He gets the business and a lot more.
When my watch alarm went off I disengaged from my daughter’s arms and got out of bed. I found my robe and headed to the bathroom to shower. The plumbing was the usual three knob faucets with the center one being a shower diverter. I stripped off my clothes, took a leak, turned on the shower which turned hot very rapidly. I climbed in and found my Alberto VO5 shampoo on the ledge of the tub. I put about a teaspoon of it in the palm of my right hand, transferred it to my head and shampooed my hair.

I learned in prison to take a shower in ten minutes by washing directly only those areas of the human body that create scent or dispose of waste. That means I specifically wash my armpits, my groin, my ass and to reduce the probability of athletes’ foot I wash my feet. As I step out of the shower the door opens and little Charlene enters.

She says, "Hi Grand Pa!” as she lowers the toilet seat and sits down. Her nightgown is pulled up around her waist as she takes her morning piss. I ask her as I put my robe on, "Do you always get up this early?” She says, "I heard you come in here so when I woke up the rest of the way I came in.” I said, "Oh, okay” She asks me, "When are you going to short fuck me like you did my sister?” “If you want me to and your mother says it’s okay I’ll do it this evening or tomorrow at the latest. Okay?”, I answer her. She washes her hands and we leave the bathroom together. I head to the kitchen to scare up a little breakfast.

I had not been aware Charlene had followed me. I found eggs and bacon and sausage and decided on sausage for this morning seeing Charlene waiting at the table, I prepare three eggs scrambled and 3 sausage links. I find plates in a cabinet and flatware in a drawer. I take two thirds of the eggs and two sausage links and put the rest of the food on another. I grabbed two sets of flatware and the two plates and take them to the table where Charlene is quietly waiting.

When I put the plate in front of her and drop a knife, fork and spoon next to the plate Charlene says, "Yummy, mommy doesn’t cook this way too often. “ I tell her “I like to cook and I like a hot breakfast.” She replies, "I think I’m going to like having you here.” “I guess it’s only for my cooking.” I sadly say. She reached across the table and squeezes my hand and says, "no, the sex is good too.”

I hear someone trudging from the bedroom I slept in to the bathroom. We sit silently as Sabrina finishes up and flushes the toilet. She comes out to the kitchen and says, "Dad, Didn’t you make coffee?” I told her I had not found either coffee or a coffee pot. She pulls out a small drip coffee pot and loads a filter and coffee and fills the little unit’s water tank from the tap and plugs it in. In seconds it starts to pop and hiss and a stream of coffee came from the filter basket and into the carafe. The sound of the stream sounds like little Charlene peeing.

I get up to make Sabrina a sausage and egg breakfast but she says, "Dad, I can do it myself and you need to get to your new office, " turning to Charlene she adds, "and you know you should still me in bed.” Charlene answers her, "Grandpa was making breakfast and you know I love to eat breakfast. Now that I’m done I’ll go to bed can Grandpa tuck me in?” Sabrina says, "Don’t let her talk you into anything sexual, Dad.”

I take Charlene back to her bedroom and put her to bed with a hug and a kiss. She says, "would you like to eat me till I cum.” I say, "no” and leave. When I return to the dining room, Sabrina is eating.

I open conversation with, "Okay, I’ve got to be in the office at eight. What do you do all day?” She says, "I teach some of the young ones at school. Not my own kids of course I remember how that worked when Mom worked at my school.”

I ask her where the office is and she says my administrative aid will come and get me. I tell her I’d like to get there no later than 7:30. She reaches for a phone in the kitchen, dials three digits and tells whoever answers to come to her apartment at 7:25 to take me to the office.

After breakfast I return to Sabrina’s and my room and get dressed. I put on a white shirt and a tie and my good old grey business suit. Yes, it is the same business suit I wore that Easter Sunday all those years ago when my daughter had brought me her burning itch. When I come out Sabrina asks me is that the same suit you had 33 years ago? I tell her, "Yes, it is the same business suit I wore that Easter Sunday all those years ago when you came to me with a burning itch.” She said, "Looks like it still fits. In fact it looks better than it did back then.” I explain, "I lost weight after I left prison.” There is a knock at the door and I look at my watch and it reads 7:25 AM. Imagine my shock in finding out my administrative assistant is none other than Margaret, the 22 year old security guard’s wife who sucked me off in my test.

