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The sun rose the next morning just as it always does, in the East at around 6:30 in the morning to a cloudless sky. The mountains gave off a pinkish glow from the sunlight splashing off the snow covered peaks of the Three Sisters, just miles away from Sisters, Oregon and the home of my son’s ranch just on the edge of the Willamette National Forrest. As my grand daughter came out to tend her horses, she walked with a special step to her stride. It was one of pride and confidence for she had, on the previous night, let herself turn all of her anger over her looks aside and had fulfilled something that she didn’t know that she had in her. She had stimulated herself into a marvelous orgasm and she had done it in front of me, her loving grand father.

I had watched from my perch just outside of her window and even though she had turned off the light to her bedroom, I could still make out, under the glow of the of a full moon, the white image of her naked body as she felt, fondled and stimulated herself into a full fledged orgasmic release. It wasn’t her first one but it was her best, most intense one that she had ever had. She no longer felt like the Ugly Duckling of the family. She felt, and rightly so, sensual and desirable to the opposite sex. She felt beautiful, she felt alive.

I heard her singing loudly to her horse and its foal and I wondered if they knew just how wonderful she felt this morning. I didn’t even know the extent of her joyousness until I joined her at the barn and she came up and gave me a rather seductive hug and kiss right on my lips.

“Wow,” I whistled out loud. “What’s gotten into you this morning?”

She just stood there, looking up into my eyes starring, smiling and almost laughing at my question. “I woke up this morning feeling like a real woman, for the first time in my life, I wanted to get up and shout it out to the world. I am a woman and I am beautiful and nothing can take that away from me!” she said with so much enthusiasm that I honestly believed her when she said it. She gave me another hug and then said, “And I have you to thank for feeling this way.”

“Me? What did I do?” I asked incredulously.

“When you touched my legs at the ice cream parlor yesterday I knew right then that you thought that I was beautiful, that I was desirable, that you wanted to touch me, to caress me, to love me. I knew right then that no matter what I thought of myself, that you thought I was worth looking at. And if my grandpa thought so then maybe someone else would think so also,” she explained.

I thought of what she was so excited about for a minute and then said the only thing that I could think of at the time, “I think so, Susan honey,” I said with a tear in my eye. “I think that you are beautiful.”

We finished with her chores and walked back to the house hand in hand. Susan thought for a second and then told me that she had to go into town this morning and she didn’t want me to join her. I thought that this was rather strange but told her that I had some stuff to do over in Bend so I would see her this afternoon and turned to go into my rig. I wondered what she had on her mind but I decided that I would find out if and when she wanted to tell me.

The rest of the week flew by. Thursday was the big day for Susan to get her braces out and she spent the entire afternoon having her cavities filled before her graduation on Friday. I had talked with my son about the Lasik procedure that I wanted to give her for a graduation present and although he said it was too much money, gave me his blessing to go ahead and make all of the arrangements. I scheduled it for the middle of June and filled out an envelope with a note inside to give her on the evening of her graduation. She knew that I was thinking about it because I had accompanied her to the local eye doctor but she had no idea I had finalized the procedure.

On Friday around 2:30 in the afternoon, she had her hair styled and when I saw her come out into the living room of the house, I almost started to cry she looked so marvelously beautiful. Her fresh clean smile was no longer distracting to the onlooker and her long curly red hair had a soft, shorter wave to it and it was much more attractive than it use to be. She wore a nice green dress that made the color in her face stand out and shout, “Hey, look at me because I’m beautiful!” and all of the rest made me want to bust my seams with pride.

Even her brother and father took notice of the changes in her appearance but her mother’s reaction was priceless. After looking at her daughter for a moment, studying her up and down, she said, “Where was I when you became so beautiful?” and broke down into tears.

The graduation went off without a hitch. Everyone yelled and cheered when their senior came across the stage to receive their diploma. Some people had more than one group cheer them on but when it came time for Susan to get hers, there was a strange murmuring fill the room as you could hear the whispers asking who this beauty was.

I did not cheer nor did anyone else. Every eye in the place was following her as she walked across the stage yet no one knew who she was. I wanted to cry I felt so bad for her but the look on her face told me that it didn’t matter to her one bit,. so as she got the diploma from the principal, I stood up and chapped and shouted out at the top of my lungs, “Way to go Susan, I love you!” She stared at me with a big grin on her face as it turned an instant shade of crimson.

