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"What's up honey?" Jessica asked her son, Tommy.

Tommy was sitting on his bed, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. The main light was off and his bedroom was illuminated just by the soft glow of the bedside lamp and the television he was vaguely paying attention to in the corner.

"Just...girl problems," Tommy replied, looking at his mother as she stood in the doorway. Jessica had just popped her head in to say goodnight to Tommy, but had noted that, as he had done all evening, the teenager appeared pre-occupied.

"Well, wanna talk about it?" Jessica asked, stepping into the room.

"Yeah, I guess," Tommy shrugged. He used the remote control to mute the television. He was fifteen-years-old, five-foot-eight and athletically built. He had a handsome young face with big blue eyes and short blonde hair. Tommy was already having a serious relationship, having been dating his girlfriend, Helen, for several months now. Futhermore, Helen was seventeen, and it was a tribute to the boy's good looks that he was dating a girl two-years older than him; normally, most teenaged girls would only go out with boys older than themselves.

"Well, tell mummy all about it," Jessica smiled as she strolled over and sat on the edge of the double bed. She was an attractive blonde, average in height and build and with a warm and friendly face. Currently she wore a white jumper, black jeans and white socks.

Tommy shifted up and sat up against the head-board. He lived alone with his mother in the suburbs of Manchester. When Tommy was three-years-old and his sister, Alison, was six, their father had died in a car accident. For several years Jessica had stayed at home and taken care of her son and daughter whilst living off of her late husband's generous life insurance pay-out. When that had run out, Alison had been old enough to take care of herself and her little brother Tommy, meaning Jessica could work full-time.

Now Tommy was aged fifteen, he was mature and sensible enough to be trusted to take care of himself whilst his mother worked late at the office. His sister Alison was eighteen and had recently moved down to London where she was studying at University. Alison travelled up to see her mum and her little brother quite often, but naturally she had a life of her own in the busy capital. Jessica and her two kids were very close to each other, and even though he was the youngest of the little family, Tommy felt himself to be the man of the house. That did not stop him, however, from occasionally needing a bit of advise with his dear mum.

"So what's up honey," Jessica asked her son, patting his thigh. It felt very firm and toned under the material of his blue jeans. "Helen hasn't broken up with you has she?"

"No, no, nothing like that," replied Tommy, "Far from it. She wants to, y' it tomorrow. Have sex."

"Oh right," Jessica said, not at all fazed. She'd lost her cherry at fourteen to a boy the same age so didn't think it in anyway outlandish that her darling son would be starting at that age too. In fact she was mildly surprised that Tommy and Helen hadn't 'done it' already, given the way to the two young lovers seemed to spend so much time together.

"Do you feel you're not ready yet?" she asked.

"Well, it's not that," Tommy replied. He was a bit anxious about carrying on. He could talk about nearly anything with his mum. She'd merrily explained about the birds and the bees when he was nine and even bought him a porn magazine for his thirteenth birthday when she'd concluded that he'd begun to jack off, telling him 'No point in you embarrassing yourself trying to buy one from a shop and being told you're too young.' Tommy had blushed and laughed; but he'd certainly spanked his monkey a million times over that publication his mother had purchased for him. However, he was a little hesitant now.

"Come on, tell all," Jessica urged him.

"Well," began Tommy, "Helen wants to remain a virgin, until she'd married or something. Fair enough. So we've kinda done some, y'know, oral sex stuff on each other. But the thing is, she wants to go all the way, but to remain a virgin - at least, in the traditional sense - she wants to have er...anal sex. Y'know, up the bum."

"Oh right," Jessica nodded, "Is there a problem? Do you not want to do it? If not, just tell her."

"Well, I do want to do it," Tommy insisted, "But...I dunno. It seems a bit...kinky. A bit gross even. I mean, sticking my dick up her bum...that's where she poohs from isn't it? br> "Tommy," giggled Jessica, "if Helen poohs from somewhere other than her bum, then you've got one weird girlfriend."

Tommy smiled, the tension easily broken.

"I guess," he shrugged, "but I still wonder if it's a bit kinky. If it makes us perverts. I know men and women do it sometimes but I mostly associate it with gay guys."

"Well, plenty of heterosexual guys do it with girls. Actually a majority of men fantasize about anal-sex but only about half of women are willing to submit to it."

"Have you let a guy do you up the bum?" asked Tommy, hoping he wasn't going too far in asking his mother this rather intimate question.

"Sure," replied Jessica, still totally unfazed, "Your dad and me did it a lot, he couldn't get enough of my arse! Graham was the same as well, he loved doing me in the bum."

Graham was a guy who Jessica had had a relationship with a few years ago. Graham had been a pleasant and caring man but he was quite a bit younger than Jessica and had wanted kids of his own someday. As Jessica was already passed thirty-five at that point, she did not really want to become a mother again, and eventually she and Graham split up amicably and went their seperate ways. It was the only serious relationship Jessica had been in since being widowed.

"So it's not that pervy to do it?" Tommy asked his mother.

"Well, each to his own and all that. Some people like it, some don't. A lot of men like it because it's a bit kinky and even a little dirty, and those women than enjoy it like it for the same reasons. Honestly sweetheart, I'm sure you'll love doing it, and furthermore you'll consider yourself lucky to have a girlfriend who wants to do it."

"Yeah, I guess. Okay."

"Unless Helen backs out at the last minute," Jessica added, "I don't want to rain on your parade darling, but it is possible for a girl or woman to say she wants to have anal sex only to change her mind when a hard willie is nudging her back door."

Tommy smiled.

"Yeah, but Helen has done it before," he explained, "She did it with her last boyfriend. She said she really liked it."

"Problem solved then honey. She wants to do it and you'll enjoy doing it, I'm sure."

"There's one other problem," Tommy added, slightly ominously, "I kinda lied and told Helen I'd had anal sex with my last girlfriend. when I didn't. I've never had anal-sex with anyone."

"Right, I see. And you're worried you'll appear inexperienced?"

"Yeah. I asked Helen if it hurt for a girl to take it in the bum and she said 'As long as the guy knows what he's doing'. That was after I'd lied and said I'd done it before and would know what I was doing! So I'm a bit worried that I'll get it wrong and hurt her and she'll know I lied. Shit. I guess I shouldn't have lied should I?"

"I see your point honey," Jessica mused, "However, there's not much for a guy to know. The main thing is that you can never use enough lube. It's tight back there after all. But also remember than, basically, an average pooh isn't much thicker than an average erect willie."

Tommy nodded, knowledgably, but bit his lip to supress a giggle. He may have been a sensible and mature youth, but he wouldn't be a normal fifteen-year-old boy if he didn't feel and urge to titter at the mention of the words 'willie' and 'pooh'. Jessica almost giggled herself, but just ignored it.

"Just go slow," she continued, "Ease the head up into her and then you're sorted. Just slide in slowly, and if she's in pain she'll tell you and you can just pull out and slather some more lube on."

"Righto mum."

"Does that answer all your questions honey?"

"Sure mum. Thanks. I appreciate it."

"You're still a little anxious about it though aren't you?"

"Yeah. I mean, Helen being a couple of years older than me hasn't really bothered me before but now I'm just worried I'll be exposed as an inexperienced little kid.

"That's fair enough, it's only natural. Girls worry about the same thing too, that they might get something wrong. But you'll be fine. Helen seems like a nice and understanding girl."

"Yeah, she's great."

Jessica licked her lips, appearing to be in deep thought for a moment.

"You'll certainly be fine," the blonde mother continued, standing up, "if I add a practical lesson to this theoretical one." She batted her eyelids and grinned at her puzzled son. "You did tell Helen you'd given a girl one up the bum before didn't you? You know, we make that happen tonight if you want so, in effect, it will no longer be a lie."

Tommy just gazed up at his mother as he sat up on the bed whilst she stood next to it.

"Huh?" he asked, perplexed.

Jessica licked her lips, looking quite naughty.

"I'm a girl," she explained, "or at least, a woman, which is the same thing." She giggled, then turned round, reaching behind herself and clapping her hands to her round bottom, which was snugly nestled in her tight black jeans. "Plus I've got a bum."

It took a moment for Tommy to sense what his mother was proposing.

"Umm..." he began, nervously, "Are you suggesting I you up the bum?"

"Mmmm, that's right honey," nodded Jessica, turning back round to face her son. She had shocked even herself at this suggestion, having just taken the plunge and acted on impulse, but now there was no backing out. "You'll feel more confident if you truly have had anal sex with a girl, like you claimed to Helen, and furthermore I'll be able to teach you more accurately what you need to do in a more, ahem, practical situation. You don't have to if you don't want to son, but I'm is prepared to let you have anal intercourse with me if you'd like to. For educational purposes only, if you will." She grinned, and then blushed, the latter action something she very rarely did.

Tommy just blinked. He hadn't guessed what his mother had been suggesting at first. He had to admit, it would make him feel more confident when preparing to fuck Helen anally if he'd done it with another girl or woman, and he really felt that a practical demonstration of sodomy would help. Plus, during the last few minutes of discussion, his cock had been pulsing semi-hard in his jeans. However, this was still his own mother who was inviting him to fuck her. In the arse! 'For eduational purposes only' or not, that was still rather...kinky, for want of a better word.

Objectively speaking, Jessica was a reasonably attractive woman, although it was more accurate to say she was pleasantly pretty rather than a super-sexy babe. She was aged thirty-eight, average in height and build - she wasn't slim, but she wasn't over-weight either - with nice rounded, average sized tits, a slightly plump bottom and a sweet and pretty face framed by medium-length light blonde hair. She wouldn't turn heads walking down the street, but no-one could describe as being unattractive or plain either.

Of course, it was hard for Tommy to think of Jessica in an objective manner. She was his mum! Yet here she was, inviting him to sodomize her.

Fucking my own mum up the arse, Tommy's brain thought, is a bit perverted. Very perverted in fact.

Yes, but it sounds like fun, Tommy's sky-high teenaged libido added, and it'll beat just jacking off in the dark before settling down to sleep.

Plus it's only to teach us the in's and out's of anal sex to prepare us for tomorrow, another part of his brain rationalized.

"Okay," Tommy's vocal chords said, loud and clear, to his mother, before any other guilty-producing parts of his brain could voice their objections.

Jessica smiled, relieved. She didn't think Tommy would accuse her of being a pervert but in the five-seconds of internal dialogue Tommy had gone through before replying, she'd begun to worry he'd turn her down.

