The fourth chapter in a long epic sex story. Adam encounters two horny teens willing to do almost anything to please him. This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Prologue: The Day Before

Chapter 4: Thank Me With Your Mouth / Dyking Out

To my shock and surprise, Kaylie didn't fix her mascara or clean the cum and drool off her face and neck before we left the coach's office. She just pulled her flowery summer dress over her head. No Bra! No Panties! Fuck, Kaylie was one slutty, little 14-year-old. She looked fucking sexy all spattered in cum with her make-up running, so I really couldn't complain. Her dress only reached down to mid-thigh, so if she bent over or a strong wind came along, people would be able to see her little, bald pussy with ass cum probably dripping down her thighs. None of which matter, since the coach's cum slid freely down her face and dripped onto her naked collarbone as we walked through the halls to the exit. A wet, dark line was seeping through the middle of her dress from the first load she had taken on her belly.

As we walked the halls, I heard some noise coming from one of the classrooms. I quickly glanced in as we passed and was surprised to see someone I knew. It was Lindsay, the geekiest girl in school, who was also known as Geeky Lindsay or sometimes Freaky Lindsay, but there was definitely nothing freaky about her that day. First of all, she had to have lost at least 30 pounds. I could see how slim her waist was even under her long, voluminous lab coat. Her usually tangled, brunette hair was cut short to shoulder length, combed and straightened, and she'd streaked it with blonde which looked incredibly good on her. To top things off, she wore smaller, sexier glasses rather than the large, clunky pair she had worn back in school and even at a distance they did wonders to her blue eyes. I couldn't believe the transformation.

I was staring in at her with my mouth wide in astonishment when she looked up from the chemistry experiment she was performing. The pipet she was holding paused in mid-air when her eyes met mine. She smiled at the look on my face and gave a small, shy wave. I waved back, dumbfounded, and she giggled. She set the pipet down on the workbench and stepped back from her work to give me a little curtsy in her lab coat, "Hi, Adam," she said sweetly with a very genuine smile. I had always been nice to Lindsay even when other popular kids had treated her poorly. I couldn't help thinking that being nice to her all those years would potentially allow me access to that newly fit body of hers, specifically what was between her thighs. Before I could respond to her greeting, Kaylie yanked on my arm, pulling me out of the door frame and down the hall. A little reluctantly, I followed.

We left the school by the side parking lot. I was still thinking about how amazing Lindsay had looked and was fantasizing about what I'd do to her, so I didn't even notice the four punk skaters by the door to the school. With the parking lot so empty during the summer months, it was a great open area to skate around. I only really noticed them when Kaylie smiled widely at them and said, "Good morning! Nice day out today." They all stood stunned as they all realized in turn what was all over Julia's face, and that's when I realized that one of them was a cute girl.

Once we were five meters passed the group, I heard one of the boys whisper, "Holy shit! Did you see all that spunk on her face?"

The girl spoke up with her cute voice and said, "Did you see that hot guy with her?"

"Shut up, Brit. All you ever think about is boys." One of the boys scoffed.

"Hey, you mentioned the girl, so I mentioned the guy. Besides," Her tone got more excited, "I bet it's his jizz all over her face. I bet he fucked her in the school." I looked back at the cute, little, short haired skater chick. She was kind of tomboyish with skater shoes and with no makeup on but that didn't stop her natural beauty showing itself. She was wearing some short shorts and a tank top which showed the hint of some breasts growing underneath. When I caught her eye, she turned red, smiled and then looked away. She looked to be about 13 years old, but with the day I was having, 13 was looking just ripe for the picking. When she made eye contact again, I pointed at her and gave her a half smile before sticking two fingers up in the air and mimicking cunnilingus with my tongue flicking between them. Her mouth fell open in shock but with a hint of excitement in her eyes. I secretly hoped she would still be there later when I came back to get Madison.

I clicked the button on my fob as we got close to my car. "Thanks again for the ride" Kaylie said politely with a bubbly smile as she got in on the passenger's side.

I got in on the driver's side and turned to her with a wolfish smile and said, "You can thank me with your mouth on the way. You gotta get me hard again before we get to Natalie's." I was still amazed at the cum she had left on her face in broad daylight. It was starting to dry and was getting all crusty and wrinkly on her skin.

