I try to figure out why Kay wanted me to take her home after hearing my story. I recieve some help getting her back into my life.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 15: Angels Walk Amongst Us

I last you with having returned to college where I met a lovely and charming woman by the name of Kay. Kay was my age 30 and she had a 10-year-old sweet loveable daughter named Sherri. I fell for them both right away. There was only one small problem; Kay had been married twice. Both times, it had been to abusive men. Kay did not go into details of the abuse she suffered however, I could see the fear in her eyes each time I looked into them.

I took very small steps with her in forming a relationship. It was two months before I even tried to kiss her. Kay was starting to get to know me and she could even look deep into my eyes to tell if I was telling her the truth. Kay would gaze into my eyes when we were together especially when we were alone. However, Kay was still very weary of me.

Sherri her sweet daughter tugged at my heart every time I was around her. I could not help liking her right from the start and she seemed to like me being around as well. Sherri asking her mom if I could tuck her in one night melted the ice from my heart and I was ready to love again. Now all I had to do was convince Kay I meant her no harm other than loving her because I had fallen deeply in love with her.

Please read my other chapters to read all you may have missed. You have missed a lot so I suggest that you do read them all.

Kay, Sherri and I had just spent the day shopping. I had picked Kay up a new outfit to wear to a business seminar my company was involved with as she was going to help me. I also picked us all up brand new roller skates, as skating was what Sherri liked to do most. The three of us went to the roller rink where we all had tons of fun. It was the most fun I had in a long time.

After skating, I talked Kay in going to this little place I knew of for a nightcap. That place was my house. I gave Kay a tour of my place, which ended in the master bedroom. Kay and I made sweet love that night and Kay cried in my arms telling me no one had ever made love to her like that ever. I even told her that night I was in love with her.

Kay and I went into the living room to enjoy a glass of wine. Kay happened to have seen the pictures of Carrie I kept on the mantel of the fireplace. She asked me if that was Carrie in our wedding picture. I told her it was.

“John she was very beautiful much more than I am,” Kay said to me as she hung her head down.

I was not really paying attention to her body language or the breaking up tone in her voice. I was still on cloud nine from our lovemaking. I should have realized she was thinking that she did not compare to Carrie’s beauty. Kay felt that way due to years of brainwashing at the hands of her abusive husbands. If I had realized what was going on in that pretty head of hers I would have ended the night immediately.

However Kay saw the sign “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” hanging with my medals from Vietnam under it. I had told her that expression one night when she cried in my arms telling me of the abuse she had faced. Kay wanted to know the meaning behind the sign. Therefore, I told her the story that went with the sign. The story of how Carrie and I became.

I told her the full story except for about “Carrie’s Place” as I was unsure how she would react knowing that our little house on the lake turned into a swingers retreat during the summer. I had told her everything else even about the demons I had brought home with me from Vietnam and how Carrie always kept them in check. I told her about going to California, using drugs to stop my nightmare and flashbacks of Vietnam. Also of my run in with those bikers and of Carrie’s ghost coming to me that night.

I explained how I checked myself into rehab and got help for my other demons as well. I told her about returning home to find out that my accountant had pretty much wiped out our construction company. I explained how I ended up going to college all because Carrie’s diploma had fallen from the wall. I walked over to Kay as she sat on the sofa wiping away her tears with a tissue.

I looked down into her eyes as I said, “While at school I met this charming lovely woman who has this sweet little girl who unfroze my heart.”

Kay looked up at me and her lips trembled as she asked, “Could you please take me home John?”

“What?” I asked as her request threw me.

“Would you please take me home John,” Kay asked again.

It was a quiet ride to Kay’s house. Kay sat there in my truck just looking out the window much as I had once done when the monster in me had first showed its face. I would look over at her every now and then but she just stared out the window. I tried to think of what I may have done or said to have caused the reaction she was giving.

I pulled into her driveway and as I stopped my truck I took a hold of her hand and I asked, “Kay what is wrong?” “Can’t we talk about it?” “Please tell me what I did?”

Kay pulled her hand away from mine and she replied, “No John and this is goodbye,” “I don’t want to see you again,” as she jumped out of my truck crying.

I got out and went to her but she made it into the door before I could catch her. I was going to knock but I heard Kay say, “Please John just leave,” as she cried on the other side of the closed door.

I returned to my truck where I sat trying to figure out what just had happened. I pulled from her driveway and I drove home. I entered my house and went into the living room where I sat down onto the sofa. I looked over at Kay’s wine glass and I saw the diamond tennis bracelet I had gave to her earlier that day.

I sat there looking at it as it sparkled in the light. Much like Kay’s lovely blue eyes did. I picked it up and I walked over to the fireplace. I hung it onto the sign above the fireplace. I laced it on the branches around the frame along with my wedding ring from Carrie. I returned to the sofa where I just sat wondering what had happened. I racked my brain trying to figure that girl out however I came up with nothing.

I sat around the house all day Sunday waiting by the phone. I thought Kay might call me. I finally called her late in the evening. However, she did not want to talk to me. I returned to college Monday however, Kay did not show up there. I asked Cathy about her at lunch.

“She told me that she was not feeling well and that she was not coming in today,” Cathy said to me. “She did not call you to tell you?” Cathy asked giving me a strange look.

“No Kay told me Saturday night she did not want to see me again,” I replied.

“John I am sorry she did not say anything to me about that,” Cathy said. She then asked, “May I ask what happened?”

“Not here maybe down at the tavern after school,” I replied.

