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On a sunny Friday morning, Krystal woke up in her brother's bed. She slept with him nearly every night, though sometimes she would sleep with their dad whilst Brett would sleep with their mum. However, normally Krystal and Brett slept together like a couple.

Last night, young Tiffany had slept with her brother and sister. Tiffany was a bit nomadic, varying between sleeping on her own, in her parents bed or with her older siblings.

Krystal was in the middle of her brother and sister in the big double bed as she sat up, yawning. It was just after seven o'clock, about half-an-hour left before they'd have to get up and get ready for school.

The three children were, naturally, all nude under the dark blue duvet. Thirteen year old Krystal's small tits were on display to the world as she sat up. To her left was ten year old Tiffany, the slender girl laying on her back and snoring quietly, her long blonde hair splayed across the pillow. One of her legs was against one of Krystal's.

On the other side of Krystal was her older brother, Brett. He was sixteen, athletically built, tall with short dark hair and a handsome boyish face that made him the subject of a lot of attention from girls at school. Brett was laying on his back too, fast asleep. Krystal felt horny, her teen cunt itching for a fuck, despite all the hard fucking it had received last night from Brett's big dick, and also Tiffany's fist. Krystal pulled the duvet down from Brett, exposing his sculpted torso and then his groin. His cock was eight-inches long and lay across his belly, fully hard. Krystal smiled as she admired her brother's morning-glory. She reached out and lightly gripped it in her small fist, holding it upright and feeling how stiff it was. It felt like steel! She lightly jerked Brett off, stroking his shaft up and down.

Brett stirred a little, a smile appearing on his slumbering face. His sister kept masturbating him for a moment or two before she shifted aside, kneeling up. Still holding her brother's dick upright, gripping it at the base, the girl leaned over and placed her lips over the head. She sucked away, bobbing her head, her long brown hair draped over her brother's lower belly. Brett stirred a bit more and soon his eyes fluttered open. He looked down and smiled as he saw his sister sucking his cock, which she often did when she awoke before him.

"Morning Krystal," he said.

"Mmm-Mmmmmf Mmmf," replied Krystal, uninterruptedly fellating the boy. Brett ran his hands through his sister's hair whilst she bobbed her head, taking Brett's prick deeper into her warm wet mouth.

A moment later Tiffany began to wake up. She turned onto her side and opened her eyes.

"Morning all," she smirked.

"Hiya squirt," Brett said.

Krystal, once again, wasn't willing to take her lips from her brother's lovely tool. She muffled some form of greeting to her little sister and got back to deep-throating Brett. Tiffany watched for a moment before she sat up, shoving the duvet down the bed to expose her lovely slim, pre-teen body. She had no pubic hair at all, although neither did Krystal and their mother, Wendy! They all shaved their cunts regularly so the three females in the family were totally smooth and bald around their pussies and assholes. Tiffany, though, didn't have any breasts at all and her hips were still narrow. She was quite definately a girl of ten physically, but certainly not in terms of sexuality. She was a wanton little slut, at her happiest when she was getting her brother's and father's big dicks slammed into her tight cunt and arsehole. She loved sucking pricks too, drinking down lovely salty jism or having it squirting over her face or body. Tiffany loved getting it on with Krystal and her mum too, but though the ladies of the family loved eating cunt they all preferred cocks!

Krystal shifted a little so that she was kneeling over her brother at a right angle, still sucking on his cock but now with her arse in the air, thrust out. Tiffany knew what her older sister wanted, she wanted to be eaten out from behind. Tiffany wasn't about to dissapoint!

"Mmm, a nice cunt and arse for breakfast," she giggled, getting behind Krystal. She placed her hands to the girl's arse-cheeks and licked her lips, admiring Krystal's wet slit and her puckered pink anus, both orifices completely shaved. Tiffany leaned in and started running her tongue of Krystal's cunt lips. She slurped thirstily on them before sliding her tongue into her sister's cunt.

"Mmmmmmfff," Krystal moaned, pleasure running up her body as she received this oral treatment from her kid sister, all the while sucking on Brett's dick. Tiffany tongued Krystal's twat for a moment or two then moved up, licking her arsehole. She slid her tongue up into Krystal's bum, squeezing it past her sphincter and into her rectum. As she did this she bought a hand up between Krystal's legs and slid a couple of fingers into her twat. Krystal was delighted, her cunt fingered and her arse tongue-fucked whilst she fellated her handsome big brother.

Brett felt the first hints of his orgasm rising but was not willing to shoot his load this early.

"Wanna change over?" he said to Krystal, "I don't want to blow just yet."

"Okay," Krystal said, taking her brother's dick from her mouth, "I'll mount you and ride your dick and Tiffany can finger my arsehole."

Krystal swung a leg over Brett's hips and reached round, holding his cock upright and impaling her tight, hairless teen twat onto that proud erection. She slid all the way down, sighing with pleasure as her cunt-lips gripped the very root of Brett's cock. She waited a moment whilst Tiffany got into position. Kneeling astride Brett's legs, behind Krystal, Tiffany sucked on her right forefinger and index-finger. Then she placed the slick-tips of those fingers to Krystal's anus and pushed.

Krystal gave a little yelp as Tiffany abruptly thrust her two digits up her arsehole. It spurred Tiffany to raise up on Brett's cock and then she bought herself down again. As the girl repeated this motion, Brett reached up and held Krystal's waist, helping to lift her up and pull her down as she rode his cock. Tiffany was all the while thrusting her two fingers in and out of her older sister's rectum.

"Fuck, that's good," Brett was saying, "Your cunt is so tight Krystal, even after all it's use! Oh yeah, ride me sis, ride me you beautiful slut!"

"What a way to start the morning," Krystal grinned as she bounced on Brett's prick, "My brother's cock up my cunt and my sister's fingers up my arsehole. Oh yeah, this is good! Oh fuck!"

"Shame we've got school," Brett complained.

"Yeah," Tiffany said, "School sucks Krystal!"

"And you," Krystal laughed, "you fucking cocksucker!"

"And mum," Tiffany giggled, "She's a cocksucker. All us girls are cocksuckers."

"Good ones too!" Brett commented.

They'd all began fucking as a family two-months ago, just at the start of the school vacation. It had been a great summer of endless daytime orgies. Their parents, Dan and Wendy, had been at work during the weekdays so the kids had amused themselves at home. Now, however, they were back at school. It didn't bother them too much - it probably helped them enjoy the evening family-gang-bangs even more being away from each other all day. However, it was still annoying when they were all horny like this but would have to finish up soon for school.

After five-minutes, Krystal began climaxing, riding her brother's cock faster and faster whilst Tiffany buried her fingers up the teenager's arse.

"I'm cumming, oh fuck!" Krystal wailed, "Oh yeah, God yeah! Fuck me Brett, ram that big cock up my cunt. AAAAH!"

"Fuck yeah, cum sister, cum!" urged Brett, holding Krystal's waist and driving his pole up into her twat.

"Finger my arsehole Tiffany," Krystal begged her little sister, "Ram your fingers up my slutty shitter, oh yeah! That's it! To the fucking root! OHHH! GOD!"

She almost collapsed from the strength of her orgasm, slumping forwards, head resting on Brett's chest. Her brother stopped thusting and got his breath back.

"My go," Tiffany chirped, sliding her two fingers out her sister's arsehole. She sucked on the digits for a moment, enjoying the earthy taste of Krystal's arse-juices on them.

Recovered from her climax, Krystal raised herself off from Brett's dick and moved aside, laying on her back. Tiffany then hopped onto her brother, impaling her pre-teen cunt onto the boy's long erection. She began bouncing away, grinning with pleasure. Brett held the girl's slender waist and rammed his prick hard into her cunt, fucking her just as forcefully as he'd fucked Krystal. She bounced away on the pumping cock, her young body shaken with ecstasy.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my cunt," the girl was wailing, "Oh yeah, that's so good!"

"What a hot little slut," Brett grinned, "Just like Krystal! And mum! Fuck yeah! Tiffany, uuuh, my little slut sister! Ride my cock."

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum already!" Tiffany wailed, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Krystal, stick your fingers up my arsehole, make me cum even harder!"

Krystal quickly got behind Tiffany and pushed her forefinger up the girl's tight arsehole.

"Is that good sis?" asked Krystal, "Do you like having your shitter fingered whilst Brett fucks your cunt?"

"I love it, I love it," Tiffany cried, still riding Brett's dick hard, "Yeah! I'm cumming still...uuuh...oh God! Oh God! NNNG!"

Her climax finally ebbed away, Tiffany slowing down and out of breath. Brett was proud that both his sisters had climaxed, but now it was his turn.

"Move off me squirt," he said to Tiffany, the young girl doing so.

"Are you going to shoot your cum now?" asked Krystal.

"Yeah," Brett replied, sitting up and stroking his cock, "I fancy giving you two a hot facial. Sit on the edge of the bed you sluts, I'm going to use you as a wank-rag, I'm gonna cum all over you and wipe my sticky dick-head over your lips."

"Sounds good," Tiffany said, sitting on the edge of the bed, "There's no better way to start the day than a nice refreshing shower of pod-porridge!" Krystal soon joined her sister, the girls looking forward to a slimy shower of cum.

Brett got off the bed and walked round so that he stood in front of his sister's, who were sitting there shoulder-to-shoulder. He jerked off his long pole with it thrust right towards the faces of the girls.

"Paste us in fucking cum," Krystal said, hoarsely, "Spurt it over our faces big brother, drown us in it!"

"It's almost here," Brett grunted, pumping his cock, "Almost...almost....uuuh! Oh fuck! It's a fucking big load alright! YEAH! AAAAAH FUCK!"

As he jerked-off furiously, he began firing out his sticky boy-cum. The first wad splattered over Krystal's left cheek and the second over her chin and lips. Brett moved his cock towards Tiffany, not wanting her to feel left out, and he shot a thick spurt into her mouth, Tiffany swallowing whilst another spurt of her brother's fuck-sauce struck her right cheek. Brett pointed his cock back at Krystal and shot sperm over her forehead and in her hair before he went back to Tiffany and shot two big pumps of sperm over her cute little nose and around her eyes.

"Aaah, yeah, both of you sluts fucking coated!" Brett grinned as he shot his final spurt of cum over Krystal's face. Then he slipped his cock between the girl's lips and she sucked on his sticky cock-head, slurping up the last of the cum that oozed out of Brett's softening tool. Tiffany meanwhile leaned in and sucked her brother's nut-sac whilst - like her sister - cum ran down her face and dripped onto her thighs.

Finally satisfied - at least for now - they strolled off to the bathroom down the hallway (they lived in a single-story home). The three youngsters showered together and emerged sparling clean and fresh. They got dressed and went into the kitchen for breakfast.


In the master bedroom, Wendy and Dan had awoken earlier and engaged in some pre-breakfast frolics too.

As usual yesterday evening, the family had gang-banged in the living room. Dan had over exceeded himself and, quite unusually, when he and his wife had gone to bed they'd fallen asleep without fucking together beforehand. They were making up for it this morning, however.

Wendy, aged thirty-eight, was on her knees and elbows in the center the bed, grunting with lust. She was slim and petite with blond hair, a shapely round arse and big firm tits.

Knelt up behind her was her husband, Dan, a tall and handsome man who's job as a firefighter kept him in good shape. He was holding Wendy's waist and fucking her up the arse.

"Fuck me Dan, fuck me hard," Wendy panted, her short blonde hair sticking to her sweaty face, "I love it up the arse! UUUH! Fuck me!"

"I know you love it up the arse," grinned Dan as he pounded his wife's shitter with his nine-incher, "It runs in the family, our daughters can't get enough of having all their holes fucked!"

"You certainly fucked them well yesterday in the living room," Wendy said.

"I know. I was too tired to fuck in bed because of that."

"How many times did you cum in the evening, before supper?"

"I came four fuckin' times! Once in your cunt, once in Tiffay's cunt, a third load up your arse and then a final load up Krystal's arse. Brett only came twice so he probably gave his sisters a good fucking before bedtime, the randy teenage stud. Ah, if only I were sixteen again!"

"Oh, don't wallow in self-pity," Wendy laughed, "You're still an incredible stud at thirty-nine Dan!"

"It's you and our girls who keep me young and in shape!"

Dan continued to fuck his wife's bum for a little while longer. They grunted with lust as they fucked. Dan's climax began to rise and he let himself go, shafting Wendy's arsehole deeper and harder.

"Uuuh, I'm cumming, in your fuckin' arse Wendy! AAAH!"

He blasted her bowels full of semen, shooting far into her guts. Wendy clamped her anus round the hilt of her husband's enormous cock, feeling herself fill with his outpourings. After twenty-seconds of climactic ecstasy, Dan gave a long and satisfied sigh. He slid his tool out of Wendy's bum and they staggered off the bed and in to the en-suite bathroom where they showered together.

Before long they were in the kitchen, dressed and having breakfast with their children. By nine o'clock, the house was empty, Wendy and Dan at work and the kids at school.


The family kept up normal relations with friends, classmates and colleagues, never letting anyone even get a hint of their secret.

However, that Friday, Tiffany made a rather interesting discovery about one of her friends, Grace. It began as merely initial suspicion.

Grace was aged nine, a year younger than Tiffany, and therefore in the year at school below her, but living just down the road meant the two girls often hung out together. Like Tiffany, Grace was a blond girl, slender and delicate with a cheerful demeanour. Grace possessed such an exquisite, angelic prettiness that even men who had no pedophilliac inclinations couldn't help but give her a second glance and - even if only unconsciously - feel a glimmer of lust towards the pre-teen sweetheart. Grace was four-foot-four-inches tall with long straight blond hair. She had big green eyes and skin as pale and as delicate as fine china. Slightly prominent front teeth would need braces in a few years but at the moment they just made her the big grin that was perpetually on her cherubic face look even sweeter.

It was lunchtime, overcast but warm, and Tiffany and Grace were strolling around the playing fields, chatting together. Both wore jeans and T-shirts, Grace also with a pink cardigan on. They had been chatting about boys, Tiffany remembering to pretend to be largely ignorant about sex despite her home-life! She'd made a joking remark that Grace's father was handsome, and she'd meant it to. Grace's parents had divorced three-years ago when she had been six and she was living with her father who's house stood at the end of the road where Tiffany and her family lived. Grace's father was called Henry. He was relatively young, average in height and slim with blond hair and a fresh, friendly face. Tiffany liked visiting Grace's house because her father was always pleasant and seemed incapable of ever uttering a cross word with anyone, his daughter or otherwise.

"He's pretty sexy," Tiffany had sniggered.

"My dad?" Grace quizzed.


