An afternoon in the hot tub starts an adventure for a brother and sister
"Anybody home?" Matt didn't see or hear anybody, thought he might have the house to himself after football practice.

"Just me." His sister Ashley's voice, from the back of the house. "Mom went to the store and Dad's working late."

She came bouncing down the hall, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans. The two of them were pretty much as opposite as a brother and sister could get. Matt, eighteen and a senior, was the jock, tall, muscular, blond, with the kind of jaw that usually got described as "granite." He was the captain of the football team, and all the girls followed him around like puppies.

Ashley was two years younger, a sophomore, and had gotten the brains. Not that she was bad looking; if you asked most of the guys at school they'd have said she was cute. She had long auburn hair that she usually put up in a clip at the back of her head, gray-green eyes, and a soft, oval face. It didn't really matter what she looked liked, though. No teenage boy will ever have anything to do with a girl who's obviously smarter than he is. Girls like that scare them to death. Ashley was cursed with intelligence. Being Matt's sister didn't help, either. He'd always been protective of his baby sister, and the fear of a smart girl was nothing compared to the fear of having Matt pound the shit out of them. Typical double standard, since Matt had been through just about every girl in school.

So Ashley was a virgin. More than just being a virgin, she'd never even kissed a guy or had a boyfriend. Not that she cared all that much, she was usually too busy studying to worry about what she was missing.

Matt needed some relaxation after practice. "Well, sis, I think I'll just throw on my trunks and climb into the hot tub for a while."

"Hmm, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I think I'll do it, too."

Matt gave her a lopsided grin. "That I'd like to see - you in the hot tub in my trunks."

Ashley slapped his arm, turning red. "Stop that!" Being a virgin didn't make her naive. She knew all about boys and sex, she just didn't have any experience.

"Sorry." He wasn't, really. He'd always teased his sister unmercifully. Not that he'd let anybody else do it. "Come on, put on a swim suit and let's relax."

The two headed off to their respective rooms. Matt hit the hot tub first, sinking slowly into the water, letting it soak the tension of football practice out of his muscles. Ashley came out a few minutes later, and Matt had to pick his jaw up off his chest. Ashley was wearing a bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination. It was basically three little pieces of cloth held in place with thin straps. It barely covered her nipples on top and her slit on the bottom. The other shock for Matt was that Ashley actually had a shape. He never saw her in anything but her baggy jeans and t-shirts. She actually had boobs - not very big, but the shape was nice. And there was a little curve to her hips, too. Matt felt his dick starting to do things that aren't supposed to happen when you're looking at your sister.

"Damn, sis, do Mom and Dad know you've got that?"

Ashley felt a little self-conscious as she slipped into the water across from her brother. "Well, Mom's seen it, but she says I can't wear it in public."

"So I'm the only one that can see you like this, huh?" Matt was grinning again.

Ashley blushed. "You're bad." She leaned back, letting the water cover her. She had her hair up in a butterfly clip so it wouldn't get too wet, and she slid into the water up to her neck, feeling her muscles start to relax. She decided she could do a little teasing, too. "Now I know why you guys always want to get girls into the hot tub. Get us all relaxed and we'll do anything you want."

"Like this?" Matt moved so fast that Ashley didn't have time to think. His hand flashed out, grabbed her by the arm, started pulling her toward him. And then it was like everything was in slow motion. Partly it was because it was hard to move fast through the water, but she was pretty sure it was partly her mind doing funny things. She felt herself moving through the water, slowly, closer and closer to her brother. Watched his face coming toward hers, his body. Then his lips touched hers. Instinct took over, she opened her mouth slightly, felt Matt's tongue slip between her lips. Matt's hand was on her lower back, pulling her, and her knees moved to either side of his hips, letting their bodies press together. She could feel the bulge in his trunks that had to be his dick rubbing against her belly.

Ashley tasted just as good as Matt thought she would. He knew what he was doing was wrong. Knew he shouldn't take advantage of his little sister. She was a virgin, he'd overheard her telling one of her friends at school just a couple of days before. That made it even more wrong. And even more exciting. He just couldn't help himself. Ashley was the first girl he'd ever wanted, since he was twelve and she was ten. And she was the only one he'd never been able to have. The girls at school threw themselves at him. He'd fucked so many of them he couldn't keep track. But every once in a while, when he looked at Ashley, he'd get that stirring. And today, looking at her in that bikini, seeing her body almost bare in front of him, he just couldn't help himself.

