This story takes place in 2020. It looks much like present day. The YMCA introduced a recreation football team in 2015.
I never really liked my body. I was always disappointed in it. I never had muscles, just a really skinny flat body. My arms were flat and my chest really wasn’t toned. My ass was flat and pale like the rest of my body. I could never tan. The only thing I liked was my face. I have brown eyes and light brown hair that goes down to my cheek bones and doesn’t cover my face. My chin is defined and my cheekbones show just the right amount. I always smiled when I looked in the mirror, but a frown always came to me when I looked down.

But by far the worst was my dick. 14 years old and only 3 1/2 inches. I had good amount of pubic hair and body hair, but my dick was just tiny. I hated it. I wanted it to grow with my entire being. At gym class I always changed with my body toward the wall. Lately I’ve been sulking away into a stall to change. I was surprised that no one gave me shit about it.

Even thought I have an embarrassing body, my social life is great. I have a great girl friend (yes I’m straight) a lot a friends and good family. I have lots a fun with everything. I was about get laid by my girlfriend, but I didn’t wanna show my body and dick. I never go to the pool, take my shirt off, or anything like that. I lose sleep sometimes just thinking about my body. I was very depressed, yet little did I know that someone would make me feel great about myself... and it was from the last one I would expect.

Anyway, the year is 2020. I joined the YMCA's football program so I could build my body. I joined as a memeber and started working out, but I never had the willingness too. So joined in football thinking it would help me. I was a good runner and I had good aim, plus I was a fan OSU (dont hate).

August 23, 2020. First day of practice.

It was a Saturday. A warm day with nice cool breezes. Clear sky with no weather in the forecast. A great day for football. On the way to the Y, my mom and I started talking.

"So you exited for today?" She asked. I just shrugged. "You don’t look so exited. You nervous?"

"Yeah..." I nodded.

"Don’t worry, you’ll be fine." She reassured. We didn’t say anything the rest if the ride there.

We pulled into the parking lot 10 minutes early. My mom pulled up to the front and dropped me off. As I was walking in, another boy, about my age started walking next to me. I stole a quick glance at him. He was about 4 inched taller than me. He had short hair with light waves in it and a nice dark brown color to it. He had a chiseled face and a very nice tan. His nose was the perfect length and his eyes were also brown. I looked down his body out of the corner of my eye. he was pretty skinny like me, but I looked at his arms and saw his muscles. I could tell that he was a veteran of the football team. His biceps extended a good 2 or 3 inched from his arms. I immediately started feeling sad and jealous of him. I really wanted that body. I looked down at my body. I saw no evidence of muscles at all. Why was I like this? What can I do to change this? I bit my lip and looked up trying to fight back tears. I needed stop feeling sorry for my self. I needed to take action. I wanted to look like the kid next to me.

I got myself back together by the time I we got to the door. There was a line to check in. We walked up to the end and waited. I looked down at the bag he had around his shoulder. It said, "YMCA North Denver Branch Football Team. The Raiders" then under it, it wrote, "Wooddell- 98." I got confused. Was I supposed to bring my own gear? I wanted to ask him, but I was afraid he would think I was stupid. I was going to ask the coach when I got out onto the field, but somehow could not control myself. I blurted out,

"Are you on the football team?" He looked over at me then looked down at his duffel.

"Ughh, I think so?" He said sarcasticly. I looked down, I knew what he thought of me now. I was on the team 30 seconds and I already made a bad impression. "Dude," He said. "Its alright, I am." I looked back up and was greeted by a warm smile. "Are you new to it?" He asked. I smiled and replied,

"Yeah. Yeah I am. Do we have to bring our own gear?"

"Oh no. They’ll give you gear that belongs to the Y. You leave that here."

"Whatabout the bag?"

"We'll get a bag either today or the next prctice. It'll have your name and number."

"Sweet. Thanks man."

"No prob. Oh, I’m Devin, by the way."

"Alex. So what school do you got to?"

"North. You?"

"Northwest." I said I looked back up at him. He had a cold look in his eyes. My school- Northwest- and his- North- were true rivals. We always fought in games to the bitter end. I really did hate North, but that wouldn’t stop from me making a friend. I did return the look as we kept walking. I was hoping the entire way that he wouldn’t hate me just because I went to his rival school.

I few seconds later, I was relieved to see him smile and chuckle. I did too.

"So what grade you in?" He asked.

"Freshmen." I replied.

