Fantasy moves onwards, younger and virginal
(Following on, my fantasy tale continues, sometimes happy, sometimes euphoric, sometimes scared…)

I didn’t swim with Tale that Saturday afternoon we spent together, but a few years later I have had quite some swims with another young female, her features and body eerily reminiscent of the wonderful Tale.

My newest daughter is now into her 3rd year, and recently I found a kiddies’ swimming centre only 10 minutes drive from our house in the next village. So, my little girl and I have been going there for 2-3 times a week for the past 2 months, as I introduce her to early swimming lessons. She loves it, and the water level in the shallow pool reaches to under her chain, enabling her to walk around safely – with Dad never more than a step away, or holding her hand if she wants.
Normally it is only the 2 of us there when we go in the morning before the heat of the day, though the owner/supervisor woman says lots of kids come after school finishes.

A month ago, we were playing our usual games in the pool, but unusually there was also another young girl, perhaps 6-7 who jumped in beside us. I looked around to see who was watching over her and found my eyes staring at long legs behind me, outlined by the glare of the sun so it seemed as if a god or goddess was there. I looked back at my daughter, sitting across from me on the steps of the central rotunda, and saw the new girl was sitting beside her as I twisted around and sat upright from my lying down position under the water.

I shielded my eyes, and found an older girl, perhaps 13-14 at first glance, as she beamed a wide smile and dazzling white teeth at me. “Do you speak English?” I asked in Thai, and then in English, and she nodded and introduced herself as Tammy, and pointed at her younger sister Nim; they were both beautiful and clearly a product of a mixed marriage: a foreign father and a Thai mother I surmised. Tammy said the family had just moved here from Singapore; both her father, a Brazilian, and yes, Thai mother, worked for the same company in upper management, so the girls were often alone, though an aunt was with them. School was on its long summer holiday, so they wouldn’t start at their new one for another month; Tammy was 14 – “almost 15” she added – and Nim 11y.o. actually, but quite tiny.

Tammy sat down beside me as I looked across at my own daughter; I was pleasantly surprised that she seemed quite comfortable chatting, mostly unintelligibly, with Nim and was able to turn back to face Tammy. She wore a one-piece black costume over her supple, lither body; her skin a dark brown, her long black hair tossed back over her shoulders, and a knowing smile on her face it seemed, as she followed my eyes roving down her body, seeming to push her young woman’s breasts out and allow one leg to drop sideways, revealing the mound of her cunt encased in the nylon or lycra cloth. As I looked up, she looked down, and I realized my old swimming costumes, suitable for when just me and my baby were here, were clearly unsuitable when an apparition arrived to stir my cock into erection, a phenomenon I hadn’t felt for months or very often. My cock was now longer than the length of my costumes, and the head was moving even further out, wriggling as it tried to free itself after some time of confinement and flaccidity.

I turned away from her, leaned over to check my daughter, say “Hi” to Nim, and tried to adjust my cock away from sight. I sat upright, crossed my skinny legs and found Tammy smiling with her mouth and her eyes at my discomfort. I blushed, I know, and she laughed and reached across to pat my knee, an electric touch on my skin which made me shiver; she didn’t say a word, and I couldn’t speak.

The sun was burning on my back, so I decided now was time for our hourly break, only possible when my daughter knew Dad would have a sandwich for her – without that she was never happy to leave the pool. I told Tammy we were getting out for a few minutes to cool down (oh how my cock needed to ‘cool down’) and I clasped my daughter to the front of my body, shielding my groin, and we climbed out and across to our table, where I quickly sat down and grabbed our towel.
Tammy and Nim soon followed, bought an ice-cream from the pool’s shop and came to join us. My daughter had finished with most of her sandwich and had drunk cool water, and then she also wanted an ice-cream. I don’t normally allow this, but with the other ‘kids’ eating theirs, I hadn’t the heart to refuse, so an ice-cream we shared: Dad licking as it melted, Mi licking in between times.

I looked at Tammy, sucking on her now stick-like ice-cream as if it was a long thin….well, cock, to be honest, and she knew I was looking as she swallowed the rest whole; she then smiled openly at me, and licked her lips as I gawked, only finding my senses when Mi demanded I give her ice-cream back. My cock had risen in my costumes, and now I realized this as both Tammy and Nim were staring at my crotch – “oh fuck!” I thought, as I hurriedly pulled the towel closer and over my groin.

Mi was a mess of dripped ice-cream, so I picked her up and mumbled I was taking her to the bathroom to clean up. Once inside, I washed my daughter’s face and hands, chatting about what a mess ice-cream makes as it goes down (melting) and waiting for my cock to do the same. Eventually, I felt almost able to relieve it by taking a piss, so we went to the urinal and I stood over it, waiting to release urine, rather than any ‘cream’. Mi was ok, she always came with me when Dad needed to go to the toilet when we went out, so she just watched as usual, but she did say “Daddy big” at the size of my cock, making my cock spasm again as I patiently waited for it to come down enough to urinate.

“Yes, he is, isn’t he Mi” came a voice over my shoulder, as lips then caressed that shoulder, and hands wound their way around my waist and down to take over the cock hanging out over the urinal. “Oh my” I said, as Tammy’s hands wrapped around my cock and began gently, sensually, milking it, and I knew what I came in here for would not now happen, but another thing entirely as my cock exploded within moments with its own cream, and Tammy leaned around my waist with her mouth wide open to catch the drops as they – not ‘flew’ – came out of my old, unused cock. Her mouth wasted none, as she proceeded to lock her lips around the head and milk the remaining cream out.
Mi was a little worried at all this happening, but then Tammy stopped and I hugged Mi and told her not to worry: Tammy was just helping Dad. Mi looked at Tammy, who smiled and nodded, and my daughter accepted this as something ‘big’ people do, and we headed out of the shower room, back for ‘one more swim’ as I always said to Mi after our rest-break.

I shoved my prick into the middle of my costumes (I have to buy some new ones, I told myself) as I led Mi through our routine of re-entering the pool, and helped her walk across the metre deep water until she climbed the steps to join Nim already there.
Tammy sat beside me again, but I slid into the water, pushed my legs out in front and concentrated on getting Mi to ‘exercise’ by kicking her legs the same as Dad.
After a few minutes, Mi wanted to ‘walk’ and wanted her ball, so we wandered around, Mi pushing/throwing the ball further for us to then retrieve. When she tired of this, she abruptly turned and headed to the “steps …sit” and ordered Dad go “swimming…ball”. This was part of our normal games routine, so I told her “Stay There” and dived into the shallow water and breast=stroked the short way to the ball, pushing it back to her between my arms as I glided through the water.
She caught the ball when I threw it, said “Again!” and threw the ball high over her head to the far side of the pool, waiting for Dad to dive in like a dolphin and go swimming for it.