I kiss my daughter goodbye and Margaret and I leave. I have my laptop in my left hand and Margaret is holding my right one as we go up the hall. She asks me if I’d prefer the elevator or the stairs. I say stairs.

We go to a stair case and go down a floor and close to the central hall where I took my test is the company office. As we enter the office Margaret asks me if my laptop has Wi-Fi and I told her it did. She then asked me if I could shut it off. I reached down and freeing my right hand I pushed a button on the right side if the laptop and the light on the button and the one with the antenna icon both turn from blue to orange. I said, “It’s off” She takes me into the office and opens the inner door behind her desk and says, "This is where you will work.”
I boot up the computer under the desk I ask Margaret if they have mailing lists set up so I can mail to all performer or all employees. She says yes and sits on my desk as she explains how to do it. She’s shooting me a beaver as I type that for 30 days no new porn would be produced to give everyone a chance to get their bearings after Karl’s death. After I click send she asks, “Are you saying there will be no recreational sex for a month?” I say, "No, if people want to suck, lick or fuck I’m not saying they can’t, only that we will not film it.
Looking at Margaret’s pussy I see a short string coming out of her vagina. I point at it and say, "Still under the curse?” She replies, "Yeah for another day maybe two.” I tell her I have some things I need to do and tell her to get an early start. She departed, shutting my door on her way out.

I go to the internet to download the add on for Internet Explorer that allows me to browse without having it recorded in the history. Then I activate the add on and go to my charity’s web site to see how many dollars worth of donations came in while I had Amy and Sabrina as house guests. The account was up to $4,000,000.00 and that would have to be redistributed soon.

Rita came in at 8:00 as expected and Amy, who held a Universal Life Church Ministry License, came in to join us in marriage. The company attorney came in and I adopted twenty-two kids with one signature. Thirteen were Karl’s, twelve were Rita’s, one was Amy’s with Karl, and nine had been troubled children who’d joined the family voluntarily. Sabrina was my witness and Margaret was Rita’s.
Rita asks me if I was sure I was doing the right thing by putting a thirty day hold on production. I said I needed the time to adjust to all the changes. I ask her if it would cause finances to fall apart. She says “We have enough cash on hand to last three months but our customers may lose interest if we don’t put anything new out. I find our web master’s E-mail addresses and tell them to announce there would be three cherry poppy videos released and new adult porn was coming too.

I heard Margaret’s door open and I hear a male voice in the outer office. I rise and go around the desk to find out what’s going on. As I open the door I see a young man hand a baby to Margaret who bared a breast and put the baby on it. The man sees me and says, "Karl didn’t mind if I brought the baby for Margie to nurse. Incidentally I’m Ron, Margie’s husband.” I extend my hand and introduce myself then apologized for having his wife suck my cock and swallow my cum. He said, "I don’t mind that at all. She sleeps with me every night and is faithful except for tests and professional assignments. Not to mention what she has the baby do for me” I innocently ask, "What does the baby do for you?” He says, "Wait a few minutes and you’ll see.” The baby is hungrily sucking at Margaret’s left tit. After a couple minutes she becomes cranky and pushes off Margaret’s tit. Margaret is not surprised. She merely takes the baby and puts her up on her shoulder and rubs her back until the child burps. She returns the girl to the breast and the baby resumes feeding. A few more minutes pass and the baby again pushes off her mother’s lovely tit. Margaret burps her again and tries to put her back on breast but the baby extends her arms and refuses to take the nipple. I hear Ron unzip his pants, and then I see him pull out his penis. He strokes his organ to fully hard and Margaret extends her arms to him offering their daughter. Ron brings the baby to the head of his penis and the baby put a hand on each side of his cock and jacks him. After a few minutes his eyes close, his back arches and a groan escapes his lips as he cums into the baby’s mouth. I can see the baby swallowing rapidly to keep up with what her father is pumping into her.
I’m standing opened mouth at this child abuse but Margaret explains, "By letting her taste his cum now she will like it as she gets older.“ Now I understand how the girls here are trained to suck cock and swallow cum. The baby licks its lips as her father raises her to his shoulder. She seems sleepy now and Margaret puts her husband’s penis back in his pants and zips his fly up. He leaves and I return to my office.

