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How I arranged to get fucked good
I was lying on my bed slowly fingering my clit and thinking about my biggest fantasy. I get so turned on I decide to place an ad on craigslist. As I type the ad I am nervous, but so turned on. The subject says "gangbang". In the body I type " Female, 32, 5'6", 130# would like 4-5 guys for a one time gangbang. Clean, descent, respectful guys only, no weirdos please. I expect a few e-mails to get to know a little about the guys. If selected, will meet at a hotel lounge and if acceptable will continue to a room I have rented. Serious replies only". My fingers are trembling as I type and my pussy is soaked in anticipation of what I have just done. I get a ton of replies. A number of them are bots, and a large number are from obvious weirdos saying things like "We will fuck you good" and “Get that twat ready for the fucking of your life”. Reading these I was about to give up and forget about the whole thing when I opened one that was from four business men. They said they were in town for a business meeting. They were all married and hoped I would consider them. I slipped my hand inside my panties as I wrote back and said that they sounded interesting and to tell me more. They replied and revealed their first names, ages and body types. They joked that none had a really huge cock and hoped that was okay. They said that they would be respectful and go along with whatever I desired. They also said that since they were all married that they were not about to get in any trouble and would keep everything discrete. My mind was swirling and my body was shaking as I replied that I would like to meet them and gave them the hotel name and address. I said that we would meet in the lounge and I would decide if anything didn't seem right or if I decided to back out that would be the end. They wrote back and said if I decided for any reason at all to back out they would leave without question.

I couldn’t believe I was actually going through with this. I chose my skimpiest bikini panties and matching bra and decided on a low cut sundress. Driving to the hotel was murder. My pussy was dripping with anticipation and I was having trouble holding my composure. I couldn't believe I was about to be fucked by four guys, but I knew I wanted it very badly. I arrived at the hotel lounge and took a seat near the back and ordered a drink. I was early as I had planned. A number of times I thought about just getting up and leaving, but again the overwhelming desire between my legs wouldn't let me leave. I was so hot I wanted to slip my hand under my dress, but obviously couldn’t. I glanced at every guy that came in, wondering if he might be one of them. It was beginning to get late and I was about to give up when they arrived. I was sure it was them. They were all dressed in business suits and appeared neat and clean. The tallest one I guessed to be around 6' and the shortest was probably my height. All were clean shaven and one wore glasses. They spotted me and asked if I was the one that placed an ad. Worrying my voice would shake I just nodded yes. They were very pleasant. We engaged in small talk. They were employees of a large industrial company and were here for a one time meeting. After a lengthy discussion of their company that I wasn't the least bit interested in, one finally asked if I would like to continue with what I had requested in my ad. It was all I could do to pretend I was in control of myself and with a quivering voice I answered "Yes, I would, can we go to my room?"

We crowded in the elevator and as soon as the doors closed there were hands all over me. Squeezing my breasts, feeling and squeezing my ass and rubbing my pussy under my dress. I wanted to feel for cocks, but held my thought, knowing I would get my chance very soon. The walk down the hall to my room was hell. I knew it was going to happen and I wanted it more than anything I have ever wanted. With my hand shaking I had trouble inserting the key card in the door. It was going to happen. I was about to get fucked by four guys and I couldn’t wait.

Once inside my room, the one named Tom asked me if I wanted them all at once or one at a time. I said "How about one first, then everyone." Everyone wanted to be first. Tom said for me to pick a number from one to four and whoever guessed the number would go first. I chose two. It was the guy named Doug who guessed my number. The others went into the adjoining room. Doug started kissing me pushing his tongue in my mouth. He reached under my dress and started rubbing my pussy. I grabbed for his cock and squeezed it through his pants. I gently pushed him away and got down on my knees in front of him. I was so excited. I unbuckled his pants and grabbed his pants and shorts and yanked them down. His cock swayed back and forth in front of my face. His cock was average in size, already hard and his balls were tight. I took it in my hand and stroked it a few times and then put the head in my mouth. Very slowly I worked my lips further and further down his shaft and I was able to get the whole thing in my mouth. My nose was buried in his pubic hair and my chin was pressed against his balls. I pressed my lips a bit harder around his cock and slowly withdrew as if I was coaxing his cum out. His body trembled and he let out a moan. I did this a few times and finally released his cock, looked up at him and said "fuck me".