"I guess so," Grace sniffed, and Tiffany thought it a rather curious acceptance of her off-the-cuff remark.

"You agree with me?" she asked.

"Sure. My dad is kinda cute! I think. Well...obviously he's my dad," Grace shrugged, back-tracking, "So er...well...y'know, he's nice looking but...too old for me though, far too old. Plus he's my dad an' all..."

They both laughed, the brief tension broken.

The subject was swiftly changed. Later they went back to classes, but Tiffany did ponder the way her friend had seemed to be concealing something earlier.


At five o'clock, with a good half-hour before their parents came home, Brett and Krystal entered their home.

"Tiffany?" called Krystal, dumping her school bag in the hallway, "Are you in?"

There was no answer.

"Must have gone to a mate's house," Brett said, kicking off his shoes.

"Yeah, I guess," Krystal agreed, also taking off her shoes. They strolled into the living room. Normally the kids walked the short journey home from school together but didn't miss one another if one took off somewhere else straight after school.

"I'm horny," Krystal said as she slumped onto the sofa, in her jeans and a yellow jumper.

"You always are," laughed Brett, standing as he began undoing his jeans, "As am I!"

Krystal sniggered and sat and watched her brother undress. In no time at all Brett was naked with his long prick standing to attention. Krystal got off the sofa and removed her jumper and bra, then her socks and jeans. Wearing just a pair of plain white cotton panties, she knelt in front of Brett and took his prick into her mouth. She slurped down half of the eight-inches of steely cock into her throat, fellating Brett with a skill that almost matched her nympho mother.

"Suck it sis," Brett purred, holding his sister's head in his hands, "That's it you little cocksucker, suck your brother's big fucking dick. You pretty little cocksucking cunt."

Like Tiffany and her mother, Krystal loved being spoken to in such a manner, being treated like a fuck-slut by her brother and father. She sucked deeper on Brett's dick, moaning with pleasure.

"Such a fine cocksucker," Brett was sighing, fucking Krystal's face with light thrusts of his hips, "You take after mum, and Tiffany takes after you! You all suck cocks so well, you lovely fucking sluts! Mmmm. Suck it deep down sis you whore-cunt."

Krystal let out a long, gagged moan of pleasure. She was feeling hornier by the minute as she fellated her brother whilst he hurled such profanity littered compliments at her (Krystal took the terms 'cocksucker', 'slut' and 'whore-cunt' as compliments!).

After a moment, she took her brother's cock out her mouth and got to her feet.

"I need fucking," she panted, "I need sucking too! Why don't you eat my cunt out then fuck me hard you horny motherfucker!"

"That sounds like a perfect suggestion sis," Brett said. He gave the girl a kiss on the lips.

She quickly removed her panties then sat nude on the armchair. She parted her legs and rubbed her titties.

"Come and lick your sister's cunt Brett," she moaned, "Come on, I'm a slut, I need my hairless little cunt licking out then fucking!"

Brett was on his knees between his sister's parted thighs in no time at all. He plunged his head into her crotch, pushing his tongue up into her twat and slurping at the juices that were already secreting from that hot slit. Krystal panted with pleasure and held her brother's head in her hands, running her fingers through his short dark hair. The red nipples on her budding breasts were rock hard. Brett was making wet sucking noises as he ate out his sister, sliding his tongue in and out of her cunt whilst he bought up a finger which he poked Krystal's arsehole with. He slid the tip of the digit into Krystal's arse then pushed it all the way in, up to the knuckle, whilst he lapped and sucked her cunt. Krystal was in heaven, slumped back on the armchair with her legs quivering. Her brother sucks her juicy slit for a good five-minute before he finally knelt up, stroking his erection and nudging Krystal's cunt lips with the head.

"I'm going to fuck you now sis," he promised, "I've sucked and licked your twat and now I'm going to shove my cock into it."

"Come on brother," grinned Krystal, "I need your big cock in my cunt! I want you to fuck your horny cunt of a sister! Fuck me hard!"

Brett pushed the head of his cock into Krystal's cunt then rammed forwards, burying it to the hilt in her clasping hairless snatch. Krystal let out a long groan of lust and reached up, placing her hands on Brett's shoulders. She was five-foot-one (the same height as her mother Wendy) so she appeared quite a bit smaller than Brett, who was six-foot. He placed his hands on Krystal's tits, cupping those budding breasts entirely with his palms, and he began to shaft her cunt.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck your sister's cunt!" Krystal panted as her brother's long pole worked in and out of her snatch.

"I'm gonna fuck your hot cunt good and hard sis because I know what a fucking slut you are and how you'll be desperate for a good hard fucking after being forced to go without cock all day at school. It's the weekend at last so we can fuck without interruption! Uuuh, yeah, what a tight cunt Krystal. Mmm. I'm gonna fuck you hard because you are a cunt and a slut who loves it." Brett began to thrust a little faster into his sister's twat.

"I love it Brett, oooh yeah. Yeah, I like that...harder Brett! Faster! Mmmm...that's it Brett, oh yeah! You sure know how to make a cock-hungry slut like your sister happy!"

"I know how to make you happy, all I have to do is fuck you hard in any of your holes! I know you love getting fucked, just like Tiffany and mum. I know you wish dad was here fucking you at the same too because you're such a hot and horny fucking cunt of a sister that you love being packed with cock! You'll have to make do with just mine for the moment."

"It's good enough Brett! You're lovely big dick is good enough for me on it's own! Fuck me, yeah! Oh fuck that's good!"

"I'm going to fuck your cunt until you fucking cum like the fucking whore-cunt you are sis, then I'm gonna flip you over and ram my dick up your fucking arse. Would you like that cunt?"

"I would Brett! Oh yeah, I'm almost fucking cumming, I love it when you call me a fucking cunt and a whore, because that's what I am! A fucking whore-cunt, a slut who loves getting fucked by her lovely big brother! Oooh, mmmm! Fuck my cunt! Yeah!"

"Uuuh, yeah! Cum sis! Cum with your brother's big fucking cock in your twat!"

Brett was pumping his hips even faster now, slamming his cock hard into his sister's womb. Krystal's eyes were half-shut as she lay slumped back, lost in ecstasy. Brett fucked her twat with his long prick whilst groping her tender little boobs.

"I'm cumming Brett," Krystal cried, "Oh yeah, uuuuh! Aaaah, that's so good!" The teenage squirmed and bucked under her brother's hard thrusting, Brett slamming his cock hard up his sister's twat as he leaned in and kissed her. He sealed his lips to hers and thrust his tongue down her throat, drinking in her muffled cries of pleasure.

Shortly, Brett slowed down then pulled his cock from out his sister's cunt, his shaft glistening with cunt juices.

"Such a lovely big cock," Krystal observed, sitting up, "Let me suck it, I want to suck your big cock brother!"

"Suck away slut," Brett grinned, standing up and thrusting his prick into Krystal's face, "Suck it good and deep! Then I want you to get up and bend over so I can shove it up your slut-arse and fill your shitter with semen."

"I want you to pull out whilst your buggering me so I can suck your cock again Brett you randy motherfucker. I want to suck my own shit off your cock motherfucker." She licked her lips then clamped them over her brother's throbbing shaft, slurping down his meat into her throat. She sucked noisily and thirstily.

"Suck it cunt," Brett grunted, fucking his sister's face with his prick, "Mmmm. Yeah cunt, suck it. I love fucking your fucking mouth cunt, but not as much as fucking your twat and shit-hole."

After a moment of slurping on her brother's erection, the itch in Krystal's arse grew too much to bear. She needed a hard arse-fucking! She took Brett out her mouth and stood up, turning round and bending over. She placed her hands on the arms of the armchair and thrust out her cute bum, her legs straight.

"Fuck my arsehole Brett, ram your dick up my bum motherfucker!"

The boy had to bend his knees a little so that his cockhead was level with his sister's puckered anus. He nudged the head to her arsehole and pushed, the slickness of his cock helping his entry. Krystal let out a long moan as her bum-hole bloomed open and allowed Brett's weapon to sheath itself in her rectum to the hilt.

"Aaaah, yeah," Brett panted, fucking his shaft to the root in Krystal's crapper, "What a tight arse! Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck your arse sis." He held her waist and began thrusting in and out of her rectum, picking up speed quickly.

"Fuck me Brett, oh God that's so good," Krystal grunted, "Uuuuh, yeah! I love being fucked in the arse by you Brett! Mmmm."

"I know you love it you fucking slut. You're a fucking cunt, a slut who loves getting fucked in her cunt and arse and mouth...anywhere! And you're lucky because you've got an incest-loving father and brother to fuck your holes with their big dicks, not to mention a cunting slut of a mum and kid-sister who'll satisfy your fucking lesbo-lusts! You and Tiffany are the best sister's in the world!"

"You're the best brother in the world! You're a hot and horny motherfucker with a big dick and a willingness to have sex with his own fucking mum and sisters! Your cock is so big and stiff it feels so nice in my tight fucking shit-hole. Uuuuh! Oh God! Yeah, fuck me Brett, fuck my arse motherfucker!"

The sixteen year old boy sodomized his slutty thirteen year old sister for five-minutes before he withdrew. Brett's cock made a wet 'pop' as it emerged from the teenager's tight shitter. Krystal quickly turned round and got on her knees to suck the soiled member, deep-throating her brother and tasting her shit on his shaft. Having licked Brett's dick clean, the girl got up and turned around, bending over once again. Brett re-embuggered his sister, fucking his cock deep into her rectm and taking up where he left off, holding Krystal's waist and slammming his tool into her rectal passage.

"Harder, faster," Krystal was urging him, "Fuck my arse motherfucker, yeah! Uh, uh, uh. Oh fuck me! AAAH!"

Brett was picking up speed, drilling his sister's arse harder. Her sphincter sucked tightly on his shaft. Brett was close to orgasm and he held back a moment or two before letting himself go.

"I'm fuckin' cumming," he cried as he began to pump his seed into Krystal's bowel, "Oh yeah...yeah...UUUUH! In your arse sis, up your fucking arse!"

"Shoot it up me motherfucker, aaaah!" Krystal wailed, feeling her brother's thrusting cock unload it's creamy outpourings deep, deep in her intestines. Brett emptied his nuts into the girl's arse while continueing to ram his pole into her. Finally, the geyser began to end and he slowed down.

"What a tight arse," he murmered, happily, finally popping his prick from Krystal's shitter. Her anus yawned open, leaking sperm.

"Let me clean your cock again," the girl said, getting back on her knees facing the boy. She took his fine young weapon into her mouth and sucked all the pooh and cum from it, fingering her wet shaved cunt as she did so. Her brother enjoyed his sister's attentions.

"All clean," Krystal smiled a moment later. She stood up and the siblings kissed passionately. They were growing increasingly in love, deeply caring for each other past all the rampantness of their heated desires. Sometimes their parents thought that Brett and Krystal enjoyed referring to each other as 'motherfucker' and 'slut' and spoke to each other in such an abusive manner during sex as some form of disguising their loving feelings, but regardless of how correct this hypothesis was, there was the simple reason that they enjoyed it! Brett was a motherfucker and proud (although he obviously didn't tell his classmates!) and Krystal was damn proud of being a slutty bitch who couldn't get enough cock. Being reminded of this just turned them on even more! It ran in the family too, and Wendy loved nothing more than being fucked and sucked by both her son and daughters (and husband too of course) whilst they showered her in abuse and filthy language. The other day Wendy had lain on the bathroom floor whilst Krystal and Tiffany pissed all over her and Dan and Brett masturbated in her face, Tiffany loudly declaring Wendy to be the 'sluttiest cunt of a fucking mother in the whole world, laughing childishly as she urinated on her mother. Wendy had climaxed time and time again as she was drenched in piss, cum and abuse from her family members. The depravity of it turned her on so much.

The youngsters kissed for a short while, stroking each other's bodies, before they picked up their clothes and went off to shower together.


After leaving school, Grace and Tiffany had strolled towards their home street together.

"Do you wanna come to my house?" Grace asked her friend.

"Okay," Tiffany said. Both girl's blond hair shone in the bright sun that had appeared from behind the clouds at last.

"We can watch cartoons and stuff."

They walked along for a short while. Tiffany was beginning to feel horny, her ten year old cunt and arsehole seeming to physically ache for a cock - either her father's or brothers (preferably both at the same time). After a moment she changed her mind about going to Grace's house, claiming that she had some homework to do.

"I want to get it done before this evening so I've got the weekend free," she explained.

"No probs," Grace said, cheerfully, "We can do something tomorrow."

They turned the corner into their suburban street. Grace's house was the first one on the right.

"I'll see you tomorrow then," Grace said as she stopped at the bottom of her garden path.

"Sure Grace," smiled Tiffany, "I'll give you a ring in the morning."

"Righto. See ya."


Grace turned and strolled up the path towards the front door. Her father's car was in the driveway as he usually got home a little while before his daughter.

Tiffany walked up the road towards her parent's house. She was feeling horny, but she also felt a little guilty at having lied to her friend.

The girl slowed down and stopped. She hesitated for a minute, then figured that she could be fucked by her dad and brother any time, so she double-backed and strolled back down the road. A moment later Tiffany was walking up the path towards the front door of Grace's house.

She knocked on the door and hummed the theme tune to some cartoon show as she stood and waited. There was no answer. She knocked again. Faintly she could hear loud music playing inside so she figured Grace couldn't hear her knocker.

Tiffany strolled round the side of the house and into the back garden The back door was open slightly so she merrily strolled in, entering the kitchen. The music was playing from upstairs so Tiffany decided to go up, wondering why Grace's father let her play Nirvana at such a loud volume, given that her dad must be in if his car was on the drive.

Upstairs in the large home, Tiffany walked to where the music was coming. She'd been in her house many times but for some reason it didn't particularly register with her that the room where the music came from was the master bedroom where Grace's divorced father lived. The door was slightly ajar and Tiffany opened it and strolled in, halting in her tracks and her eyes almost popping out at what she saw.

The stereo on the pine cabinet by the bed was belting out Nirvana at a fairly loud volume. The drapes were shut. On the big king-sized bed Grace's father - Henry - was laying back wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Henry was aged thirty-one, five-foot-ten in height, slim and with short blond hair and green eyes. His cock was a good eight-inches and currently being sucked by Grace! The nine year old blonde girl was wearing just a pair of pink cotton panties, her long blonde hair draped over her father's hips as she gave him a blow-job, a look of intense pleasure on her face making it clear that she was enjoying this as much as her father was!

"Wow," Tiffany grinned.

