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The story so far: 12-year-old Damien spent a weekend in hospital, during which he was seduced by two boy-lover nurses, Anita, 27, and Lynda, 22. He made plans for the two nurses to come to his house for some fun the next Friday evening. However, Damien's mother - a 37-year-old lesbian single-mother - has found out what Damien, Anita and Lynda got up to in hospital. The cunning mother has sent Damien over to a friend's house for the evening and now she is alone with the two bisexual nurses who seduced her son..


"Have a seat ladies," Clarissa invited her guests as she swept into the living room after them, her green satin dressing-gown shimmering in the lights that burned brightly. It was still light outside, but the curtains were fully drawn.

Anita and Lynda, dressed in skimpy tops and tight jeans, sat down next to each other on the sofa. It was a luxuriously furnished living room, large with a big black leather sofa and two matching armchairs. A big smoked-glass and chrome coffee table sat in the middle of the room. There was a big stone fireplace flanked by oak bookcases crammed with books, and a large TV sat in the corner of the room, currently switched off. Anita and Lynda glanced at each other, anxiously, then looked at Clarissa who casually moved the coffee table to one-side, creating an empty space in the centre of the room. The tall busty mother then stood in front of the sofa, facing the two nurses.

"So," Clarissa began, still sounding stern, although not aggressive, "I know what you got up to with my son last weekend. I couldn't resist a peek in his diary, and what did I read? A rather sordid tale, that's what. It started with a long description of you both." Clarissa paused as she recalled the words Damien had written in his small, neat, childish handwriting: "'Anita is really tall, with black hair and a pretty face. She has big boobs, although I didn't see them, she did not take her top off despite what we got up to.' Then he scribbled 'Lynda is dead small, not much bigger than me. She has small boobies but they are really nice and so is her arse. She has brown hair, both on her head and around her thingie. I can't say which one is prettier because they are so really hot'"

Anita and Lynda were rather proud to have been described in such a fashion, but they could not afford to sit and enjoy the compliments-by-proxy from the boy. They were still worrying what on Earth Clarissa was going to do.

"Naturally it did occur to me," Clarissa smiled, a wicked glint in her green eyes, "as to how my twelve-year-old son was so familiar with how you looked without clothes. But I was soon enlightened by all the words he had scribbled down in his diary. He described how you, Anita, jerked him off in bed, then how you, Lynda, helped him take a shower, during which you took off your clothes and showed him your vagina - or 'snatch' as my son rather amusingly referred to it - then you sucked his prick. You swallow, too, according to Damien. Then," Clarissa continued, unable to keep a hint of excited lust creeping into her seductive-sounding voice, "my son described how you, Lynda, took his cherry the next morning by getting on top of him and riding him whilst he 'played with her boobies'. That evening, not long after I had left it seems, he had vaginal and anal sex with you, Anita, and likewise with your colleague the following morning. It was evident it was entirely instigated by you two, as seen as my shy little boy is not likely to go around seducing grown women."

Anita, being the more dominant and older one of the two lovers/colleagues/flatmates seemed more in control and was evidently curious as to how the evening would develop. The petite, doe-eyed Lynda was more anxious and she fidgeted on the sofa whilst having visions of being hauled off by the authorities.

"So, is it true?" asked Clarissa.

"Yes," Anita said, simply.

Lynda just nodded.

A wicked grin formed on Clarissa's attractive face.

"Well," she declared, "young ladies today eh?"

"Are you going to call the police?" blurted out Lynda.

"No, not at all," Clarissa said, decisively, "I don't know why I should, after all, no crime was committed. My son enjoyed it. So did you two it seems. However," she continued, "I did want to confront you two about this because,I must confess, I was somewhat jealous when I read Damien's diary. It's been three years since I last had a good fuck. Did Damien tell you I'm a lesbian? Or bisexual, really, given that I've fucked as many men as I have women?"

"He mentioned it, yes," Anita replied.

"Like I said," continued Clarissa, "I found myself imaging you two getting it one with Damien and I was thoroughly turned on, not to mention jealous. Imagine that, a grown woman jealous of her twelve-year-old son's sex-life! So, I've got rid of Damien for the evening so I could get to meet you pair of horny sluts for a couple of reasons. First off, I'm rather curious why you seduced my son? I can understand men lusting after young schoolgirls, but not really women lusting after schoolboys. I'm honestly curious. Do you lust after all boys of that age, or just my son?"

"I've always loved young boys," Anita explained, determined to be straightforward and communicate with Clarissa on an equal basis rather than allow herself to be interrogated, "It stems from my brother. When I was a teenager me and my kid brother used to engage in some mutual masturbation then graduated to full sex - oral, vaginal and anal - and though I do love women very much I have a real soft spot for boys. Ones just on the edge of puberty, like Damien."

"What about you Lynda?"

"I....kinda like boys...just recently," stammered Lynda, shyly, "I mainly like women, but Anita turned me on to the idea of seducing a young boy....and I did enjoy it...a lot..."

"Boys Damien's age are fantastic," Anita butted in, "They're so sweet and tender, and have a wonderful attitude towards sex. They're wonderfully honest, charming and niave, unlike a blundering, crude and forceful grown man. I love them."

"Interesting," nodded Clarissa, admitting to herself that she could perhaps understand why a woman would be attracted to pre-teen boy, "I can sort of see your point. son obviously enjoyed screwing you too, and you enjoyed being screwed by him, so obviously I don't see what there is to mad about, if that's what you were expecting me to be."

"What was the other reason you wanted to meet us two?" Lynda asked, a little more confident now that she knew she would not leave this place in police custody.

"As I previously mentioned," Clarissa began, "it's been three-years since I last had a lover, and frigging myself silly is growing somewhat boring." She undid her dressing-gown's belt and swifly slid off the robe and slung it aside. "You are more than welcome - sometime over the weekend - to come round here and fuck my son; after all, there's nothing wrong with a boy having his girlfriends round for the day, even if they are about twice his age. However, if you want to fuck him again, you'll have to fuck me."

Lynda and Anita sat there and admired the gorgeous figure of the nude woman that stood before them.

Thirty-seven-year-old Clarissa had a superb body. She was very tall, five-foot-ten, and slim with long toned legs and a flat firm belly. Her breasts were very large, 36DD and topped with large dark nipples that stood out erectly. At her crotch was a neat triangle of brown hair. Clarissa's face was pretty, with piercing green eyes and sharp cheeks, her strawberry-blonde hair hanging down way past her shoulders and almost to her waist. It would be best to describe Clarissa as having an athletic build for to her body. It was not in anyway muscular or masculine - Clarissa's sensous curves, heavy breasts and round firm bum-cheeks oozed nothing but femininity - but there was a well-toned look of strength to her lithe frame.

"You don't have to bribe us to get us to fuck you," Anita said as she stood up (at five-foot-seven she was tall, but still three-inches shorter than Clarissa), "You have a gorgeous figure. What do you think Lynda?" she asked as she turned to her petite lover, "Are you up for fucking the mother of the boy we fucked last week?"

Lynda smiled and nodded. "You look gorgeous Clarissa," she told the naked woman standing before them.

"Thank you," Clarissa said, adopting the formal tone with which she bossed around her staff at work, "Now, Anita, kneel in front of me and eat my cunt out. Lynda? Kneel behind me, spread my arse-cheeks and lick my shitter."

Anita smiled. She was a very dominant woman, and enjoyed being in charge when having sex with the more reserved Lynda, but Anita was definately going to enjoy the novelty of fucking a woman on her level of command.

Clarissa remained standing in the centre of the brightly lit living room, feet slightly apart, body almost quivering with excitement at the fun that lay ahead. Anita knelt in front of Clarissa and placed her warm hands on the older woman's firm thighs and licked her lips before she stuck her head up into her crotch and began eagerly slurping at the hot moist vagina.

"Oooh, yeah," Clarissa sighed. It had been so long since anyone had eaten out her cunt. She then watched as Lynda scampered round behind her. "That's it, eat my cunt. Eat it out you delicious whore."

"What a gorgeous arse you have," Lynda said as she knelt behind Clarissa. She placed her hands on the woman's firm buttocks and spread them, revealing a lovely shaved anus, dark pink and puckered. Anita and Lynda enjoyed a lot of anal play, and Lynda consequently had a lot of experience in the art of arse-licking (in the literal sense.) She leaned forwards and delicately ran the tip of her small wet tongue round Clarissa's arsehole.

"Mmmmm," Lynda purred. She loved licking arseholes, they felt nice and rubbery and puckered. She swirled her tongue round that tight hole whilst keeping Clarissa's buttocks spread, then she began to work the tip of her tongue up past the sphincter.

"Oh yeah, stick it up my arse," Clarissa groaned, lewdly, "Ram it up me you horny fucking bitch."

Anita often spoke to Lynda in such a filthy, forceful way, and Lynda - who liked being dominated somewhat - got incredibly turned on. Like Anita, she was still wearing a T-shirt - a short one that exposed her flat belly - and tight jeans, but she wished she was naked. She figured that she would be soon though! For now, she concentrated on rimming Clarissa. She wriggled her tongue up further into her the older woman's arsehole, up and up, into the clammy depths of her rectum.

Round the other side, Anita was getting up Clarissa's cunt, pushing her tongue right up the slippery pink orifice and into her womb.

"Uuuuuuunnh," sighed Clarissa, feeling both young lady's tongues squirming far into her cunt and rectum. She'd had her arsehole and cunt licked out plenty of times before, but never having had a threesome before she'd not enjoyed these sensations at the same time. Her legs felt shaky and her big heavy tits jiggled as ripples of pleasure ran through her tall curvaceous body. "Oh yeah, yeah," she panted, "Lick me out you sluts, eat my cunt, eat my arse. Oh fuck, oh sweet buggering Christ yeah!"

