It won't make as much sense if you haven't read the previous chapters.
As the naked teen waif Theresa approached the bed, wearing only the diamond earrings and family crest pendant I gave her just days before, I instructed the nanobots in my body to manufacture more seminal fluid. I’d already cum three times today and at my age, I need a little help for a four timer. Theresa was the image of her sister, with slightly smaller breasts and slightly thinner hips. I withdrew from the lovely Angela and rolled onto my back to accommodate the new guest to my bedroom.

“There’s a pile of dirty laundry in the hallway,” Theresa said, while licking her own sexual moisture from her damp fingers. “Angela was gone so long, I decided to investigate. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what was keeping her.” She looked over at her sister who glowed with sexual satisfaction and shared perspiration. Angela’s legs were still wide and she was lazily fingered herself, pulling her fingers to her mouth to savor the taste of our mutual orgasm. “I stood there long enough to see the whole thing. It’s not fair. Why does Angela get to live her fantasy and not me?”

“Well, there’s the fact you are only thirteen…..” I teased.

“Angela’s only FIFTEEN!” she took the bait and started to pout, crossing her arms across those lovely breasts. She stood there defiant and so enticing. “And I know you want to have sex with me! You told me so!”

“Of course I do. But only when you are ready. Your sister was ready. Maybe in a year or so…..” again I laid the bait in front of her.

“I’m ready NOW!” she demanded. “So you’d better get ready!” She pounced on me, legs wide and arms reaching for my neck. She started kissing my face, rough and fast, like a woodpecker after a grub.

“Whoa! Slow down. That’s no way to treat the man who’s going to take your virginity. Let’s do this right….” I pulled her close and slowly started kissing her face and neck. She melted in my embrace. I could feel those wonderful young breasts pressing into my hair covered chest. Her shapely thighs were directly on mine and her toes only reached the tops of my ankles. I could feel her feet twitching. I entered her mind and started reading her thoughts and emotions.

“I can feel his cock against my pussy, it feels so amazing. Will it really fit in me? Will I like it? Will David like it? Oh God! Maybe I shouldn’t do it. His kisses feel so nice. My pussy is tingling. This is so scary. I am going to be a woman! I wish he’d hurry up!” I chuckled at the train of thought, speeding by so fast. I ran my hands down her back and cupped her ass, kneading and spreading her cheeks as she relaxed. My cock was rapidly filling with blood and pressing upward between us. Those nanobots were doing what they were created to do.

I licked and nibbled her neck and shoulders. I let my fingers play up and down on her back and sides, down past her ass and then back up. Her arousal was getting more intense. Suddenly I was aware of Angela in our shared tryst. I hadn’t invited her, but she was in my head as well as Theresa’s. It sent up a warning flare, but I was in the grip of lust for this young creature. I connected to the house and then to my internet. I sent out a series of commands to start hypothesizing about the possible solutions to this new interesting problem. Why could Theresa command my DNA-controlled nanobots and access their special features? I knew she had the potential to be a hundred times more intelligent than I am, but there’s no way a near stranger could do what I could do without some special training.

That’s when it hit me. Laying there on my bed in my specially designed home nee fortress, with sisters so beautiful that I was willing to ignore my own rules and silence my own alarms, it hit me.

“Mrs. Honeycutt…..” I chirped across the neural network. “We have a problem.”

“On it, Professor,” came the terse reply. I had used the ‘in mortal danger’ code. The house responded to the same code and all internal and external doors went into DNA-only access.

“Fuck me……” a voice whispered into my ear and my body responded. If I was going to die, I was going to die satisfied. I rolled Theresa over next to her sister and felt her legs wrap around my waist, giving me complete access to her virginity. I adjusted my position until my erection lined up with her fresh cunt. Without fanfare, I pressed in, feeling the hot, moist grip of an un-fucked pussy opening to my intrusion. I barely slowed for her maidenhead. I kept pushing, despite the panic in her voice and eyes until I was buried to the hilt, my cockhead shoved through her tiny cervix. I took my weight on my elbows and looked into her eyes.

“How long have you been planning this?” I asked across the neural network, connecting directly with her mind and beginning my thrusts.

“My…. entire life…. I…. was…. Created…. Just…. For…. You…. Just…. For…. This…. Moment…..” at least that was no deception. Neither was her physical response. She was genuinely aroused. I felt a hand on my ass. Angela was stroking my ass and thighs from her position on her side next to us. She started running her fingers up and down my crack, lightly scratching the back of my balls pressing a finger into the crevice. I kept up my thrusting, I couldn’t help it. Even though I was in the presence of two young women who no doubt were sent to do me some kind of harm or misdeed, I couldn’t help it. Whoever designed them knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. I was a victim of my own humanity and frailty.