"Okay!" She beamed, "but you just came in my ass. A LOT! You filled me so full. See?" She lifted the hem of her dress to reveal the long streak of rich cum running out of her ass to her pink pussy lips and then down her inner thigh. Fuck, it looked sexy! "Are you sure you can even get hard again?"

"Of course, baby. I've already cum three times today." I gave the punk girl one last glance before putting the car in reverse and pulling out.


It was a short ride to Natalie's but I made sure to whip my dick out just as we exited the school lot and Kaylie was quick to sucked it with fast, wet, slurping bobs the entire time. Again, she hungrily sucked clean another cock covered with her ass cream. She did such a good job, that by the time we got to our destination, I was nearly ready to go again. Nearly.

"Wanna watch Natalie and me dyke out? We've been doing it for a while now." She explain matter-of-factly.

"You bet I do!" I said with enthusiasm.

"It was her idea. She's really good at going down on me. Oh, pull around to the back alley. There's more parking and the back door leads right downstairs to Natalie's room." She spoke excitedly gesturing at a side road.

Natalie was a very cute, blonde girl about the same size as Kaylie but with slightly larger breasts. I could barely contain my thrill at getting the chance at seeing another little 14-year-old girl naked that day.

I parked by the back gate as Kaylie instructed and we both got out to head inside. Kaylie didn't even knock or ring the doorbell. She just opened the backdoor and ushered me inside. She lead me down the stairs and through a door which lead into a big bedroom.

"Hey, slut!" Natalie said with a smile over her shoulder. She was watching some fashion show on TV.

"Hey, bitch!" Kaylie said affectionately back.

"Oh my gawd, Kay! Is that cum all over your face? Holy, look at your make-up. You're such a totally slut, not to mention a fucking mess, baby." Her mouth was open in shock but then she burst out giggling. When she finally noticed me, she blushed a deep red and said bashfully, "Hi, Adam. Bitch, you never told me you were bringing Adam Richards over. I probably look a mess."

"Hey Natalie. You look radiant." I said with a smile. She blushed again.

"Hey Nat, wanna give Adam a show? I promised him he could watch us dyke out."

"Oh my gawd, Kay!" Natalie said again and unbelievably blushed even deeper. "You told him about that! That's so embarrassing. By the way, whose cum is on your face? Is it Adam's?" She asked in a sing-song voice.

"No, it's Coach's." Kaylie lifted her dress up past her waist, "Adam's cum is here. Wanna lick me clean?"

Natalie smiled and bit her lower lip. "Of course I'll lick you clean if it's Adam's cum." She glanced a coy look up at me and said, "but I wouldn't mind some fresh cum of my own."

I slid my pants back down until my semi-hard cock sprang free. She gasped at it's girth and I said, "Don't worry, babe. Why don't you start eating Kaylie's gaping ass and I'll see if I can make you a fresh batch." I grabbed my semi and started slowly massaging the thick shaft.

"Ooo yeeaaahh, baby. Get your ass on my bed, you nasty, spunk whore." Kaylie giggled and eagerly tore off her dress. She hopped up onto Natalie's bed on all fours, and wiggled her sexy butt in her blonde best friend's face. Nat tore off her own shirt, showing off her nice tits in her lacy, light blue bra. Sitting up, Natalie sprang up and attacked Kaylie, burying her face between her cheeks with a hunger I'd never seen before. My cock twitched and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had the fourth set of lips around my cock that day, noting in my mind that three of which belonged to 14-year-olds. Not bad for three hours work.

Kaylie moaned and shuddered as I watched Natalie's tongue begin licking up where the cum-trail ended and make it's way up along Kaylie's smooth, sexy inner thigh. Natalie flicked her cummy tongue over the cute brunette's clit and up along her slit and then finished by darting into her asshole, all the while gathering up the dripping jizz that was trying to escape. She clamped her mouth over Kaylie's puckered hole and made a loud, slurping, sucking noise. With a pop, her mouth came off Kaylie's dirty hole. She turned to face me and stuck out her tongue to show me all the cum she'd trapped in there. Fuck, Natalie was just as nasty as Kaylie!

She let my load slide off her tongue before quickly slurping the stringy liquid back into her mouth. She did this a couple times and then tilted her head back to let my load slide down her throat. With her head still tilted back gulping down my spunk, using her deft fingers, she undid her bra and whipped it off with a sexy flourish, exposing her perky, nubile tits. It wasn't just her firm teenage tits that had caught my horny, lust-filled eyes. She also had the most amazing tan-lines outlining what was clearly a bikini top. The pattern of her tan-lines was much smaller than where her bra covered and I fantasized about the scanty bikini that had made it.