I sit in my office and start working on a schedule for production after the thirty day mourning period is over. I schedule my granddaughter’s cherry popping for the first day. I’ll do Mary’s three days later and Vanessa’s for three days after Mary’s. Vanessa will turn eight in a week. I check her database entry and she has a large enough vagina to take me with minimal pain. The same is true of Mary and Beatrice. I check Charlene’s data and while her vagina is far too small for vaginal intercourse, her ass is large enough and deep enough to take me that way if I desire.

I schedule Ron, Margaret and their daughter Adrianna to do their breast feeding and cock sucking thing for the camera. I do call her and verify their willingness to do it. She said sure. I then go to Ally Bank to open an account for Adrianna. As I complete setting up the account Margaret calls me tell me my wife wants to talk to me. I tell her to send her in.

Rita comes in and asks me which girl’s cherry I’m going to pop first. I tell her, "Since Beatrice is oldest she is going to be first. She has waited the longest.” Rita says I’m wrong. She says, "It is true that Beatrice is the oldest but she turned eight before you daughter came here and didn’t express any interest in production until after Mary had turned eight and said she wanted to act in a vaginal intercourse pornography film. So Mary has been waiting longer.” I told her, "I’ve made my decision and the schedule is already accessible to others on our network and I cannot afford to appear indecisive so early in my time here.” She says, "I wish you would change your mind because it appears you are favoring your blood instead of what’s good for the company.” I remind her, "I’m in charge now owning the majority of the company and you knows Karl’s will is unbreakable and that I will take great pains in the future before anymore schedules of special consequence.” She says, "Okay but will you explain it to Mary if I send her up here.” I tell her, "If she wants to talk about it I’ll be happy to explain it to her.

I sit down to schedule more production. Sabrina has said she wants to put a reenactment of our affair on the Japanese web site so I set a schedule for Charlene to act out the inflamed labia Vaseline event followed by the first “rub me down there” event. Since I am not required to ejaculate I can do several of these a day if Charlene and Sabrina think it’s okay. I pick up the phone and dial the apartment. There is no answer there then I recall that the schooling here starts as soon as children are ready. Charlene acts older than she is and is in the company school. I elect to leave an E-mail in Charlene and Sabrina’s E-mail box. As I click “send” and Margaret buzzes her intercom and tells me Mrs. Bennett and her daughter want to see me.

I open the database and recognize the daughter as the ten year old who did the ten man gang bang I’d seen on the company’s Japanese web site. I tell Margaret to see them in. Mrs. Mary Bennettand her daughter Patricia (call me Trish) are brought in and sit in the two padded chairs in front of my desk they say nothing until Margaret leaves the inner office.

Mary opens by introducing herself and her daughter, then he gets right to business. “I know this is your first day of work here and what I complaining about happened six weeks ago before you came here but now my problem is your problem. “ She stopped then and waited for me to ask the question. So I ask the question, "What is our problem?” Her answer, "Trish is pregnant!” I smile and say, "I don’t see the problem.” She says, "Karl was pro-life and would not allow us to abort under any circumstance. What do you think?” I think any parent who involves their child in pornography either should put the child on birth control which the company provides at no cost to you. Since you did not do that you must have known that having her engaging in intercourse could produce a pregnancy.” Her reply shows her ignorance, "I didn’t know she could get pregnant. She hadn’t started periods yet.” I reply in the role of a teacher, "The first period is when the ovum or egg has been expelled from the uterus or womb. If that first egg is fertilized you get a pregnancy and a baby.” She huffs at me and says, "Shouldn’t the doctor have told me that?” I confront this with, "Did you ever ask him?” She looks down “at her lap and says, “I didn’t think I had to.” I Email the doctor, "Is it possible to tell when a prepubescent child is fertile so we can avoid what happened to Trish Bennett” He immediately replies, "Pelvic exam would tell me.” I tell Mrs. Bennett , "This is what I’m going to do: I will have the doctor examine every girl who is going to have vaginal intercourse on camera and I will postpone filming if they are going to be fertile. This will be policy for all children above the age of 6 because I am going to authorize deflowering girls when they are big enough by the doctor’s measurements and if the child and guardian agree.” She replies, "But what about my baby?” “I’m more pro-life than Karl was. You can see my daughter’s cleft correction scar on her upper lip. Your daughter will carry this baby until she delivers then if she doesn’t want to raise it I’ll adapt it and raise it myself.” I tell her. She says, "If I take her out and abort the thing will you pay for it?” I say, "Absolutely not! If you do it, you do it at your expense and your daughter will no longer be welcome to work here. I would remind you that your non-disclosure contract is binding for life.”

