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Introduction: If we could attain the things we desire, break out repetitive life style, would you do it?

First story, written on my iTouch, so do try and ignore the odd typos, really shit with touch screen and I do hate auto correct. Constructive critism welcomed.

If people like it enough, I will continue with many added themes I've foreshadowed but am yet to include.

Humans are a race that has an endless desire. Lust, greed, as cliche as they sound, we can never fully shake ourselves from it. My self included; I've always been envious of the PUAs, the lady killers, and douchebags whom also seem to somehow get laid once with a different girl each week if not fortnight. I've yearned for girls that I can not obtain, fantasized about things morally wrong and often, attempted to turn my fantasies into reality.

Being asian meant that pleasing in bed was more than fast paced pumping, as a race our average penile size is 3-4inches, and I am only a bit above that at 6, almost reaching the god phase for my race.

Of the 3 girls I've been with, 3 required me to constantly work out to maintain a toned if not fit body shape, 2 required me to practice knotting cherry stems with my tongue, (if you catch my flow, if not, tongue techs) and one required me to learn how to find the myth like G-spot with my finger. 

My friends are envious of me, so to speak I am ahead of them in the game, being 16 in just high school. But often, those techiniques are not enough, and you will continue to desire for more, your greed never satisfied.

Pained with my unattainable desires, I continue to lead my repetitive life, I guess I settled for peace, despite the fact that I wanted more. 

So sunny one day at the studio, everyone was preparing for the Media project, myself not included. I was spending time ogling the two girls who are soo casually flirting infront of me. Vivi, a short asian with dyed gold (not blonde) hair and rather tanned skin, bust and hips that seemed out of poportion for her size, was casually feeling up her friend, Josephine's inner thigh as they talked about the editting for their short clip.

I was enjoying the show quite a bit, Vivi was not only rather hot but also knew how to present it and , in essence show it to the world. Her school uniform clings to her body as though it was her skin, and did I mention the girls uniform comes with a mini-skirt? All that meant Vivi looked like what she was in her core- a slut. To which she denies as she "only gives blow jobs to guys and only a few of them as taken her up the ass- she'd only let 4 guys do her in her pussy."But inspite all that, I'd still tap it, fuck standards and morales. 

Her friend Josie here only squares (^2) the effect. With jet black hair, she had a golden waist hip portion, long legs, sweet face, high C if not D cups, and her ass seems to redifine itself each step she takes. Not to mention she only seems soo casual about wearing clothes a size or two too small for her, and does enjoy some rather... kinky things.

Not getting much notice, I continue to stare. Hummmmm it'd be sweet if I can lay the two of them together... Hell I'd settle for one of them at the cost of a limb. Ahahaha, the things I would do... Lil'soldier down there didn't contain itself aswell as I'd contained my thoughts though. He stood up straight and alert, hoping for battle.

Well damn, guess thats the end of the que for my little ogling sesh, even though I'm only 6 inches soildier here will still be able to blow its cover. So I shifted a little bit, attempting to get back working, failing to realize that my neighbouring student Flora had been staring at my crouch for god knows how long. I wasn't made aware of this untill lunch break actually.

As every normal- non-dementedly obsessed with losing weight teenager would, I decided to eat lunch. As I brought my food past the theatre from the canteen though, I was dragged by a set of hands into the theatre- quite a dark place to be.

It took my eyes several minutes to adjust entirely to the new darkness, and I dared not speak a word. Not because of the fact that I am scared, but because I felt something press against my back. I havent experienced this feeling the most often before, but I would never forget it. Its the soft feeling of breasts pushing up, boobs, although not too big, but never the less boobs.

"Hello?" I asked, fearing that my words will end this sensation. It did, but then came something better.

I felt tue hands which were huggin me drop down, followed by the unzipping of my pants. In lightning fast speed the hands took out my already hard cock and began the best hand job I recieved in my short lifetime soo far. Hell it felt better than my left hand.

"Ahh..." I did my best not to jizz, and had the mysterious god hand not stopped feeling me up I honestly say I would've. I'm not an exhibitionist, or atleast I'd like to think I'm not, but the thrill of potentially getting caught was adding to the effect.