"Let's go into my room," Jessica said, "the bed is bigger."


"Undress," Jesica told her son a moment later once they'd gone into her big brightly lit bedroom. The bed was vast, draped in pink and white satin sheets with plump pillows. It was very feminine. Tommy wasn't in here much although the novelty of being in his mother's bedroom was obviously overshadowed by the novelty of his mum being here and inviting him to strip. Tommy glanced at the clock; it was almost midnight. It didn't matter though as there was no school in the morning. It was the start of the summer holidays and his mother had also taken this first week off of work.

Tentatively at first, Tommy began to do obey his mother's single-word command. He tugged off his T-shirt and dropped it to the floor, then took off his socks.

Jessica was not in anyway hesitant. She hummed merrily to herself as she undid her jeans and began tugging them off. This encouraged Tommy to remove his own jeans more confidently. Soon they were off, and quickly they were joined on the floor by his boxer shorts. The handsome blonde fifteen-year-old stood there naked. He had a fine body, well toned but still freshly glowing with youth; his father had been over six-foot and Tommy, being five-foot-eight, certainly had a good few more inches in growth ahead of him. His cock was firmly and proudly erect, seven-inches long and slender, the head almost glowing purple. He did not have all that much pubic hair for his age but this meant his cock seemed to look bigger.

After Jessica had removed her black jeans she slipped out of her lacy pink knickers. Tommy thought his mother might strip all the way, but she didn't, and instead flashed him a grin and stepped up to him.

"My, what a fine body," she smiled, running her fingernails lightly over her son's firm torso. The boy shivered at the pleasant touch, "You look hot."

"You too mum," stammered Tommy. He glanced down at his mother. If anything, the fact that she still wore her white jumper and white socks made her look even more erotic than if she'd stripped completely naked. The jumper was quite high cut, meaning that, although the shape of her round 35C tits could be made out, there was no cleavage on display. The white socks reached up almost to her knees. These garmants seemed to bring attention to - and therefore emphasise - the nakedness of his upper-legs, pelvis and, of course, her cunt and bum.

"You're not my little boy any more are you?" Jessica grinned, gently gripping and squeezing her son's firm rod that saluted her.

"No...mum," stuttered Tommy. He'd been sucked off - and had licked out - Helen, so the sensation of a female handling his cock wasn't completely alien to him, but it wasn't an everyday event, especially when it was his mother handling it!

Jessica stepped back, Tommy glancing down and spying the neat triangle of blonde pubic hair at his mother's crotch. Then Jessica turned and opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet, in doing so exposing her juicy bare bottom at her son.

"You have a fantastic arse mum," Tommy commented, intent on not just being a silent dummy whilst his mother delivered all the compliments.

"Thanks honey," chirped Jessica. She then turned round, revealing that, from the drawer, she'd retrieved a tube of KY-Jelly. "Ta-daah!" she exlaimed, holding the tube up triumphantly.

"Is that what we'll use for lube mum?" Tommy asked.

"It sure is."

Jessica sat on the edge of the bed.

"Step up here honey," she invited her son.

Tommy did so, breathing in deeply as he stood there with his erection wobbling just a foot away from his mother's face. Jessica confidently squeezed plenty of the greasy goo from the tube of KY-Jelly into the palm of her hand then put the tube aside. She rubbed her hands together, getting her palms slick and greasy. Without ceremony, she then reached out and gripped the base of Tommy's seven-inch rod of steel-hard boy-cock in her slick right hand and then gripped the top half of his cock in her left. She then began a strange yet highly arousing action with her hands, sliding them one way, then the other, clockwise and then anti-clockwise round her son's shaft. Then she took one hand away and pumped Tommy's cock with the other, effectively jerking him off and doing a very thorough job of it too, pumping her fist right down the base then right up so that he gooey palm slid over his bulbous cock-head. Tommy bit his lip and tried not to whimper with the sheer pleasure of this. If anal-sex was as good as the preperations he'd be blowing his nuts in seconds, he thought.

"Nice and greasy," giggled Jessica eventually, admiring her son's nodding erection which was shiny and glistening in the bright main-light of the bedroom, positively dripping with lubricant.

"Thanks mum."

"Now," Jessica said, standing up and wiping her slick hands on some tissue, "that's only half the preperations. My bum-hole will need a bit of grease. Think you can lube it up?"

"Sure mum," Tommy replied, trying to stop his voice from shaking with excitement at the idea of touching - then fucking! - his mother's bum-hole. He was quickly realizing that he was extra-excited at fucking this pretty mature lady, not despite the fact that she was his mum, but because she was his mum. He wasn't sure why, but he decided not to really give too much of a shit. This was no time for Freudian analysis He was just going to enjoy it, and learn a lot too.

Jessica clambered onto the bed and got onto her hands and knees in the centre of the mattress, back arched, bare bum thrust out obscenely from the hem of her jumper and raised in the air. She shifted her knees apart so her arse-cheeks were truly spread. The sight of this made Tommy almost faint with excitement, at the way his mother had so unashamedly got herself into a position that would give complete access to her anus.

"Just squeeze some KY-Jelly onto my anus," Jessica said, matter-of-factly, "then finger it."


Tommy took the tube and got behind his mother. Her cunt may have been nicely furred but her anus was hairless, a nice pink, unblemished puckered hole sitting snugly between two pale, round, juicy buttocks. He'd licked out Helen's cunt once from behind and got a good look at her arsehole. Her anus had been hairless too, but he'd not paid too much attention to it. He was growing more excited by the second, knowing that, with Helen's invitation to come round to her house and sodomize her tomorrow, that this was going to be just the first of two bums he was going to fuck in two-days!

The teenager held the tube of KY-Jelly over his mum's anus and squeezed. A nice oozing dribble of the lubricant ran out and onto his mother's anus. She giggled and her arsehole twitched instinctively.

"That's cold," Jessica commented.

"I'll warm it up soon mum," Tommy said, casually, growing more confident. He put the tube of lubricant aside and began running his finger over his mother's arsehole. He swirled the tip of his finger round in the greasy substance, pasting it round the hole he was planning on fucking. Then he eased the tip of of the digit into it, gently, sensing his mother relaxing her sphincter. His finger popped into his mum's arsehole to the first joint abruptly and her sphincter tightened for a second before relaxing once more.

"Is that okay mum?" he asked.

"Mmmmm, fine honey," sighed Jessica.

Tommy eased more of his finger into his mother's bottom, slowly but surely, until the whole digit was in to the knuckle. Her sphincter felt tight and rubbery round the base of his finger, like a slick elastic band, but he was more curious and excited at the sensation of her actual rectum, the walls of which were hot and slick, undulating around his finger. He swirled his finger around in there, exploring this interesting and highly intimate part of his mother's body. Jessica sighed happily again, enjoying her son's exploration of her rectum and delighted to be able to give her child such a wonderful and practical lesson in the female anatomy.

"Does it feel nice honey?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah mum," replied Tommy, still poking around in his mother's rectal passage, "It feels tight and warm."

"Do you feel you want to push your cock in there?" Jessica asked, lewdly.

"Yeah," said Tommy, almost drooling, "Definately!"

"Is your cock really hard?"

"It sure is mum."

"Then you can hardly think that anal sex is kinky or perverted if your cock is getting harder by the second whilst you finger my arsehole. Come on son, my anus is loose enough. It's nice and slick and greasy. Pull your finger out - literally - and put your cock in mummy's rectum."

"Sure thing mum."

Tommy quickly slid his finger from his mother's anus. He knelt up straight, his greasy, pulsing erection wobbling between his mother's mouthwatering buttocks. He held the base of his cock and nudged his mum's bum-hole with his fiery prick-tip. Remembering his mother's advice - 'just go slow' - he held back his eagerness and just gently applied pressure, pushing firmly but slowly. Jessica relaxed her anus and, sensing her son was going a little too slow for her liking, gently pushed her arse back.

Tommy's cockhead had been pressed to his mother's anus but suddenly it popped into that hole.

"Oh wow," the boy gasped, looking down, eyes wide with excitement at the sight of his whole prick-head swallowed up by his mother's anus.

"Uuuuh, yeah," Jessica purred, "That's it, that's it honey, you're doing great."

"Shall I just push in now mum?"

"Yes honey. Push it in. Right in. Right to the root."

Tommy held his mother's hips and began to force his cock into her anus. He made quick progress, his mum's sphincter swiftly accepting it's enforced and extended circumference, and soon enough Tommy had sheathed his entire seven-inches into his mother hot rectum.

"Uhh...mum..." he panted, just holding his cock firmly to the hilt in his mum's shitter, "Mum...that feels so good. So good!"

"I told you you'd like it," Jessica giggled, her voice shaky with pleasure. She'd emphasised that this was all for the purposes of teaching her son how to fuck a girl's arse primarily because she was trying to disguise the significant motive that she just wanted a good hard cock in her. Actually, she really did want to teach her darling son the finer points of sodomy, but having gone almost two-years without a fuck - anally or otherwise - she was damn horny. She wasn't quite sure whether her son would have accepted an invitation to sodomize her for the sole motive of easing her sexual frustration but she felt that, if Tommy was clearly enjoying herself, then she could at least drop some of the pretense of this being purely an educational activity.

"That feels good son," she murmered, "It feels good. Helen is so lucky to have you as a boyfriend, with such a fine and delicious cock."

"Well, thanks mum," grinned Tommy, "I'm er...glad you like it. Does it feel good? Really?"

"Oh honey, it's the best feeling in the world. It feels so good. Mmmmm. I bet you'll feel really confident tomorrow won't you? When Helen bends over and asks you to do her up the bum, you'll now know not only what to do, but how good it'll feel, for both you and her."

"Yeah, you're right mum. Thanks. Seriously. You're the best mum in the world. And your the mum with the nicest bum in the world!"

"Why, how many mum's bum's have you experienced?" giggled Jessica.

Tommy laughed too. He laughed out loud at the surrealness of this. He had anticipated a bit of a heart-to-heart with his mum, then a kiss goodnight, then a wank in the dark before going to sleep. Here he was chatting to his mum whilst his dick was buried in her shit-chute!

"Now," Jessica ordered her son, suddenly sounding quite stern "give it to me. Give it to me! You can't just put your willie up a woman's bum and leave it there. Pump it back and forth. In and out. Hard and fast or soft and slow, it's up to you, just go with your instincts."