But this time a new body dived also, and its length and sinuous feel as it brushed against mine told me it must be Tammy. However, she wasn’t after Mi’s ball: she was after Dad’s balls, and she found them unerringly, but grasped them painfully tightly. I gagged and drank some water, and came up standing, coughing, and with a prick yet again lengthened to push outside my costumes’ leg. I reached out and dived to get Mi’s ball, and stayed underwater as Tammy giggled beside me; Mi thought it all very funny and was standing with Nim on the top step of the rotunda, waiting for Dad to throw her the ball.

Nim had a different expression on her face, contemplative, as she looked at me, at my crotch under the water, and even more as her older sister reached and fondled that crotch as we made our way back to the 2 youngsters. I couldn’t stand up by myself, with Tammy’s hand still holding my cock, but she used her other hand to push me up by probing her fingers into my ass crack until I yelped and jumped up! Mi laughed at the sight! Nim just looked at my cock, in her sister’s hand.
I stammered “We should be going home now” and I collapsed into the water, trying to force a smile towards Nim, telling her “Your sister likes to play games, doesn’t she – even when I have told her to stop!” as I pried Tammy’s fingers away: she had a grip like a pair of pliers! Nim just looked at me as she replied “I have never seen her play this game before; next time I want to play too!”

I gathered up our ball and my daughter, after drying her and stripping off her wet swimsuit in exchange for a light t-shirt and panties, telling her it was time to go home; she was rubbing her eyes, and I cuddled her close, murmuring “Yes, time for a rest and a nap” and I clambered out of the pool. I turned to Tammy and Nim and said it was really nice to meet them; Nim asked “Will you be here tomorrow, Mr. Steve?” In response, I asked “Will you be Nim?”
She smiled and Tammy answered for them both “If you come, we will come…Steve” She deliberately, it seemed, called me by my name, putting her womanhood on a level with my manhood. I couldn’t argue with that, whatever young age she was. I pushed through the turmoil in my mind and smiled “I expect to come again – probably tomorrow girls, if Mi wants. See you then.”

Mi and I headed out to our car, after I had dried myself somewhat but without putting my shorts on, and she fell asleep as soon as I locked her into her baby seat belts. I adjusted the seat to make it into a reclining one, and realized I had left our ball inside – ‘guess I can get it tomorrow’ I thought. Just then, as I was settling into my seat, Nim came running to the open door with Mi’s ball held out; she tripped as she reached the car, and would have fallen but I caught her as she fell, luckily avoiding the door’s edges, and I held her under her ribcage to stand her upright.

Her face, however, had fallen into my lap, and she seemed of a mind to stay there; long moments passed, my hands around her ribs/her flat young girl chest, and her mouth seeking the cock which was now jumping around of its own accord. I eased her back, asked her if she was ‘all right’ and looked for Tammy: she was only a few metres away, smiling, watching, and making my cock grow even fatter and more exposed within my costumes….I should have put my shorts on, I stupidly told myself.
Nim bent down and began to suck at the end of my prick showing outside my costume’s leg; I gently eased her head up and said “Nim, you shouldn’t do this.” “Tammy said it is ok to do, and maybe you would take us home in your car if I did.”

“Oh Nim I am sorry; I should have asked if you needed a ride home. I apologise, but you only had to ask.”
Tammy walked up then, a knowing smile on her face, and Nim turned to her to say “I did it! And he will take us home!” I blustered as I said “Tammy, you can sit in front and Nim in the back - and I will take you home every day, but I don’t need ….ah, this…I guess I thought you would have a car coming for you.” Tammy buckled Nim in and then slid long legs in cut-off jeans shorts into the passenger seat beside me. “Thank you, Steve; it is just down here a little.”
In truth, their house was about 100m down the same soi as the pool; I looked at Tammy and rolled my eyes, as she squeezed my leg and said “See you tomorrow, Steve.” I nodded, accepting her right, now, to just call me ‘Steve’. Nim unbuckled herself, politely said “Thank you, Mr. Steve” and they were almost into their house, a lingering glance from Tammy matching my own – and then she ran back to the car, her mobile in hand and asked me “Just for emergencies: can I have your number please?” “For emergencies that’s all, right? Ok then” and I gave her my mobile number. She blew me a kiss through the open window, smiled that dazzling mouth at me, and looked at my crotch with a knowing, understanding look.

I needed to stop at 7-Eleven for milk and bread, but even after 5 minutes driving without her/them in my view, they were both seemingly locked in my cock, which refused to go back to a normal, flaccid state. I parked and struggled to pull on my shorts; left the windows open a little for Mi, locked the car and ran inside, and out within a minute: Mi remained asleep, so I drove down our village, parked at our house, and carried her in to place her on our afternoon sleep mattress downstairs.
I unpacked, rinsed our costumes and towel and hung them out to dry, put away everything else…and my phone beeped a message: it was from Tammy, so it hadn’t taken her long and now I had her number – which, yes, I saved with her name, then read her words: “Tomorrow I will fuck you in the pool, out of the pool, in the car…wherever I can; your blush and your cock won’t leave my thoughts now – can you come back to my house and we start today?”
‘Oh my’ I thought as I tried to think how to handle this, what could I say to a 14y.o. gently, and alternatively what could I tell my cock – which hadn’t raised itself this much in quite a while….
I replied “Tammy, you saw how old I am, what a skinny body I have; you are incredibly beautiful and will have handsome young men falling over themselves for you. I am not The One, as flattered as I am and as excited as you made me feel. We can swim together, but please think more of your wonderful Life to come. Steve”
I made a sandwich for myself, grabbed a beer and ice, and settled to watch some rugby as Mi slept on; the phone beeped, so I sighed and got up to get it and settled back into my lounge chair to read.
“I saw your body, I sucked the ‘cum’ from your cock and held it in my hands and my mouth: this is the one I want. Full stop. I guess Mi is asleep so you can’t come to my house. So I will wait for you tomorrow, and I am waiting only for YOU, Steve. Your Virgin Tammy.”

Mi didn’t ask for a swim the next morning, and she was tired, so I dropped her around at her grandmother’s house in the next soi, said I had to go shopping, and headed for the pool. I was unsure how to handled Tammy and Nim, so thought it best not to have my 2y.o. with me this particular time.
Tammy was there, not another person around as per usual, but today even the pool owner I couldn’t see. Tammy was sitting on the side of the shallow pool, exactly as yesterday, but in a bright red one-piece suit; of Nim there was no sign. I didn’t speak, just took my good shorts and t-shirt off, put on another pair of shorts over my swimming costumes, unpacked my towel and squirted some sunscreen on my shoulders and upper back. Then I went to the pool and sat – beside her, but not touching: the distance didn’t last long as she sidled across so our legs were rubbing together.

