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Mike has fun in school.
Note: All characters in this work of fiction were created by me. They don’t exist in reality. Please give feedback, and thanks for the positive rating on Michael Stromen 2. And as always, I do not plagiarize, so do not accuse me of this crime. Also, Aya was introduced in the first story. Don’t worry about her. Olivia was a character in part 1 also, and you should read a little aboue her before reading this. Enjoy.

“Hey, Greg, can you do me a favor and wake Michael up?”

“Yeah, Mrs. Hamilton, I’ll take care of it.” They didn’t tell me how he acted when he reached over to grab my arm. You know, like laughing or annoyed. All they told me was that he shook me after reaching over to my desk, and then he put his hand on my left shoulder. Then they told me I shot up from my sleep and shouted “What an ass!”

Of course, I was too tired to remember what I did in Algebra. I remember sitting down a bit, and then fade to black.

Me fucking my little sis the night before had a big effect on my consciousness that day. I had about 1 hour of sleep, because all I could think about was fucking her again, or how much sex we could have in the future, and on top of that all, I was exhausted from fucking two girls and cumming like 6 times. I didn’t think that was possible.

So here I was, in the principal’s office for “swearing,” when I didn’t even know what the fuck I said in the first place.

So I wait for like ten minutes and the secretary, Jenny, speaks. “Hey, are you Michael Stromen?”

Oh man, the secretary was the hottest faculty in the building. She was a few inches taller than my sister and in her early or mid-thirties. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and the greatest rack I’d seen in my life. She was at least a 38DD, and always wore slightly revealing clothes. Her ass was flat enough to be mistaken for her back, but who cares when you’re tits are like that?

I can remember her wearing a white shirt that day, one that stopped short at the far side of each tit. If you looked at the right angle, you could see the side of her tits, and because she usually wore see-through shirts, you could see the general shape, a lot of the tit, and the nipple – well, the nipple on lucky days. A few of my funny friends called her “Madame Cleavage.”

But anyway, I got up and walked to her, and when I got to her office desk, I stopped.

“Yeah, what is it, sec?”

“Um, I’m sorry. Sec?”

“Well, you know, like secretary, but just shorter.”

“Oh, oh, okay. You guys have slang for everything.” Jenny looked up at me with a smile, and her boobs bounced a little.

“Well, yeah, you know us, right?” I started it comically. “G for gangster and doc for doctor, and all that.” Jenny laughed.

“Yeah, I hear you guys say that from time-to-time. Back then, when I was a teen, people understood what we said.”

“Aw, c’mon. You make it seem like you’re 65. I’m sure you guys used slang - wait, wait,” I started making the quote symbols with my hands, “back then!”

Jenny laughed some more after that. She was a playful and happy woman, and didn’t have a problem socializing with anyone.

“Okay, okay, you win. We had our things. But god, you have me talking about slang here when I should be working.”

“I know. I’m just that kind of guy.” I started walking cool, like I was acting. “Walk in a room and the girls forget what they’re doing, you know? And then they look over at me, and they know what time it is.”
“And what time would that be?”

I wanted to say “Time to fuck!” but I wasn’t tired enough. I knew I kinda jumped the gun, so I attacked from the modest angle.

“Time to remember what we were doing before this kid showed up.”

“Oh, wow.” she said with a laugh. “You aren’t that bad, Mikey.”

You know you’re getting somewhere fast with a girl when she calls you by your nickname.

“You’re lucky I didn’t take that as an insult, because then I’d have to jump over that sec desk and punish you with my slang.” It wasn’t a great line, but it kept her in the right mood.

“Oh, yeah? Well I do have 2 balloons that’ll stop you in your tracks.” My dick started to harden at the thought of where this was going.

“Wow. Now I think you’re an angel from the heavens.”

“And why is that, Mikey?”

“I’ve never seen an adult female bring up her breasts in a conversation with a male she’s never really met.” I was confused when Jenny let out a loud laugh. At that point, you’d either report me to the principal or strip all your clothes off and fuck me.

