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When a young girl gets on the bus after a gameshe gets a little more than she bargained for.
Emily Hazer:i take my seat at the front of the bus fixing my skirt so it doesnt ride up on me as i check my bag to make sure everything is there as you stare at me through your mirror as the team gets on

sc:You look apprehensive as I turn to look at you, you fix your skirt again as you feel my gaze fall to your thighs, you try not to look at the team as they file by you, you feel their eyes checking you out, a couple bump into you, one stops to apologize, he rests his hand on your thigh as he talks to you

Emily :i turn my head to the window and look away as i can hear the rest of the team mumbling knowing its about me all of them between the agaes of 18 and 22 as the captain walks up to you and whispers something into your ear and then sits back downas you close the door and start the bus

sc:I smile wickedly as we start down the road, you hear several comment directed towards you "hey, cheerleader, I've got some ponpoms for you" "would you like to try my baton?" you try to ignore them, but feel, their eyes more and more upon you, you think you hear a couple coming near to you

Emily :i turn around and am met with 2 of the biggest guys on the team one standing on the side of me so i can leave my seat and the other behind me as they both give me a wicked smile as the one pats me on the head and the guy on my side puts his hand on my thigh

sc:you try to push his hand away, it's replaced by his other, the guy patting your head starts to massage your shoulders, then down your chest, you keep trying to push their hands away, but you can't keep up with both, you gasp as you feel a hand under your skirt, as you try to push it away, your arms are held, you hear "just relax sweetie, you're going to love this" you feel the bus pulling off the road, you don't recognize the building we are puling behind

Emily :i start to fight back as much as i can swatting their hands away as the bus comes to a stop and the guys get aggitated with me the guy on my right grabbing my arm and pulling me up after the one behind me rips my top off showing my little chest and budding breasts with no bra on as i shriek

sc:after I stop the bus, I step in front of you, I yell out "HEY, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" you think you are being rescued till you hear me say "Don't go too far, you guys know the deal, I get first crack at new little sluts" You look down as I kneel in front of you, I look up into your eyes as I reach under your skirt, pull your panties down as you try to kick me away, everyone is watching, chuckling

Emily :i shriek again feeling you pull my panties off and hold me as the guys tie my wrists together as i watch you undo your belt and drop your pants and boxers seeing your cock as i feel you pick me up and set me ontop of the bus seat tall enough for your cock to reach me

sc:you are shocked as you see my cock, you have seen a few pictures and didn't think they could get this big, you try to struggle, but are held in place, hands are caressing everywhere on your body squeezing your little breasts, pinching/pulling your nipples, you didn't think they could be so hard, your legs are pulled wide, I step between your legs, I slap your pussy/clit with my cock, you feel like you've been hit with a club

Emily :no please dont that cant fit *i whine seeing that you cock has to be almost 9.5in long and 2in thick as i feel you rubbing my little virgin pussy with your thick shaft as i watch some guys taking pics and i yelp when i feel you rub my lips with your fat cock head

sc:you scream as you feel me push the huge head of my cock against your pussy, it's so tight I can't get it in, I push harder as you sob, I tell they guys, "pull her pussy open" you feel hands on your pussy lips, then pulling, you scream again as I push my cock against you, I push harder, my cock bends before it gets in, you scream as you feel it stretch you open, just then your head is turned, another cock is stuffed in your mouth, I pull back a little and shove my cock in, you try to scream, but just gurgle around the cock in your mouth

Emily :i feel the cock in my mouth start to pump in and out of me as i feel you pushing into me deeper and deeper till you feel my cherry and only getting a couple of inches into me i hear you tell the guys that im gonna be one tight little fuck as on of the guys whispers into your ear that he found out im fertile right now

sc:I snile as I push in deeper, feeling your cherry bust as your body spasms, I tell you "we're going to fill your fertile little cunt with sperm" I thrust in again, your legs are shaking as you keep trying to close them, I look down, smiling as I see your little pussy stretching around my big hard cock "you're almost halfway there, little girl" I see blood on my cock as I pull back, hen shove in hard again

Emily :i scream again even though its muffled by the cock pumping into my little mouth this time as you shove in deeper you hit the mouth of my cervix and grin evily knowing if you can get inside deeper your sperm will be shooting right into my fertile womb and i whine feeling the man pumping my face run his hand through my hair

sc:I tell the guy fucking your mouth to pull out, he does and lifts your head as I pull my cock back, I hold just the head in you as you are breathing through clenched teeth, I tell you "watch as I slam my cock into your little hole" you scream as I plunge my huge cock in deep, you lean back arching your back, continue screaming till your mouth is stuffed again, you feel my cock punching against your cervix time and time again, your body convulsing each time