“Hi Tammy” was all I said, and I angled off the side to slide down under the water. “I am hot” I added as I ducked my head under the water. “So am I” came her voice as I surfaced, finding her standing wide-legged, and straddling the space my body came up into; she sat herself down, and I had to reach for the bottom of the shallow pool to support myself, and to support Tammy’s body now sitting on mine – on my crotch to be exact.
My costumes and extra shorts seemed inadequate as my cock jumped up, enough to raise a smile on Tammy’s face, her eyes seemed to light up and her voluptuous mouth came down and engulfed my own. A tongue so sinuous belonged on a snake, I stupidly/chaotically thought, as she wormed it everywhere in my mouth, wrapped my own tongue in it, and sought to taste the essence of me I felt.

I struggled up, clasped my hands on her shoulders to raise her enough so I could at least support myself on the side of the pool, rather than drowning even in its shallowness, and prised my lips away to sputter “Tammy, we can’t do this here – well, we shouldn’t do this anywhere – but you are so young, I am old, people could call the Police, which would be trouble for me, or call your parents, which would be trouble for you as well as for me. We are not supposed to do this!”
“I want to do this, with you Steve” was all she said; she didn’t move her body away, her breasts now pressed against my chest, and her nipples clearly aroused so I could feel them pricking me, and her hands roving up the legs of my outer shorts towards my cock.

She gave a little snort of derision when she found my costumes under my shorts, but it didn’t deter her hands: she just paused to yank at my outer shorts, dragging them down and off to float away, then doing the same with my costumes, as I became transfixed: she had some degree of difficulty tugging the costumes over my swollen prick, but she managed to throw them away also, followed by her own bikini.
I frantically looked around: not a soul was there….to what? To help me, help Tammy, call for Backup…? Tammy just put her hands to each side of my face and turned me to face her, and to kiss me deeply again, as she lowered herself down onto my body.

At first, she just rubbed her abdomen and pelvis up and down my cock, squeezed as it was between us, and used her mouth to keep my brain occupied upwards. Then she stood, planted her feet on the bottom, grabbed my cock with both hands, and plunged herself down until she was impaled for this first time. She didn’t scream – what about a ripped hymen, I thought – but she moaned, as she somehow –how?- steered our joined bodies to lie herself down on the lowest step of the rotunda – only a metre away, true, but now she had me on top . I tried to hold myself up with my arms, to not hurt her lying on the hard gravel but she pulled me down and took my hands to place on her breasts, even as she then placed hers on my buttocks and pulled me into her as she pushed upwards. She sighed, and then moaned, her long hair floating back around her head like a shimmering halo in the sunlight: like the goddess of my first vision of her, looking up and backwards yesterday when she first appeared.

I gave in to the inevitable, and caressed her young breasts and nipples; such smooth skin within my hands, such wonderful parts of a female body for a man to admire. I kissed her open mouth, my tongue probing this time, and she knew she had won the contest: she was hardly magnanimous in her victory – knowledge of her supremacy drove her cunt to grab my cock within and pound it to further submission by incredible upward thrusts - albeit I guess she wanted the ultimate reward a male should offer.
(‘Why didn’t she ask me to wear a condom?’ This abstract thought came to me; even though I cannot produce sperm, cannot make her pregnant, I would need to teach her to ask boys to wear a condom…for the future.)
My mind returned quickly to the matter in hand/in cock, as Tammy began groaning, louder and louder, and she writhed under me as she clearly experienced her first orgasm from a fuck. She didn’t stop however - only briefly let herself collapse her entire body down on the step for a few moments, then she resumed fucking me by holding me down against her and banging up. Me? - I was trying not to hurt her, but I was a ‘bit actor’ in this entire scene Tammy had clearly written and memorized, and so I let her take entire control.

I did try to offer her gentle kisses and caresses, but this wasn’t Tammy’s way: she wanted hard, deep fucks, and she was intent on making her first one a fuck to remember. I obliged for as long as it took for her to experience another orgasm, and then I further obliged by letting myself go and fucking her deep and/or shallow, but hard; fast and slow, teasing for long moments, angling my prick along the walls of her vagina, and finally getting one set of fingers free to squirm and locate her clit, and tweak it in time with my thrusts; now she screamed until I pushed my tongue into her mouth and fucked her there with that.
It was wonderful, consuming sex, and it was a joy to be coupled with her, until my cock exploded inside her, happily driving her to another fit of orgasms it seemed, as I pumped semen out and into her body.

She writhed, but I was pinning her down now and could almost feel the gravel steps through the membranes of her body as I pushed myself to her depths, until I was spent and wilting, and breathing very hard. Then I gently kissed her mouth and face, fondled her breasts and lifted off her, my cock sinking below the water level, but her breasts tantalizingly bobbing on the surface.
I couldn’t resist: I leaned back over her and sucked each breast in turn into my mouth; the nipples were long and tender, and her breasts not yet too large for me to swallow whole, as I very gently showed her the gentle side of after love-making.
“Well, that’s Part 1 out of the way “Tammy breathlessly mumbled in my ear. “My mum and dad told me to choose my first man carefully, and pray he was kind and gentle; I am sure I made the right choice with you, Steve, and I knew it immediately yesterday.”

“Now, where do we do this next?” she asked, but my response was to pinch a nipple, enough to elicit a squeak, followed by a laugh, followed by a hand on my cheek turning me to kiss her; I obliged yet again.
Only after this kiss did I turn to look around; amazingly and luckily, there was still no other soul in sight. I pulled my costumes on, to the declared disappointment of Tammy, and told her I was going to shower and change, and I needed to go home and pick up Mi. She reluctantly pulled on her own costumes, but only above her crotch, leaving her flat stomach and succulent breasts exposed. I ogled her, but she shrugged and said she was showering also.

I took my towel and clothes, Tammy her own, and we walked to the bathrooms; perhaps I knew Tammy wouldn’t go into the Ladies, and she followed me into mine and stepped into the large open shower area. Her costumes were stripped off in no time, and I roved my eyes from head to toes of this young woman: god, she was gorgeous, and I told her so, evoking something of a blush and a demurely turned her front away from me – but her back, her buttocks and her legs were equally as alluring from behind. I told her this also, and she laughed, tossed her hair and turned on the shower.

I stepped in behind her, my costumes discarded, and I pressed my firm-again prick between her thighs until she understood to spread her legs a little, and it took but a moment for my cock to penetrate her and spear her vagina to the full, forcing her body against the shower wall while the water cascaded over us both. Tammy was a few centimetres shorter than me, so my cock had the effect of slightly raising her as I probed her and forced myself in as far as possible, pushing upwards to try and reach her stomach!
She couldn’t keep silent now, as she groaned through a mouth turned sideways against the wall “Oh this feels wonderful! Fuck me forever here, Steve, it is so good, I am so full of you….” Her words trailed off, replaced only by grunts and moans, sharp intakes of breath when I shoved in, wails of longing when I slid almost out, teasing her with my cock’s head just inside, slowly re-inserting myself for a repeated count of 5-6 strokes, sometimes only 2-3, so she never knew when the full thrust was going to come – but knowing it would, anticipating it, wanting it, commanding me to fill her again.

