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A teen from Philly finds himself amongst hot girls in NYC. Read and enjoy the rest.
NOTE: Michael Stromen and every other character in this story are made-up and fictitious. Their experiences, beliefs, and any other characteristics are imaginary. This is simply a small work of fiction created for the sole purpose of entertaining, and/or pleasuring. Also, I am not Michael Stromen, and those that I encounter every day are also NOT Michael Stromen, or any other character within this work of fiction. Enjoy.

How do you expect me to start this? I guess it’s supposed to be about some times I’ve had sex, so maybe I’ll talk about how big that girl Jenny’s tits are, or how I’ve been wanting to bang Ashley since I was in middle school. But, eh, I’m in the mood for a story. I mean, a story story – that kind of story that tells you everything about everyone and everything about everything. But if I did that, it really wouldn’t be much of a sexual thing. I mean, I’m sure you don’t really give a shit about how Sarah’s smile is as penetrating as a blade, or how Levana’s voice is as lovely as a choir of birds singing their inspiring song on a sunny afternoon. And I’m definitely sure you aren’t interested in any philosophy, but of course, I’m not really interested in discussing how vaginal penetration relates to everyday society in the modern world. So I think I’ll start you off fresh, and tell you who I am, and a little about myself.
My name is Michael, or Mike, or Mikael… I don’t really have a shit to offer when it comes to names – just as long you get the point. I was born in Philadelphia back in the 1990s, but I’m not gonna sit here and tell you about how good times were “back then”… I mean, c’mon, I was four in 1999. Alright, so 1999… yeah, let’s skip over the bullshit years. I can always relate reminiscing to porn – because you skip a good half of the damn video. But anyways, when I was about fourteen, me, my mother, and my sister moved to Manhattan – and my father – don’t worry, he isn’t dead, he’s just an asshole. So, to get on to the sexy parts - I came into high school with one thing on my mind – sex. Sex was the center of my existence, and I was perhaps the most determined teen to reach the goal of fucking a chick. And, I must say, I am so god damn glad that job in Philly fired my mom, because otherwise, we’d still be back in Philly, and there wouldn’t be a lot of hot girls, and I wouldn’t have much of a story to tell you. I mean, when suburbaners, if that’s a word, think about city-girls, I can imagine rats, rodents, and sewage pussy jumping into their minds, but, oh, how they are so wrong.
So, let’s talk about my first time. And yeah, I don’t mean to give you extra, non-sex details… well, yeah I do, it’s just an impulse. And guys, I’m sure your dicks are shriveling and going limp in your left hand right now, but bear with me – the sex is coming, don’t worry about it.
So anyways, when we moved to Manhattan, I was 14, which made me a freshman in high school. And, of course, I was terrified of leaving all my Philly friends, but hell, when I saw those asses at my high school, I pretty much forgot about Philly. Hell, does Philly exist anymore? Yeah, I know, that was a terrible joke, but hey, what’s said is said. But anyway, so, yeah, I was talking about asses. Yeah, my high school was, and still is an ass-soup. Black girls, Latina girls, White girls, Asian girls, hell, every girl had an ass. In my opinion, however, the greatest ass in my school belonged to a Latina girl, Olivia. She was a junior at the time, and without her makeup, she was quite average, but it was that ass that made her special. Her ass was about 10 inches from her back, and was very round. Round, round, round. Round like a bowling ball, or a basketball, or soccer ball. Round like the moon, round like the Earth, round like the sun… just…fuckin’ round. I don’t think I could stress that quality enough. The point is that it was a big ass, especially for a junior, but it had shape. And she would always wear yoga pants, or skinny jeans (she even wore latex once or twice). Other than that, like I said before, she was average. Long, dark hair, large, brown eyes, a smooth, fair face (which was one of her better qualities), five foot six, fairly average tits (for a junior), light-brown skin, slim core, sexy thick legs, and an accent to die for. Personality wise, she was somewhat loud, and was always seen socializing or looking hot with the other sexy, popular girls in the school. She was a bit of a gossiper, and sometimes enjoyed the publicity of cat-fighting with other girls. At first, I thought she was more of the strictly-relationship type, but as time passed, she seemed to be more on the promiscuous and, hell, even slutty side. She would give the football players, basketball players, and popular guys this look – one that is too sexy to explain with words and phrases. And like I said before, she was very social, but wasn’t the type of girl to be seen with the less popular guys (like me, at the time). To be honest, in the end, I wasn’t really attracted to her. To me, she was the kind of girl that you stare at during P.E and fantasize about – which brings me into my first “sexual” encounter with a girl (not that I fucked guys in middle or elementary school).