I heard the person behind me moan a little, taking that as my que I turned around fast and pushed whoever it was to the ground. I must say I was shocked though, when the figure I saw before me was not only wearing some of the most kinky underwear I've seen, but also Flora, the quite and obedient girl whom all the teachers adore.

Before I can get a word out, my mouth was filled with her tongue. As she frenh kissed me, I was slowly pushed back down onto the floor, reversing our position from earlier.

As we continued to kiss, I felt a gentle tug at the tip of my penis. And then came the soft feeling of delight. Flora saddled me.

Hmm, thats odd, no resistence? She's not a virgin? But I always thoug.....

My chain of thoughts was cut off as Flora started pumping, her movements vigorous. She broke of the kiss and started moaning, pumping harder and harder, faster and faster. Over her moans intermixed with mine, I can hear juices flying everywhere.

Her boobs jiggled up and down, proving how hard she was pumping on to of me- she only had B cups and the were jiggling as though they were DD cups being spanked with a power level of over 9000.

I cupped one of her breasts and pinched her nipple, under the dim lighting I noticed how it was light- mediumosh brown- not the fresh pink nipples a girl as pale as her, and esp one who without much experiencd would and should have. As I pinched her nipple, she shuddered, her vagina walls tightening and massaging my cock, almost sending me to cumming inside her right there. With maybe gods will, I just managed to hold of. She collapsed on top of me, suprisingly heavy.

Just as I began removing my shaft from her cushiony hole, she suddenly tightened it and somehoe sucked my whole cock back in. That brought me soo close to cumming, if I hold anymore I think I'm gona have blue balls.

"Not yet, we're still a long way off from finishing" she smiled at me, her eyes gleaming with lust- and maybe its just me, but there was a faint glow of purple coming from it.

She then proceeded to humping again. I couldnt hold it anymore, and was about to release my load inside of her. "Arghhhh.. I'm cummin..." As I thought I could finally releive myself, I was proven wrong yet again.

Flora swiftly grapped one of her head bands and tied it near the base of my cock, keeping my cum from rising. Without a second spare, she proceeded humping me.

No longer being able to take it, I unleashed one of my many hard earned asian finger tehinques- with my free hand I took hold of her clit and began my "sensual message". Her clit was rather large, almost one inch, but that made my job a heck lot easier. Within seconds her vagina walls tightened around my dick and another orgasm ripped through her body. My dick freed itself from her vagina's grasp and followin next was the biggest squirt orgasm I've yet to behold; her sweet juice went a full meter out. At first I thought she was pissing herself, only realizing what had really happened after smelling it's womenly odor.

I shoved her onto the side of the floor, in haste to remove the SnM binding gear on my lil soldier. Thank god, not much harm done. The only harm being I have a raging boner which wont go away. Looking to my side, another idea emerged.

I spread Flora's leg open again, with one hand, I traced her pussy, making her moan lightly, the other, I used to mess with her asshole- mainly to check if she was clean enough. I didn't quite manage to finish though, hardly being able to retain myself I thrusted into her ass.

What suprised me most was how loose her ass was, there was not an ounce of resistance. Flora's face showed sheer bliss as I started thrusting, her ass offering almost no resistance.

Flora slowly started thrusting along my rythm, and then started going faster and faster, each time harder too. Maybe I was imagining things but I could swear I got larger inside her.

Moments later, I had blown the biggest load in my life. I thrusted as deep as I could go, shooting my load up her intestines for the next 2-3 odd minutes, feeling her shudder on my cock. Flora opened her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out, eyes almost popping. She looked as though she was going to scream, but no sound came out.

I pulled out of her, cock still semi hard. A new idea hit me. Dropping my semi-flaccid dick on Flora's face, I told her "Lick it, and suck it clean."

Although worn out, Flora some how managed to give me another excellent blowjob. Soo good my cock became hard again.

I stared at Flora as she had my dick in her mouth. Her hair, dyed purplish at its tips followed by dirty blonde, was now messed up. Although her sense of fashion was always odd, people always thought she was a good kid. Well, guess thats gone down the drain now, for mr anyways. Her loose asshole and impossible humping skills just spoke too much otherwise.