Mrs. Bennett stands up. Trisha stays in her chair. Mary says, "Are you coming?” Trish replies, "I’ll be out in a minute, Mom.” Mary leaves and shuts the door on her way out. Trisha remains quiet. So I start the conversation, "What’s on your mind?”” If mom tries to take me out to kill my baby can you stop her?” she asks. I reply, "No, I can’t stop her, she is your legal guardian. If she signed a release of parental rights I could adopt you and then there would be no argument.“ She says, "You would do that?” I said “Yes”

She comes around the desk. I stand up. She puts are arms around me and kisses me with tongue. I squeeze her into me. She says, "Do you want to fuck me?” My reply, "Only if you want me to.” She says, "I’ll let you if you want to.” I tell her, "You don’t have to do this I’m old enough to be your grandfather.” She says, "When Karl took my cherry he was old enough to be my grandfather and he had me blow or fuck him every time I came in here.” I reply, "I’m not Karl.” She reaches down and pulls down my zipper. She kisses me and reaches in to find my swelling prick and starts to stroke it. I tell her, "You don’t have to do that.” She says, “That fact that you say I don’t have to makes me want to.” I release my hug and step back. I put my organ back in my pants and say ”I think I want you to leave.” She says, "You’re the first man or turn me down.” I tell her I’m not saying you’re not attractive but if I do you I want it on camera. She says, "Book it!” I tell her, “I will.” She smiles all the way up to her eyes and then leaves.
Just to be sure I do not forget I put Tricia on my schedule for three days after the last cherry popping.

I buzz Margaret and ask what we do about lunch and she tells me we have a dining hall that serves but she happens to know Bea and Charlene eat at the apartment and would expect me to come there for lunch. I thank her for her observation and ask her how long I’m allowed. She says, "You’re the boss. Take whatever you want.” I tell her, "I prefer to lead by example. How long do my hired people take?” She says, "Everybody gets an hour, even people on all day shoots.” I leave telling, "See you in an hour.”

I head out and go up a floor to Sabrina and the girl’s apartment. I knock and Bea answers, "Come in Grandpa.” I walk in and see little Charlene running across the living room with me at the end of her path. So I’m braced and ready when she leaps in the air and lands on me with her legs around my waist and her arms are around my neck. She says, "He Grandpa, I’m so happy to see you.” Then she kisses me and as is her habit she gives e tongue. Our tongues battle for position until Beatrice says, "Charlene, he has to eat, first.” Charlene pulls her face off mine after releasing me from the kiss. I lift her by her arms and she unwraps her legs from my waist. I gently lower Charlene to the floor and go into the kitchen to hug and kiss Beatrice. We have a hug and a kiss, she also gives me tongue but just slipped it in and back out with no intent to stay and then our lips part. She says, "You’ve got time to wash up before lunch.” I take the hint and go to the bathroom and wash my hands. I also touch up my hair with my comb.

I come out of the bathroom and the girls are in the dining area and they’ve got their plates and I’ve got mine. We eat. The girls tell me what they are learning in school. Charlene is learning subtraction in math. Beatrice is already doing algebra at age 8! Lunch is cheesy hot dogs. Very tasty prepared by my eight year old granddaughter.

The green vegetable is broccoli. And the starch is French fries actually fried in oil. We eat and they ask what I did this morning and we discuss the scheduling and how Rita was upset and Mary would be coming to talk to me this afternoon. Bea asked why Mary was upset and I explained to her Rita’s idea that Mary should go first because she was here on her eighth birthday but Bea wasn’t. Bea suggests she could be right but then I explain about being decisive and how I didn’t want to appear indecisive as that would be weakness.

