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"Sarah," Mrs Jackson said to the young woman as they entered the living room, "this is James, Craig and Joey."

Sarah looked at the three brothers who sat side-by-side on the sofa. They had been watching TV when their mother had walked in with their new babysitter. They boys had appeared disinterested at when their heads first swung round simultaneously but now their eyes widened a little, particularly the elder twins, Craig and Joey.

"Hiya boys," Sarah smiled. She'd babysat before, mostly for younger kids, and wondered whether she'd be able to handle three adolescent lads.

The three boys responded with similar greetings, in a manner that suggested to Sarah that this would be easy. They certainly seemed polite anyway.

"Well," Mrs Jackson said with a clap of her hands, "I'm off to finish getting ready."

She left the living room and Sarah sat down on an armchair at a right angle to the sofa.

"What you watchin'?" she asked.

"What Wants to be a Millionaire," responded Craig.

"This dude's on quarter-of-a-million," James said excitedly, "Hopefully he'll win the lot. No-one ever has."

"Cool," said Sarah, and began to watch the TV whilst the sounds of Mr and Mrs Jackson making last minute preparations for their night out. It was 8:30 and the sun was setting outside. Sarah had not been to bothered about spending her Saturday evening babysitting. As well as being paid £30 for it, she felt it should be more relaxing than evenings back at University. It was the start of the Easter break, and whilst some of her fellow students were going on working holidays or such adventures, Sarah felt that the mixture of partying and exams over the last few months would best be broken up by a generally sedate vacation.

The three boys called out their ideas of the answers as they sat enthralled in the game show, Craig occasionally glancing over at Sarah. She was 21, slim and with an attractive and alert face. Quarter Italian by birth, Sarah had darkish skin that made her look tanned, with jet black hair and big brown eyes. Her yellow jumper was tight and her nipples poked through a little, something which the three brothers had noticed within three nanoseconds of their babysitter's entrance.

Sarah in turn glanced over at the boys occasionally. Craig and Joey were 14-year-old twins, though not identical. Both were similar in height and build - average in both respects for their age - but Joey had golden blond hair and pale skin. Joey was black-haired and his handsome face betrayed a little more maturity than his twin.

James was the youngest, aged twelve. He was thin with an impish face and black hair that appeared to be naturally ruffled and scruffy, though like any youngster being scruffy simply made him looked more adorable. His dark eyes were wide with excitement as he watched the quiz show on the telly, gasping with sorrow when the 'dude' in the hot seat lost a fortune with a wrong answer.

"What an idiot," James moaned.

"Totally," Joey agreed.

"The answer was D," Sarah said, "Definitely."

"We're already," Mr Jackson said as he entered the room in a tuxedo, "We'll be off then."

"Sure dad," Craig said, "BYE MOM!"

"Bye kids," Mrs Jackson called from the hallway.

"We'll be back at eleven-ish," Mr Jackson told Sarah, "Make sure James is in bed by nine-thirty, Craig and Joey at ten. Don't let them smooth talk you into staying up later."

"I won't," Sarah smiled, and Mr Jackson went into the hallway. He and his wife left the house, and the boys were enthralled in the predicament of the next contestant on the TV quiz show as the sound of their parent's car backing out the driveway could be heard.

The four of them sat and watched to the end of the programme, after which Craig stretched his arms and asked what was on next.

"Probably nothing interesting," pouted James.

"I'll check," Sarah said, and got up and walked to the TV. She leaned down and flicked through the channels. Indeed, there was nothing of any real interest on the other channels, merely news.

The eyes of the three brothers, meanwhile, were all glued to Sarah's arse. She wore a tight pair of light grey trousers, and they hugged her well-rounded butt beautifully. Her knicker line was clearly showing through.

"Looks like we might have to watch a video or something," she said, turning round, "Nothing on."

She immediately saw all six eye's flick up to look at her face, having clearly been view her behind. She smiled inwardly, having forgotten that these were not the usual toddlers that she was used to looking after. Craig and Joey looked elsewhere after a moment, a little embarrassed, but young James clumsily looked down at Sarah's nice, rounded tits.

"What do you guys want to do?" Sarah enquired, suddenly delighted at the attention her body had received.

"Maybe watch a video," Craig suggested after a moment.