I stood and quickly flipped my dress over my head, unfastened my bra and slid my panties off. He stared at my naked body as he struggled to get his clothes off. I laid on the bed and spread my legs. I knew it was obvious I wanted fucked as my pussy was wet and dripping. "Please hurry" I said to him. He got between my legs and shoved his cock inside me and began grinding. I gasped and pushed my hips up so that we could grind together. He started pumping me slowly at first then getting faster and faster. I raised my hips to meet each of his thrusts. I began my first of many orgasms. Wave after wave of emotion swept over me. I bucked and moaned loudly. My head was swinging back and forth. He started to cum. He slammed inside and held it there as he came. I could actually feel each squirt as he filled my pussy. I was a wild woman moaning and trying to squeeze his cock with my pussy. Finally he flopped down on top of me. He stayed there until his cock slipped out and got off. I was still feeling the effects of my orgasm. I had my eyes closed as my body jerked with uncontrollable pleasure. I wanted more. I asked "Who's next?". I opened my eyes to see the other three guys standing around the bed, watching and jacking off.

I was lying there with my legs still spread wide, waiting for another cock. I could feel Tom's cum running out of my pussy and down my ass. I was surrounded by three hard cocks and the three guys were staring at me. All inhibitions I might have had were long gone. I wanted fucked and I wanted fucked good. I panted and gasped as I moaned "Who's next, please fuck me". One of the guys got between my legs and slammed his cock in my cum drenched pussy. He quickly started pumping me very hard. I grabbed for the other two cocks and pulled one toward my mouth. He got up on the bed and slid his cock in my mouth and started pumping my face. I stroked the third guy's cock. The guy fucking me was pounding so hard I had difficulty holding the other guy's cock in my mouth. I was filled with hard cocks and I loved every minute. My second orgasm came over me quickly. Just the thought of me fucking four guys was overwhelming. With my mouth still stuffed I screamed a muffled scream of ecstasy and my body thrashed back and forth. My breasts were swinging up and down from the pounding cock in my pussy. The guy fucking me started to cum. I was too delirious to feel his shooting cum this time as waves of orgasm were engulfing me. Just then the guy in my mouth began to cum. I could feel his cum. Squirt after squirt began filling my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some ran out the corners of my mouth. Seeing this the guy I was stroking began to cum also. He shot huge wads of cum on my face, hair and breasts. Yet another orgasm overtook me. My body shook violently as I moaned and screamed. All four guys backed away and watched as I fingered myself. My legs now swinging back and forth. I was moaning yesss.. more.. more as I thrashed back and forth.

Finally I began to calm. I laid there, my legs still spread, cum dripping out of my pussy, running down my breasts and dripping off my nose and hair. They asked me if I wanted more. Gasping for breath I screamed "YES, please.. more more". They took me to the bathroom and we all got in the shower. The warm water felt soothing as they washed every part of my body. I slid down on my knees and washed each of their cocks and balls. Once their cocks were rinsed I sucked each one in turn. They were all hard again. They dried me off and then I dried each of them. Then Tom asked if I would like to be really stuffed with cock. All I could do is shake my head yes.

They led me back to the bed. Tom laid on his back and instructed me to get on top and slide down on his cock. It felt good as my pussy slid all the way down his shaft. Then Doug got on the bed behind me and started rubbing his cock along my ass. He was going to fuck my ass while Tom was fucking my pussy. He poked his cock against my ass and gently inserted just the head. Then slowly slid it inside. Tom and Doug began pumping. I had no idea it could feel so good. John, the third guy stood in front of me and rubbed his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth and he slid it inside. He began pumping my mouth. Tom was right, I was being stuffed with hard cocks and I loved it. Yet another orgasm began to overwhelm me. I couldn't scream because of the cock stuffed in my mouth, but I moaned muffled screams. I don't know which guy came first, but I felt I was being completely filled with cum. When they finally pulled out I flopped on the bed exhausted. I could feel cum running out of my ass, pussy and mouth. The guys began dressing as I laid there still naked. They had to leave, but asked if I would like more when they were in town again. I said "YES, PLEASE!"

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2013-04-03 21:21:55
you should try four black cocks. my husband arranged for me and then joined in after they had ravaged me.

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2012-10-03 12:07:32
after my wife first gang bang,she took on 5 guys,now we are going to number 5, where she going to fuck 10 guys.

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2012-04-03 13:12:14
ooh, first time? what was it like to have three cocks inside of you? always wondered. nervous? so wet, oh so wet. nice story.

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2012-04-02 22:53:37
fucking hot. I love your deions. I am blind and your story was playing like a movie in my mind :)


2012-04-02 19:43:17
When you finished, was it as good as you hoped? You sounded satisfied. Another good story about fantasies. You kept us reading. Any more?

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