From down below came the slurpy smacking noises of some serious oral attention, Anita sucking wetly on Clarissa's dripping twat whilst Lynda was still intently snaking her tongue up Clarissa's rectal passage.

For a moment, Anita took her face from Clarissa's crotch and she looked up, her beautiful young face slick with cunt-juice, her red lipstick slightly smeared.

"Your cunt tastes gorgeous," she told Clarissa.

"Then eat it out some more my pretty bitch," Clarissa purred, placing a hand on the back of Anita's head and pushing her face back into her snatch. Anita buried her tongue obligingly up Clarissa's sopping twat. She didn't need any encouragement to do this activity, and neither did Lynda as she busied herself tongue-fucking the arsehole of the woman she and her lover had sandwiched between them.

"Oh fuck, yeah, eat me out," moaned Clarissa a moment later, the sensuous pleasure eminating from her sucked orifices rising and rising to a fever pitch, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!! UUUUUH!" Her tall curvaceous body shuddered as she stood there, naked and with the nipples standing out erectly atop her big wobbly tits, Anita and Lynda licking her out during her climax. "Oh GOD! YES! Suck me! Lick me! Fuck! By God, what an orgasm, yeah."

Anita and Lynda finally moved back, licking their slick lips. Clarissa towered nude over them, brushing her hair from her sweaty face.

"Shall we undress now?" asked Anita, elegantly getting to her feet.

"Oh yes, strip, strip," panted Clarissa, "Let me see your fine bodies."

Anita stepped back and began undressing. Lynda came round and stood next to her and also began removing her clothes. Soon, the two young nurses were standing nude and Clarissa was utterly smitten with their beautiful young bodies. She stepped fowards and ran her hands over the naked young women, muttering lewd compliments as she did so. They contrasted quite nicely.

Anita was tall and leggy, with a glamorous body. Her legs were firm and toned, her arse shapely, round and mouthwatering. Though her tits were not as big as Clarissa's impressive melons, they were nonetheless an impressive pair of boobs, 34D in size and with big dark red nipples.

On the other hand, Lynda was very small and petite, with tiny titties, pale skin and a beautifully pert little bottom. Anita's black cunt-hair was neatly trimmed, but Lynda's chestnut-brown cunt-hair was mostly shaved, just a small amount adorning her pubic mound below her flat little stomach. Damien had noted in his diary that Lynda was aged twenty-two, and had Clarissa not read this information she would have honestly guessed that Lynda was only about nineteen, or perhaps even younger. The little brunette was so adorably petite, and it occured to Clarissa that if Lynda had her hair pulled up in bunches and wore a school-uniform she could pass for a schoolgirl in her mid-teens. She made a mental note to suggest such a disguise for a future occasion.

Right now though, Clarissa was unable to take her eyes off the two young lady's bodies. She knelt and stuck her head obscenely between Anita's legs and sucked for a moment on her cunt. Then she stood and fondled her tits with one hand whilst her other hand strayed over Lynda's small breasts and belly. Licking her lips, Clarissa then knelt down before Lynda and lapped at her cunt for a moment. Unable to stay still, she had Lynda turn round and bend over.

"Oh my, what a beautiful bum," she growled, lustfully, as she fondled Lynda's cute pale buttocks and admired the pink little anus between those cheeks. She leaned forwards and ran her tongue up and down Lynda's arse-crack, making the young lady sigh with pleasure. Lynda squealed with delight when she felt Clarissa's tongue force it's way past her sphincter and into her rectum.

"Lick my arse too," Anita said as she turned round and bent over. She had taken orders from Clarissa and now felt obliged to dish them out, too. Clarissa soon hopped from Lynda to Anita and she tongued and licked the latter's anus. Then she went back to Lynda, then to Anita. She lapped at their arseholes hungrily, making it clear that she shared Anita and Lynda's taste for anal-play.

"I simply must fuck you two," Clarissa said once she'd slurped her fill of her guest's orifices. She turned and went to a small carrier bag that sat on an armchair. Anita and Lynda turned and watched as Clarissa pulled a large strap-on dildo from the bag, a smooth white one nine-inches in length and attached to a black leather belt. The busty blonde fitted it to herself. "Who's first?" she asked, strolling towards the sofa again, the big plastic phallus jutting out from her crotch.

"Me," Anita said, without hesitation, "I want you to fuck my hot cunt then I want you to fuck me in the arse."

"I like a slut who knows what she wants," grinned Clarissa, "Sit down on the sofa and spread your legs."

Anita did so, her long legs flung apart as she sat on the edge of the seat, her wet pink slit winking from between her firm toned thighs. Clarissa knelt between Anita's parted legs and spent a moment stroking the tip of the strap-on dildo up and down the entrance to the young lady's cunt. Then she slid it in to a depth of four-inches, making Anita moan with pleasure.

"Oooh yeah, fuck me," she purred, "Mmmmm."

"I'm going to fuck you even harder than my son fucked you," Clarissa promised, and she swiftly planted the remaining five-inches of the thick dildo into Anita's cunt, making her cry out with pleasure.

"Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me," Anita begged, "Ram it right up my cunt. Uh. Uh. Oh yeah."

Clarissa's delicious arse clenched and unclenched as she began thrusting back and forth, the long smooth white fake cock drawing back and forth in Anita's cunt with ease thanks to the moistness of that sublime orifice.

Lynda had been standing nearby watching this and was abruptly called to attention by Clarissa.

"Lynda? Stand on the sofa, astride Anita, so that I can eat out your cunt. If I'm going to indulge myself with two pretty cunts there's no point in having one standing idle. Give me you twat you sweet little minx."

Unlike Anita, Lynda was far more used to taking such lewd orders, and that was the way she preferred it too. The delicate brunette got up on the sofa and stood with her small bare feet planted either side of Anita's hips so that her groin was right in front of Clarissa's face. Without ceremony, Clarissa jammed her head between Lynda's legs and began slurping noisily on her pretty young vagina. She was an expert cunt-licker, and an enthusiastic one too, not having tasted one for so long until this evening, and Lynda was soon moaning with pleasure. She bent forwards a little and placed her hands on Clarissa's shoulders to help support herself. Clarissa was, during the whole time she ate out Lynda's cunt, busy fucking the strap-on in and out of Anita's womb. Anita sat up, spying that Lynda's sweet pale bottom was within reach of her face and soon she clapped her hands to those delicate cheeks and spread them. Then she leaned forwards and pushed her wet tongue up Lynda's rectum.

"Ooooh, oh yeah," Lynda gasped as she was subjected to the same thrill as Clarissa had earlier - a tongue up each of her holes. Lynda had never enjoyed a threesome before so, like Clarissa, this was her first experience of such a delightful activity. She tipped her head back to the ceiling, her eyelids fluttering, the tender pink nipples of her small breasts sticking out erectly. It wasn't long before she climaxed. "Uuuuh, I'm cumming, oh yeah! Oh GOD! Lick me, lick my cunt, my arse, oh yeah. UUUUUUNH!" Clarissa was gripping Lynda thighs and Anita's hands were roughly spreading her cheeks, and if it weren't for this support Lynda would have collapsed from the thoroughness of the prolonged climax she endured.

Clarissa finally shuffled back, taking the strap-on from Anita's cunt and her tongue from Lynda's.

"Switch over girls," she said, and Lynda and Anita quickly did so, the latter now sitting back on the sofa with her legs apart and the former standing astride her. Two lovely cunts awaiting attention. Clarissa shuffled back up to them and pushed the strap-on dildo into Lynda's tight cunt to the hilt and, as she began fucking the younger woman, she stuck her tongue into Anita's sopping hairy twat. Although she was once again wracked with fatigue-enducing pleasure, Lynda managed to sit up slightly, spread Anita's cheeks, and return the favour her girlfriend had provided her by licking out her arsehole. Anita had been bought close to orgasm when Clarissa had fucked her a moment ago, but a strap-on dildo was not as good as a more natural body-part such as a finger, tongue or cock, and it was now, with Clarissa eating out her snatch and Lynda tonguing her anus that Anita climaxed, spluttering lewd obscenities as she did so.

Five-minutes of this fun - but exhausting - activity later, and Clarissa moved back once more. The dildo she had strapped to her crotch was slick with cunt-juice, as was her sweaty face. All three ladies were grinning.

"Your arses please girls," Clarissa said, standing up, "According to his lewd little notes, my son buggered the pair of you, indicating you perhaps share my own desire for backdoor fun."

"Damn right," Anita declared, "Although we were pushed for time, Damien fucked my arse very well and shot his load right up my rectum." Having been momentarily terrified a short while ago that Clarissa would call the police on them for what they'd been up to with her underage son, it was now very thrilling and liberating for Anita to sluttishly discuss Damien's sexual performance with the boy's own mum!

It seemed to excite Clarissa too.

"Damien fucked you up the arse didn't he Lynda?" she asked the other one of her son's seducers.

"Mmmmm," nodded Lynda, not as confident as Anita but nonetheless sharing her thrill of discussing such a thing from the woman they had originally been intending to stop from finding out about their activities. "It was nice," she added, flashing a mischievous grin that once again made her look like a naughty teenaged girl rather than a woman of twenty-two.

"Bend over," Clarissa ordered them, "Both of you."

Anita got on the sofa, kneeling on the edge, backwards, her arms folded and resting on the back rest. Lynda took up the same position next to her so that both their beautiful bums were thrust out at crotch height, arseholes twitching expectantly.

"Shove it me Clarissa," Anita begged, as impatient as always, "Up my bum!"

"I think this dildo is slippery enough with cunt-sauce to glide up that arse of yours Anita," Clarissa said as she took up her position, standing behind the bent over slut, "Let's see how we go here." She placed her left hand on the base of Anita's back and held the base of the dildo with her right hand, guiding the glistening, juicy head of the torpedo shaped piece of hard moulded plastic to Anita's anus, which was still slick with Lynda's saliva. She pushed tentatively, and soon found that Anita's sphincter was nicely relaxed and had taken such hefty invaders on a regular basis. Clarissa pushed some more, slowly squeezing the tip of the dildo into the spread arse before her. Soon the whole tip was in and Clarissa kept pushing, easing forwards, inch by inch. Anita grunted as she felt her sphincter spread wide, but the discomfort soon faded and turned into a burning pleasure. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the back-rest of the sofa, her rectum filling with dildo, and still it kept sliding into her, further and further.