"Fuck!" was Henry's response. Grace took his dick out her mouth and looked round at Tiffany, her face turning to shock. Henry reached over and flicked the stereo off, heavy silence filling the room.

"Shit, I thought my family were the only ones who did this," Tiffany smirked.

"Er...Tiffany," Henry began, "Er..."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Tiffany said, casually, "I guess you were playing loud music to disguise the moans of pleasure eh? You should hear my brother and daddy, they cry out wildly when they're fucking me and mum and my sister. We always fuck as soon as we all get home in the afternoon too, there's nothing I like more than getting a good hard shafting or sucking on my dad or brother's dick after a hard day at school. I like eating out my mum and Krystal too. It's fun! Say, could I join in?"

Henry and Grace just looked at Tiffany in silence. Steadily realization settled in, Henry washed with relief when it was clearly apparant that Tiffany was not lying. She really did screw her parents and siblings!

"So you obviously won't tell anyone?" he stammered.

"Of course not Henry," Tiffany said, "You're secret's safe with me. As long as mine is with you!"

Tiffany then began undressing, feeling so horny at the sight of Henry's long cock laying across his belly. His cock had remained hard despite the interruption. Grace was still kneeling there, taking in this exchange.

Soon enough, Tiffany was naked, Henry appraising the girl's lovely slim body.

"Room for one more?" she asked, climbing onto the bed. She took Henry's dick in her hand and leaned over and began sucking, slurping on the head whilst lightly jacking off the base.

Henry and Grace exchanged knowing smiles, both realizing that everything was okay.

"Shit, you give good head Tiffany," Henry smiled, "You weren't lying about your family! Now girl sucks cock as well as you do unless she's had a lot of practise."

Tiffany felt proud and she sucked down more of Henry's eight incher. Grace removed her panties so she was as naked as her friend, then she moved in and started licking Henry's balls. The young father had never had a threesome before and the feeling of two pre-teen sluts working over his dick and nut-sac drove him wild. He moaned with pleasure, looking down his body and taking in the sight of his nine year old daughter and her ten year old friend busy between his legs with their hot tongues.

It didn't take long for his climax to rise up.

"Yeah, I'm cumming," he began spluttering, "Oh fuck! UUUH! Tiffany, keep sucking...suck my dick...FUCK! Oh yeah!"

His cock erupted thick sperm into Tiffany's mouth and she drank it down, gulping the sticky salty fluid into her belly. She gulped down the next squirt too then took her mouth away from the pumping cock.

"You have some Grace," she generously said, holding Henry's dick by the base. A third squirt fired into the air and stuck Tiffany's face. By the time the fourth load of semen erupted out Grace had placed her mouth over the head, drinking down the remaining squirts of her father's semen. Tiffany - with a dollop of jism running down her tender face - exhanged grins with Henry. Meanwhile Grace lapped up the last of her dad's load. Eventually she raised her head, grinning.

"We gotta get together with my family," Tiffany said, "Then we can have a big orgy! All seven of us!"

Henry and Grace had been thinking the exact same thing.


Dan arrived home from work at five-thirty. He went into the living room and found Krystal and Brett sitting nude on the sofa, softly frigging each other whilst watching a hard-core porn tape.

"Hiya kids," Dan smiled.

"Hi dad," they responded.

"You up to much?"

"Just had a good fuck," Krystal grinned, "Now we're watching porn to get us in the mood for an encore. You wanna join in?"

"I sure do," Dan replied. He began undressing until he was naked. The room was filled with the sounds of the porn video. In the current scene a busty black woman was being fucked in the cunt and arse by two white guys whilst a black guy fucked her mouth. Dan sat naked on the sofa, Krystal now in between her father and brother. She masturbated their stiffening dicks with each hand.

Not long afterwards, Wendy had arrived home. The beautiful blond matriarch of the family went to her bedroom and undressed then strolled naked into the hallway. She was considering having a shower but decided she'd only get sweaty again after a nice pre-dinner fuck! She went into the living room instead and exhanged greeting with her family.

"Good day at work?" Brett asked his mother.

"It was okay," Wendy said, sitting naked in an armchair, "I'm glad it's Friday though! I'm looking forward to non-stop screwing all weekend!"

"Me too!" Krystal added.

"It can't be non-stop," laughed Dan, his nine-incher full stiff in Krystal's pumping fist, "We gotta eat sometime!"

"Well, I'm content to eat out mum," Brett sniggered, looking between his mother's legs. Like Krystal she kept her cunt totally shaved.

"Where's Tiffany?" asked Wendy.

"Not sure exactly," shrugged Dan, "Probably at a friend's house."

"She'll be at Grace's I imagine," Krystal said, "You know, that blond girl who lives down the road?"

"She's hot," Brett said, contemplatively, "How old is Grace?"

"Tiffany's age isn't she?" Dan suggested. Grace had been round to their house quite a few times, and he and his wife were also fairly friendly with Grace's dad, Henry.

"No, she's nine," corrected Krystal, "a year younger than our Tiff. She is so pretty though! Mmm...that arse!" She giggled at her own lewd, lesbian appraisal of a pre-teen girl.

"She is fucking hot," Dan agreed, "When she was sleeping over a few months ago with Tiffany I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Grace obviously had done so as well and I caught sight of her heading down the hallway back to Tiffany's room wearing just a pair of skimpy white panties. Mmmm...very nice! She wasn't embarrassed at all! Good job she didn't stick around or she'd have seen my dick rise."

"That's one hot little minx," Wendy agreed. They all watched the porn movie in silence for a moment.

"You're cock is so hard Brett," Krystal said shortly, "And yours dad! Both so nice and stiff. I need fucking, watching sex isn't as good as doing it!"

Brett kissed his sister. On the TV the black woman was getting cummed on by all the guys at the same time, their sperm lashing over her face and tits. The next scene came on - two teenage lesbians going at it with large strap-ons - but the family in the living room weren't paying much attention. Krystal took her hand from her father's cock and engaged in a hot snog with Brett, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. Then Krystal got up and knelt astride Brett as the youth sat back on the sofa. She lowered her cunt onto his cock, taking him in to the hilt.

"Ride me sis," Brett panted, "Ride my cock!" He leaned down and sucked on Krystal's semi-developed tits whilst she bounce lightly on his erection. Her cunt felt so tight and hot!

Dan watched the pair for a moment then got up. He strolled over to Wendy and stood in front of her, his wife giving him a lewd grin as she sat forwards.

"Let me give this cock a nice good suck," Wendy purred, reaching out and wrapping both hands round the base of Dan's nine-inch prick. She took the head of it into her mouth and sucked noisily, steadily taking a few more inches into her hot throat.

"Suck it Wendy, suck my cock," sighed Dan, "Oh yeah! All the bitches in this family give such good head! Yeah! Suck it nice and deep. I'll shove it up your cunt next and perhaps our son might be kind enough to bum-fuck you in the meantime!"

Wendy sucked her husband's dick for a few moments then took it out her mouth.

"Lay down honey," she said, "On the floor."

Dan did so, laying back on the rug and holding his dick upright. Wendy got astride him and lowered herself, taking his tool into her shaved snatch and impaling herself.

"Oh yeah, I needed that," moaned Wendy, "Mmmm! Right in my fucking cunt!" She bent forwards, hands on Dan's chest, and she kissed him lustily.

On the sofa, Krystal rode her brother's long cock, bouncing faster and faster and panting with lust. She remembered her father's suggestion that Brett could fuck his mother's arse, so she slowed down after a moment and dismounted Brett. The boy gave his sister a kiss then moved off the sofa.

"Get ready mum, I'm gonna fuck your shitter whilst dad fucks your twat," he said, stroking his long erection.

"Come on son," Wendy urged him, still bent forwards with her arse-cheeks spread. Her anus winked out above her twat, which was swallowing Dan's dick.

Brett knelt behind his mother and bent down to lick her anus. He slobbered on that puckered shaved hole for a moment until it was slick with saliva. Then he got back up, kneeling astride his father's legs, and nudged his mum's arsehole with his prick which was glistening with his sister's cunt juice.

"Ram it up me motherfucker," Wendy begged, "Right up mummy's shitter."

"Here it comes mum you cock-hungry slut," Brett grinned, and he abruptly pushed the head of his prick into Wendy's arsehole.

"Aaaah, son, that's good," Wendy cried, "Don't show mercy, fuck your cock up mummy's crapper hard. Right up me motherfucker!"

"You got it mum ya cunt," Brett laughed, and the sixteen year old stud held his mother's hips and pushed his entire eight-incher into her arse with a single stroke.

Wendy was panting with lust as she began to buck and squirm, her naked body wracked with ecstasy. Dan thrust his hard pole up Wendy's cunt whilst Brett fucked the woman's arsehole. It didn't take long for her to climax, screaming with lust.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she wailed, "Oh yeah, that's good...I'm cumming! UUUH! Oh God, oh God, oh FUCK! YEAH!"

Her husband and son mercilesly pummelled her holes throughout her climax, Wendy taking a long time to come down from her orgasm.

"Wow, that was fucking good," she grinned, finally.

"My go," Krystal insisted. She'd been patiently watching this from the sofa whilst fingering her cunt and arsehole with her slick fingers, ramming two digits up each hole.

"Sure thing sweetheart," Wendy agreed. Her son pulled his long pole out her arsehole and Wendy dismounted her husband. She went to Krystal and kissed the girl before she sat on the sofa, leaving Krystal to excitedly rush to her father. Knelt over his long cock and impaled her teen twat on that impressive erection. Brett then got behind Krystal and, for the second time since arriving home from school, he buried his cock up her arse.

"Oooooh, yeah!" wailed Krystal, "Aaah, double-fucking is so good. Fuck me dad, fuck me Brett. Fuck my slutty holes! Oh fuck!"

Dan clamped his hands to his daughter's titties and lifted his arse slightly off the floor as he banged his tool up her quim. Brett held Krystal's shoulders as he worked his cock back and forth in her clutching arsehole. Wendy watched for a moment whilst masturbating then decided to join in. She stood in front of Krystal and the lustful teen leaned in and started licking her mother's hairless cunt. She worked her tongue up her twat and gave a muffled moan of pleasure.

"Lick my fucking cunt," Wendy purred, lovingly running her hands through Krystal's hair, "That's it mummy's cunt whilst your dad fucks your cunt and your brother fucks your arse! Oh yeah...mmmm, that's hot Krystal, you are a fantastic cunt-licking lesbo cunt! Yeah, lick me deeper."

Krystal couldn't reply but she certainly heard her mother. She squirmed her tongue up deeper into her mother's womb, slurping up the juices. All the while her cunt and arsehole were being ravished by Dan and Brett respectively.

After a few minutes Krystal began to climax hard.

"Oh fuck me, I'm cumming," she cried, taking her mouth from her mother's wet twat, "Yeah, yeah! Oh fuck me, fuck me harder! Yeah!"

Wendy placed her hands to Krystal's head and pushed her daughter's face back into her quivering snatch. Krystal's remaining cries of lust were muffled as she drove her tongue up her mother's cunt. Her orgasm was prolonged as her father and brother fucked her holes. Wendy had a mild climax too, moaning with pleasure as he daughter ate her out.

Brett and Dan were still unspent when the four of them finally moved apart, but they were ready to blow their nuts.

"I feel like giving Krystal a nice facial," Dan said, standing up, "Fancy that honey?"

"Yeah daddy," Krystal smiled. The pretty thirteen year old went and sat on an armchair. Dan stood in front of her and began beating his meat, thrusting his cock into the girl's face.

"What do you fancy mum?" Brett asked Wendy, "I'm about to shoot too. You want a facial?"

"That'd be nice but I want your cum in me," his mother said, stroking his chest, "I want you to fuck my arse and shoot your sperm up into my bowels."

"That sounds cool mum!"

Wendy got on all fours on the rug and thrust her arse out. Brett knelt behind his mother and pushed his throbbing erection into her tight arse. He buried himself in to the hilt and held his mother's hips as he began buggering her hard. They were soon grunting with lust.

"I'm cumming Krystal," cried Dan in the meatime, pumping his prick with his fist, "Uuuuuh, here it is Krystal you lovely bitch! Here's daddy's sperm in your face...fuck! Oh fuck! Drink it up slut!"

He jerked off even faster as his spunk began to erupt, thick wads of it splashing all over Krystal's face. The girl caught a lot in her mouth and gulped it down whilst the rest of the jism plastered her face. It lashed over her cheeks, nose and chin, and also around her eyes. Dan let out a long sigh as the geyser finished, Krystal taking her father's limp dick in her mouth and sucking out the remaining contents of his heavy balls.

The sight of his sister getting creamed triggered Brett's climax. He pounded his mother's arse from behind furiuosly and his semen began to blast out. His cock exploded cum into Wendy's shitter, the horny mother urging her son on with obscene cries of lust as her son came in her arse. It took a moment for Brett to recover after his orgasm. He finally slid out of her anus, Wendy swinging round and sucking her son's cock, which was slick with all sorts of bodily fluids, having journeyed into his mum and sister's cunts and assholes during the prolonged session.

Eventually, the family cleaned up. They figured Tiffany was staying at a friend's house for dinner so after a shower (Krystal had one with her dad, Brett had one with his mum) they all dressed and had dinner.


Round at Grace's house, Henry was getting confirmation that Tiffany was certainly telling the truth about her incestuous family! The child was bent over naked on the bed, Henry kneeling behind her and fucking her twat. He ran his long pole in and out of the girl's cunt whilst his own daughter, Grace, knelt nearby, fingering her bald twat and watching her daddy fuck her friend.

"Fuck me Henry, oh yeah, that's so good," panted Tiffany.

Henry grinned as he slammed his prick into the girl's cunt. After he'd blown his nuts earlier, Henry had lit a cigarette and lay on the bed with Grace and Tiffany whilst they exhanged secrets. Henry told TIffany of how he'd been fucking Grace for almost a year. Tiffany had wondered aloud whether Grace only sucked her father's cock but Grace had quickly pointed out that she'd in fact taken her father's cock in her cunt and arsehole regularly. Tiffany boasted of how she'd come home one day two months ago to find her parents and older brother and sister all having sex. She'd watched then joined in and now never went a day go by without being fucked by her dad, mum, brother or sister. Or all four!

Grace watched her father shaft Tiffany's twat doggie-style and she became curious about Tiffany's earlier tales of sucking and fucking her mum and sister. Obviously, just having screwed with her dad, Grace hadn't had a chance for some girl-on-girl sex. She was certainly curious though and she'd often admired how pretty Tiffany was.

"Hey Tiffany," she said after a moment, "Would you like to lick my cunt?"

