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I wake up a little confused. David loses his virginity.
This is the sequel to “New Rules 1 to 5”. Read them first.

On Sunday morning I woke up very early. I was lying in our bed between two naked bodies. The last thing that I could remember was having three cocks driving into my three holes and I was building towards a huge orgasm. How did I get into bed? Who was in bed with me?

As I woke up fully I looked and found that I had Brad sleeping on one side of me and Kevin on the other side. I guessed that my husband, Fred, was in the other bedroom with Wendy and Alicia. Then I remembered that David would be arriving at 6:30. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was just after 6:00, plenty of time to take a shower and be ready for him. I slipped out of bed, being careful not to disturb Brad and Kevin.

When the front door bell rang at 6:30 I was ready to welcome David; I had showered and brushed my hair, but I had not put any clothes on.

“Hello David. Thank you for coming. Please come in.”

“Hello Mrs Br … Sally. I'm not sure why you wanted to see me?”

“Well. I'm hoping that you and I can help each other. I'm guessing that my being naked is arousing for you, even though I'm so much older than you. Is that right?”

“Yes. Of course. You're very beautiful and sexy too. But how can we do anything about that? What about Mr Brown?”

“David. Fred and I have an open marriage. So that you can understand that, I want to tell you what happened here last night after you left. However what I will tell you has to be in confidence. Can you promise not to tell anyone else about what I'm about to say?”

“Yeah! Sure! I promise.”

“Our guests arrived soon after you left. As soon as they arrived they stripped off their clothes and we all sat down to the dinner that you had delivered. We were three couples: my husband and me, my sister and her boy friend who at present are both living here with us, and my boss and his wife who arrived soon after you left.

“After dinner we drew lots and my boss's wife went first. Lying on top of my husband on a mattress on the living room floor she soon had three cocks in her three holes, one each in her cunt, her arsehole and her mouth. My sister and I watched while she was fucked for 10 or 15 minutes before she came first then the three men each pumped a load of cum into her.

“After a break to get the men aroused again my sister went next and finally I was the last one to be fucked with all three cocks. I think I must have fainted because I remember my orgasm building to something wonderful. The next thing that I knew was that I woke up this morning in bed with two naked men, neither of them my husband. I can only assume that my husband slept in the other bedroom with the other two women. I have no idea if there was any more fucking after I fainted.

“I see a bulge in your shorts. I hope that that means that you are excited by my story so far, rather than shocked. I realise that it's not the sort of story that you might have expected.”

“My god, yes. That's awesome. But I don't see how that could involve me.”

“To put it bluntly, I want you to fuck me, here, now. Would you like that?”

“Of course I would like to fuck you BUT what if Mr Brown found out, or worse still what if he walked in on us. Wouldn't he be furious? I don't want him as an enemy.”

“He'll certainly find out because I will tell him about it afterwards. If he does walk in on us I expect that he will stay and watch, although he might find a way to share me with you. What I'm trying to tell you is that ours is now an open marriage, which means that he can fuck anyone that he wants and so can I. Really the only rule is that we have to tell each other about our extra-marital fucks. So will you please take your clothes off and come over here?”

“Don't you two love each other any more?”

“Yes. More than ever since we agreed to each having multiple fuck buddies. You have to believe me that Fred will not be upset with you, or me, if you fuck me. On the other hand you have to realise that when you fuck me it will just be sex, for fun, not love.”

“My mum chucked my dad out when she found out that he was cheating on her. She said that he didn't love her if he cheated on her. Why is it different for you and Mr Brown.”

“We are not cheating on each other because Fred and I do not lie to each other. We tell each other, in some detail, about the other people that we fuck. It all started when he was leaving for America and I was upset about going without for the month that he would be away. He told me to get myself a lover because he would be using escort agencies all across America. While he was away he told me about all his escorts and I told him about all my adventures when we talked on Skype nearly every day. He got really excited when I told him about taking multiple lovers simultaneously. That's why our party last night involved three couples. He's really into group sex now.”

Then I stepped over to him and started taking off his T-shirt. I was pleased when he lifted his arms above his head to help me. Then I slipped his shorts and underpants down his legs to his ankles and he stepped out of them. His stiff cock, bouncing in front of him, told me that he really wanted me.

“David, I don't think that you will last very long the first time, so I'm going to give you a blow job first. You're going to cum in my mouth and I'm going to swallow your cum. After that we can do some serious fucking. Is that OK with you?”

“Shit yes! I've only ever fucked my right hand so far.”

