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Kate and Catherine Girl on Girl, Bisexual romance
Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks!

Chapter 8

Kate and Catherine Girl on Girl

My devious plan for Kate and Catherine was finally coming together ! The young black men had been well satisfied earlier at my wife Kate's expense, and I had made sure she was wearing only the charcoal panties as I had made her remove everything else and give the pink and gray outfit to these men as souvenirs before we left! I marched her out of the motel room down the stairs with several black men watching and into the parking lot wearing nothing but the panties that were doing a fairly good job of holding in as much cum as possible on our way home, as this was part of my plan for Kate and Catherine!

As promised I had left the garage door open and had been expecting Catherine a bit earlier, Kate had removed the charcoal panties that were cum soaked and laid down on our bed to rest and easily dozed off. This was after her earlier adult motel ordeal and was half asleep when I heard Catherine's convertible pull into our garage and the engine stop. I had not expected, I walked into the garage to see such a perverted nasty sexual picture with Catherine totally naked and facing backwards setting on the lap of an equally naked young big black guy!

Wow! I thought! As I closed the big garage door and slowly walked around to the drivers side. Tony the young man, a person I had never met eyed me with concern and suspicion! Catherine was not quite out of it and gave me a weak smiled as I opened the door of the convertible, then Tony with Catherine still impaled on him, had carefully swung his legs around as he scooted towards the open drivers door. I had grabbed Catherine's bare buttocks and helped lift her as he stood up, trying not to disturb this sinfully disgraceful act of deep interracial penetrating intercourse!

Me, trying to smooth over an awkward situation had said,.. I'm Mike,.. a friend of Catherine's she's staying the night with us. Tony, then with Catherine's arms and legs locked around him and his cock still deep inside her slowly walked with me guiding him from the garage to our front room. Catherine had made several pleasurable moans with his hard cock well up inside her, first as he got up, and then as he slowly humped her each time he took a step! Oh! My! Oh! My! The sounds Catherine made, were so perverse and sinfully erotic!

I had thought at first that Catherine was ready to relax in the same bed with Kate, but I was wrong! Tony laid her on our couch like to dogs stuck together with his big cock still in her and she lovingly kept her arms around him as they kissed quite romantically! The rhythm of intercourse resumed as this young muscled football player banged away at this appealing and petite shapely blond!

Then he pulled out, turned her around and fucked her from behind with her hanging over the back of our couch! With his head almost on her shoulder and her hand on his cheek the look of lust and romance in their eyes was priceless as I watched these two have sex and make love. To watch his enormous hard black cock penetrate such a helpless woman's most intimate place made my old white dick so hard it hurt!

Catherine had stood up for a moment on her tip toes, this had allowed the perfect angle! His strong black arm was around her, just under her breasts holding her tight to him, and his other was buried deep in her wet folds as he manipulating her! She leaned her head back looking up in helpless bliss and placed her cheek next to his, steadying herself with one hand on his thigh and the other on the back of the couch!
Man was the sight of these two ever hot! It seemed like time stopped as he finally pulled back, and out turning her around and lifting her up,.. and again placed her willingly,... and her pussy that was even more willing on the end of his enormous black cock! Now she was moaning and groaning, with her arms around his neck, and now she was the one doing the nasty work as she humped up and down riding his black shaft harder and harder! The fact that her and Kate had spent so much time in the health club and both were in such good shape along with being so horny easily allowed her to do this sort of incredible sexual gymnastics!

Catherine then yelled out like some sort of wild nymphomaniac OMG!.... I'm Cummmming! Oh!oooo! This romp had finally used and drained her as she collapsed in his arms still impaled! Then with my help he carried her into our bedroom.
Tony with more help from me lifted Catherine up, way up,.. in order to get her off his dick as she uttered another sinful sigh, and at my direction had laid Catherine on our bed opposite of Kate who was naked and laying on her side. Catherine now with her face only inches from Kate's drooling pussy had her head down towards the foot. I then guided Kate's lips in between Catherine's legs and cum covered soft thighs! Tony had watched this sinful and perverse thing I was doing in wonder,.. as I whispered for him to do the same with Catherine!

The two of them were still covered with cum some dry, and some was still warm and wet as I pushed her lips onto Catherine's well used cum filled pussy! Tony had carefully done the same, and it was an incredible sight as these two naked well used women that had the hots for each other were now in a most comfortable and compromising 69 position! Both were still a bit out of it, but both had developed a taste, and had in some ways become addicted to cum especially from black men! To them it was as if it had become some sort of aphrodisiac as the two started suckling the others cum filled cunt like a hungry content child would do in need of her mothers swollen bosom!