Emily :you feel my little pussy tighten my body having an unexpected orgasm as i cream your shaft hard giving you the lube you need as i feel you grinding you head against my cervix finally popping it open and shoving into my little fertile womb deep and bottoming out inside of me your head hitting the back of my womb now

sc:"the little slut came, she likes having her pussy stretched, are you ready for my sperm, you cumbucket?" I see you struggling more, I pump my cock in harder, shaking your little body with each thrust "let her head go, I want to hear her scream when I pump my sperm into her"

Emily :i scream as i feel youjam into me harder and harder making a bulge appear on my belly from just how deep you are as i squirm on the top of the seat trying to fight back the urge to moan as your fat long cock ravages my little honey hole over and over again and you can see it in my face

sc:I take your hans, place it on your belly where I can see my cock bulging your out "feel that? feel how deep my cock is pushing into you, keep yur hand there, you'll be able to feel my sperm filling you soon" you eyes grow larger as your hand feels the head of my cock pushing your belly out

Emily :i hear one of the guys whisper let go to me and i break and i scream feeling your cock pounding into me over and over the bulge inside my belly moving with each thrust you give me "ooohhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me aaaahhhhh" i scream as my back arches

sc:"that's it, girlie, let it go" I pump my cock even harder into you, you keep yelling "fuck me, fuck me" you feel my sperm start to shoot into you, I keep thrusting into you, my cock pumping load after load of sperm into your fertile womb

Emily:i scream as my body shivers as i feel my belly getting warm as you pump me full of hot fertile sperm as i take it all not knowing that i could get pregnant from it as i feel you continue to pump into me
you're lying there panting, your little chest heaving as I pull my cock from you, dripping sperm, I move to your face, push my cock into your mouth as the guys argue over whose next, as you lick/suck my cock clean you feel another cock shoved inside your pussy

emily:‎ i scream feeling this cock go into me not quite as big and thick as yours was but still a good size as he to bottoms out inside my womb making a smaller bulge as u look and see its the captain of the team

sc:‎ as you finish cleaning my cock, I lean to suck your hard little nipples, "do you want another cock in your mouth, little girl?"

emily:‎ i nod my head yes and suddenly i feel the captain jam into me hard "YYYEEESSSSSS!!!" i scream feeling the cock pound into me as he turns me on my side lifting my little leg up high making me orgasm hard from the new angle

sc:‎ that's it john, make her cum, someone get a cock in her mouth, I see your mouth getting stuffed, you're gurgling around it as he pumps it deep, I can see your throat and belly bulging from the big cock pumping into your little body, you feel your hands being pulled, you stroke your hands on each of the cocks you feel in them

emily:‎ i stroke them for a few moments before moving onto the next one as the mike pulls out of my mouth to let me scream "aaaaahhhhh oohhhhh god yes fuck me oohhhh fuck my little pussy ooohhhh yes yes yes" i scream before taking mikes cock back into my mouth

sc:‎ "look at this slut, she cant get enough cock, we definitely need to make sure to pump her pussy full of sperm till she is full" John pumps harder and harder into you, now faster, he and Mike get in rhythm and pump their cocks into you at the same time

emily:‎ my little body starts to shake and convulse on the top of the seat as i start to have orgasm after orgasm as john pushes his cock hard against my gspot as i cream him over and over while he continues to fuck me hard and fast

sc:‎ you hear cheers as you cum and cum, you feel your juices leaking out around johns cock, mike pumps you harder, john thrusts hard an deep into you, then ou feel his sperm filling you, he says "take my sperm, I love pumping your little womb full of baby juice"

emily):‎ i scream feeling my belly filling with sperm again "ooohhhhhh yes fuck me fuck me ooohhhhhhh god fill me up with your sperm" i scream as i feel john pull out and andrea the black teammate shoves into my sopping pussy and pulls me up to him and we hear him hollar "who wants a double fuck this bitch with me" as seth raises his hand and starts to rub my ass with his big cock

sc:‎ you try to squirm away from the cock pressing against your ass, but are held in place, you scream as seth plunges is cock into your ass, it is good you have all the sperm leaking down to lube it, as seth plunges in again, they let go of you and let you hang there, suspended by the two large cocks in your holes

emily):‎ i scream feeling seth jam into me and i gasp heavily as i hang there by their cocks until i feel andrea push my legs up to me and they start to pump into me deeply seth deep in my little ass and andrea bulging from my tummy he's so deep inside my womb as i hold my hands where the bulge is making me gasp

sc:as you bounce on the cocks, you feel hands all over you caressing your firm thighs, squeezing your breasts, pulling on your nipples, the bulge the cock makes in your belly is even bigger now with a cock in your ass too