"Yeah," Joey agreed.

James just looked at Sarah's breasts.

It suddenly occurred to Sarah that...why not fuck these lads?

It sounded preposterous for the idea to suddenly leap out like that, but just seemed like such a damn fine idea that there was no reason she could find at short notice to reject it. After all, she didn't know anyone round here. If the boy's told anyone, there was no-one who'd actually recall who this 'Sarah' was. The boys wouldn't even be believed if they did brag about it. They certainly wouldn't be telling their parents anyway.

Fuck it, Sarah thought, and quickly figured out a way to seduce the randy young totally brazen about it!

"I've an idea," she said with a smile, walking towards the sofa, "Everybody off. C'mon, on your feet boys."

The three brothers did so, getting up off the sofa and watching with puzzlement as Sarah pulled off her socks.

"Any of you three got girlfriends?" she asked.

The three boys glanced at each other before all admitting that, no, they didn't.

"Well," Sarah continued, "You'll have one in the future, and you need to know what to do. Plus, you need some incentive. And finally," she continued as she unzipped her trousers, "I need a fuck like I haven't been fucked in a month...which I haven't."

The 21-year-old woman casually pulled down her trousers and kicked them off, then removed her white panties. The boys, naturally, simply watched in awe at this, confusion and joy battling over control of their facial expressions. Sarah then pulled off her jumper and, with the removal of her bra, now stood totally naked. Her body was gorgeous, slim and firm, limbs and stomach slim and wiry and with curvacious, round breasts and buttocks.

She sat down on the sofa, spreading her legs a little.

"Right," Sarah announced, "I've shown you mine, you show me yours. Get undressed lads."

Craig, the more mature one, instantly began undressing, his two brothers soon following his example.

"Hang on!" Sarah suddenly said. The boys stopped as if someone had hit a pause button. All three suddenly thought that Sarah would just laugh, put her clothes back on and announce that it'd been a joke.

"Only carry on stripping if you promise not to tell anyone," Sarah insisted.

The boys nodded without hesitation and continued removing their clothes.

Sarah had never particularly had an interest in teenage lads. She'd fucked a few guys in their late teens when she was of a similar age, and now generally slept with guys in their twenties. But she had to admit, there was something fascinatingly novel and sexy about these three lads in front of her, naked and erect, none old enough to shave.

The two twins had nice, athletic bodies that were almost adult in terms of development, but still retaining a good amount of youthful adolescence in their form. Their stiff cocks were nicely developed too - about five inches in length each, Craig's slender, his brother Joey's thicker.

James was slim and childish, as one would expect from a boy just entering puberty. But the 4'3" lad certainly had some testosterone in his system. Whilst his cock was bald, it was nicely stiff and almost four inches in length. He was gently pumping it in his little fist and clearly had the instinctive knowledge of how to use it.

"Right lads," Sarah said as she slumped back, her arse on the edge of the sofa, "I'm on the pill so we don't need to fuck around with condoms. We'll go in alphabetical order, just to prevent any bickering."

Craig grinned as he stepped forth, hardly able to believe that he was about to lose his virginity. He thought it'd be a night of TV, computer games and bed - same as always. Instead, he was now kneeling between the legs of this naked woman 7 years his senior.

He wondered whether he should indulge in foreplay, having heard about it on a late-night sexual health TV programme. But Sarah was clearly randy enough, so Craig just guided his prick up to the wet slit of the woman's cunt. It was a hot and tight looking, surrounded by thick black hair that was neatly trimmed into a triangular shape.

"Fuck it right up my cunt," Sarah moaned, her slutty talk having the desired effect of urging Craig to get on with it.

Whilst his brother's watched and slowly jerked off, Craig pushed the head of his throbbing cock into Sarah's cunt, gently easing forward and looking down in fascination as his prick sank into the cunt. Soon, his entire prick was swallowed up that lovely orifice, and Sarah sighed in pleasure. It wasn't just a fake noise designed to spur on her young fucker, but it genuinely felt so good to have the boy's cock in her. Just to think, she was going to be the first lay for three brother's. Three cherries to capture in one night. What heaven!

Craig lay his hands on Sarah's firm thighs as he began to pump back and forth, he and Sarah moaning with delight as they got into a good fuck rhythm. Craig couldn't believe how great the woman's cunt felt, far better than the grip of his fist which is what he thought he'd have to settle for until he was at least 16 or 17.