“I wasn’t talking about my breast size, silly.” Jenny pointed at two inflated balloons next to her desk, which are barely visible when you’re looking at Jenny’s tits.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry. It’s just – they’re like, just hanging there, waiting for judgment. I mean, you can’t imagine a teenage boy like me to see past ‘em.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You’re so red right now. What else should I expect from wearing this kind of clothes?”

“It doesn’t even matter to you? Well, hell, on behalf of the male student body of this school, I would like to compliment you on having such fine breasts, or as we teens like to call ‘em, tits.”

Unexpectedly, Jenny kept laughing. “Okay, okay. Now we’re on breast size. We need to focus.” So Jenny stopped laughing eventually and handed me a blue piece of paper.

“The principal is in a meeting, right now, so here is your detention slip. You’re serving it wi-”

Jenny looked down at my white sweatpants and noticed the 8 inch boner, with its head pointing straight at her.

“O…oh… is that a joke? If it is, it really isn’t funny.”

“U…uh…no, it’s not really a joke. I’m a teenage guy, this is just natural. I mean, I’m sorry, but to be frank, your tits are… um… arousing me. I guess… I guess that’s just what happens when you have so much of them revealed.

“Yeah, I know, but you’re a high school freshmen… it shouldn’t be that long… or thick.”

“You seem to be looking at every detail.”

“Well, hell, it’s right in front of my face.

“Well, I’m making observations here and it seems like you’re a bit aroused yourself.” Jenny looked over at a mirror on her desk and saw just how much she was blushing. She then looked back at my cock, and then up at me, and stared blushing a bit more.

“Hey, just look. Every staff member working in this office is at a meeting, and there are no windows in a bunch of rooms here. I’m lookin’ at you, and to be honest, I want to do some dirty, dirty things with you. And then I see you’re at least halfway turned on at me. We have all the time in the office that we want.”

Jenny sat there speechless for several seconds, and I decided I’d need to go a bit further.

So I take the front part of my sweatpants (and boxers), and pull it down to my upper-leg. My erect cock jumped out of my pants and moved around in front of Jenny’s face.

After a few seconds, Jenny slowly began moving her face towards my dick. It was like two magnets at this point. So I slowly moved my dick closer to her face.

Eventually, the head of my firm cock hit her in her face. She kept it there for like nine seconds, and then she slowly grabbed it. She started with a finger on her left hand, and eventually took hold of it.

“It’s so big, and firm, and hard.” She then started stroking my cock.

Like always, she started slow. She was a bit nervous, and so I grabbed her left hand and pulled her off of me.

“Wait a second.” I ran to the office door and closed it. I then locked it from the inside, and ran back to her desk.

“Wait, it’s too open here.” She started nervously. “Let’s…um…go to the lounge.”

“I’m following you, babe.”

So Jenny got up and I followed her to the office lounge, and I started playing with Jenny. She walked at a slow pace, and I took this time to unbutton her shirt (from behind).

By the time we reached the lounge, she only wore a skirt and her bra.

“Now let’s get rid of this distraction.” I walked up to Jenny and started kissing her. At first, she didn’t kiss back, but she eventually wound up French kissing me. I took this opportunity to undo her bra. And so while we kissed in the lounge, I placed both hands on her back, and by ten seconds, her bra was undone and falling (like I said before, I practiced on my mom’s bras, don’t ask).

She let her bra fall to the floor, and her tits were completely exposed. I didn’t break the kiss for her tits, though. I took both my hands and started grabbing her chest aggressively. While we kissed, she would moan into my mouth.

She broke the kiss like seven minutes in. “My tits arouse you so much, right? Play with them some more.”

“Oh, I’d love to.” I threw my face into both her tits and began sucking at them wildly. I would lick both nipples fast, and suck her soft and plump tits hard. Whenever she moaned, my dick seemed to get harder.
My dick ended up hitting her leg and the oozing pre-cum found its way onto Jenny’s leg. Jenny reacted by gently pushing me off her tits and kneeling down in front of my cock.

