A story about the first time
The most special things in life are firsts. You can never have more than one first of one type, and therefore you must make your firsts memorable.

I remember the first time that I ever had sex. While there are many other times, the first time will always be remembered better than all the others. The other just aren’t as special as the first time.

My parents had been very strict all my life; they didn’t even tell me about sex. So I heard many rumors from my friends, and eventually learned about it from my teachers.

Of course, my parents also employed other measures to prevent me from having sex or having any sort of sexual encounter. They prohibited dating, and even went as far as warning me not to have sex. Which, of course, made my first time even more special, as it was something that I had always yearned for.

It was a clear, cool fall day. School was starting back up, and it was time for me to return to see my friends again. I had pretty much gone through a long period without seeing them because of my parent’s ways. So it was almost nice to go back to school.

The first thing that I always take notice of, being the horny bastard that I am, is the new girls in the class and the classes around me. Since I go to a private school, there are only about 100 kids per class, and with 4 classes (9th through 12th) in the high school, there are about 200 girls. While some of them are very unattractive, there are also some raving beauties about.

The first new addition to the classes whom I notice is a shorter brunette with a perfect face; she has green eyes, straight hair, and a perfect body; her breasts are just the right size for her body: not too big and not too small, and her ass is round, and again, not huge, but not really tiny either. And her voice is soft, yet commanding, playing a melody, which cannot be ignored.

Since she was new, there weren’t too many people talking to her; there were a few introductions, but no real conversations. In one of the lulls, I worked up the courage to try to get to know her. Not knowing how to really introduce myself, I managed an introduction which came out all to fast: “Hithere whatsyourname.” She turned around, said “Jennifer, but all my friends call me Jen.” Feeling a bit better about that introduction, we started talking, about our parents, our lives, etc. And luckily for me, her parents were also very restrictive of her.

We eventually became very good friends, talking to one another quite often, almost every night. I managed to keep my cool so far, and had not let her catch me looking at her yet.

She came to me for advice, and comfort; at first, I was good friend, whom she could consult with her problems. There were several athletes who wanted her, asking her out, trying to impress her, etc. but she turned them down or eventually broke up with them. And after each one, she would come and consult me.

I became that person that she could depend on, that person whom she would always turn to; it was more than just a friendship now. Nobody understood her better than I did because I had had some of the same problems that she had. I knew most of her secrets; the one that turned me on the most though, was that she was still a virgin. That she was saving it for someone special, and like any other guy, I was hoping it would be me.

During my senior year, I was lucky enough to get the same free period as her. Many times we would work on homework together. That fateful day, however, our free period fell at the end of the day. Since we both had younger siblings in sports, we weren’t getting picked up for a couple hours after school.

At the start of that free period, we were talking about what the other sex liked. She had told me that she liked men who were gentle with her, but could be strong, even brutal, if needed. I had told her that most guys pick their women on their body; what they looked like, and as long as the girl wasn’t a complete bitch, they would stay with her, hoping for sex.

We were in a secluded part of the library; nobody ever came to this section to look for books. It was more of a place to have a conversation without being overheard, or to go farther. It was the perfect setting.

She looked up, her soft green eyes staring into mine, boring an image that I can never forget into my mind. Slowly, our faces moved closer and closer together, our mouths finally meeting after what seemed to be an eternity of waiting. By this time, we had both learned about the birds and the bees several times, and seen movies, so we weren’t completely in the dark about the subject. We kissed, and it was unlike any other kiss that I had ever experienced. It was passionate, and it meant everything. I doubt that she had ever kissed a guy this way before, although I will never know.

We kissed for quite a while, hands feeling the other person. But to be caught in the library having sex would be quite a problem for both of us, considering what our parents and what the school would do if we got caught. Being cautious was more important then getting laid, so we decided it was best to find a different spot to commence.

I had gone to the school for a long time, so I knew it quite well. There was an old locker room that was unused, and was the perfect spot. Since it was the place of my first time, I remember it perfectly: it had a white, short carpet for a floor, wooden benches, with blue lockers. Why the floor was carpeted was beyond me, but it was very comfortable to lie on.

