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Foreword: A big thanks to Marie for writing the last entry in this saga. Let me know if you think she should create a profile and start writing her own stories. I think she should. Anyway, I have a few more ‘Marie’ stories to get through before we move on. So much happened with her that I just want to tell it all! Anyway, here’s what happened next.

Seven Months With Marie- Part Five: “The Hurricane”

Fall 2004

It had been a month since two of my good friends and I gang banged Marie (see previous story). She was so grateful for me returning the ‘group sex’ favor that our sex life was getting more and more wild and uninhibited. Stopping by Michelle’s house for a threesome had just about become a weekly thing. Our plans for the upcoming weekend however would be drastically different.

The news stations had cried wolf so many times that summer about hurricanes that when they claimed that they were certain this time that a hurricane was heading straight for us, I was skeptical to say the least. As all of our friends and co-workers (including Michelle) packed their bags and boarded up their windows, I just decided ‘to hell with it.’ I decided I wasn’t going to leave this time.

When I told Marie about my decision she wasn’t immediately on board, but I reminded her that every single hurricane the news warned us about had passed us by. I was tired of boarding up my house and wasting money on a hotel. Eventually she saw my logic and agreed to stay too.

We decided to bunk up at her house since it was an old cinder block house and was probably a bit safer than my place. I headed over early on Saturday morning. We immediately determined that we needed supplies. We drove around town for over an hour looking for an open store. It was like driving around in a zombie movie. The entire town was completely deserted! We finally found a convenient store that had stayed open. There was no one but the clerk inside.

We bought six party pizza’s and a case of beer and headed back to her place. We put everything away and then sat in the living room and had a beer. She lived in an old home that had been split into two apartments. The front door opened into the living room which had an enormous window facing out onto the front yard. The sky had darkened and the thunder began to roll.

The rain began to fall and grew heavier and heavier. It seemed to come in waves along with high winds. Suddenly there was a thunder clap that was so loud we both jumped. The lamps in the apartment all went dark. The A/C crawled to a halt. The power had gone out.

No TV. No Internet. No Microwave. No Fridge. At first we were at a loss. Should we try and make it out of town before it got worse? We ultimately decided against that idea. We decided we would just tough it out and see what would happen.

I pushed her coffee table against the wall and spread some blankets over the living room rug. We piled a bunch of pillows up against the couch and lay down in front of the big window to watch the storm.

I had been with Marie for a little over three months at that point and I knew her well enough to not be completely surprised when she slid her hand across my thigh and started rubbing my crotch through my jeans. She initiated sex even more often than I did. What a gal!

I rolled onto my side and pulled her close to me. Our lips met and we began to kiss. The storm outside had picked up and the thunder was coming in steady bursts. We kissed harder and I felt her fingertips searching for the fly on my jeans. I arched my back to give her easier access and felt her fingers clinch tight and pull down my zipper. In an instant her hand slid in and found my rapidly hardening cock. Her small gentle fingers wrapped around my pole and pulled it from my jeans into the open air.

I moaned into her mouth as she slid her hand up and down my shaft. I suddenly realized that being stuck in the house with no TV might not be such a bad thing. Just then, Marie pulled her lips away from me and smiled as she scuttled to her knees. I propped up on my elbows as she stood up, giggling. She then disappeared down the hallway. When she returned, she was holding her bottle of Astro-Glide. “I have an idea.” She smiled. “Stand up.”

I stood up and she stuck the bottle in the waste of her pants. She then walked over to me and pulled my shirt up over my head. Then she reached down and popped the button on my jeans and pulled them down to the floor. I stood naked and she leaned in and kissed me again. I loved the way she kissed. As we made out, she pulled the lube out of her waist band and poured a generous amount into the palm of her hand. She clicked it shut and dropped it to the floor. She then wrapped her hand around my cock and gently pulled me as she walked backward toward the couch.