Finally, the final inch slid into place, and Clarissa smiled wickedly at the gorgeous sight of the very base of the nine-inch dildo gripped by Anita's anus, the rest of the sizable sex-toy rammed up the dark haired beauty's rectal passage.

Clarissa held Anita's hips and began fucking the young woman with heaving thrusts of her loins, ramming the big dildo up her arse. Antia's heavy firm tits jiggled beneath her as she grunted with animalistic lust, urging Clarissa to bugger her harder.

"Uuuuh, fuck me, fuck me Clarissa, fuck my arse! Fuck me deeper, harder...faster....fuck! UUUUH!"

As she energetically sodomized Anita, Clarissa was able admire Lynda's pert bum which was spread and ready for fucking next to Anita's. She reached across and fondled the brunette's arse, tracing a finger round her puckered anus which twitched at the touch. After a few more minutes of giving Anita a hard arse-fucking, Clarissa withdrew from her, slowly sliding the dildo out of her arse. The nine-inch phallus emerged with a slurpy 'pop', the hole which it had so thoroughly plugged now yawning and slick.

"Your turn Lynda," Clarissa declared as she stepped to oneside so that the younger woman's bum was in the line of fire of her big strap-on, "Your arsehole looks a bit more delicate than your girlfriend's, but I dare say it can take a good fucking just as well."

"Damn right it can," Anita said, still bent over, looking over her shoulder, "Lynda can take my whole fist up her arse. Don't show her any mercy, ram it right up her."

Lynda remained silent, just grinning happily as she shivered with expectation, happy to let her lover speak on her behalf.

"A bit more lube might help," Clarissa concluded, although really she just wanted to eat out the woman's arse a bit more. She bent over and lapped at Lynda's bum-hole thirstily for a moment, making the nurse sigh with happiness. Then Clarissa stood up, ready for the heavier work. She placed the tip of the strap-on to the hole she'd just been licking and pushed.

Antia had not been lying. As petite and fragile looking as she may have been, Lynda was able to accommodate some pretty sizable objects up her arse, from dildos of all sizes to Anita's fist (she'd even fitted all but an inch of a foot-long cucumber up her rectum the other week during a rather spicy bit of food sex with Anita.) Clarissa applied pressure and watched as the tip of the dildo eased into Lynda's anus, but the small amount of resistance vanished once the hard part was over, and Clarissa was able to ease the dildo into the young slut's bowels in a steady gliding thrust. In one go, the whole nine-inches was buried up Lynda's arsehole, and she quivered with joy.

"Oh fuck, oh fuckin' yeah, fuck," Lynda yelped, "UUUUH! It's right up my arse."

Clarissa and Anita exchanged grins, the latter obviously aware of how her lover's introverted demeanour vanished when she was propelled to the heights of ecstasy.

Clarissa began to bum-fuck Lynda with the strap-on, long hard deep strokes that the horny bitch was evidently used too. She kept wailing with pleasure and uttering wild sluttish cries, urging her fucker to ram her arse harder. Clarissa obeyed, gritting her teeth and working up a sweat as she buggered Lynda. After a moment she reached across and stuck two fingers up Anita's arse. She worked them in and out for a moment then reached round and offered them to Lynda.

"Suck on them slut," she urged.

Without even needing the invite, Lynda slurped on the two digits presented to her, moaning inwardly with pleasure as she tasted her lover's arse-juices on them. Then Clarissa took them out, stuck her fingers up Anita's arse once more, then offered them to Anita, who was likewise happy to suck on them.

Eventually, Clarissa grew a bit tired and slowed down her thrusting. Finally, she stepped back, easing the long soiled strap-on cock from Lynda's ravished bum.

"Would you like us to return the favour?" asked Anita, getting off the sofa and kissing Clarissa, running her hands through the older woman's hair.

"Yes," Clarissa purred, "I need to be fucked, just as hard as I've fucked you two. I want you to wear this dildo and bum-fuck me whilst Lynda fists my cunt."

She removed the strap-on and Anita fitted it to herself.

Then, following Clarissa's orders, Anita sat down on the sofa and leaned back, the white dildo thrust upwards from her crotch like a tall and greasy tower.

Clarissa got astride Anita, lowering herself and sliding her anus down the greasy pole until she was anally-impaled to the hilt. She manouvered herself so that her spread legs were bent and her feet were planted on the edge of the sofa, then reached behind herself and gripped the back of the sofa, meaning she was squatting over Anita and - as she preferred to be - fully in control.

Clarissa rose up and down a few times, slowly, feeling the long dildo easing to and fro in her stretched anal-ring.

"Okay Lynda," she then said to the brunette who had been watching from the sidelines, "Get down and fist my cunt. Slide it right into me."

Lynda grinned lewdly then knelt down, licking her lips as she admired the slick pink twat that lay between Clarissa's wide-flung thighs. She could see that all but half-an-inch of the nine-inch of the strap-on that Anita wore was up Clarissa's rectum, just a thin sliver of white plastic visible below the obscenely stretched anus of the lustful bisexual single-mother who was now taking her turn to be fucked.

Lynda spent a few moments licking Clarissa's cunt, tasting her lovely juices. Then she leaned back and reached out with her right hand and slid two fingers into the moist hole, fingering her own cunt with her left hand as she did so. Clarissa remained still for a moment, looking down past her heaving tits as Lynda worked a couple of digits in and out of her cunt. Anita was motionless too, slumped back in the sofa, Clarissa crouched over her. Anita flicked out her tongue and licked at the drips of sweat on Clarissa's upper back which was right in front of her face.

Sensing Clarissa's impatience, Lynda soon was working a third finger into her cunt, then a fourth. Clarissa's breathing grew more lustful and heated. Soon Lynda had clenched her small fist and was pushing it into the sopping cunt presented to her, working it in, knuckles first.

"Uuuuuh, shove it up me," begged Clarissa, "Fuck yeah...right up me...into my cunt you gorgeous little slut."

Her tongue stuck out in concentration, Lynda kept easing her fist forwards until, finally, it slid up into Clarissa's twat to the wrist. The busty blonde cried out with ecstatic joy, her cunt now as fully penetrated as her dildo-plugged arsehole.

Things then got moving. Clarissa pulled herself up, half of the dildo sliding out of her arse. Then she pushed herself down, swallowing the plastic cock once more with her rectum. She pulled herself up, then down again, then up, then down. Lynda worked with the rythm. When Clarissa rose she would pushed her fist right up into the mature slut's womb, the first half of her forearm sinking up into the slippery cunt-channel, then when Clarissa would sink down and impale herself fully on the dildo up her arse, Lynda would pull her arm back so only her fist was up Clarissa's cunt.

This rythm began to increase in pace after about five-minutes, Clarissa's impending orgasm signalled by her rising cries of lust. Anita felt a little superfluous as she just sat there, not really able to do much work except thrust her hips up a little. She contented herself with clapping her hands to Clarissa's hips and helping to push her up and pull her down. Lynda was panting with pleasure as she fingered her own tight snatch with her left forefinger whilst pumping her right fist - most of her forarm - in and out Clarissa's sucking cunt.

"Oh God, oh God, NNNNG!!" cried Clarissa through gritted teeth, "Holy shit I'm cumming...AAAH!" She bounced up and down, eyes closed tightly and drooling like a rampant slut as her cunt was fisted and her arse dildo-fucked. Her enormous sweat-slick tits swung up and down in time with her bouncing. They were so big she was almost smacking herself in the face.

It was an Earth-shattering climax and when it finally died away, and Lynda had pulled her fist out of her cunt, Clarissa had to be practically lifted off of the dildo she was so exhausted. The busty babe slumped to oneside on the sofa, sweaty and totally shagged out. Anita took off the dildo and she and Lynda sat either side next to Clarissa. They caressed and kissed her, stroked her tits and sucked on her nipples. Clarissa turned from side-to-side, kissing each of them in turn, sliding her tongue into their throats.

The trio of naked sweaty ladies spent a good five-minutes snogging like randy teenagers. Eventually, wanting to drink something other than just her new friend's spit, Clarissa got up, went to the kitchen, and returned with three glasses of red wine. They sat on the sofa, sipping their drinks and began chatting.

Sensing that Clarissa was libertine woman like herself, Anita confided all her lewd secrets; fucking her kid brother when she was a teenager, seducing a number of boys at hospital, and finally her's and Lynda's plan to seduce Damien.

"Why do you like young boys exactly?" Clarissa asked her guests, "I'm curious, I want you to go into more details than earlier. I know of men who like pubescent girls but not women liking pubescent boys."

"I guess they're just such attentative lovers," Anita shrugged, "It's such a novelty for them. It's not really a case of being able to dominate them, just that they'll do anything you ask and be really grateful for it. Not like the few men I've slept with, who are often inconsiderate and think they're doing you a favour even when they blow their nuts in ten-seconds flat and fall asleep."

"I guess there's the corruption of the innocent," Clarissa mused, getting a kick out of imagining seeing her son fucking these two young ladies - a sight she hoped to see tomorrow, if her upcoming suggestion was accepted.

"There's that, yeah," Anita smirked, naughtily, "And the physical side. I dunno I just...never found myself lusting after broad-shouldered, hunky six-footers with body hair. I just love young boy's underdeveloped cocks - either with very little hair or, even better, none at all - their pale little bums and their sweet faces. Eyes wide in awe when they see a pair of boobs for the first time! Obviously I love women too. I've never considered it too much though. I don't think anyone ever understands their desires, so it's best just to go along with them."