Jenny was now in the mood for sex, and she didn’t hesitate any more. She put my 8-inch boner right into her mouth, and began to suck it.

Jenny was like a pornstar when it came to sucking. She went fast, and used her tongue to pleasure me even more. Whenever I was going to cum, she would slow down or change the rhythm of her sucking.
About five minutes in, everything got hotter. Jenny changed her body movement, and would use her whole body to thrust forward and suck my cock. Because of that, her tits would bounce back and forward with her body, and the faster she went, the more her tits would bounce.

As Jenny increased speed, she began using more saliva and spit. At one point, Jenny stopped sucking me and drenched my dick in her saliva. She then played with it for a bit, and threw it back into her mouth.
Jenny was so hot. She was topless with my 8 incher in her mouth, her tits were flying back and forth, and she was now using her right hand to unzip her skirt. Saliva fell from my cock to the floor as Jenny kept at a steady pace sucking it.

Jenny stopped the blowjob one last time. “I’m gonna take it all in. You better not cum too quickly.” Jenny smiled, and began to take my cock into her mouth.

I could feel my cock entering her throat, and could not see my dick at all. She did not gag, and kept it there for a good ten seconds before releasing my cock. She didn’t stop there – she continued to deep-throat my cock. She would keep my cock at the center of her mouth, and when she sucked me, she would quickly press her mouth down my cock and all the way to the base of my penis. She would go back and forward like a machine, and when my cock reached her throat, it would make the sexiest noise.

Three minutes into the deep-throat and I was about to cum – and, of course, we were interrupted when some asshole began banging at the office door.

“Hello! Jenny! You in there?! I need to get to my desk! Jenny!”

Jenny quickly released my cock from her mouth and started putting her clothes back on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! What did I do?” she would say this real fast.

Jenny redressed, and so did I, and we cleaned up, and we both ran to the office entrance.

So we get there, and Jenny tells me to sit in the same chair I was in before, and she puts the slip in my hand.

“I am so sorry, John!” she shouted. “I had no idea the door was locked.”

“It’s fine, Jen.”

So she put the slip in my hand, right, and she kissed me one more time. “I’m not done with yo ur cock yet. Come tomorrow, after school. We’ll finish what we started.” She then kissed me again, and ran to open to door.

We were – or at least I was – met with a decent surprise as Jenny opened the door. There was that cock block, John, and he was with a girl who looked to be my age.

She was an average-heighted blonde, with blue eyes and perky tits. She was a bombshell, and I got hard just looking at her face. She had visibly soft smooth skin. She wore tight, blue shirt, and I could see the outline of her nipple through the shirt and her bra (if she was wearing one). She also wore skinny jeans, and judging by the size of her legs, I could tell that her ass was going to be perfect.

“Yeah, Jen,” the cock-block started, “this girl here is Jamie Allison, and she needs those freshman forms. And also, before you deal with her – I need to talk to you in the lounge.”

Jen glanced at me for a second or two, and then nodded her head at Johnny “cock-block,” and then she began to leave the entrance to the lounge.

“Alright, Jamie, just wait over there and she’ll be right out.” John “cock-block” pointed towards my area, and walked off quickly behind Jenny.

So Jamie walks toward the chairs, and gets to me, and says “hi.”

I was never the kind of guy to by shy around girls. I was always horny, and the point of talking to girls at the time was to get in their pants. So yeah, I always played it cool.

“Hey… Jamie, right?

“Yeah, I’m a freshman. What’s your name?”

“I’m Mike, a freshman too.” And that’s when a bell rang in my head.

“Wait, Jamie. I remember a Jamie Allison.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. You ever been to Philly before?”

“Of course, I grew up there.”

“Really? Did you go to Baldi Middle School.”

“Yeah, I did - as a sixth grader. Then we moved to New York.”