I stepped out of my jeans and followed her as she sat down. She pulled me so that my erect cock was directly in front of her face. She started sliding her slippery fist up and down my cock and stared straight up into my eyes. “Do you want to know what I want to do today?” I moaned a positive response. She continued “I want us to do every single fucked up thing we can think of.” She tightened her grip on me and quickened her pace. “All day, starting right now, just like this.” She licked her lips. “I want you to stand right in front of me and watch me jerk your big fat cock until you cum all over my face!” she moaned. “I want you to talk really dirty to me while I do it. I want you to tell me how much you love fucking me. I want you to tell me how much you love fucking Michelle, or Karen or Becky.” She leaned into it and pumped faster. “I want you to degrade me. I want you to be a fucking asshole.” She moaned. I almost lost it, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I was having too much fun.

“You know what I really love?” I smiled.

“What baby?”

“I love sticking my cock in Michelle’s mouth while you watch.”

“Oh yeah baby!” she moaned as she jerked me faster.

“I really loved sticking my cock up Becky’s tight little asshole.”

“Mmm, yeah?” she moaned. I couldn’t believe how into that shit she was.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked as I reached down and lightly slapped her across the face.

“Yeah, I fucking like that baby. I love watching your big fat cock go up a tight little asshole.”

“Yeah?” I asked as I smacked her again. She shuddered and moaned. “What about you, you fucking cunt?” I grabbed her throat. “Did you like all my friends fucking you at the same time? Did you like sucking my cock while my friends filled up your pussy and your asshole?”

“Oh god I’m such a fucking slut baby.” She moaned.

“I want you to talk dirty to me now you dirty fucking cunt. Talk dirty for me so I can get hard enough to cum all over your slut face!” I slapped her again a little bit harder .

“I want to watch you fuck all my friends baby! I want you to fuck me in the ass while I eat out your ex-girlfriend Belinda’s pussy. I want you to fuck her in the ass so I can suck your cock after!” I couldn’t believe some of the crazy shit she was saying. I had told her about Belinda and the thought of the two of them together drove me wild. Her pace was quickening and I was getting very close to cumming. Despite how dirty I knew she could be, I never could have anticipated what she said next. “I want to watch you fuck my little sister. I want you to force me to suck on her tits and finger her little pussy while she sucks your big fat cock!”

That was all I could take. I threw my head back and prepared for the orgasm that was about to smash through me as she jerked my cock, but she didn’t stop there. “You want me to eat her pussy for you too baby? You want me to stick my tongue up her asshole while you fuck the shit out of her?”

The first shot fired onto her neck as she looked up at me and jerked harder. “Do you wanna fuck my sister Johnny? Do you wanna put your cock in her mouth?” The second shot sprayed across the breast of her shirt. “You wanna watch us fuck each other? Do you wanna watch me sixty-nine my little fucking sister?” I shot another spurt onto her chin. “Yeah baby. Cum for me. Cum for me.” She slowed down as I huddled over out of breath.

“Holy fuck, that was so hot!” I sighed, panting.

“I thought you’d like that.” She smiled as she scooped my cum from her chin with her fingertip before sucking it clean. That was some crazy shit. Her little sister was named Anne and she was really hot too. I couldn’t contain my curiosity.

“So you and Anne never…?”

“No. That was just for you.” She smiled. “ I know I’m kinky, but I’m not into that kind of shit… Sorry baby.” She smiled as she hopped up from the couch.

I expected her to head to the bathroom to clean up but she didn’t. Instead, she reached under the coffee table and pulled out her lap top. We didn’t need power for that. I had no idea what she was planning next. She set it on the table and turned it on. As it hummed to life, she began unbuttoning her pants. She pulled her panties down along with them over her wide hips and kicked them across the room. I stole a glimpse of her shaved pussy as she pulled her shirt up over her head to reveal her flat stomach and perfect C-cup breasts. By the time the computer was all booted up, she had gotten completely naked. She looked amazing in the cold grey light from the window. My cum was still glistening on her neck. “So, what now?” I finally asked.

She sat down on the couch and began opening folders on her computer. “Now, we’re gonna watch a movie.” She smiled. The screen filled with a scene that was clearly a porn movie. (How awesome was that? My girlfriend had saved porn movies on her computer! So awesome.) She then handed me the bottle of lube. “So, this movie is about 45 minutes long.” She sat on the edge of the couch naked and she looked so fucking good!

She smiled up at me and said “I want you to cum on me as many times as you can before it’s over.” I could tell this was going to be an interesting day.