"Okay mum."

Tommy gripped his mother's hips as he began to ease his rock-hard cock from her anus. When only the first couple of inchs of his shaft were in his mum's arse he stopped then thrust in. Jessica let out a long moan of delight. Grinning with confidence, Tommy repeated this action.

"That's so good, that's so good," Jessica intoned, beside herself with lust.

Tommy soon built up a good rythm, fucking his prick back and forth in his mum's gripping anus.

"Uuh, uh, mum," stammered the rampant youth, soon picking up his pace, slamming his cock repeatedly into his mother's tight rectum.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me honey," Jessica panted.

"I've never heard you use the 'f' word mum," commented Tommy in between grunts.

"That's because you've never witnessed me undergoing the greatest pleasure a woman can undergo; a good hard ramming from a hard young cock. It feels good honey, it feels fucking good. You're fucking me in the arse son, in case you hadn't noticed, and if you're going to fuck your mum like she's a horny slut then I'm afraid she's going to use the language of a horny slut."

"You turn me on with such filthy talk," grinned Tommy, energetically buggering his mother in the meantime.

"It'll turn me on if you talk filthy too, Tommy," Jessica grunted, her body assailed with the ecstastic sensations rippling from her anus, in which her son's cock was pistoning, "Tell me what you're doing honey. Tell me. What are you doing?"

"I'm fucking your arse mum," panted Tommy, doing just that with lustful heaves of his pelvis.

"Yes honey, you are, you are fucking your mum in the arse. Do you like it? Do you like mummy's tight shitter?"

"Uh, yeah mum, yeah," Tommy groaned, "I love your shitter. I'm fucking you where you pooh. Where you shit! And I'm loving it. Oh yeah mum." He picked up his pace further, really ramming his cock hard into his mother's rectum.

"Fuck me, fuck me motherfucker. Fuck me hard."

"I am mum, I'm fucking your arse mum. Fucking your arse! Fucking your shitter."

"Oh fuck yeah, yeah, honey, mummy's cumming, mummy's fucking cumming! AAAH! UUUUUH! FUCK ME!"

"Me too!!" spluttered Tommy, "Oh fuck...oh fuck I'm actually cumming in your arse mum. NNNNGG!"

The randy fifteen-year-old stud rammed his prick one last time into his mother's arse and suddenly felt his sperm blast from his cock. His entire shaft - his whole groin - felt like it was exploding. His sperm launched from his cock in hard and furious spurts, the thick gooey boy-cum spraying over the walls of his mother's rectum. Tommy held his cock right to the hilt in his mother's nipping tight anus, his cum blasting out into the depths of her guts.

"Uuuuh, Tommy, I can feel it, I can feel your fucking cum filling my guts, uuuuh," stammered Jessica.

"I'm cumming," Tommy needlessly repeated. His body suddenly shook with utter delight as the apogee of his orgasm hit him. He gripped his mother's hips firmly to support himself as his body was wracked with orgasmic delight. He hunched over his mum, his cock twitching and pulsing in the grip of her anus, still spewing out hot cum. He hadn't cum this much in his life, not even after the most extended of masturbatory sessions.

"Fill me, drown my turds in cum," Jessica was lewdly spluttering to herself, tightening her anus round her son's sperm-pumping cock as she did so, "Uuuuh!"

"FUCK!" was Tommy's lustful conflusion as to the whole affair after his cock had spurted the last of his jism into his mother's intestines. He took a very deep breath, then another one.

Jessica spent a moment getting her breath back too. Still on her hands and knees, despite the shakiness of her lust-wracked limbs, her head hung down low, her blonde hair sticking to her sweaty forehead. She'd felt her son pump so much cum up her arse she was convinced that, if she sneezed, sperm would shoot out of her nose.

"That was great mum, that was great," Tommy murmered, more to himself than his mother. His cock was slowly wilting in his mother's spunk flooded bowels.

"Do you retract you earlier statement that anal sex is perverted?" Jessica casually asked, glancing over her shoulder.

"No mum," replied Tommy, with a grin, "I think it's fucking perverted. That's why it's so cool."

Jessica grinned.

Tommy slid his cock from his mother's anus. A dribble of sperm leaked from the gaping hole and ran down her inner thighs.

"Ew, a load of jizz ran out of you mum," Tommy observed, feeling somehow embarassed because it was his jizz, "It's a bit messy."

"If sex isn't messy," commented Jessica, "it's not being done properly!" She rolled onto her side, laying there dishevelled and half-naked, breathing hard. She was postively glowing and looked incredibly fresh-faced and pretty after her first good fucking in two-years.

Tommy knelt near his mother, conscious of his semi-hard cock slathered in sperm and some of his mother's shit.

"That was really great mum, thanks," he said.

"It was my pleasure," Jessica replied.

"Did you, y'know, cum for real?"

"Definately! It did occur to me to fake an orgasm to give you confidence but that one was honestly real." She smiled at her son, then bit her lip, suddenly looking serious.

"What's up mum?" Tommy asked, concerned at the slight anxiety that had crept into his mother's expression.

"You don't think less of me do you honey?" Jessica asked.

"How do you mean?" frowned Tommy.

"It's just that," began Jessica with a shrug, "I kinda feel...I dunno...a bit odd about what we did. Well, I mean, what we did was okay I guess, it was just a bit of fun and I was teaching you how to do things properly..."

"Yeah, I know mum, it's cool," interrupted Tommy.

"The thing is," continued Jessica, "I just feel a bit guilty that I, y'know, got pretty carried away with all that swearing. Shouting 'fuck me' and all that stuff. It's not quite...becoming of a mother."

Tommy just laughed.

"Don't worry mum," he grinned, "You're my mum, sure, but you're still a woman. You've got sexual er...urges and...feelings and stuff. I don't think that it's illegal for a woman to have an orgasm just because she's had a child."

"Thanks honey," Jessica said. She felt flushed with pride. She'd felt a little guilty at her whorish behaviour but she was glad that her son was not in anyway bothered by it, and she was proud that he'd been able to so eloquently comfort her anxiety.

"Besides," added Tommy, "if you'd just remained quiet and yawned with boredom I'd have felt really inadequate! I feel dead chuffed that I made you cum! I'm sure I'll make Helen cum tomorrow."

"I'm sure you will honey," Jessica smiled, "In fact, remember to speak in a lewd manner to her. Y'know, say the words 'cock' and 'cunt' an things, promise to 'fuck her arse really hard' or something. Use words like that. She seems like an outgoing and lustful woman who would probably like that. Remember, it's only sad boring women who like that sensitive new-age guy shit, guys who just want to talk and things. Real women, confident and self-assured ones like Helen - and me - want a guy who'll carry us upstairs, fling us on the bed and fuck us until we're begging for mercy."

"Okay mum," Tommy replied, amused but certainly promising himself to take such advice.

Jessica knelt up and gave Tommy a peck on the cheek. "Now honey, it's getting late. You'd best get to bed. I'm going to have a shower."

"Sure mum. Thanks again, you're the best."

Tommy got off the bed, collected his clothes and then, after saying goodnight to his mother, he went to his bedroom. He felt really good, and horny as well! Despite having blown his nuts so recently his cock was stiffening as he clambered into bed, so he ended up jacking off in the dark anyway.

Down the hallway, Jessica stripped and hopped into the shower, where she fingered her cunt and arse and climaxed under the steaming water, running through the events of the evening in her head.


"Everyone's gone now," Helen said down the phone. It was the next day, early afternoon, and Helen's parents, as planned, had gone to visit an Aunt for the day. They'd taken Helen's younger sister, Karen, leaving their eldest daughter all alone in the house.

"Excellent," came Tommy's voice down the phone, "I'll be over soon."

"Hurry darling," Helen giggled, "I'm horny."

"Me too. See you soon."

Helen hung up. She was excited at the prospect of sex with her boyfriend. She was serious about preserving her virginity - in the traditional sense - until she was married, but certainly wasn't going to deny herself the pleasure of a good cock in her teenaged years. She'd been the one to suggest anal sex to her last boyfriend, who'd bum-fucked her on a dozen occasions during their short romance. It had been truly heaven and Helen had loved the sensation of a nice hard prick filling her tight arse. She had exchanged oral delights with Tommy but although she loved being eaten out and sucking cocks, she really felt that taking Tommy's prick in her rectum would - within her self-imposed limitations that barred vaginal sex - be going the whole way and being properly intimate.

Seventeen-year-old Helen was fairly tall, five-foot-seven - just an inch shorter than Tommy - and though she was slender she had a nice round shapely arse. Her tits were bigger than average; not huge but certainly a good handful each. Her brown hair was quite long and currently hung loose, reaching past her shoulders. She a quite pale flesh and a sweet face, her bright green eyes very alert and often fixed in an intense gaze, given her a very studious and contemplative look.

Helen was quite an extrovert and very talkative, which contrasted nicely with Tommy's quiet and thoughtful demeanour. Tommy had asked Helen out six-months ago at a local youth club, and Helen had at first assumed the handsome, broad-shouldered youth was her age. She found out after their first date that he was a couple of years younger than her, but she was not in anyway bothered. Tommy was fun to be with but he was mature and intelligent, much more so than most boys her own age. They were both at the same school but obviously in different classes.

Helen was excited. The whole house was hers and her darling Tommy would soon be round. Tommy lived a few streets away so would take about ten-minutes to get here, leaving Helen with enough time for some last minute preperations. She'd had a long soak in the bath earlier so now she just stripped naked in front of the mirror and checked out her slim young body one last time. Her round youthful tits were juicy and pert, with delicious red nipples that contrasted with her fairly pale flesh. Her stomach was perfectly flat, her limbs slim, and the triangle of brown pubic hair round her cunt had been neatly trimmed. Of course, it was the young lady's anus that was going to be getting attention shortly, so Helen squatted down and held a shaving mirror under her arse. She checked out her arsehole. A few hairs had sprouted around it recently but although she liked a nice furry snatch she certainly didn't want any hairs around her beautiful back-door. Those hairs had been swiftly shaved and now her pink bum-hole was as neat as a pin.

Helen stood and put the mirror back, then blasted herself with more deoderant. Then she put on her clothes. She did not intend on staying clothed for long so she did not bother with anything fancy; yellow T-shirt and black denim cut-offs with the word "Yum" emboidered in sparkly letters across the backside of them. With her long legs on display she padded downstairs in her bare-feet.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Tommy had obviously walked pretty quickly. That showed he was keen. Helen smiled and answered the door.