Rod came over just as I was leaving I told him to have Cathy fill him in on what was going on. I skipped out of my remaining classes that day. I went straight down to the tavern after talking to Cathy. I was sitting at our usual table empty glasses around the table as they walked to me

I saw Cathy look to Rod as he got a pitcher of beer; she rather pushed him toward the table as Rod said, “Hey buddy you know all these drinks are not going to help,” as he picked up one of the many glasses.

I looked up at him as I replied, “They were all pop or water that’s all.”

Rod looked over to the barkeep who said, “He may be water logged but he isn’t drunk.”

Rod and Cathy sat down at the table as Rod said, “So buddy just what is going on between you two.”

I filled them in on what happened Saturday then I replayed the events from Saturday night to them. Including our sweet love making and I informed Cathy of the story that Rod knew and she did not. Cathy went through many napkins at the bar that afternoon.

“John, that the most heart felt story of love I ever heard,” “Carrie and you seemed matched from the beginning,” Cathy said still wiping her tears away.

“Yes and I thought maybe Kay and I were as well, but I am just a fool to think it would ever happen again.”

“Give her some time John she may not have been through the same hell you just told me about however I may know why she is hurting,” Cathy said as she took a hold of my hand.

“Then tell me please so I can beg for her to forgive me,” I replied as a tear ran down my face.

“John do you have a picture of Carrie on you?” Cathy asked.

“Yes, I do,” I replied as I had taken the one from the truck that Sherri had seen.

I took my wallet out digging the photo from it. I handed it to Cathy. She looked at it and showed it to Rod.

“Damn dude she was hot,” Rod replied when he saw the photo.

“ROD, I swear sometimes you can…,” Cathy said then paused. “Never mind I will deal with you later,” “I can see that Carrie was very lovely John,” she added.

“She was lovely however I did not love her because she was beautiful I loved the woman behind that beauty,” I replied to them both.

“John, it is complicated how we women think.” “Knowing Kay and what she has been through Carrie’s beauty may have intimidated her,” Cathy said to me. “In Kay’s case when she saw just how beautiful Carrie was her mind clicked back to the abuse she once faced,” “Then when she heard the story of Carrie and you,” Cathy added still holding my hand.

“So Kay has flashbacks,” Rod said.

“I suppose you could call them that but they are more like bad memories that surface and trigger a responds that she was used to giving,” Cathy replied.

I sat there staring at Cathy who asked, “John, are you OK your hand suddenly went cold to my touch?” I did not say anything and Cathy asked me again.

“I am sorry I got lost in one of my memories with what you had just said,” I replied to her.

I explained to them about Carrie having a degree in psychology. Carrie told me that going through the ordeal I had with Terri. Then spending the last two years, fighting in Vietnam had to have been stressful on both my body and my mind. Carrie told me that sometimes your mind becomes sensitized to stimuli that your mind triggers causing the response to be that of what your mind has been used to doing.

“John, Carrie was very special to you wasn’t she?” Cathy asked.

“Yes she was,” I replied.

“I could tell because the warmth returned to your hand as you talked about her,” Cathy said.

“Kay and her daughter Sherri have become special to me as well,” I replied. “But I see that all I am going to have of them are my memories as well,” I added as I pulled my hand from hers.

“Give her some time John,” Cathy said looking sadly at me.

“Thanks you two but I have to be going,” I replied standing up and walking away full of sorrow and despair.

Once again, I found myself running away. I returned home and as I sat there alone on the sofa, I realized I was in trouble. The feeling I got as I sat there was the very same as I had inside me when I had lost Carrie. The loneliness, the heartache, the pain and the despair all came back to me.

I sat there alone as my mind drifted through different events of my life. The joy I felt having fun with Terri at our neighborhood lake. The despair when I agreed to let Paul in on our fun. The joy when Carrie joined us at the lake. The despair when Terri took Paul into her life instead of me.

The hate, the anger I felt to everyone around me who had betrayed me except for one sweet girl. The anguish I faced in Vietnam the first time followed by the pain of loneliness I felt every night alone in that dam jungle. The despair I felt as I walked through that destroyed village in Vietnam knowing our side may have done this.

The heartache I felt returning home as I read those letters from the girls. The despair I felt for having put them through their own private hell of not knowing if I was safe. The joy I felt in knowing that one sweet girl stood alone with her love for me in her heart as she waited always knowing that someday I would finally see just how much she did love me.

The joy I felt when that girl shared her happy place with me. The despair I felt returning to Vietnam leaving her to worry once more. The loneliness I faced once more in that jungle eased slightly by going to our happy place to be together with her. The pain, the heartache and the despair of being lost in a dark dream that never seemed to end as I lie in a coma in Japan.

The joy I felt waking from my dream to see that sweet girl by my side. The despair I gave to everyone as I recovered from my wounds. The joy I felt finally making that sweet girl my wife. The overwhelming joy we both felt knowing that we would soon become parents.

I stopped myself at that point, as I could not bear to face the next series of feelings. I sat there wondering if I had not caused all the pain, the loneliness, the heartaches as well as the despair not only to myself but also to the others around me.

“STOP IT JOHN,” I said to myself aloud.

I had to before I sunk any deeper into despair. Think John think I told myself. There is always an answer hidden with in yourself to any of your problems or your troubles. I smiled to myself. Once again, Carrie was there for me for it had been her who had told me that once before. Now all I had to do was to figure out the answer.

My mind replayed the events from last night. Kay hiding of her stretch marks showed sign of not being comfortable with her body. Then the remark when she was standing by the fireplace with our wedding photo.

The remark she made entered my mind. “John she was very beautiful much more than I am,” Kay had said to me hung her head.

