Mark learns how to jerk off. His hot step-brother Frankie, shows him how.
The door was closed. I could hear Karina and Frankie snoring. Frankie was now 13, I was 10. We had a bunk bed. Frankie slept on the top bunk, Karina in the bottom, and under Karinas bed was a pull out bed. That was my bed.

I was hard. Sad thing was, I wasnt big. Im still not big. I have a small penis. At the time my dick was only 2.5 inches... hard.

I pulled down my boxer briefs. By now, I switched from undies.

I remember watching my dad doing this. I remember his breathing. I grabbed myself tight and jerked off. I thought about the boys in my class. Daniel, who was the class clown. He always had something to say. I loved that about him. I had a PE locker next to him. The PE locker room could be awkward. There was always a guy who had a boner and tried to hide it. Daniel had one once. He was unbuckling his belt and dropped his pants. A big 5 inch cock came out of the hole of his boxers. God bless those holes. Without them, a lot of the dicks I've seen would be hidden. We were at the end of the lockers, up against a wall so only three other guys saw his dick. I'm pretty sure they felt pathetic because they had small dicks like me. Daniel was fearless so he grabbed his cock, and jerked it a bit with his other hand in the air pointing to his cock saying, "Watch out, I just knocked down a tree!" He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, still jerking. Then he laughed, put his dick back in his boxers and put on his shorts. Everyone, including me pitifully changed.

I kept jerking myself off. I got faster and faster. I worked my hand up and down my little shaft. Fast. Hard. Groaning. Biting my lip. Breathing heavy. My little chest rising as lungs filled with gasping air. I worked myself. I pulled my uncut skin all the way down, pulling my small red cap head. I jerked, and jerked. Harder, with my hand banging on my little sac making a noise. I tensed up. My little muscles contracting, feeling awesome. A feeling of pleasure arose from my hairless legs as they tensed up. My body was transitioning from a little boy into a teen, but I still couldn't cum. I finished with a prepubescent dry orgasm and let my cock throb as it shrunk into an even smaller dick. My pathetic size. I remember seeing Frankies dick.

I was 10. My dick was barely long enough for me to be able to put my little hand around it. Of course, I didn't know what to do with it. I was confused that it could even do this. Get hard. I knew it could do this, but I didn't know why. All I used my dick for was peeing.

Frankie and I played together a lot. We played video games and sometimes he would have me play basketball with him. I am not a sports guy at all, but he wore his loose basketball shorts when he played so I was always up for it. He was starting to get leg hair and I noticed a significant growth in his bulge since I first saw it a couple years ago. We played random games in the house like, who can eat their food faster, who can clean the room better. (He was just tricking me so I could clean the room instead of him.) We were fairly close. One weekend Karina and Frankie were suppose to go with their dad, but Frankie was mad at his dad for some reason so he stayed.

My dad and Vera went to bed early, so it was basically me and Frankie alone for the night. I wanted to play something with him, a video game or something, but he wasn't up for it. He was too mad. I don't know why. Im guessing it has to do with his dad. He kinda looked cute mad.

"Just leave me alone, ok, Mark?" he told me. It's like he was in his own world. He didn't notice anything he was doing. He took off his shirt. It was obvious he was working out. His 13 year old chest had clear muscle bumps from working out and sweating. His arms had bulges, very strong. There was just a slight amount of hair on his stomach forming a light happy trail. It was undetectable unless you looked hard, but I was looking very hard.

He was putting things in weird places, all with his shirt still off. He put Karinas perfume on my side of the dresser, he put his shoes on his bed, the trash can in the closet. He even put on deoderant for some reason. It was Old Spice so the smell of man entered the room. I tried to ask what was wrong, but he didn't tell me.

"Shut the fuck up. I told you to leave me alone." He was very mad. But his anger was still kinda hot. I stood against the edge of the bunk bed watching him go on an internal rampage. I didn't mind: I got to watch him shirtless. I actually got to watch him shirtless a lot. Whenever he worked out, he liked to take off his shirt. Most times, he would walk around in the house with only his basketball shorts on. Not even socks. Half naked, he would do his business. Either chores or working out. He would get very sweaty working out. Sometimes he even had little puddles of sweat around him when he would do push ups. They would drip from his nose to the ground. His arms would bulge with muscle and his shorts clearly revealed his tight ass. Thinking about everything made me get hard. My little dick began to throb and grow. I had on my pajama pants which basically pressed against my skin. But I didn't notice my boner. I was lost watching him. I was standing up straight with my arms around my back holding the bed post, so my boner was very, very obvious.

