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Chapter 3: Becoming Siblings

So it was that we moved. She had her own room and I had mine. They were on opposite ends of the apartment. She started taking the running start classes at the community collage and started dating a collage boy there. Before long she found out that when she graduated that year she would have scholarships and she would be moving out of state for collage at the end of the year.
She didn’t talk to me much about her sex life for obvious reasons but from what I picked up she was hot and heavy with this new guy. I would see them sitting in his car at night when I was coming home from friends houses and our stuff seemed a million miles away. Like a long ago dream that never happened. We didn’t have much time to hang out or talk once the school year started and being which she was a year ahead of me all I heard about was collage. I felt like I had lost her completely. I realized in her mind I had become just her dorky little brother.

Me on the other hand I had the women just lining up at the door. Ok if you paid attention to the prologue you know that’s a crock of shit. I said it there that I had still never been laid and that was when I was 19 at this point in the story I was still only 16. Puberty was over yet I still was going at it as much as possible. I did it while driving or in public again, generally it’s a freaking miracle I never got caught. I should have many times.
I did start dating her friend Abby. We never went all the way but she was into doing stuff that might get us caught. She loved the thrill of it as much as I did. We fooled around so many times at her house with her door open and her parents home. I’m lucky I’m not dead. If her dad would have walked in 90 percent of the time we were in her room I would have been. The funny thing is that he thought with the door open things were safe.

As much as I liked Abby I still never felt for her what I felt for Katie. Abby liked movies but I could never get her to talk, or read for that matter, books. I always felt like something was missing. I think when it came down to it I was into her much more because of my own sense of risk and we together had really pushed that factor. But I knew I was in love with Katie, Abby was a good replacement but never the same. More like a patch on you favorite geans.

By the next January Katie and I were living together but I saw her less then before we all had moved in. She was always at school or with her boyfriend. It had gotten to the point where she often didn’t come home for days. Our parents were so into each other and their whole romance they didn’t even notice. I felt more alone around the house then ever.

I decided by then to just try harder to make the relationship with Abby work. One day we skated quite a ways on the trail and pulled off to a secluded spot to make out. We kissed and I sucked her breasts. I was really starting to like having a steady girlfriend.
I loved her boobs, and the fact that she let me play with them pretty much anywhere anytime. Abby liked to show her breasts but she was very shy about everything else. She didn’t however have a problem pulling me out when ever she wanted to play with me. We had so many close calls it was insane.
The worst of our close call came at the movies. We were in the back row and we got so into it there that I had her tank top and bra pulled down and I was sucking her breasts right there. She unzipped my pants, reached in and stroked me. I slid my hand up her skirt and fingered her. She slid down her seat and kneeling in front of me, not even fixing her bra breast still exposed she pulled me out of my pants and sucked my dick for the first time right there with people only a couple rows ahead of us. I blasted her in the mouth and she spit into the isle. She sat back up in her seat and ate a mouth full of popcorn as I sucked her breast again and put my fingers back inside her. When she had finally came she fixed her bra back into place and I finally put myself back into my pants. Only moments later an usher came in walked up and down the rows and left again.

We were both excited and scared by coming that close to getting caught. She said that if her dad would have found out we wouldn’t ever be aloud to see each other again. So that was the first and last time we went that far in a movie theater.
A few weeks later I finally finished drivers ed and got my licence. This opened up new doors for us. We could make out in my car anywhere we wanted from that point on. We didn’t need to sneak around her house or the movies anymore. For her public exposure in a car was her new turn on.

For as much fun as we were having Abby felt it was best to still wait to go all the way. She was happy to give me head as much as I wanted but she still held on to that one last thing she thought was most important.

Over the rest of that school year my relationship to Abby progressed to the point where we were fooling around every minute we were alone. We had fun doing things in plane sight at the park of the beach. We nearly got caught all the time.
During this time I missed my sister very much. We lived in the same house but we couldn’t have lived farther apart. Things to me couldn’t have been worse then my 17th birthday. It was June and Katie was to graduate soon. The little comfort I took from the whole situation was that soon she would be leaving for collage and I wouldn’t have to see her every day. Maybe then I could finally get over her. She came home from school a week prior to my birthday red faced and crying. She said she had broke it off with her boyfriend but wouldn’t give any details. I tried to put my arm around her and talk to her but she said no and walked away.

Katie walked into my room not long after I woke up on my birthday. It was a Saturday morning and my parents had left early that day to get my grandmother. She lived 4 hours away and was coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks for my birthday and Katie’s graduation.
Katie was standing over me bitting her lower lip.
“Hey sis, what’s up?”
“I wanted to talk to you.......” She had a tear in her eye, “I’m leaving for collage soon and........ you haven’t really talked to me since before we move in.”
“I........” was all I could get out. I was confused and slightly angry. It was her not me that had stopped being close to me!
“I........... thought you wanted space,” was all I could manage.
“No,” she said coldly, tears rolling down her face, “What I wanted............ what I’ve been waiting for........... since that night before we moved in here.......... what I’ve needed to hear.............”
“What?” I asked her.
“God your so..................UUUUHHHH,” she cried, “You still can’t say the words.” I finally understood.
The nights we spent together, sharing a bed. I ran through the conversations in my head as best I could remember them. I realized they had a double meaning. She was saying to me what she thought I had wanted to hear, but I now realized that underneath she was asking me to commit to my real feelings.
It had been almost a year and only now did I understand that she had been asking me to tell her I loved her. I realized that now that nothing on those three nights had been about the sex, it was love. I felt horrible realizing that I was so stupid and I had hurt her.
My eyes grow big from shock as I realized that she had broke up with her boyfriend FOR ME, the day after everything had happened with us that first night. Not only had I not realized that was the true reason for the break up, I made things worse by hooking up with her friend Abby not long after.
Katie turned to leave and I grabbed her arm.
“What now you have something to say?” She was furious.
“Katie...... I ..........” I started but couldn’t get it out. I was so scared. What would it mean for me to tell her the truth now? I was having conflicting emotions. I loved her, Dreamed of her yet I had spent so much time trying to forget all that, focusing on my girlfriend now.
“Katie I’ve wanted ..............” I never got to finish my comment as there came a knock at the front door, “I’ll get the door. Go wash your face and I’ll come talk to you in a couple minute.”
I got up and through on a pair of jeans and left my room.