As soon as I closed and locked the door, we were all over each other, kissing and groping. My left had rubbed her back, as my right slid down her pants, feeling light, trimmed hair, as my hand went lower. She was feeling my chest, and stomach, moving downward, taking her time. All of this, of course, was going on as our lips were locked together. When she broke off from the kiss, it was to let out a moan of pleasure, as I rubbed her clit with my fingers. She managed to pry her hands off of me long enough to pull off her shirt, revealing a white bra. My left hand immediately moved to them, feeling the soft, yet firm form of her magnificent breasts.

She then pulled my shirt over my head, and this time I pried my hands away from her long enough to get the shirt off. Deciding this was the time to completely undress, we both stripped of clothing. The first thing I did when I was finished was to take a step back and admire her body. She was perfect, absolutely perfect. As soon as she finished undressing, she looked at my penis, amused to see it rise of its own accord, slowly getting harder and harder and more upright.

She smiled, and stepped close to me, grabbing my cock in her smooth hands, rubbing it gently, as I bent over slightly to suckle her breast while groping her most private place. My tongue went in circles around her now hard nipple, as I slowly slid one finger up her wet, virgin pussy. It was heaven. It was tight. “That’s the first thing I’ve ever had in there,” she said with a gasp. “Ooo…that feels good. Don’t stop…just like that…mmm…” Knowing that she had never even played with herself, up to this point, made me jerk my penis in her tender hands.

I slowly worked my middle finger in there, giving her pleasure, while at the same time, stretching her out. I pulled out my finger so I could insert two, then three, until her pussy was stretched enough to receive me without hurting her. She slowly sunk to the floor, still moaning. When I removed the three fingers, now dripping in love juice, she looked up at me. I took hold of my cock, and slowly slid it into her, and earnestly began to fuck her.

Her pussy had been stretched some, but not enough to fully accommodate me. So I slowly pushed in and out of the warmth, letting her abundant pussy juice be the lubricant, allowing me to push farther and farther into her depths. Nothing I had experienced so far could compare to this fullness that I now felt.

As I started to fuck her, missionary, she was very vocal in that soft voice of hers, telling me to continue, and fuck her harder. I had to try my hardest to prevent myself from cumming, to prolong this as much as possible. Her hands were roaming my body, feeling the muscles that I had worked so hard to build and sustain. My hands were by her sides, supporting me, as my loins bucked. The sensations were titanic, just as the motions we both were making. I pulled out, and flipped her over. That feeling of removing myself from that wholeness before I had completed what I had started made us want to be together even more. She turned over as fast as she could, and I inserted myself once again.

By now, any discomfort that she had felt before from being penetrated for the first time had vanished. She was now fully enjoying it, her hips and entire body moving to the rhythm of creation. My loins slapped her ass, as I sought to delve deeper and deeper into her, and she pushing against my hips. At first my thrusts were shallow, but they developed into long deep ones, although moving faster. As we both neared climax, the feeling was supreme; no masturbation could surpass this. I could hear her and only her voice. “Oh god, Oh God, OH GOD, I’m gonna cum. Harder, HARDER, it’s ok, I just had my period, HARDER!” And then like a wave finally cresting after it’s long journey over the sea, over both what is known and unknown, a feeling that surpassed all other feeling broke over us. Into her churning belly I sought to pour, unload as much of my seed into her as possible. And when it was finally over, I collapsed on top of her, breathless, thrilled, and exhausted. She turned her head and kissed me, as passionately as ever.

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2010-05-14 02:55:42
A good story but short on detail. What about her underwear; was she wearing panties or a thong and what colour was it did it match the bra. Did she scream and bleed on penetration??


2007-02-15 14:45:23
Very nice but too short more detail like how big a load you shot into her cunt did you keep on fucking


2007-01-31 15:10:15


2006-11-09 16:48:53
Not bad.


2006-07-09 17:45:00
awesome keep it up

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