Tony could not believe what was happening as Kate's hands had easily found and grabbed Catherine's bottom pulling her deeply into, and against her lips as she lovingly suckled the younger woman's cunt cum juices!

As if by design Catherine had done almost the exact same thing at the other end as these two women who subconsciously now showed their perverted love and lust for one another. They were half asleep and in some sort of sex dream as they easily hugged pressing their bare breasts and naked bodies against each other. The pleasurable sounds of these women enjoying each others pussy and their wet folds was so incredibly erotic and something that few people, especially men ever get to see!

Tony like me was mesmerized by what he had witnessed as we adjourned back to our front room! I had offered him something to wear? He said no his clothes were in the car. I asked if he wanted a beer again he said no, as we talked. he went on to explained in detail what had happened earlier in the evening. That he really liked Catherine a lot, as she was such an incredible woman! I certainly could not argue as both Kate and I felt pretty much the same when it came to Catherine!

Tony continued with this story, saying he was a college student played football for the Monarchs and worked part time at the B P station. He had pumped her gas, and really got the chance to look her over numerous times, and that she had always given him plenty to look at, and had been quite friendly! Never ever, in his wildest dreams did he think that he would become her lover at least for the evening and that she would have sex with not only him but with so many men, well over a dozen, he said maybe more! Sex with Carl and Clyde then with him followed by her glory hole experience that culminated with her blindfolded and her boss fucking her brains out!

This in its self was quite a shocker to me, as I had met her boss only once before and had never thought Catherine would willingly do anything like this, with him or anyone else. Then how they, as this incredible story went on, were stopped by a female motorcycle police officer, and the incredible parking garage sex he had enjoyed with Catherine on the hood of her convertible! The witnessing of another parking lot blow job and the sexual fucking of a white girl and a black security guard in front of others and in front of the apartments where he lived! Along with a young black woman abusing a white girl and then watching Catherine naked with her hands tied over her head being whipped and gang raped numerous times by several of his football playing buddies!

This was followed again, as they were stopped by the same female officer and the harsh humiliating speed bump sex in McKinley park! The vivid details he described of Catherine and him during the evening and what I saw just moments ago was almost unbelievable! This explanation had made the pleasurable noises of sex that were coming from the bedroom even more enticing!

I offered Tony the use of our shower in our room and after doing so was dressing in our master bedroom,.. as he watched these two incredible women enjoy each other! I had agreed to drive him back to his apartment as my car was still out front. During the drive we became better acquainted and the thought of him and his manliness spending more intimate time with Kate and Catherine was quite appealing as I dropped him off and returned to our house.

Was I ever surprised at the scene I was presented with as I opened the door to our bedroom! Both were wide awake now, and Catherine was up on her knees, on top of Kate and had her blond head buried in Kate's pubes and was ardently sucking her pussy! Kate had grabbed a hold of Catherine's buttocks and had pulled herself up and arched her head into Catherine's groove and both were enjoying each other and trying their best to suck cum and pleasure the other! Man was the picture of these two women going after each other some really hot bisexual, sex! Kate's hands were lovingly squeezing Catherine's bottom!

Catherine was licking Kate's pussy as she sucked her clit! There is something that is just so sinful and erotic to see when it comes to girl on girl, but when two women especially to very attractive ones, and ones that you as a man have been intimate with go after each other it is a most wonderful thing to watch as Catherine played with Kate's clit rubbing it in between sucking on her!

Kate doing her a bit better and trying to really get a better hold of Catherine's clit with her lips and had with her hands spread her ass cheeks! The slurping sounds of wet juicy female sex was heady as I watched! The tender loving that they were doing to each other was smoldering and was making my old cock harder and harder as they sucked! Finally they released each other and changed places as Catherine was now on the bottom and Kate was on the top as they resumed their sexual lust for each other!
Catherine had bent her knees and opened her legs wide to make it easier for Kate to get after her as she with her fingers opened Catherine's pussy even wider! Catherine's toes were then pointing straight out as she stiffened them and held on to Kate's bottom! Kate seemed to get her tongue mouth and nose even deeper into the younger blond woman's well used pussy as she continued to eat at her goodies!

I had walked around to the head of the bed to where I could get a much better view as Catherine's was sticking her tongue up and licking Kate's swollen and well used clit and cunt lips that was hanging down so sinfully and vulnerable with Kate at the perfect height! Men often wonder just what lesbians and bisexual women do to each other when they make love, and I was not disappointed at all as I had thoughts of seeing these two getting together! From Kate's deion and Catherine's teasing, and slip of the tongue on several occasions about wanting to making love to her, was now easily coming true.