I went to the door and to find Abby there. She jumped at me and wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her and she giggled.
“I missed you so much,” she said, “I wanted to come here early so I could give you your special birthday present before your parents got home.” She winked at me.
Before I could say a word she grabbed my hand and led me to my room. We laid down on the bed and started kissing. I momentarily forgot about Katie as we sank into our kissing. I didn’t mean to forget her but when my girlfriend had winked at me I realized that she was finally ready to have sex. From there my mind just side tracked and I stopped thinking. I was finally going to get sex, I had wanted my first time to be Katie but my mind wasn’t functioning right at the moment.

We sank deep into our kissing. She began running her hands over my chest since I didn’t have on a shirt. The feeling of her hands was turning me on so much. I moved my hands to the buttons of her shirt. One by one they fell open. I moved my lips lower to her neck as I continued kissing. I ran my hand across her breast over her bra. I realized without looking she was wearing a sports bra. After a couple minutes of teasing her nipple through her cloths I slipped my hand under the fabric rubbing her slowly. Her nipples were hardening as I started rubbing faster.
My free hand found the waistband of her panties under the hem of her jeans. I teased her there with my fingers just inside the elastic for a minute. She started humming softly in anticipation and I moved my hand lower and stopped teasing. I slid my fingers inside her and she moaned loud.
At the same time I felt her hands at my zipper. I groaned in anticipation myself and slid lower to her chest kissing her shoulders. Pulling me out though my now open zipper she began to stroke me. It was my turn to moan. I lifted her sport bra up and began to suck her nipples as I drove deeper with my fingers.
Minutes later she rolled me on my back never letting go of my dick. Lying down she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off. We kissed deeply and passionately as her hand continued to stroke me. It didn’t take long before she slid her body down and took me into her mouth.
I had on more then one occasion received oral sex from her in the past but she had never done it like this. This time was slow and with so much more love then she had ever given the act before. I felt my self getting close, “I’m gonna cum,” I told her. Katie had trained me good and I always gave Abby notice. I came harder then I ever had with her looking right into her eyes as I did so. She smiled at me as she swallowed. I was shocked because she had never done that before.
“That was part one of your gift,” she told me pulling away. It was so hot I not only stayed hard but actually went harder. She noticed as she held me.
“Some one liked that,” she grinned, “Now for the second part.” She slipped out of her clothes and laid down on her back. She pulled me close to her kissing me deeply.
“I love you,” she said to me breaking our kiss. I didn’t respond with words. I kissed her deeply again. I couldn’t get into that right now. I didn’t want to tell her I wasn’t there. I was so focused on finally getting laid I wasn’t thinking. If we would have stopped to talk of love it wouldn’t have happened.
Kissing her I moved from her lips to her neck, I paused for a moment. She was doing this because she loved me. Could I really do this to her knowing I loved Katie? Could I really take an act of love and be that selfish as to sleep with her now?
She grabbed my dick and moved me to her. With one thrust I would loose my virginity. Then almost predictively I came again on her thigh. She still held me in her hand even after cumming twice I was still hard.
I found out years ago with my self exploration that when motivated I could cum multiple times with out losing my erections. Granted each time I did I produced less and less product to the point that some times it was like a dry heave as it were.
“I’m........” I started but she cut me off.
“SSShhhhhh, it’s ok. I know your nervous,” she said running her hand across my face, “I love you and it looks like your still ready.”
“I told you shush,” she said softly, “I’m ready. I want this.” I was still having my moral debate. It didn’t help she kept telling me that she loved me. She moved me into position again. I was about to push in when the door opened. In one motion I rolled off Abby as she gasped and pulled the blanked over us.
“I’ve been waiting an hour. Who was at the door, Joey?” she asked quietly walking in looking down. Before I could say a word she looked up at us.
More tears came to her eyes and she turned and ran from the room. I felt horrible. I had let my hormones get the best of me and forgotten all about her.
“What was that all about?” Abby asked confused. I was so hurt seeing Katie in tears that I almost didn’t hear Abby. I sat there for a moment and finally said, “She came in here just before you got here and wanted to talk about what had happened when she broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago.”
“Oh, poor girl.”
“Yeah. I forgot when you got here that I had promised to talk to her about it.” I explained.
“You didn’t,” She said harshly, “No wonder she’s upset. She needed someone to talk to and you left her alone.” Abby lightly smacked me on the shoulder. I didn’t say anything as she started pulling her clothes back on. I just sat there looking at her. I didn’t know what else to explain without giving to much away.
“I’m heading home,” she said smiling at me, “Go be a good brother, and we will pick up where we left off later.” She kissed me on the cheek and left my room. I heard the front door close a minute later.

I laid in bed for some time before getting dressed.

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