It took me about five minutes to get hard again. The scene on screen was of a woman taking on two guys. It was early in the scene and she was taking turns blowing them. Marie was watching intently when I was finally stiff again. I poured some lube into my palm and began the proceedings.

I stood at Marie’s side and jerked off as she watched the porn. Now the girl was fucking one of the guys and blowing the other one. “Do you think she’s hot?” Marie asked.

I looked more closely. She was Hispanic and was indeed very attractive. “Yes.” I answered.

“Yeah. Me too.” She said. She then looked up at me. “Would you want to watch me fuck her?” she asked as she began to seductively spread her thighs.

“Yeah.” There was that shaved little pussy again.

“I’d love to watch you fuck her too.” She slid her hand across her lap and let it slide down between her legs. She wasn’t really fingering herself. It was something else. She was just lightly touching herself almost absent-mindedly. It was really interesting.

That went on for a few more minutes. Then the girl on screen was getting fucked by both men at the same time. “There’s one thing we didn’t do.” She said. I looked away from the porn to address her. “When you and your friends all fucked me, I never got two dicks in my pussy at the same time… Would that be weird for you?” she asked with genuine curiosity. “You know, to have your dick rubbing against some other dude’s dick?”

“Probably…” She could tell that this direction in conversation was not really exciting me. I had slowed down a little.

“So, have you ever thought about fucking Annie?” She was referring to her sister again. Anne was a little taller and thinner than Marie. She had an athletic build, nice B-cup breasts and a great ass.

“What?” The truth is I honestly hadn’t really thought about her that way until just a little earlier.

“You seemed pretty excited about all that shit I was saying about her.” I began to wonder if it was a trap or something but she was still gently touching herself. Besides, Marie wasn’t like that. She didn’t play games.

“Not until you said it.” I moaned.

“So you’re thinking about her now?” She was still fingering herself and she was smiling. She was so kinky!

“Well, now that you’re talking about her I am, yeah.” I said. I was testing the waters.

She was silent for a moment. Finally she said “Maybe I’m a sicko but that really turns me on for some reason… Tell me what you’re thinking about.” I could tell she really wanted to know and it was indeed turning her on.

I moaned “I’m thinking about the stuff you said earlier.”

“Elaborate.” She sighed. “Walk me through what you want to do with her.”

She really meant it when she said she wanted to be really kinky today. Despite how far we’d been together, here we were venturing into new territory yet again.

“Okay. I imagine us over at her apartment watching a movie or something. We have a few drinks and get a little toasty. Then you and I start making out and things start getting heavy.”

“Yeah?” she pushed.

I continued “We know that she can see what we’re up to but we don’t stop.” Marie moaned as she spread her legs further apart. “I can tell that you like her watching us.”

“Then what happens?”

I gripped my cock tighter as I spoke. We were both getting really into it. “Then, you pull the straps of your top off of your shoulders and pull the front down so I can see your perfect tits. You want me to lick them, but really, you’re more interested in seeing how Annie reacts.”

“So, how does she react?” Marie panted.

“She doesn’t.” I answer. “She just sits there and on keeps watching us. I finally bend my head down and pull your nipple into my mouth and I hear Annie let out a little gasp.”

Marie was quickening her pace. “Uh-huh.”

“I get so turned on by it all that I can’t take it anymore, so I pull down my zipper and pull out my cock.”

“Is it hard?”

“Oh, it’s so hard. You always make me so hard baby.” I moaned as I continued to jerk off in her face.

“Oh fuck baby!” Marie was fingering herself pretty briskly at that point. She was actually getting off on this! “Then what?”

“I grab the back of your head and push your face into my lap until my cock hits the back of your throat. Annie and I lock eyes and just stare at each other while you eat my fucking cock. I can tell Annie got really turned on by how forceful I was with you. She almost looked scared.” I moaned.

“Yeah?” Marie moaned back. “What are you gonna do with her?”

I was really getting into the whole fantasy by then. “I look her up and down and then I tell her to stand up. She obeys and I tell her to strip for me. You keep sucking me hard and deep as she begins to undress.”

I actually had to slow down a little because I was getting so turned on, I felt I might cum.