Man was it ever something to watch Catherine's tongue in My wife's most intimate place and the noise of pleasurable sex they were both making. Then Kate finally pulled herself free and had gotten into our toy bag having found a big red 18”double dildo, it was something she, had purchased on her own as I had not seen it before. I had hoped to see her use the big black strap on dildo I had used on her, and to see her use it on Catherine! Who was on all fours with Kate easily feeding more and more of it into her. Well over half of it was in as Kate had Catherine turn over on her back! Kate shoved even more of it in as her lips were now on Catherine's clit and the big red dildo plunged back and forth as Kate sucked her clit!

Finally both of them were just laying on the bed next to each other and were playing with each others cunt clit and pussy as they kissed each other, man was this scene getting hotter and hotter as Catherine was squeezing Kate's breast when they stopped kissing each other, Catherine started playfully and lovingly nibbling on one of Kate's shoulders!

The girls had finally gotten up as I watched them make their way into the shower. I heard giggling and the sound of water running in the shower as the door to our master bedroom and bath was wide open.. I left them some privacy and when I returned they were both naked and in our bed cuddled up next to each other like lovers and had fallen fast asleep. They looked so innocent and peaceful like a couple of young school girls that had just experimented with each other to orgasm as they laid there naked in each others arms with their bare breasts rising and falling as they slept.

By late morning when they finally woke up I had made them both my specialty eggs Benedict Colombian coffee with orange juice and strawberries! Both of the girls were famished from the previous incredible evening and all that had happened last night. Kate was wearing a thin robe and Catherine had found one of my dress shirts and a pair of Kate's sweat pants the shirt was mostly unbuttoned, and she was still a bit embarrassed to be around me dressed like this when wide awake!

Over breakfast the conversation skipped around the different things that had happened to Kate and and Catherine. For Kate it had been a wild crazy and wonderful experience all except the thought of her clitoris being bitten off, and how unsettling that had been! For Catherine all of her emotions were running wild and she vented everything to Kate. All of the wild and crazy sexual things that happened to her, but most did not seem to bother her at all. Her most memorable experience last evening though was the female motorcycle police officer. Catherine had mixed emotions about the woman showing her parents the vivid pictures of her stark ass naked riding a young black studs cock!

But what she remembered the most was the incredible sex her and Tony had enjoyed on the hood of her red convertible followed by having her pussy whipped and most of all the high speed jackhammer sex while riding Tony's big black cock as he drove back and forth over the speed bumps! This was accented by her lovingly rubbing her still sore pubic triangle as she sighed from the touch.

Catherine had finally gotten around to calling home and checking with her husband who was not concerned at all that she had stayed over night at our house. There were several other messages and one that was even more interesting than all of the others. It was a message from Carl about her membership in the Ohio Wives Club saying that she had won an all expense paid cruise from Florida to Jamaica with almost two weeks at the islands Hedisome Resort during the holidays and just before New Years!

The guys, Carl being one that were blackmailing Catherine and their well to do sponsors were behind this free trip to Jamaica that she had supposedly won! However she was not the only one that won this trip. At first it sounds like a trip for couples only. . Her husband because of his business at that time of year cannot go nor does he want to. So Catherine invites Kate and I, the original intent though as most husbands are unable to go was to invite other women especially those that would be candidates and prospective members of the Ohio Wives Club, and those that are ripe for kinky interracial sex. Catherine is a bit naive as to what is going to be required, and at first thinks that this is just going to be a fun relaxing vacation?

Another of the messages on her cell from Carl, told her they were having another party soon and that she and Kate were to attend! Although no date or details had been set, this left both women on the edge especially Catherine! As every time her cell phone would ring she would literally jump, and act quite guilty,.. it was a wonder her husband didn't notice? But the text messages with pictures were always interesting, quite explicit,.. leaving her trembling and excited with the possibilities of what she might be required to do, or where she might have to go? Kate already had a good idea as to what would be required and was planing on enjoying herself!

Once it had finally dawned on Catherine that this trip was not going to be a normal vacation, and had discovered that the parties and social events they would be required to attend were only for married un escorted women from the Ohio wives Club and their invited female guests. Most of these women were going as adventuresome singles, without the aid or restriction of a husbands, and with the thought of wild and kinky sex on board the “Cruise Ship”, and during their stay at the “Island Resort”. This thought once it became apparent,.. to her then became quite appealing!