"Oh, me too." he said. For some reason I wanted to get the respect of Devin. I knew a few seniors from my school were on the team, but no one my age. At the time, I felt nothing for Devin, besides being a friend, but there was feeling I couldn’t put my finger on. I knew then I was straight. I did not respect or support the gay community.

We reached the end of the hallway and walked out. The field was on the side of the building its self. There were a few people put there. Some players were in a circle talking and laughing on the side of the field. A few others were talking to a man with dark gray hair and glasses. Next to him was a taller, younger man with short blonde hair.

"Come with me." Devin said. "I wancha’ to meet the coaches." We walked over to the two men, who greeted Devin. He introduced me and they gave me a warm welcome.

Soon enough the entire team came. Coach called us all around him and he began his speech. We introduced each other. I meet a lot of nice boys. No one was mean, or made fun of me. Devin stood next to me the entire time. I knew I found a good friend then.

Once we all knew each other, we got down to business. We did not practice at all. All we did was go through a rigorous obstacle course that was set up. It was all a blur to me. All I can remember about that practice was at the end when the coach was talking to us.

He dismissed us at around 3:00 pm.

"Alright ladies, hit the showers!" He yelled. Then Devin took off. We went over to one of his other friends and started talking. It was okay for me. He spent the entire practice helping me, but I was worried about what they would say about me in the locker room. I was worried the entire walk there. What would they think about me? What would Devin? I was about to enter the locker room when I saw a sign that made me look at i as I was looking at God.

"Private changing rooms."

I blinked my eyes thinking they were tricking me, but they were there. I smiled and started walking down a separate corridor that led to them. There were two sets of locker right in front of the rooms and between them was a bench. Sitting down on the bench, resting his elbows on his knees, was none other than Devin. I was surprised to see him sitting there. Was he gonna use the rooms? He looked up at me and smiled,

"Hey man, what’s up?" He asked.

"Umm, I was just gonna use one of the rooms."

"Oh, really? Yeah I need to use one too."

"How come?" I asked.

"Well its not that uncomfortable with my body, its that I’m uncomfortable around others."

"Awwww, does wittle Devin have a wittle dick?" I mocked. He chuckled and play punched me on my shoulder. Then I sat down next to him. He was still sweating from practice. His muscles bulged and he was panting heavily. I still felt nothing toward him.

"Right, right." He said.

"Oh so you have a tiny dick?" I said.

"No, my dick is huge." I was proud of my self for what I did in practice today, and I knew if I kept doing it I would look like Devin, but there was nothing I could do about my dick. I knew his was bigger, but I kept playing it out as if I didn’t believe him.

"So are they both taken?" I asked.

"Naw man, "A" is. "B" is still being repaired." He replied. Then a few minutes later, 2 little girls and their mother came out. Devin and I both got up and picked up our bags. We didn’t realize that we were both going in until we reached the door.

"Ummm," I uttered. "Can I go in first? I need to shower first."

"Well actually I have a party to go to right after this. Sooo...."

"I have to baby-sit my sister, and my mom expects me to be out there as soon as she gets here."

"Here, tell ya’ what. The builders made a mistake and put two shower heads in. And when we undress, we turn our backs."

"Really? Sounds good I guess."

"You guess? Alex don’t worry, I wont look."

"Ok." and we went in.

There wasn’t much, there was a table for changing, a bench, around a wall there was a sink with a toilet next to it. There was a door way that led to the showers. The two were separated by a wall for more privacy. I would go in first so I told Devin to turn around as I unrobed. I sighed and looked down at my life-less body. I pictured it as toned as Devin’s. I smiled as I grabbed my towel and went into one of the showers. I started running the shower and that was Devin’s signal to undress. I heard him start to undress as I rinsed my head.

I knew he was naked when I heard his cloths stop shuffling, but didn’t go over the shower. I couldn’t see anything out side of my shower. I was curious to what he was doing. I don’t know why, but I just wanted to see. I slowly stuck my head from out behind the wall. Devin had his entire body leaning against the sink by his hands. He was facing down. What was he doing? He looked like he was gonna do a push up, but I couldn’t help look at him. He was toned just like I expected. I could see his 6-pack through the mirror. His entire torso was beautifully tanned. His back was chiseled and he had a nice flat ass. I looked back at mine and I realized he had mine. I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

He stood up still looking in the mirror. I couldn’t see his dick from the mirror because the sink cut him off right at the base of his pubes. I decided it was enough and went back to my shower. That feeling that I had for Devin that I could not understand got stronger. I took my shower confused about the feeling. It was like a mixture of friendship, jealousy, and an urge that made no sense to me.

