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Part 1

I hit the off button on my alarm as soon as it came on. I had been laying awake for about twenty minutes, but I had not been quite ready to get up, so I waited for the alarm. Even so, I still had loads of time to get ready for school, as I would usually hit snooze four or five times before I actually got up, and would still have lots of time. I was certainly not planning to do it that day though, and I immediately got up and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

After breakfast I went to the laundry room in the basement and took off my t-shirt, which was the only thing I had on. There was a shower in the room, but there was barely any pressure in the shower head, and I never had any of my stuff. Besides, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun as walking through the house naked.

This had been my routine for the last five years. It was only my other and I living in the house, and she always left for work a half hour before my alarm would go off, so I was pretty much free to do what I wanted. There was a couple of close calls when I didn't realize she had called in sick, or she had forgotten something and had to come back, but I had never actually been caught.

The first few times I did it, I had ran through the house as fast as I could, using as much cover as possible, but as time went on I got used to it, and now I'll even stand up by the window, watching people go by. I'm sure someone has seen me at some point, but I have never heard anything so I dont worry about it.

I walked up the two floors to the bathroom, and I looked at myself in the mirror. I was always considered one of the hottest girls in school, as I bloomed early, and I had always been aware of the latest trends and styles, using that to stand out from the crowd. My hair is golden blonde, and it had recently been cut so it barely reached my shoulders. My eyes are chocolate brown and quite wide, giving me a falsely innocent look, and I have thick pink lips which I have never needed lipstick for, as they strongly accentuate my skin, no matter how tan I get. My tits are a very firm 32D, with nipples the same colour as my lips. I also shave my dark blonde pussy hair into a landing strip, which seemed to drive most of the men I've been with crazy.

Despite all this I have always tended to look past everything good and focus on my flaws, no matter how minor they were. At the time I had not tanned in a while, so my skin was pretty pale, and I felt like there was no right way to style my hair, as I was used to it being much longer. Along with this there are a few things I cannot change about myself. I have always thought my areolas were unnaturally small, as they are only about the size of a dime, and my ass is quite flat, with only enough padding to keep me comfortable. Some girls would love that, but I have always wanted to be curvy, I wanted my ass to match my tits. I also had a problem with my pussy lips, as they seemed very disproportional. My labia majora are not very thick, and barely noticeable, while my labia minora hang down about two inches out of my pussy. To top all this off, I had recently had to get glasses for school, which really bummed me out.

I continued to look in the mirror for another little while, and I began to get horny looking at my naked body. I had not had sex in about three months, and I had been masturbating a lot recently, with little satisfaction. I needed something new, something different, something risky. That's when I thought of it. I was up earlier than usual anyway, so I decided to give it a shot.

I grabbed my favourite toy and some pillows from my bedroom and walked down to the dining room. There is a large bay window that starts lower than the table, and I opened it a crack to hear what was happening outside. I pulled the table close to the window, opening the drapes as wide as I could. I lay the pillows on the table and used them as leverage when I climbed up.

It still wasn't quite bright out, so you could see inside any house with a light on, just as mine were. So as I watched the Pattersons moving around their house on their morning routine, I knew that if they took one look across the street they would see me clear as day, lying naked on my dining room table. They were the only house that would easily see in, but anyone walking down the road would have a clear view.

The thoughts going through my head were unbelievably arousing. All I could think about was getting caught, but it did not worry me at all, it excited me, and I turned on the vibration in my toy. It is an eight inch long blue dildo with a extension to rub your clit. My mother bought it for me when I turned twelve, hoping to prevent me from screwing around with boys too early, but if anything, it increased my curiosity, and led to me fucking my first boyfriend at the age of fifteen, but that is a story for another time.

I began to rub my pussy with the dildo, speeding up quickly, constantly looking around outside to watch for any onlookers. I soon began to moan, and the more I moaned, the more excited I got, as anyone walking by could not only see me easily, the sounds I was making were loud enough to tip them off that something interesting was happening nearby. This excitement increased my pleasure, and caused me to moan even louder, and soon begin screaming. My excitement increased my volume, and my volume increased my excitement, sending me in a constant loop, moving faster and faster.

Very soon, I could feel an orgasm coming on, and it quickly rippled through my body, sending shivers through my thighs and up my spine. It was way faster than I had ever came before in my life, faster than when I was with a guy, and it blew my previous solo record out of the water. Not only that, but I was still as horny as I had been when I started.

As far as I knew, nobody outside had noticed, and when I looked across the street, the Patterson's lights were still on, but I could barely see in, as it had gotten brighter outside, meaning it was hard to see in my house too.