Angela’s slender finger found the entrance to my ass and pressed. I responded by relaxing my ass, begging her intrusion. She pressed in until I could feel her bumping against my prostate. This accelerated my orgasm and I pumped harder and faster, pounding this young virgin. Theresa bucked and writhed with lusty appreciation. Her orgasm started first. She dug her heels into the backs of my legs and her fingernails threatened to break the skin on my back. I tensed as well, clamping my anal ring around the intruding finger and burying my cock deep into Theresa’s womb. I blasted away, spewing hot cum all over the inside of this girl. When my orgasm was complete, and my breath slowed to merely ragged, I withdrew. Rolling off of one girl, pulling the finger of the other from my ass, I lolled to the only open real estate on the bed.

The bedroom door flew open. Still in her white sheath dress, Mrs. Honeycutt had DNA that would allow her access to anywhere I was. She had her gun in her hand and had drawn a deathly bead on my two housemates. The gun fired and I felt a hot sting in my neck. “She shot me!” was my last thought before I slipped into oblivion.

So this is what death is like. No lights. No music. Nothing. I’ve been wired to so many networks for so long, the absence of their constant feeds of information created a feeling of disconnected nothingness. I floated free and painless in a vapor of white light interrupted occasionally by passing shapes and shadows. Death was kind of like a long dream. I think I am going to enjoy this.

“We have to work quickly. I don’t know how long he will be out.” Mrs. Honeycutt’s voice was in my head. What was her voice doing in my head? Damn. I guess I am not dead. Only betrayed. I knew it was too good to be true. “We have to get him underground before he can reconnect to the neural network. I’ve only bought us two hours at most. Get dressed Angela. Get dressed Theresa. You two were perfect. He never saw it coming.”

I kept my thoughts to myself. I couldn’t divine the full extent of young Theresa’s control over my nanobots. But I was about to find out. I changed the code of a few million nanobots in my bloodstream. They were no longer benign creatures. I set them to SEEK AND DESTROY. If I could somehow infect one of my three female captors, they would do the rest, spreading like a virus. These nanobots also had kill switches. If they did not get a signal from me every twenty-four hours, they would kill their host and make it look like natural causes. The next two days would be incredibly difficult for me, especially if the nanobots somehow spread to innocent people in the general population. Tens of thousands of people may die. It was a risk I felt I had to take.

The women wrapped me in the sheets from my bed and started dragging me through the house. Of course Mrs. Honeycutt’s DNA would open every door. I could feel the house asking if I were all right. I felt bad that I couldn’t respond and the girls wouldn’t. We went down into the garage and that’s when I got my first break. The sheet caught on a small screw protruding from the lintel of the door and the sheet tore and so did the right cheek of my ass. Blood collected on the head of the screw and fate caused Theresa to step on that screw, scratching her foot and getting my new nanobot DNA destroyers introduced directly into her bloodstream. Before they drug me to the Mercedes, Theresa was no longer in complete control.

Outwardly she showed no signs of any change. Internally, the attack nanobots assimilated the host nanobots and within a minute, her entire network had been replaced. There was a real danger that whatever she had done to her first infection, she could do to her second. I was banking on the thought she wouldn’t even feel the need until it was too late. This wasn’t much of a plan, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

They hoisted me into the back seat of the luxury car. Now was the time to test my control over Theresa.
“David needs clothes.” The simple command would seem like a suggestion from her own consciousness.

“David needs clothes,” said Theresa aloud.

“I’ll get them,” volunteered Angela. She turned and disappeared into the house.

“Doesn’t Mrs. Honeycutt look sexy? I wonder what she would taste like if I kissed her…..” I thought to Theresa, again trying to make it seem like her own idea. She responded by walking over to Mrs. Honeycutt, looking up into her icy blue eyes with her own deep brown ones, putting her hand on Mrs. Honeycutt’s firm breast and giving it a loving caress. Mrs. Honeycutt gazed down, suddenly aware of how hungry and sexy little Theresa was. She leaned forward and the two women kissed. I encouraged them to keep kissing, keep sharing body fluids, strengthening my infection and replacement of their old nanobots with new ones.

I slipped into both of their minds at the same time and waited to see if I was detected. Nothing. No alarms, no changes in biorhythms, no response at all. So far so good. They were still kissing erotically when Angela returned with my clothes.

“Include her,” I commanded softly. They turned as one and pulled Angela into them, covering her eager face with kisses. Infection complete.

I relaxed and went to sleep. I was confident that no matter where they took me, I was going to be safe. I needed to see this kidnapping through and find out who was really behind this abduction. The three women with me were only soldiers. There had to be a mastermind.

They wouldn’t see me coming.

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