“Annie gets completely naked and we both stare at her beautiful little body.” Marie’s face tightened. “I tell her to come closer. She stands in front of us and I tell her to turn around. You’re still sucking my cock. Annie turns around and I stare at that beautiful ass of hers and then I tell you how bad I want to put my fucking cock in it.”

“Oh fuck!” Marie moaned “God, you’re so fucking nasty!”

“Then I tell her to spread her cheeks so I can see her little pink asshole.” Marie just about lost it at that point. She began moaning so loud that I had to wait for her to quiet down before I could continue.

“So then Annie bends over at the waist and shows us her asshole.”


“Then I stick my finger in your mouth and you get it really wet for me.”

“Yeah?” Marie moaned.

“Then you go back to sucking my cock while I start rubbing your little sister’s asshole.”

“What next?” she panted. I could tell she was getting close. There was no reason to hold back anymore.

“Then I would make her undress you. I’d make the two of you finger-fuck each other’s assholes while you take turns sucking my cock. Then I’d make you tongue kiss each other while I cum all over your faces.

Marie’s body shuddered and she came hard. It wasn’t really the thought of her sister that made her so horny. It was the notion of being that dirty that did it. Seconds later, my load erupted in several bursts that spattered her face and chest and we both were left panting for a moment.

I thought there would be a pause in the action for her to clean up and for us both to catch our breath. There was still a half hour left in the porn we were watching and I was beginning to get a cramp in my leg. To my surprise, she didn’t get up to clean herself. She simply leaned back and began to rub my cum into her skin. Once she was done, she leaned forward again and picked up the bottle of lube. She handed it to me with a smile and asked “So, then what happens?”

I continued to elaborate on the fantasy as we both pleasured ourselves further. By the end of the movie, I had managed to cum two more times. Neither time did she bother to wipe it off or clean up. She just kept pushing me. (The fantasy ended up being pretty awesome. My third orgasm came just as I was fucking Annie in the ass while she ate Marie’s ass. Like I said, Marie is a kinky bitch.)

Anyway, the movie had ended. I was drenched in sweat and Marie was covered in cum. It was all over her face and tits. It was even in her hair! I was breathing hard and anticipating Marie’s next move. The wind roared outside and the rain battered the roof of her house. I expected her to head to the bathroom and get in the shower and I hoped she would invite me to join her. I was completely surprised when she stood up and took a step toward the front door.

She pulled the door open and we both immediately heard the sound of the wind whipping down the street. The rain was falling in sheets and Marie slowly stepped out onto her front steps completely naked. She looked up and down the street at empty houses with no cars in front of them. Most of the windows were boarded up. She bravely stepped off of her porch and sauntered into the middle of her front yard.

I stared at her through the living room window. The rain quickly drenched her hair and covered her body. Her long dark hair whipped in the wind as she let the rain gently rinse the cum off of her. She looked so completely perfect. She looked like a Spartan woman and left me breathless. It was then that I realized what she already had…

There was no one there. For that day, the entire town belonged to us.

Once she was satisfied that the rain had rinsed her off well enough, she slowly walked back to the front door and stepped inside. Her hair hung in wet clumps across her face and she smiled at me. She walked over to the floor where we had tossed our raincoats and picked them up. She handed me mine and then pulled on her own. “The wind isn’t as bad as it looks.” She smiled at me again and mischief danced in her eyes. “Wanna go for a walk?”

We were naked under our raincoats as we splashed, barefoot down the street. It was only about a half a mile to the public park that overlooked the bay. Once we arrived, Marie looked around for a good five minutes. During that time we didn’t see a single soul. There were no people crowding the beautiful park. There were no cars driving past. Aside from the wind and the rain, the world seemed frozen.

She took me by the hand and led me to the center of the great lawn. The grass was a sponge and every step we took sent rainwater and wet mud up between our toes. She stopped in the middle of the lawn and turned to face me. There was a great intensity in her eyes and the mood shifted. She reached down with both hands and pulled her raincoat open. It slid off of her shoulders and fell to the ground behind her. Her hair was a wet mess that carried the water down to her body. The water beaded on her skin and collected at the points of her erect nipples before falling away. I was once again left completely breathless. Neither of us spoke.