Cathy had been right I had not knowingly tripped that mental switch inside Kay’s mind. I sat there trying to figure out how I go about turning it back off. Suddenly my phone rang.

“Hello,” I said as I answered the phone.

“John, please don’t give up on mommy,” Sherri said on the other end.

“Sherri does your mom know you called me?” I asked her.

“No, mommy is mowing the yard, I asked grandma if I could,” Sherri replied.

“I won’t Sherri I promise,” I said to her.

“Thanks John, I will help you too,” Sherri replied.

Sherri had hung up on me before I could ask her just how she was going to help. However, it did not matter it was just sweet of her and she gave me the answer I was looking for. Which was do not give up. I was going to give Kay some time but also I was going to stay after her at the same time.

I went to school the next day and I walked down to the meeting place in the morning. Kay was sitting there with Cathy. She looked at me then turned quickly away. I walked right over to their table.

“Good morning ladies,” I said. I looked to Kay as I said, “You left this at my house Saturday night,” as I handed her the bracelet.

“John I can’t take that,” Kay replied looking up to me.

I smiled at her as I replied, “Then just throw it away.” I added, “I am not for sure what happened Saturday night but if I said something or hurt you in anyway I am sorry,” “ I do hope that you will you please still do the business seminar with me as I already signed you up with me.”

OK so I had just told Kay a flat out lie about the seminar. She would never know the difference. Besides, I had to tell her something and a little white lie should not blow up into my face.

“John…,” Kay said but I stopped her placing my finger to her lips.

I said to her, “I am not taking the bracelet back, do the seminar with me and consider it as payment for it if you want too.” “I only meant it to be a token of my thanks for showing me happiness but I know I can never be happy again.” “Please tell your daughter I am sorry if I brought any despair on her as well,” I added as I turned and walked away.

I had saw Cathy’s mouth drop open when she had heard me tell Kay that. I walked to my first class leaving them to their thoughts. Rod came walking into the class and he came over to me.

“Dude, I sure hope you know what you are doing,” Rod said as he sat behind me.

Kay soon came walking into the class. I looked up to her but not to her face, I looked to her wrist, the tennis bracelet was where it belonged. Kay sat down next to me and as she did, her hand lightly brushed against me. I turned my head looking at her; I could tell she had been crying as she looked at me.

“John I will do the seminar with you,” Kay said to me staring into my eyes.

“Thank you,” I replied as I turned my head quickly from her.

I knew that if Kay saw into my eyes she was going to read in my eyes what I was up too. Our class started and I never turned my head toward Kay at all. I did glance out of the corner of my eye from time to time to see that she was looking at me more than paying attention to Mr. P our teacher.

The class went on until it was time for a break and Mr. P said, “I think we all need a break and Kay I suggest you pay more attention up here than checking John out,” with a little laugh that caused everyone to laugh.

I got up and I walked out side to get some air. I saw Kay coming out in a few seconds. She walked over and she stood beside me looking to the ground.

“Would you like to go somewhere and talk?” I asked Kay.

“I would like that John as I have something to tell you,” Kay said desperately trying to look me in my eyes.

Kay and I walked into our class and picked up our books. We walked by Mr. P at his desk and I said, “Got some business to take care of Mr. P we won’t be back today.”

“Sure and get it worked out people,” Mr. P replied with a smile.

“Any where special you would like to go?” I asked Kay.

“Your office would be nice as I have not seen it yet,” Kay replied.

Now her wanting to go to my office and talk just did not make any sense to me. I tried to think why she wanted to go there. In addition, the fact that Kay was sitting next to me in the truck as I drove totally threw me off my plan.

I drove to my office and Kay made the comment that the building was very big. I told her we no longer used most of it but that at one time it was full. I got out and I walked around and opened her side of the truck door for her.

“I did not think you would do that,” Kay said.

“I still respect you Kay just don’t understand you,” I replied as I walked to the door again holding it open for her.

We walked in and I walked us over to Frank’s desk. He looked up to us as he said, “Boss I did not know you were coming in today.”

“I wasn’t Frank,” I replied. Then I added, “Frank this is Kay.”

“So I finally meet the woman who makes the boss happy all the time,” Frank replied.

I saw Kay smile to Frank when he had said that. Kay had never so much as looked at another man let alone smiled at one. This woman was full of surprises today I thought as we stood there.

“Frank don’t you have some work you should be doing,” I said. “We do not want to be disturbed,” I added as I opened the door to my office.

“Right Boss I understand you,” Frank replied with a smile giving me a wink with his eye.

“No Frank we are just going to talk,” I said to him as I closed the door.

When I entered, Kay was looking around the room. There were photos hanging on the walls of my office. Some pictures of my brother in his uniform as well as some of me in mine. A picture of my uncle hung on the wall. One of my uncle, Carrie and me hung there as well as one big picture of mom, dad, my uncle, Carrie and me. I saw Kay checking out the photos.

“John, are those of your mom and dad?” Kay asked.

“Yes and that is my uncle with us he owed this company before giving it to me,” I replied not looking at her. “Everyone in that photo is dead,” I added sharply.

“Your still here John,” Kay replied.

“Who is the other man in uniform next to the pictures of you in uniform?” Kay asked.

“He is my brother he lost his life in Vietnam,” I replied.

“I am sorry John,” Kay said sadly at me.

“Don’t be, I got over losing him and everyone else years ago,” I replied.

“You were very handsome in your uniform John,” Kay said. “I bet Carrie was proud of you but also feared you may not ever return to her,” Kay added.

“Carrie knew where to find me if anything ever happened to me,” I replied wondering where Kay was going with all the questions.