“You got to be kidding me. You were Jamie Allison, Damian’s boyfriend?” Damian was one of those buff types who discovered that acting like a complete jerk got hotter girls.

“Oh my god, yeah, for like a month though, because he was such a jerk.”

I started laughing. “Yeah, I was just thinkin’ that. You know you were my first kiss, right?”

“Oh, yeah, you were Mike Stromen! We made out at Joe’s party, remember?”

“Yeah, spin the bottle.”

“Yeah! You were such a good kiss.” She started laughing a bit.

“Hell, and you almost blew my mind when you kissed me. You made all the other girls jealous. I mean, it was one of those kisses that made you think about the person straight for weeks.”

“You think so? I was such a beginner back then.” My dick hardened a bit when I thought about what that could have meant.

“Well, even if you were an amateur, you were good. And you were my first mouth. The first mouth is always the best mouth.”

“I could say the same thing.” And my cock stiffened.

“Was I your first?” I was actually gettin’ horny again.

“Yeah.” She said that with a chuckle.

“Well hell, if I-” I was about to move in on her, when fucking Joe “cock-block” walked back into the office entrance and cut me off.

“Hey Jamie, we need you in the back to fill some things out, okay?” Then he pointed to me. “Hey, you, go back to class, you aren’t needed here.”

If I wasn’t in my right mind, I would’ve thrown something at him. But I stayed calm, like always. He left, hoping she would follow immediately.

“Damn it. I’m not done talking to you.” I started in a comical way. “Stay here ‘till afterschool for me? I want to get to know you more than I used to.” It was a bit desperate, but she only smiled.

“Shit, I can’t. I have detention.” She said it playfully.

“Yeah, and I do too. I was going to skip it.” I said it with a smile.

“Oh, well I have it with Mr. Dalton. You can sneak into mine, maybe?” So I look down at my detention slip, and right there on the second line, it read in bold:

Detention with: MR. DALTON.

“This is insane. I have it with Mr. Dalton too. It’s like we’re meant for each other.”

“Maybe we are.” She winked again at me, smiled, and cock-block walked back into the entrance.

“Son, I said to go back to class now.” I don’t think any person could have stressed a word as much as he did the word “now.”

“Okay, I was just leaving.” I smiled, winked at Jamie, and walked out the office.

I made out with Aya during lunch. Other than that, I don’t see much of a point in describing my day. My motto should be “skip the boring shit.”

But anyway, school ends and I report to Dalton. He had a big ass lecture hall, and taught AP classes to the smart-asses. But the guy was miserable. You know what I’m talking about – old, bald spot, beer-gut, rapist glasses, old khakis, yellow teeth, bad breath, striped tie, and a blue dress shirt. I honestly believe he dedicated his life to ruining ours.

So I get into his class, and it was just me and him. “You that Stromen kid who can’t keep his mouth shut?”
“Yep,” I said it with a sigh, “that’s me.”

“Don’t give me that attitude, boy.”

“What attitude? All I did was-”

“I don’t care what you did. If I told you have an attitude, you have one and you better get rid of it. You understand me?”

“Yeah.” I sat down and watched him look at me. He would look at you and either think of what else to say to you, or he would wait for you do something wrong.

“What do you mean ‘Yeah’? Speak proper English.” It was really random, and I almost wanted to laugh at how dedicated he was at pissing me off.

“Yes, sir.” I wasn’t the kind of teen to have an attitude, and I’d rather shut him up.

So Jamie comes five minutes late.

“You must be Jamie – and your five minutes late.” I look back at her.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry. My teacher let me out late.”

“Don’t give me those excuses. If you’re late, you’re late.” He must have realized how fucked up he sounded, and so he changed his tone. “Give me the name of your teacher and your class, and if I find out you’re lying, I want you here on Saturday. And don’t you ever show up late to my detention again.”


“I’m not done yet.” He cut her off, but it was one of those sharp interruptions. “Take a seat.” So she comes down a few rows and tries to sit next to me.

