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With one click of his mouse, Craig Stephenson e-mailed his article off to his publishers.

He'd been finishing it off all morning and now, noon on a warm, June Saturday, he'd completed his latest work. He wrote articles for computer magazines, involving programming tips or hardware reviews. For a number of years, he'd worked as a computer programmer, but now, at the age of 39, he was content to be a writer, especially as it enabled him to work from home.

Shutting his computer down, Craig stood and left his office, into the hallway of his large old farmhouse. He headed towards the kitchen.

He and his three children had only lived here for a week. They originally lived in the big city, in the suburbs, where Craig and his late wife had both been bought up. Craig and Sarah had married at the age of 18, a year after the unplanned birth of Laura. For a young couple, they'd done well for themselves. Ricky had been born next, followed two years later by their youngest, Jennifer. Then, one Spring day, Sarah had died in a car crash and Craig was left to bring up his three children alone.

Luckily, by then he was earning a good living, so that he was able to support his motherless family. Also, Laura was then approaching her teens and more than willing to help bring up her little brother and sister, Ricky and Jennifer.

When Laura went to college a couple of years ago, Ricky was old enough to help babysit his little sister, though by then it didn't really matter. Craig had been made redundent, but with a big enough pay-off to be comfortably off, and with enough knowledge and skill to make a healthy living from writing the occasional magazine article or even book about computers.

Feeling like a fresh start, Craig had sold their suburban house and moved here, a big, century old farmhouse a mile down the road from a small town. Laura's college was only a few miles away, and the eldest of Craig's children decided to come back to live with her father and drive in each day.

Laura was in the kitchen when her father entered, making lunch.

"Hi dad," she smiled.

"Hiya sweety," Craig replied, "Makin' lunch?"

"Yeah, I thought you might be hungry after all that work. You've been typing all morning."

"Well, I've finished now. I can put my feet up for the rest of the day."

"Fancy some bacon sandwiches?"

"That'd be great."

"It's a shame to be holed up in your office though," commented Laura, "On a day like this. It's lovely outside."

"Sure is," agreed Craig, stepping up to the large French windows and peering outside.

The farmhouse didn't come with a farm, luckily; that would have been too much to cope with! It was merely the old, 5-bedroom, sandstone house with a big, double garage, a huge garden and bordering on fields and woodland. The sun blazed in the sky, lighting up all the luscious green hues in the garden and making Craig proud of his lot.

He turned round and had a similar thought about his daughter. Laura was like her mother; average height and slim. Her hair was rich, chestnut brown, short and wavy, and her face delicate, her big, green doe-eyes giving her an incredibly sweet look. Aged 22, Laura had succumbed to the typical loss of sensible fashion sense that afflicts students. She wore a tight T-shirt splashed with psychedelic pink and red colors. It ended abruptly, showing off her belly and most of all the little silver ring through her pierced naval. Her tight black jeans were deliberatly too short, ending half-way down her shins, the jeans themselves 'fashionably' ripped at the knees.

Laura bent over to check the bacon under the grill, Craig unable to prevent his eyes from flicking to Laura's arse, firm and round beneath those tight jeans she often wore.

"Where are the two rascals?" Craig asked, averting his eyes.

"Hmmm?" asked Laura as she stood, "Oh, them. They're off out exploring. I don't think they'll be back for lunch."

"Okay. I just hope they don't get lost."

Craig knew his fears were unfounded. 15-year-old Ricky was a wisened kid, having had to cope with losing his mother. Not that he had been forced to mature too quickly; he still had a very adventurous streak which his little sister looked up to him for.

Having been looked after by her brother quite a bit in the last few years, 13-year-old Jennifer was a bit of tomboy, far more likely to come home with a mucky face and carrying a football than to be out skipping and playing with Barbie dolls. She had a fond attachment to Ricky and loved to hang around with her brother, which Ricky didn't mind at all. For the last few days, both younger Stephenson children had made excuses not to finish their unpacking, instead eagerly exploring their new surroundings, which were a nice contrast to the urban sprawl they'd been raised in.

"I just hope they get round to sorting out their stuff," Craig commented as Laura finished making their bacon sandwiches.

"They'll get round to it," Laura said, "I'll tell them tonight to hurry it up. I can't believe how messy their rooms are!" she continued with a smile, "You'd think that not having unpacked much they wouldn't have a lot of things to leave scattered around, but their rooms are still a tip."

"Those kids," grinned Craig, not for the first time thinking of how Laura sounded more like a spouse than a daughter.

"There you go dad," she said, handing her father a plate.

"Thanks dear," he replied, and they headed towards the living room.

Unseen birds in the wild trees above twittered and chirped, basking in the general pleasantness of the summer day, and ignoring the two kids tramping through the woods beneath.
Ricky, as always, was taking the lead, holding a stick to push aside some of the thicker vegetation as he marched forwards like a jungle explorer.

Ever content in the role of a follower, Jennifer trailed her brother by a few paces, proud of Ricky having given her the responsibility of navigator. She frequently check the compass she wore round her neck, always remembering the direction home.

They were both dressed in old jeans and T-shirts. Rickey had had a bit of a growth spurt earlier that year, and was now 5'9", almost as tall as his father. A keen football player at school, he was athletically built, and his slightly overlong hair, thick and black like his dad's, often hung in front of his eyes.

Despite her tomboy-nature, Jennifer was deceptively delicate looking. She was reasonably tall for a 13-year-old at a little over five-foot, but she was skinny with pale skin that refused to tan in the sun. She had long brown hair which, even after being combed, had a knack of being wild and scruffy looking. Her eyes were dark brown, contrasting with her pale face, and an ever-alert, intelligent look about her.

"Hang on," called Ricky, and stood still, "Listen!"

Jennifer obediently stopped, listing out as her brother instructed.

"Hear it?" he asked.

Jennifer shook her head, then indeed did hear it. The sound of a stream could just be made out beyond all the singing birds.

"A river," she called, cheerfully.

"We've found it!" Rickey said, triumphantly, digging out the local map he'd picked up the other day, "I knew it was up here. C'mon sis!"

He headed in the direction of the sound of water, Jennifer hurrying behind.

Abruptly, the trees parted, and they stood at the bank of a gently flowing river, about twenty feet wide, the thick woods continuing beyond it's other bank.

"Excellent," Ricky said.

"What do we do know?" asked Jennifer.

"Whaddya mean?"

"Well, we found the river. Now what?"

"I dunno. It was just for the fun of finding it. You're a great navigator sis."

Jennifer beamed with pride.

"Shall we go for a swim?" she suggested.

"We haven't got any swimming trunks."

"How about skinny dipping," Jennifer sniggered.

"No way!" laughed her brother, "You pervert."

"How about a paddle then?"

"Hmmm, depends if it's shallow enough. It looks too deep from here"

Even as Ricky was voicing his doubts, Jennifer was sitting down and tugging off her muddy shoes.

"I'll check if it's shallow enough," she insisted, pulling off her socks and then standing up, leaning down to roll her jeans up to her knees.

Realising that his sister was largely incapable of caution, Ricky decided to enter his paternal mode, likewise removing his shoes and socks and rolling up his jeans.

He went in front of his sister down to the edge of the river, now seeing through the crystal clear water that it wasn't at all deep at the edge. He stepped in, the water cool on his sweaty feet, the shingle on the river bed holding firm under his weight.

"It's fine," he called to Jennifer, who had already followed on regardless, stepping in a bit further so that the water lapped half-way up her skinny calves.

"This is cool," she said, "Literally! My feet were stinking hot!"

They stood and admired their surroundings as the river ran on beneath them. Ricky caught sight of his little sister staring straight up at the few clouds in the azure sky, the sun lighting up her rich, brown hair and her face. She looked incredibly pretty and Ricky - a virgin who's responsibilities whilst Laura had been away at college had prevented him from concerning himself too much with girls - allowed himself a little thought of how attractive Jennifer was. Her white T-shirt was baggy, but a little breeze blew it from the front, so that the light cotton hugged her front torso. Her breasts were beginning to develop. Only a little though; it'd be a while before she'd need a bra. But there were a definate pair of small bumps there.

Jennifer began to look down from the sky, Ricky's eyes flicking instinctively elsewhere.

"Look!" called Jennifer, pointing.

"What?" asked Ricky, following the girl's finger to a red squirrel on the opposite river bank.

"A squirrel!" said Jennifer, and after eyeing up the two youngsters, the animal in question turn and clambered up a tree, soon vanishing amongst the leaves.

"Cool," commented Ricky.

"I wonder if it's got any nuts spare? I'm hungry."

"We should be getting back I guess."

"Shall we come out here tomorrow?" asked Jennifer, eagerly, as she and her brother stepped out of the river.

"Sure," replied Ricky, "if it's warm. Or we could go elsewhere."

"I want to come here again. We'll bring our swimming costumes and take a dip."

"Okay," said Ricky.

They both put on their shoes and socks, and with Jennifer checking the compass, they made their way back towards the house.


Having finished clearling the dishes from lunch, Craig returned to the living room and sat back down on the sofa next to his eldest daughter.

Laura was flicking through the channels, trying to find something on other than sport.

"Nothing on?" Craig asked.

"Not that I can see," sighed Laura, "Never is on Saturday daytime."

"What are you up to for the rest of the day?"

"I dunno," replied Laura, "I might go into town and do a little bit of shopping. We'll need some groceries in, plus I fancy looking around. Fancy coming?"

"Sure. We'll have to wait until Ricky and Jennifer return though."

"Ah yes," smiled Laura, "Off exploring the woods, they said. Dr. Livingstone and his trusty female sidekick I presume."

"Hopefully they'll be back soon."

There was a silent moment, during which Laura remembered that yesterday was the tenth anniversary of her mother's death.

"You okay dad?" she asked. He seemed to have lost himself in thought for a moment.

"Mmmm? Yeah, sure honey."

"Thinking about mum?"


Laura placed a hand on her father's shoulder.

"I'll be okay," he smiled to her. Laura smiled back, reassuringly. She went to hug her dad, but instead, without really knowing why, ended up gently kissing him on the cheek. He turned to her.

"It'll be okay," she agreed to her father.

Craig lost himself once more a for a second, looking into his daughter's lovely face, and the second was about to become an awkward moment when there came the sound of the back door opening.

"Here they are," said Laura, and stood up, "I better make them some lunch I guess."

She left the room, Craig sighing inwardly, pondering the brief moment ago when he realised how beautiful Laura was. He'd thought that many times before of course, but it was first time he'd done so in a way other than the usual, unconditional opinion of a father. In fact, sexy was a word he tentatively allowed himself to think of Laura.



"Hey you two," greeted Laura to her younger siblings as they yanked off their muddy shoes and socks in the kitchen.

"Hi Laura," Jennifer said.

"We found a river," Ricky proudly told his big sister, "About a mile North from here. It was pretty deep."

"And we saw a squirrel," Jennifer quickly chipped in, "And if it's warm tomorrow we're going swimming."

"Very nice," smiled Laura, "Now who's hungry?"

Her siblings were indeed hungry, but Jennifer offered to make sandwiches for her and her brother, meaning Laura could go and get ready to go out shopping.

"Hi kids," Craig said a moment later, standing in the kitchen doorway. Jennifer and Ricky were sitting at the table with their lunch.

"Hi daddy!" Jennifer smiled, and proceeded to brag about their little adventure, pausing only to obey her father's kindly instruction not talk with her mouthfull.

"Me and Laura are going into town," Craig told them, "Either of you want to come along?"

"Nah," Jennifer said, "We might go out again. Or watch TV."

"Okay," Craig responded, and took his car-keys from the hook on the wall before leaving the kitchen.

"I'm ready," Laura was saying as she walked down the hallway towards her dad. She wore a pair of neater, non-ripped jeans, but still had on the psychedelic T-shirt, and her hair was now tied in short pigtails with flourescent green ribbons, tied into absurdly large bows. She had also put on some earings, dangling, yellow smiley-faces.

Craig smiled to himself. Whilst looking after her younger siblings in her teens, Laura had been forced to grow up quickly, so it was only fair, with less responsibilities and the influence of other college students, that she was given free reign to look as stupid as every other young adult seemed to look these days, at least in the eyes of Craig's generation. Besides, he couldn't help but look at Laura's exposed, flat little belly and that pierced naval.

"You look nice," he said.

"We're only going into town dad," she insisted with a grin.

"Yeah, but you look nice."


"Well, I'll just get my shoes and be off. Bye kids!"

"Bye dad!" Jennifer and Ricky called from the kitchen. Laura and Craig left the house, the latter holding the passenger door open for his daughter before the car crunched it's way up the long, gravel drive, turning at the road to cruise into the town on the horizon.

Back in the kitchen, the 'kids' had finished their lunch and wandered into the living room. Both sat on the long, blue sofa, Ricky sitting back and stretching his legs whilst Jennifer tucked her barefeet underneath her bottom, kneeling up and eagerly flipping through the channels. Like her big sister earlier, she found that there was nothing on.

"Oh boo," she pouted, "Why is there just rubbish on telly?"

"Could watch a video," suggested Ricky.

"Hmmm. Yeah."

"You don't sound enthusiastic."

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Jennifer asked, the abrupt change in subject making Ricky naturally look round at his sister, "I mean, really kissed a girl. Not just a peck or something."


"Have you?"

"What's it to you?

"Tell me," insisted Jennifer, grinning.

"A few," he shrugged, "I guess."

"You guess? You mean you haven't kissed any!"

"I have!"


"I've kissed a few," repeated Ricky, firmly, "Quite a few in fact."

"Okay, agreed," Jennifer said. She tartily examined her fingernails, looking at her brother from the corner of her eyes, knowing that, having succesfully defended his masculinity, it'd take a moment for the curiosity to kick in.

"Why did ask me that?" Ricky inevitably enquired.

"I need practise," she stated.

"Practise? At kissing girls?"

"Yes...I mean no. I mean, kissing. In general. Kissing boys in general I mean."

Ricky smiled.

"I'm serious," insisted his little sister, "I'm thirteen now, I'll be discovering boys and all that at the new school. If I go out with one, I don't want to look like a fool if I can't kiss."

"Sure any boys your age probably can't kiss either," Ricky shrugged, though he was secretly excited at what Jennifer seemed to suggesting.

"Then let's practise," Jennifer said, sitting up on the edge of the sofa, feet on the floor, and edging up to her brother.

"Whaddya mean?" asked Ricky.

"C'mon, pucker up!"

"You want me to snog you?"


"You're my sister though."

"Well done. Full marks for knowing who I am. C'mon it's no big deal. Or are you worried because you haven't really kissed many girls at all."

"Oh alright, I haven't kissed many."

"Then it's good practise for us both."

Ricky looked at his sister and saw that she was serious. She gave a sweet smile, her big brown eyes full of wild, childish affection.

"Okay," he said.

They looked at each other, not knowing exactly what to do, before Jennifer just took the plunge and clamped her warm lips to those of her 15-year-old brother.

Ricky quickly responded, both of them amateurish but adventurous in their clumsy motions, working their lips together, each of them with their hands resting on their own laps.

They pulled apart for a moment.

"Any good?" asked Ricky.

"Hey, your supposed to be rating my technique," smiled Jennifer. Then she kissed her brother again.

When they parted once more, they grinned at each other.

"Use your tongue," he told Jennifer, making it sound as if it were sage advise rather than a request.

Indeed, when they sealed their lips to each others for a third time, Jennifer's warm, moist tongue slipped it's way clumsily into Ricky's mouth, Ricky responding by pushing the tongue around with his own.

Feeling a little more brave, Jennifer reached up with her hand and placed it on her brother's shoulder, and Ricky responded by doing likewise, the pair of siblings in this loose, tentative embrace as they kissed. They stopped for a breather, this time silent during the break, before doing it once more, Ricky now exploring his sister's mouth with his tongue, running it over her teeth and enjoying the feeling of rubbing it against the wet insides of her cheeks.

When they parted for a final time, they took their hands of each other's shoulder, edging back and acting casual.

"Well?" Jennifer asked.

"Well what?" quizzed Ricky.

"How was I?"

"I've had better," grinned her brother, who received a cushion in the face for his trouble. "Okay okay, you were cool."

"Thank you."

"And me?"

"I've had worse," smirked Jennifer, "Nah, you were fine. My brother, the master kisser."

They giggled together. Both had felt uncomfortable whilst kissing, as if it were something wrong, but now they were relaxed, albeit having a strange urge to change the subject.