That night I was so anxious to go to her window and wait for her to disrobe for me. I looked at my watch and it said that it was past 10:30, in fact it was almost 11:00 o’clock. Just as I was about to give up and walk away, the light came on in her room and I saw my pajama clad grand daughter walk over to her dresser and pull something long and thin out of little tube and place it right by the night stand. It was a tampon and that told me there was not going to be any shows for a week or so.

It was just as well because the temperature turned down right hot for the month of June. It rose to near 100 during the afternoons and it didn’t cool down until much later in the night. Susan had had her eye surgery and had come through it fantastically. She now looked so beautiful without the glasses that my heart skipped a beat every time my own eyes made contact with hers.

My son and Brandon took their horses over to the Triple J to board them over there while my daughter-in-law traveled to San Francisco to attend a protest over some poor, little heard of animal or insect or something. That left us to ourselves, all alone at their ranch to do whatever we wished.

It was the middle of July when Susan came over to my rig one evening and knocked at my door. She sheepishly asked if I wanted to go for a walk and talk a little. I told her “Sure,” and wondered what she had on her mind. We hadn’t done much since graduation as far as really being with each other. I didn’t feel invited to come to her window at night and we never got a chance to be alone much with her mother around so much. But now she was asking me to go for a walk and to talk, so I had hopes for a rekindling of feelings between the two of us.

We walked along in silence for awhile, just enjoying the evening’s warm breeze. She said that she had been so busy lately with the horses and all and I told her that I had been also, but I didn’t try to explain what I was doing in town all the time. But when she ask me if I remembered back in June when she went into town and told me that I couldn’t come with her, well, she said that she had gone to the family doctor to get on the pill and that now she had been on them for over a month. She stopped and looked up at me, right into my eyes and asked, “Will you make love with me Grandpa? Will you show me what it’s like?”

I was dumbfounded, I was in shock at the question but I was turned on as hell with excitement. “Are you sure you want me to teach you about sex?” I asked her with doubt in my question.

She continued to look into my eyes as she just nodded her head yes and said, “Uh huh.”

“I got you something, it’s just a little present that I picked up in town the other day just in case we ever had the opportunity to go, ah you know, be alone together, kind of on a date or something. I’ll give it to you when we get back to my rig and if you seriously want to know if I would make love with you, the answer is in the present. My God, Susan, I‘ve hate to admit it but I’ve thought of nothing else since I saw you that night when you turned off your lights and, well, you know.”

She just turned down her eyes and whispered, “I know. I wanted to tell you this for over a month but I wanted to wait until I was sure that they were working. The Doctor said to wait for a full month before, ah, having relations so it had been a month now so when do you want to do it?”

“Let’s take it slow and naturally,” I said, trying hard to hide my enthusiasm. “How about we go back to my rig, I can give you my present and we can take it from there. Maybe we’ll do it tonight, maybe we’ll wait until tomorrow night,” I told her.

“Or maybe we’ll do it both nights?” she asked with smile on her face.

I laughed at her joke and bend down and gave her a big kiss on her lips. She responded to this show of affection with her arms around my neck, jaw extended, open mouth kiss right back as we melted into each others arms. I was pulling her so hard into me that I worried that I might hurt her tender little waist line but as she sighed in between kisses and pressed her hips into mine, my hands grabbed her by the butt and I pulled her off the ground. In doing so, she swung her legs around my waist and pressed her crotch into my groin area, kissing me as hard as she possibly could.

We were so turned on when we broke off the passionate groping of our bodies and walked back to my rig that I had trouble knowing what to do or to say. Stopping her outside, I went on in to retrieve my gift for her and when I came back out with the box, I told her to go back to her room, take a nice cleansing shower and put on the outfit that I had purchased for her. When she was ready, she was to come on back out and we would see where it led us.

She got a devilish grin on her face as she took the box under her arm and fairly flew back to the house to follow my instructions. I nervously took a quick shower of my own as I put on some nice clean clothes and settled down to wait for her to return. I wanted a drink but decided that I would refrain just this one time because I wanted to make sure that I had a full remembrance of this evening.