"Clarissa?" began Lynda, feeling confident after having almost drained her glass of wine already, which had gone rapidly to her head, "When you met us at the door you said um...we should come in if we wanted to, y'know, fuck Damien again."

"Yup, that's what I said," Clarissa confirmed.

"So," smiled Lynda, "does that mean we can see him again?"

"Sure. How about tomorrow?"

"Sounds cool," Anita nodded, "He can come to our place if that's okay."

"No no, come round here," Clarissa replied, "Come round here, both of you. You can spend the day with my son. And me of course."

"You're going to be here?" asked Lynda.

"Sure," Clarissa shrugged, smiling and sipping her wine, "I want to see my son satisfying you two, it'll be a great thrill. And, of course, I'll join in and fuck you both when Damien needs a break."

Anita and Lynda thought this was a superb idea. Anita had got a kick out of the taboo of incest when she was humping her little brother all those years ago, and though Clarissa had made no mention of getting it on with Damien, it was still a kind of quasi-incest - a woman and her twelve-year-old son both screwing a pair of women together. This evening had turned out better than Anita and Lynda could have imagined.

"Let's go upstairs," Clarissa said a moment later, having finished her drink, "I'll not be picking up Damien for another couple of hours."

"Shall we stick around for when he gets back?" asked Lynda.

Clarissa thought about this for a moment. "No, let's leave it until tomorrow, it'll be more fun for us all. Besides, he'll be tired. He's only twelve, he needs his beauty sleep. No, you two go home for the night and come round here tomorrow at nine. Right now, come on upstairs ladies."

Anita and Lynda sprang to their feet and eagerly followed Clarissa up to her bedroom where the clambered eagerly onto the large bed.

The three of them screwed each other senseless. Clarissa did not dictate things like she had earlier. In fact, no-one did. They just sprawled across the bed, sucking, licking and fingering each other, exploring one another's bodies, making things up as they went along. They didn't bother using sex-toys either, they were quite happy with their tongues and fingers.

It was over an hour before they'd finally partially sated their lust. Their bodies were slick with sweat, their cunts, arseholes and nipples very thoroughly sucked.


Antia and Lynda had gone home by the time Clarissa - dressed and looking respectable - drove out to pick up Damien. The boy was sulking a little, believing he'd missed his chance of getting to screw Lynda and Anita ever again - but he was also tired and was asleep not long after he'd gone to bed.

His mother lay in her own bedroom, frigging her cunt and looking forwards to the fun to be had tomorrow, and finding herself more turned on at the idea of watching Damien fucking Anita and Lynda than the idea of fucking them herself.


Like twelve-year-old boys the world over, Damien woke up the following morning with an erection. He was still unhappy at having missed a chance to fuck Anita and Lynda last night, but he was glad that his mum had not found out about things, or so he thought. He lay under his Star Wars duvet in just his underpants - the Superman ones he had worn in hospital last week, which Anita had found so charming - and he reached down and slid his hand in his pants and fondled his stiff four-incher.

A moment later there was a knock on the door.

"Yeah?" called Damien, his hand whipping out of his pants.

"Morning sweetie," smiled Clarissa as she opened the door. It was large, airy room and the walls were covered in movie and football posters. Above the bed was a big poster of Kylie Minogue, dressed rather scantily. Damien had got that one just a few months ago and Clarissa - when tidying up her son's room - often looked at it, admiring the Australian pop-star's fine body. Last night, in bed, it had occured to Clarissa that her interest in the poster had partly been a fascination with her little boy developing an interest in ladies (after all, he didn't actually like Kylie Minogue's music, just, it seemed, her body.)

"Morning mum," Damien said, sitting up in bed, uncomfortable at having a boner. His eyes grew wide as his mother stepped into the room.

Clarissa had wondered what to wear when revealing the plans for the day to her son. After being unable to find anything that was a perfect blend of sexiness and subtlety, she had opted on something wildly over-the-top. She wore a pair of black fishnet stockings, held up with straps attached to a lacy matching garter belt. She wore a thong, the material (what there was of it) bright pink, the lacy trim black. Her bra matched the thong. The cups were quite skimpy and covered little more than her nipples. They pushed her 37DD breasts together, emphasising her enormous cleavage.

Damien was unable to keep his eye's off of his mother's lovely lithe body, dressed in such sexy underwear. Clarissa grinned as she realised the appreciation her son had for her gorgeous body, and she suddenly saw what Anita and Lynda had been talking about; the lewd affection of a young boy - far more than a grown man - was so intoxicatingly strong.

Clarissa walked up to her son's bed and sat on the edge, her breasts jiggling in the sexy bra she wore.

"You look um...." began Damien, eyes dropping to his mum's cleavage, "...nice."

"Thank's sweetie," she said, reaching out and ruffling her son's hair. The boy was sitting up and the duvet had slipped down to his naval, his bare upper torso exposed. Clarissa reached down and lightly ran her fingers over Damien's chest. The boy shivered and suddenly felt his cock stiffen. This touching was not coincidental; Anita had told Clarissa last night the full detail of how she'd seduced Damien, including how she'd stroked the boy's chest. This superficially innocent physical contact send a gentle charge of pleasure through Damien's body and his penis grew even stiffer.

"Your friends came round last night," Clarissa began, "Lynda and Anita. I expected them. I sneakily read your diary, and found it rather interesting, and I wanted to meet your charming girlfriends."

Whilst still stroking her son's chest, Clarissa told the boy everything, how she'd had sex with Anita and Lynda, how she had invited them over today, what she planned on them all doing. "We'll have some fun you and me, with Anita and Lynda. You'll screw them, and I'll screw them, and they'll screw us. Just like you planned on doing yesterday, but with me joining in. Sound fun?"

Damien nodded, grinning. He was a bright lad, and the events of last weekend in hospital had left him with little capacity to be surprised at the weird and wonderful things women often liked to get up to. Not only did he think it great to have sex with Anita and Lynda with the blessing of his mum, but also to have her there too!

"It sounds like it's going to be great fun mum!" he giggled.

"Are you excited?" asked Clarissa, finding her cunt grow moist with horniness.

"Mmmm, I am," Damien nodded.

"I mean...are you excited down there? In your pants?"

Damien realized his mum was asking him if he had a hard-on, and naturally the revelations of the previous few moments meant he had little reservation in admitting this.

"Yeah," he replied, giggling again.

Clarissa took an intake of breath and took a step further than she'd expected to go; "Can I see it?"

"See it?"

"Your erection. Let me see it sweetie. Mummy wants to see your stiff willie."

What boy could not fail to be proud of this amazing state his dick could achieve? Damien shoved the bed-covers down the bed, raised his bum a little and pulled his pants down his legs until he could kick them off. They landed in a heap on the floor. The twelve-year-old boy lay there proudly, his little erection laying upwards across his firm lower belly.

"It's good, innit?" he declared.

"Very nice honey."

"You look really pretty mum," he told her, "Like...dead sexy and stuff."

Clarissa smiled warmly. Boys were usually so shy about giving out compliments to their mum, even innocent compliments, that when received it was far more heart-warming than when given out by anyone else.

"We both look dead sexy," Clarissa grinned, "and I feel sexy too. My cunt is getting moist."

Damien was rather shocked to here is mum use such language.

"It's okay sweetie," Clarissa smiled, reaching out and lighty running her finger-nails over her son's bare belly, "There's no point in using euphamisms, we might as well refer to things by the most convenient word. I don't want you using such language normally, but when we're having fun with our guests later you can use the words cock, cunt, tits and all others."

"Cool," giggled Damien, "Um...why is your er...cunt wet mum?"

"It's what happens when women are excited. Boy's get stiff dicks, girls get wet cunts."

"Are you really excited mummy?"

"Yes honey. Very excited. I can't wait until me and you screw our new friends later."

"When are Anita and Lynda coming round mum?"

"Nine o'clock. That's about half-an-hour. You hop in the shower honey."

"Okay. Shall I get dressed afterwards? I mean...I'm gonna get nekked soon again aren't I?"

"Just put on a T-shirt and some underpants or something."

Damien clambered off the bed and scampered past his mother, who playfully slapped his cute bum as he went past. The boy ran the shower whilst Clarissa sauntered sexily into her bedroom to pick which sex-toys to use today.


Anita and Lynda were very excited about today's upcoming adventure too. The pair of them strolled down the suburban street to Clarissa and Damien's house, squinting in the blazing morning sun. Anita wore a pair of white demnim cut-offs that showed off her gorgeous firm long legs, and also a tight white T-shirt with no bra underneath, so that her nipples were almost poking through the cotton material and causing more than a couple of male passers-by to gaze at them. Lynda was wearing tight black jeans and a red blouse, the tails tied together, her slender stomach exposed.

The two young ladies hurried to their destination and arrive their a few minutes early. Anita knocked on the doorbell.

Clarissa answered it, still wearing the lacy pink-and-black knickers and bra, together with the black garter belt holding up the fishnet stockings. She also wore a pair of high-heeled shoes which added an extra few inches to her already impressive stature, boosting her to almost six-foot. The mature busty blonde was an imposing and ultra-sexy figure as she stood in the doorway.

"You look so hot," Lynda gasped. "Thanks," smiled Clarissa, "So do you two. Come in ladies."

Anita and Lynda hurried in.

Soon enough, the three women were in the living room, standing in the centre of the room.

"Where's that delicious son of yours?" Anita asked Clarissa.

"He's coming now."

There came the sound of a child scampering down the stairs, and into the living room came Damien, hair damp from his shower and his big dark eyes sparkling with excitement. He wore just a T-shirt and a pair of white underpants.

"Hiya," he grinned at Anita and Lynda.

"Hi sweetie," responded Anita, licking her lips as she admired the gorgeous pubescent boy.

"You look very energetic this morning," commented Lynda.

"I am energetic," said Damien, "And I'm horny. Let's all get naked."