"Want to watch a video then?" asked Ricky.

"Sure," nodded Jennifer, "Stick on that film we taped yesterday."

"I'll see if I can find it," her brother said as he stood up, and walked to the TV cabinet.


At the medium-sized grocery store in town, Craig and Laura were at the checkout, packing the shopping into bags whilst their items were scanned by the cashier.

The cashier was a chatty teenager - presumably a part-time student - who nattered happily to Craig and Laura.

"You two new in town then?" she asked.

"Yeah," replied Craig, "We just moved in last week."

"How do you like the place?" the cashier further enquired, over the beep of the scanner reading the barcodes.

"It's nice," Laura said, "Much nicer than the city. My little brother and sister have taken it upon themselves to explore the entire countryside."

"Yeah, it's a great place for kids," agreed the girl at the check-out, "It's very quiet, especially in the woods. Make sure they don't get lost or anything though. Right...that's $29:45 please."

Craig handed over the money, and once he'd accepted the change, he and his daughter said their goodbyes to the friendly cashier and made their way out.

In the car-park, Craig dumped the two bags he was carrying into the trunk and walked round to unlock the passenger door. As he walked round the back of the car, Laura, who was leaning over to place her bags at the back of the trunk, stepped back and tripped over the remaining carrier bag she'd left on the ground.

"Shit," she naturally said as she stumbled back, losing her footing.

Luckily, Craig was behind her, and instinctively caught her in his arms.

"Careful," he said, helping Laura up.

"Cheers dad," she smiled, both suddenly noticing that, whilst one arm was supporting Laura's back, Craig's other arm was round her front and the hand clamped over one of the young woman's pert breasts.

Craig looked down and, with his daughter now standing up straight, took his hand away quickly.

"Sorry," he said, blushing.

"S'okay dad," grinned Laura, "No-one else in this car-park I'd rather have take advantage of my clumsiness to feel me up than my dear ol' dad."

She giggled, Craig doing likewise after a moment, the joking remark having sounded a little odd to him.

"Last one," Laura announced as she bent down to pick up the bag she'd tripped up over. She was bending over directly away from Craig, and he couldn't help but admire Laura's tight, round bum that was pointing straight towards his groin, which was beginning to stir. It took a lot of willpower to look away. The bag placed in the car, his daughter shut the trunk.

"Let's go then," Laura said.

Her father agreed, and soon they were slowly driving out of the car-park, Craig beginning to wonder if he was a pervert for the sudden, latent sexual interest he had in his eldest daughter. Laura, meanwhile, was wondering if her father was aware that she'd deliberately 'tripped' a moment ago into her father's arms, and that it was no coincidence that, for the second time that day, she'd just 'happened' to bend over in front of her dad.


That evening, Craig soaked in the bath for a long time, after which he had a wet shave. He spent more time than usual combing his hair, even going so far as to use a little facial moisturiser on his face. For a 39-year-old, he looked reasonably young, his hair still thick and black, his skin in good condition. There was some Ralph Lauren aftershave on the shelf that he occasionally wore, and feeling inexplicably vain tonight, he splashed some on.

Tying on a dressing gown, he went to his bedroom, a large room at the back of the house. The alarm clock read 22:31, and he fancied turning in early and getting a long sleep.

The bed was large and low, the duvet and pillow cases pitch black and contrasting with the light pine furniture of the room and the stark, white walls. The outer wall had several, floor-to-ceiling windows, that Craig stood at and admired the outside world. The last of the light was vanishing from the horizon, the stars out in force and the dark shapes of the trees both in and beyond the garden static in the still, night air.

Craig left the room and went to the lounge, the sound of racing cars getting louder as he approached.

Poking his head round the door, he saw Jennifer and Ricky sitting in front of the TV, playing a racing car game on the Sony Playstation. Neither youngster saw their dad, merely continuing to compete in the race, bickering as to who was winning. Craig found it pleasing that the pair, despite their competitive game, were sitting physically close to each other, and their taunting of each other was never serious or spiteful. Sibling rivalry was non-existant amongst Craig's offspring, something that he was proud of.

"Hey kids," he called, "Don't sit too close to the screen."

"Okay dad," Jennifer said, neither her or Ricky looking round.

"I'm off to bed now, I'm tired," Craig said, "Don't stay up too late."

"We won't dad," Ricky insisted, before cursing his pit-team for being so slow in changing his car's tyres.

"G'night daddy," Jennifer said, and Craig smiled before leaving the room. He went upstairs and knocked on the thick, oak door to Laura's room.

"Laura?" he called, repeating himself a couple of times when he got no response.

He eventually opened the door and saw his eldest daughter wearing just a white bra and dark pink knickers. She was standing in front of a mirror, plucking her eye-brows whilst wearing headphones that connected to her stereo. The tinny sound of the music pumping through the headphones could be heard across the room.

Craig was about to slip unnoticed from the room, but Laura caught site of him in the corner of her eye.

"Shit," she stammered, whipping off the headphones and turning round, "You freaked me out."

"Sorry," said Craig, "I knocked."

"Don't worry, I was wearing my phones."

Laura breathed deeply and smiled, and Craig was relieved that his daughter only seemed to be shocked at taken by surprise at her father's presence, and not in anyway worried about standing there in just her bra and knickers.

"Good job you're hear dad," she said, walking across the room, "I can't get this ear-ring out."

She still had one of the little smiley-face ear-rings dangling in her left ear-lobe, and she stood right in front of her dad and turned her head appropriately.

"It's not stuck is it?" asked Craig, trying to contain the thrill deep within himself at this lovely young woman (daughter, his mind reminded him quietly) in just her underwear so close to him.

"It's just a bit fiddly," said Laura.

Craig reached out and was quickly able to remove the ear-ring.

"There you go sweetheart," he said, dropping the object into Laura's open palm.

"Cheers," his daughter smiled, sweetly, "You're my hero."

She gave her dad a peck on the cheek. "You smell nice," she observed, "You wearing that aftershave?"

"Yeah. I just felt like it for once."

"It's nice. But then, I did buy it for you last Christmas."

"You have good taste," Craig told his daughter, and they both smiled, Craig desperatly trying to resist the urge to look down to Laura's scantily clad figure.

"I'm off to bed," he announced, "I fancy an early night. The two terrors are still playing computer games, but go and tell them to go to bed in about twenty minutes."

"No problem dad."

"Thanks honey. Well, goodnight."

He went to give Laura a quick kiss on the cheek, but Laura didn't turn her head as expected and instead they made lip-to-lip contact.

"See ya dad," Laura said, and Craig left the room, smiling and hoping he didn't start to blush until he was out of sight. He went back to bed, finding that he was fully aroused and erect when he clambered into bed.

Laura, meanwhile, went off to have a shower, wondering how interesting it would have been if she'd been starkers when her father stumbled into her room.

Later, Laura told her two younger siblings to head to bed, and they obediently did so, brushing their teeth at the sink together and still argeuing as to who'd been the eventual winner in their game.

Finally, the pair were in bed, and Laura flicked out the lights downstairs and turned in for the night herself.


Sunday lived up to it's literal name. The sun blazed high in the sky once more and temperatures approached the late 80's.

Holding a carrier bag each, Ricky and Jennifer made their way through the woods once more until they reached the river.

"Still here," commented Jennifer.

"What?" asked Ricky, "The river?"


"What did you expect, that it'd gone overnight? Flown south for the winter?"

Jennifer sniggered, then dumped her bag on the ground.

"I'll see if it's nice and warm in there," she said, yanking off her shoes and socks.

"I hope it's cool," said Ricky, "I'm boiling hot here."

He watched as his little sister made her way to the edge of the river and carry out the toe-test.

"Just right," she called triumphantly, shaking the drips from her toes, "Perfect."

She made her way back up the back.

"I'm off to get changed," she declared, picking up her bag and heading off into the trees once more.

"Where are you going?" asked Ricky.

"To get changed," repeated Jennifer over her shoulder, "I do need some privacy from you."

"Oh it's nothing I haven't seen before. We used to bathe together remember."

"Yeah, when we were knee high," retorted Jennifer, grinning before dissapearing behind some trees.

Ricky laughed to himself, and nipped behind a large tree himself before quickly stripping and hauling on a pair of swimming shorts that were in his bag, along with his towel.

Stepping out again, he heard the rustle of leaves from behind the vegetation Jennifer had gone behind, and he couldn't help but peer over there.

Suddenly, Jennifer's head popped over a bush, the slight glimpse of her bare shoulders indicating she was topless.

"You're peaking!" she barked at her brother.

"I'm making sure you're not peaking," Ricky called back with a smile.

Jennifer flashed a grin back at him before ducking down once more.

Ricky was paddling into the warm water of the gentle river when he heard his sister eventually emerge, wearing a one-piece red bikini.

She waded into the river and stood next to her brother.

"Where do you think it's deepest?" she asked him.

"Over there I reckon," answered Ricky, pointing towards the middle where there river bed was no longer visible through the clear water, "I'll go first and make sure it's not too deep."

He valiantly waded forward, the water rising up his legs as got further away from the river bank. He dived forth, plunging head long into the water. Turn back up, his head emerged from the water and he was able to stand on the river bed with the water up to his chest.

"Just the right depth," he commented, and his sister excitedly copied her brother, diving down and emerging next to him.

"Watch this," she beamed, and sank underneath the water, where she did an aquatic back flip, her thin, pale legs briefly scissoring out of the water and vanishing beneath the surface once more.

"Very impressive," smiled Ricky once Jennifer was standing upright again, the water up to her neck, "Ten out of ten."


At the house, Craig was finishing mowing the lawn. The garden was large so it'd taken over an hour, making him consider whether it'd be worth getting a gardner to do the job once a week.

Feeling hot and uncomfortable, with grass stains on his clothes, he entered the house and took a shower. He threw on a clean pair of black jeans and a plain, white T-shirt, as well as splashing on a little bit of aftershave.

He decided to make lunch, and went to ask Laura if she wanted some, knocking gently on her bedroom door.

"Yeah?" called Laura from within.

Craig opened the door and saw his daughter sitting at her dressing table. Craig was briefly dissapointed that she was not in her underwear at the moment. Laura was wearing a sleeveless white top with small, red hearts all over it. and a pair of blue denim cut-offs, meaning all her slender limbs were on display. The top was made of thin cotton and her bra strap could be clearly seen beneath.

"Hiya dad," she smiled as she turned, currently holding some lip-stick in her hand, poised in front of her face, "What you been up to?"

"Mowing the lawn," he replied as he walked over, "I was hoping Ricky would help but he's gone charging off with Jennifer again. Nevermind, I need the excercise and fresh air after sitting at the computer for the last few days."

He sat down on his daughters large double bed, next to Laura. She'd been the first to completely unpack and sort out her room, marking her personality over it. The furniture was all dark oak, and the beige walls were broken up with the posters of various bands. The contrasts in her personality were marked in the college books - mostly thick tomes on political history - that shared the shelves with battered, well-hugged cuddly toys that she'd cherished from childhood.

"I was going to make lunch," said Laura, then began to put on her lipstick.

"Me too," said her father, "Do you fancy some?"


"Are you going out?"

"No, I'm just trying out some new make-up that I bought yesterday."

She placed the lipstick on the dressing table.

"Oh, I got a spot," she whined into the mirror, then looked mournfully to her father.

"That's not a spot," he laughed, "Just some stray lipstick."

He reached out and used his finger to wipe away the small dab of red lipstick his daughter had somehow got on her chin.

"Cheers dad," she smiled, "How do I look?"

"If I was 22, I'd be totally in love!" he declared.

"What about if you're age 39?" Laura grinned.

Craig couldn't really think of another answer to his daughter's cryptic enquiry, so just said "Same thing," with a knowing smile.

"Think I'm kissable with this lipstick?" Laura asked, then daintily pouted her lips and closed her eyes.

"Yes," whispered Craig, then without thinking, leaned forward and placed his lips to Laura's. It was no father-to-daughter peck, and soon Laura was instintively following along, the pair kissing hard and passionatly, eyes closed and breathing quickly through their noses as their mouths were sealed to each other's. Laura pushed her tongue into her dad's mouth, meeting his own tongue, exploring each other's gums and cheeks as they embraced.

Briefly parting, Laura slid back on the bed and lay down, her head on the pillow, reaching her arms out to her father and urging him over.

Quickly, Craig was lying on his side next to his daughter, his mind refusing to accept the little part of his brain that was asking 'What the fuck are you doing?' as he resealed his lips to Laura's, his hand now wandering down and stroking her breasts, Laura in turn placing her hand onto the back of her father's head, as if holding him there, worried that he might break away from kissing her.


Bored of diving around and swimming, the younger Stephenson children were playfully having a water fight, Ricky sweeping his arm across the river surface and sending an arc of sparkling clear water splashing into Jennifer, who leapt back squealing. She retaliated by splashing water at her brother, who adopted the paradoxical tactic of avoiding getting wet by ducking down and submerging himself.

"Missed," he taunted Jennifer as he re-emerged, and was surprised to see that Jennifer was no longer there.

He noticed the movement under water too late, as Jennifer broke the surface right in front of him and splashed him with water.

"Gotcha!" she giggled.

"Truce!" called Ricky, and smiled.

They stood facing each other in the water for a moment, a little out of breath, the air still filled with the sounds of birds singing.

"What now?" asked Jennifer.

"Er..." pondered Ricky, "How about we practice kissing again."

"Okay," smiled Jennifer. She'd wanted to suggest that herself but was worried about the response she'd get.

"How about here?" Ricky asked, referring to the middle of the river they were standing in.

"Why not?" replied Jennifer, and stepped closer to her brother, "Ready?"


They tentatively kissed once more, their efforts clumsy to the eyes of any observers, but that didn't bother them. They broke apart occasionally, grinning at each other like naughty kids, before resuming, both nervously bringing in their tongues to the technique.


Craig pulled gently away from Laura with the intention of asking her if she wanted to go on, if what they were doing was wrong, whether they should take it a stage further and a million other things he wanted to ask, but all those questions died on his lips when Laura took the oppurtunity to sit up and quickly tug off her top then whisk away her bra, both garments ending up slung to the floor.

Taking the hint, Craig removed his T-shirt, and once he'd done so he watched as Laura lay back and raise her bum from the bed, briskly popping open the buttons on her denim cut-offs.

"Here," said Craig, softly, and reached out to help, finishing off the job of undoing the buttons and sliding them down, Laura resting her arms along side her body and watching as her father removed her shorts. Then, Craig hooked his fingers round the top of his daughter's white knickers and removed them too, pausing to admire the lucious, pale, slender body in front of him.

Leaning down, he placed his mouth to Laura's small, firm breasts and kissed them all over before sucking on the stiff nipples. He made his way down, kissing her flat belly and hips, then her thighs. Finally, he reached her vagina, which was topped by thick, dark brown hair. Laura parted her legs a little, and after softly kissing all the flesh surrounding it, Craig moved to the open slit between those slender legs.

He lapped the warm, moistening lips, gently using his fingers to frig the clitoris whilst pushing his tongue up into Laura's cunt, causing her to sigh softly and run her hands through her father's thick, dark hair.

For ten-minutes he licked out his daughter's wet cunt, his hands gripping Laura's firm thighs as he did so, the girl panting and moaning in pleasure as she gently humped her arse off the bed into her father's hungry mouth.

Raising himself, Craig got off the bed and hurridly removed the remainder of his clothes, Laura getting up and smiling at her father as she motioned for him to lie back.

He did so, Laura stroking her hands over her fathers firm torso, over his chest and stomach, before running her nails softly over his thighs and staring at the impressive cock that lay stiff across Craig's lower abdomen. Thick and veiny, it was almost eight-inches long and the head swollen and purple. Laura took it in her right hand and held it upright, gently rolling the foreskin up and down whilst admiring the imposing organ of her dad. Craig closed his eyes and sighed as the blood pumped through his prick, making it harder that it'd been for years.

He opened his eyes quickly when he felt something warm and wet clamp over his throbbing cock end, and he saw that Laura was gleefully sucking on the head of his cock, slowly lowering her head and taking a good few inches into her hot mouth.

Craig's late wife hadn't been a prude, but she wasn't too adventurous either. Mostly missionary position stuff. The few women he'd slept with since being widowed had been a little more frisky, but nonetheless, those encounters had been rare, and over two-years had passed since Craig had slept with anyone. His head propped up on the pillow, he watched with delight as his daughter deep-throated him, his hands running through her hair. He simply enjoyed the feeling of being sucked off and the sight of his own daughter doing it.