Charlene finished before me and vanished under the table. Bea finished and took out her and Charlene’s plates. She came back out and sat. I felt Charlene unzip my pants and pull out my prick then I feel her wet, warm mouth engulfing it. She goes up and down on it until it is rock hard. When she comes out from under the table her pants and panties are gone. She’d taken them off while sucking my cock. She climbed up on the chair and layed on her back on table and said, "Short fuck me,Grandpa.” I look at my watch and there is about 40 minutes of my lunch time left so I stand up and put the tip of my prick at the entry of her fuck hole but she’s dry so I kneel and lick her hole and line myself up again to fuck her. She is very tight put my head finally slips in and I start to slowly push myself in. I feel her hymen about an inch and a half inside her. She didn’t flint when I touched her hymen. That was weird, her mother always flinched when I hit her hymen

I start to stroke in and out of her and I feel her hymen occasionally and I pull back each time. She makes no indication that there is any discomfort at all. I start to suspect this little pistol is masochistic. I realize she inching her way closer to me about every third stroke. I swap her on her left ass cheek with my right hand. She screams, Own. But then says, "Do it again Grandpa.” So I do and I notice she getting wetter each time I swat her. “Pretty soon she stiffens and shivers in her climax. I continue short stroking her pussy not going in deep enough to pop her cherry. She’s breathing heavy still so I swat her right ass cheek with my left hand and she transitions into gasping for breath. I continue swatting her round ass alternating left and right hands on right and left ass cheeks Charlene stiffens into a shivering climax. As she comes back to the real world I feel my nuts pumping out semen as I finally cum. I bend over and kiss her on the mouth and she slips her tongue into my mouth and our tongues fight for position. She breaks the kiss and says Grand Pa I love you. I kiss her again and tell her I love her and I do mean it. I back up from Charlene and the table. She climbs down and cleans the cum and cunt juice off my cock with her mouth. Charlene comes out and hands me a thermal mug of coffee, I accept and sip a bit and leave for the office.

I go into the office and sit down and go through the list of adult porn actor and actresses and try to put together combination that had not been together before. Since I’d seen Amy and Sabrina in a sixty-nine shortly after our reuniting I scheduled them for that. By the time I schedule the first 12 days for three studios I’m finally done when I get a E-mail from my daughter saying we should have me interrupt the lesbian sixty-nine and fuck her as punishment for going to the dark side. I extend the shooting schedule to allow it and that’ll keep them busy for the first twelve days of the shooting schedule.

I get an E-mail from a guy I knew in prison I can use another sex offender who’s not scared to do kids and Josh Boyles is a fixated pedophile who is also bisexual. If I want to branch out into the dark side Josh will be the man for that job. I reply to his E-mail inviting him to join us here and become a porn actor.

As I hit send I hear Margaret’s buzzer and ask her what’s up. She says “Mary’s here.” I say, “Send her in.” She comes in and sites down and says, "You don’t like me do you?” I say, " Mary we’ve barely met. I don’t know if I like you or not.” She replies, "You don’t want to make love to me otherwise you’d do me before Bea. I tell her, “I do love you and if you want proof I’ll short fuck you right now.” She asks me, "What is short fucking?” I explain to her I can insert my penis into her vagina and use short strokes to stimulate her to orgasm without breaking her hymen. She says, "You can do that?” I nod, Have you ever done it? “ I tell her I’ve short fucked both of my granddaughters and done it without popping either of them. She pulls up her skirt and takes off her panties. She comes around the desk and sits on it. I lean in and start to eat her pussy. My tongue runs up and down her slit I nibble on her clit and she climaxes I keep up the constant motion up an down and around her clit and I stop and nibble her clit and she climaxes again. I’m feeling uncomfortable and realize I’m hard again so I release my organ from my pants and line it up with Mary’s entrance. I slowly press in and about two and half inches into her body I find the hymen so I pull out and start fucking her with short strokes. We are both breathing heavy and as I continue short fucking her she transitioned into gasping for air then she cums and I keep on doing the short strokes even as she comes out of her orgasm into the real world. She continues to breath hard and then as her arousal increases she starts to gasp. As time continues to pass she climaxes again and I’m ready to let go and as she comes down I shoot my semen into her as she comes out she feels the stuff coming out. She says to me, "Daddy Karl only let me come once per session. That was my fourth orgasm.” I reply, "I hope that will convince you that I do indeed love you.” She walks out and I notice and dribble of my cum running down her thigh.

