Holly is my wife and a nymphomaniac, but that’s cool because I’m a sex addict and when you put the two together it can get really wild if you know what I mean. She’s a super hot package of pure sexy woman, 29 years old, 5’1” tall, 125lbs (most of which is tits), a fabulous figure (34DD-22-36), shoulder length blonde hair and deep sexy blue eyes. Here lately I have been a little bored making me want to do something really perverted to my trusting little wife, so I worked out a plan to do just that.
The recent past was the key to my perverted plan for super sexy little Holly. She had told me shortly before we moved in together that the main reason she wanted to move out of her mother's house was George(her step-father), it seamed that he was a dirty old man with hot ideas about her fine body. He was always using his hands on her, grabbing her tits or ass whenever her mother wasn't watching, talking dirty to her, telling her he loved her big fat tits and wanted a piece of her hot ass! I had decided that I was going to make my sexy nympho wife fuck his brains out as soon as I could talk her into it.
All that day long as I sat around the house I kept thinking about my hot sweet lady giving her incredible pussy to that old bastard and it made me so damn horny that by night fall I was more than ready to fuck Holly all night long.
We all turned in early that night, Holly came to bed in a thin white gown with nothing on underneath it. I locked the door and slipped into bed, pulling the gown up under her arms so that her fabulous sexy body was bared to my touch. I began to stroke her entire soft warm body getting her hot and ready for sex turning her on until I thought the time was right.
I then told her about wanting her to fuck George, she answered that there was no way she would ever let that old man touch her. I kept on playing with her big tits and soft warm pussy bringing her passion to a boil. I told her how much of a turn on for me it would be to have her tell me all about fucking that dirty old man's brains out!
Holly still wouldn’t do what I wanted so I stopped what I was doing and rolled over leaving her to stew in her own sexy juices. She couldn't stand not being fucked so she agreed to do what ever I wanted just so I would keep on fucking her. I was glad she didn't know that there was no way I could leave her red hot pussy alone for very long.
I reached over and began to fondle Holly's huge sweet tits, making her hot to fuck very quickly, that was the idea, I wanted her first cum to be with my cock inside her. I climbed between her soft thighs, slipped my already hard dick all the way inside my little darling's soft hot pussy, and began to fuck her.
Holly came very quickly so I slowed my pumping of her hot snatch until I felt her start to cum again. I kept on doing this fast then slow fucking because it was driving us both to new heights of passion. I held back even though I wanted to unload my cum into her throbbing pussy so badly that I thought I would die.
After Holly had cum at least four times I just couldn't stand it anymore, I started fucking her so hard and fast that soon I blasted a huge hot stream of cum deep inside that flaming hot cunt. We lay there in each others arms and whispered. “I loved it, Charlie darling,” in my ear as we headed towards sleep.
My plan was for Holly to get old George over to our house while her kids and I were gone and seduce him into an all day fucking of her sweet little pussy!
Before I left for work the next day I told Holly exactly what she was to do, she would call George over on some excuse and when he got there she would be wearing her pink robe over her thin white gown with nothing under it. She would then tease and tease the old man until he was so fucking hot that he would do anything to fuck her beautilful body.
Holly was to submit to him totally doing anything and everything George wanted, fucking and sucking him until he couldn't fuck anymore. I told her that she was to tell me in detail all about the fuck session so I could get turned on hearing about what happened.
Holly was siting there in her short white gown, looking at her made me think that I should leave her hot for George. I told her, “Standup, take off your gown, and walk around the room naked so I can look your sexy body over.” She pulled her gown up over her head very, very slowly so that her smooth skinned body came into view one hot section at a time, first her silky soft thighs, next her hot sexy pussy, then her flat smooth stomach and finally those pretty fat breasts with the nipples that just begged to be sucked making me hungry for her body again.
As Holly moved around the room I told her, “Darling, that sexy body of yours is just made to be fucked!” I went to her and held that soft warm nude body hard against me, kissed her long and hard, fondled her huge breasts and then left for work with her standing there hot and ready to fuck!!!
All day long I kept wondering if red hot Holly and dirty old George were fucking each other like animals at that very moment. The thought of them together screwing in my bed made me wild to get home and hear all about my sweet little darling wife’s seduction of her horny step-father.
When I got home Holly was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a thin white sweater that showed off her braless big breasts very nicely, her soft blonde hair was messed up and she had that look about her that said she had been fucked. The kids were around so couldn't I find out much but I asked her, “How’d your day go, darling,”
Holly gave me a sexy look and said, “How do you think it went, George was here a long time.”
The evening passed very slowly as I waited for the details of how my hot pretty woman had fucked the brains out of her old step-father.
When we finally went to bed I was laying there naked with a hard on waiting for Holly, she came in wearing her pink robe which as soon as she locked our door she slowly removed, showing off her beautiful nude body to me.
I said for Holly to get her hot little ass in bed and start talking because I wanted all the details of how she had fucked George. Holly laid down beside me, stroking my cock slowly with her hand as she started her tail of hot sex with that dirty minded old bastard.
When George had come over that morning the first thing he did was to grab Holly, saying , “How about a little kiss for your old step-dad.” She kissed him lightly on the mouth, as he reached around her mauling her ass with both of his hands, crushing his body against her, grinding his pelvis hard into hers.
Holly pushed him away, telling him, “Cool your ass off, George and sit down. I’ll get us some coffee”. As she moved sexily around the kitchen George was undressing and fucking her luscious body with his eyes. She intentionally spilled coffee on her robe so that she could take it off. As she washed the stain out she purposely got the front of her thin white gown very wet making her big firm breasts show off like she was nude.