Ashley moaned as she felt Matt's hands move to her boobs. She'd wondered if he was going to stop with just kissing her, but it looked like he wanted more. She wasn't sure how much he wanted, or how much she'd let him have. Matt shoved her top up, off her boobs, his hands squeezing her, rubbing her nipples. She gasped, breaking off their kiss, feeling a boy's hands on her for the first time. He moved his hands to her hips, lifted her up so her chest was out of the water.

Matt looked up at Ashley, waiting for her to tell him to stop, searching for fear or disgust on her face. But all he saw was what he was used to seeing from girls he was with. Her mouth was open slightly, her nostrils flaring. And in her eyes was nothing but pure lust. Matt leaned his head forward, took Ashley's tit into his mouth, and felt his sister's body shudder.

Oh god, he's sucking on my boobs. Ashley couldn't believe it. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, as Matt's lips and tongue, and even his teeth, roamed over her chest. He licked, sucked, bit lightly. Ashley's body was going crazy. She'd never felt anything like this. Her skin was tingling all over, and there was a pulsing deep in her belly. She'd realized that she'd never really felt horny like this before, never really been turned on. She wanted her brother to fuck her, and she was afraid he'd stop before they got there.

Matt wasn't thinking about much of anything, his body was operating on its own. He pulled Ashley back down so her face was even with his, and kissed her again. His right hand went to her belly, started sliding down, while his left took hold of Ashley's wrist and guided her hand to the waistband of his trunks. He kept waiting for her to pull back, or tell him to stop, but she just kept taking whatever he did.

I don't believe it, he's going to touch me down there! Every time Matt's hand moved a little lower on her belly, Ashley expected him to stop, but he didn't. Now his fingers were creeping into the bottom of her bikini. And as small as that bottom was, that meant they'd be touching her slit. When Matt had put moved her hand to the top of his trunks, she'd just started rubbing his belly, not sure if she should actually put her fingers inside the suit or not. But now, with his fingers about to violate her, she slipped her hand into his trunks, wrapped her fingers around his dick. She felt it pulse, and she moaned deep in her throat as she felt a boy for the first time. A couple of seconds later she moaned even more as Matt's fingers slid across the opening of her slit, then she jerked as his middle finger curled up and slipped up inside her. She felt it start to move in her, in and out, twisting a little, while she stroked his dick, hoping she was doing it right. Her eyes rolled back in her head for a second, then she looked at Matt, right into his eyes. She was pretty sure he wanted it, all of it, as much as she did.

Matt whispered hoarsely, "Pull my trunks down." He still couldn't believe this was actually happening. Ashley was going to let him fuck her. He knew she wanted it now, could feel it in the way her body moved, in how wet her pussy was, could hear it in her gasps and moans. As Ashley freed his cock he took it in his hand, reached with his other hand to push the crotch of her bikini to the side. He pulled her body toward him, guiding the tip of his cock to her pussy.

Ashley took in a huge, gasping breath as Matt moved her bikini bottom out of the way, then another when she felt the end of his dick press against her, right there between her legs. He's really going to do it, he's going to put it in me! He wiggled a little, and the head of his dick popped into her, between her pussy lips. Ashley bit her lip and held her breath as Matt's hands moved to her hips, and she knew he was about to shove himself inside her.

There was a grinding noise from the garage.

"Shit! Mom's home!" Matt shoved Ashley away, and both of them began to try to put themselves back together, then scrambled to wrap towels around themselves, Matt to make sure his mother couldn't see his cock, which was still hard as a rock, Ashley to cover up that she was wearing her tiny bikini.

The two teenagers got into the house just as their mother was walking into the house. She gave them a cockeyed look. "Don't you two have anything better to do than lay around in the hot tub all afternoon? Both of you, go get dressed. Matt, bring in the groceries, Ashley can help me put them away. Then get your homework done." They both groaned, which was what their mother would expect. They had to make sure that she didn't suspect anything.

The rest of the day was torture for both of them.

For Matt it was horrible guilt. He wasn't used to that. He'd never felt guilty about anything he'd done with a girl, even in the few situations where he wasn't absolutely sure that the girl really wanted him to do what he was doing. They were girls, that was what they were for. But this was different. Ashley was his sister, his little sister, and he was supposed to protect her, not take advantage of her. He'd failed her, and wasn't sure he could face himself.

Ashley on the other hand was just afraid that her only chance was gone. She'd never really thought about sex much, definitely not about sex with her brother, but as soon as his lips had touched her, as soon as she felt his hands on her skin, she knew why she'd never been interested in the boys at school. It was because she wanted Matt. And now she'd gotten so close, had actually felt his dick start to move into her. Damn her mother, why did she have to come right then? Ashley knew Matt, knew he probably would never try anything like that again, would be afraid of doing anything that would get him in trouble. He had a football scholarship to look forward to, and wouldn't do anything that might screw that up.