"Hi honey," she smiled.

"Hi Helen," Tommy replied, sounding confident and self-assured, thanks to last night's practice session with his mum to prepare himself for the sodomistical delights of this afternoon, "You look hot."

"Thanks. So do you. Come on in."

Tommy stepped into the house. He was just dressed in black jeans and a white T-shirt, his blonde hair casually scruffy.

"We're all alone," Helen assured Tommy as she shut the door, noting the way her boyfriend glanced around the hallway, "Just me and you." She took Tommy's hands and gazed at the handsome boy's face. She gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. "Do you want to do this?" she asked him. She'd detected a hint of reservation in Tommy when they'd discussed their plans last week and she wanted Tommy to be as enthusiastic as she was.

"Definately," Tommy said, sounding very self-assured, "I almost ran all the way here. I love you Helen and I can't wait to give your beautiful arse a good hard shafting." He reached round and pinched Helen's left bum-cheek.

"Oooh, cheeky," giggled Helen. Although Tommy was generally confident, he certainly wasn't normally so outgoing and lewd. She felt more excited by the minute. "Let's go upstairs," she said, her voice needlessly lowered, "No point in hanging around. I want this big cock in me." She squeezed Tommy's crotch, feeling the impressive hardness through his jeans.

"Let's go then," Tommy declared, and he sweeped Helen off her feet, holding her in his strong arms like a man carrying his bride over the threshold. Helen laughed and put an arm round Tommy as he carried her up the stairs, Helen so delighted as her boyfriends sudden burst of confidence and enthusiasm that she didn't mind at all that her head bumped against the banister twice.


Tommy strolled into Helen's large bedroom at the back of the house and plonked the giggling blonde onto her bed, a large double one under the window. The sheets were dark red and looked clean and fresh.

"Are you going to undress me?" Helen asked her lover, "I'm feeling lazy."

"I'm sure I can manage that," Tommy said, "Not that there's much to take off. I bet you're not wearing a bra are you?"

Helen shook her head, grinning mischievously.

"Or knickers," added Tommy.

"Nope. None."

Tommy knelt on the bed and undid Helen's denim shorts then slid them down her long slender legs and threw them aside.

"If you were wearing knickers," he commented, admiring Helen's exposed, lightly-furred cunt, "I'd eat them!" He bent down and nuzzled at Helen's crotch, making silly chomping noises. Helen giggled like mad.

Tommy then knelt up and helped Helen out of her T-shirt so that the seventeen-year-old brunette was nude. Her fresh, plump breasts looked delicious, the dark red nipples stiff and hard.

"Now off with your clothes," she urged Tommy.

Tommy hopped off the bed and swiftly stripped, not bothering with any ceremony. Soon he was nude and Helen gazed admiringly at Tommy's body. She admired his cock too, a seven-inch steel-hard salute that jutted from his groin. The boy had been a little shy when they'd first indulged in oral sex, but now he stood there justly proud of his thick erection.

"I want that up my arse," Helen declared, lustfully.

"Then we'll need a little lube won't we?" said Tommy, proudly gripping his erection, "Because this big dick won't go up your cute little anus without a bit of help."

"Ta-daah!" Helen grinned, reaching across and taking a bottle of Baby Oil from the bedside cabinet, "This is perfect. Come and lie down Tommy, I'll get you nice and slicked up."

Helen sat up and shifted aside. Tommy lay down in the centre of the bed, his rigid cock laying across his lower belly. Helen poured a healthy amount of Baby Oil directly onto Tommy's dick then began gently rubbing it in. She ran her hands over the whole penis, soon slicking it up, before she gripped it in her slick right fist and jerked the boy off.

"Oh yeah, that's good," Tommy murmered.

"Don't go blowing your nuts in my fist," smirked Helen, pumping Tommy's steel-hard prick, "I want you to blow your nuts up my arse."

"Don't worry, I will," Tommy promised.

After a few moments of wanking her boyfriend's cock, Helen asked him to shift aside. Once he'd done so, Helen got on her hands and knees with her pert bottom raised and spread.

"Grease me up and fuck me," she begged, sounding desperately horny.

"What an arse," murmered Tommy, kneeling behind Helen and running his hands over her bottom. He bestowed a kiss on each of those firm smooth cheeks before he took the bottle of Baby Oil and poured some of the slippery substance directly onto Helen's pink arsehole. He put the bottle aside then did exactly what he'd done with his mother last night, gently swirling the tip of a forefinger in the oily lubricant and smearing it round Helen's anus, before he then gently eased the digit into her. Helen let out a sigh of pleasure, just as Jessica had done last night, when Tommy's finger eased up her bum. Tommy soon had his whole forefinger in Helen's rectum and he began finger-fucking her. Her anus felt tight and her rectum was hot. It felt just like his mother's arse.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Helen purred, getting down onto her elbows, head lowered right down, arse raised right up. She spread her knees apart a little further. She loved being with Tommy and she wanted to show her trust in him by adopting the most submissive and intimate posture, giving him complete access to her bottom.

Tommy fingered Helen's anus for a minute or two before he knelt up, preparing to enter her with his cock.

"Ready sweetheart?" he asked as he clapped his left hand to one of Helen's buttocks and gripped the base of his prick with his right hand, guiding the swollen tip of his erection to her arsehole and nudging it impatiently.

"I'm ready honey," Helen replied, sounding incredibly lustful and eager for a good buggering, "Fuck it up me Tommy. Fuck my arse."

Tommy grinned, Helen's lewd urging reminding him of his mother. He then pushed thoughts of his mum out of his mind and concentrated on the task at hand, applying pressure with his cock to Helen's anus. His girlfriend's well-greased anus did not resist long and soon bloomed open, Tommy's cock-head slipping into her.

"Uuuuuh, yeah," groaned Helen, "Oh yeah!"

Tommy took his hand from the base of his cock and held Helen's hips to keep her steady as he continued entering her. He slowly pushed forwards, working his cock into her hot slippery shit-chute, Helen gripping the bed-sheets and spluttering lustfully as her rectum was filled with hard boy-meat.

"Nnnnng, there we are," Tommy triumphantly grunted, slotting his cock home, his girlfriend's anus tautly gripping the very base of his pulsing erection.

"Oh Tommy, that's so good, that's so fucking good," Helen panted, her naked body shivering ecstatically. Her last boyfriend had not been terribly well-endowed, so although his cock had given her pleasure, it was nothing compared to the joy of feeling Tommy's nice, long, thick erection buried in her tight arse. "Fuck me Tommy, fuck my arse!"

"As you wish you beautiful anal-babe," grinned Tommy, and he began to pump his cock back and forth in Helen's gripping shitter. "Oh yeah, what an arse you have sweetheart. Oh yeah, what a fucking arse. So beautiful and tight."

"Fuck me, fuck me," Helen stammered, overwhelmed with pleasure as her lover's cock pistoned in and out of her rectum, "Give it to me, yeah, that's it babe. Fuck my arse."

Tommy held his wriggling girlfriend's hips firmly in his hands as he increased his pace, slamming his prick deep into her rectum. Helen grunted and squealed with delight, impressed by the strength of her boyfriend's fuck-thrusts. Tommy wasn't holding anything back.

"I'm fucking your arse Helen," he panted, "I'm fucking your fucking arse. It's so tight and hot, it feels great, and I'm gonna cum in buckets. Fuck yeah!"

"That's it, harder baby," Helen begged, "Fuck me harder. Oh yes. Oh yes! Ngggg!"

After a few minutes Tommy could feel his sperm rising. He wanted to hold back, at least until Helen had climaxed, so he slowed down. He spent a short while just slowly running his erection to and fro in Helen's hot anus. When he'd got his breath back and his cock had cooled off a little, Tommy began to thrust harder once more. He rammed his cock repeatedly itno Helen's rectal passage, making her yelp with delight.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Helen wailed, "Oh yes, yes!" She bucked and writhed, humping her arse back onto Tommy's cock. Although she'd enjoyed it when her last boyfriend had buggered her, she had never cum with his dick in her arse and she hadn't thought it possible. Right now, though, she was undoubtedly cumming, her body shaking by a powerful orgasm that rose from her pounded arsehole and spread to her cunt, even though that latter orifice was not receiving any attention.

"Uh, uh, uuuuuh," groaned Tommy, fucking Helen hard and faster throughout her climax, "I'm gonna cum too babe. I'm gonna fucking cum up your arse...oh yeah! FUCK!"

He continued pumping his cock back and forth in hard and fast strokes as his sperm rose and blasted from his prick.

"Uuuh, fill me up," urged Helen, tightening her anus round Tommy's cock as she felt her rectum fill with cum, "Cum in me. Oh yeah!" Her own orgasm was still rippling through her body and it coincided perfectly with Tommy's climax.

"Fuck yeah," Tommy gasped as he shoved his dick one last time to the hilt in Helen's bowels and spurted the last of his spunk. He hung in Helen's bum for a moment before he slid out of her. The exhausted, well-fucked young lady slumped forwards, sprawled naked on her belly. Tommy lay next to her and stroked her sweat-slick back.

"That was beautiful," Helen smiled, gazing aside at her lover, "It was great!"

"It sure was," Tommy agreed, "You're gorgeous Helen. I love everything about you. Especially your beautiful bum!" He playfully smacked her cheeks, making her giggle.

Helen was about to say something when suddenly there came the sound of a car pulling up outside.

"Fuck, it's my parents," Helen gasped, leaping up.

"I thought they would be out all day," Tommy said, rolling off the bed and instinctively grabbing his clothes.

"That's what I thought too," Helen said, grabbing her own clothes, "Fuck! Quick, get dressed."

The pair of them hauled their clothes on as they heard the front door open downstairs. Helen's parents were not necessarily strict, and probably had an idea that their seventeen-year-old daughter had done more than just kiss her boyfriend, but that didn't mean they would be happy catching her naked with Tommy.

The teenaged lovers were soon dressed and looking reasonably respectable. Helen hid the bottle of Baby Oil then she and Tommy strolled nochalantly down the stairs.

"Hi mum," Helen smiled to her mother.

"Hi honey," her mother replied, "Hi Tommy."