I waited and waited for her return while fidgeting with my shirt and trousers. I ran back into my rig to change my shirt back to the more casual one that I put on in the first place and was coming back out wondering if I should go back in and change it back when she stepped around the corner of the 5th wheel and I detected the softness of the flowing dress that she was wearing.

The dress looked absolutely fabulous on her and I got an instant hard on just looking at her wearing it. The white, soft cotton blouse was loosely cut into a peasant’s style that came down over the shoulders and was held up by the elastic band running through it and her breast line. The delicate embroidering on the two inch collar that covered her breasts had eyelets sown into the fabric and softly hung over the breasts accentuating the smooth flowing shoulders of the wearer.

The full, flowing skirt was made from yards of the same material with the eyelets embroidered into the lower third of the calf length garment and it swished around her legs as she walked. But as she crossed in front of the setting sun, I saw the best of my purchase in the matching panties that I detected her wearing underneath the flowing dress. My heart skipped a beat as she twirled around, sending the hem of the skirt flying outward and showing off her white delicately tapered legs.

She grinned at me with excitement as she stopped her spin and then held out her arms and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

“I think you look fantastic!” I said. “But the question is, what do you think?”

She came over to me to put her arms around my waist as she looked straight up in my eyes. Resting there with her crotch pressed into mine she said in low sexy voice, “It makes me feel all warm and sensual, like I’m trying to be as sexy as I can be. Those little embroidered panties really turned me on just looking at them and to wear them just for you, well…”

I gulped a breath of air as I tried to visualize them on her beautiful little body but my mind was too busy to recall the vision back from my memory so I just smiled and gave her a big hug. She asked me if I wanted to take her for another walk in the sunset and I indicated that I would like that so we slowing walked arm in arm towards the setting sun as we both tried to get control over our emotions.

As we walked towards the mountains and the setting sun behind them, I placed my hand on her shoulder and caressed it softly as well as her neck. She cuddled into my touch and then reached up with her hand and placed it right on top of mine and gave it a little squeeze. I rubbed her back briefly as I took my hand away again to purposely feel for a bra but my fantasies were realized when I felt only flesh under the blouse.

She looked up into my eyes as if to say, “I’m not wearing one,” and gave me a little smile of knowing. I almost melted right there as we slowly came to a halt. She turned in front of me and I had to ask her, “Susan Honey, would you do your ol’ grandpa a favor? Would you stand right there in front of the sunset, spread your legs a little and pick up your collar so I can see you better?”

She just smiled a nervous sort of smile, bit down on her lower lip and picked up the collar on the blouse of her dress. She very slowly separated her legs to let the sun shine through and expose my eyes to the most wonderful treat. I took my time to inspect every little aspect of the silhouette of her wonderful body, its fullness, its shape and its tantalizing whiteness as it shown under the shade of the dress. I could make out the image of her nipples as they began to stand out from her pink areolas. I could barely see the matching eyelets that adorned the panties that covered her most sacred area as she started to squirm under my scrutiny. I then held out my hand and said to her softly, “Let’s go back to the 5th wheel and get comfortable.”

We walked back to my RV in silence for the most part and I let my hand wandered down to rest on her hip and waist area. I could feel the bareness of her soft skin and then I felt the firmness of elastic line of the waistband so I ran one finger around on the edge for about an inch on either side and got terribly turned on just thinking of this evening.

As we got back to the rig, I let my hand trail down as she stepped up to enter the 5th wheel and I lightly touched her hip and her rear end. I got this strange sensation of need from deep within my soul but I knew that I should go slowly, very slowly and tenderly. This was her big moment and I didn’t want to do anything to spoil it. So I stepped up and entered after her and followed her into the living quarters of the rig. There I stopped her and as she turned around I pulled her close and put both arms around her shoulders.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked her tenderly.

“I think so,” she answered in a soft little voice.

“Do you want to talk or have a Coke or anything?” I asked, suddenly felling like a young teenager on his first date.

She just smiled and shook her head “no” and then took me by the hand and led me towards to bedroom. I followed her into the room and when we got there, standing right in front of the closet mirror, I put my hands on her shoulders and started to give her a gentle yet firm massage. Looking into my eyes through the refection, she gave me a smile as she almost closed her eyes in appreciation.