That night Matt didn't sleep at all. He spent the night tossing around in the bed, trying to get comfortable, to relax, to get some sleep. Ashley slept, but was constantly dreaming about Matt's dick. Every time she woke up she found her hand between her legs.

The next few days the two kids barely saw each other. Both were pretty busy, but Matt was also doing all he could to stay away from his little sister. Part of what he was doing consisted of fucking every girl he could his hands on. It was a little bit of a strange way to keep his mind off what he'd done, and almost done, with Ashley, but he figured that if he got enough from other girls he wouldn't think about her.

Most of the girls were ones he'd already been with, but one was new. She was a sophomore, Ashley's age, named Rachel, with long, wavy dark hair, brown eyes, and a curvy little body. He couldn't even remember how he met her, but they found themselves together one afternoon at school, talking. Rachel had a low, soft voice instead of the squeak you got from most teenage girls, and Matt thought it was sexy.

At some point in the conversation, Rachel whispered, "So, I hear you like to have fun with girls. You in the mood now?"

"If you don't mind doing it outside." Matt was in the mood all right, but there weren't many good places to go at school. What he had in mind was under the bleachers at the football field.

"Mmm, yeah. I like taking chances. And I like to get kinky." Rachel's face was pure lust. Matt wasn't sure what she meant by "kinky." Most of the girls he'd been with would consider sucking a guy's dick to be kinky. But Matt knew from checking out porn online that there were girls out there who like to really get kinky. He wondered which kind Rachel was. And how he'd like it if she really wanted something out there.

They snuck under the bleachers, and Matt could tell that Rachel was turned on by the chance of getting caught there. She had his cock out and was stroking it in no time, and Matt didn't take much longer to get her jeans open and pulled down.

"Turn around." Matt knew that with a girl in jeans, the easiest thing was to do her from behind.

"Okay, but do what I tell you to."

"Sure, no problem." As Matt spun Rachel around, he wondered what was coming. He wasn't used to having a girl tell him what to do.

Rachel, her back to Matt, spread her legs as wide as she could with her jeans on and braced her hands against the back of the bleachers. She'd obviously done this before. Matt moved up behind her and slipped his cock into her. She was hot and tight.

"Yeah, fuck me. Hard." Matt started slamming into her as hard as he could. "Spank me!" He hesitated a second. He wasn't used to girls who talked during sex, and had certainly never had one ask for that. "Spank me, please!"

It was like she was begging him. Matt drew his hand back, slapped Rachel's ass. She squealed. "Yes, harder!" He smacked her again, this time putting some force into it. Rachel moaned, "Oh fuck, yes!"

He fucked and spanked her for a few more minutes, Rachel obviously loving having him slap her ass. Then she began to pant and slam back even harder and faster against his cock. Matt knew she was about ready even before she gasped out, "Shit, I'm gonna cum. Pull my hair!" By now Matt knew not to question what she told him to do. He reached up, gathered her hair in his hand, and jerked her head back. "Uh uh uh fuck oooohhhh!" Rachel's body shuddered and Matt could feel her pussy spasming around his cock. She took in a couple of deep gasping breaths, trembled again, then stood still. Matt stopped pumping into her, waiting.

"You didn't come yet, did you?"

"No, do you want me to pull out so you can't get pregnant?" Most girls were scared to death about that.

"I don't care about that. But I want you to put it in my ass. And choke me."

Matt was flabbergasted. He'd never fucked a girl in the ass before. And he didn't think they usually liked it much, let alone asked for it. As for choking, he'd heard some rumors about that, but didn't know if people really did it or not. But, Rachel had made it pretty obvious that she meant what she said when it came to sex, so he leaned back, letting his cock pop out of her pussy. He used one hand to spread her ass cheeks while the other guided his cock to the ring of her anus. He pushed in, felt Rachel's sphincter open, and the head of his dick slipped into her ass.

"Yeah, fuck me in the ass!" He didn't need anything more than that. Matt bucked his hips forward, shoving his whole length into Rachel's bowels. She squealed. He groaned, realizing that this was the tightest thing his dick had ever been in. He started pumping into her, hard like he knew she'd want it. He wasn't going to last very long.