As old as I am, my cock was incredibly aroused and didn’t need to release any time soon it seemed; it just kept working, fucking Tammy like a dog to his bitch, knotted and full. Tammy was hitting another climax and, even through the water on our bodies, I knew she was pumping out her own fluids between us. How had this all happened in 24 hours: meeting once, ejaculating at her touch over a urinal, and now fucking for a second time in a short space of time – when I hadn’t had sex for quite a while?

It was amazingly simple really: Tammy was a determined young woman, and I was a weak old man when confronted by the same; I always folded against strong women, and her tender age didn’t seem to make any difference to my acquiescence to any commands from such a woman.
These thoughts took but a few moments, while I continued to pound Tammy’s cunt; then she cried out and her body collapsed down, forcing my cock down and she lay back limply against my body, breathing in pants and moaning as I reduced my strokes to a gentle pulsing within her, and cradled her sated body. “I can’t take any more” Tammy gasped “I am full of feelings I never had, full of your cock I never had, but it feels too good!”

I eased her body off my cock, it still rigid and ready, and lowered her to the floor; I sat behind her and rinsed her hair and body under the shower water as I do for my 2y.o. daughter, allowing her to recover after I picked her up and wrapped her in her towel to sit on the small bench seat while I also rinsed off and gave my cock time to relax. She smiled rather shyly up at me as I finished and began drying her; I smiled back and asked if she could dress herself without my help? As I hoped, she giggled and stood of her own accord to show she was ok, and I followed by drying and dressing myself also.

When we walked out, back to the rest of our belongings, the owner was at her table but seemed to exhibit no unusual reaction as we bade ‘bye’ and I led Tammy to my car, driving her to her home. I knew now she would be alone there, Nim out with her aunty/housekeeper, but I forestalled any invitation to enter by telling Tammy I really must get home to pick up my Mi. She nodded, leaned over to kiss me deeply, and simply said “Thanks Steve” with a gentle smile. I nodded, gently caressed her face and smiled - not sure what words would truly suffice to convey what I hoped she felt, and what joy she had given me. I drove away.

It was the weekend the next 2 days, and Mi and Dad didn’t go swimming; if my wife wasn’t working Saturday, I insisted she spend time with her daughter, who she neglected all other days of the week – preferring to go out after work for dinner, with a boyfriend (I felt sure) and hardly caring if her daughter would like to see her or not.

Monday Mi and I went to the seaside, where I had been vainly trying to get her to walk in the sand and swim with Dad in the seaside…today was no more successful than previous trips, but I remained calm, we would just keep trying, and we still had a good time as always: watching other kids play – “see them Mi, they are playing in the sand with no shoes on…it isn’t difficult” – the jet skis and banana boats at work; we always had a fun 2 hours, just no playing in the sand or going for a swim! Mi always fell asleep on the return trip, and so home.

It was Wednesday, therefore, when Mi and I went swimming; we found Nim there by herself, alone and happy to see we had come. Mi squealed a happy “Hello” and fidgeted while I readied us and applied sunscreen to her – her mother complaining I was making her ‘black’ by bringing her to swim: I ignored her mother, as I most always did these days, insisting learning to swim was more important than her skin’s tan – and we went into the water and Mi sat up the steps beside Nim.

I was in a sad state today; not because of Tammy’s absence, “Tammy is doing some pre-classes before school starts next week” Nim explained, but because of my failing marriage and rather stateless Life these days, it sometimes seemed I was only waiting for the end of days. I only had Mi, and she was all I lived for now, and she made me satisfied as a Dad. I just had odd times/days when Life wasn’t much. Nim seemed to notice my pensive mood, and she helped Mi up onto the top step of the rotunda and began throwing the ball; they both said “Daddy, swim, ball” so I had now had something to take my mind off things
A few dives for the ball, wading back to throw it to the girls from a short distance, and Nim jumped down to the water, ‘hot standing up there’ she informed me, as now I just threw the ball to Mi, close enough so she could catch it, but she preferred to throw up her arms and send the ball flying anywhere. I told her “Stay There” and dived to swim to the ball, way off near the other side. This time Nim joined me, diving alongside me, and with her much smaller, lithe body, sinking under me – to fondle my cock through my costumes, a la her sister previously.

‘god, I must be perverted’ I thought to myself as my cock responded with a jump to life, adding to my thoughts that perhaps it had only been an accidental touch by Nim. I grabbed the ball, quickly looked at Mi, still waiting on the top step safely, and pulled Nim upwards to stand beside my still underwater body. “Are you ok? I asked her as she wiped the water from her face; she nodded and turned a smiling face to mine to sputter “its fun with you, Daddy” and she showed me it had been no accident by reaching for my crotch yet again. By now my cock had extended itself down the leg of my costumes – why hadn’t I been shopping for new ones yet? – Then her tiny hand found it for a hard squeeze, as she giggled “Oh it is big now Daddy – did I do that?”

I pulled away with strong strokes, and went to Mi, lifting her down for a walk and to get her wet and cool a little. Nim swam over to us, holding my hand on the open side as Mi walked around the wall of the pool. She stopped and began her ‘exercises’ by holding on to the wall and kicking her legs, and I lay face up beside her, languidly kicking my own. Nim returned to my other side and quickly reached for my crotch yet again.

I groaned, as much from her tugging at my cock to pull it further out, as from my thoughts of how wonderful young girls are. I decided to try tickling her to affect release, so I rubbed my fingers along her ribs and tickled under her arms; she used one hand to swat me away, giggling happily and squirming, but she didn’t let go, rather twisted around trying to escape but sitting on my abdomen instead. I looked sideways at Mi, but she was still hanging up over the wall, and I kept my body pressed against her side for support as I dealt with the leech-like body clinging to me with tight legs.

The problem was her bottom: it was right over my crotch, and she knew it, bouncing up and down on it, squishing her buttocks down on what she knew was there, and what she knew she had made bigger! I twisted somewhat to try and dislodge her, but she grabbed my chest with both hands, and squeezed her legs tighter, forcing herself down harder against the bow of my prick in my costumes. Then she released one hand to grab my nipple and held on there while she used her other freed hand to lean down and grab again at the head of my cock, still exposed from the leg of my costumes.