“I wish I could have known her,” Kay said smiling to me. “I just know she was a special person,” Kay added.

“Carrie would have opened her heart for you and Sherri,” “She was just that type,” I replied.

“Like an angel who walks amongst us,” Kay said as she smiled to me.

“Kay, are you alright?” “Nothing has happened has it?” I asked.

Kay replied, “Only that I turned a man with good intent away.” “Because I was blind and heartless to him,” “I was more worried about my own feelings and not caring for his.” Kay added. “I am sorry John for how I acted Saturday night.”

“It was my fault I rushed things a bit between us,” I replied.

“Rushed yeah right, took you two months to kiss me John,” Kay replied with the first smile I had seen on her face today.

I went to her and led her over to my chair behind my desk telling Kay to sit here and I would try to explain it to her. I said, “I wanted to make sure you were ready,” “Kay I know it is hard for you to trust men again however I mean you no harm.”

I walked over to a picture of Carrie as I said, “I know you think you're not as lovely as Carrie even in the fact that you are lovely to me.” “I know what Carrie and I once shared was special because of the love and the bond we shared.” “I know you think that you never can give to me what Carrie gave to me.” “But you’re wrong you have given that and much more to me since I met you.”

I looked at her seriously as I added, “You just do not realize what it has meant to me.”

Kay replied, “I know John and I am sorry,” “I was just scared.” Kay smiled at me as she added, “I was afraid of how lovely Carrie was and to hear of the special bond the two of you shared.” “I thought there was nothing I could give to you.” “I had to walk away because of Carrie." "However I did not know she was not going to let me walk away from you John.

“What are you talking about Kay?” I asked not having a clue what she meant by Carrie not letting her walk away.

“I also know that Sherri adores you as much as you do her which is a lot,” “I went to tuck her into her bed last night. That sweet little girl of mine asked me why you did not come over Sunday," Kay said as she went on with her story.

I told her that I was no longer going to see you. She asked me why. I told her when she was older I would explain.

“Right now Sherri it is time for you to go to sleep,” I said to her.

“Mommy, can I ask you something?” Sherri asked me as she sat back up into bed.

“What is that sweetie?” I asked in return.

“Does that mean the angel Carrie no longer looks after me as I sleep?” Sherri asked me.

“Who looks after you? I asked.

She replied, “Carrie does mommy because she went to heaven where she got her wings.” “When John tucked me into bed that night he told me good night sweet child and have no fears for I know an angel who walks with us; she is here and always near.”

“I am sure she still does,” I replied to her as I kissed her goodnight.

“I cried myself to sleep that night with my head buried into my pillow so she could not hear me,” Kay said before she went on with her story.

The next morning Sherri came down for breakfast happy and cheerful as could be. I had figured she would be back to being sad especially now that she knew, I was no longer seeing you John.

“Why are you so happy today Sherri?” I asked.

“Because Carrie told me in my dream last night not to worry your mommy would listen to her heart as does John,” Sherri said.

I stopped Kay as I said, “Kay I have to tell you, Sherri called me yesterday and she asked me not to give up on you.” “I told her I would not and she told me she would help me too.” “That must have been what her dear little heart meant.”

“John I know she called you and offered her help my mom told me,” Kay replied. “It was what Sherri told me next that got to me John,” She added.

“And what was that,” I asked not knowing what it could have been.

“Did Carrie tell you anything else in your dream,” I asked figuring my sweet little girl was making this all up.

“Yes she told me everything would be OK and that she and Melissa would wait for all of us to join them when the time came,” Sherri said to me.

“Wait for us where?” Kay asked her.

“At their happy place on the lake where the moon dances on the water,” that sweet little girl replied.

“John I did not tell her about that place as I did not know of it until Saturday night,” “I also know you would not have told her that story,” Kay said smiling at me.

I stood there looking at her speechless. I knew not what to say. Kay got up from my chair and she walked over to me. As she did, I could see the sparkle in her lovely blue eyes as she neared me. I held out my arms to her as a lone single tear ran from my eye.

Kay came into my arm and she reached up taking my tear upon her fingertip holding it up for me to see as she said, “I know you do not shed this tear for yourself but for us all.”

“Kay I…,” I started to say however, she stopped me as she pressed that finger with my tear on it to my lips.

“Just hold me John,” Kay said as she wrapped her arms around me.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her head against my chest. Kay’s hands rubbed at my back as mine rubbed at her. Kay’s head was lying on its side upon my chest. I held her as I watch the afternoon sun crept across the floor in my office. It crept slowly towards us until it enlightened us both.

Kay said, “Someday I want to see this happy place where we are to meet angel Carrie however for now here in your arms will always be my happy place.”

“It’s a lovely place up on the lake, someday I will show it to you but for now my happy place is here with you in my arms and angel Carrie in my heart where she belongs,” I whisper into Kay’s ear.

Kay pulled her head from my chest staring up into my eyes as I stare down into hers. I knew she was reading my eyes. I wait a little bit before I asked her what she had seen.

“The trusting eyes of the man who loves me like no other can.” “I see myself in his eyes as my heart tells me he is trustworthy, cute and brave this man here.” “My heart tells me to tell this man; my heart is open and my eyes have seen the truth that I am in love with this man,” “John, I love you,” Kay said to me as she stared into my eyes.

I smile as I replied, “I love you too Kay simply because it is you.”

“John, could you do something for me?” Kay asked still staring into my eyes.

“Anything Kay I would do anything for you,” I replied smiling at her.

“Make sweet love to me again right now,” Kay said smiling.