My cock twitched again in my hand as her tight, teen tits jiggled only slightly with nubile firmness. Noticing my cock's movement, she flashed me a naughty smile. Her gorgeous, wide, green eyes stared at my growing member for a few moments before Kaylie's hand snapped back, roughly grabbing Natalie's hair, and forcing her face back deep between her cheeks. "Lick me, Bitch! I want to feel you tongue punching my asshole, you dirty ass-slut."

Not being one to just sit back and watch, I got up and walked behind the blonde ass-eater and reached around her to undo her jeans. As one hand skillfully flicked her button open and pulled open the zipper, the other reached up to fondle one of her pert, swaying breasts. Once her pants were open, the other hand slid up her tight body to cup the other soft breast. I could hear her moaning into Kaylie's ass as I ground my pelvis into her backside and caressed her tits with my strong hands. Feeling the stiffness of her nipples, I couldn't resist giving each a light pinch and pull. "Mmmmm," came a drawn out, pleasure filled moan.

"Kaylie and I are going to make you our pleasure bitch. We're going to use your hot, sexy body to please and tease us until we all get off." I whispered in her ear as she rimmed her best friend. My hands moved along Natalie's slim waist to her jeans as I spoke. "I'm not going to do anything that you don't want, but we're going to use and abuse you until we both cum and that's when I'm going to unload all over your face and mouth."

Natalie finally freed herself to almost whine, "I wanna be your sex toy. Use me however you want to get yourself off." She gave a yelp of surprise when I effortlessly flipped her onto her back. I grabbed the waist of her jeans and ripped them off her smooth, teenage flesh in one quick pull. "Oh my gawd, Kaylie. I'm so wet. I'm so wet for you both." Next to come off was Nat's light blue panties. Lifting her butt up slightly, I slowly and sensuously slide her last article of clothing off her hot body before falling to my knees in front of her sweet, glistening, bald pussy. She had the same sexy tan-lines below as above, and I drooled at the sight of the tiny, pale patch of skin over her shaved muff.

As she was forced to eat Kaylie's cunt, since Kaylie by then was sitting on her face, I was able to take my time and slowly work my mouth and tongue around all her sweet, sensitive areas. I felt her moan and shudder with my oral probing and I exploited each of these areas to their full threshold, eventually leaving her shuddering and shaking under Kaylie's grinding hips.

I knew she was climaxing when her hips began to gyrate and buck. Her thighs closed a bit around my head and I felt the amazingly erotic feel of her soft, warm feet sliding along my back with her sexy leg movements. After a few more minutes of divine pussy eat to give Natalie time to come down, I stood up to take a step back, stroke my growing cock, and admire Kaylie riding her friend's face. "Spin around, Kay. I wanna see you dirty bitches in a 69." She looked over her shoulders at me. Her beautiful doe eyes burned with desire as she bit her lip and moaned her approval. Kaylie swiveled her hips around so she was still sitting on Natalie's face but facing the other way. I caught a glimpse of the eager blonde's tongue flicking out to give Kaylie's pussy a deep massage before Kaylie dropped her upper body down and started lapping at Natalie's cunt like an animal. God, they were both so damn sexy writhing in each other's clutches as they ground their cunts into each others willing mouthes. "Oh yeah, eat those cunts! You sluts are getting me so fucking hard!"

I watched in complete sexual awe as both girls grabbed tight holds onto one another's gorgeous asses and pulled them harder against their hungry mouths. Those the sexy sounds of lapping tongues, I could hear increasingly more intense muffled moans escaping from between each teens thighs. I walked around the moaning girl's to get a good look at what Natalie was doing and noticed that she had two fingers working Kaylie's asshole while she munched on her wet pussy.

I was rock hard again and I stepped up to where Kaylie's mouth was furiously shaking back and forth between Natalie's bucking thighs. I nudged my re-stiffened dick forward and Kaylie eagerly made room for me to slide in between her tongue and Natalie's wet pussy lips. It felt incredible to have Kaylie's tongue running along the top of my shaft as Natalie's plump pussy lips ran along the underside. Natalie gasped and tensed in shock at the feel of my rod so close to penetrating her virgin slit. Not wanting to frighten her, I rubbed her spread thighs gently with my hands and said, "Don't worry, baby. I'm just gonna use your pussy lips to rub my hard shaft. I won't slide inside you unless you want me to." This seemed to calm her as I felt her body relax again under me.