“No, don’t sit there.” He musta been cock-block’s mentor. “I want you in the front row, and if you do as much as look back at him, you’ll be here on Saturday.

“I understand.” He was starting to offend her, and naturally, she was agitated. I could feel her anger.
“You better.” And so she went down to the front row, where he observed her every move.

“You know, I wouldn’t be stern with you if you weren’t such a slut.” Dalton started. “I’ve been teaching for 40 years, and I’ve never had a girl come in here for flirting with the teacher.”

Jamie was a bit shocked at the first part, but then she smiled a bit when he told the missing audience what she had done.

“Oh, you think this is funny? You know, when I look at you, I don’t see much beauty anyway. I can see why Jimmy didn’t drop his pants.”

The insult didn’t even faze her, and she kept smiling. Disappointed, Dalton took it to the next level. “So tell me exactly what you did to Jimmy that led you here. And loud.”

“I touched his cock and kissed him.” I was shocked. I mean, Jimmy was a gym teacher, and was buff and in his mid-twenties. Underwear and cloth modeling was his main profession. So yeah, I could see why girls would like him, but damn, she took that shit to the next level.


“I touched his cock and kissed him!” she said, with a little chuckle afterwards.

“And tell me, how’d you kiss him?”

“I dunno, it was a kiss.”

“Tell me exactly where you kissed him, and speak up.”

“I kissed him on the lips! And if you care that much, I grabbed his cock and jerked it off through his pants.”

“Did I ask you how you touched the man’s penis?” Like he wasn’t going to.

Fortunately for Jamie, the door opened again and Dalton eagerly watched it.

So Olivia walks in. Remember that Latina chick with the humongous ass who had flirted with me a few days earlier? I started getting hard at the thought of what would happen if Dalton left the room.

“If it isn’t Olivia. This must be the what… fifth time you’ve been here in past few weeks?”

Olivia didn’t answer him at first. Instead, she looked at me and gave me a wink, and looked at Jamie.

Jamie was compelled to turn around, and when she did, she blew a small kiss to Olivia. The two must have known each other before the detention.

“Excuse me, I’m talking to you.” Olivia looked up at him, smiled, and nodded her head.

“What did you do this time? Rob a bank?”

“You know me. Armed robbery is my thing.”

“Take a seat. And now you’re being smart with me.”

So she tried to come down and sit next to me, and of course, cock-block’s mentor told her to move to the far side of the room, away from both of us.

“And why does everyone want to sit next to Stromen? Does he kiss and jack-off teachers too?” He directed the question to Jamie, who let out a small laugh.

“No, not really.” She answered.

“He’s sexy. I like him.” Olivia said this and looked toward me. Then she blew an obvious kiss. I was compelled to at least wink at her.

“Okay, enou-”

Dalton was interrupted when the door opened for a fourth time. “Is that another brat who belongs in this detention!”

Jenny walked in and Dalton froze up. “No, not really, Dalton, and the principal wants to speak to you right now. I’m just coming in here to substitute.”

“These kids don’t need a substitute. I’ll just lock the door on my way out.”

Jenny seemed to be insulted by his comment.

“Excuse me? I’m not planning on having you lock a bunch of kids in here alone for hours. Now, please, go to the principal. It’s urgent."

Defeated and betrayed by his fellow adult, Dalton stormed out of the room and slammed the door on his way out. Jenny locked the door behind him.

Then she pointed at me. “We haven’t finished our business from earlier.” Jenny took her shirt off, and her tits were exposed. She then unzipped her skirt, and took her panties off.

So she came down toward my row, with her tits bouncing at every step, and she took a seat next to me. Then I stood up, and she slowly took my sweat pants off.

I do admit I was a bit nervous. I mean, I thought I was going to end up having sex with an audience. Things turned out differently, though.

My cock was fully erect, and when it was exposed, Jenny took it right back in her mouth. She used the same technique as before, with her tongue and all, but managed to go deeper. She was giving me deep-throat and sucking me at the same time. Her head went back and forth, and her tits followed, bouncing around in the air.