‘Oh, this little girl is a handful!’ was my thought, as I stretched my arm down and attempted to push my cock at least inside my costumes – what good this would do, I didn’t think of, as it only meant the bowed part pushed up harder against her buttocks, and to her own crotch. She moaned – 11y.o. – as if I had stimulated her into a near-climax, and wriggled her bottom around on me, not helping the situation at all!
Mi had had enough, so she grabbed her Daddy and wanted to sit on my lap also; I held her off and told Nim “Enough Nim, you shouldn’t do this, nor should I. I need take care of Mi now, please.”

We all clambered out of the pool, and as I picked up my towel and our change of clothes, Nim asked if she could shower with us – as she was alone here. Against my better judgement, fearing her motives, I agreed as I understood a young girl’s reluctance to go alone.
We went to the Ladies’ bathroom today, Daddy expecting individual shower stalls with doors so I could steer Nim into one; they had, but with no locks, so a few moments after I had stripped Mi’s costumes down and done the same, a body squeezed through the door to join us as I was turning on the water to rinse Mi. “I don’t have any soap…” Nim pleaded, so I knelt on the floor to lather Mi, then handed her the bar of herbal after-swim soap I carried and turned back to wash Mi’s hair – a process she doesn’t particularly like, but which has improved when Dad washes it, as I have taught her to ‘close your eyes, hold your head up, and then wipe your face just like we are swimming’. As I did this, I felt the soap rubbing on my back, then into my hair; a face full of lather followed as 2 small hands kneaded my hair and I tried to squint an eye open to see how I was doing with Mi.
The hands left my head, as I spluttered and tried to both clear my eyes and hair of soap as well as continue to finish washing Mi in front of me. Perhaps not unexpectedly, the hands quickly washed my back and pressed down to my buttocks, along my arse crack, and under to my ball sac and cock! I squeaked and muttered “No Nim” and I sat down on the floor, allowing enough space for her to wriggle her hands out, but she immediately sat also – naked I could tell - and wrapped her arms around my back, allowing her hands to find the cock she wanted; by this moment, the stimulation had caused it to stick straight up in the air, big and growing to my dismay, and her arms stretched higher. A small pair of hands ‘washing’ a grown man’s engorged cock can be an amazing feeling, as it seems to take ages for them to run down from top to base, and vice-versa.

My cock shivered and jumped, and Nim clutched tighter while giggling “This is beautiful, Daddy”. I decided we had all showered enough, pried Nim’s hands away and stood up: my cock also. I pulled down the shower nozzle and turned it on Nim, who squealed as I rinsed her off, not shying away from her nakedness but trying not to stare at her succulent body displayed in front of me. I couldn’t resist it: I rubbed over her budding nipples, actually surprised at the mounds’ size and I enclosed them both in my hands for a few moments, and ran my hand up and down her slit ‘rinsing it’ and then her crack. She moaned and I turned the water off, patting her bottom, turning her around to go to the other stall for her towel, as I reached for ours and began drying Mi.

Mi saw my as-yet normal size cock, and bent to kiss the head – something she occasionally did when I showered her at home – but it jumped of its own accord and she grabbed it with 2 hands laughing at the ‘snake’ as she waved it around in the air.
‘Oh no’ I thought, ‘she has been watching Nim and Tammy too much!’ Nim pushed back in quickly, joined her hands with Mi’s and they both waved the snake around, unconcerned that it was connected to the rest of my body.
I pried them both away, pushed Nim out to go and dress and did the same for Mi; when that part was finished, I quickly rinsed myself, cold water on my cock, and then dried and threw on shorts quickly, before Nim could get to me again. Whew, what a morning this had been, as we walked together to get our bag and the ball (remembered this time) and headed for the car. I sat Nim in the back beside Mi in her seat, turned the A/C on full and left the doors and windows open for a minute as I quickly lit a calming cigarette while allowing the car to also cool down a little.

I drove up to Nim’s house, Mi falling asleep before we had gone half the distance, and Mi leaned forward behind me to tickle my ears and neck; “I had a fun time today Daddy; will you come tomorrow? Please, please! I have nothing else to do all alone for another 2 weeks, except stay home with my aunty, and that’s no fun. Please say you will swim again tomorrow….”
It was a beguiling and simple plea; going with Mi was good for her, she was learning; I covered her in very strong, kiddies’ sunscreen, so I was protecting her (‘ignore the colour, worry about the protection’); she was having fun with Nim; and I also had little else to do if I stayed at home. I said “I think we will Nim - but I can never be sure how Mi is, or if my wife will order me to do this or that or something – but I will come if we can, ok?” Nim nodded with a big grin, underscoring that she hadn’t listened to the qualifications I had put on my response: she had only heard ‘agreed’.

We stopped in her driveway and as I stepped out to open her door and help her out, the house door opened to reveal a stunning woman in a black bikini. I gaped, she smiled, Nim led me up the garden path (no pun intended) and introduced her aunty “Camilla’. “Aunty, this is Mr. Steve Tammy and I told you was nice to us at the pool; his daughter is asleep in the car. Mr. Steve said I can go and swim with them again tomorrow, is that ok, please, please?”

Camilla was still smiling at me and reached out a delicate, shapely hand which I grasped somewhat clumsily; “Nice to meet you Camilla; my daughter, Mi, likes Nim and they have fun, so if it is ok…?” “Yes, that is quite ok, Steve – as long as Nim has an adult to take care of her. Tammy told me all about you, so I feel it is quite ok for Nim to be with you – though I know she can be pretty wild at times, so I trust she doesn’t bother you too much. Perhaps one day I will come for a swim also, perhaps after the children are at school, and I have nothing to do at home…if you will be there to take care of me also”.

I had noted the slight emphasis on her words, and was careful as I replied “Oh, you would be more than welcome, Camilla, and Nim is, ah, a wonderful young lady. I should get Mi home now – hot in the car. Yes, call me if you feel like a cooling dip – it is only a shallow pool, but slightly better than sunbathing outside” I ventured to add, staring at her breasts and the tiny triangle covering her crotch. “Ah, Tammy has my number – for emergencies you know – so you can get it from her” I added as I turned for the car. “Bye Steve; Tammy already gave me your number; I will be in touch soon.” “Bye Mr. Steve, see you tomorrow – don’t forget!” Nim spoke the last words, as I buckled myself into my seat and reversed out, throwing a glance and wave back at the 11y.o. nymph, and her young, voluptuous aunty. They smiled and waved; both giggled, and headed inside as Mi and I went home.