He felt more confident after a few moments, and reached up to clamp Sarah's round tits in his hand. Briefly, he thought his babysitter - which he still thought of her as, despite what they were doing - may object, but instead she seemed pleased at the teenager's initiative.

"Fuck me Craig," she panted, "Harder! Oh're doing fine...mmmm."

Craig increased his pace a little, fondling Sarah's tits harder as his sperm began to rise.

"Oh fuck," he gasped, "Oh I'm cumming! Uh uh...oh!"

Suddenly, his cock spasmed and began to pump out thick jets of sperm into Sarah's cunt, the woman humping her arse upwards to meet the boy's thrusts.

"Fuck me," she cried, "Fuck me, yes! Ooooh!"

Craig continued humping his hips as his orgasm ran it's course, his dick shooting out almost a dozen squirts of cum into the hot cunt that clenched it in it's moist grip. Soon, his climax began to wane, and he slowed his movement down before pulling out.

"That was great," he said.

"I was just thinking the same thing," Sarah said.

Craig went over to the armchair and watched as James and Joey looked at each other, not sure who would go next by the alphabetical-order rule. The excitement of the situation had seemingly robbed them of their knowledge of the alphabet.

"You going to fuck me James?" Sarah asked the 12-year-old.

"Yeah!" the boy responded, "Totally!"

He got down in front of Sarah and eagerly slipped his throbbing little member into the warm slit in front of him. The woman shivered with pleasure. Sure, the cock inside her was a bit smaller than Craig's, but who cared. It was a cock, in her cunt, and that's what she liked most in life. Sarah looked up and felt delight at the young boy's childish, sweet little face. James' tongue stuck out form the corner of his mouth in concentration as he began fucking Sarah quickly and hard. He was devoid of any grace in his frantic little fucking method, and it simply turned on Sarah even more.

"That's it James," she said, her soothing voice contrasting by the quick little gasps of pleasure coming from her youthful fucker, "fuck me. Harder."

"God this is good!" James commented, and began to stroke and fondle Sarah's tits with surprising delicacy and grace, all the while pumping his pelvis backwards and forwards at speed.

"Fuck me, mmmm," sighed Sarah.

"I'm cumming," James announced, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Pull out," Sarah ordered, and with a little reluctance James did so, "Don't want to let the first time go so quick do we?"

"I guess not," James agreed.

"Here, change of position," Sarah said, and got up and walked to the plush, red rug in front of the fireplace. She got on her hands and knees with her lovely, shapely bottom high in the air.

"Right," Sarah announced, "Joey, get behind and fuck me doggy style. James, kneel in front of me."

The boys did as requested, Joey licking his lips as he looked at the woman's lovely arse. Her cheeks were perfectly round and firm, between them a tight, hairless, puckered hole. Below that hung her dripping, hairy cunt, into which Joey slid his dick.

At the other end, James knelt in front of Sarah and watched with excitement as she took the youngster's prick in her mouth and began sucking greedily.

"Oh fuck that's good," James gasped, "Yeah, I like that."

Joey was quickly getting into his stride as he clasped Sarah's bum-cheeks and fucked her cunt at a similar speed that James had been fucking it not long ago. Both brother's faced each other in this position, and they grinned wickedly at each other as they humped different ends of the same woman. The best babysitter in the world, they would no doubt agree.

Craig, meanwhile, was jerking off his re-stiffening cock as he watched the sordid scene in front of him.

"Fuck," James began to utter, "I'm gonna spunk up!"

He thought Sarah might like to get some warning to perhaps take the prick from out of her mouth, but instead she sucked harder and deeper on the adolescent prick that was rammed down her gullet.

James' cock swelled and sprayed forth an appreciable amount of sperm, thick, salty liquid sloshing down Sarah's throat. She swallowed the lot, enjoying the taste of the cum that she drank down whilst still sucking on the boy's cock. At the same time, Joey was gasping out in pleasure as he gripped Sarah by the hips and began to shoot his load into the woman's tight cunt.

"Oh yeah!" he gasped, "Oh God! That's good!"