He kept moving stuff until he just stopped. He noticed me staring at him. He paused said, "What the Fuck?" sort of laughing.


"You like watching me??" pointing to my crotch.

I saw a bulge in my pajamas. I quickly got embarrassed and fixed my dick by putting it in my waistband.

"Fucking fag!" He was pretty homophobic. Sometimes he scared me. "Your fucking tiny. Tiny dick." I looked away. He laughed to himself.

His anger reignited spontaneously. He said, "I need to jerk off." and left the room.

Jerk off? I didn't know what that meant. Those were new words to me.

I sat there waiting. Wondering what the hell "jerk off" means. I know a jerk is like a mean guy. So him saying "I need to jerk off" meant he needed to find a mean guy off someplace? I don't know. I was confused.

He came back a few minutes later. He looked less angry. Relieved, in fact. He was still shirtless. Even tanned tone slightly browned Mexican skin. Ripples of muscle on his stomach. I looked up and down his whole body, admiring again. But something caught my eye. There was something near his belly button. A white patch on his stomach.

"Hey, Frankie. Whats...that?" I pointed to the patch, touching his stomach.

"That's my man juice, fag."

"Stop calling me that."

"Mark, be honest with me. Do you like guys?" he said while squeezing the bump in his shorts.

The question. The question I hoped to avoid but that is being asked. And by Frankie, nonetheless. A notorious homophob. I remember watching cartoons on Saturday mornings with him. We were watching an episode of SpongeBob when he and Patrick get a baby scallop. He kept calling them fags and repetitively commented that they were gay and Fucken gross. I just looked at him not knowing what to say.

"" I said weakly.

"I don't care if you are. I just wanna know." He was still grabbing his package and was now also messaging his chest. He was so hot.

I paused slightly. "But you hate gay people." I said shyly.

He was taken aback by this. He stopped messaging himself and stopped squeezing his junk. I think his hate realized that his little step brother just might be gay. He might have realized that his hate might be affecting his possibly dick loving little step brother. Practically a brother.

"Oh.....Sorry...." He paused. "So, you like dick?"

I said very shyly and quietly looking away, "Maybe."

He looked at me. There was a long pause. He was figuring out what to say. I don't know what he was thinking but I looked down, and I saw his bulge. I imagined his dick. The bulge was pretty big, so there wasnt much to imagine. His buldge started to form a boner. Then I started to grow a boner and I tried to hide it again. Frankie noticed.

"Nah. It's cool. You dont have to hide it. I dont care. We both have dicks anyways. And I don't care if your gay, Mark. And if you don't like me making fun of gay people...I guess I can try not to."


"Yeah." He said warmly.

I was happy. My brother was before me telling me that he didn't care if I was gay. To make things better he was shirtless. To make things even better, we both had boners and neither of us cared to hide them. I was so happy.

He started to walk to his bed. His boner caused the back of his shorts to ride up the crack of his ass so I could clearly see both of his juicy, plump, athletic cheeks.

"Hey, Frankie. Can I ask you something?"

He was about to climb up the latter to get to his top bunk but he stopped. "Yeah, whats up?"

"You said something about...jerking off?...What is that?"

He looked at me and started laughing. "You dont know what that is?"

"Hey, your 13! I'm barely 10. I don't know these things."

He paused for a second. Then he looked nervous. "You...want me you?" he said in a low voice.

"Sure." I didn't know what he was gonna show me.

"Ok, but you can't tell anybody, ok? ANYBODY!" he said as he came close to me.

"Ok, ok, I won't."

"Ok, so...:." He spoke very low and had a funny smile on his face. He looked adorable smiling at me, about to tell me how to work my young dick. "You know how your dick gets hard, right?"

"Yeaaahh.." I said nervously. I knew this was gonna be fun.

"Well jerking off is when you play with your dick when its hard."

I thought about it. "I don't get it....Just show me like you said."

Frankie sighed. "Show you?"

"Yeah, please. I won't tell anybody. I won't! I swear. I'll do anything you ask. Please, please, please!"

"Ok, shut up." He looked excited. My face lit up. "Go get the lotion from the bathroom."

I went to the bathroom to get the lotion. I was so excited.