I was kneading her shoulders with my firm hands and she was really enjoying the stimulation that I was causing her muscles but when I lowered my touch down to her chest area and inserted them under the opening to her top, she ceased her breathing and opened her eyes for just a second before moaning out loud and re-closing her them.

My hands found her skin to be lusciously soft and tender as they went down the inside of her blouse. But as they reached her full, firm breasts and settled right on top of them, I also had to remember to let out my air that I had been holding before I started getting light headed.

I found her nipples with my fingers and stopped to twist and pull on them just a little before taking all of her breasts into my palms. She had her head back on my shoulder with her eyes tightly closed, enjoying every second of the manual stimulation that I was affording her, as they cradled into each hand. I would heft them gently by bouncing them up and down but when I gripped them firmly into my grasp and pressed them flat against her chest, she opened her mouth and gave out a mighty groan of pleasure, letting me know what a glorious feeling I was bring to her.

I slid the elastic neckline of the peasant’s blouse down around her elbows, exposing her ripe breasts to my eyes and even more to my manual assault. She opened her eyes just long enough to observe my hands on her breasts and a quick glance up into my eyes before she leaned her head back into my shoulder and closed them once again to feel the firm groping of her beautiful full breasts. They were superb in every way imaginable; so soft, so firm and so white because of her fair complexion. But as I continued to massage them, I began to crave her more and more.

I began to kiss her neck as my hands continued with their work. She was staining her chin upward, opening her throat up to my oral assault. I began to remove her arms from the blouse of her dress, urgently pulling it down and thrusting her arms through the gaping holes until the blouse fell down to her waist where it gathered in a heap. Now she was bare from the waist up and I was devouring her with my eyes.

Feeling the freeness of the cool night air on the skin on her bare chest, she turned around and greeted me with her hips pressing into my groin as she threw her arms around my neck and drove her body into mine. She ground it into me as I ground back into her while I walked her back to the bed and gently laid her down. I kept her in my arms and softly lay down on top of her. She moaned out loud in between our kisses as I drew up my knee up to place it directly on her crotch.

She was kissing me hungrily now with the passion that was building inside of her as I was frantically trying to undo the buttons on my shirt. She opened her eyes and helped me with this endeavor and soon had it flying to the floor while fidgeting with my belt buckle. This time it was I who succeeded in opening up my pants and it was I who soon had them sliding down my legs and onto the floor. Now, looking down at her bare chest and those two perfectly giggling masses, I threw myself down upon them and took them deep into my mouth.

Gripping one in my tight fist with just the areola and her nipple protruding out between my fingers, I licked and chewed on that spot as she thrust up her chest to feel the thrill that I intended. I was mad with my lust for this girl and I was starting to build up to a gigantic orgasm when I suddenly stopped and told myself that this wasn’t for me but for Susan. I had to control myself and make this all about her and her desires. I had to slow down.

I got up to my knees and slid my underwear down and off of my legs. I looked down at my grand daughter lying there on my bed, naked from the waist up with the skirt of the wonderfully soft sexy dress that I had bought for her riding up her white trim legs. One was bent at the knee and was placed outward and the other one was spread out slightly. I could see her pale white skin show through the skirt and as she slowly opened her eyes to see what was next, I extended my hand out and down to rest it right over her bent knee onto her inner thigh and start the slow process upward to find the junction between the two.

Gathering the skirt up in a ball as my hand made its way up between her legs, I could see her two white thighs slowly come together into a “Y” as they met at the white cotton panties. The matching embroidered eyelets in the underwear allowed a few tuffs of red public hair to stick through the openings and I gained even more excitement from this exposure. My heart was beating rapidly just hearing her pant out her breaths and her hands clutched at the covers on the bed. As I touched her right on the junction, she cried out loud and sucked in on her tummy as she threw her legs widely apart.

I cupped her warm, moist place with my hand and pressed my fingers in between her legs as she continued to squirm out her approval. Rubbing the crotch of the panties right into the moisture was causing a stain laden spot to form on them as I moved my other hand up the outside of her hip, taking the rest of the skirt up to gather at her waist. Then, with both of my hands, I gathered up the entire dress into my hands, pulled the elastic waistband over her hips and down her legs, and soon had it lying in a pile right next to the one of mine.