"Choke me!" It was a command, not a request. Matt reached up with one hand, wrapped his fingers around Rachel's throat, squeezed lightly. She shuddered, shoved her ass back against him. He could tell that Rachel was fingering her own clit while he fucked her in the ass. She grunted, pushed back against him even harder, then stiffened. Shit, he could feel her ass rippling around his cock. Matt couldn't take any more. He let out a huge groan, then spurted inside Rachel's ass, filling her with his cum. They stood there together for a few seconds, then Matt stepped back, letting his cock pop out of Rachel's ass. Rachel turned around, pulling up her jeans, grinned up at Matt.

"That was nice, but next time you should choke me harder." She winked.

"Yeah, god it was really good, he stuffed his dick up my ass and even choked me a little while he did it."

"No shit! Did he shoot in your ass?"

"Yeah, I had to go to the restroom and wipe so it didn't keep leaking out."

Ashley couldn't believe what she was hearing from the lunch table behind her. The conversation had been going on when she sat down, and the girls who were talking probably didn't know she could hear them. She knew Rachel was a little slut, but she didn't think she go that far. Fucking some guy right there at school. And letting him put it in her butt? God, that was too much.

"Who'd think the football captain would be kinky?"

Ashley nearly passed out. Matt! They were talking about Matt! He'd stick it in that whore Rachel, but wouldn't even talk to his own sister since the day they almost did it. She felt betrayed, embarrassed, like she wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But at the same time she was angry. She wanted to shake Matt until his teeth rattled for being such an asshole.

That night their parents announced that they'd be gone for the weekend.

"Mick and Nancy got a cabin for the weekend and asked us if we wanted to come along. Thought it'd be nice to get away from the house for a couple of days. I figure you two can manage to not burn the place down." Ashley looked at Matt and rolled her eyes. Their dad thought his sense of humor was just out there Matt grinned back at her. Maybe she's not too mad after all. He'd been afraid to talk to her since the day in the hot tub. He wanted to get back to being close again. Of course, he'd never talk to her about what happened.

Later, in bed, Ashley's mind ran on and on with ideas about what she should do when her parents left. She didn't know if she should try to seduce Matt or beat him up. Her hand went to her belly, rubbed her skin, traced down. She was teasing herself with her own fingers, eyes closed, pretending it was Matt making her feel this way. She let her finger slip just inside her slit, where Matt's finger had been. Where Matt's dick had been, but just the tip of it. She trembled as she remembered the way it had felt, how much she'd wanted it. The disappointment when Mom had gotten home at just the wrong time. Ashley pulled her hand away, the frustration rolling over her like a fog. Her finger was no good. She needed the real thing.

Ashley thought she was going to go insane by the time the weekend got there. Mom and Dad were leaving Friday night, and Ashley had made up her mind. Since Matt wouldn't do anything, she was going to.

Their parents left as soon as they finished dinner on Friday. Once they were gone, Matt headed for his room. That was where he spent all of his time lately when he was home. Can't bear to be anywhere near your little sister, huh? Well, Ashley would see about that. It was actually a good thing that he was in his room. She'd been afraid that he'd take off with his buddies, that she wouldn't even see him all weekend.

Ashley spent a couple of minutes thinking about it, not if she should do it, but how. Should she change from her t-shirt and jeans, maybe into the bikini she'd been wearing in the hot tub? Or maybe even just get naked. No, she was just going to go into Matt's room and confront him. One way or the other it was going to be over tonight.

Matt was surprised when Ashley walked in. She didn't even knock. She'd never done that before. He wondered if she was going to scream at him for what had happened in the hot tub. If she did, he was just going to take it and not say anything. He sure as hell deserved it.

"We need to talk, big brother." Ashley's voice was quivering.

"Okay." Here it comes, he thought.

"About the hot tub." Matt could see her lip trembling. She was really upset.

"God, sis, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. I know it was wrong and you're upset at me, but I promise I'll never do anything like that again." He hoped the apology would be enough. Ashley's response stunned him.

"You idiot! I don't want you to apologize, I want you to finish what you started." Now she was really pissed. How stupid was her brother, anyway?

"What? Are you nuts? We can't do anything like that, you're my sister. What's wrong with you?"

The anger that flared through Ashley burned white hot, beyond anything she'd ever felt. She could feel her face twisting with rage. She wanted to hurt Matt the way he'd hurt her.

"You'd rather put in that little slut Rachel, huh? Up her butt? And all the other girls you do from school. But I'm not good enough for you, I guess. Well I want it, and I'm going to get it, or Mom and Dad are going to find out what happened in the hot tub."

Matt felt like he'd been hit with a club. He couldn't believe this was his little sister. And he knew it was all his fault. And the worst part was, he wanted her. He remembered the way her tongue had tasted, the way her skin had felt on his fingertips. The way the lips of her pussy had felt wrapped around the head of his cock. He licked his lips as he watched his sister walk toward him, his cock starting to pulse in his pants.