When I was walking back to the room I passed my dads and Veras room. Vera is Frankies mom. I heard some weird noises coming from the room. I was curious so I leaned my ear close to the door. I listened. I heard my dad groaning a bit. He was giving off deep breaths of pleasure, and I could hear the bed squeak. My boner got harder. The door was just a crack open. I looked inside. The tv was on and was bright. I saw Vera on top of my dad, naked! My dads dick looked like it was inside her! She was moving up and down, up and down. My dad was holding her from her waist. His dick dissapared and reappeared inside Vera. It was pretty big. They were positioned so they couldn't see me, but I was too nervous to watch too much more. I went away.

My dick was raging now. A 2.5 inch rock hard blood throb.

I walked in the room with the lotion.

"Ok, good. You got it." He looked at my dick, and laughed a little agian.


"Nothing. Just take off your shirt." he told me.

"My shirt?" I was shy to take it off. Frankie was a gorgeous 13 year old with a smoking hot body. I was just...there.

"If you want to learn, you have to take off your shirt. I have mine off."

"Yeah, but your ho-" I stopped myself before I could say 'hot.'


"Nothing." I took off my shirt.

He locked the door. "Just in case." Thats when I knew this was serious.

Frankie stood in front of the door and listened for any noise. After he was sure my dad and his mom were asleep, even though I knew they weren't. He pulled down his basketball shorts. A huge stick was causing the fabric of his boxer briefs to rise. A bulge. His stomach had arches around his wait, making inviting crevices that led to his crotch. I practically drooled. Then he looked at me. "Take off your pajamas."

I did what he told me. I slowly and shyly took off my pajamas. We both stood their only in our boxers. His 13 year old body, my 10 year old body. He was about to teach me something to become a man.

I saw his boner sticking straight out as well as mine. The difference was the size. He was about Daniels size, 5 inches. I stood at a whooping 2.5-3.

"Yours is so much bigger than mine." I said dissapointingly.

"It's fine. You'll get bigger." He said trying to comfort me. (Although, I never did get much bigger.) "Ok I'm gonna take my boxers off first, then you, ok?" He really was trying to make me as comfortable as possible. What a good brother.


He put is thumbs to the side of his boxers and slowly pushed them down. I could start to see a near ending to his happy trail. Then some light pubic hair. He pushed them down so slowly, it seemed like forever. I loved every microsecond of it. His boxers reached his dick. It bend as the waistband moved lower and lower. His smooth Mexican shaft began to show. It was a slightly darker skin tone than the rest of his gorgeous body. When it went below it, his dick popped up and hit his stomach. My dick started to throb. He stood there naked. 13 years old. 5 inch dick in the air. Slightly toned, slightly tanned, slightly gaining hair. He completely took off his boxers and threw them on Karnias bed. "Now you." I almost couldnt believe what I was looking at.

I was nervous. I grabbed my dick first. Worried.

"Come on." He said naked. His dick was hard as a rock in the air. I saw it pulsating. His balls hung there gloriously.

Unlike Frankie, I quickly pulled my boxers down. Revealing my small, smooth, tight, lightly brown prepubesent dick. And it was hard as a rock. You could smell that it was ripening. You could smell the youth in the room. The young dick youth.

Frankie tried not to look. He probably didn't want come off as gay, so he got straight to business.

"Ok." He squeezed some lotion in his hand. "This will feel really good" He came up to me. His dick head literally inched away from my dick head. "Can I...?"

I didn't know what he wanted to do so I said, "Sure."

He slowly reached for my dick. He opened his hand containing the lotion and wrapped it around my tiny cock. I twitched a bit. A chill ran down my spine, and I even got goose bumps. It was cold, but his hands were warm. He knew exactly what he was doing. I gazed into his eyes as he slowly went up and down my 10 year old dick with the lotion. Getting some on my tiny sac. It felt amazing. I never felt something like this before in my life. It was a bizarre experience. Not only was I experiencing this for the first time, it was with my step-brother. He messaged it, and rubbed me with care.

He finished me and then started to rub in lotion on his dick. He used the same hand. He rubbed it in his huge 5 inch cock. Up and down. He was uncut too. He got into the crevices of his skin. He pulled it back tight. It slid. He put some on his balls, playing with them, squeezing them. They were much bigger than my balls. His were plump. A hair or two here and there. It seemed like this lasted forever, but I didn't care. I could go on my whole life just watching my big brother rub creamy lotion on his smooth big cock. His dick throbed, pulsated.