About once a week Catherine would get a call from Tony who told her to stop by the B P Station. He always used the excuse that he was going to show naked pictures of her to others in order to embarrass and humiliate her, but never really said to who? Catherine really liked Tony and wanted to spend time with him, his threats were quite immature, but as a young black man that had a willing sexy woman to play with always seemed to have ideas! It was if Catherine was a naive young school girl in love with her first boyfriend and would willingly do what ever he asked loving it?

Catherine was perfect for this, as she had untapped needs from a dull unsatisfying marriage and a physical relationship with her husband that was almost non existent. The thought was always exciting about meeting Tony who always wanted to try something new. She on several occasions had to take care of several of his co-workers. They would take turns with her in the tiny B P office.

These sex games started at first with her just spending time in the office as they necked and groped each other like young lovers! Almost always ending with her giving him a good blow job and him fucking her brains out!

Many of these games started with Tony telling Catherine to wear a certain type of dress usually something cheap and slutty when she stopped by. She had nothing like this and had gone to a local thrift store in order to find the kind of clothes he asked for, and also wondering what he had in mind? Her question was easily answered on this visit, as after a lustful hug and smoken hot kiss, he had handed her a blindfold telling her to put it on! After which he raised her hands over her head and had attached them to some sort of a hook that she could hear clicking and had pulled her up on the very tips of her hi heels!

For Catherine to be helplessly bound and unable to see, made the noise of others out front on just the other side of the door that separated the convenience part of the station. Then naked and helpless and hearing the office door open and close? Had left Catherine scared to death as to who else was there and what were they going to do to her? The sinful anticipation coupled with the things that had actually happened to her over the last several weeks made her mind race with uncertainty? What did happened though was quite unexpected!

Standing there trembling with her hands helplessly over her head and up on her tip toes, left Catherine's sexual senses at their very peak? Hands had started fondling and grouping her, first her breasts followed by her privates the touch was rough and immature like that of a young man that had never touched a naked body of any young girl much less a helpless older woman! This thought ended quickly as her clothes were first grabbed torn, and then ripped away in shreds! It was all she could do to keep from screaming out in surprise and shock!

OMG! This especially with the thought of others watching was so perverse and as an older married white woman going to meet a virile well endowed young black male like Tony or several of his friends, was soooo sinful! The thought again made her feel slutty, but was also such an incredible turn on! The lust and desire of these young black studs made Catherine also feel young attractive and alive with submissive desire! It got better, as words from another, obviously one of Tonys young black friends calling her a whore and a cum slut! Then with her heart beating a mile a minute he said to her in wonder, you really like this,.. don't you bitch?

Now naked her long nipples already hard, and still quite sensitive were being stretched pulled and twisted! Followed by fingers in her wet juicy folds, but what really left her hanging helplessly by her wrists gasping, was when his rough probing fingers found her clitoris! It was instantly engorged and ready as her heart pumped wildly leaving it incredibly stimulated from his touch and her,.. with unbelievable excitement and anticipation!

This rough unexpected clothes ripping feeling of being naked and helpless along with the vocal humiliation had brought on a most wonderful orgasm!... Again leaving her panting with the thought of meeting Tony here like this and his friends also enjoying the use of her for kinky sex,... now this to Catherine was even more appealing!

But it got even better as Catherine was Sooooo ripe ready and up for what ever it was they wanted to do,.. and want they did! She wondering, and trying to assist felt a big cock probing between her bare buns at the entrance of her asshole spinster opening! As this one from behind encircled her breasts with his big strong hands and squeezed them, harder, and harder!

The person in front was Tony, she recognized his touch and the taste of his lips as they touched hers so lovingly. She felt his enormous black meat now rock hard and sticking straight up with the excitement of a young horny man! First it probe her wet folds then slip up and in easily raising her off her toes, this left her hanging helplessly by only her wrists with his cock blissfully impaling her!

OMG! One of Catherine's most vocal words and equally prevalent texts she used often on her cell phone, was exactly that, and her feelings at this point! Being in between two virile young black men that really wanted to use her for one thing sexual relief, was a wonderful feeling! The one from behind now deep into her "Hershey Highway" with his hands squeezing her breasts harder and harder. The other was Tony, who had kissed and hugged her with his strong arms lovingly around her. He had broken his kiss and was hugging, pulling her blond head next to his as he rammed his big dick up into the place where few others had ever been!