So I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. I explored the underside with my tongue while I jacked his shaft with my hand. I had just started sucking and taking him a bit deeper in my mouth when I felt his cock pulsing as he fed me his first load of the day. I intended to have his next load in my cunt and possibly after that in my arsehole. I stood and opened my mouth to show him that it was full of his cum, then swallowed and showed him that it was now empty. His grin told me that he was happy about our encounter so far.

Suddenly David stepped back away from me. “Er … er … hello Mr Brown. Sally, er Mrs Brown said that it was all right if ...”

“Hello David. Sally was quite right, and please call me Fred. Everyone who fucks my wife gets to call me Fred.”

“Uh! OK Fred.”

I decided to take the initiative. “David. How would you like to fuck my cunt while Fred fucks my arsehole? Would you be up for that? It's very exciting having two cocks in me at the same time and all the men who have fucked me like that seemed to like it too.”

“Wow! That's pretty weird!”

“Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much. Will you do it with us? Please?”

“Are you OK with that, Mr Br … I mean Fred?”

“I'm more than OK with it, David. I would really like it if you and I fuck Sally together. However if it's too weird for you, you go ahead and fuck Sally on your own. I hope that you wont mind if I stay and watch. Perhaps next time we can give her the DP that she craves?”


“Double penetration. Two cocks fucking one woman.”

“Please David. Humour me. You can fuck me on your own, some other time when Fred's not here. Right now I want a DP with you and my husband. Your erect cock suggests to me that you're not against the idea.”

“Do you really mean that I can fuck you again.”

“Yes, of course. It wouldn't be fair to fuck you once then cast you aside. Besides I want to offer you the job of cleaning our pool. We'll pay you the going rate, but, as well, you'll be expected to fuck me when you have finished. You might get to fuck my sister sometimes too. How does all that sound?”

“Cool. I really need money, but I also really need to fuck someone. So how do we do this DP thing?”

I organised David lying on his back with his cock pointed at the sky, then I lowered my body over his, lining my pussy up with his pole. Once he was deep inside me Fred, who had found the lube that we had been using last night, pushed lube into my arsehole with his fingers, then, probably lubed his cock before pushing into my bum.

“Oh! I feel so full with your two cocks in me. I love that feeling. Are you OK, David?”

“Oh my god! I've never imagined anything like this. I'm more than OK.”

Each time, as Fred pushed into my bum, I pushed back against him and off David. Then as he pulled out I dropped down onto David and David lifted his lower body up to meet me. The three of us fucked like this for a few minutes, grunting with each thrust, until I felt David pumping his cum into my cunt. Through the thin membrane separating their two cocks, Fred must have felt David's cock pulsing, because before David had finished, Fred was unloading into my bowel. I was so excited by the whole situation that my orgasm swept through me as I convulsed uncontrollably.

I collapsed on top of David, caressing him with my hands to express my pleasure and gratitude. Fred pulled out of me and lay beside us, running his hand over my back and down to my bum. Which he squeezed affectionately. Remarkably David stayed inside me.

“David! You're still hard! I guess that that is the advantage of being so young.”

I rolled to the side away from Fred, so that David ended up on top of me with his dick still in my cunt.

“You can fuck me again now if you like, but you'll have to do most of the work. I'm fucked.”

So David proceeded to pound in and out of me with all the energy that only a teenager could summon. This time he lasted much longer and after some minutes I felt a wonderful orgasm sweep through my body and my cunt muscles clamping on David's cock, which responded by pumping another load of his cum into my cunt. This time he shrank and slipped out of me. My cunt was leaking his cum down into my bum crack.

“Wow! David! I look forward to the next time that we fuck. That was awesome.”

David lay beside me grinning happily.

“Shit. I bet that I'm looking forward to next time even more than you are. You're the only person that I've ever fucked.”

After that Wendy came in and announced that breakfast was ready so we all gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. I introduced David as our neighbour and pool cleaner and occasional lover to Wendy and Brad and Alicia and Kevin. I was pleased that David did not seem to be embarrassed about everyone being naked. The others confirmed that I had fainted the previous night when my orgasm hit me, as I suspected.

After breakfast, Alicia and Kevin showered, dressed and left, while Fred and I took David out to the pool and explained how we wanted him to clean the pool etc. We agreed that he would come on Saturday mornings at about 7:00 am. We told him that we expected it would only take him about an hour to finish.

“Oh! By the way, David. We have a strict rule that anyone in or around the pool must be naked.” my husband told him, “That goes for the pool cleaner too.”

“OK. I'll respect your rules. In fact I like your rules, especially the ones about who can fuck whom.”

We gave David a key, so that he could get to the pool through the house and then he dressed and went home.

To be continued in “New Rules 7”

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