Without any ceremony, Damien tugged off his T-shirt then pulled down his pants, slinging them aside and standing nude, his body pale and slender, his cute penis standing out stiffly from his hairless smooth groin.

"You don't waste any time do you?" asked Anita, walking towards the boy and ruffling his hair. She bent down and gave him a kiss.

"Is your cunt wet?" the boy asked with a cheeky smirk, "Mummy said that's what happens to women when they get horny, their cunts go all wet and stuff. She said hers was wet this morning because she was so excited and having sex with you two."

"Oh yes sweetie, my cunt is very wet," purred Anita.

"Mine too," Lynda added, "Do you want to see Damien?"

Damien nodded, excited.

Lynda took off her shoes and socks, then pulled down her jeans and knickers. She stepped out of them and stood in just her red blouse. Damien hurried over and knelt on the floor, looking up at Lynda's cunt. The young woman stood with her feet apart so that the boy could peer up and see that, indeed, Lynda's pink slit was glistening with moistness.

"Wow, it looks really wet," Damien gasped, "Cool!"

Anita had quickly undressed now too. Jealous that her girlfriend had snatched the boy's attention, she stepped up next to Lynda and invited him to look at her cunt.

"How does it look down there?" asked Anita, looking down at the boy as he knelt there, gazing at her privates.

"It looks really moist too," he said, "All slippery and stuff." He suddenly remembered that his mother was in the room too, and that he was somewhat eager to see her naked as well. "Are you gonna get undressed mum?" he asked her.

"I might as well," Clarissa said, "as seen as everyone else is."

"Have you seen your mum naked?" Lynda asked Damien as she took off her blouse and bra and slinging them aside.

"No," Damien replied, "She saw me naked this morning, she asked to see my willie and I showed it to her. But I haven't seen her nude. I bet she looks dead sexy too."

"Let's sit and watch your mummy take her clothes off," Anita said as she sat on the sofa, "Sit on my lap sweetheart."

Damien did so, sitting sideways on Anita's thighs as she sat on the sofa. The dark-haired beauty placed one hand on the boy's back and gently stroked it whilst she ran her other hand along his thighs. She wanted to touch his erection but felt like leaving that for a moment, as it looked so stiff she was worried it would shoot it's load at the slightest touch. Lynda sat next to the pair.

Enjoying being the centre of attention, Clarissa took off her shoes then began to remove her underwear. Damien's eyes were wide with awe as he watched his mum strip. He didn't conciously feel lust towards her, but he certainly felt incredibly aroused at seeing this gorgeous lady reveal her body, regardless of the fact that she was his mum and he, perhaps, should not have such feelings.

Soon enough, Clarissa was naked, her big heavy tits on display, her furry snatch revealed.

"You look really nice mum," commented Damien, sincerely.

"Hasn't your mummy got nice big boobs?" giggled Lynda. Damien nodded and giggled as well.

"Show us your arse Clarissa," Anita told the woman, "Show us that beautiful rump."

Proudly, Clarissa turned to face away from her little audience, and Damien licked his lips as he admired the perfect, mouthwatering bum his mother possessed. Then Clarissa bent over, feet apart, her arse spread and thrust towards the three pairs of voyeuristic eyes.

"I can see mum's arsehole," sniggered Damien, finding it as amusing as it was arousing to see this incredibly intimate part of his mother's body.

"It's a nice arsehole isn't it?" asked Anita, hugging the boy closer to her, "Do you think it's as nice as mine and Lynda's?"

"I can't remember what yours look like, could you show me again?"

"Of course sweetie."

Damien got off of Anita and sat on the sofa and watched as Anita and Lynda walked towards Clarissa, who was still bent over. The two younger ladies flanked Clarissa and adopted the same position, so that Damien had three gorgeous grown women all bent over before him, their behinds spread, a trio of puckered anuses winking at him. He giggled and played with his erection.

"Cool," was his typically childish summary of the view presented to him, "You've all got really nice bottoms."

Clarissa was eager to get things going, so she stood up straight and got Damien to move off the sofa. "Anita, come and sit next to me," she said.

Anita joined Clarissa in sitting on the sofa, side-by-side, their thighs flung apart, moist cunts slick and ready for attention.

"Okay Damien," began Clarissa, "I want you to eat out Anita whilst Lynda does the same to me."

"Eat her?" the boy asked, not quite getting this.

"Eat her cunt," Lynda explained, "Lick it and suck it. It tastes nice."

"Then shove your cock up it," Anita added.

"How do I lick it, do I shove my tongue up there?" Damien asked.

"Here, I'll show you by doing it to your mum," Lynda told the boy, and she knelt in front of Clarissa. Leaning forwards, she began running her tongue up and down Clarissa's cunt-lips, Damien kneeling next to Lynda and looking over her shoulder.

"Neat," he commented, "Does it taste nice?"

"Mmmmm," replied Lynda as she continued lapping at Clarissa's cunt. Then she slid her tongue up into the slit and Clarissa purred with pleasure.

"Give it a try," Anita urged the young boy as she sat next to Clarissa on the sofa, "Come and lick me sweetheart."

Damien shuffled aside and knelt on the floor between Anita's legs. He placed his hands on her firm thighs and dived in, energetically lapping at her cunt. Anita was instantly thrilled at the sensation of the child's hot little tongue busily working over her juicy lips. "Mmmmm, lick it Damien, lick my cunt out."

"Your cunt hair is tickling my nose," the boy giggled after a moment, then plunged back in anyway, now sliding his tongue up into Anita's clasping cunt channel. For a couple of minutes he indulged himself in a lovely feast of woman-cunt and didn't hesitate to slurp down the plentiful juices he found in that sopping orifice.

"Aaaah, there's nothing better than being eaten out," Clarissa was sighing as her own twat was being slurped and tongued by Lynda.

"I'm gonna fuck you now," Damien said as he knelt up straight, his prick sticking forwards like a small throbbing arrow and pointing at the orifice he had just been licking.

"Yes, stick it up me," urged Anita, "Slide it into my cnut and give me a good fucking sweetheart."

Damien guided his prick into Anita's cunt and let out a long sigh of happiness. "Wow, I'd forgotten how good this feels," he commented.

"Play with Antia's boobs," Clarissa urged her son, "When fucking a woman you have to take care of her other body parts."

With his tongue sticking out slightly in concentration, Damien reached up and placed his small hands over Anita's large firm tits. He exchanged grins with her as he merrily fondled and squeezed her breasts whilst pumping his pecker in her tight moist cunt.

"That's good sweetie," Anita murmered after a moment, "Mmmmmm. You're fucking me so well."

This inspired Damien to fuck Anita harder. It made him feel very grown up to know that he was giving this adult woman pleasure with his boy-cock.

Meanwhiel, Lynda had slid two fingers into Clarissa's cunt whilst she ran her tongue over the older woman's clit.

"Uuuh, eat my cunt Lynda," she groaned, often looking to oneside to admire her beautiful son as he fucked Anita, "Lynda, oh yeah, you delicious little bitch, suck my clitty." She raised her arse a little off the sofa, gripping her heaving tits and pinching her nipples.

"You're mummy is going to cum I think," Anita told Damien.

"Cum?" asked Damien, fucking Anita with slightly slower thrusts as he glanced aside and watching his mum begin to buck and groan in ecstasy.

"It's when a woman orgasms," Anita explained, "And it feels good!"

"Oh fuck yeah, it feels good," Clarissa cried as - right on cue - her climax began to ripple through her body thanks to Lynda's tongue and fingers working over her sopping cunt, "Uhhh, I'm cumming, Holy cunting shit yeah! UH! UUUUUH!!"

Clarissa's body finally stopped shaking and grew a limp. She was sweaty and dishevelled, and looked all the more sexy for it.

Lynda raised her head, her pretty delicate face slick with cunt-juice. She grinned. "Did you like that Clarissa?"

"Mmmm, I did," the busty blonde smiled, and she leaned forwards and kissed Lynda lewdly on the lips, tasting her own pussy juice.

"That was great," Damien said, "Do you think you'll cum soon Anita?"

"Well....women don't just cum at the drop of a hat honey, it can take a while. But if you keep fucking me like that and playing with my tits, then I may just cum!"

"Excellent! I want to see that. I want to make you cum." Damien began humping Anita faster, pinching her nipples a little.

Next to them, the other lustful pair had switched positions. Lynda sat back on the sofa, legs apart, and Clarissa knelt on the floor and licked Lynda's twat. Lynda began murmering with pleasure, feeling Clarissa's tongue slide into her pussy whilst her clit was rubbed.

Damien hardly paid any attention to this, the boy was busy working up a sweat fucking Anita hard. The beautiful twenty-seven-year-old woman was beginning to pant with joy, feeling instense pleasure eminating from her cunt as twelve-year-old Damien fucked her energetically.

With Clarissa tongueing her cunt still, Lynda turned and clamped her lips over Anita's. The horny ladies kissed passionately, tongues sliding into one another's mouth.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm cumming," Anita suddenly began crying, "Uh, uuuuh, fuck me Damien, fuck me...MMMMMMPH!" She was partially silenced when Lynda began snogging her again, drinking in the moans of pleasure from her lover.

"Me too," Damien declared, triumphantly, fucking Anita hard and feeling his sperm rising from his small balls, "Oh wow...oh yeah! NNNNG!" The sight of two women kissing, together with the sight of his mum eating out Lynda's cunt and - of course - the hot grip of Anita's cunt, all conspired to propell him to the heights of utter ecstasy. He shoved his cock to the root in Anita's snatch and blasted her full of his cum. "UUUUUUH!"

"Fill her cunt honey," Clarissa urged her son, lifting her juice-slick face from Lynda's snatch for a moment, "Cum right inside her."

"I am mummy, I am!" Damien gasped, feeling his cock pulsing hard with every squirt of his cum. He let out a long sigh as his orgasm faded away, the last of his fuck-sauce dribbled stickily into Anita's womb.