She goes and recovers her panties and puts them back on. She comes back around the desk to give me a hug and kiss and she says “Thank you Daddy” That reminds me that I did adopt all of Karl’s kids when I married Rita. She leaves my office happy at least for now. Within five minutes Rita is on the phone asking me how I convinced her not to push the idea she should have her cherry should be popped first. Tell her I’m not one to kiss and tell then she accused me of seducing her out of causing me any trouble.

I check my E-mail and I have a message from Trisha Bennett. She tells me to send her the legal papers to terminate her mother’s parental rights. I call the company attorney and he faxes the forms to us. Margaret tells me they are here and calls Trish to pick them up. The attorney included an instruction sheet telling whoever received it to have it signed before a notary.
I go back into scheduling to set up more days shooting when I get a call from Security. I’m told Mrs. Bennett is demanding the use of a car to take her daughter to an abortion clinic. I tell Ron to call her a cab. She cannot use the company car for that purpose.

I buzz Margaret and she says that Trish did pick up the papers but has not had them notarized by the company Notary. I ask who the Notary is and she tells me so I look up Irene Barnes in the database. She’s a brunette with a weight problem. I will keep her in mind to play the role of my first wife for the re-enactment of Sabrina’s abuse. I E-mail her to ask her if she would do it and she says as long she doesn’t have to have sex or take her clothes off on camera she’ll do it.
So now I start to schedule Charlene in the role of Sabrina with Irene in the role of Kathi and makeup says they can turn my clock back no problem. I will look half my age when we do the video.

I also start scheduling Bea in the role of Sabrina for her later abuse events. This will include two attempts to have full vaginal sex with neither penetrating where her hymen should be. This will require her to act as if it hurts. That’s why they call it acting.

I get an E-mail from the doctor who says the medical balloons he’s putting behind young virgin’s hymens are not doing the job so he’s going to fill them with saline solution to increase the expansion rate. So he’s calling in all the girls to rework the vaginal expanders. Adrianna and Charlene will be effected by this. It’s about 4:30 and Margaret asks if she can leave and I tell her to leave my office door opened and go. I’m not used to having a gatekeeper.

I get a call from security stating that Mary and Trish Bennett have returned and Trish went directly to the infirmary and I get a E-mail from the doctor stating she is still pregnant. A few minutes later I see Trish come in with the signed and notarized voluntary termination of parental rights and I call my attorney to set up the private adoption of the young woman. She gives me a hug and a kiss after I tell her the attorney will have a judge sign off on it tomorrow morning and after that she’ll me my child. Then she leaves.

I get up and lock my office from the outside and Margaret’s office from the outside and return to Sabrina’s apartment and find all three of the ladies in my life dressed in Star Trek Original Series Uniforms. These are mini-dresses. Charlene and Beatrice both come out to show me they left off the panty covers and their panties so they are bare underneath. I pick up Charlene and give her a hug and kiss. I hug and kiss Beatrice then I go to the kitchen to hug and kiss Sabrina. All three gave me tongue but I did not respond. I’m tired. Sabrina can sense my fatigue and turns to make coffee.

I go to Sabrina’s room and get out of the suit and put on regular casual clothes. Beatrice comes in after I’m dressed and putting my feet into my moccasins. I say “Hi Bea, what can I do for you?” She asks,”Can we talk a little?” I say, “Sure, honey what’s on your mind?” She says, “Some of the girls are telling me that getting my cherry popped will hurt like being torn in two.” I ask her if her orgasm feel good. She says they do. I ask her if she thinks that she could feel any pain with that level of pleasure coming in. She says, "I don’t know” I tell her, “Some writers have written that if I take your virginity while you are in climax you won’t feel the pain. I don’t know if it’s true but you will be my test case. So hopefully you won’t have any pain.” She says, "When you short fucked me you touched my hymen and it hurt like hell so maybe we should do it again and when I cum you can push into it and if I don’t notice you’ll have your answer.” I answer her, "If you’ll remember when I did short fuck you the day of my audition you tried to impale yourself in your orgasm. Three times I felt my prick touch your maidenhead and you didn’t flinch when it happened so I think it will work for you.”