He almost doubled over in orgasmic joy as his sperm continued to pump out. When it was finally over, the two boys pulled out and watched as Sarah fell to the floor, exhausted with pleasure. She hadn't actually orgasmed yet, but had certainly been kept close to the edge of a climax throughout the boy's frantic humping.

Eventually, Sarah sat up and looked and the cheerful faces of the three brothers.

"Did everyone enjoy that?" she asked, needlessly.

"Yeah!" the boys smiled in unison.

"I must reiterate," Sarah added, "That you're not to tell anyone about this. We could ALL get in real trouble."

"Sure," Craig nodded, and his two younger brothers likewise confirmed their vow of secrecy.

"Okay, James, Joey, sit on the sofa a minute will you."

The two boys did so, and Sarah went over, knelt down, and began to suck one boy's cock, now the other. Despite their recent exertions, the two lads were semi-hard to start off with, and soon the young lady's skilled tongue had the pair of them rock hard and eager to go again. Sarah then went over to the armchair where Craig was sitting, and she promptly sucked his stiff cock too.

"Let's go to your parent's room," Sarah suggested as she stood up, her lithe, naked body looking incredibly sexy in the glare of the main light in the room.

Craig was the first to get up, and he led his two brothers and Sarah to his mum and dad's room. He flicked the light on as they entered. The bedroom was large and warm looking, with a double bed underneath the window and a dressing table against one wall, sandwiched between two oak wardrobes. The general colour theme of the room was red and beige, with the bed covers being dark pink.

Walking to the dressing table, Sarah took a small tub of skin moisturiser, removed the top and scooped up a little onto two of her fingers. Then, she went over to the three boys, who stood in row with hard little cocks and eager expressions. After considering the three stiff, youthful members in front of her a moment, Sarah leaned down and began rubbing the white cream on her fingers over Joey's cock.

"That's cold," the lad commented, but was clearly intrigued by what may be going on, and thus didn't protest with any real sincerity.

Satisfied that Joey's cock was nice and slick, Sarah went to the bed and cocked one leg, placing the foot on the edge of the bed. She then scooped up some more moisturiser and reached round, easing two cream-slathered fingers into the deep cleft between her arse cheeks, James, Joey and Craig realising that their lovely babysitter was clearly fingering her anus.

Finally finished, Sarah placed the tub back on the dressing table and invited James to lay on his back on the bed. He did so, watching eagerly as Sarah clambered over him and lowered herself, holding the boy's stiff rod in her hand and guiding it into her warm slit. Comfortably impaled on the boy's prick, Sarah looked over her shoulder.

"C'mon Joey," she chirped, "Get behind me. Fuck my arsehole will you?"

Joey wasted no time in obeying Sarah, and he was soon astride his brother's legs and looking down at Sarah's butt. Above her impaled cunt was her arsehole; pink, hairless and slick with cream.

"You want me to put it up there?" he asked.

"Yup," confirmed Sarah.

And so, Joey guided his throbbing bell-end up to the tight, puckered hole that presented itself to him and began to ease forward.

"Oooh," Sarah cooed as the cock began to push it's way into her arsehole, "yeah...that's good."

Finally passing into the breach, Joey gripped Sarah by her shoulders as he fucked the rest of his prick into the woman's butt, lodging his entire length into Sarah's tight, buttery shit-tube.

"Fuck that's nice," he gasped, "Oh yeah, cool!"

Sarah sighed with intense enjoyment. She'd taken it up the arse many a time before, but had never been cunt AND assfucked at the same time. She quivered with joy at the feeling of two adolescent pricks stuffed in her, and looked forward to getting a third as well.

Knowing there was only one place for him now, Craig got on the bed and stood in front of Sarah, his nodding cock level with her face. With no hesitation Sarah gobbled the cock up to the hilt, deep throating the horny lad whilst the other two boys began fucking her other two holes. At first they were not synchronized in any way, but soon their timing got better and the pair alternated their thrusts. When Joey pushed his cock into Sarah's arse, James would pull back from her cunt, and thrust forward once Joey had retreated.

The room was soon full of grunts, gasps and muffled wails of delight as the four of them pumped away in a compact pile of writhing limbs and quivering flesh on the bed.