I continued to masturbate, shoving the dildo in and out of my pussy as my juices poured all over the table. There were a few people going down the road now, a few cars driving to work, some people going for their morning jog, and others taking their dog for a walk. Just as before, I got excited, increasing my pleasure, and began to moan, getting louder by the second, exciting me more. The cycle continued as before, and nearly as fast.

As my moaning turned to screams again, I noticed people outside looking around. Nobody seemed to know exactly where it was coming from, but everyone going by was hearing the sounds. This drove me over the edge, and I began to spasm, even harder than before, as people outside stopped walking and began searching for the origin of the noise.

I lay on the table for a few moments, with more juices flowing from my saturated pussy. I looked at the clock. It had been less than twenty minutes since I got on the table, and I had not one, but two orgasms That was faster than most of my first orgasms when I'm fucking a hard cock, and the only help I had this time was from a dildo I've been using for six years.

I had just had two orgasms in under twenty minutes, and I was barely worn out. I could have kept going, but I needed to clean up and get ready for school, so I threw the table cloth in the laundry, and hopped in the shower. I attempted to get off once more, but without the open window and confused audience, I had no drive or excitement.

At school I met up with my best friend Jenny, who I talk to about everything. She couldn't believe it when I told her what had happened, but we started talking, coming up with a few ideas, but all of them either seemed to risky, or not risky enough.

On the way home from school I stopped at the library to continue a research project I had in Biology. I had a computer at home, but it was very outdated, and being home distracted me from school work anyway. I sat down in a computer booth and began searching up information about evolution.

I came across an article about the sexual habits of different species, and how some species tend to be very private when it comes to sex, generally going somewhere secluded, while other species will just start going at it in the middle of a large crowd. I began to feel that familiar sensation in my pussy, so I kept reading, and a full section of the article was about how humans were once openly sexual, but due to the advent of different religious and social beliefs, they became more private. “By nature,” the article read, “humans want to have sex in front of others, but due to social concerns, we have become a sexually private species.”

Reading this drove me over the edge, and I could feel the moisture gathering on my panties. I looked around, the screen of the computer was largely blocked from the view of anyone else around, and nobody seemed to be paying attention. I turned back to the computer and began searching up porn.

I found a video of a hot blonde girl getting fucked hard by a big black cock on a crowded beach and sat back, undoing my jeans for better access. I looked around again to make sure nobody was watching, and when I saw that not one person was looking I felt safe.

I reached down and began slowly rubbing my wet pussy, making sure not to make any noise. I put on the headphones that were attached to the computer so I could listen as well, but I put it on the lowest setting and left one half off so I could hear what was happening in the library.

Just like that morning, my excitement increased my pleasure, and I began letting out some quiet moans, which increased my excitement and so on. I inserted three fingers in my pussy and began squeezing my clit with my thumb, trying as hard as I could not to make any sound. Suddenly a loud moan escaped my lips.


I looked up and the librarian was glaring at me from behind her desk, but she didn't seem to know what I was doing. I looked around again, but nobody else seemed to even have noticed. I began to finger fuck myself with my right hand, as I reached up under my bra and pinched my nipples. I bit my lip to keep from making noise, but it didn't work, and I let out another moan. Luckily the librarian didn't notice this time.

I began to think about how I could gag myself, and I could only think of one solution, my panties. I checked my surroundings again. I could easily take my pants off for a moment without anyone noticing, so I slipped them down, took my panties off, and quickly hauled my jeans back up.

A sweet, musky smell emanated from my panties, making me even hotter and wetter. I made one last check around, shoved them in my mouth, and began again. I could taste my juices now, as I began rubbing my pussy and tits again. Between the taste and smell of my own juices, the excitement of doing this in such a public place, and the feeling of my hands playing with my tits and pussy, I could not take it any longer. I through my head back, eyes closed, as I started writhing and screaming into my panties as the orgasm tore through my body.

Then I felt a firm hand grab my shoulder. I was still spasming as the headphones were gently taken off my head. I opened my eyes as the last few jolts shook my body. Standing behind me was Mr. Patterson, my neighbor from across the street.

“What do we have here,” he said, taking the panties from my mouth. “Kinky little girl aren't you?”

He took a big sniff.

“Mmmm, I will definitely be keeping these”

I could not speak or move, and Mr. Patterson just let out a little chuckle as he turned around and walked away, putting the panties in his pocket.

I shut off the computer and ran home, my feelings a mix of fear and excitement, anticipating what might happen later.

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