We are interrupted as Sabrina brings me a cup of coffee. She enters the room the room and says, "I’m surprised Dad that she doesn’t have you naked. “ She hasn’t offered me anything and you know I don’t take. “She says, "Okay,” and leaves. I pick up my cup of coffee and sip it as Bea closes the door and says.”Do you want to eat me?” “Do you want me to?” Bea says, "Yes” She comes to me and I lift off her simple dress.” I lay her on the bed and kiss her on her mouth. She tongues me and I return the tongue. I kiss her neck on my way to her small cone shaped nipples which I lick and suck to hardness. She grabs my head and gently pushes me to her lower regions. I stop at her navel and tongue it and she starts to pant and giggle. She’s still pressing me downward so I keep going down and go past her mound down to her thighs. I kiss the inside of these going back and forth between them. I kiss going back up to her mound and then kiss her around the mound specifically avoiding her genitals. She sits up partway and grabs my ears and lines me up with her cunt. I start to lick but avoid the clit. I make three runs down and up without once touching the clit. When I tongue fuck her she says, "Yeah, that’s good” between breaths. Then I take a tongue full of her juices up to clit and lap it and she climaxed. I keep at it and she comes back to earth and starts to gasp as her second cuming approached. I used my finger to open her labia and her inner labia and see her intact cherry. As she cums again I put my pinky finger in the small hole in her hymen and wiggle it slightly. As she comes down I release her labia to close over her vagina. I start to get up and bend over to hand her the dress.

She says, "What are you doing?” I say, "We need to be dressed for supper.” She says, "You keep on making me cum multiple times while you only cum once. I want to do you now.” I say, "You really don’t have to do this.” She says, "I really want to do it.” She comes to and kisses me on the mouth with tongue and says, "It not fair for me to receive so much pleasure from you without giving any back.” She unzips my slacks and pulls my cock out and strokes it up to semi hardness. She then started to lick up the left side then the right side, as she licked up the bottom my cock became fully hard. Then she closed her lips over the head of it and slide up my shaft until her lips touched my pubic hair. She pulled back until her lips were around the head and then plunged into me until she had it deep in her throat. She gave me three cycles of this up and down then came off of it and kissed my prick’s head. She then licked up and down each side of it and then [put it back in her mouth and fellated it continuously until I felt the pressure pushing my cum through my cock and I had to warn her, “I’m gonna cum.” She nodded slightly to acknowledge it and kept on sucking. When I came she swallowed it as quickly as she could but I was letting so much out that some escaped and dripped on her chest. When my semen supply ran out she clamped her lips down tight and pulled off my fading organ. She yelled, "Charlene, come here quick.” I hear the pitter patter of little feet and Charlene comes in and licks the cum off of her sister’s chest. As Charlene licked her chest Bea was fingering Charlene’s pussy. When all the cum was gone Charlene stood there as Bea continued to rub her pussy. I reach down and swat Charlene’s butt and she cums immediately. Bea pulled her hand back and Charlene reaches to me and hugs me and says, "Thanks for slapping me on the bottom to get me going.” So I ask her, "So pain turns you on?” She says “Yup.” And pushes her dress back down before exiting the room. Bea gets dressed and we walk out together. Sabrina says, "All done, now?” I say, “For now.” She says, "Supper will be ready in a minute.”

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2013-09-26 13:27:53
Good story....but serious grammatical errors distract from the enjoyment.

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2012-05-30 23:29:32
The anonymous reader above needs to talk to a competent psychologist to avoid eventually ending up in prison for child sexual abuse. The author of the piece spent years being threatened and beaten up after abusing his consenting daughter. Believe me you don't want to go there.

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