He looked up at me and said "Lets lay down."

We both got on Karinas bed and layed down on our backs, pink pillows under our heads. We were inches from eachother. I could feel the heat coming from his body. Our legs came off the bed, our asses against the edge, our dicks against our stomachs. He forced his up with his hand and I got a beautiful birds eye view of his dick. There was a big smooth vain that ran on the side of his cock. Kinda like mine, but bigger.

He pulled his skin back and said, "Now you just jerk it." He quickly began working his dick. He moved fairly fast. His uncut dick made a noise, but he didn't care.

I watched him for a couple minutes. He seemed to be in his own world again. His hand moved swiftly and smoothly, up and down his 13 year old dick. He breathed out a groan here and again. His stomach looked hard and looked like a road to heaven that actually led to something better: his dick. His pubic area rose and fell with every pump he gave himself. He was aggressive. He was pumping so hard, his balls bounced making a noise. His fist moved up and down so fast, he was actually hitting his balls on every return down. He was biting his plump luscious red lips until he said, "Jerk off!" egging me on.

"Oh, sorry." I started to imitate his actions. I moved my hand up and down my little shaft. I started slow, then gradually picked up the pace. My uncut dick making the same noise. Now I understood.

I did exactly as my big brother. I jerked off just like him. Fast. Hard. Groaning. Biting my lip. Breathing heavy.

Our bodies produced a smell of dick and sweat. The smell of Frankies Old Spice mixed with a reinforcement of the smell of our youthful sweating cocks. Our movements made noise from the bed and our cocks being rubbed. Our breathing became heavy and almost in sync.

Then Frankie began to go faster, and faster. I tried to catch up but something happened to me. I got this feeling from under my dick that felt funny. My body stated to tense up.

"Ah. Ahhh..." I said in confused pain.

"Don't stop, keep going." He said without stopping jerking off. His words jumping breaths from his actions. "Trust me..." Breathing. "Keep going." He licked his lips and continued working himself hard and fast.

I kept on and I felt great. I kept going and going, then complete pleasure rushed through my body. I arched my head back and let the feeling flow through my entire body as I shared this moment with Frankie. I tensed as much as I could. My dick started to hurt when I jerked it. I had just had my first dry orgasm at the age of 10.

Frankie kept going beyond me. He kept going faster, and faster. I watched his warm hands work his 13 year old sweaty member. His face was concentrated. His arm muscle bulged. He moved the bed back and forth. Then he started to thrust his hips and moan slightly. His head arched back.

"Fuck yeah!" His body tensed and he let off sighs of pleasure. His dick did something I'd never seen. Some gooey white-ish stuff came squirting out. It landed on his stomach. He jerked it a couple more times in summation as a couple more squirts of the stuff came out of his dick hole. Then let it go to breath. It throbbed against his stomach and began to detract like mine did. I watched him recover. It was a beautiful time.

He looked me in the eyes. "And thats jerking off." He said breathing heavy looking at my dick. "Nothing came out?"


"Wait a year or two. Then this stuff comes out. Its called cum." He wiped some off of his sweaty stomach and showed me. His hand in the air above my face as I examined the substance. Some of it actually dripped off his finger and landed near my mouth.

"Oh shit. Sorry." He said kinda laughing.

It was right near my lip, so I just licked it off.

"Aghhh....That's Fucking gross, Mark." He caught himself. "Oh. Sorry."

It tasted funny. Like nothing I had ever tasted before. His still developing "man juice," as he called it, was salty, creamy, warm and sweet.

I loved him now. I knew I liked him, but now I love him. I loved him.

I couldnt resist. I leaned in and kissed him on his juicy red lips.

He pushed me away, "Whoa, hold on a fucking second. I'll jerk off with you, but I'm not gonna kiss you! I'm not gay."

"Sorry! Sorry." I said in regret. I watched him, hoping he would forgive me.

He looked at me. "So you are gay, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess."

He paused.

"Thats ok." He grabbed his flaccid dick and played with it. "Just make sure you stay away from this monster." Waving his dick around.

I was so happy Frankie taught me this. Now we could do it whenever we wanted together. Or, whenever we were alone at least.

We stayed naked for the whole night. We watched tv, talked. We even jerked off again THREE times after that. I loved it. I loved him.

I loved his dick.

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