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Mikey plays a little game with family.
Note: All characters within this work of fiction are made-up. I do not plagiarize, so please do not accuse me of such a crime (I take it as an insult). While reading this story, keep in mind the fact that I am a beginner in sex-story-creation, and still have a long way to go before mastering the field. Do not criticize lightly, however, because I wish to gain more insight on how to write sex stories. Thanks.

So I was done with Aya, and was a bit exhausted, and I was pissed, because I knew it was a Tuesday and that Olivia was gonna end up in a shower somewhere, with that big ass exposed and wet. But I decided it was too late, and hell, I just fucked a supermodel, and I’d much rather save the rest for later. So I walked to my house - well, to my apartment, but if you wanna call it a house, go for it.

So I walk the few blocks back to my house, and my sister’s there – oh, and by the way, my sister, Brianna, is a year younger than me, so if I was 14, she must have been 13, and hell, I don’t mean to be a pervert or anything, but she was starting to grow. I mean, grow grow – that kind of grow that makes you do double-takes on girls when they pass by you, and then wonder how their tits got so big. And Brianna – she was doing that grow grow.

She was about 8 or 9 inches shorter than me, so she was somewhere between 5 foot 2 inches and 5 foot 5 inches. There was a slight bulge on her chest (maybe she was an A or B-cup). It was her ass that stood out though. She didn’t have that much size, but her ass had form, and she would always wear short and tight pants that fit her when she was a kid. She was a brunette with brown eyes and a wide mouth. She was starting puberty, and the bumps began to show up here and there, but for the most part, her face was clear and smooth. I’d have to admit, she was hot – even if it does sound fucked up.

But anyway, I get home (floor 7, apartment B), and open the door, and dinners on the table, and Brianna was sitting down eating the food. I come in, and she looks up at me, and says “Mom’s out, penis-fucker. She’s on a date with some guy, and she left food on the table – fuckin’ obvious, right?” She chuckled a little after that.

She started cursing, like, three or four months before, and now she throws ‘em wherever she can in her sentences. Shit, she even slipped up a few times in front of mom.

“Yeah… yeah, I can see that. Stop cursing, you’re not old enough yet.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, shitface. You started cursing at 10.” She was right too, but I didn’t wanna see my little sis grow up like that, you know. I mean, that body was gettin’ somewhere, but, it was like she was older than me sometimes.

But anyway, I continued “You call me a shitface… you can apologize by doing the dishes tonight.”

“Ew, no, I have to do homework, you do the dishes, fuckhead.” After she said this, I looked up at the sink and examined the pile of pots and plates. I was convinced at that point that I wasn’t doing the dishes.

“Bitch, please. I’m in high school, I got essays to do. And shit, you should have got home 2 hours ago. I’m sure you could have done those coloring sheets of yours in 10 minutes.”

“Oh my god, I’m a girl. Be a gentlemen and do it for me… asswipe.” She began to whine a bit.

“You can shove that right back up your ass. You should have said please.”

“Fine, shitwipe. Can you,” she got out of her seat, and her tits bounced a little, “pleeeeaaaaassee do the dishes tonight?”

When she stood up, I noticed she was only wearing her red panties. Her sexy, smooth legs were fully exposed, and her panties were so tight that you could see her small camel-toe bulging into the material. My penis began to harden a bit, and dirty thoughts began to re-enter my mind.

I wanted to see her ass, too. I don’t know, but it was all in-the-moment, and I wanted to see her turn around and pose her ass for me with those tight panties on. I started to get desperate.

“Uhh… how about you go to the sink and count the dishes for me. Then I’ll think about it.” Immediately after, Brianna smiled, ran to me, and hugged me.

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much, asshole. I’ll do the dishes forever after today.” I took this moment to feel her back. I didn’t want to arouse suspicion, or anything, so I put my hand under her shirt, but kept it at her mid-back. Every 2 or 3 seconds, I would lean a bit forward and slowly brush my hands against her butt. I was starting to get hard, and so I broke away from the hug.

I wanted more, though, and I definitely didn’t want to do the damn dishes.

“Woah, woah, woah. I never said I was going to do the dishes. I said I wanted you to count them for me, and then I would think about it.”

“Ugghhh, you’re such a fucker. Fine, because you can’t, you lazy-ass, I’ll count them for you. And if they’re heavy, you better be washing them tonight.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it. Now count them.”

Brianna walked into the small kitchen, and her ass wiggled and bounced with her every move. Her panties were so tight and small that the bottom-half of both of her ass cheeks were exposed, and would bounce with every step she made. And it was almost like she wanted to show her ass off to me, because she would move her ass around like the models in music videos. The thought of her wanting to show that fine ass off to me made my cock harder, and I wanted to strip my pants off and begin the masturbation right there.