"Sure," her friend giggled, "Come and sit in front of me and spread your legs. I've been wanting to suck that juicy looking cunt for a while. I'll lick it whilst your daddy fucks my cunt, and then we'll switch positions."

Henry loved the slutty language of this ten year old sweetheart. He also loved the sight of Grace getting into position, sitting in front of Tiffany and spreading her thighs. Tiffany began licking hungrily at Grace's bald cunt, sliding her tongue in and out of the slit, Grace grinning with delight over at her father.

"Havin' fun?" Henry asked, humping Tiffany with long deep strokes of his erectin.

"Yeah daddy!" Grace sniggered, "Tiffany is licking my cunt well. It feels nice, just as nice as when you lick me out."

Tiffany was making wet smacking noises as she kissed and licked Grace's puffy cunt lips. She would then run her tongue in and out of the slit before resuming licking the opening. Grace was panting with pleasure, ripples of ecstasy eminating from her skillfully sucked cunt. Her eyes fluttered as she tilted her head back.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum," she began crying, "Oh fuck...uuuh, Tiffany! Eat me out, lick my cunt. Lick me! Aah! UUUH!"

Henry always loved the sight of his daughter climaxing - as she did frequently when he fucked her cunt or arse - but it was even better to see her cum through someone else's actions! He fucked Tiffany harder, which in turn inspired the girl to eat out Grace more furiously, prolonging Grace's climax.

"That's so good, mmmm," Grace was panting, her long golden hair hanging in her pretty face. Her climax began to subside. Henry was on the brink of shooting his load so he slid his pole out of Tiffany.

"Switch over then kids," he said, stroking his cock.

The girls did so. Grace got on her knees and elbows and Tiffany sat in front of her, legs parted. Grace hadn't licked a cunt before but she'd given her father plenty of times, so figuring the principle wasn't that much different she confidently dived in. She ran her tongue over Tiffany's wet lips, slurping at them and tasting the juices. Tiffany purred with pleasure, grinning over at Henry. The randy father grinned back at Tiffany as he got behind Grace. He guided his cock into his daughter's cunt, gliding in to the root. He held his little girl's hips and began to fuck her, sweeping his cock to and fro in her clutching snatch. Grace shook with pleasure as she was fucked by her father whilst she licked out Tiffany.

For ten-minutes they remained like this, screwing away and all having the time of their lives! Henry could hardly believe his luck. When his wife had left him three-years ago he'd been twenty-eight and too long out the singles scene to have the confidence to go out and pick up a lady companion. He'd thought he was lucky when Grace became his willing sex partner last year but now, here he was frolicking with two pre-teen girls! What was more, there was the prospect of hooking up with Tiffany's family. There was no doubt that Tiffany's mother Wendy was pretty hot - Henry certainly didn't lack any lust for grown women. Wendy had been round to his house sometimes to pick up Tiffany and Henry always admired the mature lady, particularly those big boobs that were usually close to popping out of the tight tops she liked to wear. And then there was Krystal...Henry smiled to himself as he cunt-fucked Grace as he thought of the girl. Tiffany's older sister had been round his house sometimes too, especially when she was a bit younger too.

Henry though back a couple of years ago, a blazing hot day. It had been Grace's seventh birthday and she'd had a bit of a party in the back garden with loads of her friends. Henry had set up a huge paddling-pool for some of the younger kids but he was delighted when some of the older girls opted to join in. All these pre-teen girls paddling and splashing about! Henry was sitting on the patio chairs with some of the other parents so wasn't quite able to eye-up the girls as much as he'd liked, but it was still a nice sight and one that helped contribute to his interest in young girls, which had only just began to arise then. The highlight of the day had been when Krystal - then aged eleven - had decided to join in the paddling-pool fun with the younger girls. She'd just been developing titties and hips, but not much, at that time. She'd had to borrow a swimming costume from Tiffany which was clearly too small for her, the material riding up her arse-crack all the time. Not that Krystal had seemed to care! And no-one noticed Henry eyeing up the girl either. Henry often saw Krystal walking down the road or when she came over to pick up her little sister from Grace's house, and Henry had delighted in watching the beautiful young girl develop, just as he'd admired Tiffany.

Not long afterwards he'd realized his full-blown lust for pre-teen girls. Adult women were still very nice of course, but there was something so beautiful about children. Henry had thought he was lucky when he'd began having sex with Grace, but now he was overwhelmed with happiness as he engaged in a hot and steamy threesome with two naked and very willing girls, aged nine and ten! He smiled inwardly to himself as he shafted Grace's cunt. His daughter was a good cunt-licker, judging by the thrill she was giving to Tiffany. The girl was soon climaxing.

"I'm cumming Grace, oh fuck," Tiffany wailed, "Lick my cunt. Oh yeah, God I'm cumming!"

Henry began shafting Grace's cunt from behind even harder. He clapped his hands to her buttocks and drove his dong into her juvenile womb.

"Uuuuuh, here's daddy's sperm Grace," he cried, "FUCK! AAAAH!"

He drove his cock one last time to the root in Grace's tight cunt and fired his semen deep into her. He filled her quim with jism and let out a long sigh as his pent-up sperm was released. When he'd finished he slid his prick out of Grace and sat back.

"Let me clean you up," Tiffany giggled, getting up. She hurried round behind Grace, who remained on her hands and knees, and began licking out her spermy cunt from behind. Grace was delighted and her father amazed at this. Tiffany greedily ate out Grace's cunt, sucking out her father's sperm and drinking it down, all the while frigging her own hairless quim.

"I very much approve of your choice of friends Grace," Henry found himself saying with a grin.


Tiffany and Grace had a bath in the huge tub with Henry. They cleaned themselves up, dressed, and had dinner. Tiffany declared that it'd be fun to wait until tomorrow for their respective households to get together. Henry agreed. Tiffany gave her parents a ring and told them where she was and that she'd be home late, not mentioning the secrets she'd discovered! She'd leave that as a surprise.

After some TV, Henry and the kids went back upstairs. The young father was incredibly horny and even more so when he'd stripped and sat back to watch the naked pre-teen girls have a sixty-nine with each other.

Henry joined in and cunt-fucked Tiffany in the missionary position, then did the same with Grace. He then fucked Tiffany again and eventually squirted his seed into the girl.

Grace and her friend worked on her father's cock to get it back up again. It didn't take long! Tiffany declared her arsehole was itching for cock and she bent over and spread her young cheeks. Henry lubed his dick up with some KY-Jelly and entered the child's bum, driving in to the hilt. Tiffany's arse was just as tight and as hot as Grace's, Henry found. He buggered Tiffany for ten-minutes, only his previous orgasm delaying another one from occuring. Grace was eager to show off her ability to take a cock in her shitter to her friend and she bent over and spread her arse. Henry pulled his cock out of Tiffany's bowels and slid his prick into Grace's, his daughter squirming delightfully as she was skewered. Henry buggered Grace for ten-minutes before going back to Tiffany. He deeply arse-fucked the child whilst frenching his daughter, sliding his tongue down Grace's throat whilst he rammed his cock repeatedly into Tiffany's rectum and shot his load, filling her bowels with sticky spunk. He'd watched with delight afterwards as Grace got behind Tiffany and felched her father's cum from her friend's yawning arsehole.

They relaxed for a while then had a bite to eat. Finally, after freshening up and dressing, Tiffany left the house. Henry was tired out but he knew that he'd be ready by bedtime to give Grace one last fucking whilst they thought of the pleasures to be had tomorrow.

Tiffany got home when her family were relaxing and watching TV. She excitedly told them of the events of the evening.

Naturally, her parents and older brother and sister were a little shocked. They'd wanted to keep everything a secret between them but soon it settled in that Henry and Grace would obviously have felt the same way. Their mutual secrets would be safe with each other. Tiffany spoke of how sexy Henry was and how he was looking forward to fucking Wendy and Krystal. Dan and Brett also confessed how pretty they though Grace was and how they were keen to fuck her. Wendy and Krystal confessed their desires to fuck Grace too.

Dan gave Henry a ring on the phone and they spoke openly for a short while about the events of the evening. It was mainly just to confirm things and to ensure they all had the same ideas of keeping everything a secret. Then, best of all, they made arraingements to meet the next day.

"I'll be at your place at nine in the morning," Henry eagerly told Dan, "With Grace, naturally."

"We'll look forward to it!" Dan had enthused.

That night, they all fucked in the living room together. Brett shot his first load up Tiffany's tight arse whilst Dan spurted his cum over Wendy's tits (Krystal licked them clean). The evening came to a close with father and son double-fucking the girls. Brett fucked his mother's cunt whilst Dan fucked her up the arse. Tiffany had her turn next and she was followed by Krystal, who received her brother's sperm in her cunt at the same time her father came in her arse.

The family all went to bed and went to sleep, looking forward to the fun to be had the next day with Henry and Grace.


The next morning the family all resisted the urge to fuck, as they normally did before breakfast. Brett did lick out his sister's pussies and they sucked his cock for a while, but Brett held back his orgasm. Likewise, Dan and Wendy had a leisurely sixty-nine in bed, but Dan did not spill his cum. They all bathed and showered after breakfast, looking forwards to Henry and his daughter Grace coming round.

"I'm gonna dress up dead sexy," Tiffany insisted, skipping nude off to her bedroom.

"Me too," Krystal said, hurrying into her room (although she rarely slept in there now, instead usually sleeping with her brother.)

Wendy decided not to bother dressing and neither did her husband and son. They sat nude on the sofa watching a video. It was an incest video they'd obtained from the internet, a hardcore underground one. It featured a family of four - mum, dad, thirteen year old son and eight year old daughter. The family didn't have any inhibitions, fucking wildly on camera. The best scene featured the mother getting cunt fucked by her husband whilst she sucked off her son and her little girl fisted her arse almost to the elbow.

"Ready!" chirped Tiffany as she skipped into the living room. The beautiful ten year old had tied her hair up in pig-tails with elaborate pink ribbons. She wore a tight fitting frilly vest with a teddy-bear on the front (she knew how emphasising her tender years was more stimulating than trying to look older). Tiffany's bald cunt and cute round arse were on display and she finally wore a pair of knee-length white cotton socks and highly polished black school-shoes. Wearing socks and shoes but nothing else from waist down looked incredibly sexy, emphasising the bareness of her crotch and arse.

"You look beautiful honey," Dan said. His wife and son agreed.

Krystal stepped in next. Her long dark hair hung loose, slightly damp from her recent shower. She had plenty of sexy lingerie to wear because she could pick up adult underwear intended for petite women. The thirteen year old had on a pair of high-heeled red shoes, red fishnet stockings held up with a matching suspender-belt. Naturally, her shaved cunt and firm little arse were left bare. She had nothing on from the waist up so her budding titties were on display, although she did wear a silver necklace. She also had put on a small amount of pink blush on her cheeks and some red-lipstick.

"Gorgous," concluded Brett as he admired his sister, "Damn you look horney!"

"Thanks," Krystal grinned.

The doorbell rang.

"That'll be our guests," Wendy said, "I'd better put on a dressing gown in case anyone spots me opening the door, I don't want to start rumours around the neighbourhood!"

She flung on a pink gown that was slung over the armchair and answered the door. A moment later she returned to the living room with Henry and Grace in tow.

Wearing a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, Henry stood goggle-eyed as he surveyed the family in the living room, especially Krystal and Tiffany dressed up like lolita-tarts. He also admired Wendy as the sexy woman casually shrugged off her gown and stepped out naked. She sat on the sofa and hugged Brett.

Grace was wearing a pair of white sneakers, no socks, and a very short blue skirt that showed off her skinny little legs. Her yellow T-shirt was very tight and her long blonde hair hung down straight. The pre-teen girl flashed a sexy grin, her eyes falling to Dan and Brett's big erections.

Everyone said their hellos and complimented each other, the ice broken by their shared secrets.

"Let's get you naked Henry," Krystal said, sauntering confidently to the blond man, "I've always thought you were pretty sexy!" She gave him a lewd kiss, her budding titties pressing against his chest, then helped him remove his T-shirt. Soon enough, Henry was naked, standing there with his eight-inch cock sticking out erectly. Krystal kissed the man again, remembering the number of times she'd admired Henry, thinking that he was the most handsome guy down the street (after Dan and Brett of course!) She then dropped to her knees and began sucking on his prick. Henry sighed with pleasure and then suddenly Wendy was standing next to him. She leaned in and kissed Henry, sliding her tongue down his throat and running her hands over his firm chest. Krystal made loud sucking noises as she fellated the man's cock.

Meanwhile, Grace stepped forwards towards Brett and Dan, who stood up and admired the girl.

"Wanna strip too honey?" Dan said.

"Of course!" Grace declared, "Then I want to suck your big dicks." She giggled then began taking off her clothes, father and son masturbating themselves as they watched this sweet, randy young girl get naked. Tiffany sat nearby, content to observe, although her cunt and arse were beginning to itch for attention. She rarely made it to nine o'clock in the morning without getting fucked - vaginally or anally - at least once!

Soon, nine year old Grace stood nude, and she was set upon by the father and son. Brett gave her a kiss then knelt and kissed her flat belly and tickled her between the legs. Grace giggled then was silenced as Dan leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Dan was still not sure how far to go with this child but he soon realized Tiffany had not been exageratting when Grace slid her tongue into his mouth and reached out to stroke his long pole. Dan frenched the child whilst Grace parted her legs so that Brett could start running his tongue up and down her hairless little slit. He pushed his tongue up into her cunt, Grace moaning with pleasure into Dan's mouth.

Dan took his lips from Grace's and got behind the girl, kneeling down and stroking her cute bottom. He parted her cheeks, revealing her hairless pink anus. He leaned in and started licking the girl's arsehole, slurping the puckered hole whilst holding her arse-cheeks apart.

"Mmm, that's nice," Grace sighed, "Both holes licked at the same time! Wow! Oh yeah."

She stood there, legs apart, Brett's tongue working up into her pre-teen snatch whilst Dan pushed his tongue up her rectum. She looked to oneside and saw that her father was standing and having his cock sucked by Krystal whilst he frenched Wendy. Mother and daughter switched over after a minute so that Henry was kissing Krystal hot on the mouth whilst Wendy knelt and sucked his prick.

Tiffany decided to join in, and wearing just her cute vest, socks and shoes, she skipped over to Grace and kissed her. The pre-teen girls snogged lustily, tongues squirming into each other's mouths, moaning with pleasure.

Brett shortly moved away from Grace and stood up, the sixteen year old boy's cock throbbing so erectly that it hurt. He was eager to fuck little Grace. His father felt the same way, Dan standing up and stroking his erection.

Tiffany took her mouth from Grace's.