Ashley stopped in front of Matt's chair, pulled him up out of it, and threw her arms around his neck. As soon as he felt her press against him he was gone. He slipped his arms around her, bent down to her as she stretched up. Their lips met, parted, their tongues picked up where they'd left off in the hot tub. The kids started clawing at each other's clothes, fumbling, awkward, but somehow they managed to get each other stripped without wasting too much time. They stopped, looked at each other's bodies, each seeing all of the other for the first time.

Ashley felt her pussy twitch as she looked at her brother's dick. She hadn't really seen it before, just felt it. It was long and hard. He wanted this as much as she did, regardless of what he said. She was wet and ready, and not in any mood to wait.

"Are you gonna fuck me or not?"

Hearing his little sister use that word ran Matt right over the edge. He'd been staring at her tight little body, trying to hold himself back from what he wanted to do, but now it was too late. He stepped over to Ashley, picked her up, and basically just threw her onto the bed on her back. She spread her legs, licked her lips, and he climbed onto the bed with her, what was left of his self-control keeping him from literally jumping on top of her. He looked down at her as he slid the tip of his cock up and down her slit, then popped the head between her lips, the way he had in the hot tub.

Ashley stared into Matt's eyes. This time it was really going to happen. There was nothing that could stop it. Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper when she told him what to do.

"Put it in me. Fuck me." Matt's hips jerked forward, a stabbing pain shot through her pelvis and she whimpered. But she didn't care about the pain as she felt her pussy being forced open. Matt's dick was in her, she had what she'd wanted since the day in the hot tub. God, it felt so big, it was in her so deep. His hips banged against her pelvis, then he pulled back, shoved it in again, started pumping it into her. Ashley's head lolled back on the bed and she pulled him closer to her.

"Fuck me fuck me fuck me." She couldn't stop whispering it as she felt her brother's dick sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy, felt her muscles gripping him, trying to pull him even deeper inside her. Her hips were moving against his mirroring his thrusts. He was pumping faster and harder now and that just excited her more. Then he slammed into her as far as he would go.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum!" The words were barely out of Matt's mouth before Ashley felt the first shot of his semen pour into her. She purred as she felt his cum filling her pussy, the warmth making her feel good. But she was disappointed, too, felt like there should be more somehow.

"God, sis, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cum inside you." Matt was wracked by guilt again, now that it was over and he realized what he'd done. Fucking his own sister, worse, cumming in her, taking a chance on getting her pregnant. And then he realized that it wasn't over. His cock was still hard, even after he came. That had never happened to him before. He felt Ashley wriggling against him, starting to push her hips up at him again, her pussy sucking in his still-hard cock. The guilt disappeared, overwhelmed by lust, and he started pumping into her again, fucking his sister again, knowing that he was going to cum inside her again.

Ashley moaned when Matt started ramming his dick into her again, her mind and body about to go wild. It felt so good when he shot his cum into her, and knowing it could get her pregnant just made the whole thing better, more dangerous and exciting. Good as it had felt, though, she was sure there should be more, that something else should happen to her. Maybe this time it would.

Matt started even slower this time, shoving his dick deep into then pulling out, slow, til just the tip was still between her lips, then plunging back in. There was no pain now, that had gone away fast. Ashley let her mind take in the way Matt's dick seemed to move everything around in her belly when it shoved into her, the way the muscles in her pussy gripped it, squeezing, when it slid back. As Matt started to speed up his thrusts Ashley moaned, started whispering, "Fuck me fuck me" again. He was really pumping into her fast now, pounding her, and she felt herself almost getting high on the feeling of his dick moving inside her. She could feel it scraping over her clit with each stroke now, and the muscles in her pussy were starting to pulse.

"Oh fuck! Yes Yes YES!" Her pussy spasmed and the feelings radiated out through her belly, her tits. Her back arched up off the bed. Her eyes closed, lights flashing across her eyelids. She felt her brother bury himself in her, felt his cum spurt out into her again. Her body vibrated, dancing to some inaudible music, for what seemed like an hour, but must have been only a few seconds. Then it stiffened for a second before relaxing back on the bed. Ashley spent a few seconds getting her breath back, then looked up at Matt.

"Now wasn't I better than that bitch Rachel?" Matt nodded, feeling a little numb. She was better, a lot better. And he was afraid that now he wasn't going to be able to get along without her. Meanwhile, Ashley was thinking. About whether Matt would put his dick in her butt, like he did with Rachel, and how it would feel.

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