Holly sat down in front of him crossing her sexy legs so that her gown rode way up showing George her naked thighs. Her braless tits looked naked though the thin wet cloth of her gown! He was leering at her with the look of a man who if he had to would RAPE his own step-daughter to satisfy his lust.
George then asked Holly, ”Is your old man taking good care of you.” She asked him what he meant. He then leaned over, saying as his hand reached out to stroke her long smooth thigh, “I know that a woman as hot and sexy as my sweet little step-daughter must need lots of very special attention in the bedroom. You do spend lots of time in bed with that old man of yours don't you, darling.”
Holly moved around uncrossing her legs so that the gown would ride up even higher on her thighs showing all of her sexy legs to his leering eyes, telling him, “George I wish you wouldn’t talk that way”.
George continued stroking Holly’s thigh as he moved his hand to the inside of her leg, pushing the gown up higher and higher toward her naked pussy. He said, “A hot sexy lady like you needs the special attention of a man like me”.
Holly opened her legs wide so he could see her hot pussy, leaned over giving him a good look down her gown at her braless dangling tits and asked him, ”Just what kind of special attention do you think you can give a women like me”.
George said, “This kind little darling”, suddenly pushing a long bonny finger into Holly’s exposed cunt which had become aroused inspite of her dislike for him. He looked surprised to find her cunt very wet and ready to be fucked!!
Holly then moaned, “God that feels so good,” beginning to rock her hips forward fucking her turned on cunt with his finger. George reached out with his other hand grabbed one of her big breasts, pinching and twisting her quickly harding nipple so hard that she cried out in pain.
George laughed, “I liked to have hot little bitches like you wiggling around on my finger, but I have got something much bigger and better in my pants for you to wiggle around on honey”.
Holly kept fucking her pussy with George’s finger as she stripped off her gown giving the dirty old man full view of her hot sexy body. As they got to their feet George rammed a second finger deep into her throbbing cunt taking her breath away as she stood there naked and exposed to his leering eyes. George laugh again, ”You like your men hard and rough don't you baby! “
Holly didn't care what George did or said any more because she was so consumed with her all consuming need for sex that she was ready to fuck this repulsive old man anyway he wanted! All she could think about now was fucking and it didn't matter anymore to her if he hurt her as long as he would use his hard cock to put out the burning fire between her thighs. She was an animal when she got turned on and would let anybody fuck her anyway they wanted just to try and satisfy her own uncontrollable lust for hot sex.
They quickly headed for the bedroom, George was crazy with lust, stripping his pants off as he rushed to fuck his beautiful young step-daughter in her own bed, his very large cock rock hard and ready to slam into sweet her wet pussy.
When they reached the bedroom George threw Holly down on the bed, slamming his big cock into her fuck ready cunt almost before her naked body hit the mattress, fucking her savagely like an animal in heat! He hammered away into her body as she came several times during his long savage assault on her sex crazed cunt with his 8 inch long fat cock.
George pulled out of Holly’ pussy as he started to cum shooting red hot juice all over her tits, then moved up to her pretty face. “Clean it off slut I’m gonna fuck you again right now!” he growled. She used her soft red lips and warm tongue to remove the mixture of his cum and her own sex juices from his almost fully hard cock. The strange taste of the two sex fluids only turned her on even more making her want badly to be fucked again by this huge fat sex tool.
Holly couldn't believe George’s huge dick was still hard but it was. “Get up on all fours slut I’m gonna ball you doggie style. I’m gonna fuck your pussy until you scream!!!” the lust filled old man ordered. He quickly renewed his savage assault on her tender little pussy, fucking her fast and hard from behind while mauling her wildly swinging tits with both hands.
Holly moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure causing George to bellow, “You want it harder don’t you baby,” She could only gasp a muffled reply while he fucked her hot cunt even harder as he again neared climax. She neared exhaustion as orgasm after orgasm wracked her trembling body.
As George prepared to cum he roared at Holly, “This load going to fill up your sweet snatch, bitch,” then his cock exploded deep inside her pumping another hot load of cum into her already dripping wet cunt. She collapsed face down on the bed as he withdrew his now lifeless cock from her will used pussy.
“How's that for heavy duty fucking darling”, he told Holly as he put on his pants while leering down at her breathless naked body. “Can't stay and fuck you anymore today baby, but I just might come back if you are a good little girl and give you some more of my big dick sometime real soon”
Holly told me that she had laid there nude for along time trying to recover from the brutal fucking she had gotten form that dirty old man, mad at herself because George had made her cum so many times with his big cock. She hated him but still had been unable to control her wild need for sex leaving her knowing she was a true nymphomaniac.
I was now so hot from hearing Holly's story of her savage fucking at the hands of old George that I couldn't keep from shooting a massive load of cum all over myself and her hand, making her slip on her robe and go for a towel to clean us both up.
I pulled Holly to me and before we drifted off to sleep she said to me, “George frightens me, he’s so brutal that I don’t know what he might be capable of. I hope he doesn’t come back for more, I don’t think I could stand for him to touch me again.” I laid there for along time wondering if I had started something we couldn’t handle by making her seduce George, I decided to keep him away from her.


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uh-oh de ja vue? or a gremlin infestation in the website? this is part 1 again! what happened to part 3???? dammit!! i wanna see what happens next!!!!!!!

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