"Do you wanna fuck Grace daddy?" she smiled.

"I sure do," Dan said.

"Let's do it," Grace said, "Then Brett can fuck me."

"Brett, you fuck me in the meantime," Tiffany said.

They took up positions. Grace sat on an armchair and spread her legs. Dan knelt in front of the child and guided his cock into her twat, pushing the head into her bald snatch and gently sliding forwards. When he was lodged in to the hilt he gripped Grace's skinny thighs and began pumping his dick back and forth.

"You're so fucking tight," he panted, "I can see why your daddy's been fucking you! Oh yeah Grace, you are one pretty little slut."

"Fuck me harder," Grace grinned, "I'm not as delicate as you think! My daddy has been shafting my twat for a year, and he's fucked my arsehole too."

"I'll fuck you harder then," Dan smiled, "Whatever madam desires!" He increased his pace, driving his cock far into Grace's cunt with great strength, the girl placing her small hands on his chest and grunting with pleasure.

"Fuck me Dan, fuck me," she urged him, "Oh wow, that is so good! Mmmm. Oh yeah!"

On the other armchair, Tiffany had sat down and flung her legs apart. Brett had licked his kid sister's snatch for a moment before kneeling up and sliding his prick into her cunt. The girl moaned with pleasure and rubbed her nipples with her fingers as her brother began shafting her cunt deeply. He fucked her hard and fast, knowing that Tiffany was more than capable of taking a good hard fucking. Indeed, the girl enjoyed it hard!

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my snatch," she panted, "Oh yeah, that's so good! Mmmm."

Brett leaned over and kissed Tiffany, frenching her lustily as he rammed his cock into her tight cunt.

"Time for us to fuck too," Henry was saying to Wendy and Krystal, "Problem is...which of you sexy chicks do I fuck first?"

"Fuck my mum," Krystal grinned, "Then you can fuck me and cum in my snatch!"

"Sounds okay to me," Wendy said. The hot mother got down on her hand and knees and wiggled her cute bum, "Come on Henry, give me a good fucking! Shaft my twat whilst you fuck me you can watch my husband fuck little Grace over there!"

Henry knelt behind Wendy and eased his cock into her cunt, Wendy moaning with pleasure as Henry's long cock slid into her twat to the hilt.

"Yeah, ram it up my cunt," she urged.

"It's up there, right up your cunt," Henry panted, and he began to fuck Wendy. He slammed his prick into her snatch, delighting in fucking a woman in the same room as both her husband and son (who were, of course, busy fucking Grace and Tiffany in the process).

"Would you like to taste my cunt?" Krystal said, standing to oneside of Henry.

"I'd be delighted," Henry grinned, "It looks as sweet tasting as my daughters! And just as hairless too. Mmm...a shaved teen cunt!" He leaned in and started hungrily eating out Krystal's juicy twat whilst he continued to deeply fuck Wendy's cunt from behind. He was moaning with pleasure into Krystal's cunt, his busy tongue giving the girl a real thrill. He ran his hands up and down Krystal's legs, which were of course clad in the tarty red fish-net stockings.

"Fuck me Henry, fuck me hard," Wendy was grunting, banging her arse back, "Ram your cock up my cunt, fuck me hard whilst licking my cunting daughter out. Eat that slut's cunt!"

Henry was wildly turned on by this slutty mother's language. He fucked her harder, his tongue lashing Krystal's cunt.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Wendy began crying, "Oh yeah...oh fuck! Uuuuh! I'm fucking cumming...shit! AAAH!"

Her body shook with ecstasy, her big tits jiggling beneath her, Henry's cock driving repeatedly into her snatch.

Once Wendy had finished cumming, Henry decided to switch mother and daughter over. He slid his cock out of Wendy and the woman stood up.

"My turn for a hard fuck," Krystal grinned, getting on her hands and knees.

"Fuck that slut," Wendy said to Henry.

"Don't worry, I will," Henry said. He slid his pole into Krystal's tight teen cunt to the hilt and began fucking her hard straight away. Krystal arched her back and panted with pleasure as Henry shafted her cunt deeply. Wendy stood and offered her shaved snatch for Henry to slurp on. He licked Wendy's cunt out, drinking her juices whilst he fucked her daughter doggie-style.

"Do you boys wanna switch over?" Grace was saying to Dan and Brett.

"Okay," Dan said, easing his dick out of Grace. He would have preferred to continue fucking the pretty pre-teen babe, but it was only fair that his son have a chance. Besides, there would be plenty of time to fuck her later and there was always Tiffany to amuse himself with.

Brett slid his cock out of Tiffany and switched places with his dad. Brett pushed his prick into Grace's cunt and began humping her hard whilst leaning forwards and kissing the girl on the mouth. They both moaned with pleasure.

Dan had gone to Tiffany and knelt between her legs, ramming his cock hard into her cunt.

"Fuck my cunt daddy," Tiffany urged him, "Fuck me hard!"

"I will sweetheart, just as hard as I've just fucked your little friend over there!"

Dan shafted Tiffany's snatch deeply, gripping the hem of her vest and lifting it up to her chest to expose her belly. He stroked her bare stomach, admiring the slenderness of the pre-pubescent child as he fucked her cunt.

After a few moments, all the guys began to climax. Dan began spurting his cum deep into Tiffany's womb, driving his prick to the hilt in her cunt and firing out sperm.

Across the room, Brett drove his cock into Grace's cunt and filled her with jism, Grace climaxing at the same time.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me hard and fill me with cum," Grace cried.

"I'm cumming, right in your cunt," Brett stammered, "Oh yeah...what a tight tight...uuuh! Fuck! Oh yeah!"

He blasted out his seed deep into the girl, leaning down and kissing her as their orgasms died away.

Henry began emptying his nuts too, driving his prick to the hilt in Krystal's cunt and pumping her womb full of semen. Krystal cried out lustily but Henry couldn't say much as he slurped on Wendy's snatch whilst he came in Krystal's cunt. It was a powerful orgasm and he almost passed out! When it was over he pulled his cum-leaking dick out of Krystal's wet snatch.

Dan and Brett slipped their dicks out Tiffany and Grace's cunts.

"What a way to start the day," Henry laughed, getting to his shaky feet.


They all had a bite to eat and some coffee in the living room. Krystal and Tiffany took off their sexy garments so that they were as nude as everyone else, although Tiffany kept her hair up in pig-tails in the big pink ribbons. Soon they were chatting happily in the living room.

Dan and Wendy told Henry how they'd caught Krystal and Brett fucking and how they'd joined in, getting Tiffany in on it the next day.

Henry related his and Grace's tale. Lonely and desperate for companionship, Henry had spent all his time spoiling seven year old Grace, showering her with toys and affection. The affection grew more intimate after a while. He'd began kissing Grace before bed and in the morning, and before she went to school and when she came home...pretty much any occasion to kiss her. Then the kisses grew more lewd, and Henry would slip his tongue into his daughter's mouth. Grace had taken the next step and would actively french her father, Henry not having any objections. They'd cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV - as they'd always done - but soon Grace would be asking her father for lusty kisses during the commercial breaks.

Grace had asked her father about the facts of life. Henry had told her and fired up Grace's imagination. Shortly after she'd turned eight, Grace had sneaked into her father's bed. She often did this and would cuddle up to her father. This time though she was naked. She'd woken her father up and started kissing him more lustily than ever, sliding her tongue into his throat and feeling his erection through his shorts. Without saying anything, the pair had ended up having sex, Grace finding it not only easy to take her father's cock in her tight twat but actively enjoying it.

In the morning Henry had made his daughter promise not to tell anyone, Grace mature enough to understand and accept her father's warnings that it should remain a secret. They slept together in Henry's bed each night and began having sex regularly, often several times a day. Grace had experienced her first orgasm soon enough.

They grew more adventurous. After a week, Henry had licked out his daughter and made her cum. Then Grace had given her father a blow-job and drank down his semen, liking the taste very much!

One night, after going to bed, Henry had bent Grace over and greased up her arse with KY-Jelly. He'd deflowered her anally, fucking Grace deep in the arse and pumping her rectum full of cum. Grace had loved it and had been eager for more anal-fun. Her dutiful father buggered the girl twice more that night before they settled down and twice more in the morning before breakfast! Grace took her dad's dick in all her holes and was insatiable! They couldn't get enough of each other and more than once Henry had phoned in sick from work and phoned the school to tell them Grace was sick, just so they could screw in bed all day, Grace's cunt and arsehole usually raw and leaking cum at the end of it. Grace loved getting facials too and her father just adored jerking off over the girl, watching Grace's pretty face get heavily plastered in semen.

Now Grace was nine and loved sex more and more each day, and Henry knew he'd never grow bored with fucking his little girl.

Dan and Wendy were charmed by the tale, and detailed some of their further adventures with their children, such as watersports and spanking. Grace liked the idea of watersports and declared her intentions to piss on her daddy if he'd care to piss on her. Henry ruffled his daughter's hair and promised they'd get a chance to do that!

"Let's get fucking, I'm horny," Krystal then declared, "Tell you what Grace, why don't we sixty-nine? You know what that is don't ya?"

"Sure," Grace said, hopping off the sofa, "I've had them with daddy. Never with a girl though."

"Right, we'll sixty-nine," Krystal continued, "and you can go on top so my daddy can fuck you up the arse. Sound cool?"

"Sounds cool," confirmed Grace. She and Krystal got into position on the rug on the floor, Krystal laying down on her back, legs apart, and Grace on top of her. Grace's bald twat was lowered onto Krystal's face and she began slurping at it whilst Grace lowered her head to Krystal's cunt which she lick and sucked. Krystal was able to suck her brother's cum from Grace's twat, and Grace in turn sucked her father's sperm from Krystal's twat.

Dan got behind Grace and stroked her arse.

"What a cute bum," he observed, "I don't blame you for fucking Grace's arse a lot Henry, this is one cute bum!" He leaned in and kissed Grace's arsehole, feeling that puckered pink hole twitch under his oral attentions. He began licking it, running his tongue round the sphincter to get it nice and wet. Then he slid his tongue up it, pushing it far into Grace's rectum, the little girl squirming with pleasure atop Krystal as both her holes were tongued by father and daughter.

Dan then got up and into position, pushing his cock-head to Grace's arsehole. He wasn't sure his nine-incher would fit up there, but his cock was only a little bit bigger than Henry's. Grace relaxed her anus and Dan's prick began to slide in, inch by inch.

"Oh wow, it's fucking tight," Dan panted, easing into Grace, "But she can take it! This little girl can take a big, full-sized cock up her arse! That's so fucking sweet! I'm almost hot, so tight!" With a final lunge he'd shoved his entire length up Grace's shitter.

"That feels so good," she panted, raising her pretty face from Krystal's cunt, "Oh yeah, Dan, fuck me. Fuck my shit-hole just like daddy does. Mmmm." She got back to lapping at Krystal's dripping cunt, the girl beneath licking Grace's twat whilst she had a perfect, close-up view of her father's enormous erection pounding in and out of Grace's tight little bum.

Wendy, Brett, Henry and Tiffany had watched this with enjoyment but now fancied some antics of there own.

"Do you want to fuck me Henry?" Tiffany asked her friend's father, stroking his erection.

"I sure do honey. Why don't you lay down on the sofa and I'll fuck your horny little cunt?" suggested Henry. Tiffany kissed the man then lay back, legs apart. Henry swiftly mounted the girl, easing his member into her twat and kissing her lustily as he gently fucked her cunt.

"Looks like you and me mum," Brett said to Wendy.

"It sure does," Wendy smiled, "I'm in the mood to have my arse fucked."

"You always are mum," laughed Brett, playfully smacking his beautiful mother's firm behind.

"I know, and I know that you're always in the mood to fuck my arse Brett because you're a motherfucker! You've got such a lovely big cock, any mother would be proud to have a well-hung motherfucker like you as a son. I want your big dick up my fucking arse Brett, my wonderful motherfuckering son." Wendy got on her hands and knees on the floor, alongside where Dan, Krystal and Grace were humping and sucking in a compact trio. Wendy thrust her bum out and Brett knelt behind her. He admired his mother's beautiful behind for a moment then leaned in to lick it. He lapped greedily at her arsehole before pushing his tongue up into the shaved, puckered hole.

"That's it my little arse-licking motherfucker," Wendy soothingly urged her son, "Stick your tongue up mummy's shitter. Lick mum's fucking arsehole you motherfucker! Then I want you to ram your big dick up it and fuck mummy's arsehole until I fucking scream!"

Brett ate his mother's arsehole out then got up and roughly entered her shitter with his big cock. He knew his mum could take it and showed no mercy as he pushed his long erection deep into her rectum.

"Take it mum you fucking cunt," he grunted, ramming in to the hilt, "You whore, you anal-slut... take your son's big dick in your fucking arse."

"God son that's good," wailed Wendy, "Aaaah, yeah! I love it. I love it when you fuck mummy's arse roughly! Ram it up me, fuck my arse hard you motherfucker, treat me like the son-fucking anal-addict slut I am motherfucker!"

"You got it mum," Brett grinned, "Your motherfucking son is gonna fuck your shitter. I want you to fucking cum whilst I fuck your arse to set an example to these little whores around us on how to take a cock anally. Uuuh, you're so fucking tight mum even after all the times dad and me have buggered you, you fucking anal-slut."

The youth began slamming his cock in and out of his mum's rectum, Wendy in utter ecstasy. She banged her bum back onto Brett's dick, her tits swinging beneath her. She spluttered obscene cries of lust, urging Brett to fuck her harder. The boy did so, building up a sweat as he catered to his slutty mother's insatiable desire for incestuous buggery.

Next to them, Dan was fucking Grace faster. He was sweeping his pole to and fro in the pre-teen girl's tight anus, Grace and Krystal still slurping at each other's twats.

On the sofa, Henry was fucking Tiffany harder, slamming into her cunt whilst he snaked his tongue down her throat. Tiffany began to climax but couldn't say much as her lips were sealed to Henry's. Her young body bucked and tensed under the hard fucking it was receiving, pleasure buzzing from her speared young twat.

For ten-minutes the seven of them humped in their respective little groups.

Dan began to climax first. He slammed his prick harder and faster into Grace's shitter and began to fire his sperm. Grace was climaxing at that time too, grinding her cunt into Krystal's face. Krystal lapped up the pre-teen juices that ran out of Grace's cunt whilst pushing her own quivering snatch into Grace's face.