Eventually, Laura took the cock from her mouth and knelt up, without warning getting astride her father's groin and gripping the rock-hard cock in her hand and rubbing the saliva-slick end against her wet cunt.

"Won't you get pregnant?" Craig asked, the first thing spoken in a while.

"I'm on the pill," Laura simply replied, and lowered herself, both father and daughter letting out long sighs of pleasure and Craig's cock was buried to the very hilt in Laura's hot cunt.

She rode slowly at first, leaning forward and kissing her dad hard on the lips, Craig's hands reaching round and stroking his daughter's bare back as his cock slid back and forth in her slit.


"Am I getting better?" asked Jennifer when her and her brother, still in the water, parted again.

"A bit better," nodded Ricky. He didn't really know how to kiss properly either, but despite intial reservations yesterday, he really couldn't deny to himself that he very much enjoyed kissing his little sister, and thought it might end if he told Jennifer she had got the knack of it.

"What else should I do?" asked the girl, "I'm using my tongue and everything."

"Just..." began Ricky, wondering what to say, " it a bit more slowly. You know...don't rush it like you scoffing out the inside of a yoghurt pot. Slowly."

He felt proud of that impromptu bit of how-to-kiss-like-an-expert advice, and licked his lips as Jennifer eagerly went to put the boy's comments into practice.

They kissed once more, Ricky's cock raging hard in his shorts under the water. Suddenly, he felt his prick edging out through one of the legs of his shorts, the swollen, exposed end feeling cool as it waved in the water just out from his thigh. Before he could do anything, Ricky felt the cock-end nudge against his sister's thigh.

"What was that?" asked Jennifer after breaking from Ricky's lips, looking down. Ricky looked down and realised it wasn't possible to see much down through the water at this depth.

"Just my knee," he said. Jennifer couldn't see anything to contradict this, so simply accepted it, looking back into her brother's eyes.

"Is kneeing me in the legs necessary whilst kissing?" she smiled, and they resumed their kissing, Ricky carefully tucking his cock back into his shorts under the water as if it were a rogue, uncontrollable child.

"I think we should get going," he said after a moment.

"Okay," agreed Jennifer, "We should practice later, don't you think?"

"Sure," replied Ricky. Jennifer turned and began to walk out of the river, singing cheerfully to herself. Ricky decided to wait a moment until his cock had softened, but when Jennifer reached the river bank, he couldn't help but look round and catch sight of Jennifer's cute little bum being hugged by the wet bikini, the crack in her arse clearly made out. This only began to stiffen his cock more, so he looked away and waited. Jennifer had wandered into the trees to dry and get changed, so Ricky quickly made his way out of the water, keeping his mind blank so that, when he was dry and clothed once more, his prick had settled back to it's flaccid sleep.

He went back to the river bank where he met Jennifer, who was also dressed, her damp hair blowing in her face as a gentle breeze picked up.

"Swimming always makes me hungry," she said.

"Let's go get some grub at home then," her brother responded.

Jennifer agreed, and they began to walk back.


Laura and Craig were going at it faster now, the daughter kneeling upright as she rode her dad's cock, Craig reaching up and clasping his strong hand's over her tits.

Neither had said anything, merely humped and panted away, knowing clearly that the other was content to continue.

Laura began to slow down, breathing hard.

"I'm getting tired," she smiled.

"I'll take over," said her father, and Laura gladly dismounted, lying back once Craig had moved to oneside.

She spread her legs and Craig mounted his daughter in the missionary position, quickly clamping his lips to hers once his prick was buried in her cunt, his arse rising and falling as he quickly picked up the pace. Laura fell into rythym with her dad, humping her bum upwards and feeling the large cock pounding into her slit, sending ripples of pleasure running through her body.

Shortly, Craig took his lips from Laura's and rested his chin on her shoulder, feeling his orgasm rising.

Laura could sense it too, and reached round and gripped her father's arse cheeks, helping to pull him into her with every thrust. Both were crying out in pleasure, the bedsprings creaking and Craig began to shoot his cum, his prick pounding as it spewed thick sperm into Laura's cunt.

"Oh dad," she gasped into his ear, "Oh yes, oh dad!"

"Laura," Craig panted, kissing her hard whilst his hips jerked, his prick oozing out the last of his cum into his daughter.

They kissed for a few minutes, Craig growing flaccid inside Laura's wet cunt, until finally he broke away.

"Shit," he muttered, "Jennifer and Ricky will be back soon."

"Oh yeah," said Laura, "Er...better get dressed I guess."

They smiled at each other, kissed, and finally Craig dismounted his girl, both hurridly getting dressed. Laura went to the bathroom whilst Craig went to his bedroom to comb his dishevilled hair. As he went downstairs, he heard the sound of the backdoor opening and Jennifer and Ricky talking loudly as they barged in, no doubt starving and wondering what was for lunch.

Hearing movement behind him, Craig stopped half-way down the stairs and looked round. Laura was at the top, fully dressed, neatened up and incredibly pretty.

She smiled at her father, a simple, warm smile that let him know that there was nothing to regret regarding their actions.

"Let's do it again tonight," she whispered.

Craig smiled and nodded, then continued down the stairs, Laura watching her father for a moment before following him.

Everything was back to normal within moments when Laura entered the kitchen and tried to bring order to the chaotic scene of Jennifer and Ricky rummaging through the fridge, bickering over which food took the least time to cook.

That evening Ricky and Jennifer were tired out from the day's events and went to bed around ten o'clock. Laura was up in her room listening to music and doing to work for college, and at half-past-ten there was a soft rapping at her door.

She opened it and was both pleased and unsurprised to find her father.

He invited her into his room, and within moments they were there, Craig quietly locking the door. Jennifer and Ricky's rooms were right down the hallway, but to mask the sound a little Craig turned on the stereo, tuning it in to a classical station. All the while, Laura was hurridly undressing, and Craig did likewise.

They fucked on the bed for an hour, changing positions and not bothering to communicate outloud, simply making eye contact and gently urging each other when they shifted position every ten-minutes or so. Laura was on her knees and elbows and breathing hard into the pillow when her father came, fucking his daughter doggie-style and gripping Laura's waist as he ejaculated into her cunt.

They kissed and stroked each other for a few minutes before dressing and making their way downstairs. They had a bit of supper as they sat on the sofa, then watched telivision for a couple of hours, cuddled up to each other like a married couple.


Ricky and Jennifer were not fanatical fans of school, but neither loathed it as much as some youngsters do. At eight-thirty the next day, both said their goodbyes and set off together, choosing to stroll the mile to the place of education. They'd been settling in well and it seemed as if the good grades they'd received at their old school would continue.

As soon as they were alone, Laura and her father made love again, though a little more hurried that they'd like, Laura due for college at ten. She had a lot of gaps in her lecture schedules throughout her week, but Monday's were busy; she'd be gone until five, shortly after her brother and sister returned.

Throughout the day, Craig felt cheerful, and hummed frequently to himself as he pottered about, tidying the place up during the morning and spending most of the afternoon sitting out in the garden reading. He'd received his cheque for the article he'd recently finished that morning, $3,000, which had lifted his already euphoric mood. He bathed twice that afternoon, smiling inwardly at the resurection of his vanity since the weekend's events.

At four-thirty, Jennifer and Ricky piled into the house, filling it with noise, and Craig made a start on dinner, Jennifer entering a rare mature mode as she helped her father. It was served just as Laura arrived home, and they ate round the table, Craig and Laura heavy with secrets as the youngsters chatted about their day at school.

"Can we go out daddy?" Jennifer asked once they'd finished their dinner.

"Sure honey," Craig smiled, he and Laura instantly happy that they'd have the place to themselves.

Ricky hadn't actually been consulted about this, but had no plans and simply followed his sister in getting ready and soon leaving the house. It was still bright and sunny outside, and the two youngsters soon clambered over the little fence at the bottom of the garden and headed out into the woods, which had seemingly become their own massive, natural play area.

Meanwhile, Craig had gone into his office and was sitting at the computer. He had a couple of work-related e-mails he had to send.

He'd just finished and was about to shut the computer down when the door opened. Craig looked round and saw Laura, her hair tied up in pig-tails with those wonderfully garish, bright-green ribbons, and wearing nothing but a pair of knee-length, white socks. She was carrying a tub of hand-cream which she placed on a nearby table.

"Hi sweetheart," he smiled, not knowing whether to admire her perfect, sexy body or her impeccibly pretty face.

"Hiya daddy," Laura replied, sauntering across the room and standing behind her father, wrapping her arms loosely round his shoulders.

"You are looking delightful," he commented.

"So are you."

"You obviously don't have any plans this evening I take it."

"No. You?" "Yes. I wanna fuck you."

Laura smiled at her father and kissed him, then stepped back. Craig got out of the chair and began to strip. Once he was naked, Laura daintily got to her knees and took her dad's stiffening cock into her mouth, fondling his hairy scrotum whilst sucking hard on the bell-end, feeling the shaft stiffen to granite-hardness in her throat.

Shortly, she stood up and stepped back.

"Let's get adventurous," Laura suggested with a wicked grin, then retrieved the hand-cream. She opened the pot and scooped out some of the white cream, kneeling once more and slathering it onto her dad's raging hard cock. Craig flinched a little at the coldness, but soon relaxed as he got used to it.

Then Laura stood once more, placing the tub of cream next to the computer and scooping a little more out onto her fingers. She reached that hand round behind her, her hips thrust forward a little as her face winced at the coldness of her cream she was slathering up her butthole.

"You want it up the arse?" Craig asked, feeling excitedas he realized his daughter's intentions.

"You ever done it?" asked Laura, having finished lubing her bum.

"Sure, but only a few times. Years ago."

"Did it feel nice?"

"Very nice! You ever taken it up the arse?" asked Craig, feeling wildly turned on by being able to ask his daughter this.

"Sure," she replied, "A lot. C'mon."

She turned at leaned over a clear desk, Craig's eyes glued to his elder daughter's arse, mesmirized by those round, firm looking pale buttocks.

Laura spread her legs a little, causing her arse-cheeks to part, revealing her bald, pink ilttle puckered arsehole, greased up with hand-cream like Craig's stiff prick.

The horny father stood behind Laura, guiding the head of his cock to the young lady's anus. He began pushing, easing forth, Laura wincing as her sphincter was parted by the bludgeouning cock of her dad. She didn't want her father to worry, so she bit her lower lip until, as she expected, the discomfort rapidly vanished and she was rocked with pleasure as the first couple of inches of the cock slid into her arsehole.

"Oh fuck!" she gasped, letting out her pent up breath, "Oh yeah dad, that feels good. Yeah!"

"What an arse," Craig could only intone, "What an arse!"

He pushed forward, looking down and marvelling at the sight of his prick sliding, inch by inch, into his daughter's bum until finally her tight anus gripped the hilt of his shaft. Her held onto Laura's shoulders and began thrusting, the muscles in his thighs bulging as he picked up speed.

Laura felt intense waves of pleasure eminating from her impaled bum, and she rested her forehead on the cool surface of the desk, her hot breath condensing on the wood as she panted hard. Craig's thrusting cock felt wonderful in her arse, and though incest wasn't something either had consciouslly thought about before, both were intensely turned on by what they were doing.

Craig bravely held back a few times when his orgasm threatened to start, but eventually he could hold it no more. He held Laura tightly by the waist as his hips pumped, Laura staring straight ahead and urging her father on with obscene cries as the thick cock was driven into the wet depths of her gripping shit-chute.

Finally, Craig shot his load, shutting his eyes and gasping as he felt one of the most powerful orgasms of his life, his legs weakening as a seemingly limitless amount of sperm pumped thickly out into his child's bowels.


"What did you do in school today?" Jennifer asked her brother as they wandered through a part of the woods they hadn't visited before. She didn't really care what her brother had done in school, she merely wanted him to ask her in return.

"Not much," shrugged Ricky, walking alongside Jennifer, "Though our teacher slipped and fell as she came into class. Which was funny. What about you?"

"We did sex education," Jennifer replied with a strange sense of pride, "Laura told me some of the stuff a while ago, but today in Biology we had all the details filled in. It was cool."

"I remember doing that," smiled Ricky, "We all had to diagrams of dicks and stuff. Very weird."

They emerged into a little clearing, the ground grassy and soft, sunlight streaming in and the brightness contrasting with the shadows of the dense trees around them. Jennifer stopped and Ricky did likewise.

"Can I see your willy?" she asked her brother.

"What?" was his natural response, "Why?"

"Well, we only saw diagrams at school. I want to see one in real life."


"Oh stop oppressing my natural, childish curiosity," Jennifer retorted, and grinned, "Can I then?"

"I dunno," said Craig, looking about.

"Oh there's no-one here," reassured Jennifer, "No-one will see us. C'mon. You show me yours, I'll show you mine."

This had the desired effect, as Ricky looked back at his sister and said "Oh, alright then."

"Alright," smirked Jennifer.

"Right," said Craig after a pause, "Well? Go on then."

"Whaddya mean. I asked you. You go first."

"You go first."

"Why should I Ricky? I asked you."

"Yeah, but I'm older."

"That's irrelevent. You go first, then me."

Craig sighed and was about to continue his arguement when he realised it would be daft to go second. If he ended up seeing his sister's privates, he might spring a hard-on for when it was his sister's turn to do the viewing, which would be a little embarrassing.

"Alright then," he shrugged, allowing his sister a bit of pride in her victory whilst he undid his flies.

He dropped his jeans to his ankles, then his boxer shorts followed. In an instant, Jennifer was squatting down, hands on her knees and gazing, utterly fascinated, at her brother's dick.

"Up to your satisfaction madam?" asked Ricky, disguising the uncomfortable feeling he had, standing here with his arms by his side and his sister looking right at his privates.

"Yeah," said Jennifer, distracted, "It's cool."

That simple little note of approval made Ricky relax a bit. He looked down at Jennifer, who was tilting her head, then shifting a little to see from a different angle.

"Interesting eh?" he asked.

"It looks different to how it looks in diagrams," commented Jennifer, "Very cool."

The girl stared on for a little while longer before she stood up.

Ricky gladly pulled his pants up, buttoning up his jeans and noticing that Jennifer was now undoing her flies. He'd been vaguely concerned that Jennifer would back out of her share of the bargain. In fact, she seemed positively enthusiastic about whipping down her jeans to her ankles, then doing the same with her little white panties.

Ricky knelt down in front of his sister, Jennifer pulling her over-long T-shirt up, holding it above her naval so that her brother had a full view of her bared groin.

The boy was transfixed. He'd assumed his sister would be bald down there, but instead there was a patch of hair. Not much, and not very long, but nonetheless a little bush of deep brown hair.

"Is it good?" the girl asked, almost as self-consiouss as her brother had been in this position.

"Yeah," Ricky replied, "I can't see much of it though."

"Of course not, it's all tucked up inside of me. You can see the hair though yes?"


"It sprang up at the beginning of the year. Hopefully my tits will mature and grow soon. They're really small at the moment."

Ricky could stare at his little sister's cunt all evening, but after a moment, he politely stood up.

"Very nice," he said to Jennifer, unable to think of anything else to say.

"You are welcome dear," said his sister in a forced, posh accent, and grinned. Still with her knickers and jeans round her ankles, she leaned forward and kissed Ricky. Not a full-blown snog, but not a gentle peck either, just a brief, loving kiss on the mouth. She withdrew and yanked up her jeans and panties, doing them up without any rush.

"Let's go," she said as everything suddenly seemed back to it's normal, innocent state, "Do some exploring."

Ricky agreed wholeheartedly with this plan, and walked after his sister as she marched on into the woods.


After showering, Craig felt horny again, and so did Laura. Craig worried about whether his other two kids would catch them at it, but Laura came up with a practical idea. They lay out their clothes on the floor in her father's room, within easy reach in case they should hear the door opening downstairs, and then fucked on the bed.

Laura was on all fours, her dad cunt-fucking her hard from behind. He pulled out after a while and buggered her tight arse, moving back to her cunt in time for his orgasm, grunting hard as he fired his sperm deep inside his daughter's womb. By the time they were dressed and walking downstairs, Craig began to have the urge to fuck Laura once more. He was about to suggest it when Ricky and Jennifer arrived home. Nevermind, he thought. There was always that night. And tomorrow - Laura was only in college for the afternoon. Right now, it was back to normal; a quiet evening in front of the TV.