Tommy smiled and said hello, keeping up his well-deserved reputation with Helen's parents of being a very polite and well-mannered boy. Helen's father was in the background, taking off his shoes, whilst Helen's twelve-year-old sister Karen skipped past and headed to the living room, the delight on the child's face indicating she wasn't exactly depressed at not having to spend a day with her boring Aunt.

"Your Aunt Doris is ill," Helen's mother explained to her eldest daughter, "hence the early return home. She's got the flu."

Helen and Tommy tried to act unconcerned but really they were dissapointed that their plans of an encore bum-fucking had been dashed.


Tommy ended up spending the whole afternoon at Helen's house. They had a bit of a snog in Helen's room but they daren't do much more with the rest of the family downstairs.

At eight that evening, Tommy returned home. He strolled into the living room where his mother was sitting on the sofa watching television. She'd recently had a shower and her blonde hair was slightly damp, and she wore a pink satin dressing gown.

"Hi mum," Tommy brightly chirped as he strolled in and sat next to Jessica.

"Hi honey, everything okay?" asked Jessica.

"Sure, it's cool."

"How was it with Helen?"

"We did it," Tommy proudly declared, "It was great. Seriously, thanks to your erm...lesson last night, it went fine. I took control and gave a real good seeing to."

Jessica laughed.

"Well done sweetheart," she giggled.

"I followed your advice literally," Tommy explained, "I carried Helen upstairs and dumped her on the bed. Then I fucked her until she came."

"She climaxed? Well done honey."

"Thanks," blushed Tommy, suddenly finding this conversation surreal - but in a pleasant way - in that his own mother was congratulating him for his fucking prowess.

"How many times did you do it then?" Jessica asked her son, "Four times? Five?"

"Just the once," admitted Tommy.

"Just once? I thought you'd give her at least an encore."

"I was going to but her parents returned. They weren't out for as long as we thought they'd be."

"Aw, that's a shame. You know, I'll gladly pop out for a few hours sometime if you want to bring Helen back here. I don't mind this house being used for such lewdness."

"Cheers mum."

There was a pause. Tommy had felt horny all afternoon, almost as soon as he'd got his breath back after sodomizing Helen. His cock was stiff in his jeans.

"You look nice mum," he commented, admiring his mother's pink dressing gown and they way her damp hair looked dishevelled in a sexy way.

"Thanks darling."

"Y'know," he shrugged, "I'm feeling kinda horny, having only done it once with Helen and all that."

"Well, you're fifteen honey, you're meant to be horny all the time."

"Yeah. I am! I was wondering if you'd like to do it again. Y'know, what we did last night? I wouldn't mind a refresher course. Plus it was fun."

"I can honestly say that my bottom has no plans for tonight," grinned Jessica, "so if you want to stick that fine, tireless prick up it, be my guest. In fact I'm feeling horny too."

"What a happy coincidence," Tommy smiled.

"Let's do it down here," Jessica said. She used the remote to turn off the television than stood up. She slipped out of her dressing gown, revealing that she wore nothing underneath. She was stark naked and it was the first time Tommy had seen her completely nude.

"You look really nice mum," he commented, "Seriously! You have a great body."

"Thanks darling," Jessica chirped. Her firm breasts were topped with hard red nipples, as stiff as Tommy's cock.

Tommy stood and began undressing. Jessica went upstairs and by the time she returned with the tube of KY-Jelly her son was naked, his prick erect and proud.

Jessica sat on the sofa and Tommy immediately stepped up and thrust his cock at her.

"Grease me up mum," he merrily ordered her, "and I'll do the same to you."

"I love handling this fine prick," Jessica commented as she squirted KY-Jelly into her hands and, as she had done yesterday, began to stroked, rub and pump her son's throbbing erection. She soon had it nice and slippery.

Jessica then stood and got onto the sofa, kneeling on it backwards, gripping the backrest. Her mouthwatering bottom was thrust out and her pink anus nestled neatly between her spread cheeks. Tommy was turned on by his mother's demeanour, one of fun-loving casualness about what they were up to.

"There we go," Tommy said as he squeezed KY-Jelly into his mother's arse-crack. He fingered his mum's anus, pushing the digit in to the knuckle, greasing up her arsehole and loosening it up at the same time.

"I'm ready honey," Jessica said after a moment, impatient for cock, "Bugger me honey. Come and fuck mummy in her arse. Show me all that you've learned my randy little sodomy student!"

Tommy stepped up and guided his cockhead to his mother's greased up anus. He pushed, firmly, and soon his cock began to slide into his mother's rectum. Jessica arched her back and purred delightedly, her naked body shivering with lust as her son's prick ploughed into her guts. Soon the boy was in to the root.

"Uuuh, mum, yeah," spluttered Tommy, "I'm right up there mum. Right in your lovely tight arse."

"Fuck me Tommy, fuck me. Come on and fuck mummy's shitter!"

"There we are mum, take it, take my cock."

Grunting with lust, Tommy clapped his hands to his mother's buttocks as he slid his cock back and forth in her hot slick arsehole. He buggered her with long and deep strokes, both of them in utter heaven.

"Fuck me deep in the shitter honey," Jessica moaned, "Fuck me hard and deep in my arse. Uuuuuh. You beautiful motherfucker, you're fucking mummy's arse and it's making mummy feel good!"

Tommy grinned at the way his mother's demeanour had switched from cheerful lewdness to heated passion. He began to fuck her arse faster.

"You've got such a beautiful arse mum," he told her, humping away, "So fucking tight! Oh yeah, I'm proud to be a motherfucker with a mother as fuckable as you!"

"Fuck it honey, make mummy feel good. Nnng. That's it, harder, faster. Uh, uh, uh!"

Tommy shafted his mother's tight shitter with increasingly fast thrusts. They were both sweating and panting hard as they indulged in their incestuous frolics, the pretense of this being some sort of lesson completely dropped and instead the pair of them just having a damn good time.

"Fuck yeah, I'm cumming," panted Tommy a few moments later, thrusting furiuosly, "Oh fuck yeah...YEAH!" He shoved his cock to the hilt in his mother's rectum and let his sperm explode forth. He sent hot jets of salty fuck-sauce deep spurting deep into his mother's colon.

"Uuuuuuuh," groaned Jessica, feeling her intestines fill with her son's beautiful sperm, "Oh yes honey. Yes, that's it. Cum right up there. I feel your motherfucking cum shot right up my shit-hole! UUUUH!"

Tommy sighed happily after he'd squirted the last of his fuck-sauce into his mother's rectum.

"That was great mum," he commented.

"It sure was honey," Jessica smiled, looking over her shoulder, "You're a master bum-fucker already."

"So I've passed my exam in anal-sex then mum?" Tommy asked.

"You sure have."

"What grade would you give me mum?"

"What else but an 'A'!"

Tommy giggled then slid his wilting dong from his mother's rectum. He plonked himself down in the sofa, still getting his breath back. Jessica stood and sat next to her son, snuggling up to him. Their naked flesh was glistening with sweat.

For several minutes they happily sat next to each other in silence. Then Jessica got up and said she was going to the toilet.

"I'll put the kettle on," Tommy said, also getting up off the sofa and putting on his clothes.

Jessica went to the bathroom upstairs. She didn't need the loo but simply needed to clean herself up, with regards to the sperm that was slowly leaking from her anus. She was going to grab a tissue but instead had a perverse idea. She squatted down and held her hand under her anus then relaxed her sphincter. A long oozing dribble of Tommy's cum ran from her anus and into her hand. Once she'd ejected out most of the sperm, Jessica stood and admired the puddle of slimy cum in her hand. Then, lewdly and hungrily, the naked blonde began lapping up the sperm, licking at her palm. It tasted delicious, lovely warm salty spunk mixed with the taste of her own rectum. She wanted to drink more of her son's sperm, she wanted to drink it like champagne and bathe in it!

Having cleaned her hands up then taken a piss, Jessica went downstairs and put on her dressing gown then helped Tommy make some supper.

After supper, they watched TV for a while, just like a normal mother and son. The phone, which was in the hallway, rang at ten o'clock and Tommy went off to answer it. It was his big sister Alison and he chatted to her for a while, listening to her relate recent events in her life down in the big city. She asked her little brother about how things were going with Helen.

"Have you done it with her yet?" Alison cheekily asked.

"Yeah," Tommy admitted, proudly.

"Wow, you horny little sod," Alison giggled down the phone. She was an outgoing and cheerful young woman, like her mother, and brother and sister were as close to each other.

"Only up the bum though," Tommy had added, before briefly explaining that Helen wanted to keep her cherry in tact and so only allowed entrance to her arse.

"You kinky stud," Alison sniggered, "I'd never let a guy do me up the bum."

"You don't know what you're missing sis."

"Oh, how do you know what it's like? Ever taken a cock up your arse?"

"No, but just ask Helen how good it feels."

Alison giggled even further, then asked if she could speak to her mum.

"Is mum about?" she asked.

"I'll get her," Tommy had said. He'd called his mum who had come out to the hallway to have a nice girly chat with her daughter.

An hour after finishing her phone call with Alison, Jessica said she was tired and that she was going to bed.

"Me too, I'm wasted," Tommy said, flicking off the TV.

"Wanna pop into my room?" Jessica asked her son with a naughty grin, "Nothing like a good hump to help you get a good night's sleep."

"Let's go!"

They hurried upstairs into Jessica's room. Soon they were naked and Jessica got onto her hands and knees, her beautiful bare bottom raised and ready for attention. After greasing up his cock and then his mother's anus, Tommy knelt behind his mother and, with growing skill and swiftness, pushed his cock deep into her rectal passage. He bum-fucked her for a good half-an-hour and made his mother climax twice before he eventually filled her rectum with his hot sperm.

After they got their breath back, mother and son moved apart, Tommy giving his mother a kiss goodnight before he went to his room. His mother was right, he really did get a great night's slumber after the pre-bedtime arse-fuckery.


Tommy woke up with a big hard-on. He slipped out of bed and put on a pair of boxer-shorts then padded downstairs.

Jessica was in the kitchen and had decided not to bother with a dressing gown this morning. Instead, as she stood at the kitchen sink washing some dishes, she was wearing just a pair of sexy knickers and a matching bra. The underwear was white and of such fine, thin lace that they were practically transparent. Her nipples could easily be made out through the fine cups of her bra and because Jessica had actually bought the bra and knickers several years ago when she was a dress-size smaller than she was now, they were very snug. The material of her knickers was stretched very tautly over her bottom.