"You sure are an energetic fucker," Clarissa told her son as she got up and stroked his hair. Damien slid his wilting penis from Anita's snatch and he stood up.

"Wow, all my stuff is leaking out," he observed as he looked down at his creamy sperm oozing from Anita's sopping pussy.

"I'd better clean it up," Lynda commented, and she eagerly knelt down and started slurping the spermy twat of her lover. Damien and his mother watched with delight, enjoying the sight of this lewdness. Lynda pulled back after a moment, a big grin on her face and a string of sperm connecting the tip of her tongue to Anita's twat, then she plunged back in and resumed felching Damien's sperm from Anita's cunt noisily.

"That is so cool," Damien commented, then began playing with his cock, "Damn, it'll take me a while until I get a hard on."

"It won't take too long," Clarissa told her son, stroking his back, "Not with us three ladies to help bring your little soldier back to life."

"Kneel next to me Damien," Anita asked him, "Give me your willie and I'll suck it back to stiffness."

Damien hopped onto the sofa and thrust his soft slick little bald prick into Anita's face. She licked her lips and took it into her mouth, slurping on the lovely little boy-prick whilst Lynda continued eating out her sperm-leaking twat. Clarissa stood watching this sordid trio, Damien flashing a cheeky grin at his mum when he made eye contact with her.

As she licked Anita's cunt, Lynda was on her hands and knees, her pert bum thrust out, pink anus winking seductively above her tight cunt. Clarissa spied that lovely puckered hole and decided to get down and lick it. Damien was thrilled as he watched this whilst continuing to have his cock sucked by Anita. However, from this angle he couldn't see exactly what his mum was slurping.

"Are you licking Lynda's bum or her cunt mum?" he asked, rather casually.

"Her bum," Clarissa replied, raising her head and smiling naughtily at her son.

"Wow," gasped Damien, fascinated at the idea of such a kinky act, "Can I lick it as well mum?"

"You can after me honey."

Clarissa got back to reaming out Lynda's anus, pushing her tongue into that shaved orifice, spurring on Lynda to lap at Anita's cunt more energetically, which in turn encouraged Anita to suck Damien's prick harder. Before long the young boy's prick was erect once more, stiff and pulsing in Anita's mouth. She took her lips from it and admired it.

"Mmmm, you're all hard again," she purred, "I'm in the mood for having my bum fucked. Would you like to lick my bum then fuck it Damien?"

"Yeah! Definately."

"I'm going to fuck Lynda's arse in the meantime," Clarissa said as she got up.

"How?" Damien asked, puzzled.

"You'll see," replied his mum as the naked sexy blonde sauntered out the room and went upstairs.

In her bedroom, Clarissa took a strap-on dildo, a long pink one. She fitted it securely to her crotch and went back downstairs.

In the living room, Anita and Lynda were on their hands and knees on the sofa, facing backwards, their spread arses thrust out to the world and ready for attention. Damien was licking Anita's bum when he turned and saw his mother strolling in with this plastic cock fitted to a strap she wore.

"Whoa, what's that mum?"

"It's a strap-on, a fake cock that will allow me to fuck our guests the same way you do."

"It looks funny. It's a bit bigger than my willie."

"Aw, don't get jealous," Anita reassured the boy as she look over her shoulder at him, "Size isn't important and, besides, although a plastic cock feels good it never feels as good as a real one. Now, sweetie, slide that lovely pecker of yours up my arse."

Damien held the base of his prick as he stood behind Anita, who remained bent over on the sofa, her saliva-slick anus a puckered target that Damien's cock was thrust towards. The boy pushed the head of his prick into Anita's anus then held the woman's hips as he pushed his whole four-inches into her rectum.

"Uuuuuh, that's it," Anita gasped, her tits jiggling under her as she shook with pleasure, "Mmmm, that's the spot."

"Look mummy," Damien urged Clarissa, voice filled with pride, "Look! My dick is right up Anita's bum. It's up her pooh-hole."

"That's lovely dear," his mother smiled, feeling so horny at the sight before her, "You fuck her good and hard up the arse, there's a good boy." Clarissa then turned her attention to Lynda. She licked the petite brunette's arsehole some more then stood up straight and guided the tip of the strap-on dildo up into that pink hole. It took a moment, but eventually Clarissa had ease the first part of the dildo into Lynda's anus. It was quite easy after that first hurdle for her to push the whole nine-inch phallic device into Lynda's rectum, making the young lady cry out lustfully.

"Oh fuck, oh God it's right up me, right up my arse. Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck me Clarissa, fuck my arse!"

Clarissa began to slide the dildo to and fro in Lynda's shitter. Damien was busy fucking Anita's arse but he couldn't help but look across at his mother's actions.

"Bloody hell, it's all the way up her bum!" he commented.

"Lynda's obviously taken a lot of cocks and dildos and things up her arse," Clarissa grinned, humping the horny, obscenenity spouting slut in question as she spoke, "Haven't you Lynda, you little minx?"

"Oh yes, I have, I have. Uuuuh!"

Damien got back to concentrating on fucking Anita's arse, making the big-titted young woman moan with lust. He loved having his hands on her shapely firm buttocks and stroking them, and he loved the grip her anus had on his cock. It felt tight, not too tight, but nonetheless a very vice-like grip that felt nice. Her rectal passage also felt slick and warm against his pumping shaft.

Quite often, Damien looked to his side at his mum, who stood alongside him dishing out the same sodomistical treatment to Lynda. The boy admired his mother's body, the way it was so perfectly proportioned and the way her toned legs and buttocks moved as she thrust the strap-on she wore in and out of Lynda's bum. He loved watching his mum's big boobs jiggle too. The nipples were standing out erectly. Clarissa cast a glance to oneside and made eye-contact with her son, and the pair of them smiled.

"Do you want to switch ladies?" Clarissa asked Damien.


Damien popped his erection from Anita's arse and his mum withdrew the dildo from Lynda's. They switcehd placed, but first Clarissa knelt and began licking Anita's anus, getting a thrill out of tasting a bit of pre-cum when she pushed her tongue into Anita's rectum.

Damien copied his mum and knelt down so that he could lick Lynda's tasty bum-hole.

After a moment, Clarissa stood and eased the long strap-on up into Anita's greasy rectal passage, and once more Damien copied his mum. He stood and pushed his dick up Lynda's anus, and although that puckered hole had been penetrated recently by a large strap-on, it still afforded a nice tight grip.

"Fuck me Damien, fuck me harder," Lynda urged her pubescent fucker, "Harder! Faster! That's it honey, give my bum a good rogering!"

Damien's pelvis went CLAP CLAP CLAP against Lynda's tight buns as he rammed his prick repeatedly into her slick poop-passage. He was overwhelmed not just with the sensation of sodomizing Lynda, but with the sight of his prick dissapearing and reappearing from her anus, and he could also look aside and admire his mother as she buggered Anita. He giggled when he saw Anita's big jubblies swinging back and forth underneath her as she was roughly bum-fucked by Clarissa.

"Fuck me yeah," Anita was urging her mature lesbian fucker, "Oh God that's good, fucking Christing shit. UUUUH! Fuck my arse."


"Yes Damien?"

"Are you going to get Anita and Lynda to fuck you with that strap-on soon?"

"I think I will honey, yes. Why?"

"I want to watch. It'll be ace!"

"It will be ace, yes honey!"

"I think I'm about to cum," Damien added, thrusting faster and faster.

"Pull out of Lynda's arse sweetie," his mother advised him.

"Aw mum, I'm gonna shoot my load."

"That's the whole point honey," Clarissa explained, "If you shoot your load then you won't be able to fuck for a while. Pull out and cool off, there's a good boy."

Damien was desperate to shoot his sperm, but he saw the logic in his mother's arguement. He withdrew from Lynda's anus and stood for a moment, feeling his impending climax begin fade away. Deciding to occupy himself in the meantime, he knelt and got back to slurping at Lynda's twitching shit-ring with his hot wet tongue.

After a couple of minutes, Damien felt that he was not in any immediate danger of shooting his cum, so he stood up and popped his erection back into Lynda's anus. He fucked her with short, fast pelvic-thrusts, giggling at the shocking profanities Lynda spluttered as she began climaxing.

"Yes, yes, fucking yes! Damien, fuck me! Fuck me, I'm cumming, fuck my fucking arse motherfucker! NNNNG! OH GOD!"

Damien buggered the randy bitch throughout her climax, his chest swelling with pride that he, a little boy of twelve, had made a woman of twenty-two have an orgasm, not long after making Anita have one too.

When Lynda had finished cumming, Damien slid out of her arse.

"I'm still stiff mummy," he bragged, stroking his erect cock, "I haven't shot my load."

"That's good sweetie," Clarissa said as she pulled the greased dildo from Anita's rectum, "Now it's time for a change." She took the strap-on off and gave it to Anita, who stood up and fitted it to herself.

"I'm going to fuck your mummy now," Anita explained to Damien, "Do you want me to fuck her in the cunt or in the bum?"

"In the bum!" Damien urged her with a childish giggle, "Fuck my mum in the bum!"

Clarissa was glad her son had chosed that orifice, her anus was burning and eager for attention. She go on her hands and knees on the floor, her mouthwatering rump raised and spread.

"I want to watch," Damien said as he knelt next to his mother. Anita knelt behind Clarissa and licked her arsehole, Damien watching with wide eyes whilst stroking his erection. Having slurped the hole she was about to penetrate for a few moments, Anita knelt up and began easing the long dildo up into Clarissa's anus.

"Nnnnng, stick it up me," groaned Clarissa, "Uh yeah, that's it, right up my arse."

Damien watched in awe as his mother's anus swallowed up more and more of the dildo until, finally, Anita had shoved the whole nine-inches up there, her pelvis pressed to Clarissa's buttocks.

