comes.” said Nate.
“You had an amazing game Jason, two dunks, and they said white men can’t jump!” said Nate’s mom.
“Thanks Mrs. P!” I replied.
“What about me mom, how did I do?” said Nate disappointed.
“You did good too honey.” She said still staring at me.
“Thanks for letting us use your pool.” I said.
“Any time, your always welcome here.” She said.
Then out of no where Nate pushed me into the pool, and before I knew it Mrs. P disappeared. She probably went inside to check the food or something.
After everyone one was done swimming we ate.
“Thanks for the food Mrs. P.” I said.
“Your welcome honey, are you staying over tonight? I’m making something extra special for you and Nate for doing such a good job in the game today.” She said.
“If it’s alright with you I will.” I replied.
“Of course, I’ll get the guest room set up for you.” She said.
After dinner Nate and I got into the hot tub.
“My dad and mom have only been separated for 2 weeks and I feel like she’s already trying to replace him.” Nate said.
“It’s probably hard on both of them, how’s your dad dealing with it?” I asked.
“It wasn’t his idea. She just came out of no where with the divorce.” He replied.
Then Mrs. P walked out in booty shorts and a sports bra.
“I’m going to the store do you need anything?” she asked.
“No mom, go put some clothes on!” he said.
“I think you look nice.” I said as Nate splashed water in my face.
“I’m taking a shower and going to bed, I’m so over tonight.” He said to me while drying off.
“Is it ok if I take one after you?” I asked.
“I don’t give a fuck man, go ahead.” He said.
We both went inside, and I sat on the couch and watched TV until he was out of the shower.
“Can I borrow a towel?” I asked.
“Top cabinet to your left.” he said.
As I start to undress the front door opens, and I can hear Mrs. P arguing on the phone with somebody.
“Must be Mr. P and her arguing.” I thought to myself.
I didn’t pay it any mind and got in the shower. I can still hear Nate’s parents argue and it made me think of her in the two piece earlier. The thought of her in that bright pink bikini made my dick hard as a rock. As I started to stroke my cock, the bathroom door opens.
“Your son left the shower on again, he’s already following in your foot steps Dave.” She said into the phone.
Before I can say I was in there she pulled the curtain back. There standing in front of me was Nate’s mom, fully naked, and on the phone to Nate’s dad. My eyes glued to her huge tits and hers on my hard cock.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” she said as she dropped her phone onto the ground.
I didn’t know what to say, I just seen my best friends mom fully naked, and she just seen her sons best friends dick.
“I’m sorry!” I said nervous.
“It’s ok Jason, I was so into this argument I didn’t even think that anyone was in here.” She replied.
We were still both naked, and she looked at her phone.
“He won’t leave me alone! I don’t know what to do.” She said to me.
Already feeling awkward about the situation I decided not to reply.
“He just won’t get the hint.” She said.
“Not to be nosey, but what happened between you guys?” I asked.
She took another glance at my dick and then at the phone.
“Well between you and me, Mr. P has a small dick.” She said, while pointing at my dick.
I was speechless.
“I can’t use dildos forever! I need a man to satisfy my needs.” She said to me.
Still speechless I turned the shower water off and wrapped a towel around my waist.
“He’s calling again Jason, can’t you just answer it and pretend to be my new boyfriend?” she asked while handing me the phone.
“I don’t know Mrs. P, I’m not really good with those things.” I replied.
“Call me Candice, Mrs. P makes me feel old.” She said smiling.
She then looked at me and a smiled.
“I know your Nate’s best friend but, I was wondering if you could help me get his dad to leave me alone once and for all?” she said innocently.
It seems like everything she does or says keeps my dick hard as a rock.
“Sure Candice.” I said smiling.
She walked over to the door and locked it, then to the window and put the blinds down.
“Ok this may sound strange, but you just have to go with it, because it’d help me out allot.” She said.
As I wondered what she could possibly have in mind I closed my eyes and said “Ok.”
“Alright, the next time he calls, I just need you to stand straight and close your eyes.” She said.
“Um, alright?” I replied.
Not even 2 minutes later her phone starts vibrating, so I stood up straight and closed my eyes. The next thing I know she says hello into the phone and my towel comes off, and she starts sucking my dick.
“Hello, David, I need you to understand that me and you are over.” She said as she chokes on my hard dick.
“You just can’t satisfy me, you never could.” She said while pausing every few seconds to suck.
I decided I would help her with the plan and start pushing her head down so that she makes a gagging noise into the phone. She then put the phone on speaker.
“What are you doing?!” said Mr. P franticly.
After gagging a few more times she said, “Watching TV, why does it matter?”
“Who are you with Candice, I know you’re with somebody?” he said again in a panic.
“It’s just Jason and Nate, you need to leave me alone!” she screamed.
She started to beat my dick while she sucked my balls. This was the best head I have ever gotten. It’s a shame her talents were going to waste. At this point you’d have to be dumb or in denial to not know what Mrs. P was doing on the phone. She could deep throat my whole cock for almost 2 minutes straight. She was a certified pro.
“Are you sucking someone’s dick Candice?” Mr. P said sadly.
“Why does it mater to you Dave?” she said while choking once again into the phone.
“What the fuck ever, you go be a hoe Candice, I can’t believe what I saw in you.” He screamed and then hung up the phone.
She looked at me phone in one hand, my dick in the other, and said, “I got one more idea, are you down?”
I looked down at her and said, “Yes, what do you have in mind?”
She then gave me her phone and said, “When I say go, hit the record button, I want to send him one last memory.”
I looked at the phone and I looked at her with my dick in her mouth and thought to my self, “What did I get my self into?”
Then I looked back down at her and she mouthed the words, “Go!”
I hit the record button and she started sucking my dick like her life depended on my cum.
“Aw fuck, I’m almost there.” I said.
She started to stroke my dick and suck it at the same time, she knew what she was doing.
Then with out notice she pulled my dick out of her mouth and held it over her face and I came all over her cheek and mouth.
“Thanks Jason, I appreciate you helping me out, just for being a good boy I have another surprise for you a little bit later. But only if your interested.” She said to me with a still cum filled face.
“No thank you, and of course I love your surprises.” I replied.
“Well first let me sing this video to Dave.” She said.
At that moment I felt so bad for Nate and his dad for what I did, but that was the probably the best thing that ever happened to me.
“Now that you experienced the top, I was wondering if you were interested in the bottom?” she said to me with a smile on her face.
“Guest room or your room? I replied.

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Fuck bad ass more make more have Jason fuck her ass

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