kevin johnson seeks to find himself in q story of sex, romance,betrayal, and revenge
The early August moon shone down on the small town of Fultondale, Florida. Crickets sluggishly chirped in the intense heat, and even though a beach town, the coastal town had had little rain throughout the whole year, and the whole town did their best to beat the heat.
The most uncomfortable family unit was the Johnsons, who had just moved to the small town from northern California, where the air is brisk and cool even in late summer. The Johnsons resembled the average ideal American family. Frank Johnson was a rich business consultant who cared all about education, which is why he was sending his children to Xavier High, an expensive boarding school. Mr. Johnson was a middle aged man, who sported a handsome face and tall features. He was once was a football recruiter for a small college, so his frame stood proud and strong, fit from years of rigorous exercise. He was happily married to Raquel Johnson, a Brazilian bombshell who was in her early 30s. She sported voluptuous curves and flowing blonde hair. Her daughter was Jean, who at 15 cared more about fashion than school. She had blonde hair like all the family, and worked hard to get into shape for her favorite sport, volleyball.
Then there was Kevin. He had wavy hair and the face of his father in his younger days. His face was perfectly symmetrical, as if a master carpenter chiseled it into a heavenly frame. His captivating green eyes were currently trained to a science book. He was preparing for his first day at Xavier High, hoping to work his way to the top in his junior year. He was a person much too concerned with making the grades than with entertaining the ladies, which was truly a shame considering his superior form. “It’s getting late, I better go to sleep, don’t want to be late for the first day of school.” And with that, he turned out the lamp and went to bed.
The first day of school started for Kevin with the blaring alarm ringing through the still early morning. “Oh God, it’s 7:15, I have to arrive on campus by 8:00, and it’s a 30 minute drive!”. Quickly hopping into his clothes and grabbing his suitcase, Kevin jumped in the car where his sister was already waiting for him.
They soon came to a beautiful campus with flowing fountains and marble walls. Inside, there were velvet floors, and the place looked like a mansion more than a high school .
After saying goodbye to their mother, they went and got their schedules and their room numbers.
"Hey, my number is room 234, how about yours," Kevin asked.
"Room 235, right across the hall.
Kevin opened the room door and automatically tented. Lounging on a fit-for-a-queen matress was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. She was wearing aqua booty shorts and a jersey that signified she was on the soccer team. Her hair flowed to a pair od double D breasts, her rump was small but tight, toned from countless hours of running, probably in shape-ups.
"My name is Amy. I am a Junior." the brunette introduced herself, trying to ignore Kevins bulg, which even he didnt seem to notice.
Amy secretly found him amazingly hot, but then quickly reminded herself she was dating Xavier's top running back, Hunter Jones.
"imm ....Kevin" he stumbled as he tossed his suitcase on the closet.
"Oh, you must be from out of town"
"Yup, from north Cali. Its really hot down here"
" Mhmm" Amy almost purred. "Well, im going to take a shower and get ready for school"
Kevin stared at her ass as she moved by, seeing it wiggle from this way to that.
Kevin noticed that the roommate rules seemed very slack. "typical nerdy mcgee" He cided himself.
He made it a personal mission to date this girl, and knew exactly where to start.
In his first class, History, Kevin noticed that his sister was in there with him. She was very concerned presently, a cute boy had asked her for her number and she was working hard to impress him, who was in the same class. The class felt like forever, because all that was on Kevins mind was a certaint brunette..

After school, he made his way back to his dorm. As he entered he saw Amy on the computer, legs crossed like a little girl. She was filling out a soccer tryout form.
It was time to launch the plan.
"Could I try out for team manager?"
"I don't know, if you don't mind carrying a whole bunch of balls and cones, then go ahead. I warn you though, you'll have to come in the lockerroom. It helps if you have not much reputation."
"There's manager signups at room 105."
"It should suit me well I guess." Kevin chuckeld lightly and left the room. The halls were lightly congested with kids trying to get to their dorms.
Kevin decided to check on sister while he was at it. Her room door was unlocked. As he stepped through the door, he was greatd by a heaving "aahhhhhhh". Laying supine was Jean, who was also butt naked. Worst of all she was taking it ballsdeep from the history teacher, Mr. Cocks.

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a little short but keep going

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a little short but keep going

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