I resumed what I was doing, sliding my full 8 inches along her dripping labia as Kaylie lick and kissed along my throbbing shaft. Natalie was so fucking wet and it would have been so easy just to plunge right into her tight pussy, but I couldn't do that. Her first time had to be special and when she was ready. Instead, I just went through the motions as if I were fucking her. I grab hold of a smooth thigh in each hand as I pretended to fuck the hot teen with deep, powerful strokes. My hips slapped her firm ass with each thrust and when Kaylie tilted her cute head sideways and wrapped her lips around the top of my thrusting shaft, it almost felt like I was fucking a wet pussy. Occasional, Kaylie would open her mouth and allow my thrusting shaft to slide deep into her throat and then she would comment on how tasty Natalie's pussy juice were coated on my dick. Both writhing, panting girls were sweaty and disheveled as I pumped my big rod between both sets of wet, hot lips and took in the incredible joy of our passionately lusty threesome.

As Natalie relaxed and started to really enjoy my hard cock, I felt her hips start to move and grind with my thrusting. I let go of her sexy legs and she wrapped them tightly around my rocking hips. Kaylie arched her body up (really making her tits stick out) and started riding Natalie's face. Kaylie's face was dripping with Natalie's sex as she licked her lips while gyrating. Her hands came up to caress her own perky chest as I watched the sweat slide down her collarbone and between her heaving cleavage. With my own hands free, I ran them along Natalie's wriggling body, caressing the soft, sweaty skin all the way up to her jiggling tits. I grabbed hold of her perfect, round breasts and used them to thrust hard against the small, slick teen. Her abs looked particular delicious as they flexed with my own and I noticed their tight, toned definition under a fresh, sizzling sheen of perspiration.

Kaylie was still grinding her hips back and forth on Natalie's face but now had one hand in the air for balance. She reminded me of a cowgirl trying to stay on a raging, bucking bull. Eventually, after a powerful, intense, shaking orgasm with her chest heaving and jiggling in such ways to nearly sent me over the edge, Kaylie excitedly said, "Oh Nat, I want to grind our pussies together while Adam fucks your mouth." She hopped off Nat's face and I flipped the breathless blonde bitch around as easily as a fuckdoll and positioned her with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. She looked into my eyes as she immediately started licking the underside of my throbbing shaft.

"It's so big! I'm not sure if I can fit it in my little mouth," she purred in an overly innocent voice.

I took a step forward and dangled my big balls in her face. "Why don't you start with these then." With eager lust, I felt her soft, warm tongue exploring my swollen testicles. By then, Kaylie was scissored in between Natalie's thigh and was inching closer to grind her wet crotch into Natalie's. I reached out and slid a finger along Natalie's velvety, moist hole just before Kaylie's closed over it. As Kaylie ground hard against Nat, she was pushing my finger harder against Natalie's clit.

"Oh fuck!" Nat breathed on my balls as Kaylie ground against her, over and over again. Her tits jiggled and I suddenly had an idea. Moving my hips forward again, I slid my shaft down between Natalie's glorious cleavage. With my big hands, I wrapped her teenage tits around my cock and started to fuck them. Her soft skin felt great against my throbbing shaft as I pumped her sweat slick tits. She surprised me by raising her head and running her warm, wet tongue along the sensitive spot between my ass and balls. I even felt the odd flick rimming my rectum.

The whole scene was so incredibly dirty. The underaged girls rubbing pussies, while I tit-fucked one while she basically ate my asshole. I knew I was going to cum soon but out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Natalie's digital camera. I leaned over to her night stand and scooped it up. Priming it, I decided to take a few souvenir pictures. "Smile, Kaylie!" I said and she obediently leaned up to look into the camera. Her smile was sexy but she looked a little dazed and dreamy from the intense sex as the camera clicked. I stepped back and took aim with my throbbing meat at Natalie's open mouth. I slid my shaft three inch into her mouth before clicking off another photo with a bright flash.