She started masturbating like 4 minutes in. She took her left hand and started rubbing her clit really fast, and she increased her sucking speed. On top of all that, she would moan onto my dick, and her whole mouth would vibrate. It was only a matter of time before I was gonna cum all over her.

Her technique was so effective that I forgot Jamie and Olivia were in the room. Of course, the two were watching, and I didn’t notice, but they were now standing together and looking on. They were so mesmerized by the blowjob that they began masturbating each other.

Jamie took her whole right hand and put it down Olivia’s pants.

“You aren’t wearing panties, Olivia.”

“I knew you would like it, babe.”

She started rubbing Olivia’s clit. Olivia returned the favor, however, and while she moaned, she put her left hand down Jamie’s pants and started rubbing her clit.

Jamie used her left hand to pull her pants down, and through Olivia’s yoga pants, you could see Jamie’s speed increase. Meanwhile, Jamie’s pussy was completely exposed, and it was being ravaged by Olivia, who had begun using two hands instead. She took her right hand and used it to finger fuck Jamie, and used her left hand to rub Jamie’s clit. Jamie began moaning louder than usual, and couldn’t focus as much on masturbating Olivia.

“Oh, it’s so good.” She would repeat it over and over again, and eventually she caught my attention.
“You two could join, you know. Free sex is the best sex.” When I said this, the two looked over at me and smiled. They looked at each other briefly after – you know, like one of those “are you sure?” kind of looks. They both smiled at each other, and walked up the stairs and into our aisle.

Jamie didn’t waste time. The second she reached me, she bent down next to Jenny, and the two started sharing my cock.

I was proud of myself that day. Well, I managed to get three girls on my cock, yeah, but I lasted a good thirty minutes with multiple chicks nude and sucking my cock. I was building self-control, and every blowjob felt better and lasted longer.

So anyway, Jamie and Jenny were on their knees sucking my cock, and Olivia stood behind them, but could reach past them and kiss me. She wrapped her hands around my back, and I did the same, but I went for her butt. Both my hands latched onto her butt, and I started squeezing and slapping it through her pants.

“You never answered my question. Do you still like it?” She broke the kiss and smiled at me after saying that.”

“Shit, I can’t stop liking it.” I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I wanted to feel her ass bare, and so I grabbed her yoga pants on both sides at her legs, and pushed them down. I then eagerly took her sexy and thick cheeks into my hands, where I started grabbing and pulling at them nude. We started French kissing afterwards.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Jenny were sharing my cock in peace. Jenny could suck on the shaft a bit, and give the balls to Jamie, where she would play with my sac using her tongue and put it in her mouth. Then they would switch, and Jamie would suck on the shaft, while Jenny played with my balls. Eventually, Olivia started to admire my cock, and so she broke off our kiss, and knelt down with Jenny and Jamie.

So Olivia came in a little behind Jenny, and would suck my cock like a professional. She was a bit slower than Jenny, but could keep my dick in her mouth without gagging for a longer time. She was a bit of a hog, because when she would deep-throat my cock, she would put a little bit of my ball-sack in her mouth.

“You’re so greedy.” Jamie and Jenny would say it every time she did that.

Olivia eventually kept Jenny quiet by rubbing her clit. She was behind Jenny, and would take her left hand and play with her pussy from behind.

So after about thirty minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. The three were sucking harder and harder as time went on, and the saliva started to build up on their faces and on the floor. Strings of saliva would roll off of my erect cock and land on the ground. Jamie and Olivia were now both playing with Jenny’s pussy (Jenny was in the middle), and her moaning caused my ejaculation.

So the first cum-shot flew onto Jenny’s face, and she jumped back surprised. The other two jumped in front of Jenny, and tried to get a good amount of cum on their faces as well.
“I’m not done using you yet.” Jenny said.

“And hell, I haven’t even fucked any of you yet.” And so the fucking started.