Whoa!... Was this sex ever good! It seemed like each time she was with Tony it was like their first time and the sex they had was better, and better than the last! Or was she just imagining this feeling? Several other orgasms rushed helplessly from the depths of her seemingly endless untapped sexuality! As she released this orgasm the young stud in her behind did the same! But Tony was holding back, waiting,.. and waiting until Catherine was limp and then fucked her really hard for several minutes until he too had exploded! They all stood with Catherine in the middle just barely able to stay together for over five minutes humping and crushing her in between them savoring the incredible pleasure, unable to move all entwined in sexual relief!......

For Catherine ending up naked was beginning to be a normal thing. She was not happy they had ripped her clothes off leaving them in shreds. She liked Tony but being naked in public after dark was one thing, but it was still daylight and not only were their customers in the store. But, for her working only several blocks away made chances of someone she knew or worked with might see her like this was a distinct possibility! The young black student that had given her a good fucking in the ass was also involved in the college theater as a make up artist and as an art student. They had been dabbling in body painting in his art class!.

Noting her vocal concern he said to Tony, I have a wonderful kinky idea I can paint a halter top and a pair of shorts onto your girlfriend here and make her look like she is actually wearing clothes! Then said as he rummaged through his back pack and came up with several bottles of red and white grease paint! Saying the "liquid makeup" is water-based and comes off easily, although the red stains the skin a bit.

Going on to say a couple of these 4oz. bottles mixed together into pink will easily do shorts and a top! This stuff can look pretty cool, and best of all he said, you can just shower it off. Both Tony and Catherine looked at each other in stunned silence as she tried to wipe the still wet cum that was dripping from her swollen cunt / labia lips with some tissue that Tony provided.
To use this stuff he said with a most perverse smile on his face you first apply it, smooth with a damp sponge, then put on some powder with a powder puff, then brush the excess powder off with a powder brush. Both Tony and Catherine were astonished as they watched him work, she became a reluctant body painted model in a matter of minutes. He had first applied the mixed pink grease paint followed by the talc around her breasts and back followed by her bottom and pubes!

Her pussy was still wet and her labia lips and mound were swollen puffed up and stimulated as he tried to work around them! The feeling of the powder brush on her clit almost brought on another orgasm! She trembling from the incredible touch of the stiff bristles squeezed her pubic muscles and gritted her teeth trying to hold back and orgasm that with little more attention was only moments away! Finally he was done as he finished up by outlining the halter top and shorts with a black magic marker!

OMG! As Tony looked at her, you had to look close and it would take a double take for most! The only problem was her very moist slit! As his artist friend had to keep daubing her still wet pubes with paint and powder on her genitals as cum juices continued to seep out. For Catherine the touch of the stiff bristles on her privates was like electricity and so stimulating along with the thought of walking around in only body paint, out in public had only added to her sinful and perverse excitement of the moment!

Finally he was done as Catherine needed to leave. But she was hesitant to go as Tony opened the door to the small office and practically dragged her out into convenience area of the store! Thankfully there were not many customers and those that were there hardly gave her a look as they bought smokes drinks and munchies! Both Tony and Catherine were amazed that no one had given them a second look as he still holding her hand had opened the side door for her, and was going to lead her,.. still somewhat reluctant to her car!
Everything was fine til they rounded the back corner of the building, a customer with a big black male Labrador retriever was coming directly towards them and the dog was pulling hard on his leash! The dog like most dogs was always interested in ones privates,... and female genitals,.. especially those that have just been sexually stimulated were of most interest to this particular dog ! Catherine had been looking back towards the gas pumps and islands and had not noticed the dogs ardent interest!

The dog of course knew exactly where he was going and what he was interested in, as the dogs owner had a loose grip on the long leash and he to at first had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. In only a matter of seconds and before anyone realized it the dog had buried his snoot in Catherine's pink grease painted genitals and was ardently licking her female juices along with the tasty mixed in pink grease paint!

For Catherine she was literally taken by surprise as in all the excitement of being naked in public and still sensitive from the sharp bristles and now the dogs wet warm raspy tongue almost brought Catherine to her knees with an unexpected mind blowing orgasm! The dogs owner was calling his name, “Rascal” , a most appropriate name as the dog quickly licked her genitals bare along with her dripping orgasm! Hollering here boy, come here leave the lady alone! His words stopped in mid sentence as her white naked skin and her bare labia lips became ever so more obvious! Then as he tried to pull the dog away,.. looked at her closer as her long nipples were difficult to hide after close inspection and then with a look of wonder realized she was stark ass naked!

