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Jerry looked at Jacqueline sleeping in her bed. . . . She seemed to be just plain fucking exhausted...from a medical exam yet...Jerry-s suspicious mind was at work this evening.

Dr. S.A. Samuelson, company doctor, and highly regarded Physician. Kris Montez, top six executive of O-Leon Corp... Was there a connection...should he have a quiet conversation with Sally... Luther Corp.’s V.P. in charge of special security; and a newly credentialed Doctorate in Engineering.

Kris seems complicit in Jacqueline-s roughing up, or rape. Is Kris capable of raping his own wife like that...? What kind of a fucking monster would do that Jerry wondered... Jerry shook his head... no – couldn-t be... Jesus Jerry... get a grip man... Your letting your imagination run wild here... Yet... what if . . . Jerry thought upon further reflection;
--- WHAT IF..?

--- And if what if, Jerry pondered...then whom...?

Jerry sat up throughout the evening and early night. He could not get it out of his head... He would leave the room and walk the hall... returning to make a coffee. Sitting and stewing over what if...

Jerry went two doors down and woke Adrian up... They stood in the hall and whispered. Jerry told Adrian his concerns and thoughts on Jacqueline-s possible rape. They bandied his theory about for what seemed like an hour, only to sit with as many points for as against when all was said and done.

Eventually Jacqueline woke up... she was hungry so Adrian, Jerry and Jacqueline went out for a very late dinner... Both men were wary of Jacqueline-s intellect and did a fine job of acting...disguising their concerns, imaginary or real.

The trio got back to the hotel after midnight. Jacqueline asked Adrian if he would also stay in the same room as her and Jerry... She did not know why but somehow felt – safer - if both men stayed with her. Jerry and Adrian looked at one another.
--- Sure, no problem Adrian said.

He left the room for a few minutes to get some stuff from his room...nothing major. Adrian came back in and LOCKED the door. Click – Click...!

Jerry had been keeping an eye on Jacqueline ever since she woke up... she seemed to be a bit edgy...Adrian had agreed with Jerry the only time they were alone together. That was when Jacqueline was in the ladies room at the restaurant.

Both men had worked with Jacqueline allot over the past few years so they had a feel for her moods...this was not one of them. Jerry had a pretty good idea what was coming and asked Adrian to text Sally PDQ.

Click – Click... simple enough but the bomb went off. Jerry watched her facial expression change... Jerry moved to her as fast as he could but she cringed... the look of horror on her face took even a seasoned ex-cop by surprise.

Adrian turned and was caught off balance by what he saw... He moved toward her also to be pushed away as she sank to the floor.

--- Get Sally ... Jerry said to Adrian... who spun and ran out the door to go pickup Sally.

AML was not that far off but it still would take half an hour to pick up Sally.

--- What Jacqueline, what...? Jerry asked her.

She could not speak... she was not breathing... Jacqueline-s mouth was open... in a gaped expression of horror.

---What Jacqueline....what...? Jerry asked her again...

---The door... was all she managed to get out, and that took a few seconds to interpret.

Jerry looked, he could not see anything. It was shut, just as Adrian had left it.
--- Jacqueline... [Trying to calm her...]. He could not penetrate her mind... Jerry tried to settle Jacqueline, she was paralyzed...still not breathing...

His mind raced thru the facts as he knew them... nowhere was a door of any significance. Finally he moved quickly...shaking Jacqueline;
--- What Jacqueline...what? Talk to me please... to me...

Jerry grabbed hold of her hugging her tightly...talking to her softly...trying to get her to take a breath...
Jacqueline-s lungs began to inhale but not in the usual manner one would expect from a human being...for a moment Jerry thought she might be having a heart attack. . . .

After a bit Jacqueline-s breathing returned. . . .

Finally..., after several minutes...she looked to Jerry and mouthed; rape..., her eye-s welling up with tears.

Jerry and Jacqueline were on the floor... Getting her comfortable enough to speak..., Jerry repeatedly asking her;
--- What Jacqueline? Jerry held her.

Jacqueline pushed Jerry away slowly, looking into his marked – rugged – face, and explained;
---The door clicks. She said.

--- Yes.... Jerry said looking into her eyes... Yes. He said again.

--- Kris.... Kris-s door clicked three times..., [Pausing]... click – click – click. ...

She looked into his eyes;
--- I-ve been raped Jerry... [Jacqueline sagged...she started to cry...deepening into a mournful sob. Slowly she leaned toward Jerry..., resting her head against his left breast].

After some coaxing Jacqueline explained her remark about the door;
--- When you shut and locked the door at Kris-s house the door doubled clicked. The night before when Kris locked the door it triple clicked. [Jacqueline looked into Jerry-s eye-s]. He unlocked the door...
--- It felt different each time he entered me... I just passed it off as my imagination.

Jerry looked at her thinking of the right words to say. Jacqueline said;
--- It hit me when this door here was closed. . . . Click – Click... How can I ever face him again..., she many others...who Jerry, who...? [Her voice panicky.]...

