Mark gains a new love.
Love With Kevin at School:

Still no growth. I was already 12, and my dick was still smaller than a blondes I.Q. I was a mere 3 inches...hard.

Middle school sucked for me. Not only because I had a tiny dick...but because I had a tiny dick. All the other boys would brag about their big dicks. I would be sitting in my class, trying to listen and I would hear, "Suck my dick, fag!" And in response a boy would say, "Nah, thanks. But you can put my hairy balls in your mouth." I was never one to be involved, even though a lot of boys would egg me on. "Hey, Mark. Wanna give me head?" I thought about it.

"I'm trying to listen."

"You know you want to."

I did, but that was besides the point.

I got my daily dose of cock from the PE locker room. The boys would change and I could glance at their developing bodies, and see if their bulges lived up to their bragging. Sadly, some of them did.

My school issued partners to every locker because there were more kids in school. Guess who I got as a locker buddy.....


He didn't care who saw his dick. Mainly because it was so big. He was my age and he was already 6.5 inches big. He always had a boner when he would change, and he always had the same kind of boxers with the easy open pee hole. His dick would always pop out. He didn't care. We were still by the wall, so the only ones who ever really saw it was me and my friend Kevin.

Daniel became so fearless he jerked off. He would get to the locker, take off his pants and shirt, take out his dick without taking off his boxers, and jerked off as fast as he could. His skinny white body made his red cap flesh throb as he worked himself.

"What are you doing? We're in school!"

"Shut up, Mark. Just change and get out, baby dick." he said without stopping.

He saw my dick once. When he pants me while we were changing. Luckily he was the only one who saw.

He was pretty hot though. He had a prominent jaw line, and a mohak. Now that I think about it, I think he was the kid in elementary school who would take off his shirt and pull his pants all the way down when he peed. He was fit, and funny. I liked him, but he was arrogant.

"Look at my big cock, Mark." He arched his head back and thrusted his hips forward. "Fuck yeah." He came in our locker.

"Oh, come on dude."

"Shut up, baby dick." he said as he punched my balls. They were so small he missed but I pretended it hurt.

I honestly didn't mind that he came in our locker. First off, it wasnt that much. A squirt or two. Secondly, it made the locker smell great. In fact, his spunk in my locker was one of my main motivations to going to PE. After he changed and went away I would stick my head in my locker and take in all his scent. Some of his barely developed boy cum was on my PE shirt. I licked it off.

"What are you doing?" asked Kevin.

I was kneeling down with my head in my locker licking my shirt. "Uh...nothing." I got up and made my way out.

For a while I was sexually satisfied since I got to have sex with Mitch at home. Some days he would fuck me for hours. Before we went to school, before we went to bed, in the shower, on my dads recliner. (But thats for another story) But recently he was moving on. He was getting more girlfriends and they were the ones who he got to have sex with. No more of my tight ass or Karinas doughy pussy. The tight, wet pussys of the cheerleaders in high school was Mitchs solace now. It was painful, but I had to move on too.

Daniel quickly became my new love. I only had him for PE but that was fine by me. I would stare at him the whole period. Watch his young hot body throw a football, or kick a soccer ball. He was a bit taller than me, maybe 5'5? But I knew I could never have him. His big smooth dick. He was like a piece of art in a museum: I could look all I want, but I couldn't ever touch.

I kinda liked Kevin. He was cute too. Not as hot as Daniel or Mitch, but cute and smart. Not that was sexy to me. He was lightly brown (I lived in a mainly Latino school) and had smooth light brown hair.

I noticed Kevin looking at me as we played basketball. He was almost starring. Everytime I looked back at him, he looked away as if he had been starring.

We were changing. Daniel started to jack off. "Mhm." He would let off here and there.

But I looked towards Kevin. I watched him take off his clothes. His body was amazing. Toned and tan. His back making manly crevices showing he had been working out. I started to unchange too.

He turned around. Our eyes meet.

We smiled at eachother.

"Ah. Fuck!" Daniel came into our locker.

Kevins eyes and our eyes were still locked on each other.

It was weird, it's like....It was like the whole world stopped, And for just a moment Kevin and I became in sync, Our bodies knowing exactly what the other was thinking about: The other person,
Standing, looking at ourselves and knowing that in that second, All was right. Nothing mattered. Only us.

Not even Daniels dick.

"You better change, stupids. The bells about to ring." he said walking out.

He was right. Everyone was outside waiting to go to their next class.

Kevin and I were left alone.

We were both in our boxers. We both had boners but neither of us looked down. What we were feeling was beyond sex. Like what I felt with Mitch, but more genuine.

Without breaking eye contact we rushed into eachothers arms. We started to kiss passionately.

We broke our kiss making a sucking noise.

