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Episode 4
Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 46: A Walk In The Park

It was an unusually cool may afternoon. Holly and I had decided to walk to the ceremonies. We had almost two hours before it would start, giving us plenty of time. The long walk down memory lane, to the auditorium where we and thousands of others would graduate, we weren’t the only ones walking down there; many others in gowns were also making the trek. The walk down the quiet neighborhood streets was ominous. We entered the edge of the campus. There are large open areas dispersed through the campus, like small parks. “This place seems familiar” Holly said, knowing exactly what we had done there, and knowing that I knew it too. That would be a hard night to forget.

It was junior year. The Fall semester midterms were over two days ago. The campus was dead, almost everyone had gone home. Holly and I had to study hard and had been quite stressed out over the past few days. To make matters we had both come down with something, making the studying that much harder. But today it was behind us, we were recovered from whatever bug we had caught, and had the stress behind us. I think we some couples want to relieve stress they just pound away and release the tension that way, but not us. We like to just relax and have some fun. Since the campus was dead we decided to go have a late picnic.

Walking off the path down into the grass, it was pretty dark, a full moon over us, and a bunch of trees offering shade. I laid down the blanket, and holly set down the basket. Holly had made some sandwiches before we left. “It’s so weird to be here, and there is no one else here.” I said. There is something quite peculiar about a place that you only know as bustling, to be completely empty. “Ya, it sure is quiet” Holly said. “We wouldn’t want to ruin that would we?” Holly said provocatively. Holly handed me the sandwich wrapped in foil. We ate in the moonlight. “God it’s such a relief to be done with this stuff for a while” Holly said. “I know, but I’m not god” I said, eliciting a giggle. “But you are my goddess” I said to Holly. I stared into her brown eyes, amazed at her beauty. From that comment she seemed to glow. She just smiled looking back at me. I was simply fascinated. I was looking at an angel, shimmering in white.

Eating finished, we laid on our backs, Holly on top of me, her head just below mine. I had my arms wrapped around her, and she had her arms around mine. We just looked up at the stars. We stayed like that for a long time, both wishing we could stay like this forever. In each other’s arms, completely content, under the milky way.

Holly turned over, now face down, she laid her head down on my chest. “Want to relieve some tension” She said into my chest. “Good idea” I said. Holly immediately turned around, face over my crotch, her crotch over my face. We both went to work pulling pants down. We didn’t go at it hard and fast. I maintained a slow steady licking of her pussy, and she held up a steady licking on my cock. We were merely enjoying the pleasure of each other. I held Holly’s ass in my hands, licking and sucking her pussy steadily. Her pussy oozed feminine juices and aroma. Holly gave me sweet slow head, with her warm wet smooth mouth. After a while of ever increasing sexual energy, Holly moved around, sending her pussy down to my cock, and her face to mine. She laid on top of me, as we kissed deeply, her juices mingling in our mouths. After minutes of deep kissing, Holly reached a hand down, grabbing the base of my cock, guiding it to her slit. Holly rotated her hips putting pressure on her lips until my cock penetrated her pussy, slowly pushing its way inside her. Holly rotated her hips around my cock, driving her ass up and down. Her tongue locked together with mine in our mouths. It was a different sensation to feel the cool night air on our skin, creating Goosebumps all over. Holly’s nipples were extra hard, as they poked at my chest. Warm juices ran down my cock between my legs. Holly writhed about, trembling. Her body pulsing, her pussy contracting. Holly’s panting in my neck, warm breath in the cold air on my skin. She slowly relaxed her entire body on top of me.

Eventually she came down from her orgasm. Holly slowly kissed her way down my neck to my chest and down to me dripping wet cock. Holly gave me a slow wet blowjob for several minutes, her mouth making love to my cock. Holly rapidly moved her hands, feeling my entire body passionately. I warned her of my impending orgasm. Holly moved up, holding my cock on her chest stroking me. I blasted forth spurt afer spurt of cum all over her beautiful tits. Holly used my cock to spread the jizz around her nipples and around her breasts. She then laid down next to me, and we both stared up at the stars. We did come back down to normal. Holly had the great idea of walking naked back to our apartment. It was well past midnight and it wasn’t a very well lit area. So we walked hand in hand, completely nude, Holly still with jizz all over her tits, juices drying on her thighs.