Jamie jolted up and went first. She got in front of me with her ass in front of my cock, and bent down. Jenny and Olivia got on either side of Jamie, and used the hands to stretch the outer layers of her vagina. “It’s all yours.” Olivia said this as my cock hit her pussy.

Jamie was a bit tighter than Olivia and Jenny, and when I penetrated her vagina with my erect cock, she let out a loud moan. I was slow at first, just like with my little sis, and the more stretched she got, the faster I went.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me!” She would say it between moans, and it just made me go faster. Eventually, I was pounding her teen pussy with my 8 inch monster.

I still wasn’t satisfied with Jamie. I wanted her to moan even louder, and so I put my right hand on her right shoulder, and started pushing her upwards. Eventually, her back was arched, and I could reach for her clit. And of course, that’s exactly what I did.

So I licked a few of my fingers on my right hand, and attacked her clit with them. By now, my coordination was excellent, and so I rubbed her clit really fast, and increased my pounding-pace. Jamie started to scream.

Jenny and Olivia, who were playing with my ball-sack, moved their attention to Jamie, and also began playing with her pussy (well, as much as they could at their angle. Olivia was able to get passed us in the large aisle, and started playing her Jamie’s clit from the front.

Jamie started screaming and moaning louder, and eventually started convulsing. She seemed a bit confused –she convulsed for like twenty seconds, and she didn’t make much noise for the duration of her orgasm.

Her orgasm ended eventually, and Jamie began looking around at her surroundings.
“Wh-what was that?” she said it real shy.

“You had your first orgasm.” Olivia smiled up at her.

“Oh my god, you’re so good, Mikey.” She said it and turned around to give me a kiss.

“And I like my first mouth.” I replied with a smile.

So Jamie got down on her knees, and Olivia went up. She got in the same position as Jamie, and I started fucking her.

She was pretty loose, actually, because my 8-inch cock was able to slide in her with little effort.

“Ay, papi.” She said it with a moan and in that hot accent, and I went wild. I fucked her ten times faster than I did Jamie. And it was so hot, because whenever I thrust my cock into her, she would block my view of her pussy completely, and her ass would bounce on my stomach.

So it was all good, and I was having the fuck of my life, and then we were all scared shitless when someone started banging on the door.

“Hey, Jenny, you in there? The principal needs you for something back in the office. Hey, Jenny?” She was too afraid to answer at first, but realized how screwed she would have been if she stayed quiet.
“Yeah, I’m in here, sorry.”

“Yeah Jenny, the detention ended twenty minutes ago.” The man said it humorously. “You’re wasting your own time.

“Oh, no, no, those three already left. I had to take care of some business alone.” And so Jenny left the key with us.

“Alright, finish when you want to, and use this to get out. And put it in my mailbox when you’re done, okay?

And Mikey, I still want you tomorrow.”

I smiled, we all nodded, and Olivia ran to get all her clothes. She dressed up, and used a tissue to clean and moisture and fluid on her. Then she unlocked the door, cracked it open, locked the door from the inside, turned the lights out, and closed the door.

If it wasn’t the spring, we wouldn’t have been able to see shit, but the sunlight coming in from the windows let us to see perfectly without the lights on.

So we continued fucking. I would thrust, and Olivia’s ass would bounce and bounce and bounce all over the place.

After ten minutes, I couldn’t take anymore, and so I quickly took my cock out of her pussy and came on her ass cheeks.

When we were done, we were drenched in sweat and were exhausted. But we knew the risks of getting caught by the janitors, and so we quickly cleaned up, left the room, and went our separate ways.

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I'm not of the USofA so don't quite understand the Freshman/Junior/Senior stuff. But I am smart enough to work out that Mickey is really too young to have entranced a 30-ish woman enough to get her to strip and initiate sex play in front of female students. Nice dream and well written, but get real dude!

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2012-04-07 10:32:46
Wow plz make more one with jenny lactating and olivia and jamie licking eachothers ass

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