The next morning, Nim was again sitting on the side of the pool when I arrived; she turned at my approach and looked for Mi, then at me quizzically smiling; “I left Mi with her grandmother today; her mother took her out for dinner last night with her family, and they were home late, so she will be tired early this morning. I did promise you I would come, Nim, so I brought Mi’s ball, and we can enjoy a swim – if that is ok for you….?”
Nim showed no concerns, just beamed at me as I sat on the side, before lowering myself into the water to get cool. “You have new costumes” she commented “They look nice Daddy.” So gone was the ‘Mr. Steve’ now that she was alone with me again; and yes, I had gone shopping for a new pair of trunks, disdaining board-short types, but choosing a similar pair to my old ones with, however, new elastic which I hoped would contain my cock in the event it tried to escape. I rejoined “You have a new pair on also, I see” as I admired the sheer red nylon one-piece encasing her body, not failing to notice the little buds of her breasts and nipples pushing out. Well, this will test my new costumes elastic, I mused to myself, as I fumbled under the water to make sure my body was also enclosed.

She joined me in the water, beaming a ‘thank you for the compliment’ and said “My aunty Camilla said you are ‘cute’ and asked all about you yesterday; I told her you are very nice and take care of me every time we are here, and we play games and you even made sure I showered after our swim. She made a joke and said she hoped you do the same things for her one day.”
I gulped at the words, but knew there was nothing I could say to change matters, so I just nodded and slid away for a swim towards the far side. Nim was a good swimmer – as I wanted Mi to be – so she was soon stroking beside me through the shallow pool, too shallow for me actually but perfect for Mi, so I suggested we pass through to the slightly deeper pool further over. She headed off first and I watched her bubble bottom cleaving through the water, dark brown legs flashing water into the sun’s glare. My, what a delightful little mermaid, my mind wandered, as I slowly breast-stroked after her, joining her leaning on the far wall, perhaps now 40m from the entry/office area.

“Oh, I left the ball back at the table” I said, but Nim just reached through my outstretched legs and found my ball sac; “That’s all right, Daddy, I have 2 here to play with: they are more fun to catch!” Without wanting to hurt her feelings, leaving her hand as it was, willing my cock to remain down, I gently said “Nim, you are only 11 years’ old, you shouldn’t do this to an old man/an older man; I believe I am nice, but not all men are nice. What would your mum and dad say if they knew about this ‘game’?” “Oh, they are ok, they know what Tammy and I are like, and Aunty Camilla just told me not to hurt you – whatever we do together. Don’t you like what we do, Daddy?”

‘Not to hurt ‘me’’ she had relayed her aunt’s words; heavens, this was a very different family I have met! I paused and let the feeling of her hand caress my balls, caress indeed my cock so far encased within my pants, and smiled a reply “No man could not enjoy this, Nim; it is only a question of whether it is right for a man and a young girl to do this.” “A young girl!” she responded indignantly, grasping my cock hard as she twisted to face me, throwing one leg over my waist. “I am almost a woman, my aunt says so; haven’t you seen my boobs, Daddy? Soon I will start my period, and I can’t wait to be a ‘full’ woman for you, like Tammy!” I didn’t laugh at her earnest expression or her words; I leaned towards her and kissed her lightly on the lips momentarily, before saying “Sorry Nim, yes I noticed very much what a beautiful young Woman you are.” She shifted position and sat on my lap, wrapping both legs around me, and jamming down on my hardened cock, wriggling to get comfortable – and knowing exactly what she was doing to me, as she smiled coyly.

Something changed within me at that moment; perhaps the argument – latest of many – with my wife earlier in the morning when she insisted Mi go to her grandmother’s , even though Mi was fast asleep at the time, cuddling Dad and cuddled by Dad, ready to sleep somewhat later, her mother dragged her up and carried her off.
Now I let myself ignore all that, and concentrate on Nim.

Naturally, I hadn’t confided these problems to Nim – they were not her problems, but she was now a woman sitting in my lap, and I let the frustrations of a cheating, useless wife and grandmother overwhelm me, and cuddled Nim to my chest. I stifled sobs, just stroked Nim’s back with one hand, and supported myself against the pool wall with the other. Nim was free to do as she wanted, and she didn’t waste time; she had 2 hands free and a bottom rubbing on my cock. She reached with her hands to hold my face up and kissed me open-mouthed, stretching her tongue into my mouth and finding my own; I let her grope and grasp inside my mouth and then clasped her own tongue, holding hers lightly with my teeth as I probed mine into her own. She moaned and pressed herself closer to me everywhere she could, while I moved my hand from her back and sneaked it between us to fondle one mound of her breasts which had captivated me; of course they were small, and her erect nipples were hardly bigger than my own, but they were a young Woman’s and infinitely preferable to cuddle than a man’s. I rubbed the one my one hand had hold of, and my fingers tweaked and pulled at her nipple through the costumes’ fabric, eliciting more groaning and moaning, and pressing against my pelvis.

She knew she didn’t need her hands at my face to continue the kiss, so she removed her legs from across my body, used one to lock onto my leg and drag it wide, doubling as a support for her, and then reached down and up my costumes and harshly yanked my cock out from that leg. She withdrew her mouth from me, delectably licking her lips, and ordered: “Sit up on the wall: I am hungry.”

I was, as all women who knew me knew, soft as putty when ordered by one of said women, and now I meekly complied. Nim did not let go of my cock, and once on the wall, she turned me slightly sideways – further away from the far office area – stood in the water, which was just the right height to hide her own body, pushed my costumes material up and over my balls, and roughly pulled me into her mouth. How could she know this I wondered, as I groaned at her teeth and mouth sliding up and down my prick? It didn’t matter as she seemed to know what she wanted to do, and she did, albeit somewhat painfully at times; my cock seemed to accept the odd bite and scratch of her young, sharp teeth, and it was as rigid and straight as a pole within her sliding hands and mouth.

I could only hold her head and ruffle my fingers in her hair for a minute or two; then my arms stretched and both my hands could hold those breasts as she leaned over my crotch; she released one of her hands from my cock and quickly yanked her costumes tie behind her neck undone and then yanked her top down below those budding breasts: she wanted my hands on them clearly. I obliged, and she raised her body somewhat so my hands could rover over both tits, and she coolly resumed ministrations with her mouth and hands on my throbbing cock, while I groaned equally at the smooth texture of her breasts’ skin, and those nipples - which seemed bigger than earlier. Surely they were, I marveled!

This observation sent a shock into my cock, and it seemed it had been waiting for one more erotic feeling and now it began to pulse. I quickly moved my hands to the side of Nim’s head, trying to lift her up as I warned “Nim, you have made me so, so excited, my penis is about to do something maybe you wouldn’t like in your mouth; please lift your head.” She answered with a sucking motion, a stronger sucking motion, and my cock couldn’t resist her mouth, and it spewed forth its offering of creamy semen.

My new, 11y.o. lover never faltered: she pushed her mouth down my cock, forcing it to discharge deep in her throat the first 3 spurts, then sliding her lips back up my engorged shaft, sucking as she went the final throes of my body’s fluids. When she continued sucking at a furious pace, I had to gently restrain her, telling her a man became very, very sensitive after full release. But I cradled her head, left her mouth quietly surrounding my shrinking cock, and bent over to kiss wherever I could reach of her body. Finally, she lifted her head and met my lips with hers, slurping her cum-coated tongue around my mouth, and twining herself with my tongue.