Tuesday lunchtime. It was a colder that day, and the heavy gray clouds outside threatened to pour down all morning. They fulfilled their promise as Craig completed his work on his computer. he finished off his cup of coffee as he looked out the window, watching the rain begin to come down.

After a couple of minutes, he checked his watch and saw that it was almost one o'clock. Laura would be back any minute and at the moment, as if prompted, Laura came through the front door. Craig entered the hallway and greeted his daughter as she shut the door, her hair damp and hanging in her face.

"I didn't miss the rain," she smiled to her father, a drip of rain water hanging on the tip of her nose.

"You should get out of those wet clothes," Craig smiled as he walked to Laura, gently kissing her on the lips.

"Shall I strip them here," she asked, "or in the bedroom."

"In the bedroom."

"My place or yours?"

"Yours. The bed is bigger."

"Let's go."

They hurried on up the stairs, Craig not bothering to shut his bedroom door in his rush to strip. Laura was naked first, and threw herself back on the bed, grinning seductively at her father as, now naked and erect, he clambered next to her.

They kissed for a few moments before Craig moved down between Laura's legs. He sucked at her cunt, driving his tongue up there whilst his hands crept up and cupped Laura's little titties, lightly pinching the nipples, the young lady moaning in delight.

Moving up again, Craig sucked on his daughter's stiff nipples before kissing her neck, finally easing his cock into her cunt.

"Oh dad," she sighed, "Fuck me hard!"

Craig simply replied by clamping his lips to Laura's whilst he began grinding his hips, fucking his hefty cock up into his daughter's hot, tight cunt.

Laura was gently raking her nails over Craig's back, someties moving her head back from her dad's lips and kissing his neck, all the time humping her hips to meet her dad's thrusts.

Craig withdrew before his orgasm rose, wanting to make this last. Laura urged her dad onto his back, so that she could kneel beside him and suck his prick, gorging on the cunt-juice slathered phallus in her mouth.

"That's good," Craig urged her on, "Yeah!"

After a minute or two, Laura took the prick from her mouth and knelt astride her father as she had done so a couple of days ago. This time, however, as she held the cock upright between her legs, she position the bulbous cock-head against her anus. She hadn't lubed herself up there, but the hard prick nudging her bum was slick with cunt juice and saliva, so with only a little biting of her lower lip, Laura was able to endure the feeling of the cock pushing up into her arse. Soon, she could kneel right down over her father's hips, smiling cheekily at him as she began to rock to and fro with her arsehole grasping the base of Craig's hard dick.

"Is that nice dad?" she asked needlessly.

"Sure honey," Craig replied, "You've got the hottest arse. You having fun?"

"The best. I want to fuck you every day. Every hour of every day!"

"Well, with Rick and Jennifer around it might be a little hard, but we'll do our best."

"Maybe we should book into a motel this weekend," suggested Craig, all the while his cock lodged in Laura's arse-guts, "A nice place for the weekend. We'll fob off the kids with some story about a business trip, and we'll shag away all night."

"Definite possibility," Laura replied, "Let's figure it out in a few days though. I'm just enjoying the moment."

She leaned down and kissed her dad whilst continuing to ride his prick.

Once Laura was tiring, she dismounted and got on her hands and knees. Craig knelt behind his daughter and licked her cunt from behind, hungrily lapping at the wet lips before moving up and tongueing her wet, slack anus. Getting up and guiding his cock with his hand, Craig fucked his prick into Laura's cunt, humping hard as he held the young woman by the shoulders, both father and daughter crying out in joy as they fucked. Laura was hit by an orgasm after ten-minutes, after which Craig withdrew and pushed his prick into Laura's rectum. She squirmed with delight and bucked her arse up against her father's groin, both working in unison as they humped like animals in heat.

"Oh God," Craig was soon panting, "I'm gonna cum. Yeah!"

"Pull out," Laura gasped over her shoulder, "Quick."

Craig did so, his prick popping out from his daughter's lovely tight bum. Laura spun round, still on her hands and knees, and clamped her lips over her dad's throbbing prick. She sucked down half of the veiny length, tasting her own arse on it as she deep-throated her father. Craig held his daughter's head in his hands, gently thrusting his hips and fucking Laura's mouth. Cum quickly began to shoot forth, thick and salty, and Laura didn't miss a drop. She gulped down the first squirts, and once the spraying was settling, Craig's orgasmic cries dying down, she let the sperm fill up in her mouth, her cheeks bulging as the sperm welled up. Then, she swallowed, feeling the slimy jizz slide down her gullet and into her stomach. She loved the taste of cum, and couldn't imagine why any girl would spit it out, so she continued sucking long after her dad had grown limp in her mouth, slurping up any remaining drips of his lovely fluid.

Laura got up, grinning, and her father got her to lay back. Moving down, he began to lick out his daughter's cunt, hungrily slurping the wet cunt whilst his prick began to restiffen gradually. Time for the second course, he thought to himself.


After the family had finished dinner late that afternoon, Craig received a phone call from one of his associates. He wanted a meeting in town, an informal drink over which to discuss business. Fancying a trip there herself, Laura asked her dad to give her a lift. She'd meet some friends there, she told him, and make her own way back later.

Naturally, they set off a bit earlier, Craig pulling into a lay-by down the road where Laura gave him an enthusiastic blow-job, before they continued their journey.

What their father and elder sister were up to was of little concern to Jennifer and Ricky. They were soon whipping the living room curtains shut, the boy quite enthusiastic at Jennifer's suggestion for a repeat of yesterday's you-show-me-yours-I'll-show-you-mine game.

"Can I see it hard?" Jennifer casually asked as her brother joined her next to the sofa.

"See it hard?" Ricky quizzed, "You mean my dick?"

"Yeah. I've already seen it normal. That's boring. I wanna see a boy's thing when he's got a stiffy."

"That's a bit weird isn't it?"


"Er..I dunno. I guess you can I s'pose."

"How do you make it hard? Do you just...think it hard or something?"

"No, it's usually...just..." he stumbled over his words, wondering how to articulate this, "Just when you see a naked woman. Or think of one."

"So if I get nekked, you'll get hard."

"I guess."

Jennifer smirked and proceeded to undo her jeans. Ricky did likewise, feeling excited at these enhancements of this little game. He was soon wearing just his T-shirt when he got onto the sofa and knelt at the end. Jennifer went further and stripped off completely, her brother blown away by a naked girl, a totally naked girl, in the flesh, in front of him. Deciding not to be a prude, he removed his T-shirt and rendered himself totally unattired too.

Jennifer knelt opposite her brother, both youngsters briefly appraising each other's bodies.

Ricky's body was slim but toned, his torso firm and well defined. Jennifer was pale and slender, her hips still narrow and her breasts mere buds barely big enough to notice.

"How long will it take?" she asked her brother, "Until it's hard?"

Ricky looked down at his cock, which was beginning to stir.

"Depends," he shrugged, his prick pulsing it's way to stiffness as he spoke.

"It looks bigger," said his sister a-matter-of-factly, "Definately bigger. Shall I grab it?"

Without waiting for answer, the curious 13-year-old reached out and clenched her little fingers round her brother's thickening member, which prompted it to quickly throb to a full erection. It was a eight-inches in length, and Jennifer stared at it with wide eyes, Ricky meanwhile feeling the alien but fantastic thrill of a hand other than his own clasping his prick.

"How do you jack off?" Jennifer asked.

Ricky's natural adolescent response would be to deny such private knowledge to his little sister, but in the circumstances he was happy to just tell her "By rubbing it, up and down."

"Like this?" asked Jennifer as she began this action, rolling the foreskin back and forth.

"Yeah," stammered Ricky, pleasure surging from his manipulated organ, "Yeah, that's it."

"Shall I go faster?"

"No, that's fine. That's great. Use longer strokes though...yeah...release your grip a little, hold it but don't squeeze it...that's it..."

He shivered a little as Jennifer attained the perfect stroke and grip on his dick.

Jennifer meanwhile stared with childlike fascination at the way her brother's throbbing, purple cock-head dissapeared and reappeared as the foreskin was drawn to and fro over it. But aside from her curiosity to her actions, she also felt a warm feeling inside her, the first realization of how effective her naked body and the simple actions of her hand could have such an influence and effect on a boy.

"How long until you er..." she began, "ejaculate. Or whatever it's called."

"Ten minutes or so," said Ricky, "Maybe longer." Jennifer was doing such a fine job her actually thought it might take place a lot quicker. He wondered whether he should do so in front of his sister. He then figured it'd be only fair to give her the same treatment. "Let go a minute," he said, and Jennifer did so.

"My turn is it?" she smiled, kneeling up right and parting her legs, hands dangling by her side as Ricky stared at her pubescent cunt.

"Do you frig yourself?" he asked her.

"Sort of," Jennifer shrugged, "I can't be doing it right. I don't feel to much down there. Maybe you'll have more luck."

Working purely on instinct, Ricky reached out with his right hand, hesitating before placing the tips of two of his fingers to Jennifer's pubic area, feeling the short, scratchy dark hair.

"It's down from there," Jennifer advised him, "That's it," she continued as Ricky followed directions. He upturned his hand and placed the tips of his fingers up between his sister's legs, feeling the distincitive, hidden slit.

"There?" he asked, Jennifer nodding and sighing sweetly as Ricky began to rub. The lips of the girl's vagina felt warm and a little moist, Jennifer soon panting a little with pleasure as Ricky became more confident, rubbing the wet slit quicker and, during the forward strokes, pushing up into the cunt with his fingers to depth of about an inch.

Unkown to them, Laura was walking up the driveway, her friend having phoned her just as she'd reached the bar in town. The friend was unable to make it that evening and so, feeling a little despondent, she'd strolled up the country road and to her house.

It was still light, so she was a little curious as to why the living room curtains had been closed. Wondering what mischief her younger siblings could be up to - but not having a clue as to what was really happening beyond the curtains - she sneaked up to the main window where she spied a gap in the curtains. Keeping low, she smirked to herself as she peered in, her face becoming rather blank and wide-eyed when she spotted what was going on.

Ricky was kneeling on the sofa opposite Jennifer, both naked, the boy's large prick nodding stiffly in the air whilst he appeared to be fingering his sister between the legs.

Oblivious to his voyueristic big sister, Ricky pulled his hand away from Jennifer's cunt.

"Can I see your arse?" he asked.

"My bum?" quizzed Jennifer, "Why?"

"I wanna see it."

"It's just a bum. You've got one."

"Yeah, but I want to see yours."

Jennifer smiled and shrugged, then turned round, still kneeling upright.

Ricky had realised he was an 'arse-man' when he began to notice girls a few years ago. On seeing a sexy woman approach him in the street he would look forward to the moment she'd passed so he could look round and judge her arse. He shivered once more with excitement at Jennifer's cute, pale little bum in front of him. Though she was still mostly a skinny little girl, there was a small amount of puppy-fat around her buttocks, giving them a nice, shapely roundness contrasting with her slender waist and thin limbs.

He reached out and placed a hand out flat on each of the arse-cheeks presented to him, fondling them lightly and delighting in the feel of them, squeezing them out of shape and releasing his grip, licking his lips and marvelling at the way Jennifer's buttocks wobbled slightly as they bounced back to their former shape.

He had an urge to see his sister's anus, that private little orifice that he felt an irrestible attraction to. He lightly pressed his fingers into the side of Jennifer's bum-cheeks and was ready to part when he caught a sign of movement in the corner of his eye.

He looked round at the window, seeing nothing but sure that something had moved.

"What was that?" he asked, taking his hands from Jennifer's arse.

"Hmmm?" she asked, looking round at Ricky then following his gaze to the window.

"I thought something moved out there."

"Can't be anyone there Ricky, Laura and dad are out."

"Maybe I'm being paranoid."

"We should do this another time," Jennifer concluded, "Just in case one of them does get back early."

Ricky agreed, and they dressed quickly, neatening up and making sure there was no possible evidence of their little activities.

Outside, Laura had realised her movement may have alerted her siblings, so she sneaked away towards the front door. She wondered what to do next, and eventually sneaked away, walking up the road and waiting a few minutes before returning home.

The curtains in the living room window were open once more, and she confidently entered the house. Ricky was playing computer games whilst Jennifer made sandwiches in the kitchen. Both, Laura was glad to notice, were dressed. She explained about her being let down with regards to her get-together with friends in town, then offered to make some supper, having no difficulty in acting like she hadn't seen nuthin'.


Craig was home late that night, just in time to say goodnight to Jennifer and Ricky as they marched off to bed.

He had supper in the living room with Laura before the two of them crept into Craig's bedroom, the door clicking softly as it was locked. They were soon naked, screwing slowly on the bed.

Laura was going to wait until they'd finished before telling her father what she'd seen earlier, but then she had the idea of telling him during sex. She had her dad withdraw from her and lay down on his back, Laura kneeling next to him and skillfully jacking off his prick in long, slow strokes, her cunt moist and her arsehole throbbing from their recent penetrations.

She told her father everything, watching her dad's face light up with shock and more than a little excitement as he was informed of what his younger kids had been up to.

"Playing with each other?" he asked.

"That's right," Laura smiled whilst still masturbating her father's heavy cock, "Clear as day, in the living room. Both naked too."

"Well..." spluttered Craig, "I guess...I guess can't really criticize their behavious considering..." He nodded his head towards his groin, referring to his daughter jacking off his prick, and both he and Laura laughed softly.

"I wonder how far they would have gone if they hadn't spotted me," Laura said.

"They saw you?" Craig asked.

"Well, not really. Ricky looked round, possibly suspicious, but they didn't actually know I was there. When I entered the house soon after they were dressed, so I reckon they got nervous. But no, they weren't aware that I, or anyone else, were actually there. But like I said, they may have gone further if they hadn't been suspicious."

"What should we do," Craig wondered, his thoughts coinciding with the pleasure of his daughter's grip on his dick.

"I think," suggested Laura with a sly grin, "We should teach them."

"Teach them?"

"Yeah. I mean, they're very close, they hang around with each other a lot...hell, they're always running off into the woods together. They could end up doing what we're doing."

"Nothing wrong with that," Craig said, honestly.

"But we don't want Jennifer getting pregnant," Laura continued, "I know she's not having periods yet, but...either way, I reckon we should take it upon ourselves to teach them to fuck properly and safely. A practical, introduction to fucking by us two."

"This," smirked Craig, "isn't just a ploy to fuck Ricky is it?"

"No, though that would be a bonus. And you can fuck Jennifer."

"Hmmm, I guess."

"She is nice. Shoulda seen her naked little body earlier."

"Shall we do it then?" Craig asked, feeling positive about this idea.

"Yes," Laura said, definitively, "I've got only one lecture tomorrow. I can skip it. If you've got nothing on..."

"No, I'm free all of tomorrow."

"...then we should give our randy youngsters the day off and tutor them. Whaddya say daddy?"

"I say go for it!"

Laura kissed her father, then speeded up the pumping motion of her hand, frigging her father's cock until Craig's toes were curling up, his body tensing and his eyes shut.

Laura bent down and took the throbbing cock-head in her mouth, still jerking the prick in her fist as her dad's sperm fountained up, the thick, milky fluid pumping into Laura's mouth. She swallowed and gulped, still pumping her hand and guzzling the cum as soon as it shot into her throat.

When Craig's orgasm had finished, Laura kissed her father and slid off the bed. She threw on her nightgown and went to the door. She unlocked it quietly, turning to blow her dad a kiss before turning out the light and slipping outside. Craig sighed, smiling to himself, before getting under the duvet and settling down to sleep.

In his room, Ricky was still awake, but didn't notice any of the movement outside in the hallway. He was busy jacking off for the third time that night, the vision of his naked sister summoned up in his mind.


Craig awoke early the next morning and met up with Laura in the kitchen. They made some breakfast, laying out for when Jennifer and Ricky, dressed for school, padded in, yawning and rubbing their eyes.

"Morning kids," Laura smiled to them.

"Morning sis," said Ricky as he sat down.

" "Hi Laura," Jennifer added, eagerly grabbing some toast and scraping butter over it with a knife.

"No school today kids," Craig then announced as he Laura sat at the table.

"Why's that?" asked Jennifer and Ricky together.

"You'll see," said Laura, cryptically, "It'll be unusual but great fun."

"Are we going somewhere?" asked Ricky, excited, "Somewhere cool?"