"It's all up you mum," the boy told her, "The strap-on thingie is right up your bottom!"

Lynda had been watching this from the sofa. She then got up and hurried over, an idea just having formed in her head.

"Why don't you fuck Anita's arse Damien?" she suggested, "Kneel behind her and pop your willie up her bum, then you can fuck her whilst she fucks your mummy."

Damien thought this was a superb suggestion. He knelt behind Anita, who bent over slightly. Lynda guided Damien's cock to the puckered hole that lay in the perfect cleft between Anita's buttocks and, soon enough, the boy had slid his erection up into her arse.

"Oh my God that is so good," stammered Anita, "Holy fuck!" It was physically thrilling to have a little boy-cock wedged up her shitter and also to be buggering a woman with a strap-on, but most of all it was mind-blowingly erotic to be in a sandwich with a mother and son! She could hardly believe it! She was buggering a woman with a strap-on whilst that woman's twelve-year-old son was buggering her! Anita could barely articulate her joy.

"Fuck me Anita, fuck me," Clarissa urged. Anita did so, pumping the dildo in and out of the woman's rectum whilst Damien got into the rythm of things, gripping Anita's shoulders with his small hands, his slender chest and belly pressed to her bare back and his cock sliding back and forth in her clutching shitter.

Lynda stood and fingered her sopping cunt as she watched the horny trio of naked fuckers. The smiles on their faces indicated how much fun the naked train of humping people were having.

Sensing Lynda's lack of immediate participation, Clarissa urged the young lady to get on her hands and knees in front of her.

"I want to lick your shit-hole!" she explained, as lewdly as possible.

Lynda adopted the required position, and whilst being bum-fucked by the strap-on-wearing Anita, Clarissa was able to hungrily slurp Lynda's anus.

This enjoyable activity went on for ten whole minutes, Damien managing to quickly learn self-control as he slowed down his thrusting whenever he felt his orgasm approach and did not speed up until he was sure he wouldn't blow his nuts. He wanted this to carry on forever!

Eventually Lynda decided she wanted to be in the middle of the sandwich, and Anita - being a considerate lover - was more than happy to change places. The train of naked sweaty fuckers broke up for a moment. Soon enough it was back together again. This time, Damien was bum-fucking Lynda, who was fucking Clarissa with the strap-on and, finally, Clarissa was licking Anita's arse.

"I'm about to cum now," Damien was eventually crying out, gripping Lynda's shoulders as he enthusiastically sodomized her, "I can't...hold...back...NNNGG!"

"Squirt it right up my arse!" Lynda urged him.

"AAAAH! FUCK!" Damien wailed, shoving his prick right up to the root in Lynda's tight arse and firing his sperm into her rectum, "Oh fuckin' hell I'm cumming!"

Lynda tightened her anus round the prick that was lodged in it, sodomizing Clarissa with the strap-on throughout this. Clarissa - who had her tongue wedged up Anita's bowels - felt a mixture of pride and arousal at the sound of her son cumming, knowing that her little boy was shooting his lovely boy-juice into Lynda's rectum.

Damien kept his cock buried up Lynda's anus whilst his member pulsed and spurted out his cum. When it finally finished, he felt exhausted. The boy pulled out from Lynda's bum and sat back, his penis soft and greasy with shit, saliva and cunt-juice. Lynda withdrew the strap-on from Clarissa's arse, turned and began sucking Damien's cock clean, enjoying the cocktail of bodily fluids it had picked up on it's travels.

A moment or two later, the four of them had recovered from their energetic fuck-fest, although Damien was looking rather tired.

"I'm sleepy mum," he told her.

"You can have a lie-down sweetie," Clarissa said to the boy, "Then we can have some more fun when you wake up. Come on, let's get you in bed."

She held out her hand and Damien took it. Normally he would grumble and resist an offer to be 'taken to bed' by his mum, because he felt he was to old for such things, but right now he was just feeling tired. It had been an energetic morning, after all.

Clarissa lead her son upstairs and the boy clambered into bed, yawning as he did so.

"It's fun this, isn't it mummy?" he said, pulling the covers over his naked body.

"It sure is sweetie," Clarissa replied, stroking the boy's hair, "You get some rest." She kissed his forehead then left the room. Damien drifted off to sleep.

Clarissa, Anita and Lynda were not ready to take a break just yet. They resumed their fun downstairs, although it was fairly low-key. The strap-on was not used, the trio of women content to frig and lick each other.


Damien awoke after half-an-hour. He felt horny, but most of all he was hungry.

He got up and strolled downstairs and into the living room. Clarissa, Anita and Lynda were sitting nude on the sofa, sipping a glass of wine each and chatting. They all turned to look at Damien as the pretty little naked boy stood in the doorway.

"Hi honey," Clarissa smiled.

"Hiya," said Damien, "I'm hungry, can I have something to eat?"

"Sure," Clarissa replied, getting up, "We'll all get dressed and go out to get something."


The four of them were soon dressed and they went out to a fast-food place. Damien wolfed down fries and two whole cheeseburgers, giggling when Anita occasionally reached under the table and cheekily fondled his crotch.

By the time they got back it was past twelve noon and Damien was feeling very horny again, and most importantly he had the energy to do something about.

"Let's fuck!" he suggested as sthey walked into the house.

"Damn right," Anita agreed.

"We'll go upstairs I think," Clarissa suggested, "Come on everyone."

Damien lead the way, scampering upstairs, his prick stiff already, the three gorgeous women following.

In the master bedroom, the four of them stripped naked.

"Who wants to suck my willie?" asked Damien, getting onto the huge bed and lying down in the middle, the satin sheets cool against his naked flesh.

"Oooh, I do," Anita said, and she hopped onto the bed and knelt between Damien's spread thighs. She leaned down and began sucking on his prick, her long black hair draped over the child's stomach.

"You can lick my arsehole in the meantime," Lynda told the boy as she joined them. She squatted over Damien's face, facing his feet, and lowered herself. Damien licked his lips as Lynda's sublime bottom descended until her arsehole was right over his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and licked that lovely hole then began pushing his tongue up into it, making Lynda moan with pleasure. Damien loved licking women's bums, even more than their cunts, and it even better having his cock sucked by Anita in the meantime.

Finally, Clarissa got onto the bed as well. Her first port of call was Anita's arse, which she licked whilst fingering the young woman's cunt. Then she moved up the bed and knelt next to Lynda, who she began kissing. Clarissa and Lynda moaned into one another's mouths as they passionately kissed, Lynda's slender body shivering with pleasure as Damien's tongue squirmed into her guts and the boy's mother's tongue slid into her throat. She was being tongued from both ends.

Anita continued sucking on Damien's cock for a moment or two, amazed at how stiff it felt. Then she sat up, her cunt and anus itching for attention. Clarissa and Lynda also moved aside, Damien sitting up, licking his lips.

"Damien, would you like to see something really cool?" Clarissa asked the boy.

"Yeah! What?"

"Me and Anita are going to double-fuck Lynda," Clarissa explained, opening the drawer in the bedside cabinet and taking out two strap-on dildos, both nine-inches in length - one white, the other black, "One of us will fuck her cunt, the other her arse."

"That sounds well cool," Damien concluded, "What will I do in the meantime."

"I'll be sucking your cock," Lynda said.

Clarissa fitted the white dildo to herself and Anita put on the black one.

Then, Clarissa lay down, the long dildo sticking straight up from her crotch. Lynda got astride the older woman, impaling her slick cunt onto the mammoth dildo. With Damien hovering nearby and watching every sordid detail of this activity, Anita knelt behind Lynda and worked her dildo up into her girlfriend's rectum, right up to the hilt.

"Oh God that's good," Lynda groaned, "UUUUH! Holy shit."

"Wow, you got both of them up you," Damien unnecessarily told Lynda.

"Give me your cock," Lynda begged Damien, "I want to suck it whilst your mum and Anita fuck my two holes."

Damien got up and stood over his mother, his feet planted on the bed either side of her head. His cock was thrust right into Lynda's face and the double-fucked brunette began sucking on it, taking all four-inches of that throbbing pecker into her warm wet mouth. As she sucked, Clarissa and Anita began fucking her, pumping the long dildos in and out of Lynda's twin holes in a steady rythm. Laying there, Clarissa looked straight up and had a perfect view from underneath of her son's cock being sucked. She could see his hairless smooth nutsac bouncing off of Lynda's chin as the horny young woman deep-throated the boy. It gave her an idea for a later position. Lynda slurped noisily and deeply on Damien's prick, a dribble of saliva running down the shaft and falling in a gooey ooze and splashing onto Clarissa's face.

As much as Damien enjoyed having his dick sucked, he wanted to stick it in another hole.

"Do you want to swap places Anita?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Sure honey," Anita replied, and she pulled the strap-on from out of Lynda's bum and took it off.

Damien eagerly got behind Lynda, kneeling astride his mother's long legs, and he admired the view for a moment. Lynda's firm cheeks were spread, the hole between them slick and yawning, and underneath that was her cunt which had the strap-on his mum wore buried up it. Then Damien edged up to Lynda and slid his cock into her arse, moaning with pleasure as he buried himself right into that tight hole.

Anita took up Damien's previous position, standing over Clarissa with her crotch in Lynda's face. With Clarissa's strap-on dildo pumping her cunt and Damien's pecker pumping her arse, Lynda then capped off her enjoyment by licking Anita's cunt, pushing her tongue deep into the juicy snatch and slurping at the juices.

It wasn't long before Lynda was hit by a thorough climax, her holes buzzing with pleasure, and her moans of delight were muffled because her face was crammed into Anita's crotch.

The sordid foursome eventually moved apart, hot and tired but still ready for more action.

"My turn to direct things," Clarissa said as she sat up, "I want you, Anita, to get into a sixty-nine position with me, and in the meantime my son will fuck your arse and Lynda can frig mine with a dildo."