I press my lips gently onto Kay’s lips. Our kiss is long, deep and with passion. Kay’s tongue rides into my mouth, I suck at it as she holds it there. I glide my tongue over and around hers as I slowly back her up to my desk. Just as Kay’s butt touches my desk, she spins me around so that it is my butt above the desk.

Kay’s hands go to my belt that she unbuckles; she unsnaps my pants pulling my zipper down as well. She leaves my pants fall down around my ankles. Her hands pull my under wear down letting them join my pants around my ankles.

“Looks like you are to be my lunch,” Kay said as her hands went to my semi hard cock.

Kay rubs her hands on my cock. Almost kneading it like bread with her hands. My cock responds by growing hard and large in her hands. Kay wraps one hand around my cock and she starts to move it up and down.

“Mmmmm I do love these big balls of yours,” Kay said as she rubs her other hand over my balls.

Kay is jacking on my cock with one hand as she rubs and toys with my balls. I hear her say, “That was what I was waiting for,” as I feel her finger running across the head of my cock. My head goes back down onto my desk as I feel Kay’s tongue snaking its way over the head of my cock.

I raise my head from my desk to see my pre-cum stringing from the head of my cock to her tongue. My head returns to my desk as Kay wraps her mouth around the head of my cock. Kay sucks gentle at the head of my cock nursing my pre-cum from my cock.

“AHhh dam that feels good,” I moan out.

Kay starts to run her mouth up and down my cock sucking at it as she does. She works more of my cock into her mouth each time. I feel Kay’s hand playing with my balls as I raise my head again. When I do, I see Kay staring at me with her mouth full of my cock.

Kay is using her tongue on my cock, as it lies deep in her mouth. I know my cock has to down part way into her throat. I feel her sucking at it without moving her head. My hands grip to the side of my desk, as I fight not blowing my load into her mouth.

Thank god, she started to rise her mouth up on my cock or I would have. Kay slowly brings her mouth up my cock. She sucks at just the head of it as I feel her hand wrapping around it. Kay pumps on my cock with her hand as she sucks at the head of my cock.

Kay removes her mouth from my dick as she said, “Let me take my jeans off.”

I raise my head back up as I watch her kick her shoes off then unsnap her jeans. Kay looks at me as she smiles then slowly and teasingly unbuttons her shirt. She bends down as she does showing me the tops of those perfect tits over hang her bra. Kay undoes the last button to her shirt and she tosses the shirt over my face.

I pull it from my face throwing it onto the chair beside my desk. Kay leans back up standing there with just her bra on and her jeans unsnapped. Kay teasingly lowers the zipper on her jeans. She pulls them down just enough for me to see that she is not wearing any panties under her jeans.

My cock is throbbing wildly as I watch her. The top of her bushy pussy hair is showing at the top of her jeans. Kay runs her hands up to her tits where she rubs at them using both of her hands. She is looking intently to me as she does. Her lovely blue eyes sparkle as she reaches behind herself.

Kay unhooks her bra and removes it tossing it onto my hard throbbing cock. I remove her bra from my cock as her hands move back to her tits. She cups her hands around her tits massaging them. Kay moves her hand to under one of them. She pulls her tit up to her mouth sticking her tongue out at her big hard nipple.

“Mmmmm John I love playing with my tits as well as another woman’s tits,” Kay seductively said as she flicked her tongue across her nipple.

Kay licks at her own nipple as my hand goes to my cock. I start to pump on my cock as I watch her lick her other nipple with her tongue. Kay pulls and pinches onto her nipples as she watches me pulling on my cock.

“I love a man who knows how to play with his own cock,” Kay coos out as she twists at her nipples with her fingers.

Kay keeps one hand rubbing and tweaking at her nipple as her other hand runs down into her jeans. Kay rubs at her pussy as she pulls at her nipple. Kay turns her back to me as she removes her hands from her tit and her pussy.

Kay’s hands go to the sides of her jeans where she slowly lowers her jeans as she looks back to me over her shoulders. I have to stop pumping on my cock as I watch her. The look of her hair on her head, her lovely blue sparkling eyes, that cute nose and her lovely little mouth looking toward me over her shoulder like that would have made me cum if I had not removed my hand from my cock.

“I saw you John checking out my ass that first day in college,” Kay said to me smiling as she lowers her jeans just below that lovely round butt.

Kay has what I always called an onion butt. The type of ass so beautiful, it makes you cry. I had been an ass man all my life and Kay’s was one of the best if not the best.

“At the time John I thought it was a little rude of you to be checking out my ass,” Kay said smiling at me over her shoulder. “But when I came back into class and sat down next to you again I had to squeeze my thighs together to keep my pussy from leaking as I thought about just how cute you were,” Kay added as she turned her head back to in front of herself.

Christ my cock was dancing wildly as she talked to me like that. Kay left her pants drop from under her ass. She stepped out of them and tossed them to me. Kay bent all the way over looking back to me from between her legs as I sat up on my desk.

“Feel the crotch of my jeans John,” Kay said as she looked at me bent over.

I did as she told me and I found the crotch of her jeans to be soaking wet with her pussy juices. I smiled at her as I said, “I love a woman who gets wet with her own juices,” as I sniffed then ran my tongue across the crotch of her wet jeans.

“You are a dirty boy,” Kay said as she stood back up turning around to me.

Kay stood there in front of me not a stitch of clothing covering her body. My eyes started at the top of her pretty head. They worked down over those round perfect tits on her chest. My eyes came down to her abdomen that she had covered with her hands. I tilted my head to the side as I gave her a sad look.

Kay removed her hands bringing them down to her side as she said, “Sorry John, most men never thought my life giving marks were beautiful.”