It was mid-year and I was a freshman, and by this time, I was a part of everyday life at the school. I had a group of horny guys that I called friends and a group of sexy girls which clung to my every fantasy. But everything, fantasy or dream, changed mid-year, during a P.E class. It was an ordinary P.E class (at first), with Joey, and Sarah (not the one with the cutting smile), and Brittany, and Stefana, and Marcus, and Lucas, and Mike (not me, another Mike), and of course Olivia. Our coach, Coach Stevens, was a bit of a pervert, and enjoyed watching the girls’ assets bounce as they ran about… oh, and how they laughed and jumped when they would get hit by balls. But anyway, we were playing a game of dodge ball that day, and of course, I was hit. Well, to make a long story short, when we would get hit, we would have to wait in the other team’s “prison,” which was essentially a few hula hoops scattered behind the opponent team. And, like I said before, some asshole threw the rubber ball at my neck, and I honestly wanted to punch the shit out of him, but I kept calm. So I walk across their “base” to their “prison,” right past Olivia. And damn, she had a little sweat going, but she still smelt like permanent air freshener and beautiful, beach air. I was so close to her – I couldn’t resist. When I walked past Olivia, I brushed my left hand on her right leg. I was aiming for her ass, but I truly didn’t see how that would be possible at that angle, and so I went small. But I still took a good look at her ass, and as I walked toward their “prison” with my eyes now glued to her ass, was startled when I heard the question “Do you like it?”
Now, I’ve been in the staring and admiration business for at least a decade, and I must say, that was the first time I was so blatantly and publicly busted. Well, lucky for me, no one else really understood what she meant. Regardless, I had turned red, and was overwhelmed with excitement and fear. After glancing up at her face, I was surprised to observe a rather friendly and, of course, slutty expression. As a matter of fact, now that I look back at it, her expression was so full of promiscuity and curiosity that she could have taken all her clothes off and shaken her immaculate ass with the coach and the principal as her audience and I would not have been surprised. I wanted to fuck her (to be frank). Right at that moment, a split second or two after processing her expression, I wanted to throw my pants down and rip my shirt off and expose my dick and fuck the living soul out of her. I wanted to ram my dick so far up her pussy that god would have had to add a few years to my life expectancy, and I wanted her to scream “sí” and “papi” until I came all in and over her. I wanted her to grab my dick and suck it and get her saliva and sweat all over me. I wanted to ram my dick in her sweet, succulent, heavenly ass and fuck her wild. I wanted to murder her clit with my tongue and finger-fuck… no… hand-fuck her… with both hands and her scream in pleasure and enjoyment and squirt her feminine, Latina juices all over my face.
It was the wink, though, that completed it all. Conclusion, finish, the end, the cherry on top. I processed that expression, and thought all those dirty thoughts, and then she winked back at me, and if it weren’t for my sanity, I would have fainted and died. Was it a joke? Was it a slutty thing? Was it sarcastic? I really didn’t give a shit, because all I couldn’t think about was fucking Olivia. My dick jumped up into ready mode nearly five seconds after the wink, and to make matters better, Olivia noticed the boner. Usually, when a popular and sexy teen like Olivia notices a boner, the subject with the boner is laughed at, humiliated, or rejected. Olivia, on the other hand, defied expectation as she glanced down at my fully erect dick and inhaled a small breath of air in excitement. I must admit, I had quite a growth spree in my early teens, and because of that, I was tall and walked around with 7 inches of manliness within my pants. I was also in good health and shape, and had a semi-six-pack, if that makes sense.
So, with all of my assets, I was not surprised when Olivia blew me a kiss, and it was this kiss that confirmed a fantasy of mine – the idea that Olivia felt just as I felt, and had all the desires that I had, and would fuck with me and do every dirty thing in the book with me. I was convinced that she wanted me and hell, I knew what I wanted, and so it was all just a matter of time.
With my horniness came impatience and I wanted to fuck Olivia ASAP. Gym came to an end, and shit, if I wasn’t completely sane, I would have barged into the girl’s locker room nude and flung my dick around until Olivia’s mouth emerged from the darkness to suck it. But, unfortunately, I am sane, and a fantasy is a fantasy.