It was as though we were speaking without words. It was the kind of moment that made me envy wild animals and their baser instincts. I pulled off my raincoat and dropped it at my side. She stepped toward me and wrapped her arms around me. I did the same and we kissed with the kind of reckless passion that every human longs for. Our aggression grew and became more apparent. We became animals. The rain pelted our naked bodies and the thunder clapped as our wet limbs intertwined.

My cock began to rise and push into her hip. She felt it and reached down to grip it in her fist. I shuddered at her touch as she pulled my cock with vicious lust. We were standing in the middle of a public park for all the world to see and even still, I knew that I had to have her.

I placed my hands on her ass and lifted her off of the ground. Instinctually, she wrapped her legs around me and reached behind herself to try and guide my iron cock into her wet and eager cunt. I carried her to a park bench near the vacant street and put her down and she immediately dropped to her knees and pulled me into her mouth. I leaned back to enjoy it for only a short moment before I pulled her back up to her feet and gave her another deep kiss. I then turned her around and pushed her over the seat of the bench. She spread her legs a bit and lifted her ass up in the air, arching her back. I gripped her hip in one hand and my cock in the other. I felt the tip of my cock slide between her pussy lips and I grabbed her by the hips with both hands and pulled her into me hard, feeling the entire length of my shaft roar into her. She did not moan, but let out a primal scream. I gripped her hips harder and began to furiously pound her from behind. The flesh of her ass rippled with each impact and we were both screaming like the dogs of war.

I felt that I was nearing a climax, so I pulled out of her and turned her around. I picked her up by her ass again and carried her back to the center of the lawn. I then put her down and lay in the wet grass on my back. She stepped across me, dropped to her knees and quickly pulled me back inside of her wet pussy.

I stared up at her amazing body as she arched her back and pushed into my chest with both hands. She threw her head forwards and back, sending her hair flying in chaotic patterns across the sky. I watched the water pelt her body and pour over her bare breasts. I felt her inner muscles clench around me and I knew she was cumming. I wanted to cum with her, but couldn’t from the days earlier adventures.

She let out a final scream before her body fell slack over me. We kissed deeply again before finally standing up and letting the rain wash away the mud and blades of grass that clung to us.

We looked around. Nothing. No one.

After taking a moment to catch our breath we began the walk back to her house. We didn’t even bother picking up the rain coats for the return trip. Neither of us said a word as we sloshed back up the road. We waded through the streets, free of the burden of clothing. The water was cold and every sense seemed heightened.

When we got back to her house, we just stood in the front yard for a while. Neither of us wanted to go inside. We were having too much fun. We stood in the front yard naked, wet and kissing. I started to get hard again and Marie lovingly dropped to her knees and pulled me back into her warm wet mouth. Between strokes, she told me that she wanted me to cum while we were outside in the rain. I told her I wanted to, but that I might need more time to recover. The rain continued to fall steadily and Marie turned around and dropped to her hands and knees in the grass, exposing her tight little asshole to me. She then reached behind herself and slid her fingertips over her asshole. She began massaging it in light circles as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Do you want my ass?” she asked.

Of course I did. She worked her middle finger gently into her rectum and began to push it in and out, going deeper each time. Without hesitation, I fell to my knees behind her, spit into my hand and quickly spread the saliva over my shaft. I rested the tip just above her entrance and she removed her finger and gripped my cock. She pulled me in slowly and moaned aloud as I slid deeper inside. Gradually, her sphincter relaxed and I was able to push the entire length of my cock into her ass.

She knelt forward using both hands to hold her ass cheeks apart as I began to speed up my rhythm. Her asshole was so tight and it felt amazing. She lived on a fairly busy street and to be completely naked in her front yard and up to my nuts in her ass was surreal to say the least.

Marie was a smart girl. As I pounded her asshole, I felt another orgasm creeping up on me. I grabbed her hips and pounded harder as I felt my nuts throb and my own asshole pucker. My head felt light and flush and I pulled her into me as hard as I could as I screamed into the thunderous sky. I felt a gush of warm cum blast deep into her asshole. I thrust again and again until I was completely spent. When I finally withdrew my member, a white stream of my spew dribbled from her asshole down her pussy lips.