Jerry is an ex-cop, not a counselor. All he could think of doing was explaining to Jacqueline that if a door is not set properly it may take a second push to close it so that the dead bolt will work.
--- You know, he said... Click – Click...

He managed to talk her into getting up and going to the room door for an example. Jerry and Jacqueline opened and closed the door several times without it doing what Jerry had hoped it would do, that is require a second push to engage the dead bolt.

Jerry thought he was doing a fair job of convincing Jacqueline. She seemed to be buying into his line of reasoning. They had the suite key with them so they could open and close the door from the hall side. They were standing in the hall outside the room, quietly talking; then walking up and down the hall near their room.

Jerry was getting desperate. He knew sooner or later Jacqueline would poke a hole in his theory...
...Were the hell was Sally, he wondered.

He knew Sally could handle this situation better than he, or anyone else for that matter. Jerry and Jacqueline had turned and were walking back in the direction of the elevator when they heard it moving. They kept walking and had just passed the room when the elevator doors opened and Sheila Ann emerged, followed by Sally, Cheryl Weevil and Adrian.

Jacqueline started to run in the direction of Sally. She may have taken three or four steps when she began to fall, stumble, trip on the carpet or just lost leg strength. . . The result was the same.

Jerry was maybe six of seven feet behind Jacqueline; he moved to catch her being wary of her feet.

He had heard people in deep emotional pain before, and perhaps his feelings for Jacqueline amplified his response; but he faltered in his bid to catch Jacqueline when her cry reached his ears.

Jerry caught sight of a blur in his peripheral vision, looking up he saw Sheila Ann and Sally in high gear heading to Jacqueline. Cheryl was back of them with Adrian behind Cheryl.

Eight feet wide...the hall is eight feet wide... easily wide enough for two women to run side by side...

Before Jacqueline had fallen to her knee-s Sally and Sheila were at her side catching her by the arms. All three women settled onto the carpet. Sheila speaking to Jacqueline; Sally had Jacqueline-s face cupped in her hands; foreheads touching...talking quietly.

Jerry couldn-t hear a word they were saying.

Up the hall away from this commotion there was a second commotion. Cheryl was trying her damnedest to run to Jacqueline..., but her legs just quit working. [Cheryl is one of those ladies whose arms and legs kick out sideways as she runs, flapping about in a bird-like fashion.]
She truly is one hundred percent female..., and a dream to just be around.


ADRIAN picked up the sandals and flip flops which had come off Sally, Sheila. . . . He looked up to see Cheryl was not moving with the exception of her hands twitching nervously. He knew what the problem was. Cheryl had frozen at the sight of Jacqueline in such distress.

Adrian walked up behind her and turned her to him hugging her close. Cheryl was shaking she was so frightened. Adrian and those close to Cheryl knew she had an extreme fear of being attacked. This stemmed from a childhood incident. . . .
Adrian took Cheryl into his suite, which fortunately was only about ten feet away. He had to almost carry her. Once inside his suite Adrian went to sit Cheryl in a chair but she clung to him like a frightened child.
--- Honey, he said to her, I-ve got to tell Jerry were you are. Could you give me a second to text him.

Cheryl nodded... she seemed to be calming down, but then again she was shaking so perhaps not.

Adrian text Jerry then turned to Cheryl again embracing her for two or three minutes. Cheryl pushed away slightly letting him know she was coming –round. Cheryl looked at Adrian with those beautiful eyes she processes...

Cheryl moved in close again;
--- I feel safe in your arms..., do you mind?

--- No..., not at all Cheryl.

Adrian and Cheryl hugged for a minute...or there about... During this time Cheryl placed her hand on Adrian-s chest...feeling his large chest...comforting herself. She slipped a hand thru the opening provided by the space between the buttons.

Cheryl looked up into Adrian-s eyes...all soft and little girl like;
--- You have a hairy chest. . . . She continued to caress his chest feeling the hair.

Cheryl is five and half feet tall, or close to it. Adrian is nearly a foot taller than she. Cheryl-s head was resting against Adrian-s chest at or near breast height. Her hand continued to play with Adrian-s chest hair. She looked up again into that rugged he-man face.


Adrian looked down at this very attractive woman...he did not mind her playing with his chest. She seemed to get comfort from it and that was important to him. He smiled as she undid a button giving her greater access to the play-ground. Cheryl-s fingers inter-twined with his hair...she ran her fingers across his chest, feeling his chest muscles...squeezing his breast...even rubbing his right nipple.

Adrian looked down as Cheryl turned her face upwards. He appreciated her beauty. Her English face... Her dark blue eyes, her jet black hair. That long straight nose seemingly guarding those pink lips. Cheryl was a work of art, no doubt there he mused.

She brought her hand into view as she undid another button. Her face now showing signs of passion;
---Are you sure Cheryl...?