Then in shock let loose of the leash, stood back with the most dumbfounded look of disbelief on his face! It did not matter much as the Black Lab was not going to be denied and happily licked away. Catherine unable to move could hardly stand and Tony now holding her also stared in amazement for what seemed like an eternity as did anyone else! This bazaar scene was broken by several cars driving into the station, as Tony now trying to hold Catherine up and free her from the dog!. The dogs owner was pulling on the leash and calling his name,...and was finally able to pull them apart!

The dog still whimpering and looking back hungrily at Catherine's white skin and cunt lips that was surrounded by what looked like pink shorts with the crotch missing! This dog with his tail wagging was pulled off by his master! Several people had witnessed this most shocking display of incredible lude crude perverted sex! Catherine had finally made it to her car with Tony's help!
She was visibly shaken and distraught as it took a while before she was able to relax enough to drive, however she did enjoy the strange guys that had seen her naked body. She had called Kate and told her that she, do to her naked body painted condition had to stop at our house and use the shower and borrow some clothes before going home!.Several truckers honked and whistled at her as they looked down into her car from their trucks on her way across town to our house! For me to see Catherine painted up in only pink body paint and the bare naked skin of her pubes was an incredible sight!

Catherine had told Kate several days ago of her glory hole experience and now her naked blindfolded helpless sex and sinful body painting episode, had added to her interest. The thought to Kate had only made her want to spend some time locked in the women's restroom naked and on her knees sucking any cock that was stuck through the hole,.. especially if it was big hard black ones! Catherine had asked Tony if he could get some of his football friends together for Kate? And several weeks later I took her to the B P station wearing only a coat and gave her to Tony! He had taken her to the women's rest room removed her coat then locked her in for the evening! Kate could not keep track of how many men their were, as during the excitement of sucking cock after cock, she kept loosing track?

She had become quite the cock whore now and that was okay with me as she must have blown at least two dozen men all of them young hard black college students.

The security guard at work, old Bill from his earlier experience came up to her car every day and looked in hoping to see something good? Catherine one time on her way to meet Tony for one of their sexual trysts, was getting braver, and would usually give him something to look at. He an older married man that just wanted to look, and had never tried to reach into the car.

One day when leaving late and there were no cars around or behind her she stopped unbuttoned her blouse pulled her skirt up grabbed his hand placed it on one of her bare breasts as she played with her pantyless pussy for him. Then taking his hand and holding it on her clitoris! It was great fun watching his old cock twitch around in his pants as she used his fingers to finger fuck herself almost to orgasm!.

It was so sinful and brazen of her to do something like this in front of this old man, but Catherine was fast becoming a public slut and an exhibitionist! At least when she was so horny, and on her way to meet Tony or his friends!

The trip to Jamaica and for most women at the thought of travel, and a vacation especially on board a luxury cruise ship where decadence was the order of the day. Then to such an exotic place as an adult resort where even more perverted sex play was prevalent always seemed to require new clothes for just such an occasion! Both Kate and Catherine were no different than other women when it came to this, and started buying all sorts of clothes starting with sunbathing dresses even though it was still three months away. I encouraged her to do this even though I knew it would cost me money. Bikini's of course were going to be a requirement in several styles and colors and none were going to be modest! I did not have to insist on this particular requirement! As Kate even in her late 40s could still turn heads when dressed in skimpy swimsuit attire!

Kate had bought several, one white one and one yellow. They were eccentrically thongs with the lining cut out. Kate loved to do this as it would leave her nipples poking out, and her bashful clit and labia/cunt lips hidden beneath the beautiful puffed up camel toe mound of hers, and most all of her fine ass showing! She only wears things like this when we are on vacation. She also bought a killer black bikini along with a red and white candy striped one.

My favorite ones that Catherine bought were a tiny little pink and even a little smaller black one, The pink one shows most all of her cute little ass and her nipples like Kate's poke out against the fabric like she has no top on at all, oh is it ever so,...beautiful! Kate talked her into and then showed her how to cut the lining out. She would never wear it when her husband was around. She also bought a tiny little beige (nude colored) thong that she wears at our house when her and Kate are sunbathing. It is very dangerous especially when wet!

Kate also bought, expecting to attend pool parties and risque night life on the ship and also at the island resort several other things. A thin little yellow halter top short shorts and a matching yellow dress that clings revealingly to her curves. The hemline stops at mid thigh showing off her long legs. She also purchased a light blue and white dress with scoop necklines.Both of these have slits up the center that go up high,just several inches below her pussy. Of course she has the typical little black dress for evening wear. It also has no back, an open plunging neckline is very short and clings to her ass like a second skin. The latter ones can only be worn with no under things as these dresses would not tolerate a bra or panty lines!