Our heads close together, breathing on eachother.

"W-wow!" I said amazed by the situation.

We smiled at eachother again.

Then we heard Mr. Gutierrez coming through the locker room. "Anyone in here needs to dress and get to class."

The bell had rang but we were so lost in ourselves that we didn't hear it.

We dressed and left walking side by side to our next class. Luckily we had the same class.

"I've never done that before." Kevin said.

" like me?" I happily, yet shyly asked.

He blushed and looked away with a smile.

We were walking through the hall. The bell had rang so everyone was in class leaving the hall empty. Our room at the end of the hall.

There was a silence between us.

Kevin looked at me and just kept smiling a dazzling smile while we slowly walked.

He reached out his hand, and while looking forward, grabbed my hand. Smiling, of course.

"Walk slower." he said to me.

We slowly walked down the narrow corridor that was the hall. Hand in hand. We took a long walk.

It took us three minutes, but we didn't care. Before we went in the room we kissed once more.

"We can't let anybody know." I said slightly scared.

"I know." he whispered. "I know."

We entered the room. Mr. Diaz wasnt happy at all.

"And where were you two?"

I had no idea what to say.

"Mark was helping me find my phone. We found it." Kevin finally answered.

"Oh, E.T phone home, huh?" he said trying to be funny. The class chuckled so, I guess it was working. "Take a seat before you aliens get left behind. Apurense!"

We sat down. He sat all the way in the front and I sat all the way in the back.
Sad that we were far apart.

Random kids still made thier jokes. "Hey, Mark. Wanna suck my big hairy cock in the bathroom?" someone whispered laughing. I paid no attention, but that gave me an idea.

When school finished we went to our afterschool program. But Kevin and I separated from our group and meet behind a secluded building in school.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before?" Kevin asked me.

I could tell him that I've kissed my dad and my brother, but I decided to leave that out. "No. Have you?"

"No....Have you sucked cock before?"

I could tell him that I've sucked my dads and my brothers, but I decided to leave that out too. "No. Have you?"


"What?!? How is it that you haven't kissed anyone but sucked someones cock?"

"Because I suck my own cock." he said giving me a smile on one side of his pretty mouth.

He held my hand. We talked for a while. About guys we thought were cute ("You think he's cute?"), About how he liked me ("Your funny, cute and smart."), About what we would do with a guy ("I don't know, I'm just not into being tied up.").

"I do really like you, Mark."

"I like you too."

We smiled.

" wanna be together?" he asked.

I agreed by kissing him.

"Hey, you wanna do something?"


"I had this idea in class when someone told me something."


I whispered in his ear. My breathe made him shake, but so did the thought.

He nodded.

I helped him up and we made our way to the bathroom. Holding hands in areas we knew we couldn't be seen.

We went to one of the most private restrooms in the school. It was inside a building and kinda of hidden as a hole in the wall.

In a bathroom stall we kissed again. Reaching down I grabbed his bulge.

A warm mass that embodies his body and controls his soul; the epicenter of pleasure.

He was big. Bigger than me. But he didn't judge me like my dad and Mitch and Daniel did. He accepted me. He would have loved me if I had a one inch dick or a twelve.

We kissed and touched with much passion in an admiring fashion.

I unbottoned his pants. I was big enough to do it all by myself now. Dropped his pants and boxers on the floor.

I placed his dick in my mouth. My tongue messaged the bottom of his cock,


He sat down on the toilet but lifted my head from his cock. Some of my spit fell to the floor.

"I'm not selfish." he said as he undid my pants.

My 3 inch dick popped out, rock hard. He quickly swallowed it whole. He must practice on himself a lot.

He sucked my dick with a rhythmic riding rhythm. I watched the top of his head move back and forth as he jerked himself off.

I arched my head back and thrusted my hips forward. Man, the world we were in.

He pulled my skin back and sucked my head like a babys bottle.

"You taste so good. Different from me."

Then he let go of me and did himself. He was extremely flexible. His neck went an inch down his cock. He came back up and smiled. Put my dick in his mouth.

I enjoyed him sucking me for a few minutes, then got on my knees and started to suck him again.

His cock was in my mouth when we heard, "What do you think your doing???" the voice had an echo in the bathroom.

"What do I do?" I asked in a whispered holding Kevins 5 inch cock.

"Go to the other stall."

I crawled under the divider having to make my way though some piss. But I'd do anything for my new love.

I was in the next stall with my pants around my ankles and the door was open. I just pretended like I was peeing.

Then I feel a finger ride up the crack of my ass. I looked back and it was Daniel!

"What are you doing baby dick?" Daniel asked with my back to him.

"Oh, I was just peeing."

"Suuuuuuure." he said sarcastically. "I saw you getting face fucked by Kevin. I saw from the stall next door. What? Are you some whore or something, baby dick?"