“I want all of you inside me next time” she quietly said, after lifting her face up and staring directly into my eyes. She was mesmerizing me into submission, and I could only nod agreement.
As I had been sitting on the pool wall for quite a while, my body was dry and hot, and the sun was beating down as always, so I slipped from all her grasping down into the water to cool, and cuddled her to my chest: no sexual hug was this, just a lover-to-lover hug, and Nim understood. Then she smiled at me, tied up her top as I stuffed my cock back into my costumes, and she swam swiftly away, across to the shallow pool, where she put her arms on the side and wriggled her bottom at me as she levered her body out and up from the water. My cock, tired as it was, jumped in my costumes, and I admonished it as I began a slow stroke back towards our clothes.

Nim was toweling her hair, stopped to ask if I was going to shower; I shook my head, “I think I will at home, wash my hair there.” She nodded, then looked up at the wall clock; “Oh, my aunty won’t be home until about 14.00, what can I do for 2 more hours?” “Don’t you have keys to your house; aren’t you allowed to stay at home alone?” I asked in response, surprised if she wasn’t allowed. “Yes, I am, but today I thought we would swim longer, so I left my keys at home!”
She seemed now like a plaintive child, so I fondled her hair and said she could come home with me, until it was time for her aunty to be home. She perked up, beamed at me, and quickly wrapped the towel around herself: “I am ready” she announced, as I rubbed my costumes a little drier, and covered my cock with an extra layer by way of a pair of shorts. “But I warn you: I only have a sandwich for lunch, not anything else, so I hope you won’t be too hungry Nim”. She cocked her head and answered “I am sure whatever you have, Daddy, will be fine.” I rolled my eyes at her; “Nim, I think your real ‘Daddy’ wouldn’t like you calling me the same: you can call me ‘Steve’ ok?” “Sure”.

We didn’t see the supervisor yet again, so went to my car; against my better, Australian-bred instincts, and vehicle safety regulations regarding children in the front with air bags, I allowed Nim to sit in the front passenger seat, and slowly made our way out of this village, 50m., and then only 2 right turns, and down the soi into my village, to my house. I said “Welcome to my home Ms. Nim” and she bounced out with a beautific smile and around to my side of the car and in through my unlocked gate. I took our towels and bags, locked the car, and opened the door, ushering Nim inside.

“Come with me” I said, and led her by the hand up the steep steps to the upstairs bathroom (my wife’s); it was more costly furnished than my own, cold-watered downstairs one, and I turned on the electric water heater, gave my wife’s expensive shampoo and conditioner bottles to Nim, and told her to enjoy a shower.
“Where are you going – Steve?” “Downstairs to do the same, Nim. I will be there when you have finished, don’t worry.” I didn’t close the bathroom door, but went to the closet and returned with a new towel for her. She was naked, rather naturally, and her eyes were facing me – closed - as she lathered her hair; my view of her front was enough to kick-start my cock into top gear faster than any driver could, and I quickly laid the towel where she would find it, and quietly turned to go downstairs.
“Am I beautiful, Steve?” her voice asked; “Absolutely Nim, more than most women I know” I answered without looking around.

I carefully made my way downstairs, turned on my cold shower, washed my hair and body, and vainly willed my cock to go down. I gave up, dried myself, thought of trying to masturbate to get rid of my erection, but this wasn’t something I had done for years and years, so I just put my house shorts on, prick poking out, no shirt in the heat of the house, and hoped Nim needed an hour’s sleep – as I always did about this time of day.

Nim appeared after 5 minutes, held her towel out questioningly, and asked for my brush to use please. I gave it to her, took the towel to hang outside, and noted immediately thereafter she had at least a pair of panties on, sheer pink, and a midriff shirt: not much unexposed left, I thought, with eroticism uppermost in my mind, and her body foremost in my eyesight.
She pulled at her hair as she brushed it, her body movements thrusting her chest out and her breasts outlined and thrusting also as a result. “Could you brush my hair Steve? Aunty always does it for me after my shower.” Since I did this for my own daughter, this was no great chore, and she came and stood between my legs, suitably restrained away from my body by my hand, and I took the brush and began long strokes of her long, wet hair. When I needed to turn her around, to brush the front back, she tricked me, and stumbled full-on against my groin; “Oh sorry” she said, with a wide smile, and proceeded to grind against a cock which had yet to subside, as I quickly finished the task in hand: her hair.

“There” I said “It is wet, but beautiful hair, Nim. I don’t suppose you need a sleep or rest for an hour, do you? I always have an hour’s sleep about now, and today I am rather tired” I blushed, I know when I said the last part, and Nim smiled knowingly – how could she know these things? – asked “Can I watch your TV – very quietly – while you have a sleep Steve?” “Well, yes Nim, that’s fine, but what about a sandwich, or something to eat anyway: yoghurt, fruit, fruit juice…here, in the fridge, you can eat what you want.”
“Thank you Steve, I will find something.”
I turned on the TV and stereo sound and digital satellite, then showed her how to operate them; when she was comfortable with that, I made sure the fan was blowing on us both and locked the front screen door. I lay down on my day-time sleep mattress, left Nim reclining on the sofa behind me, and soon drifted off, final thoughts of the body behind me not even enough to keep me awake.

But a pair of hands tugging at my shorts entered my foggy brain, and while the dream seemed somehow a little violent, it must be a dream only I vaguely thought as I rolled onto my back as the hands, now more gently, pushed me through a full cycle of turning over. Eventually, I knew my shorts were gone, but as this was how I slept every night: bare – though not for my afternoon nap – it didn’t penetrate my tired body enough to wake me.

A sleek body sinuously molding itself to my own did mostly wake me however! Nim – it had to be - soothed her hands down my cheeks, kissing me as a follow-up; she whispered ‘nothings’ into my ear between gentle kisses and caresses, and I drifted between sleep and unconscious: certainly not awake, not even when hands gently lifted my cock and began gliding up and down.

Why does a cock ignore the rest of one’s body, and make its own decisions? No-one can answer this: it is just a natural fact. My cock was no different, and when it suited its suitor, I knew a pair of lips was placed around its length and it was sucked inwards.
But these lips were not of a mouth, as a mouth began licking, sucking and swallowing my nipples, moving up to do the same to my own mouth, while those ‘other lips’ swallowed whole my cock: my brain knew all this, but my eyes refused to open, and my body was not rising from sleep, but was rather purely absorbing the sensations bestowed upon it. I opened my mouth and accepted the tongue and saliva offered me, and my legs grasped the outside of the legs lying along my own, squeezing as indeed my cock was being squeezed.