The two of them modeled their outfits for me downstairs. Kate was wearing this black evening dress .Showing off her long well shaped legs with four inch high heels.The plunging neckline was open to her navel, held together in the center with a small silver chain, and displaying most all of her tantalizing cleavage.
Catherine had also picked out a short little beige (Nude)dress. The thin clinging material also stopped at mid thigh like Kate's with a center slit open to just below her pussy. The top of the dress was a sheer lace see through thing revealing her large dark brown nipples poking out almost through the transparent material and made her look as if she was wearing nothing!

Both of these women modeling for me created obvious problems! I had gone to the bathroom to re leave myself, and Catherine came in un announced! . She is so beautiful and ssssssooo sexy. I broke out in a sweat watching as she slipped off her shorts and T-top! My cock I was instantly hard and twitching around after just taking a piss. Her tiny white lace bra and panties barely covered her hot body. Her big brown nipples were showing through the sheer cups of the bra, as she changed right in front of me! I had seen her naked on several occasions and now it seemed she had no trouble at all being naked in front of me!
She pulled her panties down exposing her cute little shaved pussy. It was all I could do standing there after taking care of my business in front of the john! I had pre-cum dripping off the end of my dick unable to move as I stared at her thick fleshy pink cunt lips. They were so big and beautiful as her swollen and well used lips and clit protruded out. Kate had described her pussy pretty good on several occasions after seeing it well used, but seeing it again up close. Ohhh! My! Oh! My! Oh! My!

Her bra came off next letting me see her firm jutting breasts along with her big hard nipples. Nice natural tits were certainly my favorite! Her and Kate had started spending time in the tanning booths at the gym.. Rumor had it that some of the booths were fixed to where the men's side of the gym could look into not only these tanning booths, but also into the women's showers! So Catherine had decided to wear her bikini, and deny anyone that looked of a free show! But it added little in the way of covered modesty! She had just barely enough tan, except for the snow white flesh that the bikini covered, but did it ever contrast making her ever so more attractive!. Kate on the other hand wore absolutely nothing as she wanted to show off if anyone,... was really looking!

I trying to be cool, had just reached down and squeezed the base of my cock, knowing I dare not stroke it. She saw my obvious discomfort and before I knew it, she playfully had reached down grabbing it with her fist just above my hand, and vigorously pumped it several times. The results were instant ejaculation almost bringing me to my knees! As I stood there helplessly, with cum still dripping from my dick, She took a finger full sticking it in her lips tasting it and then sucking it down and said,. Umm! Then turned to put a bikini bottom on, giving me wonderful view of her ass..a.......firm tight ass..snow white flawless flesh with just a hint of tan on her legs, that separated the white skin of her pubes! But what a......fuckable ass this woman,.. Catherine had!

Later after she left, Kate sensing that I might have a problem and need some relief came into the bathroom and willingly kneeled in front of me. I still turned on grabbed her hair and crammed my still hard dripping cock into her mouth! She like a wonderful kinky wife was only trying to help me out of this most interesting and sexually charged situation. Then Catherine returned and got down on her knees next to Kate and had taken turns sandwiching my dick in between their lovely lips, to say I was in heaven would have been an under statement. Now with two, half naked women modeling clothes, swim wear and each of them walking around nude trying to see which one could make the biggest impression on me was a fantasy come true. The fact that they would also go after each other on occasion, only added to this most interesting situation!

As the weeks went by, Catherine seemed to be spending more and more time at our house and much of it was with Kate,...with me as more that just a casual observer. It usually started with a glass of wine sitting in our front room. Two and a half glasses later Catherine was ready for most anything. First they would just sit together hugging each other and before long Catherine would be half naked. To see these two attractive women in each others arms making out and groping each other. For most men this would be a very stimulating sight! But to see two women one that you are married to, and the other,.. one that you have lusted after, that has made your dick hard numerous times is even more appealing.

Catherine with me watching still naked, and soft shivers sweeping her body from the way Kate had looked at her. Said I need an orgasm!. Their lips would meet with tongues darting back and fourth, as the older woman's hands fondled Catherine's breasts. Her soft hands would gently knead the firm flesh. Fingers were teasing her erect nipples, and pulling on them. Leaning over Kate licked one of Catherine's long fleshy nipples, as they seemed to grow even longer.