We finally went inside and slipped into the shower together. Thankfully, there was enough water in the hot water heater for a warm shower. The fading blue light was just enough to make out each other’s faces in the darkness. We kissed and washed each other in the darkness and I felt like the luckiest man in the world. She kissed me again as she softly washed my groin. I slid my soapy hands up and down her breasts and she smiled and said “I know what I want to do next.”

“What?” I asked, enjoying her soft touch.

She slid her hands around my waste and slipped her soapy fingers between my ass cheeks. “I want to milk your prostate.”

I suddenly remembered a time from years earlier. It was a cold winter night when I first had anal sex with Belinda. Her best friend Marcela was there and at the height of my orgasm, she pushed her finger up my ass and I had the most intense orgasm I had ever known. I trusted Marie completely so I smiled. “Okay.”

We got out of the shower and she led me back to the living room. The day was still fairly bright outside. We had no idea what time it was. She spread my towel across the couch cushion and sat me down on the edge of it. She then knelt between my legs and took my soft cock into her warm mouth. It wasn’t long before I began to stiffen up. Once I was erect, she pulled away and gently stroked me with her left hand. With her right, she pushed my knees upward until my feet were rested on the couch cushion and my back was flat against the seat. She then pushed my cheeks apart wide enough to get a good view of my asshole. She then leaned forward and licked my sack as she jerked me off. It felt incredible. She took one of my testicles into her mouth and gently lapped at it with her tongue, then did the same with my other testicle. She then slid her tongue down my taint until arriving at my anus. She gently lapped at it sending her tongue in wide spirals. It felt amazing.

After a few minutes, I felt her tongue leave me and heard her fumbling to open the bottle of Astro-glide with one hand. I looked down at her as she poured a generous amount into her hand. She then spread it all over both her hands, paying particular attention to the middle finger on her right hand.

I then saw her lean forward again and take me back into her mouth. I leaned back and moaned. I then felt her left hand smearing the lube onto my balls and begin to gently massage them. Finally, I felt her fingertip slide across my anus. It sent a twinge of electricity up my spine. She rubbed my asshole in slow circles, applying slightly more pressure with each pass. I was moaning louder and louder with each round.

She gently stroked my cock with the ring of her wet lips and her fingertip settled over my anus and she gently applied more pressure. I felt her fingertip slip just inside of me and I naturally fought it at first. She did not thrust harder, but pulled it out a little bit and then eased it back in to the same depth. Eventually, I got comfortable with that pattern and hardly noticed when she started pushing a bit deeper each time.

Suddenly, she was up to her first knuckle. It actually did hurt, but only because I was unintentionally fighting it. She continued to very gently slide her finger in and out, gaining just a little ground each time. She was a very talented girl. How she managed to keep track of that finger, plus the testicle massage and the blow job on top of it, I will never know.

I began to concentrate on relaxing. I just let my body fall limp and enjoyed all of the new sensations. She applied more pressure and soon was up to her second knuckle. The feeling was beginning to intensify. I sank lower into the couch and scooted my ass further over the edge. It was only then that I realized how much I was enjoying what she was doing.

The blow job was very smooth and soft. She was keeping her lips slightly slack and was massaging my balls very softly. Her finger was sliding in and out so smoothly, I was oddly enough, feeling extremely relaxed.

I felt her lips then slide off of my cock and I looked down at her. My whole body was tingling. She then slid her left hand up and very firmly gripped the top of my cock. Apparently, she had read about this or something, because she knew exactly what she was doing.

With her left hand still firmly wrapped around the head of my cock, in one fluid motion, she slid her fist down my cock as she simultaneously slipped her finger all the way up my asshole pressing against the front wall of my colon. I saw stars. A geyser of cum shot straight up into the air and I howled a mixture of pleasure and pain. I was about to have a heart attack when she repeated the motion sending another spout of jizz flying up into the air. She repeated the process again and again and time after time I continued to cum! I can only liken it to being tickled. It feels so good that it hurts. You need it to stop, but you kind of don’t want it to.