"Aaah, fuck I'm cumming," Dan groaned, holding Grace's skinny shoulders as he drove his cock one last time into her rectum. He buried his shaft to the hilt and pumped his sticky cum far into her bowels. Grace's bowels were bathed in sperm and her climax was prolonged as she felt Dan's cock pump her full off jizz whilst Krystal's tongue worked it's way into her cunt. Krystal climaxed a moment later, Grace slurping up the juices from that teenager's cunt. At that point Krystal took her mouth from Grace's cunt and sucked on her father's balls which were just above her face. Dan eventually eased his cum-leaking, soiled cock out of Grace's arsehole. He dipped his dick into Krystal's mouth and she sucked Grace's arse-juices off her father's cock. When Dan moved back, exhausted, Krystal strained her neck to lick the jism leaking out of Grace's yawning arsehole.

Brett began to climax at that point too.

"I'm cumming up your arse mum," he cried, his sperm beginning to boil up, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Your arse fucking tight...uuuuh!"

"Cum in me motherfucker," panted Wendy, "That's so good, mummy likes it when you cum in her shitter. Oh yeah! FUCK!"

"Up your fucking arse mum you slut, you fucking horny cunt...uuuhh, in your fucking arse," Brett grunted as he shoved his cock to the hilt in his mother's rectum and ejected a dozen hefty spurts of thick, creamy sperm. He hunched over his mother, out of breath, as his cock leaked the last of his jism into her spunk-filled colon. He withdrew from his mother's anus, his prick slimy with spit, cum and shit, and he sat back. As she usually did after a hard bum-fucking from either her husband or son, Wendy turned round to suck clean the cock that had just been up her shit-chute.

"Lick it mum," Brett urged her, stroking her short blonde hair, "Suck your son's dick clean you horny, dirty fucking cunt. You beautiful fucking slut. Suck my motherfucking cock clean of shit you bitch. Mmmm."

Wendy moaned inwardly with joy whilst she frigged her cunt as she deep-throated Brett's semi-hard dick. She had a strong orgasm, both at the sordid act she was partaking in as well as the foul invectives Brett was heaping upon her. There was nothing she liked more than being reminded that she was a son-fucking incestuous slut.

Finally, it was Henry's turn to blow his load. He took his mouth from Tiffany's and cried out with lust as he slammed his cock into the pre-teen girl's cunt.

"Cum in me Henry," Tiffany urged him, "Right in my twat."

"I am honey," Henry panted, fucking harder and faster as his climax began, "Oh yeah...oh fuck! Oh fuck that's so good! UUUUUUUUHHHGH!" He emptied his nuts into Tiffany's womb, his cock pumping out thick gobs of jism. It felt so good to be fucking a ten year old girl in front of her parents, knowing his own little girl had just been arse-fucked by Tiffany's father. Henry finished climaxing and dismounted Tiffany, kissing the girl and stroking her hair lovingly.

Dan was sitting back on the floor, Krystal and Grace slurping on his prick and quickly bringing it back to full stiffness. Henry's cock was erect - not to mention sparkling clean - thanks to his mother's oral attentions. And just stroking Tiffany's nubile young body gave Henry a big boner too.

"Time for more fucking!" he announced, getting up off the sofa.

"Yeah," Krystal agreed, "My arse is itching for a fuck. I need a good hard dick up my arse. Care to do the honors Henry?"

"I sure would!"

Tiffany got off the sofa to make way for her sister. Krystal knelt on the edge of the sofa, facing backwards, gripping the backrest. She thrust out her bum and Henry stood behind her, his big erection wobling menacingly between Krystal's buttocks.

"Penetrate me dry," Krystal begged, "I like to feel like I'm being split in half!"

Henry grinned and pushed his prick-head to Krystal's anus. His cock was fairly slick with cum and cunt-juice anyway, so after a bit of pressure it began to slip up into Krystal's arse.

"Ooooh, yeah," the teen cried, "Fuck it my arse. Right up my shitter. Nnnng!"

"It's going up honey," Henry panted, working his way into the girl's rectum, "Oh fuck...oh yeah, your arse is so tight Krystal. Fuck! I've wanted to give you a good arse-fucking for so long!" With a final thrust he'd rammed his entire eight-inches into the girl's rectal passage. They both groaned with pleasure, Henry waiting for Krystal's sphincter to get used to his girth before he began to slide out then push back into her. He buggered Krystal with long sweeping strokes of his prick.

"That looks fun," Tiffany said, getting on the sofa and adopting the same position as Krystal, gripping the arm-rest and thrusting her cute arse out, "Want to give me a good bum-fucking Brett?"

Her brother smiled and stepped forwards. His cock was slippery with his mum's spit so he didn't take long in easing into Tiffany's tight pre-teen shitter. He drove into her to the hilt.

"Uuuuh, fuck," Brett moaned, "So tight and hot! Just like mum's arse. Fuck...oh Tiffany, I'm gonna fuck your little arse so fuckin' hard you slut."

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my bum!"

The youth began to fuck his kid sister up the arse steadily, looking over at Henry and exchanging grins as Henry in turn sodomized Brett's other sister. Krystal and Tiffany were lost in ecstasy as big hard erections pounded into their tight assholes.

"Let me get acquainted with your cunt Grace," Wendy said to the child, "That little hairless cunt looks so sweet!"

Grace lay back and smiled wickedly as she flung her legs apart.

"Come and lick it Wendy," she said to her best-friend's mum, "Lick my cunt!"

Wendy got on her hands and knees between Grace's legs and started slurping on her cunt, greedily eating out her pre-teen snatch. She slid her tongue in and out of that tight moist passage.

Dan got behind Wendy, stroking his cock as he admired his wife's upturned tail, her hairless cunt slick with juice and her anus yawning open and leaking Brett's sperm.

"I'll fuck you Wendy whilst you eat out that little slut's cunt," Dan said, and he pushed his cock deep into Wendy's cunt from behind. He held his wife's hips and began fucking her cunt deeply whilst looking over her shoulder, watching as Wendy slurped on Grace's cunt. Grace was moaning with pleasure, her eyes tight shut as she held Wendy's head in her small hands, grinding her crotch into the woman's mouth. Wendy slurped up the girl's juices whilst her husband's enormous tool slammed deep into her cunt.

"Mmm, lick me Wendy," Grace was panting, "Oh eat cunt so well! Must be a lot of practise with those slutty daughters of yours!" She giggled and glanced over at the sofa, where her father was energetically buggering Krystal. Next to them Brett was busy fucking Tiffany up the arsehole.

"Wendy is what you girls should aspire to," Dan explained as he fucked the woman in question doggie-style, "She's a total fucking slut. She loves taking my cock in her cunt, arse and mouth, and she loves taking her son's cock in those three holes too. She loves being cummed and pissed on and she loves sucking spunk out of girl's assholes and pussies. Wendy loves eating out cunts - her daughter's or otherwise. She's a total fucking nympho cunt and she's damn fucking happy for it!"

"I wanna be like mum when I grow up," Tiffany excitedly said, echoeing the sentiments of her sister and Grace.

The seven of them were once again lost in their own pleasures as they fucked in the living room. Krystal had a loud and powerful climax, her anus spasming round Henry's thrusting cock. Tiffany came next as Brett sodomized her. Wendy and Grace also climaxed together.

The boys, however, were all still stiff when they began to slide out of the arses and pussies of the girls. They stroked their pricks as they thought up new combinations.

"I want a double-fucking," Krystal declared, "Henry? Dad? Care to give me one?"

"Sure," Henry said, "I'll fuck your cunt this time, your father can have your arse."

Henry lay on the floor and held his cock upright. Krystal knelt astride him and impaled her tight twat onto his long member, taking it in to the hilt.

"Oh Henry, your dick feels so good in my cunt," she sighed, "It's going to feel even better when my daddy fucks his big dick in my shitter. I just love taking two cocks at once!"

She leaned forwards and exposed her gaping arsehole for her father. Dan got behind Krystal and eased his tool into her crapper. She was loose thanks to being anally-fucked by Henry on the sofa and her dad's prick was soon lodged fully in her rectum.

"Uuuh, yeah, I'm so proud of you honey," Dan grunted as he began thrusting his prick up and down in Krystal's rectum, "My slutty daughter, able to take two big dicks at once! Oh fuck, oh yeah!"

Henry began thrusting his cock up into Krystal's twat, timing his actions with Dan's. Krystal was soon moaning with joy as her cunt and arsehole were ravished.

"Three lovely ladies, all to myself," Brett smirked as Grace, Tiffany and Wendy's eyed up his cock, "I think I'll fuck you up the arse Grace. I haven't sampled that hole yet. Mum? Why don't you spread your legs in front of Grace and she can return the cunt-licking you've just given her. Tiffany? Squat over mum's face so she can lick your cunt."

The girls got into the appropriate position. Grace was on her hands and knees, cute bum high in the air. Wendy lay down in front of the child, legs apart, and Grace eagerly began lapping at the woman's moist slit. Tiffany squatted over her mum, lowering herself so her cunt and arsehole were readily accessable to her mother's tongue. With Grace licking her cunt, Wendy ate out Tiffany's twat, the child above her moaning with pleasure.

Brett admired the scene for a moment then got behind Grace. He slowly worked his tool up into her shitter, savouring the tightness of the nine year old girl's arsehole. Grace squirmed with pleasure, moaning into Wendy's twat.

"Oh fuck, so good and tight," Brett grunted, "Just like Tiffany's arse!" He began sodomizing Grace slowly, but his lust began to overtake him after a few minutes and he began shafting Grace's arse harder. He rammed his pole deep into the child's rectum, seeing that Grace was more than able to take the hard fucking thanks to the repeated anal-invasions from her father's cock. Brett had to remember that whilst he and his parents and sisters had been fucking for just over two months, Grace had been fucking her father for over a year! It showed too. Grace was actually bucking her little arse back onto Brett's thrusting cock, eager to feel his dick as far in her shit-canal as possible.

Brett sodomized the child for a while, working up a sweat as he did so. He pounded Grace's tight arse, watching the girl lick out his mum who in turn snaked her tongue alternately up Tiffany's cunt and arsehole.

"I'm cumming," Brett shortly announced, his climax taking him by surprise, "Oh fuck....oh yeah...fuck! Oh Grace, I'm cumming in your arse honey, yeah!" He slammed his cock into the girl's shitter to the hilt and blasted her full of semen. The boy's eyes fluttered as he was overtaken by his powerful climax, his prick spewing a seemingly endless amount of jism into Grace's bowels. The girl was shaking with pleasure but still slurping at Wendy's cunt, and at that moment Tiffany was climaxing as her mother sucked her cunt from below.

"Mum, I'm cumming too," she cried, squatting over Wendy's face, "Lick me...lick my cunt mum...oh fuck, that's good! You eat cunt so well mum...uuuh!"

Brett fired one last squirt of jism into Grace's arsehole and he finally stopped thrusting. He felt exhausted and waited for a moment before sliding his cock out of Grace's cum-leaking arse. Wendy and Tiffany wasted no time in hurrying behind Grace and licking her arse, sucking out Brett's cum.

"I'm cumming dad," Krystal was shouting in the meantime, "Oh me! FUCK! Oh yeah, fuck my slutty holes!"

Henry was ramming his cock deep into Krystal's twat from below, watching the teenager buck and writhe in ecstasy on top of him. Dan was holding Krystal's waist as he slammed his cock into his daughter's rectum.

"Daddy's firing his load up your arse Krystal," he announced through gritted teeth, "Yeah...take it Krystal...up your arse...up your arse you motherfucking slut. Oh fuck...oh fuck!" His orgasm was a powerful one, his prick exploding a supernova of sperm in his daughter's guts. Krystal's arse tightened round her father's pumping prick as she rode out her own climax. Her cunt muscles spasmed too and it triggered Henry's orgasm.

"Fuck yeah," he announced simply as he shot his load deep into Krystal's cunt. Feeling two cocks explode in her young body at the same time helped prolong Krystal's orgasm even more! She almost fainted, resting her head on Henry's chest as the man's cock spurted the last of his seed into her womb. Her father meanwhile slowed down his thrusting, finishing emptying his nuts up her arse.

Finally, the trio pulled apart, all slippery with sweat, leaking and dripping with bodily fluids.

"What a fucking family," Henry smiled, stroking Krystal's hair.

"What a father and daughter team," laughed Wendy, still helping Tiffany lick out Grace's sperm-oozing anus.


After a rest and some lunch, the seven incestuous individuals threw themselves back into a wild, wanton orgy. Dan came first, firing his sperm up Krystal's cunt. His son Brett enjoyed shooting his hot cum all over Grace's pretty face whilst Henry gave Wendy a sticky facial. The girls had a big foursome together, using dildos, fingers and tongues on each other. Wendy at one point had Tiffany fist her cunt, Grace fist her arse, all the while Krystal pissed all over face and tits. The rampant mother climaxed repeatedly under such treatment. The guys got back into the action again, bringing things to a close by triple-fucking Wendy. Dan shot his load into her quim whilst Brett came in her arse, Wendy receiving her husband and son's loads whilst she drank down the sperm Henry pumped down her throat as he roughly fucked her mouth.

They all took turns showering before they dressed and elected to take a break. Henry suggested a bit of swapping for the upcoming evening and everyone agreed.

Henry, it was decided, would take Krystal and Tiffany home with him.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Dan would take Brett and Grace to their bed. Plenty more exciting combinations were suggested (with Krystal greedily suggesting she go to bed with all three guys, having three big cocks to herself!) but these would have to wait for another night.


If Henry had been happy the last twelve-months having his daughter to fuck, he was even happier now with Grace's friends to frolick with - ten year old Tiffany and thirteen year old Krystal.

It was eight o'clock in the evening, round at Henry's house. Thirty-one year old Henry sat up on his bed, casually stroking his eight-inch erection as he watched the sister's strip each other. Giggling happily, Tiffany and Krystal put on a little show for their host, taking turns in removing an item of clothing from each other. Socks first, then tops and then jeans. Tiffany stood whilst Krystal knelt down and pulled the younger girl's panties off, Tiffany stepping out of them. She then offered the same pantie-removal service to Krystal, leaving both totally nude.

"Come onto the bed sweethearts," Henry smiled.

The sisters did so. Krystal reached Henry's cock first, gripping the base of it and placing her mouth over the crown. She began sucking deeply, savoring the taste of that erect meat. Tiffany shuffled up towards the head of the bed, leaning down and placing her lips to Henry's. She kissed her handsome friend's father lustily, their tongues sliding into each other's throats as they moaned with pleasure. Henry reached up between the child's legs and tickled her bald twat, making her squirm. Then he pushed two fingers into her slit, working them up slowly until the were lodged in to the knuckle. Tiffany took her lips from Henry's.