"We're staying here," Craig replied, "But we're doing something new and interesting. Like I say, eat your breakfast and you'll find out soon."

Jennifer and Ricky looked at each other, shrugged, then tucked into breakfast, mostly excited at the idea of having the day off school that whatever their dad and big sister had in store for them.

Once the dishes were cleared away, Craig phoned his younger kid's school and told of how they were both ill that day and wouldn't be ill. Jennifer and Ricky were sitting on the sofa, bugging their elder sister for a clue as to what's going on.

"C'mon sis," Ricky urged her, "Just a hint."

"My lips are sealed," Laura insisted.

"Aaw, Laura," pouted Jennifer.

"Okay," her big sister relented, "You know yesterday? Just before I came in?"

Both her younger siblings took a couple of seconds before realising what Laura was referring to.

"You...saw that?" asked Ricky. He was only partly relieved at Laura's reassuring smile.

"Yeah," she said, "I saw it. But don't's cool. It's okay. It's got to do with anyway. No more clues. Ah, here's dad."

"Righto kids," Craig smiled from the door, "Let's all pile into my room."

His offspring followed him, the younger two exchanging perplexed glances.

In Craig's large bedroom, he sat on the bed, Laura sitting next to him and putting an arm round her father's shoulders in a more affectionate way a daughter would do so. Jennifer and Ricky stood in front of them.

"I gave them a clue," Laura told Craig, "About what this is about. That it's regarding yesterday's little activities that I caught them doing."

"Are we in trouble?" asked Jennifer.

"Not at all sweetheart," smiled Craig, "Not at all. It's only natural what you were doing. A little er...further down the line that most youngsters go in finding out the facts of life. But seems to me that left to your own devices, you randy little sods will end up taking it one step further. Having full sex."

"We wouldn't do that," insisted Ricky, " don't think so."

He looked to his kid sister for back up, and she just shrugged, first to her brother, then to her dad.

"Well," Craig continued, "I...we, me and Laura, think you should be taught how to do it properly."

"And more effectively," Laura added with a sly grin.

"Isn't it incest or something?" asked Jennifer.

"Yeah," shrugged Laura, "but who cares. It hasn't stopped me and dad. Not since Sunday. Have you heard any noises from dad's room after bedtime at all?"

Jennifer and Ricky looked at each other, then looked back to their father and sister and shook their heads.

"Odd," said Craig, "I thought me and Laura may have accidentaly made too much noise whilst fucking. Yes, indeed kids, me and Laura are sleeping together. Well...not really sleeping together. Just screwing."

Craig and Laura were pleased that neither youngster in front of them showed any sign of being shocked or disgusted.

"Cool," Jennifer actually smiled after a moment.

"It is cool," Laura confirmed, then laughed a little, as did everyone else in the room, breaking the remaining tension.

"So me and Jennifer can have sex then?" asked Ricky, "I mean...if Jennifer wants to. If we want to."

"Sure," Craig nodded, "That's today's little lesson. Fucking: the basics."

Laura smiled and stood up.

"First off," she began, "the first lesson of sex. Anyone care to guess?"

"What?" asked Jennifer.

"Get naked," her sister replied, and clapped her hands, "C'mon, strip. Whisk away those clothes, don't be shy children."

She smiled as Jennifer and Ricky proceeded, after only a little hesitation, to take off their clothes. Realising it would make them more comfortable, Laura began to take off her clothes too, Craig joining in.

Soon, the whole incestuous quadrumvite were naked in the room. Jennifer gazed at her father's body, firm and muscular and belying his age of 39-years. Ricky, naturally, examined Laura's body, firm and sexy, pert little tits and a fine derriere.

"Ready to go Ricky?" Laura smiled to her brother, stepping up to him and gripping his fat, throbbing prick.

"Yeah," he replied, excitement rising in him. Jennifer watched this briefly, then took the initiative to kneel in front of the bed before her father, grasping his erect cock in her right hand.

"Shall I jack you off dad?" she asked, then started to do so anyway, Craig watching delighted as his sexy little daughter stroked his prick.

Laura was meanwhile getting onto her knees and taking her brother's hard length into her mouth, deep throating him hard and delighting in the boy's gasps of pleasure.

Jennifer watched this briefly, then leaned down to her dad's prick, opening her mouth. She hesitated, not sure if she'd fit it all in, so instead flicked her tongue out and licked the throbbing purple head. It taste fine; and her father clearly enjoyed it, so the pubescent girl clamped her lips over the head. She clumsily sucked whilst flicking her tongue over the cock, still gripping it in her fist. Amatuerish as the blow-job was, Craig was enjoying every minute of it.

Laura took Ricky's cock from her mouth after a few minutes and stood up.

"Okay honey," Craig said to Jennifer, "Onto the next bit."

Jennifer took lips from her father's prick and smiled up at him, then stood.

"What a sexy daughter I have," Craig sighed lovingly as Jennifer stood before him whilst he remained seated on the bed. He reached out and held his daughter by her hips, looking her up and down from her cute little toes, her thin legs, her fluffy cunt and her flat belly, all the way up past her budding breasts to her charmingly sweet face.

"Two sexy daughters dad," pitched in Ricky, Laura charmed by this and kissing her brother on the lips.

"Right," said Craig as he got off the bed, "Lay down Ricky."

The boy did so, stretching out on the bed on his back with his hard prick laying on his belly, the head reaching past his naval.

"Jennifer," Laura directed her sister, "Get on the bed too, here with me."

Laura knelt one side of her brother and urged Jennifer to kneel astride Ricky's hips.

"You're about to lose your cherry," she told Jennifer, "You too Ricky. Betcha didn't expect that would happen today?"

Her siblings shook their heads, both clearly excited. Craig sat on a leather chair nearby, masturbating as he watched. Meanwhile, Laura took her brother's cock in her hand and held it up, rubbing the head against Jennifer's tight little slit.

"You ready?" she asked, and Jennifer nodded. "Lower yourself down honey, I'll help guide it in. You ready too Rick?"

Her brother smiled and said simply "Yes", then Jennifer began to lower herself down, feeling her brother's bulbous cock begin to push into her young slit. Ricky looked down, fascinated as his prick began to dissapear into his sister, steadily easing up into the lips hidden behind the dark fluff of Jennifer's cunt.

"Aah," gasped Jennifer, halting her progress, "Shit."

"It's okay honey," Laura said, soothingly, "You wanna stop?"

"No, I'm fine."

Jennifer continued her progress, feeling the slight sliver of pain turn to warm pleasure as she took more and more of Ricky's cock into her cunt. She could soon feel that she was kneeling fully down, her bottom resting on Ricky's thighs.

"All in," Laura announced, "Feel good."

"Yeah," gasped Jennifer in awe. Her brother merely smiled and breathed deeply.

"Now rock back and forwards," Laura instructed her sister, "That's it, just do it slowly. In your own time. Ricky, reach up and hold Jennifer's tits. That's a good boy...pinch them a little."

"Ow," said Jennifer.

"Sorry," her brother apologized.

"Not too hard," Laura grinned, "That's it, just squeeze those titties lightly. Keep rocking Jenn, a little faster if you want...good..."

Craig was pumping his prick deep and slowly as he watched this, the sight of his two younger children losing their virginity together just as erotic as the sex he'd recently had with his elder child.

"What if I cum in Jennifer," Ricky shortly asked, "Won't she be pregnant?"

"I haven't started my periods yet," his younger sister informed him.

"We'll get you on the pill when you do," Laura said, "That way you won't be pregnant."

"Or we could use condoms," Ricky said, proud of his knowledge of such things, but still looking down, fascinated at the merging of his and Jennifer's pubic hair where they were interlocked.

"You could use condoms," said Craig from across the room, "But they're not as good the pill. That way you don't have to muck about sticking rubber on your dick before sex."

"Of course," interjected Laura, stroking Jennifer's bare back as the younger girl rocked back and forwards, "there is another technique of avoiding pregnancy, a way for a boy to stick his cock in a girl - and cum - without any chance of pregnancy."

"We'll come to that later," interupted her father, "That's er...for the advanced class."

He and Laura smiled at each other, Laura then continuing to stroke her sister's back whilst the two younger children continued to fuck, oblivious to what their teacher's were talking about.

"Are you almost cumming?" she asked her brother.

"I will soon," Ricky panted, his sister now riding him a bit faster, "Not long."

"Okay, speed up Jennifer," Laura said, "That's it, ride quicker...raise yourself up that. You know you've hit the right pace when your bum makes a smacking noise when you come down."

Jennifer grinned as she achieved the effect, her buttocks slapping down as they whacked against Ricky's thighs, the boy grasping at Jennifer's small breasts as he thrust up into her cunt.

"Shit, I'm cumming," he began to cry out, "God! Yeah! Uhhhh!"

His pelvis jerked as his cock spewed sperm up into Jennifer's cunt, the girl still riding hard and fast, ripples of pleasure eminating from her groin.

Ricky began to slow down, as did his sister, when his orgasm began to end, the last of his spunk oozing out of his pulsating prick.

"That was real nice," he calmly concluded, and Jennifer nodded in agreement before leaning down and kissing Ricky. Kneeling back up, she turned to Laura, thanked her, and kissed her big sister on the lips also.

"You're more than welcome dear," Laura smiled, and kissed her back, "Looks like daddy is hungry for a piece. Budge over kids."

Jennifer dismounted Ricky and both of them clambered off the bed, smirking at each other. Craig had got up out of the big leather chair and the younger kids squeezed down on it together, still enjoying the feel of each other's warm, naked flesh on each other.

Laura lay back, spreading her legs whilst Craig, incredibly turned on from jacking off whilst watching the previous display, mounted her. His younger children watched at their father skillfully slid his cock into their elder sister, Laura's lithe young body arching with pleasure as she received her dad's cock into her wet cunt. They were soon humping hard, oblivious the presence of the other two in the room as they lost themselves in fucking. It wasn't long before Craig cried out and climaxed, shooting his sperm into Laura as she wrapped her legs round his hips.

They slowed down, getting their breath back before Craig withdrew and knelt up.

"Way to go daddy," Jennifer laughed, and clapped her hands. Her dad bowed to his audience, and laughed.

"This is really good fun," Ricky said, his sister utterly agreeing.

"What now?" she asked her dad.

"Well," he answered, "Time for seconds. You up for an encore Ricky? I'm sure your up to it."

"Yeah," his son replied, "If you give us a few minutes."

"Laura will help, won't you dear?"

"Sure thing dad," said the young woman, hurring off the bed. Jennifer stood and watched as her elder sister knelt before the chair, taking Ricky's cock into her mouth and eagerly sucking away. Ricky began to restiffen at once.

"Shall I suck you dad?" asked Jennifer.

"I would be immensely grateful dear," her father replied, and lay on his back. Jennifer knelt between his legs and began to deep-throat him, enjoying the unusual taste of her sister's cunt-juices on the veiny shaft.

Both guys were ready to go within a short amount of time, and Craig had his daughter lay back on the bed as he knelt before her, his heavy cock nodding in the air.

"You're so pretty Jennifer," he told her, then mounted her, feeling the firm, pubescent body of his younger daughter tense beneath him as he entered. Jennifer reached round and clenched her father's shoulders, panting in pleasure as she was speared by the hefty cock.

Craig kissed Jennifer on the lips, both snogging hard as they fucked.

"Wanna fuck Rick?" Laura casually asked her brother, who was slumped back on the chair.

"Sure sis," he smiled.

Laura got onto the chair, kneeling astride Ricky's legs, then sank down and took his prick into her cunt.

Quickly riding her brother's cock, Laura kissed Ricky hard on the mouth, soon arching back and allowing the teenager to suck on her small, firm tits. He suckled on her nipples, which often slipped out of his mouth as Laura bounced on his cock. Her cunt was tight and hot on his prick, and loved reaching round and stroking Laura's back, running his hands over the flesh and following the curve of her spine as if to remind him that the girl riding him was real.

Craig and Jennifer changed positions, with Jennifer on top. Laura soon dismounted her brother and asked him to stand. Ricky did so, and his sister sat on the chair with her legs apart. Not needing instructions, Ricky knelt down between Laura's knees, shuffling up and sliding his prick into her cunt.

"You like this position?" she asked him soothingly as the boy pumped his cock into her.

"Yeah," he smiled, "I can play with your tits easier this way."

He demonstrated this by holding his sister's breasts, fondling them whilst Laura grinned at the boy's candidness.

Ten-minutes passed, the only sounds in the room being those of panting and sighing, and the noise of flesh slapping against flesh.

Craig asked his daughter to stop and dismount him, which Jennifer did.

"Don't cum yet son," he called to Ricky, who slowed down his pumping.

"Why's that dad?" he asked.

"If we're all going to be fucking, it's only fair that Jennifer should see what we're pumping into her. C'mon over here son. And you Laura."

"I'm going to see you two cum?" asked Jennifer."

"Yes," confirmed her dad.


Ricky pulled out of his sister and the two of them got onto the bed with Craig and Jennifer.

"I'm almost cumming," Ricky said, slowly stroking his prick, "Where should I do it? I don't want to get it on the bed sheets."

"Well," smiled Craig, reaching out and fondling Laura's tits, "You've got a nice canvas here. Whitewash it son!"

"Sure thing dad!" Ricky exclaimed, and as Laura lay back, propped up on her elbows, the boy knelt astride her stomach with his cock clenched his pumping fist.

Jennifer was on her hands and knees, nearby, eyes wide as she watched carefully. Soon, the geyser began, and Ricky grunted as his sperm splashed out, thick wads of it streaking and dripping over Laura's chest, her tits slathered with it by the time her brother's climax ended. Ricky pumped his cock a couple of more times, sperm welling up on his bell-end, which he wiped over his sister's tits, leaving slimy, silver trails in the cum-splashed flesh.

"That was great," Jennifer marvelled, kneeling up, "Can you do that to me dad."

"Sure honey. Lay back, that's a good girl."

Adopting the same position as her big sister, Jennifer was knelt astride by her dad who proceeded to masturbate hard over his daughter's barely formed breasts. The cum was soon pumping out, Craig panting and gasping as he fucked his fist, the slimy, milky sperm splattering over the little titties beneath him.

"Good God," he exclaimed once he'd finished, "Fuck me if this hasn't been the best day in my life, eh?"

His children all smiled and wholeheartedly agreed with him.

"Shall we be doing this a lot daddy?" asked Jennifer.

"Sure," he replied, "We'll do it again today, after a rest and something to eat."

"You two have plenty to learn too," Laura added, "You're doing fine, but there are lots of new things to try."

"This is going to be great," Jennifer said, still lying back and now idly swirling her fingers through the cream that was splashed over her chest.

"Yeah," agreed Ricky, "I can't wait."

"Well," sighed Craig, happy that everything was going fine, "I think we should all clean up, get dressed and think about lunch. Then we'll have another little sex-lesson this afternoon."


After lunch, the four of them were all naked on Craig's bed once more.

"Time to learn about a bit of foreplay," Laura announced to her siblings.

"What's that?" asked Ricky, "Like the first stage of sex or something?"

"Yup," confirmed Laura, "In fact, me and Jennifer have already being some on you and dad - namely by sucking your cocks. However, mean old men that you are, you've neglected us girlies."

"Oh right," smiled Ricky, "So me and dad should perform oral on you two?"

"That's sort of thing," Laura replied, "Here, Jennifer can go first. Sit back Jennifer."

The younger girl did so, propping herself up against the padded headboard with her legs apart.

"Shall I finger Jennifer?" Ricky asked Laura, "Like I was doing yesterday?"

"Could do," Laura replied, "Or maybe daddy could try."

"Oh, I'm probably a little rusty," Craig said modestly.

"Then Laura should," Jennifer chipped in, "I mean, she's a girl too, so she's more likely to know how to handle another girl's parts."

Unable to find fault with the younger girl's logic, Laura happily shifted up to Jennifer and placed a hand between her sister's legs, beginning to gently rub the clit before moving down to rub the moistening lips.

"That nice?" she asked Jennifer, the girl nodding and beginning to breath quicker.

"Very nice," she panted, tilting her head and resting the side of her face to her big sister's breasts. Laura placed her other arm around Jennifer's back, holding the girl close to her whilst she frigged her cunt, simply using the same techniques as she'd used to frig herself. Craig and Ricky were frigging their own hardening cocks as the watched Jennifer become more and more flustered, the girl reaching up and pawing at Laura's tits whilst nuzzling her head to her sister's neck.