Suddenly the sensation on my cock faded. I look down to see that Flora was trying to put her underware on, I had no idea when they came of, and I had no idea they were this... It was a latex pair with... a lock and... a plug like thing? An anal plug?

Flora slid the anal plug in without much hesitation- little resistance was offered with my cum lubing the entrance, well, there wouldnt have been much resistance anyways.

As she put on her latex underwear, her knees gave in and she collapsed on her boobs, ass up facing up. Damn she looked so vulnurable.

My dick was still hard so I was tempted to go for another round, but a voice shocked me cold as I stepped towards her.

"Thats enough for a lunch break isnt it? Youve been going for 40 odd minutes, theres only 10 left untill the bell rings."

Oh shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. I slowly turned my head in the direction the voice came from. Sat on the chair 3 rows away from my locstion was a blonde girl with tip drill hair. She carried an aura which can only be described as snoty.

"Just because it's enough doesnt mean its over" she pointed.

"Hu.." as I looked towards where she pointed.

Flora was trying to hand me a pump. "Please, pump this, or your precious baby milk is going to leak from my ass."

Not comprehending, I froze, "HURRY!" Flora yelled. I subconciously took the pump and started pumping as fast as I can.

"Ah, Ah, ah.. Ah! Thats enough, your going to blow my ass up!" Thats when it clicked that this was a pump for her as plug- the ass plug was inflating in her!

"I think thatll be enough from you, whore." the blonde girl suddenly emerged from behind me. She proceeded to hit Flora across the ass. "So tell me, why bring yet another man?"

"I...I saw his erection during class... It... A... Aroused me... And I..."

Before she managed to finish, the blonde girl started unleshing a barrage of slaps on her ass. The position Flora was in before meant this took little effort.

Soon, Flora passed out. "Pathetic whore," the blonde girl smirked "so, Raphael I take it is?" I froze. She knew my name, and she saw me do... Well what I did, and then she showed not a moments of hesistation in abusing a helpless girl: Should anyones normal reaction be calling the teachers over? She knows me somehow, could she be attempting to blackmail me?

The blinde girl slowly strolls over to me, and gives lil soldier a slight grab.

"You should feel honored to talk to I, Cecilia. A mere student should Be bowing their heads right now." She almost sang out those words as she started to give me a handy.

Oh, wait. Cecilia. Bitchy. Suffering from princess syndrom. Oh yeah. The headmasters daughter. Royal lineage blah blah blah. But that does not answer my questions right now.

"I take it that you are in too much awe to even say anything." She smirked again. "I take it that you know Flora here?" She pointed at Flora with her foot as I ejaculated in her hand.

I nod, unsure of what to say.

"Well, you should also be curious as to how she turned from the teachers pet into a public-use toilet who will fuck any guy that had a boner in class" She smiled as she slowly licked my cum out of her hands.

I nod more.

"*Chuckle* Come to my house tonight, you will find some very interesting assest and information." She snirked once more before turning and slowly heading out.

"Don't worry, your many secrets are safe." she sang as she happily opened the door "Oh, and cum, rather tasty." she added before fading out.

God damned dick tease, I'm hard again and I just came twice.

Just then, the bell went. Looking down at Flora, I wondered what I should do with her- leave her? Take her outside? How should I explain her state? 

I decided to dress her quickly. It was honestly hard though, given I had the urges to rape her again on the spot just there. Her.. Bra? Covered everything but her nipples. Infact, it didnt cover anything at all, it was a fishnet patterned latex bra that had a lacy fabric covering it. As I finished dressing her, I had the hardest time trying to out my hard on in my pants.

I rushed to my art class 10 minutes late, it was a food thing my arts teacher Ms.Baikats had a soft spot for me. Flora, whom I noticed 20 minutes later on was also in my class, was not so lucky. She got an earful for wobbling up to class with her hair all messed up, and her nipples perking out of her shirt and recieved a 3 day suspension.

Feeling guilty for the rest of the day, I headed home. Just as I unlocked the door to the aparment I'm renting, I recieved a text.

"13 Fesher ST, Bxxxxx, Post code 9909. Im expecting you there tonight with proper atirement."

Oh hey, fuck. This rollercoast of a day aint gona end is it?

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