A sharp, downward thrust from those lower lips did indeed open my eyes, and they focused enough to see Nim above me; “Nim, what….” I mumbled, but she ‘ssshhh’ me and placed gentle lips on my eyelids, closing them – as my thought was: she is having sex with me! I need wake up!
But I didn’t, or I did and didn’t intervene: it was going to happen – and it did feel wonderfully beautiful, what Nim was doing to me. I let it happen, so I was at fault, but this wasn’t enough to stop what natural instincts determined was to happen: and as Nim thrust downwards again, she gave a stifled scream, and I clearly felt her hymen tear, swept aside by the cock Nim forced inside herself.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her closely, and finally woke to do what she so much wanted. I held her hips and gently lifted her up and then allowed her to slide down as much as she wanted or felt she could handle. 3 or 4 lifts and sits later, she took the plunge – literally – and somehow her tiny body engulfed my entire length. She let out a ‘whoosh’ sound and stopped moving for perhaps a minute, and then she smiled down at me and kissed me, as she lifted her hips and sat heavily down again, my cock impaled in her cunt.

‘2 virgin sisters, both underage – am I a monster?’ I thought to myself. But this was a stupid observation and question: I knew I wasn’t a monster, and I had done/was doing what I could to try and make their first experience of sex, nay - of making love – the most pleasurable I could.

Nim now seemed to want me to roll over and have me on top so, still coupled, I easily did this with one arm under her back but without my minimal weight pressing too hard against her. She reached her hands for my hips and pulled on them, down, to show me she wanted me to now do the work, but the same work: up and down as she had done moments before. I used my hands and arms to keep my (modest 50kgs) weight from flattening her, but my cock was still able to penetrate her fully and she just moaned and pushed her hips upward, while her nails now clutched at my hips, digging in.

Unexpectedly (to me) Nim climaxed, bucked upwards to my thrusts, and thrashed her head around from side to side, moaning “Oh…oh…oh” repeatedly, and now her nails dug deeper and were probably tearing at my skin. I continued my cock’s motions, but quite gently, and let her experience her feelings of this occasion in silence, until she collapsed down to the bed, stopped scratching my body, and I knew this was the time to stay inside but to cuddle her closely without any more fucking.

In this manner, we rested there for a while, and then I rolled off to allow the perspiration on our bodies some blowing air from the fan.
My right arm was languidly laid across her chest, and I turned my head to admire her little mounds of breasts; my hand covered her left one and I gently rubbed it around the nipple, one finger tracing the circle of her mound, and her nipple began to extend and harden – to quite a size, and I thought they were even bigger than only this morning, for a young girl…ah, Woman. My cock had not subsided, knowing it had come this morning in Nim’s mouth, but not since - even with all the stimulation she had given me. Nim felt it pulsing against her thigh and turned her face to kiss my cheek, and whisper “Put it inside me again, Steve, and finish to the completion.”

My cock gave the answer by jumping high and slapping down on her, and to her nod when I asked if she was sure, I rolled her on to her side, pulled her knees up, and entered her gently from the rear; her cunt was still, or again was, moist and my cock was able to ease inside without too much difficulty. I pushed all the way until the hairs of my groin were tickling her bottom and her vaginal lips, slid myself mostly out and back again. I was concerned for her well-being, but I was also a man with a full sac of semen, and as the stroking became more heated, and Nim’s responses more excited, I warned her of what was to come: soon. She only sighed and pushed back against me.

The feelings built slowly but inexorably, and when it was imminent, I grabbed her breast tightly, kissed the nape of her neck with an open mouth, and even teeth, and I allowed the fluid to burst up my cock’s length from my balls and spurt strongly within her. She came again, and at this I smiled, glad we could both do this, and I shoved my cock harder to ensure it remained inside like a dog’s knot, albeit one unable to conceive life, and when I wilted I remained there while Nim slowly came down from her own ‘high’ and gave a great sigh, of satisfaction I thought.

Later, after another shower, some much-needed refreshing drinks (a beer in my case), I hugged Nim before heading outside, locking the house, and driving her home. It was already 15.30 and her Aunty Camilla was probably wondering where she was….

She wasn’t concerned, it appeared, when I trailed Nim up to the front door and waited politely until it was opened. Camilla had just emerged from a shower and had a loose-fitting and thin – very thin – short shower coat on. As she was fumbling and drying her wet hair, her arms up high, the fold of her coat was raised and opened, revealing very full breasts, and lower down a bald inviting pussy!

She had a very wide smile on her face when I turned my eyes upwards at her greetings, and even wider when she saw my blushing cheeks. Nim, much shorter than I, had also seen both views, and she purposefully bumped back against me, my groin especially, and then reached up as she turned to face me, grabbed my head to drag it down for a long full-mouth kiss, ending as she said loudly “Today was my most wonderful day ever, Steve; now that I am a full Woman.”

Nim stomped past her Aunty into the house, turning to blow me a last smiling kiss. Camilla looked around at Nim, turned back to me and asked if I would like to come in for a drink before going home. I accepted without speaking, as my mouth had gone dry, and after kicking off my sandals I followed her swaying hips and full-sized buttocks enticingly across the tiled floor to the kitchen.

She opened the fridge, bent over – leaving totally nothing to my imagination of her bare cunt and buttocks – and turned her head towards me “A beer is it, Steve?” I nodded, willing my cheeks to stay un-blushed for once, but she laughed knowingly as she turned to rise and get the beer – which was actually on a rack requiring no bending over at all! She took out 2 bottles and opened them, inviting me to sit on a stool at the counter, and perching herself opposite me on another stool. This meant we were facing each other, and the only way I could stop myself staring avidly at her wonderful legs, and those legs spread wide to reveal her groin, was to quickly say “Cheers”, clink bottles with her, and lift my bottle high and drain it in a few mouthfuls, only lowering my head long enough to find her cleavage now the centre of my view, and large handful mounds of breasts straining to push the robe away.

I had not worn clothes for this, only expecting to drive Nim home and deliver her safely; only throwing on my house shorts, no underwear, and a t-shirt. My nipples were painfully strained, my cock was even more so and hardly able to contain itself, bucking and leaping within the thin fabric. It was now Camilla’s turn to lower her eyes to inspect her handiwork, and she saw clearly her provocations had aroused me to a climactic point. She seemed to know her mind very clearly and was reaching across with her hand to – surely – grasp my throbbing cock, when the front door closed loudly.
She jumped backwards, straightening herself, closing her legs and swinging towards the counter, while I did my best to push my cock downwards; in walked Tammy, a quizzical look on her face at seeing me there, and her aunty, and seemingly enjoying a beer together.
I know I was blushing.
(End of Part 4)
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