Kay started to walk toward me and when she got to me her hand went to the side of my face as she added, “Then again you are not like most men are you John,” as her hand rubbed at my face.

Kay stared into my eyes as her hand rubbed at my face. I felt her placing one of my legs between her legs. She rubbed her pussy against it as her soft lovely hand rubbed at my face. Kay kissed at my lips with her lips a few times.

Kay pulled her hand and face from mine as she said, “I thought you did not find me attractive at first because you did not try to kiss me after our first date,” as she smiled.

“Kay I…,” I got out before she pressed her finger to my lips.

“It was much more romantic when you kissed my hand John as no one had ever kissed my hand before,” Kay said. “Then you handing me that single red rose the next morning,” “I was glad you just walked away after giving it to me because I cried at the table.”

“Cathy told me I must have been dam good last night,” “I told her that was the problem I had been good or I should say you were not trying anything that is,” Kay added.

Kay wrapped her arms around my neck as her lips found mine. She kissed me with more passion than I had ever felt. Kay licked at my lips as she rubbed her pussy harder and faster against my leg. I could feel her juices getting the top of my knee wet.

“I should have known then John that you were like no man I had ever met,” Kay said once again staring into my eyes. “I should have known it when my little girl asked me the next day before she went to school was there something wrong with you.”

“Wrong with …,” I got out before she stopped me again with her finger to my lips.

“I asked her what she meant John,” “John is not like the other men you have been with he is nice and he knows how to fix skates,” Kay said to me.

Once again, Kay kisses me deeply and passionately on my lips. Kay slips her tongue smoothly deep into my mouth as mine slips into hers. Kay rubbed her pussy into my leg as we French kiss. Kay moans into my mouth as I feel wet liquid squirting against my thighs.

Kay breaks our kiss as she said, “You know how to fix a lot of thing that are broken,” as she pushes me back down onto my desk.

Kay climbs up onto me and she straddles my midsection with her legs. She is squatting right over my hard throbbing cock. Kay reaches under her pussy grabbing my cock with her hand. She rubs it once against her wet pussy before she sits down onto my cock.

“AHHhhhh John,” Kay screams out as she takes all my cock deep into her pussy.

Kay places her hands to my chest as she starts to move up and down onto my cock. She started out slowly but was soon bouncing up and down on my cock. Kay’s lovely tits roll in circles as I watch them as she rides my cock. Kay was moaning loudly as she rode my cock. Her eyes closed tightly as she does.

Kay opens her eyes and with an almost pleading look she said, “You can slap my tits John.”

I shake my head no, as I caress them with my hands instead. I bring my head from my desk as I flick my tongue across her nipples. Kay’s pussy is wet and it makes wet slurps each time she bounces on my cock. I take a tit into my mouth as I suckle on it.

“AHHhh John you are going to make me cum,” Kay screams loudly.

Kay goes to just grinding her pussy onto my cock. She is rocking the desk and me as she does. I feel my balls tighten then my cock throb. I remove my mouth from her tit as my cock twitches.

“I am going to cum,” I yell out.

“YES ahhhhhh,” Kay screams out loudly.

I feel liquid running all over my cock then onto me. Kay pumps her pussy a few more times before she falls forward. Her lips come to mine and we are kissing deeply and passionately as her pussy juices flow from her.

We lie on my desk kissing passionately for a long time. Kay gets off me and she stands up as I rose from my back sitting on my desk. I look down to Kay’s pussy and between her legs. Kay’s pussy and her inner thighs were swathe in bright red blood.

The room seems to start to spin. My head begins to thump. Suddenly I heard the rotating blades of a helicopter beating loudly against the air. My eyes seem to roll up into the back of my head.

“JOHN, JOHN, go to your happy place,” “John please go to your happy place,” I know not if the voice I am hearing is my own or someone else’s.

My eyes close as a bright shining warm light replaces the darkness. As the light fills the room, I am standing not on the shore over looking the lake. Instead, I am in a little office with Kay in my arms.

“John I am sorry that explains why I was so horny I started my period,” Kay said.

I open my eyes to see her standing in front of me as I am still sitting on my desk. Kay hand is gently rubbing at my face. Kay is looking deeply into my eyes as she does. Kay’s look on her face pretty much tells me all I need to know.

“We will talk about what you saw John, but let’s get you and I cleaned up right now,” Kay said.

I point to the closed door in my office that leads to a bathroom I had put it in years ago. Kay tells me to stay here as she grabs her clothes and she goes into the bathroom as I sit atop my desk. This is something new that just happened to me as I sit there thinking about it. I realized that was the first time I had seen that much blood since Vietnam.

I think back to Carrie lying on that table in the morgue. Either they had cleaned her up or there had not been any blood. I hope this is just a one-time issue I think to myself. Then a smile comes to my face when I think of being in my happy place.

“I am so sorry John,” Kay said dressed as she wiped the blood from me down there.

I just bury my face into her hair. I breathe in her intoxicating scent as she does. Kay gets me cleaned up, she pulls my underwear, and my pants back up around me snapping my pants and redoing my belt. Kay tells me to go sit at the other desk as she cleans my desk off.

I sit down in the chair watching her. The sunlight casts a glow about her or maybe I just wanted to see one. Because as I sit there it comes to me whose voice, I had heard. It was Kay telling me to go to my happy place. I smile as I think to myself and she thinks she has nothing to offer me.

There is a knock at my office door then I hear Frank ask, “Everything OK in there Boss?”

“Just fine Frank simply fine,” I yell through the door.