When I finished my shower, I went out to towel off. As I was drying off I had my eyes closed. I was rubbing my hair to dry it off when I felt different like someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing out-of-the-ordinary, so I shrugged and closed my eyes again as I continued to dry my head, but then the feeling came back. This time I opened my eyes faster. Still nothing. I closed my eyes with a lot more suspicion this time as I continued. The feeling came back almost immediately, so opened my eyes and jerked my head in the direction of the shower. I saw Devin, he had his head sticking out the way I did. He had a surprised look on his face. It took me less that half a second to grab my towel and wrap it around my waist.

"DUDE!" I yelled. "What the fuck?!"

"Hey, it only fair that I look at you if you looked at me!" I calmed down.

"Y-You know about that?"

"I saw you out the corner of my eye" I couldn’t say anything, I was speechless. My face was blank, my nervous system shut down. Devin walked out from behind the wall. It revealed his beautiful body. All from his cute face to his huge and flaccid dick. The head hung down below the balls. The entire shaft and the area around his cock was all tan with the rest of his body. A beautiful amount of pubic hair that all leaned toward his dick. Then his beautiful balls hung right below his dick, peacefully. He was still wet from his shower, enhancing the entire experience.

“Wh- Wh- Wh- What did you see?” I studded. Devin sighed,

“Ohh, not much.” I sighed and dropped my hands. That made my towel fall off. I quickly cupped my tiny dick with my hands and sat down on the bench. Devin came over to me.

“Dude, I don’t care if you have a tiny dick.” He said. “Were friends now. Were supposed to be comfortable around each other, clothed or not.” He started to tug on my arm to remove it from my dick. He finally did it. I looked up at him. He had a warm, friendly face on. Then I knew I could be myself around him.

“Alright man. Thanks.” I looked back down and I ran into Devin’s dick. A good 4 inches flaccid. That was bigger than mine erect. I looked at it for a few seconds then I got up. Devin looked in my face and saw my jealously in my eyes. He sighed,

“Look, I know my cock is bigger, but man you gotta’ let that go.”

“Devin, I just cant.” I replied. “I passed up on fucking my girlfriend because of it.” he put his arm around mine. Then I began to feel uncomfortable. Two, straight, naked boys in a room all by them self’s with ones arm around the other. I pulled away from Devin.
“Ok, I’m feeling uncomfortable” I said.

“What did I just say?” He replied.

“Well dude, were both naked and you had your arm around mine. Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“HA! Like shell even touch me. I haven’t got laid in a year!”

“I’ve never been laid!”

“You have no idea how amazing it is!”

“Yeah thanks.”

“The point is. I haven’t cummed in a year.”

“Dude why are you telling me this?” He just looked at me. “Oh no!! Ewww! God no!”

“Alex listen to me. All im asking for is a quick BJ! That’s all! Its simple just suck on my dick a few times and that’s it, Ill take it from there.” I just looked at him. That feeling I had was through the roof. The urge was strong. I just wanted him.

“Devin, I’m straight.”

“I am too. Look were doing this just as ‘buddies’. You know friends. Friends help each other out.”

“Yeah, but not to satisfy their sexual needs!”

“Please Alex! You’re the only one I can turn too.”

“Why don’t you just jack off?”

“Its nothing like the real thing so why bother?” There was a pause where just the water was running. What was I to do? Should I do it? My brain screamed no, while my conscience screamed yes!! Then I asked

“J-J-Just this once?”

“Just this once man, I wont cum on you, and ill even return the favor.”

“Nonononono. Just me to you.”

“Ok man,”

“Ok….” Then there was a pause. Devin sat down on the bench and I sat next to him. As I was looking at him I thought, ‘Wow. I met this guy only 4 hours ago. Now, I’m supposed to give him a blow-job. Im sure im gonna regret this.’ I looked at Devin he was just staring into space. I couldn’t help but look down at his dick. It just hung there like a piece of gold. ‘Wait, I’m straight. Why am I doing this. Devin and I are friends already. But then why do I want him?’

I looked over at him, then I looked down. My dick still small. I sighed.

“So when do you wanna do it?” I asked. He looked at his phone.

“I have time now.”

“Oh, ok then.” I said. Then I slipped of the bench and rested on my knees.

“I-I just have no idea what to do.” I said.

“Well its simple, I guess.” He replied. “Just wrap your mouth around it and move in and out with out biting down. If you do bite down. Ima’ fuck you.” We chuckled.