The sight of his mother doing something so ordinarily domestic - standing at the sink washing dishes - whilst wearing such sexy underwear naturally made Tommy's cock grow even stiffer.

"Morning mum," he said, strolling into the kitchen.

"Hi honey," Jessica smiled.

"You look sexy today," Tommy commented, standing behind his mother.

"So do you honey."

"I always look sexy mum. So do you."

Tommy stepped up to his mother and rubbed his hard-on gently against her buttocks. Although the material of their respective underwear seperated Tommy's cock from the flesh of his mother's cheeks, his erection was so strong that Helen could still feel every contour and every pulsing vein in her son's cock. She sighed softly at this sensation.

"Any plans today sweetheart?" asked Jessica.

"I was wondering if Helen could come round," Tommy replied.

"Would you like me to make myself scarce?"

"If you could mum, that'd be ace."

"No problem. I want to go and visit a friend anyway. I'll pop out at lunchtime for a few hours."

"Cheers mum."

"Just make sure that sexy little girlfriend of yours has a good couple of climaxes, there's a good boy."

"I will mum."

There was pause.

"I've got a serious case of morning wood mum," Tommy then told his mother, still rubbing his cock against her bottom whilst he reached out and ran his hands up and and down the sides of her bare mid-rift.

"Is that so honey?" Jessica asked, washing a tea-cup and acting all innocent.

"I sure have mum," Tommy admitted, "If I'm not seeing Helen until lunchtime I can blow my nuts now and be re-charged when she comes round. I might go upstairs and have a nice wank."

"You could do that sweetie."

"I could. I had another idea though."

"What's that?" Jessica asked. She knew exactly what her horny fifteen-year-old son had in mind but she wanted him to say it explicitly.

"I could fuck you deep and hard in the arse," Tommy breathed in his mother's ear. He reached round and up so that he could fondle her delicious round tits. He could feel her nipples were incredibly stiff through the material of her white lacy bra. He hadn't touched her tits before but his mother had not just taught him the finer points of sodomy but also how to be confident and in control with women and not to stop and ask before doing everything.

"That sounds like a nice option honey," Jessica giggled, reaching for a tea-towel and drying her hands, "In fact I've got something new to teach you."


"I sure have. A nice technique that'll really blow Helen's mind. C'mon."

Mother and son hurried upstairs, Tommy bringing up the rear and admiring the way his mother's delicious bum-cheeks wiggled in her tight knickers.

Soon they were in Jessica's bedroom. Their underwear was off in seconds.

"We won't need that," Helen told Tommy when he'd reached for the KY-Jelly that sat on the bedside cabinet, significantly emptier than it had been a few days ago.

"Why's that?" Tommy asked, "Have you got a super-dooper new lubricant?"

"No, but you have," Jessica grinned, "Your saliva. You see, anal-sex - like normal sex - is best with a bit of foreplay. Greasing things up with KY-Jelly or Vaseline is all very well, but that's just for practical purposes. The best thing to do is to use your tongue."

"You mean, lick a girl's anus?"

"That's right."

"Is it okay to do? I mean, we are talking about a hole that shit comes out of."

"Yeah, but you've eaten out Helen's cunt haven't you?"

"Sure mum."

"Well, that's where she pisses out of. That doesn't gross you out does it?"

"I guess not. I see your point."

"As long as the anus is nice and clean then it's fine," explained Jessica, "and furthermore it's damn nice too, for both parties. Obviously the lady should add to the lubrication process - and her partner's enjoyment - by sucking his cock. So come here honey and let mummy suck that fine prick."

Tommy hopped onto the bed and lay across it on his back. Jessica knelt to the side of her son and bent over, gripping the base of his shaft in her hand and sliding her lips over the head. Tommy let out a soft moan of pleasure as his mother began to give him a slurpy blow-job. She frequently hawked and spat on his cock-head then swirled her tongue over it. She was practically drooling over him so that, after a few minutes, Jessica raised her head and admired the way Tommy's prick was dripping with saliva.

"Now stay there," Jessica chirped at her son.

Tommy obeyed, remaining on his back.

Jessica got up and stood over her son, her feet either side of his head as she faced down the bed towards his feet. She then squatted down, Tommy licking his lips at the awesome sight of his mother's firm round bum descending down towards his face.

"There we go," sighed Jessica as she finally touched down, placing her anus directly over her son's mouth, "Lick it honey, lick mummy's arsehole." Squatting over her son's face, she placed her left hand on Tommy's firm stomach to support herself and with her right hand she gently masturbated his pulsing erection.

With his mother's bum over his face, Tommy went along with his instincts, sticking out his tongue and lapping at his mother's anus. He ran his tongue up and down over it, then round in circles.

"Put it up there, stick it up my arse," Jessica moaned, pumping Tommy's cock faster but taking care not to let him blow his nuts yet.

Tommy sealed his lips to his mother's anus and pushed his tongue into it, squeezing it past her sphincter and up into her rectum. Jessica shivered ecstatically and pushed her arse down a bit. Tommy was really getting into the swing of things, reaching up and clapping his hands to his mother's cheeks, parting them further and pushing his tongue as far up into her rectum as he could.

"Oh yes, yes, tongue-fuck my arse honey," Jessica panted, grinding her arse onto her son's squirming hot tongue, feeling it probe the depths of her slick shit-chute.

For a good five-minutes Jessica sat on her son's face whilst he tongued her bowels. Eventually she got up, her anus slick with saliva, Tommy's grinning face flushed.

"That was beautiful honey," Jessica told her horny child, "You made mummy feel very good. Do that to Helen and she'll never want to leave you."

"It was nice for me too mum," Tommy said, sitting up, "I loved licking your arsehole."

"Okay sweetie," Jessica continued, getting down on her hands and knees, "I want you to stick your nice big dick up my bum. After a few minutes, pull out and lick my anus again. That'll draw things out. Too many guys blow their nuts too quick, teenaged boys being the worst offenders. If you pull out of Helen's bum often and lick her anus and let your dick cool off, you'll be able to keep at it for ages before you cum, and it'll really impress her. Plus, it's a wonderful sensation for a woman to repeatedly have the contrasting feelings of a nice tongue delicately flicking over their anus and then having a big cock roughly ploughing into it."

Tommy nodded as he took this vital information in. Then he got behind his mother and guided his saliva-slick erection to his mother's well-licked anus. He pushed, Jessica relaxing her sphincter, and soon Tommy's cock slid into her. Mother and son groaned as Tommy's prick burrowed right into Jessica's shitter to the hilt in one single stroke.

"Uuuuh, there we are mum," groaned Tommy, "How delicious it is to fuck an anus I've just licked. Oh yeah mum, that's so good. You have such a hot and tight arse."

"Fuck me honey, fuck my arse," begged Jessica, "Remember what I said though, pull out shortly and lick my arse."

"Sure mum."

Tommy held his mother's hips as he began to fuck his prick back and forth in her nipping tight anus. He panted lustfully as he sodomized her, getting familiar with both the actions of buggery and the way his mother bucked and squirmed delightfully under the sodomistical attentions of his cock.

As he'd been told, after a few minutes Tommy slid his pulsing cock from his mother's arse. He got down, clapped his hands to her buttocks and began to lap at her yawning anus.

"Oh Tommy, yes," murmered Jessica, happily, "Lick me out. Lick mummy's shitter you horny motherfucker."

Spurred on by his mother's obscene demands, Tommy pushed his wriggling tongue deep up into her rectum. He rimmed her out thoroughly, and when he picked up the taste of shit he was not disgusted but actually turned on. It was so outragously obscene to be here, early in the morning, sticking his tongue up his mum's bottom.

After rimming his mother out, Tommy knelt up and guided his cock back up her arse.

"Take it mum, take my fucking cock," he grunted as he roughly sodomized her.

"Yes, harder, harder," urged Jessica, "Fuck me hard in the arse sweetie. Fuck me like you're gonna fuck Helen later."

Tommy shafted his mother lustfully for ten-minutes. Then he pulled out and tongued her anus for a while before he stuck his rod back in her bum.

"Pull out a minute honey," Jessica asked her son shortly, "I wanna suck your cock."

Tommy did so and his mother turned round, still on her hands and knees but facing the other way, her son's cock wobbling erectly in her face.

"Mmmm, no yukky KY-Jelly to stop me from sucking this fine dong," she said, licking her lips.

"There's a bit of shit on it though," commented Tommy, feeling it only polite to point out to his mother that there were, indeed, a few brown streaks on his shaft.

"Doesn't matter," Jessica said, lewdly, and she slid her lips down her son's cock. She sucked down deep on his shitty cock and moaned inwardly with pleasure as she did so. Tommy held his mother's head in his hands and gently fucked her mouth. A long gob of saliva was soon hanging obscenely from Jessica's chin as she sucked her son's pumping cock.

"Delicious," Jessica concluded after a moment, taking her mouth from Tommy's dick. She turned back round, exposing her arse to her son, her shit-ring gaping open obscenely. "Bugger me honey, bugger me!"

"With pleasure mum," Tommy declared, and he sank his throbbing pole into his mother's rectum. He resumed where he'd left off, fucking her hard in the arse. Jessica spurred her son on with obscene cries of lust.

"I'm cumming honey, I'm cumming," Jessica cried a few minutes later, "Oh yes, fuck me son, fuck mummy's arse and make her cum!!"

"Yeah, here's my cum too mum," Tommy triumphantly grunted, slamming his prick back and forth in his mum's shitter, "UUUUUH!"

His sperm began to spew out into his mother's intestines. Jessica cried out ecstatically as her own orgasm continued, prolonged thanks to the feeling of her son's dick pistoning in her anus and shooting hot cum into her body.

"YEAH!" grunted Tommy, shoving his cock into his mother's rectum and spurting the last couple of wads of cum into her colon.

They were both out of breath and slumped down together, Jessica sprawled on her belly and her son sprawled on top of her, his cock wilting in her spunk-filled bowels.

"Helen's a very lucky lady," commented Jessica, her naked body still shaking slightly with the superb pleasure she'd undergone.


A couple of hours later, Jessica had gone to visit a friend, leaving Tommy alone in the house. He phoned up Helen and invited her round, taking a long bath and sprucing himself up whilst he waited for Helen do likewise and come round.

"Hi handsome," Helen smiled when Tommy answered the door.

"Hi sexy," Tommy grinned, "Come on in. We're all alone."