Kay finishes cleaning my desk and she goes back into the bathroom. She comes back out with a big paper bag tightly in her hand. She sits it down by my desk as she walks over to me.

“John I am sorry I will wash those towels for you,” “You had me scared for a second there when I saw your eyes rolling up into your head,” “But I remembered the story and your happy place,” Kay said to me.

Kay rubbed her hand along the side of my face as she asked, “Did you see the moon dancing across the water?”

I smiled, as I replied, “No, only you in my arms as the sunlight filled a small office.” “I love you Kay,” I added.

“I love you too John,” Kay said.

I look to the clock on the wall and I asked, “What time does Sherri get home from school?”

Kay checked the time as she replied, “In a couple of hours.”

I grab her hand as I said, “Good gives us time to go get that little girl of yours a new bike.”

“JOHN,” Kay yells at me.

“What, just doing what I do best spoiling the ladies in my life,” I replied as we walked from my office. “Tell Frank bye my love,” I said to Kay.

We stopped and Kay turned to Frank and she gave him a big smile as she said, “Bye Frank nice to have met you and I am sure I will be seeing you again.”

“Bye Kay I know I will be seeing you again,” Frank replied smiling at us both.

We jumped into my truck and headed for the bike shop however; Kay talked me out of buying her a new bike at least for now. I told her then I was going to take everyone out for dinner including her mom.

“I will be stopping by the toy store for a new bear,” I said smiling to her.

Kay sitting next to me laced her arm through mine as she said, “OK but you need to stop and get a change of clothes as you have a date with the shower at my place.”

We swung by my place where I grabbed some clothes. We stopped at the toy store and I got Sherri a new bear as well as Kay one as she liked one that was dressed as a soldier. We shortly arrived at Kay’s moms where we went inside.

Kay poked her head into her mom’s room and she said, “You’re going out to dinner with us.”

Kay’s mom came out to us and she replied, “Not tonight I have a date.” “I figured why should you two have all the fun,” “Oh and don’t wait up for me because I may spend the night at his place,” she added with a smile.

Kay and I both smiled as we said, “Yes mother.”

Kay walked me to the bathroom and she told me to take my clothes off and give them to her. I will throw them into the wash later. Kay stood there smiling at me as I undressed.

“I would love to join you John however we can’t right now,” Kay said as she walked out of the bathroom.

I showered letting the water hit me in my face. I wanted to make sure I was not dreaming. It was as if Kay had changed over night. I thought to myself as I turned the water off “Angels do walk amongst us.” I cleaned up the bathroom before I went into the living room.

Kay was out in the kitchen as I sat down onto the sofa. I had just got comfortable when the front door opened. It was Sherri coming home from school.

She no sooner got inside the door than she screamed, “John you are here,” as she came running over to me.

Sherri jumped up into my lap and as she wrapped her little arms around my neck as I said, “Thanks to you,” smiling at her.

Sherri gave me a big hug as she whispered into my ear, “I am glad that you did not give up on mommy.” “Carrie told me you could be bull headed sometimes,” she added as she saw the bear in the chair across the room.

Sherri jumped down and she grabbed the bear hugging it. She then ran into the kitchen to her mom. I got up and walked to their front window.

I looked out of it up into the sky as I said, “Thanks Carrie I am sure we all will see you someday.”

The three of us went out for dinner then to a movie Sherri wanted to see. She fell asleep in my truck on the way home. I carried her into the house and up to her bedroom where Kay and I both tucked her into her bed. Kay and I returned down stairs and onto the sofa. Kay put some music on as we sat there kissing passionately for a while.

Kay broke our kiss as she pulled back from my arms as she asked, “OK mister just what happened to you today at your office?”

In a low tone I replied, “Nothing important forget about it,” as I looked away from her.

Kay turned my face back toward her as she said, “John I know how a person looks when they are having a flashback.” “Cathy’s brother came home from Vietnam and he had them until he committed suicide, so don’t you ever tell me that it is nothing important,” as she stared deeply into my eyes.

“I did not know she lost a brother to that dam war,” I replied.

I went on as I explained to her that I was not for sure, but that I thought maybe seeing all the blood on her thighs triggered something in my mind. I told Kay how I used to hear the blades of helicopters beating the air while in the jungle.

“I could not see them most of the time but you never forget that sound,” I said to her as she just stared deeper into my eyes. “I used to look up into the canopy of the jungle and say a silent prayer any time I used to hear that noise,” I added.

“Why was that John?” Kay asked.

“In Vietnam you arrived in a helicopter and you left in a helicopter,” “My prayer was asking that you be protected if you were arriving,” “Or if you were leaving my prayer were that you make it home,” “If you were wounded the helicopters were our angels over there.” “My prayer would be for the brave soldier not to lose his life in this dam stinking jungle,” I replied to Kay.

Kay rubbed her hand at my face as she said, “You poor man the hell you must have bravely faced over there not once but twice.”

“The angels in the helicopter that flew me out when I was wounded were the brave souls as they would fly back into that dam jungle time after time till they had saved us all,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against my body. We sat there for a longtime with me just holding her in my arms.

Until Kay looked up to me and she asked, “John would you like to spend the night?” “I am sure my mom would not mind,” she added smiling at me.

I looked at her, as I replied, “I don’t know,” “Do you snore or fart in your sleep?” I asked smiling at her.

“JOHN,” Kay said as she smacked me in my arm.

Kay stood up and she took a hold of my hand. She locked the door and turned the porch light on just in case her mom did return home. Kay walked me up the steps to the room across from Sherri’s bedroom. We both glance in on her to find she was fast asleep with a smile on her face.