Emily :i moan and scream as the camera in the bus films the whole event as i scream feeling andrea jam into me hard and deep making me cream him "aaaaaaahhhhh dont stop fuck me fuck me ooohhhhhh its ssssoooooo gooooodd"

sc:andrea says "I'm not stopping till I pump you full of sperm, tell me, little slut, tell me you want my sperm to fill you" seth pumps harder and harder into your ass

Emily :"yy.yyyy......yyyyeeeeeeesssssss ooohhhhhhhhhh god fuck me more ooohhhhh fuck me and pump me full of sperm again ooohhhhhh shit" i scream feeling seth pumping into me harder and harder moaning hes gonna cum as i feel him pull out of my ass and andrea pull out too as he holds my back to him and i feel seth push into my little womb

sc:seth shoots his sperm into you again and again, you feel it filling you and oozing out, then he pulls out and adrea shoves his cock back in, starts pumping his sperm into you, he finishes filling you with his sperm, lets you down to your feet, you feel shaky and need to hold the seats for support, you catch your breath for a minute, then you feel a driving desire, your pussy needs cock, you want more sperm, you feel empty as you feel the sperm oozing down your legs, puddling on the floor, you yell out "more cocks, please, I want all of you to pump me full of sperm"

Emily :i whimper as i feel myselfpulled down onto my hands and knees as jake shoves right into my little pussy bulging my tummy out a bit as i scream in pure pleasure as he starts to pound my little pussy hard and deep

sc:jake pumps hard and deep into you as two cocks are pushed into your face, you suck one then the other, back and forth, feeling like a kid in a candy store you look up to them, tell them not to cum in your mouth, you want all their sperm in your pussy

Emily :i hear them laugh as they agree to it as i gasp feeling jake shove into me deeper and deeper as i feel him grab my legs lifting them up only my hands holding me up as he starts plowing my pussy making me scream

sc:you feel your little tummy bulging out more from the new angle, jake keeps thrusting hard into you as the other cocks pump your mouth, it feels like they are trying to get their cocks to meet inside you

Emily :i start to cry from all of the pleasure that im now getting as jake drills into me over and over as i suck on as much cock as i can as i look up and see you watching me stroking yourself knowing once the team is done your gonna have me to your self again

sc:jake rolls you onto your shoulders, your ass in the air, all three guys take turns thrusting their cocks into your pussy, then one gets inpatient and pushes his cock into you while one is still their, you squeal as you feel both cocks fill you

Emily :i scream and gasp hard feeling my pussy taking 2 massive cocks at the same time "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh shit fuck me fuck me ooohhhhhh god yes dont stop" my belly still warm with all the sperm inside it

sc:One of the cocks squirts, filling you with sperm, he keeps shooting and shooting, you feel it filling you, in your position it stays inside you, when he is done he is quickly replaced with another cock, you feel so full, two massive cocks and your pussy full sperm, the huge cocks are making sloshing noises as they pump your sperm filled pussy

Emily:all i can do is gasp and whine as i feel the warmth of a fresh sperm bath inside me as the guys continue to fuck me harder and deeper making a giant bulge from where they are now so deep inside my belly

sc:one of the guys in your pussy cums, filling you with more sperm, you feel it pumping into you, filling you more, there is now so much the sperm starts overflowing as another cock replaces the one that just squirted inside your womb, you can see the sperm oozing from your pussy, down your belly

Emily :i grab some with my hands and drink it up as i scream feling the ocks continue pumping me over and over sending me into a huge orgasm my juices squirting out from me between their cocks

sc:your pussy spasming causes the sperm to erupt from you, cascading down your body, the guys see you scooping it up, licking it off your fingers and move you over a little bit so the sperm leaking from your pussy drips into your mouth, this excites them so much you feel both cocks erupt at the same time, it feels like a hose of sperm is squirting inside you and it comes flowing out of your pussy into your mouth, you gulp it down hungriy

Emily:i whimper feeling my belly fill up as i look up at you "please fuck me again" i beg staring at your cock it being the biggest and thickest here as i lay on the floor sperm oozing out of my pussy onto the floor now as i pant trying to catch my breath

sc):‎ I hold you legs as I bring my cock to your pussy, a few drops of sperm still dripping into your mouth, I plunge my cock in deep and hard, sperm gushing out of you, you slurp u all you can, each time I pull back, sperm drips f my cock into your mouth

emily):‎ i scream feeling you jam back into me making the biggest bulge in my tummy all day as i feel you start to pump into me over and over the sound of you cock slurping in all the sperm inside my pussy "oooohhhh god yes fuck me oohhh fuck me fuck me fuck me"