I thrust my twitching cock in and out of her mouth a couple more times before pulling out to jerk a hot load onto Natalie's upside-down face. Great spits of jizz spattered her mouth and chin before it ran into her blonde locks. Some of my hot spunk hit her cheeks and ran into her eyes, gluing them shut. "Fuck, your cum's so fucking hot on my slut face! Like burning hot. It feels so fucking good!" she yelled just before I aimed some burning hot spurts into her mouth. If Natalie had been wearing any eye make-up, it would have been running up her forehead just like Kaylie's.

"Oh Nat, you look so beautiful." Kaylie panted through what looked like another orgasm of her own. She was firmly gripping one of Natalie's legs with both hands as she humped her cum glazed friend. I took some close-ups of Natalie's jizz coated face for her to admire when she could see again. My cock went flaccid a lot quicker this time and I used it to slap Natalie's "slut face". "Yeah, smack that whore. She's been a bad girl." Kaylie moaned through semi-clenched teeth as she finally relaxed her grip and fell to her elbows.

Sensing the she was extremely close, I bent forward and helped Kaylie bring Natalie to another climax by licking her clit as Kaylie continued to grind hard into her even after her own orgasm. Moments later, Natalie shook under me, cried out in carnal pleasure, and all three of us crumpled into a blissful, sweaty heap on her bed.


Once we had regained our grasp on reality, we all squeezed into Natalie's small bathroom for a hot shower. Kaylie and I had to lead Natalie by the hand since she was still cum blinded. I made a lame joke about the girls having already had their hot showers to which they both burst out into shaking giggles. The coach's cum was now just a tight, dry film along the sexy curves of Kaylie's neckline and down her cleavage. It cracked and flaked off as she moved.

The hot shower was wonderful with the three of us taking turned cleaning one another with our tongues. Both girls were really enjoying the hot water as it washed away the messy cum and make-up. Again, I watched their dripping wet, sexy bodies in complete awe. I couldn't resist pulling them in for some tongue action. This led to all of us caressing, kissing and licking one another in a flurry of steamy, passionate washing.

The girls were eager to see if they could get my dick hard again, so they told me to just watch as they gave me a nice show by "dyking out". They started with just sexy girl-on-girl kissing but then they began to press their wet, hot bodies together. Their breasts were soapy as they squished and slide together with their increasingly more passionate kissing, now with wet tongues sliding erotically together as the water ran over them. I watch as their tongues swirl and pressed together with their steamy, lesbian lust. Their soft, sexy, soapy skin slid along the others body, and I watched drooling as Natalie reached down to grabbed Kaylie's gorgeous ass and pulled her hips hard against her own. They both moaned as their wet cunts collided with steam billowing around their sweet sex. Kaylie raised one leg and wrapped it around Natalie's slim waist as she pulled her lover harder into her while they closed their eyes, French kissed, and ground pussies together. I could feel the love and attraction between them as they fell into the other's embrace and fit together like passionate puzzle pieces. If I hadn't already cum four times that day, I would have been spurting like a fire hose all over them right there.

Eventually, Kaylie and Natalie noticed that their making out wasn't getting me hard so they got down on their knees and started "washing" me below the waist with their small soft hands and their warm, wet mouths. At one point, Natalie was bobbing her head on my soft penis while Kaylie was full-on licking my ass. It felt unbelievably awesome and delightfully dirty but my cock wasn't getting up again in any hurry. Instead, I just relaxed and enjoyed the tonguing and sucking I was genereously receiving. We spent a good half hour in the shower, wholly enjoying one another's bodies. The girls' favourite thing seemed to be touching and licking my hard chest and abs. My favourites were Kaylie's amazing ass and Natalie's tantalizingly tan-lined tits.

Eventually, the water started to grow cold, and we were forced to retreat back to Natalie's warm, duvet clad bed where we resumed our playing. After a while and to both girls' joy and amazement, my cock stiffened again, but I was so exhausted by then, I just lay back on the bed and let the adorable, 14-year-old girls take turns sucking me off. I knew it would be a very long time before I could cum again, so I closed my eyes and dozed as I enjoyed the hot, teen mouths sliding up and down on my shaft.

And that's when I heard Natalie's soft, slightly nervous voice say, "Umm, Adam? I think I want you inside me now. I think I'm ready." My eyes flew open and I sat bolt up, all tiredness gone. I looked into Natalie's sparkling green eyes and she sweetly whispered, "I want you to take me. I wanna feel your big dick inside my pussy."