"Oh God, that's nice," she panted, "Mmmm...finger me Henry! Finger my horny little cunt! Oh yeah! I like that. Finger me well so I'll be all ready for your big fat cock which my whoring sister is slurping!"

Krystal deep-throated Henry for a moment longer then moved aside, holding the cock upright.

"Hop aboard sis," she smiled to Tiffany, "Come and impale your cunt on this fine dick."

Henry took his fingers out of Tiffany's twat and the girl moved down to get astride him. She lowered herself slowly, taking Henry's cock-head into her slit.

"Mmmm, nice," she purred. Krystal let go of Henry's cock and watched as her sister moved down lower and lower. Soon enough, Henry's erection was rammed right up into Tiffany's cunt.

"You're so tight honey," Henry said, reaching up to stroke Tiffany's flat chest, "Your cunt is just as tight as Grace's! Yeah! Start riding me you lovely little slut! Ride my cock like you ride your daddy's and brother's."

Tiffany giggled then began to moved up and down, Henry's dick sliding up and down in her tight quim. Krystal sucked on one of her forefingers then reached out, placing the tip of the slick finger to Tiffany's anus. She pushed it in, slowly, eventually working it up the girl's rectum to the knuckle.

"Do you like that sis?" asked Krystal, "Do you like my finger up your arsehole you little whore?"

"I do, yeah," Tiffany panted, bouncing on Henry's cock, "It's good! Oh fuck...stick it right up me, right up my arse. It feels so good especially with Henry's cock up my cunt."

"You beautiful pair of little sluts," Henry laughed, thrusting his cock up to meet Tiffany, ramming his cock-head far into her pre-teen womb, "Fuck! Yeah! You might wear me out the pair of you!"

"I'm sure you've got a lot of energy!" Krystal laughed, still fingering her kid-sister's anus.

"I'll do my best!" Henry smiled.

Tiffany was riding Henry's cock faster now, bouncing up high and dropping down, groaning with childish pleasure. She shortly began climaxing.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," she wailed, "UUUUH! YEAH! Fuck my cunt Henry, ram your big willie up me! Oh! Oh! Krystal, finger my arsehole, ram it right up my arse. OH! AAH!"

She slumped forwards, exhausted, Krystal slipping her finger out of Tiffany's arse and sucking on the soiled digit. After getting her breath back, Tiffany dismounted Henry, the man's big dick sliding out of her tight cunt with a 'pop'.

"My go," Krystal grinned, wasting no time in mounting Henry. She impaled her shaved wet twat onto his prick, taking him in to the hilt, and she began riding him steadily. Henry was panting with lust once again, placing his hands over Krystal's budding titties as he raised his arse off the bed, fucking his cock into her cunt.

"Oh fuck, yeah, that's so good," Henry grunted, "You ride me like a real fuckin' pro! Fuck! Oh God, your cunt is so tight, just as tight as your slutty sister's!"

"Your dick feels so good in my cunt!" Krystal insisted, bouncing away, "I love being fucked, I just love it so much!"

Tiffany was kneeling up nearby. She fingered her cunt and leaned in to kiss Krystal hard on the mouth. Then she leaned down and snogged Henry, sticking her tongue down his throat and drinking up his moans of lust as he fucked Krystal.

"I'm cumming," Krystal began crying, "Oh fuck...oh yeah...uuuh! Henry! Fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck me! Fuck! Oh yeah! Fuckin' Christ I'm cumming so hard!"

Tiffany took her mouth from Henry's and resumed snogging Krystal, kissing her sister throughout the older girl's climax. Krystal took a few moments to regain her composure once her climax had finally died down. She took a deep breath, leaned forwards to kiss Henry, then climbed off him. Her inner-thighs were slick with the cunt-juice that had ran out of her well-fucked cunt. The three of them were already slippery with sweat.

"Lay down Tiffany," Henry said, "I'm going to fuck your cunt hard again, this time with me on top."

"Ram it up my cunt Henry!" grinned Tiffany, laying on her back on the bed, legs apart, "Fuck me! Fuck my little cunt like you fuck your daughter's!"

Henry mounted the girl, easing his long pole into her tight cunt. Once he was sunk in to the root he began to shaft her deeply, slamming his cock up into her. Krystal stroked Henry's back, admiring his athletically slim body and watching her little sister tense with pleasure under the good hard fucking she was getting.

Henry slid his cock out of Tiffany five-minutes later, still unspent. He gazed lustfully at Krystal who grinned and lay on her back. She parted her legs and in no time at all Henry was atop her, easing his cock into her cunt. He fucked Krystal in the missionary-position, ramming hard into her and making the girl climax after a few minutes. Henry eventually dismounted Krystal.

"I haven't shot my load yet," he said, stroking his throbbing erection, "But I'm pretty close. How about I give you fucking sluts a facial!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Tiffany giggled, excitedly, "A facial! Do us both! You can spurt your cum all over both our faces."

"Right away girls," Henry said, "Kneel up, I'll hose you fucking cunts down with my sperm!"

He stood up on the bed, the two sisters kneeling up shoulder-to-shoulder in front of him. They licked their lips at the sight of Henry's thick erection which he pumped in his fist.

"It's almost here," he warned the kids, "Yeah...I'm gonna totally coat you fucking underage sluts in cum...uuuh...not long...fuck! FUCK! Here it is motherfuckers...AAAH!"

He jerked off furiously as his sperm began to blast out. Hot, thick, sticky wads of his fuck-cream coated both Tiffany and Krystal, Henry moving his cock from side to side to give the sisters an equal amount of slimy sperm.

"Fucking hell, that's so sweet seeing you fucking sluts covered in cum," he panted after his spunk had finally stopped blasting out, "Oh fucking sweet! You obviously love it too, I can tell."

"We do," Krystal confirmed, "We love being slathered in this gooey stuff, it's so fucking hot."

"I think we look pretty covered in jism," Tiffany giggled. Like her sister she had an unbelievable amount of thicky cream running down her face.

"You look pretty regardless," Henry laughed. He sat down, spent from his orgasm, watching as Tiffany and Krystal turned to each other and began kissing hotly. They rubbed the sperm into each other's faces, licking each other clean. They just couldn't drink enough semen!

Henry jerked off as he watched the two young whores suck and lick the jizz off each other. By the time they were mostly cleaned up, Henry's cock was hard once again. Tiffany and Krystal fell to sucking his prick, lovingly bathing it in their tongues, moving down to suck his balls too.

"Let's fuck some more," Krystal said after a moment, "I love being fucked because I'm suck a nympho whore, just like my fucking mother, who at this time is down the road probably getting fuck by my dad or brother and Grace too!"

"Let's sixty-nine," Tiffany said to her sister, "We can suck each other's twats whilst Henry fucks one of us up the arse."

"You go on top then sis," Krystal replied, "Henry? Would you care to fuck my cunting whore of a baby sister up her shit-box whilst her and me lick each other out?"

"I sure would you little cunt," grinned Henry, masturbating his long erection, "Get into positions my pretty sluts. I'll give your arsehole a good licking before I bugger you Tiffany, not just to lube you up but also because I love licking little girl's assholes. I lick Grace's arsehole a lot, sometimes for half-an-hour, before I ram my cock up her shitter."

Krystal lay on her back, legs apart, and Tiffany got on top of her, the other way round. Tiffany's cunt was pushed into her sister's face and Krystal began slurping at the bald quim lowered down onto her face. Tiffany began licking Krystal's slit, working her tonge up there. Henry finally got down and licked Tiffany's arsehole so that the pre-teen slut had both holes licked at the same time. For a full five-minutes Henry ate out her arsehole, pushing his tongue in and out of her sphincter once it had began to relax and loosen.

His cock throbbing erectly, Henry then knelt up and pressed his cock-head to Tiffany's anus and pushed. The girl tensed on top of her sister as her anus was invaded, but it was otherwise a simple operation. Henry eased forwards, sliding in all the way to the hilt inside the girl's tight bottom.

"Oh fuck, you've got such a nipping arsehole Tiffany," Henry cried as he began fucking her shitter deeply, "Yeah, yeah...oh fuck that's good. I'm gonna fuck your little arse so hard!"

"Fuck it deep and hard," Tiffany said, raising her mouth from Krystal's cunt and looking over her shoulder, "I want your cock to plow deep into my arsehole, I want to feel you far inside me. Fuck me, fuck me with that big cock."

She got back to eating out her sister's cunt. Henry held Tiffany's hips as he began sliding his prick to and fro in her arse. He fucked her at a fairly slow pace but he put a lot of strength into it, driving his dick deep into the child's shit-chute.

Krystal was busy sucking on Tiffany's twat from below and she had a good close-up view of Henry's cock ramming repeatedly into her sister's anus. Henry's balls were in her face too and sometimes she took her mouth from Tiffany's cunt to lick the man's nuts. Henry loved this attention, hunched over Tiffany and sodomizing her hard.

"Take your dick out of Tiff's arse," Krystal shortly said, "I want to suck you off Henry, I'll clean your nice big fucking cock then you can ram it back up my sister's fucking arse."

Henry did so, sliding his cock from Tiffany's clutching anus until it popped out. He angled it down and fed it into Krystal's willing mouth. The girl sucked him deeply, moaning as she slurped her sister's arse-juices from the man's dick. After a minute, she took her mouth away and watched Henry ease his erection back into Tiffany's arsehole. He buggered her once again, Krystal resuming licking at Tiffany's cunt.

"I love fucking little girls up the arse," he murmered, "So fucking hot! And I just love it when the girl loves it! You're just like my sweet Grace, Tiffany - a total pre-teen slut, a fucking whore who loves big cocks up her arsehole."

Tiffany was loving these compliments and she tightened her arsehole round the shaft of Henry's cock whilst she dug her tongue into Krystal's wet cunt. The trio humped in a compact mass of sweaty flesh for fifteen-minutes before Henry tired a little. He slid his pole out of Tiffany's arsehole, his prick throbbing erectly, not far off blowing his nuts.

"Let's switch over," Tiffany said to Krystal. Her sister agreed.

The girls moved apart then got back into a sixty-nine, this time with Tiffany below and Krystal on top. They licked out each other's pussies once more.

"Mmmm...another arse to lick and fuck," grinned Henry, bending down and slurping at Krystal's hairless pink arsehole. He pushed his tongue in and out of her rectum whilst just below Tiffany wriggled her tongue up the girl's cunt. Krystal gave muffled groans of pleasure as she slurped between Tiffany's thighs.

Henry shortly knelt up and eased his erection into Krystal's anus. He worked his way up her until he was lodged to the hilt. Feeling his climax not far off he began to fuck Krystal's arse hard and fast, quickly building up pace.

"I won't last long," he grunted, "I'll soon fire my cum up your fucking arse Krystal! Uuuh. God! Yeah!"

He shafted the teenager's shitter, Krystal shortly hitting a climax of her own. She groaned with lust into Tiffany's slit, feeling her younger sister's tongue slurp at her cunt whilst Henry's thick cock slammed repeatedly into the depths of her rectum.

"Uuuh, fuck," Henry began crying, "I'm cumming! Aaaah, fucking teenage slut...your tight, aaaah! FUCK!"

He thrust in and out of her rectum as his cock began blasting out thick wads of sticky semen. The slimy walls of Krystal's tight anal-channel were hosed down with slimy jism, the girl's anus tightening orgasmically round the stiff shaft of the prick that was filling her with juice. Tiffany ensured she licked Krystal's cunt out deeply to compliment the anal-fucking her big sister was getting.

Henry let out a final sigh, grinning joyfully as he finished cumming in Krystal's bum. He popped his cock out her arsehole and sat back. Tiffany and Krystal moved apart, cunt-juice slathered over their lips, and they hurried over to Henry and began licking and sucking his soiled, limp prick.


Down the road, at Wendy and Dan's house, the couple were nude in their bedroom with their sixteen year old son Brett and nine year old Grace.

Grace lay on her back on the bed, a pillow under her little bum to raise her hips off the bed. Her legs were flung apart and kneeling between them was Brett, his cock buried in the youngster's tight cunt. He was gently fucking her, running his long erection back and forth in her slit. Grace was smiling up at the youth, enjoying being fucked.

Wendy was bent over the bed, feet on the floor, hands on the mattress. Her arse was thrust out and standing behind her was Dan, gripping Wendy's hips and fucking her cunt from behind. He was roughly slamming his cock into Wendy's twat, both of them able to watch their son cunt-fuck the pre-teen girl on the bed.

"Fuck her harder Brett," Dan was saying as he sodomized his wife, "That little slut can take it."

"I sure can," Grace grinned, "Harder Brett, harder! Shaft my cunt like you do with your mum and sisters!"

"Okay you horny little cunt," Brett declared, and he held Grace's hips and began slamming his prick harder into her cunt. "I'm gonna fuck you hard Grace you beautiful pre-teen slut. I'm going to fuck your cunt with my big cock and make you squeal like you do when your daddy fucks you! Uuuh. Oh fuck you're so tight Grace, yeah! Oh yeah!"

He rammed his cock repeatedly into Grace's snatch, making the girl squirm and gasp with delight.

"Fuck me just as hard Dan," Wendy begged her husband, "Ram that big nine-incher up my twat whilst we watch our son fucking Grace!"

"I will fuck you hard Wendy you fucking slut," Dan promised, increasing the pace of his thrusting, "I'll fuck your cunt and get you all hot and horny, and then our motherfucking son will fuck you and I'll fuck Grace."

He slammed his pole into Wendy's twat from behind, making the woman's legs shake as she was wracked with physical joy from her fucking. Brett was banging Grace's twat hard now.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me," Grace panted, the words sounding strange in her sweet little-girl voice, "Oh yeah, I love being fucked. I love it! I love big dicks in my cunt and arsehole! Mmmm. Oh yeah, fuck me!"

"What a fucking slut," Brett grinned, humping hard, "You're just like Tiffany, and mum and Krystal! A total fucking slut! Yeah, yeah...take it Grace you fucking little cunt. Take my big cock up your fucking twat you father-fucking whore!"

"I'm cumming, aaaah!" Grace cried, her body squirming as she was hit by a bolt of pleasure that shot up through her penetrated cunt. Her whole body was hit with the orgasmic thrill and she locked her legs round Brett's waist as if to help keep him there. Brett drilled Grace's twat with his cock but refrained from shooting his load.

Likewise, Dan was still unspent when he shortly slid his long cock out of Wendy's cunt. Wendy had enjoyed her fucking from her husband but she was now eyeing up her son's glistening, throbbing erection and wanting to take it one of her holes.