Kay led me into her bedroom where she closed the door. She led me over to the queen sized bed. Kay pulled back the covers as she told me you sleep on this side and I will sleep on this side.

“Now you get undressed and into bed while I get ready for bed as well,” Kay said.

I had my clothes off in two seconds. I was pulling the sheet up over me as I watched Kay undress. She removed every thing except for her panties. She turned to me and she tilted her head to the side.

“You can wipe that smile from your face John as your not getting any for about another 3 or 4 days,” Kay said as she slipped into bed next to me.

I wrapped my arm around her pulling her closer to me as I replied, “I once waited two months to kiss you what is a few more days,” as I smiled to me.

Kay lays her head onto my chest then she pulls it off it and she looks to the X scar at the side of my chest. Kay stares at it for a while. Then she runs her finger on it tracing it.

“You will have to explain to me someday just how that turned into such a perfect X,” Kay said. “I thought you had a tattoo the first time I saw it,” she added as she lays her head back onto my chest and she closes her eyes.

The joy I felt as I cuddled her as she lies there with her head on my chest. It had been a long time since I fell asleep with a lovely woman in my arms. However, that night I did.

I awoke when Kay did in the morning. We both got dressed and I followed her downstairs. I sat at the kitchen table watching how she starts her day. She put the coffee pot on and she told me to help myself, as she was off to prepare herself for the day.

I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I heard, “John you spent the night,” Sherri said as she climbed up into my lap.

“How about I fix some scrambled eggs for breakfast young lady?” I asked. “A course you will have to help as I know where nothing is,” I added.

Sherri and I went about making scrambled eggs and toast. We even made her mom a plate, which she carried up to her as I carried her up a cup of coffee. Kay smiled as she thanked us both before Sherri and I returned down stairs to have our breakfast together.

After we had finished I said, “You run along and get ready for school I will clean up the mess.”

Sherri ran up the stairs as I cleaned our mess up and did the dishes. I was standing at the sink when Kay came walking into the kitchen. I turned and smiled at her as I heard her walk into the kitchen.

“You never fail to surprise John,” Kay said as she came over to me.

I dried the last dish then my hands. I turned to her and I took her into my arms. Our lips met as her arms went around my back. We kissed deeply and with passion standing there in the kitchen.

We heard a little giggle and we looked and saw Sherri standing there looking at us as she said, “See what happens when you listen to your hearts,” as she smiled at us.

Kay slipped from my arms as she went over and hugged her. Kay told her that the bus would soon be here to pick her up for school. I walked over and I squatted down to her level.

“How about we drop you off at school on the way to ours?” I asked.

“I would like that John,” Sherri replied as she hugged me tightly.

Kay and I started dating regularly after that day. Three weeks later Kay did the business seminar with me. I believe it was her lovely smile, which got our company some new projects during the seminar. Our company also got a new hire that day. Kay became my personal assistant; she soon had our company organized again as well as being a hit with everyone that worked for us.

Kay even came up with a great idea. We had this big building and yet we only used less than a third of it. Kay knew I did not want our company to return to the size it was at one time. Her idea was to rent the parts of our building out to other businesses.

“It is your project so you handle it,” I said to her.

“OK boss,” Kay replied with a devilish smile.

Kay and I were getting along great. She did have one little quirk that I just could not bring myself to do. Sometimes during our love making Kay wanted me to slap her tits around, she even brought rope into the bedroom one night asking me if I had ever tied a woman up. I told her no and I was not going to start now. When I would ask her about why she asked me to do those types of things to her.

Kay replied, “All men like to do that,” as she would start to cry.

Kay would start to cry then tell me to hold her. I would wrap my arms around me holding her tight. I would whisper I love you into her ear as I held her. Kay would never open up to me about the real reason behind it.

It was the last weekend in April. Rod and I had heard that the walleyes were running in a river not fall from here. We got up early and went fishing that Saturday morning. God it was fun not only did we catch fish. I laughed my ass off when Rod slip into the water as damn those rocks are slippery when you are walking on them. I dropped him off at Cathy’s at around one in the afternoon.

I drove home cleaned up a little and I went over to see Kay. I stopped along the way to pick up a bear for Sherri. It was around three in the afternoon when I pulled onto their street.

As I approached their house, I saw Kay standing in the front yard screaming, “Let go of me, Joe.”

I saw some man had grabbed her by her arm. I did not even pull into the driveway. I threw my truck up into park and jumped from my truck. I raced across the front yard as I heard that sweet little girl Sherri yelling, “You let go of my mommy or else.”

That will end this chapter. Who was this Joe? Why did he have his hands on my Kay? What demon or monster was I about to arise from my dark soul? Find out in my next chapter.

As always, please leave me your comments and let me know you are enjoying my life as I unfold it to you. My life is not for you to judge; as someday, someone higher up than you, Carrie, Kay or that sweet little girl Sherri will past judgment on us all.
Sgt. J

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Beat that guy up sgt. J and make him remember to never come back

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As I keep reading it gets better, somehow. Thanks fo sharing.

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This is one of the best if not the best story I have read. I love the way that everything is turning out. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Please keep writing.

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Thank you again! There is nothing wrong with ending a chapter with suspense. That moves the story forward. Don't worry about the complaints, they just show how well that literary device [suspense] is working. It works because you have truly engaged us with the characters of the story.

The comments along the way indicate most of your readers realize this is your actual story of your life. I do hope that writing it down and telling us all is helping you deal with your demons and get them under control. Or better yet, get rid of them for good and all.

You have a really powerful knack for conveying the horrors of your time in Nam. Thank you - for serving, and for writing. Welcome home!

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