"Oh Laura," she gasped, "Oh yes! Uh! That's good!"

Laura's frigging action was getting quicker, pushing her fingers up into Jennifer's slippery cunt until finally the girl almost fainted with pleasure, her legs quivering and her chest rising and falling as she experienced her first, gentle but lengthy climax.

Laura's actions began to slow down and soon Jennifer sat back, breathing deeply, her dark brown hair hanging loosely over her face.

"Nice?" Laura asked. Jennifer nodded, smiling, and the two sister's kissed each other's lips affectionatley. "Now lie back," Laura requested, and Jennifer did so.

"Shall I lick her out?" asked Ricky.

"Sure," Laura replied, "Here Jennifer, part your legs a bit. That's it." She reached to her younger sister's genitals with both her hands and parted the lips, exposing the warm, pink entrance to the girl's cunt. "There you are," she smiled to her brother, "Nice and inviting eh?"

Ricky nodded, then, kneeling between Jennifer's spread legs, bent down and kissed his younger sister's cunt, Laura soon taking her hands away and watching her two young students perform well, Jennifer gasping with delight once more as Ricky lapped hungrily between her legs.

"Let's see if I haven't lost it either," Craig said to Laura, and the two of them went over the big leather armchair across the room. Laura sat back with her legs spread, soon thrilled at the feeling of her father kneeling between her parted knees and licking her cunt out and frigging her clit.

Ricky wasn't sure when to finish licking out his sister, so he just carried on, increasing the intensity of his feasting on the lovely pubescent cunt before him. He was soon pushing his tongue into the sopping wetness, wiggling it around whilst juices began to slick his lower jaw, his sister bucking her hips and clenching her fists as she felt a second climax ripple through her slender body.

"That was great!" she grinned to Ricky when her brother got up, "Shall I suck you off now?"

"I just want to fuck you," Ricky said, then mounted Jennifer, both of them grunting with pleasure as the boy's cock buried itself inside his sister's cunt. They were soon fucking hard on the bed, whilst across the room Laura had climaxed from the attention she'd received from her father's tongue, Craig then getting up and burying his prick into his elder daughter's cunt.

Ricky was soon cumming hard, the foreplay of performing oral on his sister having heightened his arousal as much as it had done for Jennifer. Their bodies pressed against each other, grinding together as the boy's seed poured into Jeniffer's cunt. Craig wasn't inclined to hold back either. Fucking Laura had been fantastic enough, but now with his younger children involved the whole set up was infinitely more erotic. He clamped his lips to Laura's and their tongues squirmed over each other as they kissed, Craig's hips pumping quickly as he came in Laura's cunt.

There were no more lessons for the rest of the day.

Dressed once more, Ricky and Jennifer played computer games in the living room as if nothing had really changed, whilst Laura worked on her college work in her room and Craig cleaned his car oustide. Dinner was at five, and afterwards they once again went to Craig's room. Laura taught her kid sister how to properly suck cock, and the girl did a fine job of fellating both her father and brother in turn, swallowing every salty drop each prick spurted into her mouth. After a relatively quiet evening watching TV together as a family, and at nine o'clock Ricky hurried to his room with his randy little sister in tow, just having time to shout their goodnights to their dad and sister. They'd enjoyed being tutored during the day, but they were looking forward to being on their own. Together, they took their time, exploring each other's flesh, kissing and/or sucking whichever bit of each other's bodies fascinated them. Soon, they fucked, trying out various positions, having a fine old time. Ricky was proud of being able to carry on for over an hour before he came inside his sister's cunt for the third time that day. They both snuggled together in Ricky's bed and slept soundly through the night.

Meanwhile, Laura and her father had fucked in the living room, humping passionately and afterwards heading for bed where they lay, naked, in each other's arms and suggesting what they should teach their randy sex-students next.


Laura was wearing her dressing gown and heading for the shower early in the morning when she knocked on Ricky's door. She opened it and looked in.

Ricky was slowly sitting up in bed, rubbing his eyes, Jennifer snoring quietly beside him.

"Wakey wakey," Laura chirped.

"Oh no, school," moaned Ricky, "Can we have the day off again?"

"I'm afraid not," sighed Laura, "You can't miss too much."

Jennifer was stirring now, sitting up and yawning.

"Hiya Laura," she smiled sweetly, "Are we off school today then?"

"No," her sister said, "I was saying to your brother that you should go in. Don't worry, it's only half-past-seven so you've got quite a while until you have to get going in case want a quick..."

"...fuck!" concluded Jennifer with a grin.

"I'll catch you kids later," winked Laura, and closed the door and went off to the shower.

Ricky had a morning stiffy, which he put to good use. Neither he nor his sister could be bothered with foreplay, Ricky instead just getting on top of Jennifer and fucking her in the missionary position.

Shortly, the four of them were dressed and round the breakfast table, the youngsters wolfing down their food and chatting about what lessons they had. Laura was in college all day whilst Craig had to start on some new work at his computer, meaning the whole family would be busy.

They all slipped into their daily activities easily and without fuss, the events at home not infringing on their lives. Ricky and Jennifer naturally were drawn to each other in the playground at lunchtime, but even with no-one paying attention to them they were not confident enough to talk about their ideas for that night. So, they made a bit of small talk before drifting back to their own little social circles.

As soon as they were home, though, Laura and their father were in the bedroom waiting for them, to give them the next lesson.

Craig and Laura demonstrated the '69' position. Neither Jennifer or Ricky had heard of such an activity, and watched with fascination as their dad and sister sucked away at each other in the position. Naturally, the youngsters had a go next, Jennifer on top and sucking noisily on her brother's shaft whilst down below Ricky ate out his sister's dripping cunt.

Ricky noted that he hadn't actually fucked Laura to completion, and thus promptly did so, laying back whilst his elder sister rode his cock, the boy squeezing her titties as he fucked his cock upwards and emptied his balls up into her womb. Meanwhile, Jennifer got on the floor on her hands and knees and her father bought the session - and himself - to a climax by fucking her cunt doggy style, chivalrously holding his cum back until after his little girl had climaxed under his powerful thrusts.


"I reckon he did it," hypothesized Jennifer eagerly, "That guy, in the black clothes."

"The vicar?" asked Ricky, who sat next to her on the sofa, Laura on the other side of him.

"It wasn't him," offered Laura, "I was that other guy, the shady one."

They were sitting in the living room that Thursday night, the room lit warmly lit by the lamps standing either side of the fireplace. The large flatscreen TV in the corner was capturing their attention, a murder who-dunnit currently showing.

"I know who did it," Craig grinned from the armchair he was sitting back in, holding a glass of brandy.

"You've seen this before dad," sighed Laura.

"Yeah," shrugged Craig, "But I did guess it first time round anyway."

"Don't tell us who it was dad," Jennifer insisted.

Craig sipped his brandy and watched the remaining minutes of the programme, his children all babbling out their theories excitedly until the lead detective announced who the killer was, neither Jennifer, Laura or Ricky correct in their guesses.

"Aww," whined Jennifer, "That was silly. How were we supposed to know it was him who did it?"

"I thought it was good," Ricky opinioned.

"Yeah it was good throughout," Jennifer accepted, "But the ending sucked a bit."

The titles ran up as the programme finished.

"Ten o'clock," Laura read from the VCR display, "I think I might turn in for the night. You fancy coming Rick?"

"Hmmm?" said Ricky, finishing off his glass of milk and turning to his elder sister.

"Fancy sleeping with me tonight?" Laura asked, casually.

"Yeah. Yeah sure," Ricky beamed. He figured that there would probably be some sex before bed, but he felt a shiver of extreme thrill at the suggestion of sex put in such a formal way - sleeping with his sister.

"Let's go kiddo," Laura smiled, standing and holding out her hand. Ricky stood, clasping Laura's hand with his own.

"G'night you two," Craig called, and goodnights were said all round as Laura lead her brother up to her bedroom.

Not long afterwards, Jennifer was lead to her father's room, Craig having only stuck to the single brandy that evening, ensuring he'd be able to be ready to fuck his youngest child until past midnight.


Laura closed the door to her bedroom and began to remove her clothes, Ricky doing likewise. He was feeling far more confident already, though still felt a little anxiety in the face of his elder sister's obviously greater experience.

"Well," Laura smiled as she hopped onto the bed and stretched back, nude, "Whaddya want to do sweety."

"You mean specifically?" asked Ricky.

"Yeah," shrugged his sister, "Something you fancy doing, specifically. Don't be shy."


"C'mon Ricky, you must have started jacking off about two years ago."

"Three years," corrected Ricky, noting that he wouldn't have envisiged such a confession just a few days ago.

"Okay, three years then. You must have accumulated a lot of sexual fantasies during them. Name one and we'll do it."

"Well..." began Ricky, getting on the bed, kneeling and jacking his hard cock.

There was a pause.

"Well?" prompted Laura.

"There was this porn mag I once saw. And er...this guy...this guy fucked a woman and at the end..."


"The guy pulled out and you know...shot all over the woman's face."

"And you want to try that then?" asked Laura with a sly grin, "You want to cum all over your poor, innocent, virginal sister's face eh?"

She laughed, pleasantly.

"I came over your tits the other day," added Ricky.

"Yup, and it was great. Yeah, sure, I'd love nothing more than for you to spunk all over my face. It'd be a bit boring if you just knelt there and jacked over me though, so let's do something in the meantime. Work our way up to that point."

She lay back and spread her legs, her brother eagerly getting down and licking out her cunt for ten-minutes before mounting her, lancing her tight, hot cunt with his prick.

They fucked hotly like that for a while before switching position. Laura was on her hands and knees whilst her brother knelt behind her and cunt-fucked her doggy-style. He was slamming away whilst staring down at Laura's arse, in particular at the tight, hairless little pink anus between her lovely round bum-cheeks. Then his attention was diverted as his sister began to grunt and pant louder.

"Oh fuck," she cried out, "Fuck me yeah!"

She began to buck her arse up against her brother's groin, her short, brown hair flinging around as she thrashed and squirmed in ecstasy.

"Yes!" she gasped, "Fuck me Ricky, fuck me! YES!"

Ricky increased his pace, fucking his cock hard into Laura's cunt. A couple of days ago Jennifer had marvelled at the effect of her naked body on her brother, his cock stiffening at the sight of her own nudity. Now, Ricky was astounded at the ability of his body - in particular his cock - to reduce his older sister to a quivering, orgasmic mess.

Laura was like a bitch in heat, her powerful climax thumping through her body and rendering her like a rag doll, Ricky having to hold her partly upright by gripping her hips as he continued to fuck her. Soon, fatigue got the better of him and he slowed down, Laura just slumping forward, exhausted, Ricky's cock sliding from her cunt, dripping with juices.

Laura rolled onto her back, breathing hard and smiling sexily. Shuffling up the bed, Ricky knelt next to his sister and angled his cock down, aiming the throbbing head right at the bridge of Laura's nose before beginning to jack himself off. Laura closed her eyes and opened her mouth, Ricky crying out in ecstasy as his sperm rose from his heavy balls and spewed out in thick, creamy wads, splashing all over his sister's face.

Laura gulped and swallowed the generous amounts of sperm that flung into her mouth whilst a healthy amount of the warm, salty liquid sprayed over her face. Ricky had always thought of Laura as pretty, but as his sister he'd never gone beyond this plutonic appraisal. Since yesterday he'd realised just how lovely her delicate face was; her sweet smile, her cute little nose and her big wide eyes. How arousing it felt, he concluded as he pumped his fist, to be ejaculating all over it!

"Shall I get you a tissue?" asked Ricky once he'd finished cumming.

"Just use that T-shirt," Laura said, pointing to an old, bright-pink one slung over the back of a chair. Ricky fetched it over and his sister calmly used the garmant to wipe down her smeared face.

She then flashed a cheeky grin, and Ricky turned and flicked off the lamp, plunging the room into darkness. Then they clambered into bed, holding each other and soon falling asleep.


After school on Friday, Ricky and Jennifer walked up the country road to their house. Dark clouds were forming above them, so they strolled briskly to avoid the rain, which began to come down just as they entered the house.

There was a note on the coffee table explaining that their father and sister Laura were out, and would be back about ten.

"What'll we do then?" Jennifer asked.

"I know what I'd like to do," her brother grinned, "I've been horny all day."

"Me too. Shall we go to your room?"

"Sure. C'mon."

They scampered off to Ricky's room, and were soon naked on the bed.

Remembering the lessons earlier in the week, Ricky lay his sister down and licked and fingered her cunt, feeling a sense of pride when he gave her a climax, Jennifer panting hard as she clamped her brother's head in her slim thighs.

Ricky's turn came next, and he closed his eyes and relaxed as he lay down, Jennifer kneeling next to him and slurping on his cock. Heavier activities followed, both youngsters laughing cheerfully in between cries of pleasure as they fucked in various positions. It didn't occur to either of them that sex should be taken seriously; it was just great fun.

Ricky came in his sister's cunt as they fucked in the missionary position, but not having anything they particularly wanted to do afterwards, they remained in bed together. They had a long 69, Jennifer on top and soon licking her brother's cock until it stood tall and proud. They fucked once more, Jennifer on top when Ricky's orgasm came, the little girl bouncing for all she was worth on the gushing cock buried inside her.

They'd showered and dressed afterwards, making themselves dinner before sitting in front of the telivision. At five-past-ten, their father and elder sister returned. Craig had been with some business partners whilst Laura had gone to a small party with some student friends; she wore a pair of bright pink jeans, a tight black jumper with a CND symbol on the front.

"Want some dinner?" Jennifer asked them as they sat down on the sofa either side of her.

"We're fine thanks," her dad replied, "Me and Laura got a bite to eat whilst out."

"You kids been up to much?" Laura asked her sister sweetly, stroking her hands through Jennifer's hair which was tied up in pig-tails.

"Just fucking," she replied with a grin.

"Recently?" Laura enquired.

"Quite a while ago," Ricky responded, "So I'm ready for more if you and dad have any more lessons to teach."

"Yeah, it's Saturday tomorrow," observed Jennifer, "No school! Let's stay up late."

"Well I'm pretty tired myself," Craig said, "But there is one lesson to teach. A rather good one both of you should enjoy."

"What's that then?" asked Jennifer.

"Some anal sex," Laura grinned.

"Anal?" frowned Jennifer, "What's that?"

"It means up the arse," her brother interjected, "Isn't it?"

"That's right," Craig said.

"Oh," said Jennifer, looking a little puzzled, "How's that then? I mean, isn't a dick a bit big to fit up a girl's bum?"

"It's fine if it's done right," Craig reassured her.

"Have you done it Laura?" Ricky asked his sister.

"Yup. Quite a few times, including with dad."

"Is it nice?" asked Jennifer.

"Very nice," her sister continued, "Some women don't like it, usually because it's not done right. Other's think it's okay some even prefer it whilst other women - like me - think it's just as good as vaginal."

"Does it feel nice doing it dad?" Ricky asked.

"Sure does son. Nice and tight."

"Let's do it then," Jennifer said enthusiastically, "Are you going to do it to me Ricky?"

"Well I'd like to," her dad interrupted, "Ricky took your vaginal maidenhead, so I'd like to pop your anal cheery sweetheart."

"Ricky can take care of me," Laura said as she then stood up, "We'll perform a demo." She promptly stripped naked, Ricky doing likewise.

"Do we need some lubrication or something?" asked Ricky once he and Laura were naked.

"This'll do us," Laura replied, taking a small tub of butter that had been sitting on the table.

She handed it to her brother then got down on the floor in front of the fireplace, on her hands and knees and with her cute arse thrust outwards. Ricky knelt down, licking his lips as he admired the bald little arsehole before him.

"Jack me off sweetheart," Craig said to Jennifer as he sat back on the sofa and unzipped his flies. His daughter, who was still wearing her tight jeans and a pink T-shirt, was happy to take her father's stiff cock in her hand and begin to stroke it.

Ricky scooped some butter onto his fingers and began spreading it round his elder sister's anus.

"Poke your finger up my arse," she suggested, and Ricky did so, fascination in his face as he saw his right, butter-slathered finger sink into the puckered hole between her buttocks. Laura shivered with pleasure, and Ricky was encouraged to start pushing his digit in and out, scooping up a little more of the yellow substance and re-inserting his finger into Laura's anus. The sphincter gripped his finger tightly, but he began to notice that after a moment of fingering away, the grip slackened a little. Inside Laura's arse it felt hot and gripping, a lot different from inside her cunt; the walls of her rectum membranous, wet and clasping.