"Stop talking to my boyfriend like that." said Kevin coming out of his stall. His pants were up.

"Oh, here comes fag MeGee to the rescue."

"Just go away Daniel! Go jerk off or something." Kevin yelled as I pulled up my pants.

"That's what I came to do untill I heard you two come in. I saw you two sucking eachothers cocks and I want in."

"Ewwww! No, go away." Kevin persisted.

"Either you do it, or I tell that you guys were in here doing it."

We didn't know what to say.

Daniel went to the door and locked it from the inside.

"I wanna fuck you two in the ass. I wanna fuck you hard."

We weren't as much scared as we were dissapointed that we wont be able to make love, but instead please an ass. Or rather, get rammed in the ass.

So we started fucking.

Daniel pulled out his rock hard cock and slid it deep in my ass. He dug deep in me. Slapping his body against my ass as he thrusted.

Kevin took out his dick and put it in my mouth again as Daniel had my ass.

Daniels dick did something magical. It made my dick throb. It felt great. He did have a rocky start when he was figuring out the crevices of my rectum, but as he got into it (pun intended) he got better. Its like he was pushing a button that pumped pleasure into my dick. The combination of sucking Kevin and Daniel splitting my ass in half I actually came! It was a squirt or two of actual cum. Not too long after Daniel came inside me. Whenever he came in our locker, it was never that much. A squirt or two like I just gave. But now, he let off long ropes of cum in my ass. I could feel the warm developing seed cream warming me up from the inside.

"Suck me!" he commanded as he pulled out.

I turned and let Kevin fuck me as I sucked Daniel. He was limp by now. I could vaguely taste the inside of my ass mixed with his cum. Daniel used both of his hands to press my head hard against his dick. I didn't know why. I couldnt deep throat with him having a limp dick. Then I knew why. Daniel started to piss in my mouth. He started to laugh as he arched his head back and used his strong arms to hold me. I didn't know what to do so I just drank it. Kevin didn't notice, he was still fucking me with a passion. I could feel the love he was putting into every thrust he pumped in me. But it was destroyed by Daniels little joke. He laughed and took his dick out.

"Eh, I'm done." he said putting his clothes back on.

I tried to ignore what just happened and let Kevin fuck me. I leaned up against a sink and stuck my ass out as much as I could. He grabbed my waist as the plowed his young dick in me. Daniel just watched.

He drove himself into me. My pleasure button began to be pushed again. "Ah." I gave off everytime he hit it. "Ah, ah, ah." He hit it more often. My tiny dick grew again. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!" I could feel myself about to cum.

He got harder and harder with every thrust.

I closed my eyes tight and contracted my muscles. "AHHH!" I yelled as I came 4 squirts of cum on the floor!

Kevin was breathing so heavy you could hear his echo in the room. He didn't moan or groan. He just breathed heavy as he let off so much cum in me.

Rope after rope, He filled me with cum!
So much warm liquid was in my ass I felt some of it ooze out of my hole and slide down my leg.

He gave one last hard thrust in my and took himself out of me.

I was so tired I collapsed laid in all the cum on the floor. Kevin collapsed next to me. We crawled towards eachother and kissed on the cum filled bathroom floor naked. We kissed as much as Kevin had just came. We were surely in love. Daniel took his dick out and jerked off again and came on our bodies. But it was just a few squirts.

We laid in our cum for a good 5 minutes. Daniel kept jerking off, cumming and staring over. He must have came about 6 times in five minutes! I'm not sure, I could be exaggerating. Kevin and I were just in our own world as we connected on that floor.

We eventually had to clean up. We used a lot of toilet paper to clean up all the cum. We picked up all of our young cream from the floor but the smell of ass, and young dick with young boy fucking wouldn't go away. Our sex scent was too strong to subside. We made our way out of the restroom.

"Thanks for the fuck, fags." Daniel said walking away. Stupid sexy kid.

"You wanna cum over to my house this weekend? My parents are going to Mexico this weekend and I have to take care of my little brother."

"Yeah. I have to ask my dad, but he won't care."

Throughout the week Kevin and I would sneak kisses and hold hands when nobody watched.

We wouldn't fuck again in the restroom because we might get caught but we really didn't want to include Daniel in our love. Daniel went on with business as usual as if nothing happened and jerked off during PE. Cumming in our locker.

Kevin would send me love letters saying "I love you." and a big heart that said "M+K." loving me enough to put my initial first. He would text me constantly getting to know me better. We really were in love.

I asked my dad if I could go to his house for the four day weekend. He told me I could as long as I kept what happened the other night a secret, but that was long and gone. I was happy I got to be with my love to watch his little brother for four days.....

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