I couldn’t completely control myself, and so I took my book-bag off, and unfastened the belt holding my jeans, and took my shirt and t-shirt off ( it was normal for me to walk around the apartment without a shirt or t-shirt). As Brianna walked toward the sink, I slipped my hands down through my pants and began to jack-off. I didn’t want my dick to be pointed to the front too much, and so I did it from the left side.
Every time Brianna would take a step, I would stroke my cock 5 or 6 more times.

Brianna eventually reached the sink. She used her fingers to count pots, pans, and plates, and she was a bit jittery that day, and so every time she counted something, she would stand on her tippy-toes (like what you do when you can’t reach something), and would quickly back down from her stance. Her tits, which I could see from a side angle and her ass (side-angle), would bounce every time.

I wanted more, and so I moved from the doorway and into the kitchen, almost behind Brianna, but at an angle where I could see her tits too.

She bounced up and down a few more times, and turned around at me real quick, and in a split second reaction, I remember changing the shape of the hand on my cock, so I could make it seem like I had an itch.

“Ew… you’re such a dirty, shitty pig. Go scratch yourself in the corner, I don’t want to see that.” And I remember hearing that hesitation on the “I don’t want to see that” part.

I was speechless, and so I just took my hand out my pants, and let her continue.

“Umm... yeah… there’s like thirty dishes in there with your name on them. Get to work.”

“Na-aaa-aah, nope. I am not washing all those dishes.”

“And I’m not either, bitch.”

At that time, the greatest idea ever popped up in my head. I was horny… I was really horny, and I wanted to at least see Brianna nude that night. I was going to play a little game with her, to see if she would open up a bit for me.

“Okay, we aren’t going to fix this with words,” I started when I was walking back towards my book-bag, “so let’s play a little game I made up a while ago.” I then took out from my book-bag a dice me and some of my friends would use to play craps.

“Ugh. I don’t want to play you’re shitty game.”

“You don’t have a choice in this. You are my little sis.”

So I take the dice and a piece of paper and pen from my book-bag, and I go into the small family room and Brianna rolled her eyes and followed me in.

“So here’s how you play the game.” I turned around to face her. “There’s 100 points. The first person to get there wins. But in order to get the points, you have to choose a number from 1 to 6, and role. And you if you role the number you chose, you get ten points. Here’s the thing, though. If you win twice in a row, you can tell your opponent to do something minor.”

“Like the dishes?!” Brianna probably liked the idea, and thought she could win easy.

“No, no. The first person to 100 doesn’t have to wash shit, and the loser does, which in this case, is gonna be you.”

“Shut the hell up, loser.”

“You know it’s true, babe.”

“W-w-well…yeah. Let’s…let’s just see.” Brianna had a hard time speaking straight after I called her “babe.” She even started blushing a little, and I know she probably didn’t think I noticed, but I did, and was getting hornier by the second.

“Okay, good. And if we both roll the same number, we have to agree on doing something. You know, like a compromise.”

“Like a what?”

“You’re such a dumbass, Brianna. It’s like an agreement.” I said it with a smile though. I didn’t wanna piss her off when I was this far.

“Oh… shut up, you’re a bigger dumbass.”

“Yeah, whatever. And one more thing. If we both roll numbers we didn’t pick, we roll again with the same number choices.”

“Okay, okay, stop talking. I wanna play now.” So Brianna stole the dice from the ground next to me and started to roll. “Um… my number is 5.”

“Yeah, and I’m going go with 4.”

It musta been beginner’s luck, because she rolled and it landed straight on 5. “YES! Put my points down, little bitch.”

“You make it seem like you won something. One roll isn’t shit.”

“Yeah? Give me the dice again; I’ll role a 2 this time.” So she kept the dice in her hand for like 10 seconds, and finally released it, and the dice landed on a bend, but after 5 seconds, it fell on 2.

“YES! YES! YES! I won it again, and now you’re doing something for me.” She always enjoyed winning, and now she was winning my own damn game.

“This is bullshit.” I started. Maybe it was because I wanted some action, or maybe it was because this was my own damn game. “You’re cheating or something.”

“No, I’m not cheating at all, asswipe. I was meant to win this. And it’s your game… dumb-ass!” She got me back good, and I didn’t have much to say to her.

“Hmm… what do I want you to do? Oh, I know!” Brianna was on her knees, and so she sat down. She stretched her two legs out in my direction, and she laid her back on the couch. After that, she separated her legs a little bit, and I could see that small camel-toe again. “I want you to rub my feet and my legs… and, and do it with mom’s lotion.”