"Won't Ricky get pooh on his finger and dick?" asked Jennifer whilst jacking off her dad's cock.

"Depends," Laura answered, "I went for a shit earlier so it should be okay. It's no big deal if it does happen though; some people regard it as fairly sexy to have a bit of dirtiness."

"I fucked Laura in the arse," confessed Craig, "the other day whilst she was busting for a shit. Quite messy, but it feels even tighter up there."

"I liked it too," grinned Laura.

"Shall I grease up my dick?" her brother enquired. Laura nodded so he did so, slathering the butter along his throbbing shaft before placing the tub aside. He shuffled right up to his sister and placed the head of his cock to her greased up anus.

"Just push it in," Laura advised him, "Apply some pressure slowly and keep it up. It'll seem too tight at first, but unless I say stop, just carry on."

Her brother did as told, feeling the anus resist at first before steadily relaxing. The head of his dick began to dissapear as the purple head popped in, then as he continued to push, a few inches of his shaft slid up.

"That nice?" Laura asked, breathing deeply.

"Yeah," her brother gasped, "Fuck, yeah. It's great. It feels so hot and tight. Shall I push the rest in?"

"Absolutely, shove it all up there."

After a moment, Ricky was sunk to the hilt of his cock in Laura's arse, the clasping, moist rectal tube of his sister gripping his prick wonderfully. He held Laura by the hips as he began to slide back and forth, still fascinated as he looked down and saw his fat cock sliding in and out of his sister's tight arse.

"This feels fucking great," he marvelled, "I think I've found my favourite activity."

"Fuck away brother," Laura panted, "Pick up some speed...that's it...mmmm...yeah..."

Jennifer and her dad - the former masturbating the latter - watched the show, Ricky and Laura meanwhile oblivious to their audience, lost in the sheer joy of arse-fuckery.

"Does it get easier with time?" Jennifer asked, "You know, for the girl?"

"Sort of," his sister replied, "The anus looses it's grip, but only temporarily. Try it - pull out a few times."

Ricky did so, feeling like some sort of magician as his hefty prick emerged from his sister's tight, rear hole. It popped out with a slurp, and Laura's arsehole hung open a little, twitching. He fucked his cock back up there, then withdrew, and repeated this twice more.

"See?" asked Laura, once her brother was steadily buggering her once again, "Nice and loosened up a bit. Tomorrow, it'll be as tight as it was this morning. It does get easier in a way in that a girl learns to cope with the feeling of getting a cock shoved up there."

"It's just so fucking nice," her brother murmered, "Are there many different positions for anal?"

"Loads," his dad replied, "Just as many as vaginal really. A good one is for the girl to lay on her back with her legs in the air and the guy in front of her. That way you can see the girl's face whilst you bum-fuck her."

Ricky continued to bugger his sister, stroking her lower back as he pumped her arse. His orgasm began to rise and he let it come, crying out in ecstasy as his sperm began to pump out. It felt as if his cock would explode as his thick cum shot out in hard squirts into the greasy depths of Laura's arsehole, the young lady panting with pleasure.

Slowing down to a halt, Ricky pulled out and sat back on the armchair, out of breath. Laura turned and took the lad's buttery, moist prick into her mouth and sucked away. That done, she stood and sat on her brother's lap sideways, swinging her legs over the armchair and affectionaly hugging Ricky.

"My turn now?" asked Jennifer, who throughout the whole show had been frigging her dad.

"I don't know honey," Craig said, "I'm close to cumming now. I think you're a little too good at this. I'm too tired to be able to cum a second time tonight and I don't want to just stick it up your bum and shoot my load on the first thrust."

"Awww," sulked Jennifer.

"In the morning I'll do it," Craig said, "Don't worry. Right now, however, how about giving me a little strip show. Do a little, sexy dance for daddy."

"Okay," smiled Jennifer, and stood up and walked to the center of the living room, viewed by the other three. Laura leaned over and hit the 'play' button on the CD player; some soft rock began to soothingly pump through the surround-sound speakers.

Always a little extroverted, Jennifer began swaying her hips and sweeping her hands through her pig-tailed hair with exaggerated motions, smiling happily as her father watched and jacked off his cock.

Jennifer began to tug the hem of her T-shirt from her jean's waistband, grinning naughtily as she began to slowly taking it off. Naturally, she didn't wear a bra, and her tiny titties wobbled a little as she swung the T-shirt over her head and laughed as she flung it to her father, Craig catching it and smiling.

With exaggerated flair, Jennifer tugged off her socks and slung them aside too, before undoing her jeans. These were soon removed, so she stood doing her little swaying dance in just a pair of white, cotton panties.

The girl turned her back to her father and looked at him over her shoulder as she hooked her thumbs in the knickers and began to slide them down, wiggling her hips as the underwear was slowly dropped, revealing her cute little pale buttocks. When the panties were round her ankles, Jennifer turned and kicked her right leg, sending the garment landing next to her father.

"Ta-daah!" the girl smiled as she held her arms out, her father, brother and sister all giving a little applause.

"Come here darling," Craig said as he sat up, pumping his prick with his fist, "Get down in front of me and turn around."

Jennifer did so, on her hands and knees with her bum pointing at her dad. She looked over her shoulder and watched her father angle his prick down at her arse.

Breathing hard, Craig jacked off until his cum exploded forth, splattering over his younger daughter's sexy little pubescent arse. One big dollop smacked against Jennifer's puckered anus, causing it to twitch involuntarily, whilst other creamy wads of cum hit her bum-cheeks or dotted her lower back.

"I can't wait until tomorrow," Craig said whilst idly wiping his bell-end in the puddles of sperm on his daughter's arse-cheeks, "I'm going to sodomize you deeply sweetheart, bum-fuck you hard then let your brother do the same."

"Can't wait either dad," Jennifer said.

"Well," Laura sighed as she got off from her brother's lap and turned off the CD-Player, "I'm off to bed."

"Me too," Ricky said, "Can I sleep with you Laura? I wanna bum-fuck you before going to sleep tonight"

"Sure," Laura replied, "Let's go."

They left the room and got ready for bed. Meanwhile, Jennifer went off to shower and slept in her home room that night. Craig watched some TV whilst having a couple of whiskey's, later heading to his own room looking forward to the morning.


Craig awoke at 8:30AM the next morning. Whilst it had rained last night, the sun was shining brightly through the slit in the curtains.

An enormous erection practically making a tent under the duvet, Craig smiled to himself as he thought of what further delights lay ahead of him that day. Deflowering the arse of his 13-year-old daughter! He wanted to get up right away, but he willed himself to just lay there for a few minutes, savouring the anticipation.

Eventually, he slid out of bed and wandered, nude, into the hallway. He knocked on Jennifer's door then slowly opened it. The girl was half-asleep, her eyes fluttering open as she lay nude on her back, the duvet pulled just up over her budding breasts.

"Hi daddy," she smiled as she began to sit up.

"Hi sweetheart," her father responded, walking over and sitting on the edge of the girl's single bed. "How you doing?"

"Fine. I've been looking forward to this morning all night," she giggled, "For my little bum-fucking." She giggled again, saying the 'f' word in front of her father and not being told off still a novelty for her.

"Want to get started right away?" Craig asked, and his daughter nodded. "Out of bed then. Get on top of the duvet."

Jennifer did so, getting on her hands and knees and looking over her shoulder as her father got on position behind her.

Craig stroked Jennifer's lovely little bum-cheeks, leaning down and then kissing them before moving to the tight little anus. He kissed it, softly, then began to lap at it hungrily, Jennifer squirming a little with the thrill of this pleasurable but unusual feeling.

"Are you going to use butter like Laura and Ricky last night?" Jennifer asked.

"I think saliva will be fine," Craig grinned at her, then went back to work on her arsehole with his tongue, hungrily licking at it, pushing his tongue up past the sphincter and wriggling it up into Jennifer's hot rectum. The girl was sighing softly with pleasure as her father ate out her bum, eventually pulling away once the arsehole was reasonably slack and greasy with phlegm.

"Wanna grease me up?" he asked Jennifer, standing and offering his prick. In an instant, the girl sucked on her dad's hard cock, deep-throating him with clear skill.

After a moment, Craig was kneeling behind his daughter, positioning his cock before Jennifer's anus. He began easing it into the girl's bum, going slow and steady. Jennifer was taking it bravely, knowing instinctively that the initial discomfort would soon become sheer pleasure.

"You okay?" Craig asked.

"Yeah," Jennifer replied, "Keep going daddy."

The swollen head of Craig's cock slipped up into Jennifer's arsehole, and after a moment, Craig began inching his way in, the little girl gripping the duvet in her little fists and grunting as the veiny, steel-hard shaft pushed it's way up into her shitter. Ripples of ecstasy were emerging from her speared arse, and she thrilled at being able to actually feel the passage of her father's cock inside her, the way the fat cock-head eased it's way up through her tight shitter. She was feeling incredibly full down there, and held her breath as the prick continued to slide in.

"All in," her father then called, triumphantly, "Every last inch."

Jennifer let out her breath, looking round and grinning with joy.

"That feels great!" she smiled, "Start fucking me dad. In and out, like Ricky did with Laura last night."

Craig did just that, easing backwards and forwards whilst holding his daughter's hips, both moaning ecstatically.

They kept at it for fifteen-minutes, simply remaining in that position, until Craig felt his sperm begin to boil up. He quickened his pace, slamming his hips hard and cried out. His sperm exploded out in hard, pulsating squirts, Jennifer having to grip the bed covers to keep herself in position against the hard humping action of her father. She too was crying out with joy, her whole slender body wracked orgasmically as her bowels were flooded with her dad's spunk.

Finally, Craig finished and slowly pulled out.

A few minutes previously, Ricky had awoke in Laura's bed, his elder sister next to him. They were both naked, and Laura's head was resting on her brother's chest, one arm draped over his stomach.

Careful not to wake her up, Ricky carefully extracted himself from Laura's arms, easing off the bed and slipping out the room. He went to the bathroom and took a piss, and noticed his father's bedroom door was open. He then heard the fucking noises from Jennifer's room and decided to enter. As he did so, he just caught sight of his dad cumming up Jennifer's arsehole before withdrawing.

"Good morning all," Ricky grinned.

"Hi son," said Craig between deep breaths.

"I did it Ricky," Jennifer smiled, also out of breath, "Dad took my anal cherry."

"Was it nice?" her brother asked.

"Damn right! It felt fantastic. Oh, I wanna do it again!"

"Lucky your brother's here then," Craig said, and got off the bed and sat himself down on a nearby chair.

Jennifer remained on all fours as Ricky quickly got on the bed behind her. His prick was rock-hard and he quickly placed the head against Jennifer's anus, which loosened up. With little effort, Ricky eased his dick into his sister's arse, Jennifer shuddering with pleasure once more as she was buggered, her brother soon in up to the hilt and pumping away.

A few minutes later, Laura came in, naked and smiling as she saw the activity in the room. With little ceremony, Craig got his elder daughter on the floor, licking out her arse before pushing his re-stiffened cock up there, sodimizing Laura hard whilst Ricky continued to do likewise with Jennifer.

"I think," Laura shortly began during a lull in her fucking, "Jennifer should be taught a bit of double fucking."

The girl in question was a bit puzzled by this, but was soon enlightened once Craig got up and began directing things.

Laying back on the bed, Craig had Jennifer kneel astride him and sink her tight cunt onto his prick. Getting the idea of things, Ricky quickly got behind his little sister and shoved his cock back up her arse. Hardly able to believe the thrill in this, Jennifer was thrashing around in ecstasy as she was cunt and arse fucked by her father and brother respectively, both hard dicks sawing up and down in her two holes.

Not wanting to be a mere spectator, Laura stepped up and began fondling Laura's little titties, lightly pinching the nipples and even bending down to suck on them, the sight of this only further exciting Ricky and Craig.

A thoughtful little sister, Jennifer soon suggested Laura might like a go, and after a bit of switching round, Laura was promptly cunt-fucked from below by Ricky whilst Craig buggered her. Jennifer copied her sister by stroking and sucking on her big sister's tits. Shortly, Laura was hit by a powerful climax, her body tensing with delight as the orgasm rose up in her. Jennifer thought her sister looked so pretty when she came, and said so too, before placing her lips to Laura's and kissing her.

Ricky wanted to cum up Jennifer's arse, so soon he was bum-fucking Jennifer on the bed whilst Craig was back on the floor, happily fucking Laura up the arse. He came first, his daughter crying out hard as she received her dad's sperm in her bowels, and shortly afterwards Ricky was hit with thunderous climax, his cock spasming in the grip of Jennifer's sphincter, his thick cum joining his father's in the little girl's arse.

"Well I'm ready to go back to bed," Craig said once all four of them were laying back and recovering from their efforts, "I'm fucking exhausted."

"You've cum twice though," Ricky smiled from the bed, idly stroking Jennifer's bum as the girl lay before him on her belly, "I've only shot one load."

"Well, give it an hour or so and dad'll be up and ready," Laura laughed, "But I fancy some breakfast now."

"Me too," Craig said, "A big cooked one."

"Coming up," Laura said, "What about you two kids?"

"I'm fine thanks," Ricky replied, "If she's not doing anything, I think I'll fuck Jennifer up the arse again."

"I'm sure I can find a window in my busy schedule," his little sister giggled.

And so, Craig and Laura left the room whilst Ricky, his cock stiffening once more, turned to his sister with his eye's fixed hungrily on her arsehole.


The weekend was their first after discovering the freedom of sex, and was little more than a non-stop orgy.

The following week, though, the four of them settled into their old routines; school, college and work. Sex was still a great novelty, but Craig insisted that it didn't infringe on their normal lives too much.

Normally, they'd all fuck after dinner together, then spend the evenings as they normally would. Laura moved into her father's room, sleeping with him like a married couple. Jennifer did likewise, sleeping with her brother in Ricky's bed. They nearly always went to bed fairly early, fucking for an hour or two before settling down to sleep, the sex going on until way past midnight at the weekends. Though they'd split into couples; Ricky and Jennifer, Laura and Craig, they mixed a lot during daytime sessions, and for at least one or two nights a week, Jennifer would sleep with her father whilst Craig would bed Laura.


A Saturday morning a couple of weeks later; Craig was stepping out of the bathroom casually dressed. Similarly attired in jeans and a shirt, Ricky was passing by, having recently got out of bed.

"Hey dad," he said.

"Morning son, you up to much?"

"Nah. Thought I might go down town later, maybe go to the swimming pool. Where are the girls?"

"Laura's out with her friends whilst I think I heard Jennifer get up whilst I was in the shower."

"Oh right. Well, I'm hungry."

"Me too. In fact, it sounds as if your sister is making breakfast downstairs."

The two of them descended the stairs and wandered into the kitchen.

Stark naked, Jennifer stood at the cooker, cracking some eggs into a frying pan, the yolk's sizzling immediately. The toaster was also in use, whilst the kettle slowly boiled.

"Hiya," the girl grinned, "Who fancies breakfast?"

"Yeah," Ricky replied.

"Sure honey," his father added. Craig sat at the table and picked up the newspaper, whilst Craig opted to help his sister. Neither of them batted an eyelid at Jennifer's nudity; the girl had been extroverted before hand, and had now discovered her exhibitionist streak too, and - providing there didn't happen to be guests in the house - could frequently be found wandering about the place naked.

With the help of her brother, Jennifer was soon serving up a big breakfast, and they all sat down and ate, Craig offering his opinions on some business news he'd read in the paper. His children stuffed their faces and pretended to listen.

Breakfast finished, Ricky cleaned up the plates whilst Jennifer stood and stretched her limbs whilst looking outside. It was sunny and temperatures already hitting the mid-eighties.

"Well," Craig said as he turned round in his chair and patted his daughter's cute little bum, "I fancy a quick shag. I haven't had one this morning."

"I second that motion," Ricky added.

"Shall we do it outside?" Jennifer suggested, "It's lovely and hot out there, and no-one will be able to see us."

"Don't see why not," shrugged Craig.

"Let's do it," smiled Ricky, and he and his father stripped then followed Jennifer out into the garden, the girl delighting in the feel of the springy grass under her bare-feet.

"Bit of double penetration methinks," Ricky said as he jerked his hard cock. The garden was large and the huge trees and bushes surrounding it afford complete privacy. "Which hole do you want dad?"