Looking back up at her two straight white legs, then up to the vision of her two beautiful breasts and the distance between the two that was separated only by a thin covering of cotton fabric, my heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat at the thought that I was soon be doing to and with this beautiful grand daughter of mine. I almost shed a tear of gratitude just thinking about it.

I leaned over and crawled up between those two legs, up until I was resting on my knees right at her wide spread knees, all the while, never taking my eyes off of the prize that was waiting for me. I reached out my hand and placed it right on her crotch once again and started to rub my fingers along her little slit, back and forth until she gasping for air and groaned out her excitement. As I continued to fondle her beautiful pussy through her panties, the moisture began to flow out of her opening and the aroma was more than I could take.

Reaching up to her waistband and pulling down on the panties, I started the long progress down over her hips and down her slim legs. She raised her knees and I slid them over her backside and off of her feet. Her red bushy pubic mound stood brilliant against her lily white thighs but as I placed her legs on either side of my knees, I knew that I had to taste her wonderful, wet pussy and taste it soon. Taking her by the knees with both hands, I spread her out and placed my face directly down on her hot little cunt.

She erupted when I first placed my tongue in between her lips, crying out loud, “OH MY GOD GRANDPA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

I slid my tongue up to taste her little nubbin and that brought out another cry of ecstasy. She was thrashing her hips wildly up and down and to and froe in a panic to get away from the stimulation that I was forcing upon her. But suddenly, she dug in her heels and started raising her hips up in a rhythmic motion that told me that now was the time.

I worked my knees up to where they were resting just at her butt with my rock hard cock sticking straight out at her opening. Placing it right between her lips, I nestled it into contact with her vagina and slowly pressed forward. She held her breath as it started into its journey up between her reluctant outstretch vaginal muscles, deep into her womb where no one had ever ventured before. As it reached its full depth and stopped, she let out her breath and mumbled, “Oh Grandpa, it feels so good.”

I told her that I was glad and I wanted it to be good for her and that I would try to control myself but at that very moment, I could feel my loins start to give off that tale-tale sign of an impending orgasmic release and I knew that I had to hurry if I was going to get her off too. I withdrew it to its length and then reversed myself and rammed it home with meaning this time.

She grunted loudly but threw herself into my movement. She wasn’t used to having something rammed up into her vagina but she took to it almost instantly. She griped the covers into her two hands, spread her legs out wide and started ramming her hips up to meet my every thrust. As she built up to her release in a few more short thrusts from both of us, we jointly spewed out our fluids at the same time as we rocked the 5th wheel almost off of its stands.

Over and over she cried out at the top of her lungs, “OH GOD GRANDPA, I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! DON’T STOP, PLEASE OH PLEEAASSSEEEE!” She arched her back and had one of the greatest orgasms that I have ever witnessed. She strained her hips skyward and accepted my every thrust deep within her aching vagina and every ounce of my spitting sperm as it shot out of my rock hard cock.

We both came down from our adventure into a state of exhaustion and slumber. I couldn’t remember being so turned on in my life, except for when I was with Lori a few months ago and I only hoped for this feeling would replay itself many more times before I had to leave. I settled down into my love’s arms to rest and to reflect. I felt so much love for her and then she whispered into my ear, “I love you Grandpa, I really do love you.”

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2016-08-27 10:02:03
I must agree, your "Grandpas" are such tender, caring and understanding; their initiation of sex with their willing grand-daughters is kind and gentle mentoring, not taking advantage of their youth but advancing their development into healthy young women. Unfortunately, the majority of grandfather-granddaughter sexual contact is the very opposite, leaving scarred young women detesting their grandfathers.

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2012-04-09 17:18:50
once again you showed not only hot sex but true lovefor your charaters.

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y dont u get here pregnant in ur next story

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2012-04-07 19:37:20
Great chap 2. It is special when a swan finally appears in a girl who doesn't think so. That is what your stories are about. A girl who experience love and acceptance for the first time. Your grandfathers are portrayed as being loving and caring. The rest of us are just normal lecherous perverts. Ha ha

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