Helen eagerly stepped into the house. She was wearing rather kinky knee-high red boots, a very, very short pink mini-skirt and a tight red T-shirt. Her light-brown hair was tied in cute pig-tails with pink ribbons, which made her look a little younger than her seventeen-years. She had on some of her mother's expensive French perfume.

Tommy had not bothered too much with his clothes, as usual, just in black jeans and a white T-shirt. Before she'd gone out, Jessica had given Tommy a present, a bottle of fancy Ralph Lauren aftershave, which he was proudly wearing.

"You smell nice," Helen said, giving Tommy a kiss once he'd shut the door.

"So do you."

"So what shall we get up to?" asked Helen with a naughty grin.

"Well I don't know about you," began Tommy, placing his hands on Helen's shoulders and roughly turning the tall and slender girl round, "but I'm going to worship this gorgeous bottom." He knelt down and lifted Helen's mini-skirt up over the swell of her mouthwatering arse, revealing that she was wearing a skimpy red thong. Helen giggled as Tommy hooked his hand in the thin material of the thong that ran up the crack of her arse and pulled it aside. "Bend over," he ordered her, Helen more than happy to oblige, loving the way her young lover took control of the situation. With Helen bent over in front of him, her mini-skirt hiked up and her thong pulled aside, Tommy had his girlfriend's delicious anus presented to him. He plunged his head in between Helen's cheeks and began lapping at her arsehole.

"Oh wow," Helen gasped. She'd not had her arsehole licked before and this activity both surprised and delighted her.

There, in the hallway, Tommy made obscene slurping noises as he feasted on Helen's sublime shitter.

After a moment, Tommy moved back and helped Helen out of her thong and mini-skirt. The teenaged stood there in just her T-shirt and high red boots.

"Let's go to my room," Tommy said, giving Helen a lewd kiss. The girl eagerly followed her lover and the two were soon in Tommy's bedroom.

Tommy stripped naked, his prick proud and erect. Helen removed her T-shirt and bra but at Tommy's insistence she kept on her red boots.

"Sit on my face sweetie," Tommy lewdly instructed his girlfriend after he lay back on the bed, "Come and give me that beautiful bum to feast on."

"Whatever you say," sniggered Helen. She hopped onto the bed and squatted over Tommy's face. She lowered herself, reaching out and resting her hands on the boy's chest, and soon her arse was lightly resting upon Tommy's face. The lustful boy sealed his lips to Helen's anus and began pushing his wriggling tongue up into her arse, soon squeezing it past her sphincter and into her rectum.

"Oh yes, oh wow," gasped Helen. It was an incredible sensation having her arsehole tongued and one she'd never considered before. She wouldn't have though anyone would actually like licking bum-holes, given the normal use of such an orifice was defecation, but her boyfriend was eagerly tonguing that very hole. His tongue felt very far up her arse. As she squatted on Tommy's face, Helen reached down and gripped his iron-hard prick, gently masturbating him.

Eventually Tommy placed his hands on Helen's bum-cheeks and pushed her up, motioning for her to get up. She did so, her pretty young face flushed and bright with sexual desire.

"On your hands and knees Helen," urged Tommy, "I'm going to fuck you deep in the arse."

"Yes, do it, fuck me," Helen begged, getting on all fours and wiggling her firm round pale bum-cheeks at her lover. The thorough licking her bum-hole had received had made her even more fired up and horny. She couldn't wait to have a stiff prick shoved up her arse.

"Lube up my cock first," Tommy instructed his girlfriend, kneeling in front of her and offering her his cock.

Helen did not hesitate to suck her lover's prick, slurping down on that fine shaft. She took half of the pulsing seven-inch erection into her hot wet mouth and moaned as she sucked thirstily. When she eventually took her lips from Tommy's cock it was slick and shiny with saliva.

"Stick it up my arse Tommy," she lewdly panted, "Fuck me in the arse."

With a grin, Tommy shuffled down the bed and knelt behind his girlfriend. He guided his slick cock to her well-tongued anus and pushed, slowly entering her. The two teenagers moaned happily as Tommy's cock began to work it's way into Helen, sliding deeper and deeper into her bowels until Helen's sphincter gripped the very base of the fine teen prick.

"Uuuuuh, what a fucking tight arse," groaned Tommy. He hung in Helen's bum for a moment, savouring the heat and grip of her shitter, and then he began to run his erection back and forth.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me," grunted Helen, her body humped back and forth with the strength of Tommy's hard cock-thrusts. The seventeen-year-old anal-slut was bent over, wearing just her red high-heeled boots. Her plump young tits jiggled under her and her pig-tails swung back and forth. "Fuck me in the arse Tommy, give it to me. Oh yes, yes!"

Holding his squirming girlfriend's hips firmly in his hands, Tommy picked up his pace, ramming his cock repeatedly into Helen's buttery shit-chute. After five-minutes his orgasm began to rise so, in order to cool off, he slowed his thrusts. Then he pulled out and, as he'd done that morning with his mother, he got down and lapped at the anus he'd just left off fucking. Helen was in heaven, the delicate sensation of Tommy's tongue fluttering about her anus contrasting with the hard and piercing sensation of his cock in her. Tommy was utterly in love with Helen's bottom and he expressed it in the way he lustfully shoved his tongue far into it, right up into her guts.

After a moment or two, Tommy slid his tongue from out of Helen's rectum, knelt up and shoved his cock up there. He soon reached his earlier pace and sodomized her with fast and energetic thrusts. Helen was yelping and squealing with delight, her pale flesh soon slick with sweat. Tommy, stark naked, was also sweating with the effort of buggering his girlfriend, but he showed no sign of fatigue. After another five minutes he popped his cock from Helen's shitter and licked her anus. Then he slid his cock back into her and got back to fucking her arse. Helen soon began to orgasm, crying out with ecstasy as she came.

After her orgasm had died down, Helen could sense Tommy's was approaching his own. She suddenly had a lewd idea.

"Pull out Tommy," she panted, "I want you to cum on my face. I want a hot facial."

"Sure honey," Tommy smirked, sliding his cock from her anus. He acted casual about this request but really it incredibly turned him on. In fact he had never thought that women outside of porn magazines enjoyed having facials.

"God, I'm so horny," Helen said, flipping over, "I want all your beautiful cum on me Tommy. Drown me in it!"

As Helen lay on her back, Tommy knelt astride her chest, his cock wobbling erectly over her pretty, sweat-slick face. The boy gripped his throbbing tool and began jacking off, angling his cock downwards so that the bulbous head was thrust right at Helen.

"Uuuuuuh, here it is Helen," Tommy grunted a moment, pumping his cock faster, "OH yeah...fuck...YEAH!"

His sperm exploded out, a huge wad slashing right over Helen's face, quickly followed by a second. Helen closed her eyes and grinned as the cum rained over her. She'd never really contemplated this lewd act before but Tommy fucking and licking her anus and the resulting orgasm had made her just so damn horny. She wanted to bathe in this hunky fucker's sperm and felt it an ultimate expression of love to let him unload himself on her.

Tommy jacked his cock throughout his orgasm, determined to empty his straining balls, his orgasm prolonged due to it having been put off for a while. Spurt after spurt of slimy cum shot from his cock and onto Helen's pretty face and when Tommy's climax finally died down the girl beneath him was drenched, her face messily pasted with steaming jism.

"You look even prettier than usual like that," smirked Tommy, shuffling aside.

"That was delicious," Helen grinned, sitting up, the pretty seventeen-year-old blinking through the cum that ran down her face.

"Bend over, I wanna lick your anus out," Tommy ordered her.

Helen was more than happy to comply, swiftly getting onto her hands and knees. Tommy got behind her and tongued her shitter, licking that delicious gaping hole and squirming his tongue up into her rectum. He also moved down to lap at her juicy cunt from behind but it was her anus that got most of the oral attention.

For a full ten-minutes Tommy lapped at Helen's shitter, and when he knelt up, licking his lips, his cock was erect once again. That was a benefit of being fifteen!

With a grunt of lust and triumph, Tommy slid his freshly erect dick into Helen's rectum, the girl yelping with delight. She'd not expected an encore so quickly! Her face was still dripping with sperm, the white gunk rolling down her face and dripping over the pillow as she got a second arse-fucking from her lover.

It was almost half-an-hour before Tommy's orgasm struck him. There was no facial this time; he filled Helen's rectum with cum.


After giving Helen a second buggering, Helen opted to pop to the bathroom for a shower, Tommy eagerly accepting her invitation to join him. They showered together and enjoyed soaping up and rinsing down one another's naked young bodies. Afterwards, without either of them bothering to get dressed, Tommy cooked them both a pizza which they ate in the living room. Then it was back upstairs for more lewd frolicking. Tommy ate out Helen's cunt and made her orgasm, after which he licked her arsehole then shoved her hard cock into that tight hole. It wasn't long before he gave his pretty brunette girlfriend an enema of sperm.

Helen was eager for yet another arse-fucking so she gave her boyfriend a long and slurpy blow-job, eager to ressurect his dick and not in anyway bothered that the stiffening tool she was slurping on tasted of her shit. She soon triumphed and had Tommy's dick erect and throbbing once more. She got on all fours and soon felt Tommy's erection plough into her rectum. The tireless and horny youth soon filled his girlfriend's bowels with yet more spunk.

The pair of them had a nap, after which it was four o'clock and not long until Jessica was due back. Helen dressed, kissed Tommy goodbye and then left. She'd had a fantastic time and was so glad she'd found Tommy; she never so many fuckings and so many orgasms in a single day!


Jessica got home at five o'clock. Tommy cooked dinner for her and the pair spent the evening in front of the television.

At one point, Jessica asked her son what he'd been up to with Helen earlier, wanting to know every details. Tommy was more than happy to proudly relate how he'd repeatedly sodomized his girlfriend, leaving no detail out. Jessica had recently showered and was in a dressing gown. As her son gave her the run-down on his antics with Helen, Jessica undid the dressing gown and parted it, sitting back on the sofa and idly fingering her cunt which was rapidly getting wetter as she listened to Tommy.

"So you gave Helen facial eh?" grinned Jessica after her son had finished. Her dressing gown was fully open and she was unashamedly working two fingers into her cunts wet pink depths.

"Yeah, she looked really hot covered in cum," Tommy smirked, his dick pulsing erectly in his jeans at the sight of his mother wantonly masturbating. Despite ejaculating five times already that day - once with his mum and four times with Helen - he felt incredibly horny and ready for more action.