Catherine moaned watching Kate sucking the nipple between her lips. Her wet,warm tongue working its way over the sensitive flesh and then with her mouth engulfing all of the brown flesh and part of her breast. Catherine moved her hands through Kate's soft silky hair letting her move back and fourth, as she gave each nipple equal treatment.
Kate had moved her off the couch and down onto the floor, then had pushed the younger woman legs apart.Telling her how beautiful her pussy was. Inhaling the sweet fragrance admiring the pink wet fleshy folds. She first kissed nibbled and licked the insides of Catherine's smooth slightly tanned thighs, as she moved up closer and closer to the place that had not been tanned!.....

She loved teasing and pleasing Catherine with her mouth and tongue, becoming quite a bi-sexual lover. Wanting her almost as much as she wanted a big black cock. "Please" Catherine whispered squirming around on the floor."Lick my clit Kate.....ohhh lick and suck my pussy,I need it so bad right now."!
The older woman looked up at her from between her thighs sliding her long tongue over Catherine's pussy lips and into her wet folds. Kate's tongue then licked the crack of her ass swirling her tongue over a pink puckered asshole. " Do it Catherine,do it for me...please." Then using her tongue to just barely touched her fat swollen clit and had taken a mouthful!.

Kate's lips had pulled free for a moment followed by a hard unexpected slap on her wet pussy, surprised Catherine, with her pussy, stinging along with the aroused flesh surrounding it, yelped! .The next slap was harder and caused her swollen clit to swell even more."Owwww that hurts." She raised her legs up helplessly opening them even wider as her body took control with the wanting sensation of even more pleasurable abuse!. Kate brought her hand down again and slapped Catherine's exposed pussy again, even harder as both she and I watched the pink flesh turn red!.
. "This is so nasty...and so fucking hot!" Catherine said as she grabbed Kate's hair and pulled her face against her pussy. Grinding her soaking wet pussy against Kate's mouth. Moaning with delightful pleasure feeling Kate's tongue trying to fuck her pussy.

It seemed like every several days, or a week would go by and then the two would get together again. They always seemed to hug pressing their bodies against each other. Kate wanted to make it easier and more appealing so she would wear a thin little summer dress and nothing else.
. Catherine would respond by usually doing the same as both would take their hands and slip them under the others dress and over the slippery pink flesh smearing the sticky juices all over with their fingers. This would be eagerly followed by first one and then the other sucking the swollen clit and slowly sliding fingers up the wet slippery cunt and slit of the other and then sticking one finger up the others hot tight asshole spinster.

Both could feel the others orgasm building inside, if it was Catherine she would jerk her hips up and down and would be pulling hard on Kate's long brown hair. She squealing loudly would tell the older woman to put more fingers up inside her. Kate loved the feel and taste of her best friends pussy. After all the years they had known each other the number one fantasy had finally happened. Ever so carefully Kate slipped two more fingers up her velvet soft pussy and added another finger to her ass. Slowly finger fucking her while greedily tonguing and sucking her huge clit.
Catherine would jerk her body around wildly moaning uncontrollably as her orgasm exploded deep inside.Wave after wave of pleasure would swept her trembling body.

Kate had decided to have even more fun and show me how she could be the aggressive female and play the roll of of a Brutal dominating bisexual! With Catherine laying there drained from sexual relief! Kate had emerged from our bedroom wearing my huge black strap on dildo!

It was a very realistic looking thing of sadistic beauty, and Kate gave Catherine no chance to protest or squirm away! As she took advantage of her helpless orgasm by jamming this 10” monster all the way into Catherine's more than ready pussy! Then Kate really got into fucking her hard, as she talked dirty to her calling her a slut just like she was a big black aggressive male. Catherine after being caught by surprise laid their helplessly as Kate's big black strap on monster found its way deep into her soft feminine womanhood! She could feel her orgasm building inside her,.. as she jerked her hips up and down again hard squealing wildly telling the older woman to put more of it in deeper.

Both women had become quite the cock whores now, and for Catherine it was okay with her because of husbands total lack of interest. Other men, Carl Clyde and Tony couldn't seem to get enough of her.
A friend on the internet I had been corresponding with from the west coast had signed up his young naive dark headed horny wife into the Ohio Wives Club, her name was Diane.

We had become friends as both of us shared the same thoughts and interests about our women being well used by black men! She, like Catherine had won this free trip to Jamaica, but her two week experience was going to be quite different. As she was going as a willing but stupid young woman as to what was going to happen to her. Her fantasy was to be a sex slave and according to her husband she had this burning desire since she was a young girl and her husband was going to make sure it finally happened!

This and all the planning that went into it is what seemed to happened in the weeks and months that preceded the trip as the days zoomed by. The wonderful thoughts for all of us, along with the addition of this young dark haired beauty and everything about our trip to Jamaica loomed ever closer!

Continued in Chapter 9

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