sc):‎ I love watching your pussy stretch around my cock, seeing your little body shake each time I pump my huge cock into you, seeing you turn from a virgin into a cock hungry, sperm thirsty slut
I thrust my cock deep and hard into you, filling your little pussy

emily):‎ i whimper feeling you pumping into me making me watn it even more as i whine and yelp when i feel you pump in hard and deep and gasp when i feel you pick me up and go sit in the driver seat laying me across the wheel and start to pump into me again

sc):‎ when I pick you up, sperm oozes out of you onto the floor, I love the feeling of your little pussy bouncing on my cock as I walk up front, when you're on the steering wheel, I pump into you so hard it pushes you up the wheel, then you fall back as I drive my cock into you again...and again

emily):‎ "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yes dont stop aaaaahhhh fuck me harder oohhhh god deeeeppppeeerrrr" i scream feeling you jam into me each time i fall down the bulge in my tummy moving each time as i cream you again as you hit my gspot the team telling you not to cum yet

sc):‎ you look at our audience smiling as I slam my cock into you again and again "that's it, little girl, beg for my cock, I love to hear you say that" I feel your hand stroking the bulge in your belly, it's like you're stroking my cock while I fuck you, I slam my cock into your pussy harder and harder, bouncing you up each time

emily):‎ i gasp and scream loudly feeling you jam into me harder and harder my little body on fire tears running down my cheeks as i cry in full blown sexual bliss "ooohhhhh god fuck me with your massive cock oohhhhhhhh fuck dont stop oohhh fuck me fuck me" i scream

sc):‎ I get off the seat, lay in the isle on my back, I take hold of your little hips, raise you till just the head of my cock is in you, pull yo down hard, impaling you on my cock, I lift you again, pull you down, faster, faster, raising and lowering your little body, shoving you down onto my massive cock

emily):‎ my little cheeks are red and i gasp when i fel you grab me and move me into this new position as i scream when i feel you jam into me hard and fast as i cream you again as you impale me on your giant cock my hands still feeling the bulge and rubbing it slightly when you pump deeply into me

sc:‎ I keep a grip on your hips as I lift and plunge you back down, you lean back, arching your back, making my cock press even harder against the skin of your belly, your hand keeps stroking it, one guy stands behind you, stuffs your mouth with his cock as you lean over backwards

emily):‎ i suck on his cock as he pumps my mouth as i scream into him as i feel you continue to lift me up and slam me back down my little body on fire and you know that ive got over a 100% chance of being pregnant with the amount of sperm inside me

sc:‎ the guy in your mouth is breathing heavier, panting, I tell him "don't cum in her mouth, get up slut, let him fill your pussy" you shakily get to your feet, he grabs your hips, plunges into your pussy just as he cums, filling you with even more sperm, he lets go of you, you stagger for a bit then fall straight down, my cock plunging up into your pussy, you squeal as you feel my cock invade you, you smile as you start stroking your belly again, I continue lifting and plunging you back down onto my cock

sc):‎ I watch your hard nippled little breasts bounce as I pull you down onto my cock, one guys steps on each side of you, they pinch/pull your nipples, then start sucking hard on them

emily99:‎ i gasp and scream feeling you jam into me harder and deeper bringing me off again withing seconds "ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh god fuck mypussy ooohhhhhhhhh shit fill me again oohhhh god pump full of your sperm again oohhhhh fuck" i scream as you hear the team start chanting "do it do it do it"

:‎ I pump my cock up hard to meet you, so hard it launches you a bit into the air each time, to come plunging back onto my cock, you gasp as you feel my cock getting even bigger, swelling inside you, you can feel the edge of my cock head through your belly, "I'm gonna fill your little womb with my sperm, I', gonna pump so much in you, you will think you're going to explode from it" you feel my sperm start to shoot, hot gushes of sperm filling you

emily:‎ i scream as i feel you pumping me full of hot fertile sperm as i lay on your chest panting heavily as i come down from my high you and the guys helping me to get into my spare clothes as we drive off me asleep with a plug in me so i dont leak 6 months later you see me get on the bus with a big round belly and i rub it infront of you "it could be yours" i smile


2014-02-15 20:33:35
Good start, looking forward to more.


2014-02-06 02:09:23
strange way to write a story

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2013-02-06 15:55:44
Freakin awesome story, don't worry about those haters, they're mad cuz they're not part of the story...


2012-10-29 18:33:45
Awesome story Emily, thank you.


2012-08-08 20:44:31
I read it and for writting it is really goo, maybe clean up the typos and clean up the mixed up person (we don't know who said what) parts. Thanks for sharing, loved the comment from one who first fucked on the school bus!

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