"I want to suck your cock son," she declared, "Come and fuck mummy's face! Fuck my mouth roughly like it's a cunt or an arsehole you motherfucker. Treat me like the cunting slut of a mother I am motherfucker."

"I sure will mum!" Brett smiled, getting off the bed, "I have no choice but to treat you like a fucking slut because that's what you are. You're not content with having dad fuck your cunt, you want to suck your son's fucking dick too and then, no doubt, take it in your fucking cunt or your fucking arse. So come on mum, get on your knees you fucking cocksucker so your son can fuck your fucking face."

Wendy licked her sensuous red lips and knelt on the bedroom floor by the bed. She opened her mouth and watched lustfully as Brett strolled over to her with his big club of a dick wobbling out in front of him. Brett knew his slut mother was in the mood for a bit of roughness so he grabbed her head in his hands and shoved his prick into her mouth. Wendy gagged as the slick erection was jammed into her throat but she naturally felt a real thrill of pleasure at being used like this. Brett began to fuck his mother's mouth, sliding his dick to and fro in her lips, Wendy giving muffled moans of pleasure, fingering her slick cunt with glistening fingers.

"Take it mum," grunted Brett, "You fucking cocksucker. You fucking cunt, suck my cock mum. Yeah! Oh yeah! That's so good...I love you mum you fucking cocksucker, I just love fucking all your holes cunt. Uuuh. Fuck!"

Dan, meanwhile, had got onto the bed and lain on his back.

"Climb aboard Grace," he smiled to the girl. Grace grinned and got astride Dan, impaling her tight cunt onto Dan's large dick.

"Oooh, that's so good," she purred, "I love having your cock in me Dan! Mmmm! Just as nice as having my dad's or Brett's!"

"Ride me honey, ride my big dick good and hard you slutty minx!"

Grace giggled then leaned forwards to place her small hands on Dan's chest. She raised her hips, lifting her twat halfway off Dan's cock before sinking back down again. She repeated this, looking down and watching her cunt alternately expell then swallow up Dan's large tool.

"Your daddy must be so proud of you being able to take such big cocks at the age of nine," Dan commented, "Mmmm. You're so tight you young slut, even though your daddy has been fucking you for over a year."

"Your dick feels so nice in me Dan, mmm. Oh yeah! I love being fucked so much! Uuuh!"

On the floor meanwhile, Brett was roughly fucking his mother's face still. Long, oozing drips of saliva were hanging from Wendy's chin. Brett, still with his mother's head clamped in his hands, was thoughtful enough to pull his big cock out of Wendy's mouth occasionally to let her get a gulp of breath, then he'd shove his cock back into her mouth and fuck her roughly. Wendy had climaxed twice already, working three fingers up her cunt and getting off on being treated like a whore by her little boy (although he was obviously far from little!)

Brett eventually stepped back, stroking his erection.

"Turn around mum," he said, "On your knees and elbows! I'm gonna fuck you, you fucking cunt. I'm sure you know which hole I'm gonna use too."

"My arse," grinned Wendy, adopting the position, on all fours with her bum thrust out, "You know how much I like taking your big cock in my shitter! Come on you motherfucker, stop standing there stroking your prick and ram it up mummy's fucking arsehole."

Brett knelt behind his mother and placed his cock - dripping with saliva - to his mother's hairless pink anus. He roughly shoved the head in then held his mother's hips and, with two hard thrusts, buried his shaft fully in her gripping rectum.

"Aaah, God, that's so fucking good," Wendy moaned, "Fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Brett, honey, fuck mummy's arse just as hard as you fucked my mouth you big-dicked fucking motherfucker. Fuck me like the cunting slut I am!"

"I fucking will mum," Brett promised, "I'll fuck your shitter whilst dad fucks that little slut on the bed! Take it mum, up your fucking arse you cunt! Take your motherfucking son's cock in your arse bitch."

He began sodomizing his beautiful naked mother on the floor with hard and fast strokes of his cock, pounding her shitter with his erection.

"I love it when you fuck my arse," Wendy was purring like a mantra, "I love it, I love it so much Brett you horny motherfucker. Fuck my arsehole! Nnnng. Oh God that's so good! By fucking Christ I love being sodomized by my own son! Shit! Fuck yeah!"

"Wendy sure is a fucking slut," Grace casually commented as she rode Dan's cock. Naturally, Wendy, Dan and Brett all laughed out loud about this!

"She sure fucking is," Dan sniggered, thrusting his prick up to meet Grace, ramming his tool deep into her tight twat.

Dan was beginning to approaching his climax. He held Grace's hips and pulled her down onto his prick whilst slamming up into her. He gritted his teeth as he fucked the little girl on top of him, Grace sensing Dan's approaching climax and bouncing harder on his cock.

"Uuuuh, fuck!" Dan blurted out, his cock exploding semen into Grace, "I'm fucking cumming! Aaah, fuck...what a cum."

His body tensed with the strength of his climax. He pulled Grace down onto his erection and blasted his sperm far into her tight twat, filling her womb with his juice. Grace was shaking with pleasure too, a strong orgasm taking her by surprise as she felt Dan's prick pump sperm into her.

"Oooh Dan, fuck me," she wailed, "I'm cumming too! Fill me with cum...uuuh!"

Dan let out a long sigh as he finished shooting into the girl. Grace collapsed on top of him, her head resting on his upper chest. She breathed hard, tired out from her hard fucking. Dan was exhausted too and he lay there, recovering, his leaking semi-hard dick still buried in Grace's snatch.

Brett was hitting his stride too. He rammed his prick hard into his mother's rectum repeatedly, his sperm beginning to boil up.

"Aaah fuck!" he cried, "Here it is mum, into your fucking's my cum bitch! AAAH! FUCK!"

He sperm blasted out of his cock, Wendy tightening her arsehole round Brett's throbbing shaft as he came deep into her bowels.

"Fill my arse with cum motherfucker," she sighed, "Mmmm...oh fuck! That's so good Brett, I love getting my guts creamed by your jism motherfucker."

"I love fucking your arse mum," Brett sighed, lovingly, his cock spurting out the last wads of sticky spunk into Wendy's bowels. He got his breath back before withdrawing, sitting on the floor. As always, Wendy turned round and spent a moment lapping the soiled, semi-limp cock that had just been up her bum.

"Could I suck the sperm out your arse Wendy?" Grace asked, very politely, as she dismounted Dan, "Tiffany and me did that yesterday with my dad! It was fun."

"Sure honey," Wendy smiled, "Lay back on the bed. I'll squat over you and you can suck Brett's nice sperm out my bum."

Grace lay down and Wendy hopped onto the bed, standing over the little blond girl's head. She lowered herself until she was squatting, her anus hovering over Grace's lips. The child sealed her lips to the woman's arsehole and began slurping, slipping her tongue into the dilated orifice and pulled boy-cum from there. It tasted slightly shitty but Grace didn't care, it wasn't much different to sucking her father's prick after it had been up her arse, something she liked to do a lot. Wendy moaned with delight as Grace felched her son's jizz out her arsehole. Wendy also was thoughtful enough to reach forwards and finger Grace's sperm-leaking cunt.

Brett and Dan stood at the side of the bed, watching the horny display, their cocks soon raising up once more, their erections saluting the woman and child engaging in such sordid activities on the bed before them.

"How about some doubl-penetration Grace?" Dan said to the girl once his wife had dismounted her, "You haven't tried that yet have you?"

"Okay, let's do it," Grace said, "Yeah! A cock in my cunt and one in my arse."

"Do you want to go first mum?" Brett asked Wendy, "We'll fuck your cunt and arse to demonstrate it to Grace, then you can move aside and we'll give Grace the same treatments."

"Sounds good to me," Wendy said.

"Which hole do you want son?" asked Dan, "Your mother is clearly eager to get going and have our cocks in her slutty body."

"Well," Brett pondered, "I've fucked mum's arse quite a few times today, and though I'd be more than happy to fuck her arse yet again, I don't think I should monopolize that hole. So, I'll fuck mum's cunt and you can fuck the dirty slut's shitter."

"Agreed," Dan smiled, "Come on Grace, off the bed. Brett and me are going to fuck Wendy at the same time, then you'll get your chance."

Grace got up and dragged a small stool from the dressing table over. She placed it next to the bed and sat there, grinning with anticipation, ready to watch the show.

Brett lay on his back and his mother swiftly mounted him, taking his cock in her twat. Then she leaned forwards and Dan, who'd been greasing his prick up with KY-Jelly, got behind her and entered her arse.

"Fuck yeah, that is so good," Wendy moaned, Brett and Dan's prick now buried in her cunt and arsehole, "There's nothing better! Uuuuuh. Holy fucking shit! Fuck me you two! Uh! Fuck!"

Brett held his mother's hips as he began thrusting upwards, driving his cock deep into her hot cunt. Dan meanwhile leaned forwards and held Wendy's shoulders, driving his prick in and out of his wife's rectum. The two guys were soon establishing a good rythm, pumping their tools in Wendy and making her buck and squirm with ecsatasy. Grace watched whilst fingering her cunt, looking forward to having her turn being double-fucked.

"Come and join us on the bed," Wendy shortly said to Grace, "Come and stand in front of me so I can eat out your little pre-teen cunt."

Grace didn't hesistate in doing so. She climbed onto the bed then stood in front of Wendy. The lusty mother began licking greedily at Grace's slit, slurping deeply on it, tasting her husband's cum that was leaking out.

"Mmmm, that's good Wendy," purred Grace, running her hands through the woman's hair, "Lick my cunt! Yeah! You eat cunt well you slut."

Dan grinned as he listened to Grace, all the while ramming his hard cock deep into Wendy's arsehole. Brett was fucking Wendy's cunt from below whilst he looked straight up with a good view of his mum licking out Grace.

Wendy shortly began to climax, a powerful orgasm that wracked her naked sweaty body. Her son's cock was driving up into her quivering snatch whilst her husband's drilled her shit-chute. She gave a long series of muffled groans as she drove her tongue up into Grace's cunt, the girl rubbing her crotch into Wendy's face.

Soon it was time for Grace's turn. Dan eased his cock out of Wendy's arsehole and his wife dismounted Brett. She was exhausted and lay on her back at the side of the bed, looking over and watching Grace begin to get into position.

"This might be a little discomforting," Brett warned the girl, "taking two cocks at once for the first time, especially as you're so small."

"I'm sure I can handle it," Grace insisted, "I've taken cocks in my cunt and arsehole loads of times so it shouldn't be too difficult to have them both fucked at the same time." She got astride Brett and impaled her snatch onto his prick. She lowered herself until the boy's dong was buried right in her cunt to the root.

"Stick your dick up my bum," Grace giggled, leaning forwards and looking over her shoulder at Dan.

"Here it comes ya little whore," Dan smirked, getting behind Grace. He placed his cock-head to the nine year old girl's anus and began to push. His erection was still slick with KY-Jelly and after a moment the head popped up into Grace's anus. Dan held the chld's shoulders and slowly but steadily pushed his way into her arse, his cock sliding up into her.

"Almost there," he panted, "Almost...nnng! So tight....fuck! Yeah, it's there!" His prick was wedged to the hilt in Grace's shitter, the girl's anus gripping the base of his cock.

"Oh wow, that is so good," Grace moaned, "Holy shit! Two dicks in me at once! Mmmm!"

"Yeah, what a little slut," Brett smiled, giving Grace a kiss, "Dad and me are gonna fuck your cunt and arse and make you cum you horny slut." He began thrusting upwards, driving his pole into the pre-teen's womb. His father was building up a steady thrusting pace too, working his cock up and down in her bum.

Grace was in heaven, squirming delightfully as her holes were pounded by the big cocks, her slender pre-teen body hit by waves of pleasure. Wendy had recovered and was kneeling up on the side of the bed, fingering her wet cunt.

"Come here Wendy," Grace said to her, "I'll lick your cunt whilst your son and husband fuck me. I want to return the favour! I'll lick out your cunt."

"You're such a thoughtful little slut," smiled Wendy, standing up. She got into position, her feet either side of Brett's head as she stood before Grace. The girl fell to slurping on Wendy's shaved cunt, slurping at the moist slit and running her tongue into her womb. Wendy moaned with pleasure, running her hands through Grace's long blond hair as her snatch was expertly slurped. Brett and Dan were fucking Grace faster now, pounding her tight holes with their pricks.

Grace was climaxing within just a few minutes. She pulled her face from Wendy's cunt, her face slick with cunt-juice as she wailed "I'm cumming, aaah! Fuck me, fuck my holes! Oh God that is so good, yeah! Oh yeah!" She resumed sucking Wendy's cunt whilst moaning inwardly with joy, Brett's dick drilling her cunt, Dan's drilling her arse.

Five-minutes later Dan slipped his throbbing erection out of Grace's anus.

"I feel like giving Grace a creaming," he declared, "I wanna sperm up all over the horny young slut's face. Do you fancy that Grace?"

"I sure do," the girl grinned, dismounting Brett, "I love a good facial!"

"Son?" said Wendy to Brett, "Why don't you cream Grace too?"

"Don't you want a facial mum?"

"Normally I wouldn't turn one down, but I fancy seeing you and your dad both ejaculate all over Grace. Totally drench the slut in sperm."

Grace loved this idea. She lay down on her back and Dan knelt astride her chest. He jacked off with both hands, pumping his long pole with his cock-head angled down into Grace's pretty little face.

"Uuuuh, I'm cumming," he cried soon enough, "Fuck! Yeah, drink it up Grace you slut! AAAH!"

His sperm began erupting forth, thick wads pasting over Grace's cheeks, lips and chin. She opened her mouth to catch and swallow some jism but a huge amount of it still ended up over her skin.

"Move over dad, I'm about to cum now," Brett said a moment later. Dan moved off from Grace, his son now taking his place kneeling astride the girl's slender chest.

"Time to give you even more jism," Brett smiled to Grace.

"Spurt it all over me motherfucker," the girl giggled, "I want to bathe in it!"

Brett jerked off, pumping his cock with his fist. Soon enough the geyser began! He blasted Grace with sperm, adding to his father's cum that was already slathered and dripping over the child's face. Once again, Grace swallowed a reasonable amount of the salty fluid. Brett finally dismounted Grace, out of breath, the little girl sitting up and grinning with cum running obscenely down her pretty face. Big gobs of it were hanging from her chin, dripping down onto her belly.

"You look so pretty," Wendy smiled, leaning in and kissing Grace. Then she began licking her face clean, slurping up all the cum and swallowing it, sometimes kissing Grace to share the delicious creamy liquid.

Brett and Dan watched, tired out but both knowing that - with the introduction of Grace and her father Henry - the incestuous orgies they enjoyed would only get better!


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