“Ummm, okay.” I said. I moved down and rested on my knees. Devin started rubbing his dick to get it erect. I was very uncomfortable doing this, but some part of me wanted it.

Devin got his dick hard. I could only gawk at it. 7 inched erect. Simply amazing, and I didn’t reel jealous at all.

I slowly moved my hand up to the bench and wrapped it around the base of his dick. My skin made contact with Devin’s cock and I was sent into a completely different world. His soft, tan skin warmed my hand on contact and I started moving my hand up and down. I looked up at Devin. He had his head dipped back as I moved my had around his thick cock. Devin sighed loudly and I stopped and just looked at his cock. I brought it down and I aimed the head toward my mouth. I slowly brought my mouth down to it. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I was trying to imagine his dick as a candy bar. It was working until his head made contact with my tongue. I felt his cock enter contours of my mouth. I didn’t close my lips down on it. I continued to move my mouth in until his dick was about half way in my mouth. My mouth was quivering, my eyes were closed shut, yet there was that feeling. It felt very different, but at the same time it felt right. I slowly closed mouth on Devin’s dick. My lips, mouth and tongue soon felt the warm, soft, smooth, skin around Devin’s shaft. I stopped and opened my eyes. I saw half of Devin’s flesh right out side of my mouth. It led to a nice bunch of pubes facing down toward his dick. That view that I had right there, stayed with me for the rest of my life.

I heard a sigh pure relief from Devin when I closed my mouth. I didn’t start to move in and out right away. For some reason I wanted to savor this moment. The sweet feeling of Devin’s soft, sweet dick in my mouth. I moved my tongue forward and wrapped it around part of the shaft. He let out a soft moan and maneuvered his hand and put it on the back of my head. He gently grabbed my head and pushed it back to the head if his cock. Then, by myself, I pushed my mouth back on his dick. Devin moaned again. This time, I returned his dick to my mouth, farther.

“Whooooa.” Devin moaned “Oh, yesssss. Ooooooo. Fuck yeah.” I just kept slowly sucking, moving my tounge around his dick, over the head and down the shaft. His soft skin felt amazing in my entire mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head. He started to move his hand with the back of my head.

I opend my eyes and looked up. Devin had his head dipped back, against the wall. He was in so much pleasure.

I could feel his hand putting pressure on my head, telling me he wanted to go faster. I obliged. He stared pumping my head up and down on his dick. He started going faster, and faster. We got up to speed to where I could only take about half of his dick rather than all of it.

I was in a trance with we were speeding up. I was thinking about every inch by inch that I took in. I tried to keep my tongue still and not touch his shaft, but as if it had a mind of its own, it was running its sefl up and down the shaft, wrapping around the head. I could hear Devin moan loudly and start gasping.

“How,” he gasped. “did you get so good?” I didn’t know what to say. What was I supposed to say? Was I “good”? I thought about it. A straight guy being good at sucking another guys junk. That didn’t seem right o me.

I kept sucking his dick under his power for about 10 minutes. The entire time, I kept thinking, ‘What the hell am I doing? Devin’s my friend now, and we’ll proboly be better friends after this, but I will never be able to look at Devin the same way. Half of me was in complete ecstasy, while the other half was completely digested.

Devin was panting harder and harder with every bob of my head. I could tell he was close to shooting. Very close. I was read y to end this once and for all. I choked down all of the giant dick in my mouth. A second later, I could feel his balls tighten up under me. That was my signal to get out before it blew. I retracted my head back, but to no avail. I saw his sweet, white, load shoot all over my face and chest. He continues moaning from the feeling, so much that he lied down on the bench he was sitting on. I got up and ran into my relection in the mirror. I saw a white strip of cum from the bridge of my nose, down my right cheek, and a ball full on my chin. Then there was even more on my chest. I was immediately disgusted and grabbed a paper towels to wash it off.

I washed off the cum that was on my face. And I looked back at Devin. He was still cumming! I saw streams of cum shoot about a centimeter from his head, but I could tell the earlier ones were more powerful. I saw pools of semen collected in his naval up to his chin and mixed in his pubic hair and up his trail. I wasn’t surprised that he did that. God knows how long its been since he came. He moaned loudly as he continued to cum and he was also sweating. His entire chest was glistening with sweat making him look god like. Devin turned his head and smiled at me. His perfect white teeth smiled back at me and I almost melted. I still had no feelings for him, but yet I just gave him a fucking blowjob.

What did I just do?!?!

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