Her is another slice of my young sex life. If you enjoy let me know. There is so mcuh more to tell ab out my cousin Ali and I.
My cousin Ali was a goddess when I was 10 and she was 16. She lived on the other side of town. She was tall blonde, and had a cheerleader’s body with a tight ass and tities that were firm and pointed straight out from her tight, tanned body. She avoided me like the plague during the school year, but when our mothers wanted to go shopping she would pick me up on her bike and we would put the swim towels in the basket and she would let me ride on the bar right next to her the five blocks to the public pool.

I loved the feeling of nuzzling next to Ali and feel her firm titties nudge my shoulder as she rode in silence to the pool. Ali never wore a bra and I would sometimes press my shoulder against her perfect round tits. I would smile when her nipples got stiff and poked out from her tank top.

This time I was so excited when I got to the pool because all the way there Ali had been pushing her boobs into my arm and back it felt amazing, I loved it but I couldn't wait to see her take her clothes off to change. The pool had change lockers and Ali and I always crowded into one. They were small so I got amazing looks at Ali's hot body and I liked showing her mine, though I didn't have any tities though my nipples were growing. But I knew I had a hot little ass and when I undressed I made sure I turned to Ali and bent over so my ass was touching her bare thigh. I noticed that she stopped taking off her shorts and gave my ass a swat.

"Watch where you are putting that thing!" she said as if annoyed, but when I turned around she was grinning and like checking out my little cunny. She pushed down her shorts and panties in one and then stood up looking for her bikini, giving me a good look at her pussy, it was shaved.

My mouth must have dropped open because Ali said, "What are you looking at, have you never seen a shaved pussy before." I was kind of in shock so all I could do is shake my head.

Ali didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to put on her bikini. She saw the look on my face and laughed. She sat on the bench and said, "Okay little cousin, let's compare." She slapped her thigh and I sat on her lab straddling her knee facing her.

"You see my pussy looks just like yours, no hair. I have thin pussy lips but not as thin as yours. Do you want to see what my pussy looks like inside?"

By this point my heart was in my throat and I croaked out, "Uh-huh!"

Ali slowly reached down her hand with long fingers tipped with pink flower nails and she parted her outer lips to reveal her pink pussy flesh. I could virtually feel my pussy twitch against Ali's thigh.

"Hey I bet you have never seen a pussy of an older girl have you?" asked Ali with a mischievous grin on her face.

I could feel my cheeks flush and my mouth go dry. I shook my head.

"Well, you are going to know sooner or later so I might as well show you now," Ali hissed in a quiet voice, "This is how we big girls have fun," with that Ali brought three fingers to her mouth buried them letting her tongue coat them with her saliva.

I couldn't believe my eyes as Ali looked at me, her eyes narrowing as she guided the wet fingers to her shaved slit and moved them up and down paying special attention to her button-like clit. I knew what a clit was of course but the way she circled it and then pinched it with her slick fingers made my little cunt wet. I couldn't help , myself, I began grinding my bare little cunt on the soft firm skin of Ali's thigh. I could feel the dampness of my lips tracing up and down her thigh.

"Oh fuck yeah little cousin, grind on me like that you hot little bitch. Fuck, your little body has turned me on all summer; fuck I've wanted to see you like this your little nipples jutting out like that.

Ali leaned over and took one of my sensitive nipples between her full lips, sucking it, her tongue lashing over the tip again and again. I wanted to moan but I knew there were women and girls in the booths next to ours so I bit my lips to stifle the sound.

I loved Ali's tongue as it licked its way to my other nipple I leaned over and began grinding down harder on my cousin’s thigh so that my clit made contact with the firm tanned roundness of her leg. I looked down to see three of Ali's fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. I reached over and squeezed one of her perfect tits, letting my finger and forefinger close on her stiff nipple. Ali nibbled lightly on my nipple and in reaction I twisted the nipple in my fingers. Ali groaned lightly with pleasure.

Thank god the sound of a crying child outside our booth which drowned out both of our moans. Ali removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her hard nipples she coated it with her own juices and hissed, “Taste my juice on my tities little cous." I was on it in a flash letting my tongue swirl around her sensitive nipples and tasting the creamy taste of her cunt. .

Ali groaned again as I was virtually riding her thigh as if it were a horse jerking my hips up and back feely my juices coat her thigh. "Oh fuck this is so hot" said Ali as her fingers were now flashing back and forth over her clit, and I could see her tummy tightened as I began to nibble down on her nipple and twist the other so hard I knew it would hurt. I wanted to help my cousin over the top and it worked. Ali’s legs jerked up nearly throwing me to the floor as her whole body shook and rocked with an amazing climax. I could see cum, creamy and thick running down from her engorged cunt and dripping to the tile floor .

Ali cupped the juices in her palm and fed them to me tilting her had so her cum would drip into my mouth. It tasted amazing, the whole scene was too much. I hadn't cum but I wanted to so badly I began to cry. Ali kissed my mouth and said "Hush little cous, hush, baby girl, hush."

Ali got to the floor and set me on the bench, spreading my legs and fitting them over her shoulders. Almost immediately Ali's tongue was deep in my tight little cunt hole. I had never felt anything like it in my life. It was alive and lapping and twisting deeper into me.

Thankfully the commotion with the child persisted as I whimpered with each movement of my cousin's tongue inside my pussy. Just as suddenly as Ali's tongue was inside me it was now lapping its way over my small stiff clit swirling and flicking and driving me crazy while her slender thumb was making circles around the entrance of my young cunt.

Her eyes looked up at me and they were smiling. As her mouth sucked the top half of my cunt into her mouth, her thumb slowly and steadily made twisted into my tight pussy. I was breathing hard and whimpering from the absolute pleasure Ali was giving me. Before I knew what was happening I felt an electric shock drive from my cunt to my toes and back up my spine. I was cumming like I never had before in my young life! I rammed my wet cunt against Ali’s face and thumb which set me off again, my cum sliding out from around Ali's thumb and onto the tile floor. Every muscle in my body tensed and trampled as I could feel Ali's teeth make contact with my clit. Her hand quickly covered my mouth as I groaned long and hard.

It was a long time before I was able to regain my composure. We decided that we didn't really want to swim but since her mom wasn't home we could have a shower together at her house. That was the beginning of a long summer of discoveries.

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