"Did she enjoy being coated in cum?" asked Jessica.

"Sure, she loved it. She was utterly pasted!"

"That sounds so horny sweetheart. I've never had a facial before."

"We can soon change that mum."

"Would you like to fuck my pussy son?" Jessica asked, sliding her fingers from a sopping furry snatch, "I love it when you fuck my arse but my cunt would like some attention."

"I'm not sure mum," Tommy said, "I would like to fuck your pussy, of course, but the thing is, I'm agreeing with Helen's idea of leaving vaginal sex as something special, something that can wait. I like her idea of just sticking to anal-sex as a bit of hedonistic fun. Like Helen, I'd like to wait until I'm ready for conventional intercourse and to do it first with a girlfriend."

"I understand honey," Jessica smiled, sweetly, "I'm glad you're so honest with me. I agree with you too actually, the first vagina you fuck should be that of a girlfriend, Helen or otherwise. You're right about anal-sex being just fun though, just wild and hedonistic, no-strings-attached fun."

"So you're not offended that I don't want to fuck your pussy, at least not until I've done it with a girlfriend?" said Tommy.

"I'm not offended at all honey. You'll still be fucking my arse on a regular basis won't you?"

"Of course!"

"Well, that's fine with me."

"I'm more than happy to eat out this fine pussy though," Tommy smirked, reaching out and sliding a finger into his mother's vagina, "It looks so hot and wet and tasty."

"Mmmmm, eat it out then sweetheart," purred Jessica, sitting right back on the sofa and parting her legs further.

Tommy knelt on the floor, between his mother's spread thighs. He fingered her cunt for a few moments, admiring it, before he removed his finger and dove in. He lapped greedily at his mother's cunt, Jessica panting softly. Tommy had licked out Helen quite a few times and he had a good knowledge of what to do. He licked his mother's twat for a while then pushed his tongue up there, slurping at her juices. He was soon pushing his head right into his mum's steaming crotch, Jessica closing her eyes and breathing deeply as she was given her first cunt-lapping in years. Tommy was as skillful as it was enthusiastic and soon he tongued his mother to a prolonged climax in which his mother ground her cunt into her son's face whilst she spluttered the most lewd profanities.

Tommy's face was slick with cunt-juice when he finally raised his head.

"Now," he grinned at his mum, "time to pay some attention to your tasty fucking arse mum!"

"Let's go upstairs honey," Jessica said, out of breath from her strong orgasm, "I want you to fuck me in the shitter then pull out and cum all over my face!"

They got up and hurried upstairs, both of them incredibly horny. Jessica lead her son into her room where they stripped completely naked and hopped onto the bed. After licking his mother's anus for few minutes Tommy speared her bowels with his weapon, fucking his mother deep in the arse. Jessica squirmed and moaned under her son's thrusting erection. She could feel his cock-head darting repeatedly into the depths of her rectal passage.

As promised, before he climaxed Tommy whipped his prick from his mother's bowels and, after she'd flipped over onto her back, he gripped his cock and furiously masturbated over his mother's face.

"Oh yes, drench me, drown me!" Jessica cried as her son knelt astride her and spermed all over her. Great hot gouts of salty boy-cum splashed across Jessica's pretty face and she swallowed what she caught in her willing mouth. When Tommy's climax ended he dipped his wilting prick into Jessica's mouth and she eagerly slurped her son's shit-smeared cock-leaking penis.

After Tommy had said goodnight and gone to his bedroom for a well-earned sleep, Jessica was about to go and have a shower. Then she opted against it and instead went to sleep with Tommy's delicious sperm drying on her face.


The next day was Sunday at the end of the first week of the school summer holidays. Jessica was back in work the next day but Tommy (and Helen) had another five weeks without school.

Shortly after getting up and making himself breakfast, Tommy received a phone-call from Helen. She wanted to come over the next day, knowing that Tommy's mother would be at work. Tommy eagerly agreed to this plan given that, although it wasn't explicity stated, Helen obviously wanted to come round for a day of arse-fuckery.

Just as Tommy hung up the phone, Jessica strolled down the stairs. The pretty thirty-eight-year-old mother-of-two was dressed in a pair of of fishnet stockings and matching garter belt along with a G-string and a bra. The stockings and garter belt were jet black whilst the G-string and bra were pure white, creating a sexy and eye-catching contrast. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail.

"Wow mum, you look hot," Tommy commented, standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Thanks darling," Jessica smiled, strolling down the steps with a sexy wiggle of her hips, "so do you."

Tommy just grinned. He was in the nude, his cock semi-hard and growing by the minute as he admired his mother. He couldn't be bothered to get dressed when he'd got out of bed and, in the light of recent activities with his mother, he'd decided it wouldn't exactly be a big deal to stroll around the house naked.

"Was that Helen on the phone?" Jessica asked her son as she stepped up to him and lighty ran the tip of her finger along the underside of the shaft of his heavy penis.

"Yeah," replied Tommy, "She wants to come round tomorrow."

"Ah, whilst I'm at work eh?" smirked Jessica, "You kids are so horny these days!"

"I'm horny now mum," breathed Tommy as his mother cupped his balls in her hand, "Wanna teach me more sodomy techniques?"

"Sounds like a good plan honey. I've got a lot more to teach you today. The lesson will last all day."


"I'm going to have breakfast first," Jessica said, "What about you?"

"I've had something already. I'll pop upstairs and wait for you."

Jessica gave her son a kiss - just an innocent mother/son peck - then strolled off to the kitchen. Tommy watched his mother as she walked off, his eyes glued to her mouthwatering bottom. Then he went upstairs to his mother's room and he lay on the bed, idly stroking his hard cock and waiting for his mum.

Although she was incredibly horny herself, Jessica took her time having breakfast, dragging things out and keeping herself and her son in suspense.

Eventually she walked upstairs and grinned at Tommy as she found him sat up and masturbating on her bed.

"So what are you going to teach me today mum?" Tommy asked.

"Some new positions," Jessica replied. She slipped out of her bra and G-string, but she kept on her stockings and garter belt. She'd bought the underwear set yesterday, the first sexy lingerie she'd bought in years. She was glad they'd turned Tommy on and she planned on buying lots more.

As promised, Jessica showed Tommy some fantastic new positions for anal-sex. First off she sat on Tommy's face and had him tongue her arse for ten-minutes, and then she spent another ten-minutes sucking his cock. Then, with her son laying on his back, Jessica impaled her arse on his cock. She faced upwards, sat on his dick with her hands stretched behind her and rest on the mattress and her legs bent and her feet resting on his thighs. It was a position that gave her great control and she rose up and down in a steady rythm, her fifteen-year-old son laying beneath her and enjoying letting his mum do the work.

After a while Jessica pulled herself off of Tommy's cock then turned round, impaling herself back on his prick whilst hunched over him. She bounced up and down, Tommy's prick buried up her tight arse. The boy was able to reach up and play with his mum's delicious tits and suck on her stubby nipples. Soon enough he ejaculated and filled his mother's bowels with sperm.

After a brief rest, Jessica sucked her son back to stiffness then had him bum-fuck her standing up, the blonde mother bent over the bed, her son standing behind her and ramming his cock into her arse. Before Tommy ejaculated Jessica had him pull out so she could try another position. This one turned out to be a new favourite for Tommy. It involved Jessica laying on her back on the bed with a pillow under her lower-back and her legs spread and pulled up to her chest. Tommy knelt in front of his mother and sank his cock into her arse. He was thus able to sodomize his mother very deeply whilst he was able to play with her tits. He also liked to see his mum's face as he buggered her, watching as she moaned and grunted with pleasure. He could also reach down and finger her wet cunt. This position soon lead to Jessica climaxing, shortly followed by Tommy's eruption of sperm.

They had another break and a cup of tea for refreshment, then plunged back into the fun. In total, during that long and sordid day, the tireless and energetic Tommy ejaculated eight times up his mother's arse. They employed every anal-sex position known to man and invented a couple of new ones too.


The next day, Jessica went off to work at eight-thirty in the morning. By nine Helen had come over and Tommy eagerly took his sexy girlfriend up to his bedroom where he proceeded to employ all the positions and things he'd learnt from his mother the day before. He bum-fucked Helen in every possible position. He came on her face, he came on her tits and he shot several more loads of sperm into her bowels. Helen was wracked with more orgasms than she could count.

That evening, with Helen having gone home and Tommy having recovered his stamina with a big dinner, Jessica got off on masturbating herself whilst her son told in her explicit detail of everything he'd been up to with Helen throughout the day. Then Jessica took her son up to bed and had him sodomize her. Tommy fucked her deep and hard with his mother on her back and her legs pulled up to her chest. He whipped his dick from her shitter at the last minute and masturbated all over her belly and tits. Jessica sucked Tommy back to hardness so he could re-embugger her, and she was soon given a sperm enema.

Over the next week the same routine was followed every day. Jessica would go to work and Tommy would spend the day at home satisfying Helen's wild addiction to having a dick working away in her arse. Then, in the evening, Tommy would give his mum a bum-fucking or three before bed.

Jessica would teach her son any new tricks he could try on Helen, although on Wednesday it was Helen who taught Tommy a new trick. Tommy had just cum in her bowels when he said he was going to have to withdraw and nip to the toilet. Helen had, on the spur of the moment, demanded her lover piss up her arse, which Tommy had gladly done, keeping his stiff dick buried in Helen's cum-filled rectum as he urinated. It was rather messy but damn good fun. That evening, when Tommy told his mother about this, Jessica had immediately bared her bum and demanded a golden enema of her own. Her son had obliged, shoving his cock up her rectum and urinating. He had then proceeded to fuck her, eventually adding sperm to the piss in his mum's bowels. The following evening Jessica took her son to the bathroom, lay him down and pissed all over him. Tommy then pissed on his mum and then, naked and dripping with each other's urine, he buggered his mother right there on the bathroom floor. The next day Tommy indulged in an identical operation with Helen.

Tommy did not feel guilty that he was cheating on Helen with his mum; after all, whilst he considered what he got up to with Helen as 'making love' - albeit rather lewdly and via the backdoor - what he did with his mother was just pure, lust-inspired hedonism.

In fact, it soon occured to Tommy that he hadn't jacked off in over a week. With a depraved, incestuous mother and a horny, insatiable girlfriend, he figured he'd never have to just whack off on his own ever again!


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