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Fuck Me Uncle Don-Part Three

As I contemplate the story line of this this third portion of my saga, I (again) would like to ask that new readers check out the first two parts of my story. This part, unlike the others, will include bi-sexual partners…..get your favorite masturbation process ready.

Four months after beginning a fantastic sex life with my newly accumulated wards, here I am fucking the tight, petite, Dawn. Her younger sister, Kay, has awesome pussy, too, but Dawn is still my favorite. It's probably because she reminds me so much of their mother, my own sister Mae. Mae and I must have fucked a million times over the years, even after we were both married. I never had children by my two wives, but she gave birth to three… any of whom could, likely, have been mine.

The thought of possibly fucking my own daughters has made things even better in my mind.

From the other end of the house, we can hear Kay getting her own sweet cunt pumped hard by their brother, Ted. When they first came to live with me, Ted was only fucking Dawn who is barely a year older than him. At that time he would dump his cum and leave Dawn to satisfy her own desires. When I got involved, I straightened his young ass out, threating to kick it if he didn’t stay on his ride until she got her pleasure, too.

Dawn’s already cum twice since this session started, and I can feel my own rising through my loins. The sounds coming from Kay has me about to pop a little quicker than usual. I’ll have to know, when this over, if Ted’s giving her a good ass fuck instead. The bigger built girl, although she’s almost three years younger, loves anal and gets louder as she gets closer to getting her rocks off.

“Gnnnnhhh, uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh, Oh Uncle Don! Oh, Shiiiiiiiiitt!” Dawn and I exploded at the same time. I laid on her quivering for a few minutes, then backed down far enough to kiss her beautiful lips.

“I’m gonna hate going back to school next week. This summer has been so awesome, Uncle Don. I can’t believe having so much sex gets better and better. I love staying naked all the time, not worrying about make-up or trying to impress others with my clothes. I wish we could all just keep living this way, forever.”

“Forever’s a long time, baby girl. But, I’ve been doing lots of thinking…and a little planning. Kay’s going to have to stay here until after the baby’s born, anyway. It’s still unbelievable that she actually got pregnant at thirteen, on her very first fuck. I should have been more careful because I knew it could happen…she had no clue.
As long as she has to stay, Tess and I can homeschool you both. Ted can choose either option…school or homeschool.”

I dipped my head lower, giving some attention to sucking both her small tits for a few minutes.

“How does that sound to you?”

“Wonderful, lover man! Wonderful!”

Tess was a customer of mine. Although she is twenty-five years older than me, she’s a damn fine looking woman, to be fifty-seven. Her husband is worth millions and owns a finance company. A few years ago, she scaled back her OB-GYN practice so she could have more free time to run errands for him. Thankfully, he’s a computer idiot. The second time Tess brought one of his simple problems to me, we shared a little wine…and my bed. She was the first one I called when Kay missed her period. Tess has no problems with incest either, she was raised by her grandmother and two horny uncles.

My girls love her dearly, and enjoy learning from her. They watched, fascinated, the first time Ted and I had her ass and cunt filled with cock at the same time. There’s been no holds barred after that.

“Uncle Don, something’s wrong with Kay.”

Dawn was now asleep, her pretty little head resting on my chest.

“What’s the matter, Teddy?”

“She’s crying, and there’s blood coming from her pussy. All I did was fuck her ass, so it can’t be something I did…and that was probably more than an hour ago.”

I eased out of bed without waking Dawn. I could hear Kay quietly sobbing as I walked down the hallway toward Ted’s room.

As soon as I saw what had happened, I told Ted to call Tess’s cell phone. She slept in a different bedroom from her husband, so I was confident that a call wouldn’t interrupt anything at 1:30 in the morning. Tess had covered a large spot on the bed with blood. I was sure she had lost the baby, but I needed Tess to tell me what to do from here. As soon as Ted told her what was happening, she told him to put ice packs on Kay’s stomach, and she’d be right over.

A long twenty minutes later, Tess confirmed my suspicions. Kay was a healthy girl, though, and would have no trouble conceiving again….but that needed to be a few years later in her life.

“As long as I’m here, why don’t one of you strong, virile men give me some good lovin’…or maybe both of you? Kay’s sedative will keep her still and asleep until mid-morning, and…where’s little Dawn?”

When I explained about the extended sessions of sex Ted and I had both just experienced, Tess said she’d just do a little something she’d been wanting to do for a while.

“I’ve been wanting to lick your cum out of Dawn’s cunt. Now’s a perfect opportunity. You boys bring those cocks of yours and follow me. I’ll be naked with my ass in the air, so if either of you take a notion, help yourself.”