Her hands undid another button, Cheryl looking at his chest. Slowly, but not to slow, Cheryl undid buttons and removed Adrian-s shirt.
--- I love your chest... She said in that unmistakably sultry voice she has.

Adrian watched as Cheryl fondled his chest, caressing and squeezing...even taking little bites.

Cheryl undid Adrian-s belt..., then his zipper..., pulling his pants down along with his shorts;
--- Ohh ... that-s going to hurt. She said.

Adrian just kept looking down atop her head. Her voice, so soft, he thought. He watched Cheryl put his cock in her mouth...a task for any woman. She spoke slightly with it in her mouth...a mumble to be sure. Adrian understood not a single syllable.

Adrian smiled as he watched her struggle with his cock. It is rather large. Cheryl pulled it out after only briefly sucking on it.

In less than a minute the covers were back, Cheryl was completely naked lying in bed waiting for Adrian...who stood looking at her.

Adrian crawled onto the bed and kissed Cheryl-s right breast.
--- Give me a couple of minutes to appreciate you. My god you are lovely Cheryl. Your skin is flawless.

--- English heritage you know..., she said mimicking a English accent.

Adrian hovered over her, kissing and sucking gently on her tits. He marveled at their beauty, such beautiful skin, English or not. Adrian surveyed her as he moved down on her...every part of her was beautiful.

Cheryl had her legs up and open by the time he reached her crotch. Adrian immediately started to cruise her lips with a gentle licking. . . . Probing..., flicking..., and nibbling her woman-hood. Cheryl had nice sized lips to suck. She smelled so good; she was aroused, wet, and fucking beautiful.

A short time later Adrian was poised to enter Cheryl;
--- This will take a little time Cheryl; I do not want to hurt you.

Adrian was gently pushing and swirling the tip of his thick cock against Cheryl-s soft opening... it took awhile before he penetrated her... Cheryl showed moderate discomfort..., but it truth it reality hurt. She had never been stretched like this before...

Adrian moved in Cheryl with a slow consistent motion, giving her time to adjust...She only had one request; would he put most of his weight on her when she came close to finishing;
--- I feel safe when I am under a big man, Cheryl said.

Adrian liked Cheryl very much so he gave her his best effort. Her body took awhile to get going but once she was hot Cheryl fucked hard...thick cock or not. He loved the way her hips drove up and down on is shaft...her hunger for his cock...her need obvious.

AS per her request he lowered himself onto her... Adrian kept much of his weight on his elbows and knees. Cheryl strained under Adrian to achieve her orgasm. Her body fighting to move under him.

Adrian was in no danger of cum-ing so he really enjoyed Cheryl-s sex... He thought her very sweet.
--- ARE you crushed he asked when she was finished.

--- NO. Adrian..., you won-t tell will you...?

--- NO..., what happens between you and your security stays between you and your security. And as Jerry likes to point out; a gentlemen never tells.

--- Thank you. She said.

Adrian and Cheryl slept together this night. After the necessary bathroom attention, Adrian watched Cheryl approach the bed. Her shape fantastic, but her skin tone really added to her charms. Her pale nipples slightly above center on her tits. Her waist riding her hips...Cheryl walked with a gentle sway.
Adrian looked at Cheryl-s bush;
--- Are you sore Cheryl? He asked

--- No, I am great actually.

--- WE cannot do this very often Cheryl; people will notice the change in your physical appearance.

Cheryl smiled in response as she crawled into bed and curled up in his big arms. Adrian watched with a detached amusement as she ran her fingers thru his chest hair until she fell asleep.

Her head lie on his arm and shoulder with her face up against his chest. Adrian marveled at her beauty. He knew he was staring but it was his first time with a woman this lovely. You could not dream up a more beautiful woman. He thought about waking her to have sex with her again but that would be crass.

They had left the table lamp on for her benefit, thus he could watch her sleep. Adrian is a cold hearted SOB and he knows it...but he got a thrill out of watching this very attractive woman sleep in his arms. NOT something that happens to him. . . . She felt safe and that pleased him.

Huh..., perhaps I am not such a cold heart SOB after all he thought...a smile grew...

Cheryl Weevil-s deep seated fear was nowhere to be found this night as she slept. . . . A King size hand was protecting her...carry-ing her to a perch..., placing her on a huge leaf. . . . Kong nuzzled her gently...pushing her legs apart..., rubbing her gently with his big finger...eyes filled with love.

Cheryl opened her eyes to see Adrian looking at her. She changed her position bringing herself up to kiss him...and kiss him...rubbing herself against this big - big man... Cheryl-s eyes told the story...and if that was not enough Adrian felt her hand on his cock. . . .

...and he kissed her...

.... [5]

D. S.A. Samuelson walked to the room door...not numbered in S.A.-s office. He looked at the file for a minute;
..........Sally Hudson, V.P. Luther Corp. . . . S.A. thought to himself; this should be interesting. [He opened the door]...

---- Dr. Hudson. [SA smiled.]..., what brings a renowned scientist into my office...? SA closed the door behind him...
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