"The cunt,if you don't mind son," Craig smiled. He and Laura enjoyed oral, vaginal and anal intercourse, but preferably in a nice mixture. As he was well aware, his son Ricky preferred fucking girl's up the arse, whilst Jennifer in turn preferred taking cock up her back-passage.

After Craig had lay back on the grass, Jennifer got astride him and sunk her tight cunt down onto her dad's heavy cock. Ricky quickly popped into the kitchen and squirted some washing up liquid onto his fingers, slathering the green goo onto his cock. Outside, he got behind his cunt-fucked little sister and pushed his still-greasy fingers into her anus. Successfully lubed up, Jennifer leaned forward on her father's cock whilst her brother got into position, slowly pushing his cock up past her sphincter and into the depths of her tight rectal tube.

Both gentlemen began humping the adolescent girl, Jennifer rocking to and fro in time with them, soon uttering gasps of pleasure. Craig was reaching up and stroking his daughter's titties whilst Ricky gripped her shoulders, jabbing his prick as far into her guts as he could.

The guys swapped over half-way through, Jennifer soon being fucked in her cunt by her brother whilst her father was drilling her shit-box with his stiff cock. The girl was shaken by an orgasm, almost fainting with joy in her brother's arms whilst her father's hips thumped against her round bum-cheeks as his prick fucked her arse.

"Either of you cum yet?" Jennifer asked them once she'd recovered. Neither her brother or father had. "How about giving me a double-facial?"

Jennifer liked the taste of sperm, and liked having it squirted on her face and/or body. Yesterday she'd watched as Laura had received both Ricky and Craig's cum in her face at the same time, and like most young girls, Jennifer wanted to copy her big sister.

The two guys were happy with this suggestion, and they pulled out of Jennifer, standing either side of the girl once she was kneeling down on the lawn, mouth open expectently.

Craig and Ricky were jacking off hard, the former feeling his sperm rise first. Thrusting his hips outwards, he grunted as he pumped his fist, his spunk squirting out, milky white in the dazzling sun, and splashing over Jennifer's pale, freckled face. A thick glob landed on her outstretched tongue, which promptly retreated into her mouth, Jennifer swallowing it down whilst more cum was hitting her cheeks and landing in her hair. Feeling his orgasm subside, Craig squeezed the last few gobs of spunk onto Jennifer's forehead then stepped back. Ricky was cumming now, and Jennifer was similarly thrilled as the contents of her brother's balls awashed her already sperm-splattered face.

Once Ricky had finished, his sister sucked on her brother and father's softening pricks in turn, leaving them glistening with saliva.

"I need a piss," Craig said, "Care for another shower?"

"Huh?" Jennifer murmered as she realised her dad was talking to her.

"A golden shower?" Craig grinned.

After a second, Jennifer realised what her father meant, and nodded eagerly. It sounded incredibly kinky to her, which meant she was certainly up for it; she was yet to find any limitation to her curiosity for sex.

"I need a piss too," Ricky was saying, "Shall I do it after you dad?"

"Sure," Craig said, "I've actually done it with Laura a couple of times; I've been meaning to teach you kids it. Okay Jennifer honey, get ready."

His piss began to flow, the warm stream landing on Jennifer's chest. She watched as the urine sloshed over her, heightening her sexual delight. Angling his cock a little, Craig began aiming in Jennifer's face, the girl giggling and catching it in her mouth, swallowing some of the bitter liquid and finding it not at all displeasurable. Her hair was soon soaked and her body glistening when her dad finished.

"Your turn Ricky," Jennifer giggled. Her brother stepped up and repeated his father's trick, pissing all over Jennifer's face and chest, his sister feeling braver and catching more in her mouth to drink.

Father and son were beginning to restiffen, and Craig suggested an encore.

"Hang on," said the piss and cum splashed Jennifer, "I need a piss now. Who want's some?"

"Shower us both," suggested Ricky. He and his father soon lay on side-by-side, their hard cocks laying across their stomachs.

Jennifer squatted over Ricky's legs, parting her legs and releasing her bladder. Her piss, shining brightly in the sun, shot out in a fine arc, showering down with a deep splashing sound over Ricky's chest and face. With no hesitation, he caught some in his open mouth and gulped it down. All too soon, Jennifer held her piss in and stood, quickly getting down over her dad and recommencing her urinition. Craig was also splashed over the chest and face, swallowing all he could, and feeling incredibly aroused when the stream of piss slowed and began to drip and splatter over his stiff cock.

"There," she said as she stood up, looking at her dripping father and brother as if their piss-drenched state was some sort of artwork to be admired, "now we're all wet!"

"Come and suck off daddy," Craig said, holding his prick upright. Without hesitation, his daughter got down on her hands and knees and took her father's prick into her mouth. She was sucking hard as Ricky got up behind her, stroking his raging hard prick and looking at his sister's two holes.

"Which do you want me to fuck?" he asked, stroking the head of his prick first over her slit, then her anus, which gaped open by about an inch.

"The arse," Jennifer eagerly predictably said, taking her dad's cock from her gob, "The arse!"

She resumed sucking down on her father's phallus, whilst Ricky began sliding his prick up into his sister's shitter. Lodge in to the hilt, he buggered Jennifer zealously whilst gripping her hips, Craig meanwhile stroking his hand's through Jennifer's damp hair whilst she deep-throated him.

After a while, Ricky tugged his cock from his sister's anus. Sensing a shift in position, Jennifer got up also, and invited Ricky to lay down. Taking her brother's cock into her mouth this time, she slobbered on his cock whilst her dad got behind her and fucked her, first in the cunt, then in the arse.

Beginning to sweat in the summer heat, the trio continued in this position for a little while longer before Craig let loose his sperm, shooting it deep into Jennifer's bowels. He pulled out and sat back, panting for breath, whilst Ricky got up and fucked his prick up Jennifer's arse and shafted her before also unleashing his cum into the girl's shitter.


The weeks moved on, the Stephenson family enjoying their new-found hobbies. It really didn't seem to infringe on their lives at all. Craig was working still, bringing in good amounts of money, whilst his children were all doing well in their respective studies and making new friends in their new town. Jennifer had to be persuaded not to walk around the house in the nude too often though, in case her brother or sister came back to the house with any friends, and both Laura and Jennifer also had to keep up the pretence that they slept in their own rooms, rather than with their father and brother respectively.

Keeping their secret a secret required some sacrifices to their wild desires, after all.


It was early in the morning, and Ricky sighed as he awoke and realized it was a Monday morning. School was fine, admittedly, but he'd still prefer to lay around the house and fuck all day. Nevermind, he thought, as he sat up.

As usual, he'd gone to sleep naked, as had Jennifer laying next to him. His sister stirred and slowly awoke.

"Morning kiddo," Ricky said to her.

"Hi Rick," she said, smiling impishly, "What time is it?"


"Cool. We've got time for a fuck then yes?"


Jennifer pushed the duvet aside and moved down to her brother's groin, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking deeply. Ricky soon returned the favour, having his sister get on all fours so he could lick and finger her cunt and arse. Kneeling up, he then pushed his prick into Jennifer's arse, gripping her hips and beginning to pump hard, both youngsters gasping and groaning with pleasure. Jennifer was addicted to anal-penetration, it seemed, and she bucked her arse up against her brother, who likewise couldn't get enough of fucking his sister's butts.

His cum boiled up and spewed out, Ricky letting out a long cry of ecstasy as his cock twitched in Jennifer's shit-chute and spurted thick sperm. The wet, ravaged walls of the girl's rectum were sloshed with the cool liquid, and she flexed her shitting muscles to milk her brother's dick of every drip of sperm.

"Fuck that was good," Ricky smiled as he slid his cock from his sister's anus, "That should keep me going for the day."

"Hey it's still half-an-hour till we have to get up," Jennifer said, "Let's fuck again."

"God, you're insatiable," Ricky laughed, "Okay. You'll have to work on my dick though. It's a bit drained."

"No problem," Jennifer said, and promptly organized a 69 with Ricky, slowly sucking on the boy's prick until it stood rigid in her mouth whilst Ricky licked out her cunt and reached up to push two fingers up her arse.

Jennifer then swung round and mounted her brother, taking his cock into her hot cunt and bouncing and riding him, Ricky holding his sister's hips and pulling her down onto his phallus. Jennifer paused briefly to get up, lowering herself once more but this time swallowing up Ricky's member with her tight arse.

"Are you going to shower before school?" Ricky asked as he fucked his cock up into his sister's rectum.

"Yeah," she replied, panting hard, "Why?"

"Just checking," Ricky smiled, "I want to cum all over you first and I don't want you going to school smeared in it. Here, get off will ya, I'm about to blow my load."

Jennifer dismounted and lay on her back, whilst Ricky knelt beside her and jacked his cock off. The girl beneath him licked her lips and watched as her brother began to ejaculate, his sperm squirting out thickly and splashing over her stomach and chest. Once he'd finished cumming, Ricky slowly rubbed his sperm into his sister's firm little body whilst kissing her.

Meanwhile, in their father's room, Laura was on all fours with her head laying sideways on the pillow. She was grunting hard, Craig kneeling behind her and slamming his prick into Laura's cunt. Laura had to go to college at nine o'clock, so she'd be taking the kids to school, meaning Craig had, like his son, woken up early to get a quick shag in before breakfast.

Laura was grateful for this too, gripping the duvet and arching her back further as her cunt was pounded by her dad's thick cock.

Shortly, Craig pulled out and wiped his juice-slick cock-head over Laura's puckered anus. He began to apply pressure, his daughter's lovely pink anus slowly opening up and allowing the hard shaft of Craig's prick to push through. Soon, the prick was buried deep up her arse and Craig was slamming his hips in a steady beat, both of them crying out in pleasure.

Realizing it was approaching time they all got up, Craig increased his pace further, sighing loudly and pleasurably as his cum flooded out, his cock pulsing and twitching throughout his long climax. Laura was panting hard, feeling her dad's sperm sloshing up into her guts whilst her sphincter twitched around Craig's thick, veiny shaft.

"I'd better get the kids up," Laura said once her dad had pulled out, "They're probably caught up with screwing each other."

"Kids these days," Craig smiled, "I'll get breakfast on the go."

They both got up, Craig throwing on a dressing gown whilst Laura poked her head round the door to Ricky's room.

The boy was still kissing his sister, swirling his finger's round in the puddles of spunk on Jennifer's budding breasts.

"Time to get up," Laura called, "C'mon. School. Plenty of time for this afterwards."

"Okay sis," Jennifer sighed.

"I'll join you in the shower," Craig said to his little sister as they both got off the bed, Laura smiling to herself and heading into her own room to get dressed.


A month down the line, summer entered it's final months. Laura and Ricky were swimming in the river in the woods beyond the house. Once again, it was hot, and the two of them splashed about in the water, savouring it's freshness.

Jennifer was round at a friends house whilst their father was at home, working on a new bit of writing at his computer. Coming to the river seemed like a great way for Laura and her brother to cool off. As he'd done with Jennifer the other month, when they'd first come down here, Ricky was having a light-hearted water fight with Laura. They were both skinny dipping, their clothes in neat piles on the grassy river bank along with their towels. They were used to each other's bodies by now and could be in each other's presence in the nude without feeling aroused. At least, not immediately.

Ricky and his sister splashed about, giggling and playing happily, Laura's usual maturity at being the quasi-mother of the household totally forgotten as the 22-year-old women acted like she was half her age. She sprung out of the water and attempted to climb up the bank, but Ricky flung his arms around her glistening, slender, nude body and hauled her back in, both falling back laughing.

Eventually, they caught their breath together, gave each other a friendly little kiss, and eventually got out of the river.

The noon-sun bore down hotly on them, warming their wet bodies, and brother and sister lay back next to each other on the grass next to their towels. Laura picked a long stem of grass and idly chewed on it with her hands behind her head, wiggling her toes. Both lay in silence for a short while before Ricky propped himself up on his elbow.

"I feel horny," he smiled, "Shall we do it here sis?" "Okay," she replied, "Just as long as we don't get arrested for indecent exposure."

"Ah, there's no-one around here. Me and Jennifer have fucked out here a few times."

"You wanna fuck me in the arse Ricky?"


"How did I guess?"

"I love anal! Though I'll cunt-fuck you if you want."

"No, it's fine," Laura insisted, "Though I'll have to do a er...rather un-ladylike thing before hand. My arse isn't empty. Any bushes around here I can duck behind?"

"Just do it here," suggested her brother.

"Have a shit in front of you?" Laura gasped, smiling, "Hmmm. Bit kinky isn't it?"

"Since when has that bothered any of us? C'mon, we do that er...thing a lot. What's it called? Pissing on each other."


"That's it. I've seen you piss and vice versa. I want to see you do the other thing."

"Okay," Laura grinned. She got up, squatting in front of her brother who was still propped up on his side, stroking his hardening cock. Some of the longer blades of grass beneath her tickled Laura's bare arse, causing her to shiver a little.

"Hey Ricky," she grinned, "What's six-inches long and starts with a P?"

"What?" her brother asked.

"A shit," Laura laughed, and promptly illustrated her joke by peeing, a stream of urine arcing out from her cunt and splashing across Ricky's chest. It turned him on greatly, his prick fully erect in his fist as he was given a golden shower.

After Laura had emptied her bladder, Ricky asked her to turn around.

"I can't see it properly here," he insisted.

Laura got up and squatted once more, this time facing away from Ricky, her palms spread on the grass between her spread knees. The boy could get a much better view, looking down his sister's elegant, bare back and beneath, her spread buttocks. Her puckered anus was twitching a little, and as the young woman relaxed, the hole began to open. Slowly. The head of a shiny, brown turd appeared, slowly poking out before quickly slithering out and laying on the grass. Laura's arsehole twitched then vacated a second, smaller turd.

Ricky was jacking off quickly now, intensely turned on by the sight of Laura's arse - which he fucked so often - doing what it was originally designed for.

"All done," said Laura as she stood.

"Get down sis, I'm gonna bum-fuck you now."

"Don't you want me to wipe?"

"Nah, fuck that."

Ricky was fired up and as randy as hell, as was Laura, who moved away from the place she'd defecated and got on her hands and knees. Ricky was kneeling behind her, turned on at the sight of the normally spotless, pink little arsehole between his sister's perfect asscheeks gaping and slightly smeared with shit. He gripped his cock and guided it into the open bum-hole, Laura quivering with delight as her brother's fat cock pushed it's way up into her arse. The boy fucked her hard, pummeling his hips and gripping Laura's shoulders as he roughly buggered her, both making animalistic, grunting noises. On a couple of occasions, Ricky pulled out, finding pleasure in the sight of his cock even dirtier than it normally became during sodomy, a fine brown film coating it, before he plunged back up his sister's bum and fucked her hard. Soon, he was wracked with a hard orgasm, slamming his cock into the depths of Laura's arse throughout his climax, flooding her bowels. There was so much cum this time that it overflowed, bubbling out and running down the insides of Laura's thighs, the sperm slightly brown.

Letting out a satisfying sigh, Ricky tugged his cock out of his sister's arse, uncorking her bum with a slurpy 'pop'. Laura turned and kissed her brother, before suggesting another dip to clean up. They splashed about in the river once more, acting like innocent youngsters once more, before the got out and towelled themselves dry and dressed.


Ricky and Laura arrived home, entering the back door and, their hair damp from their swim, headed into the living room where they could hear familiar noises that indicated Jennifer was back and clearly 'distracting' her father's work.

Sitting back on the couch, his flies undone, was their father. Wearing nothing but a pair of white socks and with her hair tied in pig-tails with pink ribbons, Jennifer knelt in front of her dad and sucked down his cock. She briefly stopped to exchange hello's with her siblings before resuming her actions.

"Been up to much?" Craig asked Laura.

"Just swimming," his elder daughter replied, "Swimming and er...the usual stuff."

"Ah, so you're totally spent then son?"

"Not at all," Ricky grinned, and knelt behind Jennifer. He sucked on his finger before using it to finger the girl's tight little cunt.

Laura quickly undressed and got on the sofa next to her father. She kissed him hard on the mouth, stroking his chest whilst Jennifer continued sucking the hard cock before her, emitting muffled sighs as she felt her brother working a couple of digits into her cunt.

Standing back, Ricky stood and stripped, his prick once again rock-hard as he eyed Jennifer's sweet little bum.

He knelt down again, behind Jennifer, stroking his cock.

It was going to be a long, hot afternoon.


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