So gym came to an end, right, and there I was – still a virgin. I was depressed but determined. I wanted to track Olivia down. Shit, looking back at it, I think I was so horny that I would have stalked the girl down for at least a piece of that ass.
I knew what I wanted, of course, but I did not have a plan to track Olivia down, corner her (when we were alone), and make fantasy reality. Eventually, hours passed, and school came to a close – and obviously, I wasn’t done yet. In the end, although I didn’t want to involve anyone else in our thing, I decided I would talk to Olivia’s “best friend,” a black girl named Aya.
Aya was, without a doubt, sexy as fuck. She was a stunning brunette, with c-cup tits and an athletic body. She didn’t have an ass the size of a moon, but she had a noticeable ass and an ass with shape (might I add). On a scale, Aya was perhaps 50% browner than Olivia. She was around five foot nine (or eight, who really cares), and she had brown eyes. There was something with her eyes though – she had this thing where she would stare at you – not in a creepy way, she was a seducer - and you were hers. Her face was the icing on the cake and the cherry on top. I have never seen such a beautiful face before. Not a single bump or bruise or scab rested upon it, and her skin was as smooth and warm as silk. I won’t forget to mention her curly hair, which completed the face. Aya was a dater (unfortunately), and had a known habit of fucking the school football players. She wasn’t a slut – I simply believe she had an obsession with the “cool guys.” Everyone understood and accepted this condition – hell, I think the vice principal talked to her about it once or twice.
But anyways, I decided I would go to Aya about it. I wanted to ask her about Olivia’s schedule. And so that is what I did.
“Hey, you must be Aya, Olivia’s friend, right?” I found Aya in a hallway. She was alone in a vacant hallway all after school, leaning against a locker. She was texting – well, to give a more accurate observation, her eyes were glued to her phone’s screen and her fingers were glued to her phone’s keyboard. I, personally, with all the texting junkies I’ve been around, have never seen a person so dedicated to her phone.
I did not want to repeat the question (fearing that she would slap the shit out of me and walk away), and so I waited a few minutes, and eventually, leaned up against to a locker next to hers, and I sat there looking at her text.
Finally, with the most innocent expression I’ve seen from an adult (she was 18); Aya looked at me and asked me why I was next to her. She was too sexy, and that innocent facial expression made her a fuck-candidate.
“Well… Aya, is it?” I acted like I couldn’t remember her name; I read somewhere that it helps you get into girls’ pants. She nodded her head in a somewhat awkward fashion – almost as though I should not have been speaking to her, and that I did not belong around her.
“Yeah, Aya, I was gonna ask you something about Olivia, but damn, I just might have to stick with you for a while.” Here I was, a freshman, new to high school, new to New York City, and I’m flirting with a super-sexy, New York senior. I felt like shooting myself after that line (which wasn’t much of good one, now that I look back at it), but Aya didn’t mind. In fact, she smiled.
“Well, well,” she started, “look at you. A little, cutie, baby freshmen all grown up and flirting. Everything after that came without thought.
“Well, you know, you’re the only one here and everything, and I couldn’t resist at least talking to someone as, well, beautiful as yourself.” She loved to be flattered.
“You aren’t too bad looking either, Mikey.” Aya said my name in the sluttiest manner possible.
“And you know my name before I even introduced myself, Aya.” I returned the favor, and she put her phone in her pocket. “I see you put the phone away for me. I like where this is going.”
“You should,” Aya’s voice became more seductive, “because where I think this is going, none of us going to be able to walk straight tomorrow.”
“Oh, really?” I began “If this goes where I think this is going to go, we won’t even be able to stand tomorrow.”
“Ooooh, I like the sound of that.” said Aya, in her trademark, seductive voice. “I love the sound of that, but how can I purchase the goods if I haven’t seen them yet?”
“Trust me, everything is right here, free to touch, free to see, and…” I moved in closer to her right ear and whispered “free to suck, free to fuck, free to lick.” before returning to my original position. Aya laughed at this, and it wasn’t one of those happy laughs – this was that sexy “Ohhh Yes!” kinda laugh. I knew she was mine at that point.
Aya didn’t care much for patience, and I felt her hand all over my abs within a few seconds. She must have liked what she felt – she took her second hand and began feeling my chest. I didn’t flinch at all, and Aya was turned on. She moved in closer to my face. Her eyes met mine, and she gave me the sexiest look I’ve gotten from a woman.
“So someone likes what they see, and likes what they feel, and I think that someone wants to feel a little bit more.” Aya smiled at this, and placed her hands under my shirt. I was a lot less buff then the football players, but something seemed to attract her to me.