James was having the time of his life. He'd jerked off a couple of times, but he certainly didn't think he'd get this close to a real woman when he was only twelve. He humped his arse off the bed, fucking Sarah's hot cunt whilst reaching up and playing with the woman's tits. He delighted in the way they felt soft yet heavy as they dangled above him, and it accompanied the pleasure of fucking her perfectly.

Joey was in heaven as well. Sarah's arsehole was so tight and hot that couldn't imagine a better place to stuff his cock, and he particularly liked the way his hips made a slapping noise when the banged against the woman's bum cheeks.

Craig was panting with pleasure and stroking his hands through Sarah's long, jet-black hair. The woman could sure as hell suck cock, and her tongue was oozing and flicking over Craig's bell-end whilst her lips were stroking his shaft as she expertly deep-throated him.

And, of course, Sarah was awash with intense delight too, here naked and acting like a wicked whore as these three, previously untouched and innocent pubescent boys eagerly fucked her three holes. The guys she slept with in her wild times at University were usually in their twenties, like her, and often were pretty experienced. For a while, maybe, they may have found fucking Sarah a novelty, but there was not real fantastic mystery about the pleasures of fucking a woman for these elder guys. It was nothing new to them. With these three boys, however, Sarah felt incredibly appreciated. They'd probably be happy seeing a real, soft-core porn mag, and would have been happy for months if they'd found a girlfriend who'd let them play with their tits. But now, here they had a nice, accommodating young lady who'd present any orifice for their fuck-hungry indulgence.

Having cum earlier in the evening, the boys had good staying power, and for a full half-hour they shafted their babysitter's three holes and on two occasions gave her a damn good orgasm. Sarah was delighted, and felt her body shake with ecstasy at those two climaxes, every nerve tingling with electric pleasure, especially those in her cunt and arsehole, her cries of joy muffled by the cock down her throat.

Joey had been holding back his orgasm for a while when he felt he could hold back no more. Holding Sarah by the waist, he began to grunt and gasp as his humping pace increased. His two brothers had been on the verge of orgasm for a while and an unspoken agreement from the start that they should synchronise their orgasms meant that both, now, let rip. James yelled out and pulled hard on Sarah's nipples as he banged up at her cunt. His cock spasmed and began to unleash hot, milky sperm up into Sarah's womb whilst, behind her, Joey was spluttering obscenities as his prick twitched and erupted cum inside Sarah's shitter.

"Oh fuck!" he was crying, "Fuck, I'm cumming! Oh! Uh uh!"

Joey's hips bucked as continued firing his sperm deep into Sarah's bowels, James similarly thrashing about as he finished off his discharge beneath.

Craig finally let his sperm fly too, his cock throbbing hard as he came, Sarah gulping down the hot seed as quickly as it was pumped into her mouth.

"Oh God Sarah," Craig moaned, "Oh yeah, oh fuck that's good!"

Sarah milked the boy of every last drop of sperm, missing not one drop in her thirsty guzzling, whilst James and Joey finally finished their fucking and caught their breaths, their cocks softening inside Sarah's cunt and arse.

Finally, they all broke up and sprawled across the bed whilst they relaxed and recovered their energy. Sarah was in the middle of the bed, and enjoyed the warmth given off by the young, naked boys lying around her. James dozed a little, whilst the rest of them merely rested their eyelids and felt their aching muscles gradually recover.

It was forty minutes before they finally began to stir. Craig went to the toilet whilst James yawned and rubbed his eyelids. Sarah eagerly noticed that James' cock was stiff upon awakening, and a quick look at Joey confirmed that he, too, was ready for action again.

"Ready for one more fuck?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah!" James nodded.

"Absolutely!" agreed Joey.

"What's the time?" Sarah asked.

"Just gone ten," James replied after checking the alarm-clock on the bedside table.

"That should do us for another fuck" Sarah announced.

Craig then entered the room once more, his prick nodding heavenward.

"Are we going to do it again?" he asked, eagerly.

"Too right," James said.

"Great," Craig smiled, "Can I fuck your arse this time Sarah?"

"Sure kiddo," the horny woman replied, "James, you want to fuck my cunt again?"

"Sure," the youngest of the brothers said, "I love playing with your tits when I'm down there."

He lay back down and once more Sarah sank her hairy cunt onto the boy's little prick. Craig used the moisturiser to grease up his cock before getting in behind Sarah and sliding his dick into her slick anus, his entire length quickly burying it's way to the hilt in her crap-chute.