Ted was concerned that Kay might awaken and wonder where he was, but Tess convinced him to leave her rest, alone.

Dawn’s legs parted as soon as soon as Tess touched her tongue to the girl’s hooded clit. After about five minutes of concentrated licking and sucking, Dawn woke up, placed her hands on Tess’ head and gently pressed. The girl was going nuts with orgasm after orgasm. My dick was so hard, I mounted Tess and entered her ass easily. She slid her knees backward to the point where she was lying on her belly, forcing me to lean down more.

It was only a matter of minutes before I felt Ted’s fingers. He was massaging my own asshole with KY jelly. I knew what was going to happen, but had never felt a cock in my ass before. Ted fingered in and out for a few minutes, then pressed his teenaged dick against my ass. The more I thought about what was happening, the harder I pumped Tess.

The pain was bearable when his cock head pushed past my sphincter, but it seemed as he was in a hurry to shove it all home.

“Wait, Ted. You’re gonna have to go easy for a while. Just take your time.”

He gently pushed and pulled for a few minutes. Then I realized he was in me all the way. The young cock was rock hard and getting fucked this way wasn’t comfortable, but I could take it. I wondered what my bigger dick would feel like in Ted…with that thought, it became a top item on my bucket list.

Poor Dawn was about to go out of her young mind. She had been cumming continuously for five minutes or more. Tess’ orgasms had started, and Ted was filling my bowels with his cum. I grabbed Tess’ hips and crammed all the cock I had into her, as far as I could pound. When I erupted, I shot so much, it was almost painful.

All four of us collapsed into a heap. Dawn was crying softly.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?”

“My God, Uncle Don, I thought I was dying. I couldn’t feel anything but orgasm. Not my fingers, not my toes, not my face, nothing. I felt like I’d never live to fuck you or Ted anymore. It was so strong, I was so scared. But, God it was good…so wonderfully, fucking good. Thank you Tess.”

“Oh believe me, sugar, it was my pleasure. Your pussy is the best I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve tasted plenty. And, by the way, what was going on behind me…other than my own ass fuck?”

Between Ted and I, we were able to fill them in. My ass was hurting a little, I felt like I needed to take a shit, and cum was leaking out. But I knew it would happen again, and again.

Tess divorced her husband and wound up with over twenty million dollars of her own. She bought a nice secluded place in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and invited the kids and I to move in with her.

Nobody wears clothes at our home, inside or out. Our new friends both accept and comply, or they simply get out of our lives.

Dawn now works in a casino in Lake Tahoe, and has a very understanding fiancée. The first time he came home with her, and was able to sink his eight inches into Kay and Tess, he was hooked. So far, it hasn’t put a plug in Dawn’s pussy when she comes to see us.

Ted is in college in San Francisco, living in a fraternity and learning more and more about sex between men…gay and straight.

Kay is still being home schooled by Tess and myself. She’ll graduate in a few months and wants to start having babies, with me as their father. As long as she’s healthy, I’ll be more than happy to fuck her young brains out.

We would love to invite you to cum see us….just remember… anything goes… in all your holes.

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2014-10-19 05:14:06
Over all this was a fucking awesome story. I'm on my way to find these happy people living in Sierra Nevada foothills. I want to become part of their family too. My brother an I don't wear any clothing in our home either. My butt, pussy, and mouth are at his beckin call anytime day or night. Our sex life is over the top outstanding. Don said in the story that he fuck his sister over a million times. That's alot. And if so then I'd have to say my brother has fucked me 999,999 times at least. Really great story thanks for sharing it with us. I believe that a family that fucks together stays together forever. Knowing that anybody's hole is available to the others is simply awesome to think about. I sort of wish I had another sister or brother in our original family, but alas it was not to be. AND it could be like this group. Fucking 24/7.


2014-08-04 21:59:19
"Fuck Me Uncle Don - Part Three" - Don, Dawn, Kay and Ted Jr - (Uncle/Guardian of siblings, Sixteen and Twelve Year Old Nieces, and Fourteen Year Old Nephew).

This story has been right down my alley from the perspective of blood-related incest, conventional style! However, gay/queer and/or homosexual six is not my bag; reluctantly I did however, cast my vote as 'Positive'!

I'm very glad that uncle Don and his niece (quite possibly his daughter) Kay have established a martial type relationship, intending to become parents of many children!

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2014-08-01 06:36:32
*slowly raises my hand* I volunteer as tribute....

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E7w7eu I value the blog post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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J0pyDy Im thankful for the article.Thanks Again.

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