“And you know what,” I continued, “someone else likes being felt, and wants to feel a bit for himself.” Aya, keeping her eyes on mine, smiled and used her left arm to grab my left wrist. She then placed my left hand on her left breast, and, once again, I was in heaven. There were no more fantasies or dreams. This was real.
Aya wore a bra, and I couldn’t feel enough of her tit, and so I gently took my right hand and allowed it to travel up the back of Aya’s T-shirt. She barely flinched as I unclipped the bra (I practiced unclipping with my mom’s bras... don’t ask.). It was undone, and the bra began to fall from its original place and down to her stomach. I was able to see her hard nipples through her white T-shirt. With haste, I began to grab her nicely-sized tits and gently squeeze on them. I then proceeded to the nipples of both tits, and toyed with them (through her shirt) as she felt my chest.
“I want more, Mikey. I want your body. I want everything.” I didn’t give a shit after she said that. I would have fucked her in the open, too. Aya was ten times sexier than she usually was, and I wanted to probe the far and unknown depths of her body.
“And I want just… as much…” I moved in for the kill and gave Aya a kiss. “as you.”
Aya continued where I left off – as I retreated, she pushed me against the locker, placed both hands on my head, and began kissing me. The first ones were superficial – Aya soon began using her tongue to explore my mouth, and I did the same in return.
We French kissed until my urge to explore the rest of her body exploded. I retracted my tongue (and my lips), slightly backed away from her, and took my shirt off. I wasn’t wearing two layers, and so my slightly chiseled chest and abs were now exposed. I then reached for her butt and pushed her close to me, and we French kissed harder than before.
That is when a bell went off in my head. Her ass! Taking her jeans off became top priority, and as I French kissed her, I used my right hand, which was once against her clothed ass, to unbutton and unzip her jeans. Eventually, I was able to unfasten her pants, and as I French kissed her, I used both my left and right hands to pull her pants down.
At this point, Aya was still wearing panties, but the majority of her ass was revealed, and her jeans had fallen to her knees. I continued French kissing Aya, and I put both my hands on her ass cheeks.
It was now Aya’s turn to undress me. She pulled back from the French kiss, and helped me take my pants off. Ten seconds later, I stood there, kissing Aya again, with my jeans at my ankles. All that was left of my clothes were the boxers, which I eventually pulled down to my knee. The cool air hitting my boner only added to the pleasure. Eventually, Aya moved closer to me and used her left hand to jack me off backwards as she French kissed me. I couldn’t prevent the moaning. She would jack me off slow, and then she would speed up, and slow down, and the pattern continued.
I decided to return the favor. I used both hands to pull Aya’s panties down far enough to reach her pussy and play with her exposed ass. I broke away from the French kiss, spit in my hand, and began rubbing her pussy. Her moans began, and I used her own pattern to pleasure her.
I must admit, before returning to the sex – watching porn did help. If it wasn’t for those foreplay scenes, I would have been fucked when it came to her pussy.
But anyways, her pussy – I began using both hands to pleasure her. My left hand was devoted to rubbing her clit and the rest of the pussy, while a few digits on the right hand were responsible for finger fucking her. At first, the angle was a bit awkward, but as I got used to my position, I speed up (and did not slow down). Aya was moaning louder and louder as I got faster and faster, and she would break the French kiss whenever moaning. I, on the other hand, was beginning to feel an explosion of pleasure due to her jacking me off. I was going to cum soon.
We went like this for another ten minutes before I couldn’t hold it anymore. I let out a load all over her bare stomach. My hard-on, however, did not die out, and we did not plan on stopping.
Me and Aya stripped completely naked and brought our clothes to the men’s bathroom across the hall. Once inside, we chose a spacious and hidden stall at the back of the room, and continued there.
Aya didn’t speak when we got into the stall – she placed her T-shirt on the ground and knelt on it. Her face was now level with my (super hard) 8 inch cock. Without hesitation, she took my dick into her hand and began rubbing it gently. She then slowly placed her mouth around the head of my penis, and worked it into her mouth. A jolt of excitement and pleasure ripped through my body, and as Aya slowly worked my 8 incher into her mouth, I could hardly breathe. She worked my cock all the way to her throat, and I couldn’t see a fraction of my dick outside of her mouth. My cock reached her throat, and she held it there. She then slowly started rocking her head back and forth. My dick would reach her molars, and she would suck it back into her mouth until it hit her throat. She continued this as I moaned and shouted in pleasure, and after about the fifth time, she began caressing my balls with both her hands.