Everyone agreed that this sounded like a superb activity. Clarissa lay on her back and Anita mounted her, inverted, so that her cunt was laying atop Clarissa's face and her own face was between the horny woman's thighs. Damien then got into position, easing his cock into Anita's tight arsehole. Finally, Lynda took a small pink dildo and gripped the base of it as she worked it up into Clarissa's rectum.

Damien was having the time of his life humping Anita's shitter, and he was able to peer over her shoulder and see her licking his mother's cunt. Clarissa chose this position because it gave her such a superb close-up of her son's action. As she slurped on Anita's cunt, Clarissa had - just a few inches above her face - her son's cock working back and forth in Anita's anus. Damien's hairless nutsac was just above his mum's forehead and often touched her skin. Clarissa groaned ecstatically as she stuck her tongue into Anita's cunt and almost felt the movement of her son's prick as it pumped back and forth in the rectal channel that ran parallel to the cunt channel. She could smell the warm sweaty odour eminating from her son's crotch.

Damien did not realise the voyeuristic activities of his mother, he was just happily buggering Anita. Lynda, meanwhile, was frigging Clarissa's arsehole with the dildo, frequently taking it out and either sucking on it herself or offering it to Anita, who would suck on the soiled sex-toy before resuming eating out Clarissa's hot cunt.

Once again, Damien's sperm was unspent when he, and the three ladies, broke up from this compact position.

"I'm super-horny mum," he boasted, jerking off his throbbing little pecker, "I have to cum soon!"

"Why don't you whack off all over Lynda and Anita?"

"Aw mum, I can whack off anytime."

"Yes, but won't it be fun to cum all over these two beautiful ladies? To spurt all your goo over their faces?"

Damien grinned and nodded, suddenly won round to this plan of action. "Okay, let's do it!"

Anita and Lynda sat on the ege of the bed, side-by-side, face's together and licking their wet lips as they looked forwards to the shower of boy-sauce they were going to receive. Damien stood at the side of the bed, facing the women, his prick sticking straight up and ready to blow.

"Let me direct the flow," Clarissa said as she knelt next to her son. She reached out and encircled her forefinger and thumb round her son's shaft. Slowly she pumped it, rolling the foreskin back and forth, Damien's eyelids fluttering under his mother's skilled actions. It was the first time Clarissa had touched Damien's prick and it bought a gasp of pleasure from her at the taboo nature of actually jerking off her own son. She was worried the boy might shy away from her, that the incest taboo might raise itself, but instead Damien was quite happy to stand there with his mum pumping his cock in her fist, her big tits wobbling as she increased her pace.

Anita and Lynda remained sitting there, reaching over and fingering each other's sopping cunts as they awaited the explosion of jism.

They did not have to wait long. Damien soon began stammering out cries of childish pleasure as his mother wanked him off with rapid flicks of her wrists. " it is....NNNGG!"

Clarissa grinned with triumph as a hot jet of sperm flew from her son's cock and splattered across Lynda's grinning face. As she pumped it in her fist, Clarissa moved the angle of thrust of Damien's cock so that the second squirt of cum splashed into Anita's face. Then she moved it back a little and, with Damien crying "OH GOD!!!", a third and fourth spray of spunk slashed across Lynda, some of it getting in her hair. The flow was dying down now, but Clarissa kept masturbating her son, sending the final couple of cum-squirts into Anita's face. Finally, Damien was spent, the boy breathing hard, his legs shaky, his mum slowly pumping his cock which spat out a few drips of sperm that landed on Anita's thighs.

"Holy shit mum, that was great," he grinned, "You made me totally cover Anita and Lynda."

"Mmmm, that really was superb," Anita sighed, happily, and she turned and began licking the cum from Lynda's face. Then Lynda licked Anita clean.

Damien clambered onto the bed and knelt up, letting out a yawn.

"We're not finished with you yet," Anita smirked, "You can't get away from us horny sluts!" She turned and shuffled across the bed to the boy and began kissing him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Damien was thrilled, he hadn't properly kissed either Anita or Lynda yet, despite having got up to all sorts of other lewd activities with them! Lynda knelt down too and, once Anita had Frenched Damien for a few moments, Lynda did so.

"That was great," Damien concluded once he was released from the embracing kisses of his two seducers, "Kissing girls is cool, almost as cool as fucking them."

"Let's get your cock back in working order then," Anita purred, nuzzling at the boy's slender neck as she reached down and fondled his cock.

Clarissa took things into her hands and ordered the others about. She had her son stand up in the middle of the bed. Anita, following Clarissa's instructions, licked the boy's hairless pink arsehole, spreading his cheeks and lapping at his back-door, which made him pant pleasurably. Lynda knelt in front of the boy and sucked on his cock, and throughout this, Clarissa went from Anita to Lynda and then back again, licking their arseholes and fondling their tits.

It took fifteen-minutes but the operation worked, and Damien was once again the proud owner of a throbbing little erection.

The indulgences continued for a further hour, each of them taking turns to arrange the set-up to their taste, the women outdoing one another in imagination and perversity.

First off, Clarissa got on top of Anita in a sixty-nine had herself buggered by Lynda - wearing a ten-inch strap-on dildo - whilst Lynda was in turn buggered by Damien.

Then it was Anita's turn to arrange everyone. Whilst sucking Lynda's snatch, Anita took Damien's cock in her cunt and Clarissa's tongue in her arsehole.

Lynda opted to have Damien stick his cock back up her arse whilst she alternated between licking Clarissa's anus and Anita's cunt.

Damien got to choose the final arrangement. He had a definate preference for anal-sex and buried his prick in Anita's anus. He then had his mum kneel nearby so he could play with her boobs. Damien wasn't sure if his mum would acquiese to this - after all, the original plan was that he and his mum would have sex with Lynda and Anita, not each other - but Clarissa was utterly delighted that her son saw fit to give her some of his lewd attention. Finally, Damien had Lynda lick his arsehole, which the young lady was more than happy to do so. Damien was soon enduring an incredibly powerful climax, all the more so because it was his fourth of the day. With Lynda's tongue up his bum and his hands fondling and squeazing his mother's big wobbly tits, Damien let out a long sigh of ecstasy as his cock exploded in Anita's shitter, filling her rectum with his sperm, Anita cumming at that point too.

The four of them collapsed in a sweaty heap.


Anita and Lynda, after a long hot shower together, dressed and kissed their hosts goodbye before departing.

Damien and his mother also dressed and had dinner. The evening was fairly normal, bearing in mind the activities of the day.

However, just before bedtime, Damien was feeling somewhat horny. He was sat in his pyjamas on the sofa, next to his mother who was wearing a dressing gown. The boy had a stiffie as he idly reflected on the fun and frolics he'd indulged in during the day.

"I'm off to bed," he said to his mother as he stood up.

"Are you going to jerk off before bed?" asked Clarissa, smiling naughtily. She nodded down at Damien's crotch, and he looked down too and giggled as he saw that his erection was quite evident in his pyjama bottoms.

"I've erected a tent down there," he laughed.

"I bet jerking off will be an anti-climax after all the fun of today won't it?"

"I guess. It's still fun though. I like jerking off." He felt very liberated to be able to admit to such intimate things to his mother.

"I'm going to jerk off too," Clarissa admitted.

"Yeah? Women jerk off?"

"Sure. In fact," continued Clarissa with another naughty grin, "do you want to do it together?" She was almost whispering, as if someone might over here such a lewd suggestion.

"Together?" smiled Damien, "Um...okay."

"It'll be more fun if there's two of us won't it?"


"Let's do it here," Clarissa said, standing up and removing her dressing gown. She threw it over the back of the sofa.

Damien quickly removed his pyjamas so that he was also nude. Clarissa sat back down on the sofa, sideways, leaning back with one of her lovely long legs raised and hooked over the back of the sofa and her other foot planted on the floor, her thighs fully flung apart. She rubbed her clit and invited her son to sit opposite her. Damien did so, sitting at the other end of the sofa, he and his mother looking across at each other.

"This is how ladies jerk off," Clarissa purred, stroking her forefinger across her glistening cunt lips. Damien watched for a moment, fascinated, then suddenly realised his pulsing erection was unattended. He gripped it in his small fist and began pumping. He giggled again, finding it all very amusing, whilst his mother was soon lost in ecstasy, her head swimming with pleasure. She moaned and sighed, now pumping her finger in and out of her cunt. With her other hand she rubbed her clit with two fingers. She kept her eyes on her son, loving the beautiful sight of the twelve-year-old jerking off his delicious little cock.

"I'm going to cum soon sweetie," Clarissa panted, "Oh....uuuuuh." She began to breath heavily, her juicy round tits rising and fallnig with her breath. She moaned, panted, groaned and, finally, let out a long sigh of orgasmic ecstasy as he climaxed, fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit rapidly as her body was shaken by her climax.

Damien was incredibly aroused at the sight and his orgasm almost took him by surprise.

"Oh mum, I'm cumming," he cried, "NNNNNG!" His fist pumped up and down and his cock began to spurt his slimy cum. Half-a-dozen gooey spurts splashed across his smooth belly. "Oh wow," he gasped, "That was good."

Clarissa sat up, breathing hard and smiling.

"That was good sweetie," she concluded, "We should do this more often."

"Yeah! It's cool," grinned Damien as he staggered to his feet and looked down at all the sperm that was spattered across his torso. Some of it ran down in dribbles past his pelvis and down his thigh. "I'm a mess!"

"Let's get you cleaned up," Clarissa said as she stood up, "C'mon, upstairs."

Damien and his mother, bth naked, went up to the bathroom where Clarissa used some tissues to wipe down her son's spunky belly. Then she tucked him in bed, gave him a goodnight kiss and left him to finally go to sleep after a tiring day.

Clarissa went to bed not long afterwards and frigged herself again before she settled down, dreaming of the fun to be had tomorrow. She had invited Lynda and Anita over again.



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