“That was a fun night” I said. “Sure was” Holly said. “Maybe we should do that again tonite” Holly said provocatively. “Maybe” I said. We continued the historic walk down to the auditorium, thousands of others along with us. The ceremonies took quite some time, reading so many names. Soon enough though, we were walking to get our diplomas, throwing our caps into the air, and celebrating our graduation. It was now time to go off to the real world and get jobs. Both of our families were there, and we both stuck around, taking pictures and seeing our families. Once the event was over, we all slowly left, leaving as graduates.

Holly and I were walking back down the path through the park that we had taken to get here. The park was now getting darker, the sun setting in the sky, leaving red streaks on the horizon. I led Holly off the beaten path, down under the trees, in the same are we had been reminiscing about. “What a wonderful day” Holly said, still in her gown. “Yeah” I said. “What do you want to do?” Holly asked me, slightly provocatively. I decided that would be the best time to do it. I dropped to one knee, and pulled the ring out of my pocket underneath the gown. “Let’s get married” I said. I didn’t even have a moment of fear, I didn’t have any doubts in my mind, I knew her answer before I asked her. She knew that I knew the answer. A smile came across her face, she didn’t say a word. Her face was red with excitement. “You didn’t wait very long” She said. “Well we said, when we graduated, so were graduated lets do it” I said, standing. She instantly hugged me. “What do you think, Holly Morrison” I said, giving her my last name. “I like it better than Holly Jolly” She said, giggling. I guess I should explain. A while back we had talked about names and such, and a certain movie came up wherein a woman is getting married and her name would be Julia Gulia. So this turned into a bit of an inside joke.

We started walking back home, hand in hand. “I guess the next step is naming the kids” I said. “I think the next step is the wedding” Holly said. “I’m thinking kids” I said. “How many?” Holly asked. “I’m not greedy…I want twelve, no…make it a baker’s dozen” I said seriously. She immediately hit me. “What do I look like, your baby machine?” She asked, faking anger. “More or less” I said. “Okay then, maybe you have thirteen names to go with your ego” She said. “I do. Let’s see Tyler, Oliver, Gertrude, Donald, Lucifer, Damien, Jesus, Cain, Able, Peter, and Val.” I spouted off as quickly as I could think of em. “Interesting choices…but I only count eleven, and only one is a girl” Holly said. “Guess I should have some girl names…how about…Slutty and Skanky” I said, laughing a bit. “Ya I bet they will grow up just fine with those names” Holly said. “I think I am going to revoke your naming privileges from here on” Holly said. “Does that include pets?” I asked. “Yes, I don’t think I want a dog named Stalin running around” She said. “That gives me an idea…”I said, contemplatively.

We arrived back at our apartment. No one else was there. They were out partying and celebrating. We had some celebrating of our own to do, but it didn’t involve partying. “So what’s the first thing you want to do as the future Mrs. Morrison?” I asked my fiancé. “I could think of a few things” She said. We went into the bedroom and spent the next several hours being together. You might think this involved crazy sex, but not us. We are crazy sex people, but when it comes to times like these, we are the emotional kind. We cuddled and talked, and yes made love. But this wasn’t about sex, this was about love. In the morning we would call our parents announcing the news.


2007-01-10 16:57:03
Way to go! You couldn't just leave us hanging!


2005-05-13 00:42:37
once again i have changed my mind. I started thinking about the series again and it tweaked my interest more than i expected, and thus we have more stuff. Episode V has begun and i have finished parts 47 and 48 and started 49. however, xnxx seems to be quite sluggish as i have some stuff that was submitted two weeks ago and yet to be posted so don't expect the parts for a little while.


2005-05-05 20:17:32
If you are just dying waiting for the next parts, don't hold your breath. I have stopped working on this series. However, i do have some new stuff thats not in this series that should be up on xnxx soon. I have been working on some "legit" writing, and that takes quite a bit of time. I did however go back through and started editing this series. Go over to l i t e r o t i c a where i am going to post the edited stuff. Its basically just fixing any errors i find and reworking a lot of the dialogue. I am also cutting some stuff out (such as being in professional porn in la, thats completely cut, and i have to make some other changes since lit has an 18+ policy) anyway i do have the storyline of up to 100 parts written, just in outline form, so i might get around to making it.


2005-04-24 18:27:00
Hurry up Dude write some stuff about John & Hollys future togethere, and so on. And do what Good Story said.


2005-04-01 19:17:31
hurry up with the next part

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