this is a story about me and my 2yr old neice that happened when she was only 1 1/2 yr's old when i stayed at her mom and dad's house one weekend.

it was a friday evening and i had gotten a phone call from my brother asking me if i wanted to come up to their house for the weekend to hang out wich was nothing out of the ordinary cus i spent alot of time up their hanging out with him and his finace and my neice who i adored and she adored me when i came up their to visit she was alway's hanging onto me and cried when i left wich alway's left me heartbroken cus we were alway's close to eachother.
After i got up their and we had hung out for a majority of the nite my brother and his fiance decided to go take a shower and asked me to keep an eye on my neice so i agreed but thinking of my brother's fiance being naked just on the other side of the wall from where i was at got me really hard and horny and the only thing that i could do so i thought was to have a quick jacking off session in the room.So i stood up and pulled my cock out and start stroking my self when i looked down and noticed that my neice was standing their with her big brown eye's watching my hand stroke my eight inch cock only about two feet from where she was at in her pack and play.Pretty soon i couldn't help and walked over to the edge of the pack and play and started stroking my cock while talking to my neice and after awhile she got curious and tried to reach and touch my cock with her small hand but her hand was to small and couldn't so i took her other hand and wrapped them both around my cock and and pretty soon i didn't even have to help her stroke my cock anymore she started doing it all by herself.

After awhile i said fuck it and took her out of the pack and play and layed her on her mom and dad's bed where i kneeled over her and continued to jack off until i was ready to cum but i decided i wanted to shoot my hot load of jizz down my neices throat so i made her sit up and told her to open her mouth and with her being young she complied and happily opened her mouth and i stuck as much of my cock in her mouth and continued to stroke it at the same time and she thought it was great cus she thought she was sucking on a lolly pop and pretty soon i shot probably six squirts of cum down her throat and she tried to gag and pull away but i put my hand on the back of her head and forced her to swallow my cum as it shot down her throat.

now i knew that her parent's usually took long shower's so i knew i had awhile to do what i wanted to with my neice so next thing i knew i was pulling down her pant's and taking off her diaper setting it up to make it look like i was changing her if i heard the shower shut off and had to put my cock back in my pant's quickly after i had her naked from the waste down i stared down at her small petite pussy of course she didn't have any pubic hair yet but either way i was looking at a very beautiful bald pussy that i couldn't wait to get my hand's or my tongue into and eventually my cock. so after staring at her pussy for about ten min's i knelt down and started to lick her from what would be her clit al the way down to her young brown rose bud of a buitthole making her giggle when my tongue would run over her rosebud and back up eventually sticking my tongue between the fold's of her virgin pussy and poking the tip of it in as far as i dared making her squirm and giggle even more after a little bit more of probing and proding i pushed my finger up into her little rose bud of a butthole and wilggled it around finger fucking my neice's virgin asshole all the while eating out her baby bald pussy all the while her parent's were in the shower only two feet fhrough a wall from where her parent's were what i know they were fucking cus ik damm well that's why they asked me to keep and eye on their daughter cus they alway's did when they asked me to watch her while they took a shower but i bet

but before i could do what i really wanted to do to her i heard the shower water shut off and my brother and his fiance laughing and talking as they were getting out of the shower wich put an end to my exploit's of my baby neice so i stood up and put my cock back in my pant's and acted like i was changing my neice when her mom and dad walked back into the bedroom and said oh she had an accident and i said yep so i took what they thought was wet diaper and wrapped it up like normal and put it out in the garbage and went about a normal day not even showing an incling of what i had been doing while they were in the shower and they never suspected a thing that weekend but i also never got to do anything more then that with her cus i never go anymore alone time with her long enough to try anything but there is alway's the next weekend i go up there but that is for another time and anther story.

p.s. comment's are welcome gud or bad it don't matter to me if u want another chapter pls leave gud comment's and i will continue with what happened the next time i was up there to visit my brother

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2015-07-29 04:33:14
Another chapter

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2012-09-16 14:41:23
It's funny how all these people read this story and want to bitch about it but don't have the balls to say who they are. If you don't like it don't fucking read it. I'm sure there are people out there that don't like what you read or what you write so live and let live its just a story move on its not the end of your fucking life.

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2012-09-09 02:38:54
Made me cum really hard I like the story but a fucking bab at least make your niece at least ten or whatever it would have been nice but you did find in this one

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2012-07-29 18:09:26
my uncle did it to me over a long weekend when i was lil

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2012-05-11 10:57:14
Some ages are just way too young keep the minimum
at 10

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