"Oh yes, Natalie." Kaylie said, overjoyed. "I want to watch him take your virginity."

"Are you sure, Natalie?" I asked seriously.

From in-between my legs where she had been blowing me moments ago, she bite her lower lip and timidly looked away for a moment but then her big, green eyes came back to mine filled with determination. She gave a shaky, tight lipped nod and then said, "mmm-hmm, I want you to have my cherry. My pussy is all yours." My dick throbbed and grew another inch in her stroking hand in anticipation of taking the teen beauty's precious innocence. She gasped, "Wow, your dick is definitely ready for my tight cherry. Ooo, it's throbbing in my hand." She gave the tip a kiss before sliding me back into her mouth.

"Fuck, baby. If you're ready, I would love to pop your cherry. Are you really sure you're ready?" I asked again.

"God yes! I need you inside me." She was filled to the brim with lust and sexual tension as she vibrated and panted on the floor between my thighs. I watched as her own thighs opened and closed with anticipation and pure carnal desire. A feral look spread over her face and she growled, "Fuck, I want you so bad, Adam."

I heard the urgent need in her voice and couldn't stop from saying those three words I loved so much, "Beg for it." I stared deep into the panting slut's green eyes. "Fucking beg me to take your cherry."

"Please, please Adam, I need you," She whined desperately. I couldn't believe the rush I was getting with the control I had over this young girl. I picked her up and threw her on her bed. "Oh please. Take me, Adam. I want you deep inside me." Kaylie was watching intently with her mouth slightly open in anticipation of what I was going to do to her best friend. I firmly grabbed Natalie by her hips and pulled to the edge of the bed. My big cock swayed back and forth in front of her tight, virgin hole. Again, I couldn't help noticing how good her tan-lines looked. They were a constant reminder of her teeny tiny bikini. I grabbed hold of my pulsing rod and used the bulbous tip to tease Natalie's pussy. I rubbed it along the glistening, dripping outer lips and slapped the thick meaty rod, wetly against her snatch. "Yes, I love it. Tease it. Oh Adam, I'm so wet for you."

I grabbed a handful of Kaylie's dangling hair and pulled her gently closer to Natalie's sweet slit. "Spit on her cunt, bitch. Get your nasty friend ready to take my big, hard cock." I breathed hard as I stroked my meat. Like the obedient little slut that she was, Kaylie moved over Natalie's quivering twat and spat a big gob of saliva all down her cute, bald slit. Using her tongue, she swirl the spit around the tight opening. Then Kaylie slid her tongue up Natalie's glistening pussy and started flicking her tongue over Natalie's sensitive clit. I gave a firm tug on her hair, jerking her head back ten inches, "Spit on it again, bitch. Get her fucking cunt nice and juicy for my throbbing dick." Both girls seemed to be enjoying my rough, commanding manner as they both panted with their extreme arousal. Again, Julia spat on Natalie's pussy, leaving a sticky trail down her chin. I step forward again and slapped my veiny rod against Natalie's spit lubed fuckhole. "Tell me what you need, baby," I hissed viciously down at her.

She was breathing even harder with uncontrollable desire now. "I need you. I need you deep inside me. Please. Oh, please. I want you to take my virginity. I need to feel you throbbing inside me. Please, take my pussy. Take it!" She was gasping and completely desperate for my dick. Just how I like my dirty fuck pets. I pulled back and took precise aim at her perfect, little, bald slit. I noticed that Kaylie now had the camera in her trembling hands and was clicking off countless pictures. The tip made contact with Natalie's opening and both her and Kaylie drew in a deep breath.

I looked into Natalie's beautiful green eyes. "Here it comes, baby." Slowly, I pressed my massive, throbbing cock against her incredibly tight, saliva oozing opening. She clenched her teeth and made a slight sound of pain as I pushed only half an inch in. I felt her tight vaginal lips part and fold around my massive member. I watched in awe as the blue veins of my rod pulsed along my shaft making it grow even bigger with the anticipation of Natalie's tight pussy lips. "Fuck girl, even with Kaylie's help, you're still so... fucking... tight."

"Oh my gawd, Natalie! This is so amazing!" Kaylie breathed, her face only inches away from our sex. I felt my cock make contact with Natalie's fragile hymen. I held one of her hands as her other was tightly clutched in one of Kaylie's. I got ready to drive my hips forward and break her sweet, virgin barrier, when all of a sudden...

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