I cheered to myself, but I played it cool. “You gotta be kidding me.”

“No, I’m not kidding anybody. You, the dumbass, set yourself up for it anyway.”

I didn’t argue. I sat up, and strolled to my mom’s room to get her lotion, but when I got in the room, I quietly jumped in excitement. Then I scrambled to find the lotion.

So I find it, and go back to the family room, and I kneel down, and get the lotion in my hand.

“I’m doing this shit for 3 minutes. You better enjoy your little rub while it lasts. And come to think of it, I haven’t gotten a good massage in a while.”

“Yeah, shut up, ass fucker. Rub me.”

I started at her upper-left leg – and as high as I could get. Her legs were soft and silky smooth, and my cock stiffened when I moved my hands a bit farther up her leg and a knuckle brushed up against her camel-toe. I almost came when I heard a slight, small moan come from Brianna’s mouth.

I stroked her left leg 10 or 15 more times, and moved to the right leg. This time, I stroked her leg about 6 times before I used the back of my left hand to hit her camel-toe completely. This time, her moan was a bit louder, and I was seconds from ejaculation. I controlled it, though, and continued to stroke and rub her right leg a few more times before stopping. On my final stroke though, I went so far up her leg that I could feel the base of her vagina.

“I’m done with that.” I tried to act like I didn’t enjoy it. “So you better be ready to give me a rub or two when I win a roll.”

Brianna was so pleasured at this point that she could only nod her head in approval.

I rolled first the second time around. “Six.” Brianna said it shyly. I looked up at her to see her blushing – and blushing hard.

“Okay. I call 3.” I rolled the dice and it came out at 4, and so I re-rolled it, and it came out at 3.

“You see that, Bri? That’s the beginning of your end. You roll.”

So Brianna picked up the dice again – all shy and quiet and everything – and called a 1. I called a 6.
The dice landed on 3. So she re-rolled, and the dice spun around for like 15 seconds, and then it landed on 6.

“Haha! Look at that! Two wins in a row, baby, and I want some revenge.” So I stood up and pulled my jeans off, and luckily, I didn’t have a hard-on anymore, but Brianna could still see she shape of my soft penis through my tight boxers. She reacted by turning completely red, and she let out an obvious gulp.

“I want you to rub these shits – both of them. And rub for 10 minutes.”

“Ten minutes?! But…”

“No buts. You should have given me a time limit when you won the first time. Who’s the dumbass now?”

So now that she was super red, she started rubbing my right leg. “None of that fruity, lotion shit. I want you to rub it bare.”

So she put both her hands on my leg and started to stroke it. She was slow in the beginning, but she picked up the pace eventually. Ultimately, she moved very fast, and began rubbing my leg with professional moves. She would open both of her hands wide and rub both of my legs with her palms. She would use her palms to put pressure on parts of my legs. Other times, she would partially lift her fingers as she rubbed my legs, and would massage me with the tips of her fingers.

Finally, after 4 minutes, she spoke. “It’s too dry. I need something wet.”

“I don’t want that fruity lotion all over me. I’m not interested in smelling fabulous.”

“Fine then, be that way… asshole.” She finished the sentence with a shy “asshole,” and I was turned on.

My cock was a little lively, and was growing some hardness.

Brianna took both of her palms and spit on them. She started rubbing me again afterwards.

I was surprised at what she did, and I looked up at her, and our eyes met. She was extremely red at that point. “I told you to use the lotion. But now you have spit all over your legs.”
I simply smiled in reply – I was too horny to talk.

As time passed, I got harder and harder, and by 6 minutes, I was fully erect. As my cock bulged through my tight boxers, Brianna had a hard time keeping her eyes off of it. She began creeping up my leg toward my cock, and the farther she went, the hornier I would get.

Like 8 minutes in, Brianna reached so far up my left leg with her hands that she accidentally hit my scrotum and the lowest part of my shaft. My head bolted up at her, and hers at mine, and we kinda stared at each other for like ten seconds. It was like we were both waiting for each other to make a move of some sort, but the both of us were afraid that the other would reject the advance.

“Oh, fuck it.” was all that came out of Brianna’s mouth before she pushed me onto the floor, jumped on top of me, and began kissing me. I didn’t want to resist, but even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to. It was like her kiss paralyzed me.

Every minute or so, Brianna would move around on top of me, and her inner-thighs would rub against my dick. My cock was so stiff that it could have broken through the boxers on its own, but Brianna was impatient. While she was kissing me, she was able to get my boxers down to my upper-thigh, exposing my fully erect 8 inch cock. At a weird angle, Brianna was able to use her left arm to reach back and wrap her hand around my cock.