"Joey," Sarah said the remaining boy, "stand in front of me. I haven't drank your cum yet. I want to see what you all taste like."

Adopting the position previously held by his twin, Joey stood in front of Sarah and watched the lovely young lady take his entire cock into her mouth. Sarah slobbered and sucked away whilst the other two boys began to fuck her cunt and arsehole. They fucked like that for ages, Sarah once again being wracked with a good couple of orgasms before Craig, crying with ecstasy, shot his hot, thick sperm into Sarah's bowels.

Almost immediately afterwards, Joey grunted and shot his sperm down Sarah's throat, and for the third time that night, she drank a lovely load of teenage cum down. She almost felt bloated, especially with two more loads in her rectum and two in her cunt.

Craig and Joey got off the bed and sat on the floor, naked and happy, catching their breaths as they watched their babysitter continue to ride their younger brother.

"I wanna go in your bum," James announced after a few moments.

"Sure sweety," Sarah said, enthusiastically, and dismounted James and got on her hands and knees.

A look of excitement on his face, James got behind Sarah and eased his stiff little member into her tight bum-hole, easily slipping it fully into Sarah's rectal passage.

"Oh that's good sweetheart," Sarah gasped. It felt especially good when James leaned forward and reached under her in order to pull on and fondle her breasts as they swung beneath her, all the while thrusting his dick back and forth in her shitter.

"Fuck me," Sarah purred, "Oh yeah, fuck my arse. Pull my tits. Mmmmm."

After a few minutes, James eased his cock from Sarah's arsehole and shoved it back into her slick cunt, and proceeded to give it a good pounding.

"Oh fuck!" James was soon spluttering, his sperm quickly rumbling up from his bald little balls. He straightened up, taking his hands from Sarah's tits and placing them on her lower back. His eyes shut and a look of ecstasy on his face, James cried out as he hit his climax and squirted out his cum into Sarah's dripping cunt, the woman shuddering with joy at a ninth load of sperm into her body. It had been one fucking hell of an evening.

After finishing his orgasm, James fell back, laying spread on the bed and breathing hard.

"No time to rest," Sarah said as she eased off the bed and stood up, her body slick with sweat, "It's quarter to eleven. Your parent's will be back soon."

"Shit," responded Craig, and stood up.

"Joey," Sarah began, taking on the authoritarian demeanour one would expect from a babysitter, "you clear up yours and your brother's clothes from the living room. Leave mine there though. Craig, help me make this bed. James..."

"Yeah?" James replied tiredly, looking clearly - and literally - shagged out.

"...go to bed."

James got up and headed off to his room. Joey cleared up all the boy's clothes from the living room and just stuffed them all into his wardrobe, whilst Sarah and Joey tidied up their parent's room.

"That was a really great time," Joey said as he straightened out the pillows.

"Absolutely," Sarah replied, "I loved it."

"Do you think we can do it again sometime?" Joey asked.

"Sure. Do you know your parents are going away next weekend?" asked Sarah.


"Well, they're going to see one of your relatives. They need a babysitter for you and your brothers from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon. When they asked me I said I'd think about it. I thought I'd probably get bored. But, after the pleasure you and your brother's gave me tonight, I'll certainly be doing it."



"Wow!" Joey gasped, "Two nights with you?"

"We'll do anything and everything you can imagine. Now, come on. To work!"

They quickly finished the tidying up, after which Joey hurried off to his bedroom, Craig heading off to his after Joey briefly stopped to tell him the great news about next weekend.

Finally, Sarah got dressed, made a quick effort to look unflustered, and curled up on the sofa in the living room with a book.

A five-past-eleven, Mr and Mrs Jackson returned.

"Hi Sarah," Mr Jackson said as he entered the living room, "Everything okay?"

"Sure," Sarah replied, just as Mrs Jackson came in.

"The boys were no trouble were they?" she asked.

"Not at all," Sarah said, "Good as gold. They're all tucked up in bed now, fast asleep."

"Excellent," Mr Jackson said, and left the room.

"So," his wife said, "do you think you might be able to take care of them three next weekend?"

"Absolutely," Sarah nodded, grinning inwardly, "It will be my pleasure."


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