When I finally opened my eyes, Marie still had her finger in my asshole and my cock in her fist. There was cum all over my belly, my neck and even my face. It was all over her hand and had even squirted the couch cushion above my head. I had never felt so alive before and I just wanted to do the nastiest things I could do with her all the time.

“How was it?” she smiled. I couldn’t speak. I just smiled back.

She finally slid her finger out of my asshole and stuck it in her mouth to suck it clean. I almost came again right then. She was so fucking dirty and it drove me crazy. I was up for anything with her. Then she raised her left hand to her mouth and licked my cum off of it. She leaned forward and licked the blobs of cum up from my tummy, then my neck. She climbed up and straddled me on the couch and hung her head over mine. She opened her mouth and tilted her head forward and I could feel my wet cock bump against her pussy as she let my cum dribble from her mouth into my own. To my surprise, I opened my mouth wide to catch it all. When she was done, I pulled her down and kissed her hard, spitting my cum back into her mouth. She pulled away and smiled at me before spitting it onto her beautiful tits. Then she leaned forward and licked the cum off my cheek and kissed me again. This time, I kept it in my mouth and stood up. I pushed her down to her knees and I leaned forward and spit it onto her face before I stood and smeared it around with my cock. She then sucked it clean and we went back to the shower.

There was only a little hot water left so we kept the shower short. I told her that I would definitely do that again. She just laughed.

We were drying off when Marie got her next idea.

It was still light outside when Marie headed to the front door again. I followed her, not really knowing what she had in mind. I didn’t really care what it was. I was up for anything. She swung open the front door and walked outside, buck naked. She wasn’t even looking for people anymore. I followed her out and she walked across her yard to her neighbor’s house and stood in front of the door to his screened porch. Suddenly, I knew what she wanted to do.

Her neighbor was always a huge asshole to her. He had a screened porch that he kept a flower garden in. He had called the police on Marie half a dozen times complaining about noise and other things. He’d tried to have her car towed for parking in front of his house. He was a DICK!

Marie reached up to the handle and tugged on it and the screen door pulled open. The next part struck me as funny. She walked up to the wooden front door and knocked on it as if to check if anyone was home. It only seemed strange because she was completely naked and dripping wet. Either way, there was no answer. She waved me in and I stepped into his porch.

Marie told me she wanted to do it all! It took me a while to get worked up again, but once I did, we covered all the bases. We 69’d on his garden bench. We gave each other rim jobs on his azaleas. We fucked in his coy pond. It was amazing!

I finally felt like I was going to cum again and Marie wanted it in her mouth. I obliged her and when I was all empty, she walked up to his mailbox and spit my jizz into it. Fucking crazy!

At that point neither one of us was really capable of fucking anymore. It was beginning to get dark and we had a long night of no power and big storms ahead of us. Once we were dry, we wrapped ourselves in blankets and smoked a joint on her back porch. We watched the sky flash white and recede into darkness. We listened to the rain come and go. We laughed and kissed and talked for hours. Once we were finally good and worn out, we decided to call it a night. As we entered her bedroom, Marie had one last idea.

“I want to suck your cock till I fall asleep.” She smiled.

I lay down on my side and she curled up beside me and put a pillow under her head. She took my exhausted member into her warm mouth for the last time that day. It wasn’t a blow job. More like a pacifier. She fell asleep before I did, but when I finally passed out her lips were still wrapped around me.

Miss you Marie. Thanks for a great day.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-30 13:15:08
Although Marie is fanastic they can't exactly get married or have kids they'd be batter off with a fuck buddy relationship i mean what happens if your kid asks how they came to be "oh honey i think you were that time on the train" although its a fanastic relationship its not a marriage kinda relationship


2013-02-01 10:08:29
wow what a night love it

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-03 00:26:55
Stupid ass didnt comprehend the story...they have broken up since

I like that "slut" dont meet someone like this everyday....then again, there are not that many men out there willing to accept such a woman

why did you guys break up?

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2012-10-02 23:53:39
Stupid ass didnt comprehend the story...they have broken up since

I like that "slut" dont meet someone like this everyday....then again, there are not that many men out there willing to accept such a woman

why did you guys break up?

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2012-06-23 15:13:19
Please tell me you didn't marry this slut of a woman.

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