“Oh my god… it’s so big.”

I was too overwhelmed to speak. My little sis had her hands all over my dick, and loved it. She started stroking my cock up and down, starting a bit slow, but then she picked up the pace. I was going to cum early, so I stopped her. Instead, I started French kissing her, and pulled my arms, which were on the ground, to her backside.

At first I kept my hands on her clothed back, but then I reached down for her ass, and pulled her tight panties off. With her ass completely exposed, I started grabbing and pulling at her butt, and she would moan in response. I would slap her ass, and every time I did slap her ass, she would break the kiss to scream or moan in pleasure.

Brianna stopped French kissing to take her shirt off. She got up, and with a little struggle, worked her tight shirt off of her. As she lifted her shirt off, her small and perky tits bounced a bit, and I couldn’t resist them. I immediately stood up, and as Brianna threw her shirt onto the floor, I moved my face to Brianna’s chest and started to suck on her hard nipples.

Brianna let out a good moan when my mouth touched her left nipple, and I wasn’t done there. I took my right hand and put it on level with Briana’s mouth.

“Spit on it.” She did not argue with me this time, and let out a large amount of spit from her mouth and onto my hand. I then continued sucking on her tits.

I took my right hand and began playing with Brianna’s pussy. My coordination wasn’t bad, and I could thoroughly suck on her nipple and rub her pussy really fast. At this point, the moaning got louder, and she began to scream a bit.

“Yes! I’m so wet, baby. Never stop!” the more my little sis would say this kinda stuff, the hotter it would all get. I was rubbing my little sis’ pussy, sucking her tits, kissing her, and listening to her moan and yell and shout and scream the sexiest things at me.

Eventually, I changed positions. I took hold of Brianna and laid her on the floor, and I knelt down in front of her pussy. Now I was going to eat her out.

I almost rammed my mouth into her pussy. I took my whole mouth and just put it on everything. When my tongue touched her clit, she began to convulse a little bit, and she let out a long and loud moan. I wrapped my whole mouth around her clit, and then began finger-fucking her with two fingers from my right hand.
I built up a routine. I would start at her clit, and then I would continue down and ravage her labia with my mouth, and would tongue-fuck her and finger-fuck her at the same time.

“Oh my fucking god! Fuck yes! Keep going baby, don’t stop! I love it so fucking much baby, oh yes!” She was being so naughty and so dirty and I wanted to fuck her until she died.

I picked up the pace, and focused all my attention on her clit. I would suck it for a minute or so, and then I’d rub it really fast for like 2 minutes.

“Oh my god, I’m going to die!” And after she said that, I went faster than I had ever gone, and her orgasm started. Everything tightened, and she began to scream and convulse all over the floor. She took both of her hands and threw them on my head, forcing me to stay in her vagina.

She stopped her convulsing after a bit, and loosened up.

“Oh my god, that was so good.”

“Yeah, you liked it? Do you want more?” I pointed my face up at her.

“I think I should work for the rest.” After she said this, Brianna got on her knees and crawled the few inches to me. We both stayed on our knees and French kissed for a few minutes.

Brianna eventually broke off and gently pushed me onto my ass. I was now sitting on the hard floor, with my dick pointed straight up at her. I still had a fully erect boner, and was desperate for a release.

“How about you put your mout-”

Before I could finish, Brianna dove down and wrapped her mouth around my erect cock. She started a bit slow, moving up and down in a sluggish pattern, but as she became used to the size and the taste, she began to speed up. In an amateur fashion, her mouth would slide up and down my penis, leaving my shaft and balls covered in more saliva and spit every time.

Brianna started playing with my balls, and I let out a hard moan. The mental satisfaction of having my little sis suck my hard boner like a slut was overwhelming.

“Oh, damn, that’s good. Just like that, baby, keep going.” I was in such a state of pleasure that I didn’t understand the words coming from my mouth, and started drooling a bit in satisfaction.

Brianna wasn’t done yet. She took her right hand off my balls and put it on my lower shaft. Her hands were small enough to fit on my shaft while she sucked me off, and so she slowly started incorporating masturbation into her routine. She would suck me at a nice speed, and would jack-me-off at the same tempo.

I didn’t want to cum yet. I knew there was more to come, and so I inhaled and exhaled and controlled myself the best I could.

After 4 or 5 minutes, Brianna took her hand off my shaft and put it back on my balls. After that, she let my cock out of her mouth, took a deep breath, and slowly took my cock back in. She kept her hands off my dick, and slowly pushed more and more of my cock down her mouth.