I couldn’t hold out anymore. As my cock reached Aya’s molars for about the thirtieth time, I came into her mouth. She, by surprise, was able to swallow all of it, and she enjoyed it before smiling.
I was still hard after that, but when I looked down at Aya, who was extremely sexy and nude with my rock-hard cock in her mouth, I quickly came again.
Aya stood from the ground and wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, where we began to French kiss again. I immediately broke off the kiss, because I wasn’t done with her yet.
Aya stood stationary in the stall, and I got on my knees and began licking her pussy. I began slow, and started with the clit. Aya backed off and sat on the toilet seat – with her pussy facing outwards towards me. When she was properly positioned, I came back in and started licking her clit. She immediately began to moan. From licking, I sped up my pace and began eating her pussy out whole – I started off at her vagina and labia and would lick the clit whenever possible. She moaned louder and louder as I picked up pace.
“Never stop! Keep doing it, baby… yes!” were some of the things that came out of her mouth while I ate her out. I switched routines, and began to focus my mouth on her clit area as I finger fucked her with my right hand. The more she shouted and moaned, the faster I went. She was loud enough to attract attention, but I still didn’t give a shit, and so I moved even faster and harder than before. I fucked her with all five fingers at one point, while rapidly pleasuring her clit. She couldn’t take it anymore, and eventually began to convulse in an intense orgasm. She actually began squirting, which surprised me (it was my first time). She grabbed on to my head, and would not let go. Eventually, the violent and paralyzing orgasm came to an end, and she began to kiss the right side of my face until she reached my ear.
“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me harder than you can imagine, baby.” She whispered this, and I was glad to comply with her request.
I stood up and backed away from the toilet, allowing Aya to stand up from the toilet. Aya took two steps from the toilet, turned around, and bent down. She then straightened her back, allowing me to get to her pussy. I, who was now hard again, was eager to stick my rock hard cock into her pussy.
Aya was known to have fucked a lot of sports players, and she was still tight as hell. Shit, I think I was her biggest at the time. I spit on my hand, and used the spit as lubricant for my penis.
My cock was able to slide into her tight pussy after a bit of work, and Aya let out a scream and a “Yes!” which could probably have been heard from across the street. I started moving my dick in and out of her slowly, but as she loosened up, I began to pick up pace, and eventually, was fucking her fast. Aya was nearly crying in pleasure. As she collided with the hair above my cock, her ass would bounce and giggle, which inspired me to go faster.
Aya began to scream louder and louder, and so I quickly switched positions. I sat down on the toilet and Aya began to ride my hard 8 incher. I took a hold of her hips and began controlling the speed at which we fucked. I began pushing into my cock harder and faster, and Aya began to scream even louder. With every thrust came a “Yes!” or a loud, long moan. I began lifting my ass up from the seat, which allowed us to fuck even faster.
I eventually came in Aya. We were fucking so hard and fast that I did not notice my dick go limp from the ejaculation. When I was finished, Aya turned around, pulled me off the toilet seat, and began French kissing me. After about fifteen minutes or so, we both stopped, cleaned up, put our clothes back on, and left the bathroom.
To be honest, you know, I don’t really know why she was so eager to fuck me that day. I mean, of course, I’m me, but still, for a hot senior to want to fuck a freshman like me… and so eagerly. It was like the shit was straight out of a porno. But anyway, that’s my first time. Kinda long, I know, but it was sexy – especially when we were out in the hall. I was a bit nervous at first, but Aya was so sexy that I didn’t really give a damn. Well anyway, after we did the dirty, Aya told me about Olivia’s after-school dance classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and how she would take showers at the school. Well, you know what I’m doing next.

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2012-12-11 15:41:31
i agree ! you do talk to much about yourself . that is why i stopped reading when you described Olivias round ass .

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2012-05-03 13:39:34
You spend too much time talking to yourself and the reader about how horny you are. Spacing needs work. But it was a pretty good story.

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2012-04-05 07:16:37
So, your dick is 7 inches when the story started and 8 inches when the story ends??? Only a day has passed and it grew an inch? Try staying consistent in your story. People notice shit like that and it turns them off.


2012-04-03 15:54:23
It took too long to get to anything interesting. Try again.

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2012-04-03 10:01:07
good job man plz continue other then the spacing it's good 9/10

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