She started to gag a bit after a while, and brought her mouth back up to the head of my shaft. She then consumed my cock again – and this time, she was able to get it farther up her mouth before gagging.
I almost came down her throat as she looked at me with my cock jammed in her mouth. She was sweating and had saliva all around her mouth and was so dirty and sexy and slutty and sloppy that I could have started convulsing in pleasure too.

She kept taking my dick down her mouth, and eventually, I reached her throat. When my cock reached the wall of her throat, she gagged a little, and started playing with her pussy. I couldn’t see her pussy, but she had her arm stretched back to her vagina, and was pushing her middle finger into her hole.

She stopped taking my cock in so deep and started sucking me again, but now used her tongue against the back of my penis as she sucked fast. I came little bit in her mouth after giving Brianna a good look. She was bare nude (besides her socks), and her dark hair was wet with sweat and saliva. Her face was a canvas for saliva and sweat, and my dick made its way in and out her mouth. She was playing with her pussy, and tried to keep her eyes on me the entire time.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and so when Brianna released the cock from her mouth to take a breather, I came all on her face in about an 8 second cumshot.

With the cum and saliva dripping off her face, she crawled up to me and began kissing me again.
“Do I deserve more now?”

I was soft again; soft until Brianna took my hand and started guiding it around her asshole. My dick flew up the moment she began using my hand to rub herself.

“Hell yeah, you do.” I jumped up, ran around her, and waited for her to stand up.

Brianna moved behind the couch in the family room, and told me to follow her wherever she went.
She got behind the couch, stretched her arms out and grabbed the couch, bent down, aligned her body, and raised her butt cheeks a bit. Her pussy was exposed and ready for a fuck.

Brianna was extremely tight, and as I worked my cock into her for the first time, she began to scream and pull at the couch. Going very slow, I inched my cock into her tight, wet pussy, until I felt I’d gone far enough. I then released my cock from her dark, wet chamber, and put it right back in her.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” She would repeat herself every time I pushed my cock into her vagina. Eventually, she stretched out a bit, and I felt as though I could go a bit faster. Every time she loosened up, I would increase the tempo, and she would scream louder.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder! Harder!” So I picked up the speed, and kept going faster and harder, until I wasn’t thinking about it anymore. I was fucking her so fast and hard that drool began dropping from her mouth to the couch.

Every time she bounced onto my cock, she ass would giggle, and remaining cum and saliva from her face and hair would drop to the floor or onto the couch.

It was all so hot that I wanted to do more. I wanted to fuck her in the ass. And I don’t think she wanted less. So I let my dick out of her pussy and ran to get mom’s lotion.

“I like where this is going. Put it all over.”

“Oh, trust me, Bri; you don’t know where this is going.”

I took mom’s lotion and squirted it all over her asshole. I then rubbed some into my cock, and set my sights on the asshole.

I started off by slowly sliding a few fingers into her asshole. She grasped the couch like it was the last piece of furniture in the world. I couldn’t really see her face, but I could tell by the movement of her mouth that the feeling was a bit odd or new.

I sped up at an extremely slow rate, and as time passed, Brianna came to enjoy the feeling. She started moaning, and would try to spread her slippery ass cheeks for an easier entrance.

I was starting to get soft, and wanted to cum for the last time, and so I got my lotion-drenched penis and slowly stuck it into her asshole.

Again, Brianna held on the couch like it was the last couch in the world, and she let out a loud gasp and a scream. I didn’t stop, though. I kept a similar speed, and as she used to it, I would go faster.

As I fucked her ass, I also played with her clit, which added to the moaning and made things hotter. Eventually, I came into her ass, without even realizing it. As I pulled my limp dick out of her ass, I observed the stream of thick cum follow.

Brianna turned around toward me, and kissed me a bit more before we stopped.

“Shit, we have to clean this up.”

“I know… Mikey.” I looked up at her, and she smiled back at me. She never called me Mikey before that.

“I’ll do the dishes.” We both said that at the same time.

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hot story my relationship with my little sis was very much the same i was 16and half she had just gone 13 when we were left alone for the weekend for the first time we started of playing a game of some sort which leed us to being naked and then it just happened we were makin out .within a hour or so of forplay or experimenting i had my cock up to my balls in her tight virgin pussy .we fucked like rabbits all weekend and as much as we could from there on . on my 17th birthday everyone had left and we thought the olds were crashed out my sis came to my room to give me my bday present we were getting right into it when i looked to see my dad there we both shit untill he said dont mind me its not the first time ive watched i just think its time for me to join the fun is that ok .we looked at each other and agreed with that he dropped his pants and our eyes popped out his cock was at least 11"and very thick well my sis took just over half that night but takes all now .we still get fuck 10 y

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